Watch the hair... and everything 3


Disclaimer: I don't know any members of O-Town, I don't know if they are gay or bi. And I'm not implying anything.

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Story Notes:

So I didn't explained who roomed with who, etc. Okay how they are currently rooming is that they are in suites [the ones 2 rooms joined with the big ass living room...] Well they have 2 suites to them. Trevor has the one with the big bed, and his "neighbor" is Jacob (by his request, not mentioned in story, that he wants his own shit); In the other suite, Dan and Erik room together (separate beds) and Ashley has the big ol bed to himself. For those you stayed in those suites you should know how it goes...

Hopefully if I get feedback from readers :) I'll start on my spin off stories. Which bring me to, If your one of the few people who visit my website located at: You would already know about the planned spin offs and prequels.

But for those who don't know, I plan to do a spin off and prequel of this story. Spin Off Includes the boys of LMNT, and Prequel includes the early days of Making The Band, and why Ikaika and Paul "left".


So I kinda got praise with the sleeping picture... Don't no where I found it, but thank you to that website.

Well an interesting picture located at (not sure how long the link will last):
(It said that it was Jacob and Ashley kissing)

But now here's the story.

"Alright with this soda fun" Dan said, "we got to rehearse tomorrow."

"eh?" Jacob said, and threw more soda on Dan.

"No really I mean it." Dan said, shaking the liquid off of him.

"And I mean it" Erik added in, throwing whatever what left in his can.

"No, I MEAN it" Dan said, shaking the soda even more liquid that was on him.

"I think he means it this time." Jacob told Erik.

They both stopped, and they all shook off whatever that was dripping on them and hurried back into Jacob's room.

"Where's my soda?" Ashley asked looking at his soaked friends, "Never mind."

"I think Dan has most of it on him. Erik has some of it, and I have none on me." Jacob said.

"Geez, thanks guys." Ashley said.

"Okay, we need to get some rest and be prepared tomorrow. We have rehearsals you know" Erik said, looking at Dan on the last comment he made.

Dan rolled his eyes, and exited Jacob's room. Then Ashley, and Erik followed.

"Thanks for messing my room guys!" Jacob yelled as they all left.

Ashley turned to Dan and asked, "Do you want a drink, because it seemed you didn't get any... in your mouth."

"Okay" Dan said, leaving Erik alone.

They began to walk down towards the vending machines, and that when Dan slipped on some of the liquid and fell.

Erik laughed, and before entering the suite, he yelled "Walk Much DAN!".

Dan stared at the ceiling for a second before seeing Ashley's eyes.

He laughed, "Whoa, Dan, You okay dude?"

Dan groaned.

"I guess not." Ashley said, extending his arm, "Let me help you up, Buddy."

Dan extended his arm and pulled Ashley with all his might. Ashley then landed right on top of Dan. They both stared into each other eyes before, Dan started to feel something hard pressing against his thigh.

oh god, i'm hoping it's not what i think it is.

Ashley quickly got off of Dan, and quickly reached into his pocket. Dan stared at Ashley who was on his phone.

"Hello?" Ashley yelled.

Dan took a deep breath.

that was his cell phone...

"Ash, it's Trevor."

"What do you want?"

"What time is our rehearsal tomorrow again?"

"I don't know. why don't you ask Erik."

"Oh. Okay." Trevor said, hanging up.

Ashley closed his flip phone, then quickly stared down at Dan.

"If I help you up, again, will you not pull me down?"

"It depends."

"Why?" Ashley whined.

because i felt something hard pressing against my thigh, that's why!

"Because I don't want to break anymore bones."

"What do you mean?"

"Your not exactly...." Dan said.

"Your are not exactly... what?"

"Well, uh, Your heavy."


"When it comes to weight, I think Jacob beats us combined."

Ashley glares at Dan.

"I'm fat?" Ashley said.

"Maybe you should stop letting those tabloids take a picture of you when your eating."

"And maybe you should get a tan, Mr. Ghost."

"Ghost?" Dan asked, he didn't get Ashley's comment.

"Ever checked yourself in the mirror dude?" Ashley asked.

Dan shook his head.

"No, not really."

"Well," Ashley said, "Your white as a ghost."

"Yeah right."

"and your teeth are white too."

"It's because I want my teeth looking like Marie Osmond." Dan joked, still on the ground. "So are you still helping me up?" he asked.

"No, I don't want to break your bones or anything." Ashley said walking away.

Dan sat up.

"What about your drink?" he yelled, as Ashley entered his room.

"Well, I'm thirsty" Dan said, and walked to the vending machine.
i feel special. Erik thought, as he gazed in the mirror, looking at himself.

I mean, I'm sharing suite with Dan and Ashley.
Ashley stepped out of his shower, and wiped his hair with his towel. He then got in his robe. He plopped on his bed and turned on the tv. He tuned to MTV when none other than NSync had their own special about making the video.

God, NSync...
Dan stood at the soda machine, took out his wallet and bought a coke.

He walked back to this own room and where he took a quick shower to get rid of the gunk that was on him.

It wasn't late so he wanted to see what the other guys were doing. He don't know why he did this but he wanted to talk to Jacob and wanted to know what was bugging him. He went out and knocked on Jacob's door.

no answer.

bitch, where are you

he started to knock again.

"Jacob! Are you in? It's Dan!"

open your fucking door

Jacob opened the door looking flushed, wearing just tank top, and boxers.

"Did I bother you?" Dan asked.

were you masturbating?

Jacob was taking a few deep breaths.

"I don't even know what you were doing."

Jacob's cheeks became red.

"Can I talk to you?"

"Yeah sure." Jacob got out, and Dan stepped in.

Dan looked around to find Jacob's place very nice and tidy. Before they left it was a pig style.

Oh, he was cleaning.

"I was cleaning." Jacob barely got out.

He took a seat and caught his breath.

"Was there something you needed?" he asked.

"Yeah, actually." Dan said looking down at the older man.

"Can't it wait until the morning?" Jacob groaned.

"Well okay. But breakfast at your place again." Dan said. He was about to walk out when he turned around as said, "You know, Jacob, I changed my mind. It can't wait till morning."

Your lips
Your eyes
Your skin
Can't wait to be within
Your thoughts
Your mind
Will meet in time babe,
You're mine babe
So fine babe
But for now....
I like it when you bring me under...

Dan snapped back to reality and his eyes traveled from Jacob's lips,

Your lips

then he stared at Jacob's eyes,

Your eyes

finally he started looking at Jacob's shoulder.

Your skin

"Yes?" Jacob asked Dan, who noticed that he was staring at him. "You know, it's getting late... and rehearsals are tomorrow...and..."

do it you asshole

Dan always admired Jacob. Maybe because he was so hard working, and now, Dan started to have sexual thoughts about Jacob.

So fine babe

your mine babe

but for now...

Dan grabbed Jacob's cheeks, and held it.

"What are you..."

Jacob's questioned was quickly stopped by Dan's lips. Jacob's eyes grew large as he got kissed by Dan. Dan pulled back.

"...doing?" Jacob asked.

"I was kissing you."

"But why?"

"I had to shut you up." Dan said.

"DAN! YO DAN!" Jacob yelled, waving his hands in front of Dan's face.

Dan then stepped back into reality and saw Jacob.

"Leaving now?" Jacob asked.


"Night, Dan." as he shoved Dan outside his room.

god i'm turning gay

Morning arose and Jacob waited for Dan. He thought Dan needed something to tell him, but I guess not. Time passed by and he decided to meet Erik, and wanted to see what he was up to.

He knocked on the suite of Erik/Ashley/Dan's door, and heard Erik say "come in."

He found Ashley and Erik having breakfast.

"Want some food?" Ashley asked, with his mouth full.

"Sure why not."

Minutes passed by, as they heard another knock on the door.

"Come in" Erik said.

"Did you guys see Jacob anywhere?" Dan asked, entering the room. He then saw Jacob sitting besides Ashley.

"There you are." Dan said, sitting next to Jacob, rubbing his dreadlocks.

"Hey, watch the hair." he said.

"Ate without me?" Dan asked the guys.

"No," Ashley said, "Well, Yes but we have some left. There is a little piece of scrambled egg left in my plate, we have a lot of toast you can see, and lets see, Erik has a bit of juice left in his cup."

"Wow, like a teaspoon full." Dan laughed, "But may I steal some toast from you guys?"

Ashley nodded.

Dan reached for the toast, then smearing it with Jelly. He took a bite of it, and another, until it was gone.

"So what's the schedule today?" Dan asked.

"Rehearsals. Then were done." Erik said.

"Yeah," Jacob said, "but rehearsals are like 30 hours a day. Sometimes they over work us."

"I know what you mean, I think I'm losing my voice." Dan said, "The whole fun-yelling thing didn't help either." Dan then cleared his throat. He knew something was coming up.

"Want some coffee?" Erik asked, "There should be some left."

Dan nodded, and poured himself a cup. He took a sip. "So where's Trevor?"

"He's not here, that's for sure." Jacob said, fixing his eyes back on to the tv screen.

"Maybe he didn't wake up yet." Dan said.

"We have rehearsals in an hour." Ashley said.

"Do you want me to wake him up?" Dan asked.

"Well since your standing and all..." Jacob said.

Dan looked down on his fellow bandmates, he saw Ashley sitting on the chair, as Erik and Jacob laid on the bed, with a dead expression.

"Well I guess so." Dan groaned, and he exited Erik's room.

He proceeded to go to Trevor's and Jacob's suite. Figuring out that he was still sleeping, He put the key card in, and went in, as soon as the light turned green.

He entered Trevor's room. He saw a figure on the bed, and figured that it was Trevor. He began to reach for it, until he heard the shower go on in the bathroom. Dan quickly started at the open bathroom door, as he heard Trevor singing.

"My mind, suffocated, by your deep sigh, The scent of you has got me..."

Dan then looked at the figure on the bed, and it moved. The guy pulled the sheets over, and saw Dan staring at him.

They both screamed, as the guy held the blanket close to him. Dan stepped back and bumped into Trevor. Dan jumped, and faced Trevor.

"Trevor, what the fuck..." Dan started to say.

"You can't tell anyone about this!" Trevor pleaded, Trevor looked at the guy, "I think you should leave."

The guy quickly nodded and got dressed and left.

Dan sat on Trevor's bed, as he waited for Trevor to explain.

"Look I can explain." Trevor said.

"I get it." Dan said, "Your gay."

"I'm not gay!" Trevor protested, "Well I figured sooner or later that you guys would find out." Trevor took a deep breath.

"Look Dan, I'm Bi."

No answer.

"And your probably wondering who was that guy I was with."

Dan stared at him.

"You see," Trevor started, "How do you think we got big ass hotel rooms? The one with the living rooms and all?"

Dan stared at him.

"Well, We get those rooms with the living room, the connecting two rooms together."

"Suite?" Dan said.

"Yeah, But anyway, I've been to this hotel before. And the bell boy always hook me up."

Dan continues to stare at him...

"And well, He's kind of cute."

"Spare me the details." Dan said.

"So what are you doing here?" Trevor asked.

"The guys wondered about you, and all." Dan said.

"They might be worried."

"Worried how?" Dan asked.

"You screaming like a girl, and all."

The two stepped into Erik/Dan/Ashley's suite living room.

Ashley stared at them, "Did you have a hot girl that you guys shared with out me?"

Looking at Ashley, Dan eyes grew big.

"It's something like that." Trevor said, as he nudged Dan, saying with his eyes, 'you better not tell them' look.

Dan sat next to Ashley and Ashley smiled.

"Breakfast?" Erik asked.

"Coffee just would do it."

"Good," Erik said, "because Ashley ate all the food."

Ashley threw the closest thing that was near him, the pillow.

"I did not!"

Trevor took a sip of his coffee, and he looked at his watch.

"...and practice is at?"

"We should start leaving." Erik said, turning off the tv.

They all protested, but in a matter of minutes, they were in the van. Erik, Ashley, and Trevor sat at the back, while Dan and Jacob took the middle.

Jacob noticed that they passed several of puddles, and he just had to say it.

"Look Erik!" Jacob said, "It's your worst enemy!" Jacob pointed to pool of water that they passed by.

"Hey. So I fell in the water while practicing Liquid Dreams..."

They all laughed. Erik smiled, he forgot the good ol days when everyone was just so happy, and not tired. He was just praying that upcoming things would go smoothly.

Time passed, Jacob was ready to fall asleep all over again. He turned to Dan, seeing that he had dosed off. Jacob closed his eyes, and he began to fall asleep.

In the back seat, the rest were talking stories and being rowdy. Ashley then asked Jacob's opinion and he did answer. Ashley asked again, and he didn't answer,

Ashley got up, went to the middle row, Saw Jacob and Dan sleeping.

"Oh, another kodak moment." Ashley said, as he saw his poloroid camera underneath the seat.

Erik turned to Trevor, "What does it mean when he say 'another kodak' moment?"

"long story" was Trevor's answer, Ashley then took a picture of them, and dropped the poloroid to the floor.

"Aren't you gonna keep that pic?" Erik asked,

"Is there a reason to?" Ashley asked.

well i want it... Erik thought.

They arrived at their final destination. Jacob and Dan woke up from their 5 minute nap, and the van was even rowdy. Everyone but Erik was out of the van.

Erik was eager to get the pic of Dan and Jacob, so he "stayed" looking for something he supposedly lost.

He reached under the seat. To his surprise, he found not one but two poloroids.

He stared at the first one, the one with Jacob and Dan. He stared at the other one, and his heart stopped. Erik stared at the picture, it was him and Dan.

me...and dan...

Dan hurried back to the van, not wanting anyone feeling left out.

"Whatcha got there?" he asked Erik.

So that's part three. I didn't plan to make Trevor bi, it just sorta happen when I had writers block.

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