Brian and Nick shared the small bed sleeping cuddled to each other. They had never slept so peacefully in long months. Actually, they had never slept in each other's arms since they had fallen in love.

At nine o'clock Brian tried to wake Nick up by kissing his forehead. As Nick didn't move Brian placed several sweet kissis on his neck, smelling his scent and tickling Nick with his tongue.

The blond just didn't have how not respond to this. Nick opened his eyes and found Brian's sweet ones staring at him, he was pratically on top of Nick.

"Morning love of my life..." - Nick whispered sleepy.

Brian smiled and kissed his lips softly.

"I love you... Right now I'm the happiest person one earth!"

"No you are not. I am!"

They smiled and Brian leaned down to pull Nick closer, cuddling him with his arms around his body.

Brian rested his head on Nick's chest, both guys still trying to wake up completely.

Nick couldn't help but smiling. He had told Brian! He wouldn't have to lie, to pretend anymore... Brian knew the truth and... God, Brian loved him! Nick took his hand to caress Brian's hair.

"Ya know, Bri... as much as I'm loving to be here cuddled with you I'm really wishing the boys could come back! My stomach is growling..."

Brian grinned.

"Yeah, I'm hungry too. I'm sure they might be on their way. Leighanne might have freaked out about me not arriving home, and by now she already called Kevin or the boys. They probably called you and seeing you weren't home either they might be flying up right now to rescue us!"

Nick sighed.

"What about Leighanne?"

"I told you to let this with me. I want you Nick. There is nothing she can do to stop us from being together. I love you and thats all that matters to me. I'll take care of Leighanne, she won't ruin our life."

Brian smiled comforting and Nick kissed his nose.

"I'm lucky to have you. I've always been."

Brian kissed his chin and pressed his chest against Nick's.

"Ya know, Nick... I can swear our hearts are beating on the same pace!"

Nick smiled widely and wrapped his arms around Brian.

"I love you..."

"I love you too..."

Brian and Nick's mouths were joining together in another kiss when they heard those loud knocks on the door.

"You guys here?! Niiiiiick! Bri-aaaaaan!"

Nick and Brian pulled away from each other and giggled. It was Kevin's voice.

"I told ya." - Brian whispered.

Nick smiled and they stood up heading to the door.

"Hey, guys!! Anybody home?!"

This time AJ yelled.

"Yeah!" - Brian yelled back. - "Nick and I! We are locked here!" - Brian laughed.

"Yeah, open this door! If I have to look at Brian for two more minutes I'll puke!" - Nick laughed too and looked at Brian.

He smiled and glanced lovingly at him.

AJ and Kevin opened the door to run into their friends.

"Oh, God! Can't believe you guys spent the night here!" - AJ exclaimed looking at them with a funny smile.

"Yeah, didn't you people have the keys?" - Kevin asked.

"I left mine home, and so did Brian." - Nick smiled.

"But why didn't you guys call us? You have your cells, right?"

"I got mine but it had no battery. And Nick, oh well, he forgot his." - Brian grinned.

"Jesus Crist! This sucked. But you guys seem pretty happy for who had to spend the night in this dark and empty place." - AJ teased.

"Anyway, how did you guys find out we were here?" - Brian asked ignoring AJ's remark.

"Oh, your wife called desperate this morning, sure someone had kidnapped you." - Kevin said seriously and Brian laughed.

"Typical her." - he sighed.

Nick looked at him for some seconds. Wasn't Brian supposed to hate Leighanne after what she had done to them? He couldn't understand it!

"Anyway we called Nick and he wasn't home." - AJ said.

"And later we talked to Howie and he mentioned the posibility of you two being locked here. I decided to come and check and AJ joined me." - Kevin finished.

"Oh, well. Can we go now? I'm really hungry!" - Nick exclaimed.

They all laughed and headed to Kevin's car.


Before going back to his house Brian stopped at Nick's.

"Coming in?" - Nick asked cheerfully at the door.

"Nope, honey. Leighanne might be about to call the police. I asked Kevin not to tell her he found me."

Nick gave him a funny look, one that Brian immediatly understood.

Softly he placed his hand at the back of Nick's neck.

"Nick, I need you to trust me. Give me one week. Please... thats all the time I need to take care of Leighanne. I don't want her ruining our life together... I wanna be happy, I wanna be with you."

Nick smiled.

"I love you Nick. From the bottom of my heart, I love you more than anything in this world! Get it?"

Nick nodded.

"Please, I need to you hear you say you love me. You love and trust me. Please, Nick..."

"I love you, Brian. And I trust you. From the bottom of my heart."

Brian caressed Nick's lips with his thumb.

"Thats it, Nick. I'll need one week. Please understand it. I wanna be with you. Theres no one else I wanna be with in this world. You have to trust me. I'm gonna work things out."

Brian was getting weird.

"Ok." - Nick smiled again. - "But please come back, I love you so much I can't lose you again..."

Brian hugged Nick and they kissed passionatly before Brian went away.


"Oh, my God, Brian! Where were you?!" - Leighanne exclaimed as soon as she saw Brian walking in.

"Me and Nick got locked in the studio. We had to wait Kevin come back and rescue us." - Brian smiled widely at her.

"I was scared thinking of all sorts of bad things happening to you!" - Leighanne cried out throwing her arms around Brian.

He held her tight and calmed her down.

"Nothing happened. I'm sorry I scared you sweetheart. I didn't mean to."

One look at those puppy eyes and Leighanne melt.

"I love you so much... I can't live without you." - she said.

"I have an idea, Leigh. During the time I was there at that house I figured some stuff out."

Leighanne was waiting with a small fear. He had been all alone with Nick, what if...

"Leigh, its about us having a baby. What you say we go to that country hotel you've always wanted to? I'm sure a good week there will make us good. We can have like a second honeymoon!" - Brian exclaimed happly.

All of her fears faded.

"Oh, Brian! You are so sweet! I love you so much! Are you sure honey? I mean, ain't you busy with the whole process of a new album or something?"

"Leigh, nothing is more important than us." - he ran a hand over her belly. - "And the kid we are gonna have soon."

Brian smiled at her and Leighanne felt like crying, so happy she was.

"Oh, God! I'd give up my life to see you happy, darling!"

Brian held her tight, kissing her softly.

"I know you would, baby."

"So, when are we going?"

"Why don't you go packing right now? We can get there today at night."

"Are we leaving without telling anyone?" - Leighanne giggled.

"Yeah... we are gonna be so bad!" - Brian smirked.

"YAY! I'm gonna pack right now!" - Leighanne softly kissed Brian on the lips before going upstairs.

How perfect was life?


Brian only called Kevin when both Leigh and him were already in that country and fancy hotel, in the middle of the woods.

Kevin had asked him if he had gone mad, they had no time to waste right now, but Brian didn't even hear. He was just too happy.

When Nick heard the news he was shocked.

"Brian taking this week to spend a second honeymoon with Leighanne?! No fucking way!"

He freaked out. He was about to fly up to where Brian was and talk to him, ask what was this all about. Nick feared to be losing him again, and he only calmed down a little when he remembered Brian's words. He asked Nick to trust him. He said he loved him and Nick believed that. He loved Brian too! And Brian only asked for one week. One week to make things right... Nick had no choice but trusting his love.


They had already spent three amazing days in the place. Brian and Leigh just wouldn't do anything without the other. Just like a second honeymoon.

All those three nights Brian had made love to her, making all of her wishes come true. Things were even more peaceful because by this time of the year the hotel was pratically empty. No hosts. Only Brian and Leigh and a couple of eldery people.

It was their third night there and after making love Leighanne was inviting Brian to go to the hotel's pool. It was outdoors, so that they could watch the stars and the moon. And for sure they'd be the only ones at the pool at ten o'clock.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Leigh. I'm so tired, I think I'm gonna sleep a little... I really can't swim right now..."

"Oh, poor baby... Did I wore you out?" - Leighanne grinned and so did Brian.

"A little. But I'll be fine, just let me recover, ok?" - Brian said kissing her forehead.

"Sure, baby. I'll go to the pool anyway. There is no one there, I mean, I don't think that eldery couple is gonna join me in the pool!"

They laughed.

"Sure sweetie. Go there and enjoy. I'll be right here if you need me." - Brian smiled and closed his eyes.

Leighanne kissed him again before taking some stuff and leaving the bedroom.

She took her bikini and towel and headed to the pool.

"Hm... this will be so boring. I could really do with some music."

Leighanne went to the room again and grabbed some of her CDs. She also took the small radio Brian and her brought there.

Back to the pull he plugged the radio in a wall and put it close to the shore, beside a pile of CDs, right where she could change tracks without having to leave to the pool.


Leighanne played her favorite songs while she was just swiming and staring at the dark sky covered up in stars. She had missed track of the time. But by the number of CDs she had already played it should be at least one o'clock.

Leigh went to the radio and played a Backstreet Boys' CD. Their second. She chose the track As Long As You Love Me.

Leighanne closed her eyes at the sound of the first notes of that melody, and when she opend again her heart jumped slightly.

"God, you scared me!" - she exclaimed.

"Sorry I didn't mean to." - he replied softly.

"What are you doing here? I so didn't expect you to come..."

"Aren't you happy?" - he smiled again.

"Of course I am." - Leigh smiled. - "Why don't you join me, baby?"

"Nah, I don't think so. Hm, I like the song you are playing." - he grinned.

"Me too." - she smiled while he walked around the shore and stopped beside the radio.

Leighanne couldn't help but smiling looking at him.

"You are gorgeous." - she said.

Once again he smiled.

"You are making me blush." - he replied smoothly.

Slowly he took the small radio in his hands and lifted it. He changed to another track. Thats what she said.

After doing that he turned his eyes to face her once again.

Leigh smiled widely.

"This song is about betrayal." - he said.

Leighanne looked curiously at him.

Slowly he turned up the volume and reached out his arms in a way the radio was being lifted above the pool's water.

She panicked.

"Oh, God... What are you gonna do?"

He looked at her and smiled.

His eyes were shining in a weird and phyco way. She panicked even more, not being able to move.

"Please don't... you can't do that, please! I'm sorry!"

He moved closer. The chorus playing loudly. His arms helding the radio in a high point from the pool's water.

"Oh, God, you can't" - she whined pleading looking into his eyes.

"Please no....!"

That was the last thing she said before he let the radio fall and the eletricity ran wildly through the water, making her scream, burning her body with an intense eletric discharge. She foght desperaly during some seconds, moving her arms and legs, screaming wildly. But then it stopped.

Leighanne stopped moving and it was silent again.

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