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This stoty ain't truth, its FICTION. I don't know the boys and lack do I know about their sexuality. So enjoy it! Its mostly a slash Brian and Nick story!

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I Want It That Way was in the first place at Billboard. It was the first time the boys reached the very top of this parade and this just needed to be celebrated.

The five boys were now in Los Angeles, California, ready to go clubing at one of the greatest places in that magic city.

Basically they were dressed in black suits, very elegant, as five rich, famous and adorable guys should be.

"Can I see your id's?" - the security man asked Kevin, once he was the one ahead the group of boys.

Kevin did what the man was asking and so did the other fellows.

"I'm sorry, you can't go in." - the large man said giving back Nick's id.

"What?! What you mean, why not?" - Nick was bothered and surprised.

"I'm sorry kid. No people under twenty-one allowed here."

Brian gave Nick the eye.

"Are you sure? C'mon, dude, the boy is with us..." - Brian tried.

"Sorry sir. I'm only here following orders."

AJ and Howie stared at the scene speechless. This would often happen when Nick was under 18 years old, but now a days with him being 19, plus being Nick Carter! How could this be happening?

"Ok, we understand your point, but do you know who we are? We are good people, we just want to have a good time, no more. Is it ok, pwal?" - Kevin asked.

"I don't think you get my point." - the man began with a harsh voice. "The four of you can go ahead, the blond one stays. He is nineteen."

Howie, Kevin, AJ and Brian turned to face Nick to see what would he do. For some moments Nick just returned the gaze before finally saying:

"Fine! I'll go home. You guys just go and enjoy yourselfs. Don't worry about me, honestly. I'll be fine." - Nick said with a bored but sincere smile.

"Really, dude?" - Howie asked.

"Yeah! Just have fun and get some chicks for me." - Nick joked. "I'll go home. There is this wonderful Mario Game for Nintendo I just bought and I can't wait to play it!"

"Oh, God!" - AJ sighed. "You are a freak Nickolas. But if its fine for you I'll enjoy myself and don't worry, I'll get some hotties for you!" - AJ said winking.

"I'll go back to the hotel with you, Nick." - Brian said.

"No, you don't have to, Brian! I don't want you to go, man! You have to go to this night club and tell me every single detail tomorrow, ok?"

Although Nick tried to sound convincent Brian knew he'd probably go back to the hotel and sleep. Or even worse, he'd be there awake by himself feeling lonely and depressed. Nick wasn't good at lying, and Brian knew it wasn't good to leave him alone.

"No, honestly, Nick. I'll go with you. I just remembered I left a whole box of chocolate chips in the fridge. I wanna go get them." - Brian said smiling and looking into Nick's eyes.

"Geez, wich is the worst?" - AJ sighed again.

But Nick knew what Brian was doing. His friend was just giving out a very similar lame excuse. Like the one Nick had just used. Brian wouldn't let him be alone. He never did. Nick smiled back at him. Both boys knew about their lie.

"Ok, Frick. Then let's go coz I'm getting tired of standing here on this line. Bye guys, have fun."

"Yeah, you two try to have fun too." - Kevin while they were leaving, heading to Nick's car.

"We can promise to try!" - Brian said laughing as Nick placed his arm over his shoulder.

They were going home. Well, at least they would be hanging around with their best friends. This couldn't be bad at all!


The boys got to the apartment the five of them were sharing and both sighed.

"Thanks for coming, Bri." - Nick said with a sincere smile.

"Hey, thats what friends are for! I wouldn't let you come home all by yourself. Even if you really wanted to play the Nintendo I'd be here for you!"

Nick laughed.

"I'm sure you would, and I'm thankful for that. You know you're my best friend."

Brian smiled and took off his suit.

"I'm gonna go change. Can't bear to be in this hot suit any longer." - he said.

"Oh, same here. I guess I'm not gonna use it to stay at home anyway." - Nick grinned.

Both boys changed into a T-shirt and trunks.

"Ok. What now, Frick?" - Nick said sitting on the large bed at Brian's room.

"I thought you said we'd play video game." - Brian smiled.

"And I thought you wanted to eat your chocolate chips." - Nick giggled back.

"We can do both." - Brian said heading to the kitchen while Nick was preparing the video game for them to play at his own bedroom.

Brian came back in five minutes and both guys began to play the new Mario Kart Nick had gotten while eating the sweetmeats Brian had brought from the kitchen.

"Yo, Nick! Shame on you! Can't believe you are losing this game to me!" - Brian teased on Nick.

"I'll getcha! Don't you be so happy, Littrell! The game ain't over yet, I'm gonna beat ya!"

"Oh, Nick, was that your car? Sorry to take you out of the road!" - Brian said laughing loudly.

"Hey! Oh, is that how you want to play, huh? You'll see."

The guys were laughing and shouting as if they were children again.

"Hey, Bri..." - Nick began without never taking his eyes out of the screen.

"What?" - Brian asked without moving.

"Willa called today. I can't stand her anymore."

"Oh, really? Why?" - Brian said totally concentrate on the video game.

"Oh, you know. We are always fighting. The only time we can get along is in bed!"

Brian laughed.

"I mean, I can't stand it anymore. I can't even bear looking at her face. Whenever we talk we end up by arguing and breaking up or making out and having sex!"

"Oh, Nick. It can't be that bad!"

"Oh, not at all. I love the sex!"

Brian laughed.

"Not what I meant, Nick. What I'm saying is that maybe you guys just need to find the way to get along."

"We can't Brian! Honestly, I don't even wanna try. I'm dead sure I wanna break up..."

"Then why don't you just do it, man?" - Brian said passing by Nick and heading the race again.

"Well... I try! But everytime I'm gonna bring this up she just kisses me and when it happens I can't stop! I'm telling ya Brian, that girl has written the Kama Sutra book!"

Brian laughed loudly.

"I'm not kidding! She makes me go crazy. Ya know... handcuffis and all..."

"Oh, my, Nick! Can't believe you let her handcuff you!" - Brian said looking at him for the first time.

"Well..." - Nick felt a little embarrassed causing Brian to laugh again. "She was very persuasive. Besides, its was fucking amazing! God, Brian, she made me scream out begging for more!" - Nick laughed.

"Hm... a very dominat girl."

"Yeah, Willa is a bitch!"

Both guys laughed.

"Oh, ok, Brian. I'm sicking tired of this game. You beat me, whatever!"

Brian kept giggling as Nick turned off the Nintendo.

"Oh, man. I gotta break up with her. Otherwise I'll go mad. I do love sex, but I wanna be with some girl I can at least keep a conversation when I'm not doing it."

"Oh, God Nick! Sometimes its hard to believe you were that little thirteen years old boy! Things change... Anyway I guess you'll be happier when you dump her, right?"

"Yeah..." - Nick said a little unsure. - "I'm just not the kinda guy to say no to pussy."

"Oh, geez!" - Brian laughed.

"'C'mon, Brian, let's watch some TV. The night still hasn't began."

"Sure it hasn't, Nick."

Both friends smiled and headed to the living room.

Brian threw himself at the coutch turning on the TV while Nick headed to the kitchen.

When he came back he was holding two beers and handed one to Brian.

"Yo, Nick. Alcohol?"

"They are gonna have their party. We can have our little one." - Nick said seriously making Brian laugh.

He took the beer and Nick sat on the floor, next to him. A few minutes passed by.

"Oh, shit! Isn't there any porn on TV?"

"Nick, we don't have the porn chanel."

"Well, may I know why? I'm a backstreet boy and I wanna have the porn chanel!" - Nick whined cheerfully.

"Nick, being a backstreet boy you don't watch it, you do it."

Nick laughed.

"Yep, dude. You got a point there."

Nick stood up.

"I'm gonna get another beer. Want one?"


Couple of minutes later Nick came back with two more cans.

"What about the BBB?"


"No, not what, who!"

"What are you talking about, Nick?" - Brian asked looking at him, still sat on the floor.

"I'm talking about your girl. The BBB."

"BBB?! What the f...!"

"Big Bobbies Blond"

Brian laughed.

"Ya know we are on a break. Don't know if we'll ever get back. I think she loves my money and fame. Ya know how these things work. I think Leighanne is false."

"Oh, then I can add the other B for Bitch."

Both boys laughed.

"Ya hate her, huh?"

"No!!! Can you tell?!" - Nick sounded sarcastic and ironic.

Brian laughed even more.

Twenty minutes passed by. Nothing good on TV. Nick on his fourth beer. Brian on his third.

"So, how long since you last got some?" - Nick asked.

"Hm... around two months. You?"

"Two months!? Whoa, that sucks, dude. To me one week and I'm already freaking out."

"Oh, two months is not that bad."

Nick stared at Brian.

"Ok, ok, it is. You think I like having to 'handle' my own issues?"

Nick laughed.

"Oh, poor Bri. I'll get another beer."


Their talking was getting a little fuzzy. But just a little.

Nick came back from the kitchen holding a bottle of Whisky.

Brian looked at him and grinned.

"You are not gonna drink this, are you?"

"Nope. We are."

"No, Nick. We can't."

"C'mon, Brian. I don't wanna get drunk, I just wanna try this little blue thing. I like the color. Might taste good."

"Ok." - Brian laughed at his coment.

Nick placed the bottle on the small table and gave a glass to Brian, keeping the other.

It took half an hour till they they were completely far away gone.

"Nick, you are drunk." - Brian said giggling without stop.

"I know. I just couldn't help it. That colored liquid tasted so sweet. It tasted like Vanilla."

"Vanilla?" - Brian had an outburst of laughter while he and Nick stood up, or at least were trying to be up. - "Nick it didn't taste like Vanilla. I guess you need help!" - Brian could no longer talk so much he was laughing.

"Hey, Brian, do you do anything else besides grining and giggling when you are drunk?"

"Am I drunk?" - Brian asked suddently serious and Nick laughed.

"Let's see. How many fingers do you see here?"

Nick kept his hands closed in front of Brian causing him to giggle like some crazy freak.

"None." - Brian answered shyly.

"What you mean none?! There are TEN fingers here! Just coz you can't see them doesn't mean they ain't there, DUH!"

Both Nick and Brian fell on the floor so much they were laughing.

"Oh, My God!" - Brian exclamed with his arm around his stomach. - "I can't stop laughing, help me Nick!"

Nick literaly rolled on the floor laughing.

"Can't believe you are like that! I had at least the double of drinks you had."

"You sure?"


Brian had another outburst of laughter. Each one even worse... or better anyway.

"So, I'll have one more drink so that we are even, ok?" - Brian was saying while dropping some of the whisky in his glass. Half of that bottle had already disappeared.

"If you do, are you gonna be even then?"


"Sure, who is counting anyway!"

Brian again almost dropped his glass while laughing.

"Geez, Brian. I could drink all the drinks in Texas and I'd still be on my feet."

"Oh, really? Stand up, Nick!"

"I am up, can't you see?!" - Nick laughed.

"Now walk!"

"Oh, my, you are asking way too much now, Brian."

Both guys laughed as Nick tried to walk, repeating the steps of a baby learning how to walk until he fell on the floor next to Brian.

"Oh, it wasn't that bad, buddy!"

"Sure it wasn't. At least I can do something else besides laughing my ass off." - Nick gave Brian the eye and he laughed even harder.

"Well, there are other things I like to do when I'm drunk..."


Nick forced a loud laugh.

"Well, I like to make out."

Nick smiled.

"Sorry bud, there is no girl in here. No time to develop this talent. But ya know, I could really do with some tongue too."

"Well, we can still get lucky."

"Yo, Brian! Would you kiss me darling?" - Nick gave him a jeer smile and puppy eyes.

"No, you fool. I said about going out at some club you can enter."

"You crazy?! Like this? Oh, God Brian. Do you have any idea how bad are we?"

Brian gave him an empty look.

"Actually, I'm not fealing very well."

Nick stood up and headed to his room.


Brian also stood up and followed him. No problems in walking, though he had to grab hold of some forniture on the way to Nick's room.

He entered the door and saw Nick collapsing into the bed.

"You ok?"

"I think I had a little too much, Bri." - Nick said with his hand on his stomach. "That blue Vanilla thing killed me."

Brian laughed.

"It wasn't Vanilla."

"Whatever, go to hell Brian!" - Nick laughed hard causing his stomach to hurt even more.

Brian also laughed and approached the bed.

He ran a hand throught Nick's hair.

"I'll take care of you, don't worry Frack."


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