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"Hm...!" - Nick growled lying on his bed, his hand over his stomach.

Brian was still standing at the door.

He wanted to ask if Nick was ok. He wanted to ask if he needed help. He wanted to know if he could do anything for him right now. But for some reason he could do nothing but giggling.

Hearing Brian's giggles and grins Nick couldn't help but laughing too. And suddently he felt like singing.

"I hate sappy love songs, sappy love songs, sappy love songs!!!!" - Nick began to sing in a high and messed up note, causing Brian to laugh till he cried.

"I hate sappy songs, sappy songs, sappy songs.......!!!!!" - Nick sang as he buried his head on the pillow.

"Why do you hate sappy love songs?" - Brian asked childish.

"Who said I hate sappy love songs?" - Nick asked suddenly concerned and facing Brian, who had to sit on the floor not to fall down with his loud laughter.

"You were just singing it, dude!..." - Brian's voice faded and Nick started to laugh too.

"Oh, God, Brian! I think you drank more than I thought! I mean, you seem to be even worse!"

Once again Brian didn't answer. He grinned and laughed. Nick was getting used to this kind of response coming from his friend.

"There's no way I'm worse than you!" - Brian finally said surprising Nick.

"So, you CAN talk, huh?"

In response Brian grinned, giggled and laughed so hard Nick just nodded and collapsed onto his bed again.

Nick laid there immobile during several minutes. When he talked his voice was fuzzy.

"Oh, Brian, please make the ceiling stop spinning! Please make it stop or I'm gonna puke!" - Nick whined.

Brian stood up and came close to the bed.

"You shouldn't've got that Whisky bottle, Nick! Now we are all screwed up." - he smiled jumping on the bed.

"But the Vanilla... it tasted so sweet!" - Nick protested.

Brian laughed, but this time he sounded more confident about what he was doing.

"Oh, Brian plez!!!! Make the ceiling stop spinning, I can't take it anymore!" - Nick whined again.

"Oh, ok. What you want me to do? What about this?" - Brian asked getting on his feet above the bed and reaching his hands up above to touch the ceiling. "Did it stop now?"

Nick began to laugh as a baby when some grown up is making faces at him.

"Kinna." - he giggled at Brian.

"Ok, I'll keep the damn ceiling still for you, ok?" - Brian was repeating words, and trying hard to be still in that position.

"Okay!" - Nick grined reaching out a hand to grab Brian's foot.

"Hey, you gonna make me fall!" - Brian said laughing at Nick.

He saw Nick had this devilsh smile on his face while he kept swinging Brian's leg, making him lose balance.

"Nick, I'm already drunk, if you keep this on I'll collapse on top of you!"

But now was Nick's turn to giggle and grin without never stopping, laughing and keeping on making Brian lose control over his body.

"Niiiiiick!!!!" - Brian shouted as he fell on top of Nick.

As soon as Nick saw what he had done, making Brian fall on top of him having been totally drunk he began to laugh histerically as his friend was trying hard to understand what was going on.

Nick was laughing so hard he was gasping now, as Brian stared at him with a baffling look.

Nick then stopped laughing to face Brian, their faces being only inches away.

When Brian realized Nick had stop laughing it was his turn to begin it all over again, laughing, grinning and giggling till he had tears of joy running down his cheeks.

Nick looked at this change on him and followed Brian in this crazy and drunk laugh. They had no idea how much time they had been like that, Brian's head on Nick's chest, both laughing their asses off without even knowing the reason for it.

Slowly they calmed down a little and began to stare at the ceiling above.

"I think it did stop." - Nick said thoughtfully without looking at Brian.

They were both cuddled to each other. Drunk and begining to feel sick. But never losing the will to laugh.

Suddently Brian turned to face Nick, causing their mouths to be only one inch away from each other's.

"Nick... do you realize what the others would say if we fall alseep like that?

Nick grinned.

"They would have bad thoughts!" - Nick giggled looking at Brian.

"Yeah they would. We better pull apart." - Brian said rolling a little on the bed and being still beside Nick.

"Oh-oh." - Nick sighed and Brian laughed. - "Bad thoughts!" - Nick mubbled.

Brian kept quiet for a moment and it was as if his mind had gotten back to its normal. Just as if...

"Nasty boys! I bet they'd think we had got it on!"

"Oh, they would!" - Nick agreed.

Brian shook his head in denial.

"Shame on them! How could they possible think we had done it?"

Nick copied his moves and shook his head too.

"Shame on them...!" - Nick muttered.

"I mean, we are just friends!" - Brian shouted as if offended.

"Yeah! Just friends!" - once again Nick agreed seriously turning to face Brian, meeting his gaze. Both guys serious now.

Brian came really close to Nick, lying his head on the same pillow and looking him in the eyes.

"Just friends. We could never do anything other than... than friendship, right?" - Brian looked concerned, and so did Nick as he replied.

"Totally right! We could never do something like that..."

Nick came even closer to Brian, their faces again only two inches away.

"Not even if we were drunk." - Brian whispered in trance.

"Not even if we were really, really drunk..." - Nick whispered softly keeping the stare at Brian and getting closer.

"Because this just wouldn't be right..."

"Definetly wrong." - Nick completed. Their voices getting lower and lower, being only audible to themselves.

"It means we would never... not even if we were drunk and lying on the same bed, right?"

"No, not even if we were just like this..." Nick's voice faded.

Suddently it was nothing more without their whispers. Nick didn't have to move much, just an inch actually to be able to taste Brian's lips. Without realizing they began to kiss each other.

They were both drunk with no will power to suck while kissing, so that Brian was only allowing Nick's tongue to lick his own. Brian then moved closer to Nick, touching his chest to be able to kiss him deeper, to be able to slide his tongue and taste his mouth.

They were licking each other's tongues and lips so slowly that their kiss was making this cute crepitant noises. After four long minutes they stopped kissing and without pulling apart they faced each other, wich was easy once they were only inches away.

Both boys smiled.

Nick leaned to Brian and got himself on top of him, only to be in a better position to kiss him again. This time Brian did not respond to the kiss, although he kept his mouth open to let Nick explore it slowly and continuously.

Nick didn't mind the fact that Brian wasn't doing anything, as long as he kept his mouth open and he could play with his tongue, suck it lightly and run his tongue over his lips. Nick kissed Brian slowly, putting his thick and soft tongue in and out of his mouth, licking the tip of Brian's tongue, forgeting about everything else and getting lost in the task of tasting every single place of his friend's warm mouth.

"Hm..." - Brian growled pushing Nick away, as he was still on top of him. "Why are you still kissing me?" - he asked.

"Because you taste good." - Nick replied innocently, with serious eyes.

Brian smiled.

"Better than your Vanilla drink?"

"Much better." - Nick said in a husky voice.

"Then you can go on and keep kissing me like that."

Nick didn't even answer, he just leaned down again and pushed his tongue inside Brian's mouth, only this time he got a strong reply from him, who placed his arms around his waist and made their tongues wrestle playfully inside Nick's mouth.

The rhythm was begining to race and so did their kiss. Now they weren't only licking, Brian took Nick's upper lip and sucked it, bitting it right after and causing Nick to let out a moan.

Nick let go of his lips and took time to smell Brian's neck and hair, giving him shudders.

Nick placed his wet lips on his neck and kissed his skin, licked his skin, found his way to Brian's ear and bit it softly.

"You are tickling me with your tongue, Nicky..."

He pulled off and smiled. So did Brian. They began to laugh.

"Its ok if we make out coz we are drunk, right?"

"Yeah, I think so, Frick." - Nick answered. Their minds were fuzzy, but still their eyes seemed to be perfectly aware of what they were doing.

Brian giggled devilshly. "Do want me to tickle you Nick? I know you are very ticklish..."

Nick laughed a little.

"Yeah, Brian! Oh man, if we are really doing what I think we are then its better the drunker one rules it all."

"Oh, really? Then I have a secret..." - Brian said in a low voice. He made Nick lay in bed with confused eyes as he crawled on top of him and reached to his ear to whisper softly while licking his earlobe: "I had twice as many drinks as you did."

"Ohmpf!" - Nick moaned at the fealing of Brian's whisper blowing hot air into his ear giving him shivers and his tongue licking his earlobe seductively. And what Brian had said... It made Nick go crazy! He couldn't understand why that action had gotten to him so badly, but now Nick was having to bear with a growing hard on inside his pants.

Brian faced Nick and something was strange. It was definetly the look on Brian's face. His eyes... Nick had never seen him like that. It was like Brian wanted something and would do anything to get it now. This wasn't the Brian he knew... But that moment, that place, Nick liked him best.

Brian ripped Nick's shirt and revealed his naked chest. Nick sighed. He looked at Brian, waiting. The next minute Brian ripped his trunks too, having him only in boxers. Brian took a time to look at the growing member Nick was painfully keeping inside his boxers and grinned.

Seeing Nick still staring at him Brian got back to his chest and everything he said came in a husky and seductive voice.

"Do you want me to tickle you with my tongue, Nicky...?" - Brian asked as he ran his tongue in circular spots all around Nick's stomach, finding his belly button and licking it deeply.

"Hm..." - Nick moaned with shut eyes.

Brian used his tongue to play with Nick's hard nipples, making him even harder.

"Hey Nick, what if I tickle you with my fingers?..." - Brian took his hand inside his boxers and ran the tip of his fingers over the tip of Nick's cock.


Brian smiled and began to work his hand all the way up and down Nick's cock, getting several whines and cries out of pleasure from him.

"Come here, Brian..." - Nick said and Brian went all the way up to kiss Nick in the mouth.

When the kiss broke Nick took Brian by surprise and laid him on the bed beside him, putting himself on top and keeping it in order Brian could not move.

"Nick..." - Brian sighed.

"Someone has way too many cloths on..." - Nick grined as he took care of this little problem. He got Brian completely naked under his body and began to move roughly against his chest, making him hard, causing their cocks to rub against the other.

"Oh, Nick!" - Brian gasped.

"Yes!" - Nick shouted. Never in his life he had had so much pleasure. Never in his life he had been that hard. Never in his life he wanted something so bad as what they were having now.

This was the most erotical experience both Brian and Nick had ever gone through.

"Nick, take off your boxers, I wanna feel you." - Brian pleaded and Nick obeyed.

He took them off and went on thrusting his cock against Brian's, wich made their heads touch and they moaned wildly.

Brian was in heaven feeling Nick's sensitive skin and hard member press against his own. Moving faster and faster as they were an unique body, making them depend more and more of that friction movements that would head them to the obvious release.

But then Nick managed to stop. As Brian was about to protest he kissed his mouth and went on placing butterfly kisses all over his chest.

"Fuck, Carter! Come up here!" - Brian yelled.


"Because I want, I need to feel your tongue inside my mouth."

Nick smiled and ran his tongue over Brian's for a moment, before going back on licking Brian's chest.

Nick touched Brian's cock, he couldn't get any harder than that.

Nick moved a little lower and placed a wet kiss at the tip of Brian's head.

"Oh, God!" - Brian screamed grabbing hold of the sheets.

Once again Nick smiled and used his tongue to lick slowly Brian's head, that was already wet.

Brian gasped loudly.

Nick teased him by licking his cock up and down, putting some saliva at the tip and then blowing some air at it. Brian was moaning and fighting for air.

"When did you learn to do that?" - Brian asked gasping.

Nick giggled.

"What? This?" - Nick said as he placed his lips around Brian's head and sucked it vigorously, while his right hand was stronking his lenght at the same time.

"Oh my God, Nick! I can't take it! Its so good that hurts! Please... please make me come!"

Nick did what Brian asked him to. He took all of Brian inside his mouth, letting him feel the warmth of it and the tenderness of his tongue massaging his tip. Nick began to thrust against his throbbing cock and to suck it roughly.

Brian was crying out and his thrusting movements were making him lift from the bed and push himself harder inside Nick's wet mouth.

"My God, NICK!!!!! - Brian screamed as he came inside Nick's mouth.

Nick swallowed Brian's cum and kissed all the way up till his mouth. Brian grabbed his lips and tried to devoure Nick's tongue, kissing, sucking and bitting it.

Both Brian and Nick were covered in sweat all over. Their breaths coming in gasps.

Brian ran his fingers through Nick hair and they grined at each other.

Never breaking eye contact Brian's hand found Nick's cock and he began to stroke him gently.

"Does it feel good, Nick?"

Nick didn't even have the strenght to answer. He was so horny and hard that if he didn't get a relieve he would begin to scream.

"Hmpf..." - Nick moaned.

Brian threw him in the bed and Nick grabbed a pillow to bite. Brian went down and sucked the head of Nick's cock very slowly, making him cry out and scream loudly his name.

"Brian! Please!" - Nick's face showed agony, he was desesperate. Never in his life had he been so horny, he was as hard as a rock.

Brian licked Nick's lenght and head, forcing him to shut his eyes and bite the pillow again.

Brian decided to finally take all he could of Nick and instantly Nick began to thrust vigorously inside his mouth.

"Oh, GOD! - Nick growled. He could feel he was close now.

Nick gasped at the fealing of his head brushing against Brian throat, especially coz he was making huming sounds, this vibration causing Nick to drop his mouth open and moan as a wild animal in pain.

Nick's hands found Brian's head and they fell in this perfect rhythm. Brian sucking and Nick thrusting, till he could no longer bear with it.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, Brian, hm... OH MY GOD!" - Nick shouted as he came inside Brian's mouth.

After the so needed relieve Nick collapsed shaking all over, fighting for breath.

Brian swallowed all he could of Nick and came up to rest his head on that same pillow Nick was bitting moments before.

Brian and Nick looked at each other with a large smile and both boys sighed deeply in contentedness.

They came closer to each other's body to feel warm. Brian kissed the tip of Nick's nose and he closed his eyes.

"Good night, Nick." - he smiled.

"Good night, Brian." - Nick whispered softly as they feel asleep exhausted and peacefully.





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