Although he was alseep his mind was half conscious, and Nick could hear noises coming from the kitchen. He missed track of time, but it should be around two o'clock of a dark night. It was easy to hear sounds because that place was just too quiet, the very little noise could be heard, specially during the night.

Nick wondered what was Brian doing there in the kitchen. He could hear dishes noise, but Nick's eyes just weren't in the mood to open up. His mind was fuzzy, not knowing if he was dreaming or not. But still those noises were real.

Nick sighed without opening his eyes. Why the hell wouldn't that noise stop? What was Brian doing in the kitchen? And now, in the middle of the night!

Suddently Nick heard another sound. Was Brian grinning? He wondered. It sure sounded like so. Giggling, making noise with the dishes.

Nick heard the noise of a metal object falling. It put him immediatly awake, although he didn't move neither did Nick open his eyes.

'What is Brian doing there? And what the hell did he drop?' - Nick began to think. - 'What if... what if... it was a knife...? Oh, my God! No... Jesus Crist! Why is Brian grinning?'

Nick squeezed his eyes even tighter and fear took his body. 'Oh, God! Brian is crazy! What if he went mad? What if he decided to kill me like he did to Leighanne?' - He wanted desperately to open his eyes and see what was going on but the panick was keeping him still. Nick felt like crying, his heart beating a hundred times per second.

'He is gonna do it while I'm asleep and then he won't remember and when he wakes up I'll be covered up in blood and Brian will be staring at me in trance!' - thoughts rushing through his mind until it was silent again.

Nick shivered. 'What happened? Why is everything so fucking quiet?' He turned around in bed and quickly opened his eyes.

"Oh, God, no!" - Nick screamed.

Brian was half lying on top of him, staring at Nick's sleeping face, his eyes glowing and his lips forming a grin.

"What?" - Brian asked innocently.

"What are you doing on top of me?! In the middle of the night! You have a knife you are gonna kill me! Get off me, Brian, now!" - Nick yelled fighting to get Brian away from him.

"Nick!" - Brian yelled holding his arms tight untll Nick stopped struggling and looked at him with terrified eyes.

"What?... You are not gonna hurt me, will you?" - Nick gasped.

"Oh, God..." - Brian ran his hand over his cheek. - "Nick, I love you... You are my life. Nick, if something happens to you I don't have a reason to go on living." - Brian said smoothly caressing Nick's face. - "I could never hurt you. Never, Nick."

Nick calmed down a little under his soft touch.

"I'm just so scared Brian! Its so confusing! I love you... I love you so much I can't live without you! But I'm afraid... I'm scared at the same time..."

Worst than being alone in a house in the middle of nowhere with someone that murdered a person was being alone with someone that didn't remember killing this person.

"Nick..." - Brian made him lay down again and he leaned over him to kiss his lips softly, tracing them with his tongue. - "I love you, ok? You don't need to be afraid, I can't hurt you, I could never..."

Nick responded to the kiss softly.

"But then what were you doing in the kitchen? And why were you grinning, Brian?" - Nick asked shyly.

"I wanted to eat something, thats all. I'm sorry I made too much noise, its just that I was remembering something funny and I couldn't stop laughing. I had to keep it down so that you wouldn't wake up, thats why it sounded like I as giggling." - Brian explained.

Nick looked at him quietly.

"Ya know, Nick, it was one of that times, I'm sure that has already happened to you. Out of nowhere you remember a joke someone told you or even something funny that happened during the day or some years ago... and it just makes you laugh, right?"

Nick loosened under Brian's soft caresses.

"Right..." - he said.

"I love you so much, Nick..."

"I love you too."

Nick searched that blue eyes and found love. How could he love someone and fear them at the same time? All Nick knew was that he needed Brian. Now. And forever.

Brian leaned down and kissed Nick's neck, his hot breath giving Nick the chills, and once again his heart was racing. Nick tightened his arms around Brian and let him kiss his sensitive skin, loving the feeling of Brian's tongue running over it, so delicate, so soft...

"Hm..." - Nick moaned closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

Brian continued to explore the skin of Nick's bare shoulder placing butterfly kisses on his neck and bitting his earlobe. As Brian's body pressed against him Nick could feel he was hard.

Brian licked his earlobe gently and whispered something into his ear.

"Nick, I wanna make love to you." - he said in a hoarse voice.

Nick held his breath for a couple seconds before moaning in reply.

"Yes, Brian. I wanna feel you..."

He let go of Nick's neck and they kissed passionatly, their tongues dueling at first and slowly making love inside their mouths, licking the other with no rush, with all the love they shared.

"Are you sure?" - Brian asked. - "You sure you are ready?"

Brian couldn't know how important it was to Nick hear those words. He felt confident, he felt safe and smiled at his lover.

"Yes, I'm sure baby."

Brian smiled too and they kissed again, this time their hands traveled together getting their bodies free from the cloths. Which wasn't difficult at all once they were only in boxers. When those went away it was all skin against skin, and they moved together, their mouths in the same rhythm as their bodies.

Brian looked into his eyes and ran his hand over Nick's chest, playing with his nipples and sliding a finger into his belly button. They had eyes still locked when Brian reached out for his cock and worked in making it even harder.

"Hm, its so good..." - Nick whimpered.

While Nick had his eyes closed Brian went down to take him in his mouth. Nick's hips lifted from the bed in delight and surprise.

Brian let his cock wet in precum slid out of his mouth to run his tongue over the tip, flicking it at the same time.

"Hm! - Nick groaned opening his mouth to catch breath.

Brian smiled looking at his face. Nick was in ecstasy, his eyes rolling in his head as Brian thrusted his mouth on his cock, making Nick whine in delirium.

"Oh, God, Brian! You have to stop or else... I can't stand it, OH GOD!" - Nick growled grabbing the sheets.

At the same time Brian stopped and Nick still whined in protest. He knew it had to stop but he didn't want. 'Oh, calm down, Nick... something better is to come...' - he promised himself. But thinking was difficult with his throbbing cock aching to be touched.

When Nick opened his eyes Brian was kissing him deeply, and when he let go Brian reached for a small bottle in one of the drawers.

"Oh, now we have it!" - Nick exclaimed smiling and blushing slightly.

"Yes. Its gonna be easier, I don't want to hurt you." - Brian said. It was the first time he would be making love to Nick.

Nick sighed. His heart raced. This was all new. He knew it was gonna hurt anyway, but he wanted to do that. For Brian. For him. For both of them and the love they shared.

Nick saw Brian covering two of his fingers with lube and closed his eyes waiting for what was next.

Nick's face tensed as he felt Brian working his two fingers inside of him, streching him, doing to him something he had never felt before and never thought he would.

"Nick... relax..." - Brian said softly.

Nick sighed again and tried to concentrate on the feeling, not if it was right or wrong, all that mattered was what Brian was doing to him, and he loved Brian.

"Oh, dear heaven!" - Nick moaned getting used to the feeling.

Brian smiled knowing he was already ready, but still liking this preliminary game. He inserted another finger in his tightness.

"Hm, Brian... c'mon, stop fooling around... lets do it...!" - Nick pleaded feeling he was about to cum with Brian's fingers working on him.

"Ok, baby. If you want to stop just tell me, right?"

Nick nodded and Brian took his fingers out of him. Nick sat on the bed and took some of the lube in his hands to apply on Brian's cock.

"Hm... hmmmm... yes, Nick... Oh, God... yes...." - Brian cried out as Nick teased him slowly, massaging his tip and allowing his hands to travel all the way up and down his painful hard on. - "Oh, please, Nick... enough!" - Brian whimpered and Nick grinned.

Softly Brian laid him on the bed again and put himself between his legs.

"Here." - Nick handed him a pillow that Brian placed under his hips.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes, Brian, please go on."

They smiled and locked eyes as Brian pushed himself slowly into Nick.

"Oh, dear Lord!" - Brian whimpered.

"Oh... hm!" - Nick hissed in pain.

"Nick... you fine?" - Brian asked breathlessly as he buried himself into him, being overwhelmed by that wonderful feeling.

"Y-yes... I'm fine." - Nick tensed again and Brian could feel his cock getting squeezed.

"Shit!" - Brian growled thrusting in and out once again.

Nick gasped desperately trying to get used to the feeling.

Brian entered him again and leaned down to talk into Nick's ear.

"Baby, you have to relax, Nick... loose, don't worry... The pain will go away. I love you. I love you so much..."

"Yes, Brian! Go... go and move faster." - Nick asked.

Brian did what he said, thrusting harder this time and getting a steady pace.

"Hm... yes.... Oh, sweet heaven! Holy fuck!" - Nick cried out in pleasure as Brian's thrust hit his prostate.

Seeing Nick was finally liking it Brian felt more confident to thrust harder and deeper, his cock aching for release.

"Oh, Brian, please! Harder!" - Nick demanded

"Damn, yes, Nick... God!" - Brian rolled his eyes and moaned, throwing his head backwards.

Nick felt Brian's hand around his cock, and he was now stroking him in the same rhythm of his thrusts.

"Fuck! Yes!" - Nick whined.

He opened his eyes to lock them with Brian blue ones. They were both almost there, moving faster and faster, Nick also thrusting into Brian. Insane, desperately, both bodies drowning in pleasure, struggling harder and harder for their release.

His heart was racing and every racional thought fled from Nick's mind. Powerful emotions domninated him. Love and Fear. Pleasure so good that could turn into pain. Brian, his Brian giving him such an unatural pleasure and at the same time scaring him.

He thrusted hard.

"Oh, God, Nick! I'm almost!" - Brian screamed his name and got a frenetic pace, crossing the line of no coming back.

Afraid of the man fucking him. In love with Brian, the one making love to him. His body was so overwhelmed with passion and pleasure that Nick hit the orgasm shaking his body, shooting his cum at the same time Brian did, collapsing on the bed with his eyes closed, his body and mind worn out, happy, tired and satisfied.

"Oh, God!" - Brian moaned one last time before joining Nick on the bed, unconsciously wrapping his arms around his body and kissing him.

Nick threw Brian beside him on the bed and wrapped his arms around him too. Brian ran his hands through Nick's sweat hair, their eyes were shining, their bodies still shivering.

Nick approached Brian's face and rested his head on his neck.

"I love you... I'd do anything for you. Always." - Nick whispered.

Brian was still caressing his wet hair when he looked at Nick and smiled, using his other hand to run his fingers over Nick's lips.

"I love you too. I belong to you."

Nick kissed his chin, cheek and finished by placing a soft kiss on his lips. Nothing else mattered, nothing to care about besides this. What can be more important than love in this world?

He had no idea where the fuck his cousin was. And still why the hell Nick was with him. But Kevin had to do something. He needed to help Brian. God, he loved his cousing, he couldn't allow this to happen! Brian was now a fugitive and Nick his partner!

Things were getting pretty ugly... Kevin wondered if Frick and Frack even knew that.

As Kevin thought over and over one thing occured to him. One thing to make it a little better, and that was what he was doing right now. Kevin went to talk with the elderly couple that 'saw' Brian talking to Leighanne in the pool.

He was sat in their living room, his mind working furiously in how to bring this up. He feared to make everything even more complicated, but he wouldn't forgive himself for not trying.

Kevin refused the tea the old woman offered him and went on talking. He had heard their story, and now it was his turn to say something. To say the exact words.

"This house really seems to need improvement and I'm sure that with your husband being retired its hard to make things better, right? Life is hard, I imagine... Specially for two eldery people without their lovely sons and daughters... with no grandchildren to play around..." - Kevin sighed.

The man and his wife looked carefuly at him.

"I mean, this whole story with the police must be being tiring for you, am I right?"

They nodded silently.

"Maybe if you had a lot of money you could just let it go, who knows? Maybe you people were so tired you realize you don't actually remember hearing anything... Let alone SEEING anyone... maybe it was just a dream. Maybe we can all be quiet about this accident." - Kevin said warmly. - "All I'm saying is what could happen if you had a lot of money..."

"How much money?" - the man asked and Kevin grinned.

When Kevin left the couple's house he had done something he was really disgusted about. He cheated. He payed them to lie and tell the police they hadn't seen anyone, and that they didn't even hear anything. All they wanted was to show up, and besides, they actually thought they heard something but it was probably the TV tuned on a police movie.

Kevin knew it was wrong. But it was his cousin! His own blood! Brian's family was suffering so much! Beyond all this, deep inside Kevin still couldn't believe his cousin was capable of doing something like killing a person.

Whatever the truth was in this messy puzzle he had to fight for Brian once he was too scared to do it on his own. Kevin could only wait now and figure where does Nick fit in all this.

A small thought rushed through his mind but Kevin prefered to ignore it.

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