Yes, they were happy with the money. At the end of their lives all Georgia and her husband Harry wanted was to enjoy it a little bit. Being famous and appearing on TV was a great thing. But now it was even better, the money that young man offered them to be quiet. They could travel, meet different places, stay at fancy hotels... Everything they ever dreamed about.

Georgia was senventy seven and Harry eighty six years old. No people is known to sleep with glasses, and it wasn't different the night it all happened in the hotel this eldery couple was at. They saw some shadows of a body moving, but never in this world could they see the person's face. Even thought they knew it had been a man. They did hear the talk. But for four hundred thousand dollars who could've heard anything?

When they saw Brian's face on TV as being the victim's husband they sure convinced themselves he had been the one to kill the lady. Even because the conversation they heard was obviously from a couple. But the thing is that they didn't see who it really was, and telling this to the police, getting free from this was the best thing to do to get away and enjoy their money.

The couple showed up on the news chanel and told the story about hearing the dialogue from the TV and connecting to the case. They said it was probably a dream of theirs and that they were really sorry for the confusion, but after talking a lot they decided to say the truth for the better.

The police soon understood what took place. They were old people, being part in an investigation was something thrilling they were willing to be a part of. And how didn't they think about the glasses point? Obviously they couldn't see anyone. Why would two eldery people be using glasses in the middle of the night? Thank God the case was getting back to accident.

Brian Thomas Littrell was still wanted for the police. They wanted to know why he disappeared and where did he go. Oh, not to meantion why did his friend Nickolas Carter go with him. Just to make it all clear because the good sense was back to the case. It had been an accident and police believed it. The witnesses only wanted to make fame testifying about a possible murder committed by a Backstreet Boy. But it was over now. Brian needed to come back and talk to the police. That was all. Poor husband suffering so much with his wife's death... The man probably went away because he couldn't take the pain of being accused of killing his love...

Kevin was alone in his house. His wife Kristin had gone out with a friend and he had all the time to think about what was going on. During this whole week the Backstreet's name had been constantly on the media in a non positive way. But it was gonna get better now...

Kevin smiled relieved when he heard the eldery couple talking on TV. They kept their deal and Brian was no longer suspected. He was just a normal guy, a poor one that lost his wife in a tragical accident. Soon their image would be high again. Brian was also a victim of life and destiny, and lots of fans from all over the world would be sending supportive letters.

Kevin sighed and was about to sit on the sofa when he heard the door bell. Immediatly he stood up to answer it.

"Aunt!" - he exclaimed surprised.

"How are you, son?" - Brian's mother smiled and hugged her nephew.

"I'm fine! I never expected to get a visit from you today, aunt Jackie."

Kevin let her in and they sat on the sofa.

"Oh... you know Kevin... Things have been just so complicated!"

Jackie frowned and Kevin sighed. He knew she must have been going through a hell of a bad time together with Brian's father and brother.

"I know aunt... But did you see the news today? That couple was lying. They did not see Brian doing it. Leighanne died in an accident, my cousin could never kill anyone!"

"You're right, Kevin. My baby could never hurt a single living thing. Imagine his own wife! I mean, its ok Brian didn't love her anymore..."

"He didn't?!" - Kevin asked in shock.

Jackie sighed.

"Kevin, I know... Brian is in love with someone else."

"Who? How do you know it, aunt?" - Kevin asked still surprised.

"Brian didn't tell me anything, but I'm his mother, I know him so well... I have seen these last months the way Brian had been depressed. Didn't you guys notice? You are his friends, you are always with him."

"Well... he seemed happy... at least he was trying to. The only difference was that he wasn't talking much with Nick, but I'm sure they are ok, I mean, he even ran away with Brian! They are still friends..."

Jackie smiled understanding.

"I'm sure it is not going to be hard for you to understand what I did. Kevin, Brian wasn't in love with Leighanne anymore. He is in love with Nick."

Kevin laughed.

"Sorry, aunt... It just can't be... Brian and Nick? No way! I know they are close, but they would never... I mean, they aren't gay!"

"I don't know what they are but I know my son. I can read his eyes and I could feel he loves him. Thats why they ran away. That couple said all those nasty lies and Brian was scared of losing Nick. Thats why they are not here right now. All they want is to be together. And they will be since that people told the world the truth. Brian didn't kill anyone. My son is innocent! And he is finally going to be able to come back to his life. He deserves to be happy."

Kevin smiled.

"Yes, he does. But him and Nick?" - Kevin made a funny disgusted face. - "Oh, man... and are you ok with this aunt? I mean, Brian being in love with a guy?"

"Honestly, son, I never wanted this to happen. But I know Brian. He would never go for a love like this unless it was really a true and deep one. And if it is so then it makes him happy. Nick makes him happy and all I can do is be happy for him. I want Brian to love and be loved back, no matter who will he pick up for that. And again, who says we can pick up the ones we love?"

"You are right, aunt... If Brian is happy with him then I guess... I should be happy too. I just wish I knew where they are right now. Its all over, they can come back!"

Jackie sighed and smiled again.

"Thats why I came here, Kevin. I think I know where they are."

"Really? Wow, you are amazing, aunt Jackie! You could be a detective or something!" - Kevin joked.

Jackie laughed lightly.

"Its a house on the mountains. Brian bought it for Harold and I some years ago. Its been a long time we don't go there. If I know my son, and I'm sure I do, I'd say he went there with Nick. Its quiet and peaceful, a place where they could stay away from this crazyness."

"Oh, God, where is it, aunt?"

"Here, Kevin." - Jackie handed him a small piece of paper. - "Its the address."

"Oh, ok." - Kevin said looking at what he had on his hands.

"And Kevin, just so that you know... I didn't tell your uncle anything about Brian and Nick being together. This is just not the moment, and I don't know how he would react. Right now we are just so happy everything is clearing up!"

Kevin nodded.

"I mean, I'm so sad about Leighanne. She was a sweet and loving girl. She really didn't deserve that, but God knows what He does. I just couldn't take my son being blamed for that. We know Brian could never... right?"

"Right." - Kevin answered firmly.

"Oh, ok then. I guess I'm going now..." - Jackie stood up and Kevin followed her.

"Ok, aunt, and thanks for coming."

They hugged again before Brian's mom went away.

Kevin was on his way to meet Brian and Nick at the mountains' house. And during the whole way crazy thoughts took his mind.

Brian and Nick lovers? That was definitely big and hot news. He still wasn't sure if he believed it, though. But taking it as being true... This could really cause a mess.

If Nick was his lover and Leighanne didn't want them to be together then Brian would definetly have a reason to kill her. Of course there are no reasons for killing a person, but if that was true then it could be possible... Its like, Kevin was the only one to know the couple wasn't lying. For Kevin they had really seen and heard Brian talking to Leigh, murdering her...

"Oh, God..." - Kevin whispered to himself.

Could Brian and Nick have joined together and made up a squeme to kill his cousin's wife and be together? No, shit! Brian could never do that... What if Nick had insisted...? What if Nick asked Brian to?

"Damn, Kevin! You are talking about that thirteen years old you met. Nick absolutely could never ask Brian to do such thing." - Kevin told himself.

He sighed. He was almost at the place now. Too many thoughts. He had to calm down.

Brian was putting his clothes together inside his messy wardrobe when he felt Nick's body behind him. The blond wrapped his arms around Brian and rested his chin on Brian's shoulder.

"Sup, Nick?" - Brian smiled.

"Nothing... I'm just wondering whats going on... ya know. Outside."

Brian sighed.

"Maybe we shoud go back, Nick."

"Really?" - he asked still in the same position.

"Yeah. We can talk about it now. Lemme just finish it, ok?"

"Sure, I'll be outdoors taking some fresh air."

Nick smiled and slowly buried his nose into Brian's soft curls, loving the perfum of his hair. Brian shiverd slightly and grinned.

"I'll be there in a second." - Brian said when Nick left.

Nick sat on the steps of the front door and he could perfectly see when a car stopped and someone left from it, coming on his direction.

"Kevin." - Nick said to himself.

Nick just waited until Kevin reached him. Brian would be there soon, he didn't need to call him.

When Kevin was in front of him, Nick could barely look into his eyes. He was afraid Kevin would be disappointed with him for running away with Brian. Or maybe he'd be really pissed with what they did, getting away without telling anyone.

"Hey, Nick." - Kevin said smiling lightly.

"Heya." - Nick opened his mouth to say, his heart beating unsteadly and his head heavy in thoughts.

"I missed you."

Nick looked at Kevin. That was the last thing he expected to hear from him. Kevin was smiling warmly and Nick smiled too.

"I missed all of you guys."

"Where is Brian?"

"Inside. He'll be here in a second. How did you find us?"

"Lets go inside, shall we? I'll tell you everything when Brian arrives."

"Ok." - Nick agreed and stood up, walking in with Kevin.

The guys sat on the couch and soon Brian was there too.

"Nick, who are you talking to?" - Brian looked at Nick and later at the man beside him. - "Kevin!" - Brian smiled largely and his eyes shone.

"Yeah, cuz. I'm here to rescue you two."

Brian laughed and they hugged before Brian sat with them, between Nick and Kevin.

"How did you find us? You ain't mad, are you?" - Brian asked worried.

"Yes and no. I'm mad you guys went away without telling any of us, specially during a very difficult situation. Brian, you just couldn't run away from the police! Everyone was looking for you. You heard what they were all thinking about the case, that you killed your wife, and running away just didn't make it sound any better."

Brian frowned.

"I'm sorry. I was scared. I knew I haven't done anything against Leighanne so I was freaked out. I asked Nick to come with me, I didn't want to be alone."

Kevin nodded silently. He found no need in saying them he knew about their relasionship.

"Still it wasn't right, Brian. Things could have blown out of proportion, you could have gone to jail, you know that! Anyway your mom told me she thought you were here, Brian."


"Yeah. Aunt Jackie payed me a visit and she told me about this palce. She was right, she really knows her son."

Brian smiled.

'Does she?' - Nick asked himself inside his mind.

"Brian, while you guys have been living here things have happened outside in the world."

"What?" - Nick asked. He was needed of news.

"That eldery couple confessed the truth. They said they neither saw nor heard anything that night."

Kevin watched Brian's face becoming light and he could not understand it. He payed the couple to lie, Brian should know that!

"Brian... I made them say it. I payed them to lie and say they didn't see or hear anything."

"Oh." - Brian's mouth opened.

"Oh, man! Kevin!" - Nick shook his head.

"What, Nick? Do you think I did wrong? Did you expect me to let Brian suffer with this? Maybe even go to jail coz of something he didn't do?" - Kevin let it very clear although he had done that he didn't believe Brian was responsible for killing Leigh.

"No, Kevin. Actually I was gonna thank you. Brian and I have been going through hell here, not knowing what to do, scared of doing something..."

Brian nodded.

"Well, guys, now you know what to do. Brian, you have to go back, you have to go on TV and say all this you just told me. Say you went away coz you were scared and couldn't handle people accusing you of killing your own wife when you were still suffering with her death."

"And will they believe it?" - Brian asked too quickly, only later realizing what he had said. - "I mean, they think I killed her..."

"No, they don't Brian. They believe you, we all do, right Nick?"

Nick looked at Kevin. His eyes were asking more than that simple question. He swallowed and asnwered.

"Of course."

"Ok, I'll wait till you guys take your stuff and then we can go home."

Nick stood up and followed Brian to their room. When they entered Brian closed the door and turned around to Nick, seeing a huge smile on the blond's face.

"Oh, Brian! Can't believe its all gonna be ok!"

"Yeah, but Nick... I'm still not sure... ya know... if I..."


Nick pulled Brian in a hug.

"It doesn't matter anymore, Brian. I don't wanna think about it."

Brian held him and closed his eyes.

Nick had way too much in his mind. He needed to get the easy way out of this. Although he was sure he could never forget that grin and that shine on Brian's eyes in the middle of the night. Nick didn't have to believe Brian was innocent as long as the rest of the world did.

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