This story is all fiction, I don't know the BSB and little do I know bout their sexuality.


Nick rolled on his bed. The sun was rising when he abruptly opened his eyes. Immediatly he felt that odd sensation he hadn't slept that night. And thats how he knew it. Something was wrong.

Brian moved on the bed and reached for Leighanne. Not finding her body he opened his eyes and looked at the clock. 5:30am.

"Leigh...? Hun... Where are you?"

Brian stood up and rubbed his swollen face with his right hand. He walked around and didn't see any signs of his wife. Brian sighed and went to the window, to look at the pool.

"Oh, my God!" - Brian yelled. - "Leighanne! No!"

His heart jumped almost escaping from his chest. Leighanne was... dead? It couldn't be! She was just swimming in the pool! Who could've done that? And how come Brian didn't hear anything?

Brian stood still looking in trance at the body floating in the blue water. No blood. Someone did a really good job. Brian didn't notice the grin forming in his lips.

Not knowing how long he had been there staring, suddently Brian broke his gaze and his eyes came back to life. He left the room and went straight to the hoster of that hotel. He needed help. Hiw wife had suffered an accident.

The world shocked with the news of the incoming death of a Backstreet Boys' wife. Leighanne W. Littrell and her husband had been in what looked like a second honeymoon when a fatal accident probably took place. The woman had been listening to the radio, which was extremely close to the pool shore in order to allow her to change tracks and stuff. Extremely close. Too close.

Police had been asking questions to everyone at the hotel, specially the palide and sad husband portrayed in the TV. Brian was torn. The main theory was accident. She probaby dropped the radio when changing something as a CD or track. But nothing could make up to the pain a sad Brian Littrell carried in his image.

During two days he could only talk to his worried friends over the phone. Actually he was just talking to Kevin, whom was trying desperaly to comfort Brian and see if he could help him anyway.

Soon Brian would be coming home, he still had some things to explain to the police, and later he could go back to his friends and cry his lost. As the husband he had been the first to testify, and during this whole week the police officer would interrogate the hoster and the eldery couple from the hotel.

For now Brian was free to go. He took his car and drove all the way back to New York. One hour or so. Not too far. Brian reached out and took one of his CDs. Slowly he began to hear the notes for Thats What She Said. If he had looked in the mirror he would have shocked at the grin on his lips.


Thats how Nick felt when he heard the news about Leighanne's death.

He began to walk around from side to side of his apartment. Leighanne... dead? How come?

Nick didn't want to think anything but it was hard. He was glad when Kevin called him telling what had happened. Apparently it was an accident caused because Leighanne was playing a radio extremely close to the pool.

'Too close.' - Nick thought.

Once Kevin couldn't tell him much more Nick had to follow everything from the TV and newspapers. He watched Brian's face through the television and he saw pain and shock. Brian's face showing weakness, sorrow.

Damn, he couldn't wait to see him!

The first day when they heard those news had been a total rush. The four boys got together to try to talk to Brian, but the police didn't allow them to.

"Oh, God... Brian must be going through hell!" - Howie said.

"Sure... he loved Leighanne. We have to be all there for him when he comes back, have you people seen his face on TV?" - Kevin asked.

Nick was quiet watching them.

"Yeah! Man, Brian looks as if he hadn't been sleeping for weeks! He is so down... I can imagine his shock of waking up seeing his wife dead in the pool..."

Nick tried to be calm but a thousand thoughts were rushing through his mind.

"Trust me Nick, you have to trust me... I'll take care of everything, Leighanne won't be ruining our life..."

Nick shivered. 'NO!' - he thought harshly. He had to fight this thoughts away. Brian could've never... Brian never... killed her. Killed her?

"What?" - Nick asked lifting his eyes.

"I said we'd better go home. Lets wait somedays till Brian comes back. No one better than him will be able to explain it all to us." - Kevins said.

"Oh, sure." - Nick agreed.

"What about the press?" - Howie asked.

"Oh, fuck it!" - AJ exclaimed. - "They are already eating Brian with this! We don't need to say anything. Not now, maybe in a month we can say something about it. Right now all they want is Brian. And they are having it."

"J is right. We are going home then?"

"Yes, Nick. See ya guys later. And lets all pray that Brian will get over this..."

'Hm? Why? He didn't even love her! He loved me!' - Nick thought. - 'For sure he loved me, but would he... kill... for me? Kill her? Leighanne?'

Nick shook his head again and said bye to his friends.

When Nick got back home and laid on his bed he just didn't have how to stop the thoughts in his mind. He was shivering but yet it wasn't cold.

Brian asked him for a week... He said he'd make it all right, he told Nick he loved him and he would 'take care' of Leighanne... Did he mean kill as taking care of?

"No! Stop thinking it your moron! Brian could never kill anything! Not even a fly! What about a person? His wife! Brian didn't do that!" - Nick told himself loudly.

He remembered how weird he had been, asking Nick to trust him, asking for this little time... And then the little trip of a second honeymoon with Leighanne... If this was true, then Brian had predicted her death...

"Oh, no! Shit! Fuck, Carter! Brian couldn't, ok? He just wouldn't do that... It was an accident."

Nick closed his eyes aching for sleep.

Brian was a role model... he could never hurt anyone. Unless he didn't remember having done it...

Brian arrived at night in new York City, and he drove straight to Nick's apartment.

Nick opened the door and his heart jumped when he saw Brian. He had missed him so much! But his heart raced not only seeing his love, Nick was in shock. He was ready for everything but that. He was ready to welcome a sad Brian, he was ready to comfort him through the night, Nick was ready to wipe Brian's tears away... But he wasn't ready for the laughter.

"Oh, God, Nick! I missed you!" - Brian smiled widely with shining eyes. It didn't sound as if his wife had died. It sounded as if he had just got married.

"I love you..." - Nick heard himself muttering.

"Oh... I love you too. So much!" - Brian ran his hands through Nick's hair and face and didn't waist time in pressing his lips against his.

Brian slammed the door behind him and went on kissing Nick until they reached the bed.

Brian was frantic running his hands over his body, taking off his shirt and kissing Nick's neck and lips.

"I love you, Nick... I missed you so much!"

"Hm..." - Nick gasped at Brian's passion in making out. - "I love you too..."

Brian cupped his face and looked into Nick's eyes. He only saw love there. 'No, Brian could've never done something like that! It was definetly an accident and I should let it go...'

Nick smiled at him.

Brian pushed his tongue inside his mouth and kissed him passionatly, his hands traveling on Nick's body, ripping off his cloths.

Nick was surprised by this weird arousal of Brian's! He was moving so fast, so passionatly as if he hadn't seen Nick in years! But soon this thouthgs faded. It was impossible to think when Brian was working his hand on Nick's cock making him hard.

"Oh, God, Brian!" - Nick moaned.

Brian kept working his hand roughly, up and down Nick's erection while kissing his mouth, biting his lips.

Nick gave in completely, he couldn't think, only feel. He wrapped his arms around Brian, the one he would love for the rest of his life. It didn't matter how odd this situtaion could be. It always felt right with Brian.

"Hm... God..." - Nick whispered.

Brian kissed all over the skin on his chest without wasting any time before taking Nick's hard cock in his mouth.

"Oh, shit!" - Nick cired out.

He reached for Brian's soft hair and kept his hands there, caressing him, guiding his mouth up and down his throbbing member. It was all so fast... Amazing how Brian could get him horny in seconds.

Nick's breath increased as Brian licked the tip of him. He knew he wouldn't last. There were just too many emotions rushing through his mind and body. Love. Passion. Pleasure. Fear.

Fear? Did he feel that? Why? Was he afraid of Brian? For sure not! He trusted him... Nick trusted Brian. Why wouldn't him? 'Yeah, why wouldn't I?' - he thought.

"Oh, God, Brian! I can't take it anymore!" - Nick's hands tightened around Brian's head and he thrusted into his mouth until he reached his release, shooting his hot cum into his waiting mouth, and later tasting it when Brian joined him into another passionate kiss.

Brian held Nick while he was fighting to catch his breath.

"God, Brian! That was... that was... amazing!"

"I love you, I need you." - Brian kissed his cheek and bare chest.

"I love you too."

Nick pulled Brian close and wrapped his arms around him. They kept silent lying beside each other. Nick was caressing Brian's neck as he was drawning circular sopts on Nick's chest with his finger.

Half an hour passed by until Nick put together courage enough to ask Brian that question. He knew the answer for it, he just had to hear it from Brian.



"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, baby."

"First tell me this, ain't you sad with what happened to Leighanne?"

Brian thought for a while.

"No. Not at all. I didn't want this to happen. But I'm glad it did."

"Your glad?!" - Nick was shocked. Was this the same Brian he knew? Could he be glad?

"C'mon, Nick! Don't tell me you ain't either! This was the only way we could be together forever..."

Nick felt those shivers coming back.

"Brian, Brian hun, look at me."

Brian found Nick's blue eyes.

"You didn't kill Leighanne, did you?"

Brian laughed.

"Geez, Nick! How could I? You know me! Of course I didn't kill her!"

"But you said... you told me to wait, you asked for one week with her, one week to make things right. Then you travel with Leigh and four days later she appears dead! What you expect me to think?!"

"Nick, I didn't kill her." - Brian said looking deep into his eyes.

"Then, what were you going to do with her?"

"I don't know! Damn it!"

"Brian, what did you have in mind when you took her to this second honeymoon?" - Nick's voice was cracking, he was almost crying.

"Nick, I honestly don't know... I mean, I do know. I would talk to her. I wanted to take her to a special place, I wanted to make her happy before telling her I was leaving for you. I just liked her so much! I felt like I needed to do something good to her before leaving Leigh forever."

Oh, this was true. Nick could prefectly see this kind of action coming from Brian.

"But if you liked her then why are you happy she is dead?"

"I just said I'm glad. She is better now with God. Leigh wouldn't be happy here seeing me with you. Nick, believe it! God knows what He does! Maybe it was her time, maybe she had nothing else to do here..." - Brian's voice was smooth.

He caressed Nick's hair. He could only see love. It was the same Brian.

"Nick, I asked you to trust me. Do you?"

Nick opened his mouth staring at Brian. His heart raced.

"Yes, I do."

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