Brian and Nick looked at each other with those shining eyes and that weird grin.

"Do you really wanna know, Nick?" - Brian asked caressing his hand.

Nick giggled and looked into Brian's eyes.

"No." - he said. - "I think this way its pretty much fair."

"What you mean?"

"If before I was afraid of you then now you can be the one afraid of me. Get it?"

"Hm... I see. Which means that we don't have to fear anymore?"

"Exactly!" - Nick said. - "We don't know who killed her. Who is a psychopath. Its like we are both innocent and guilty."

"I know. Its like in those cases in which a prisoner has to be killed and all the soldiers have their guns pointed at him, but only one has the real bullet. The others just make noise. They'll all shoot at the same time, so that they will never know which one actually killed the guy. Generally they are four people..."

"Three innocents and one guilty. But they will never know who... Although they are all sorta guilty coz they wanted that to happen... right, Brian?"

Brian smiled and nodded.

"Right, Nick."

Slowly Nick leaned over and kissed Brian on the lips, soft at first and passionatly right after. Strong feelings being shared through the tongues that dueled into their mouths. Their breath quickened and soon they were moaning during the explorating kiss.

Nick took his hands to the back of Brian's neck and licked his teeth, his tongue and nibbled at his lips softly. Brian only allowed Nick to kiss him hungry until they broke it slowly.

Brian licked his own lips and stared at his lover.

"Ya know, Nick. If you were the one to kill her then I have much more reasons to be scared of you than you'd have to be from me if I had done it."


"Just think. If you think you might have killed her and don't remember it you are totally psycho! Like, all this time I was saying the truth, I told ya I didn't remember doing anything. I was honest. You were even afraid of me Nick! How could you be afraid of me when you didn't know if you kiled her yourself?" - Brian smiled.

"But I didn't think I did that..." - Nick looked at him innocently. - "The thing that I had with Leighanne was dead and buried to me, I'd never bring it up even coz I'm sure we love each other and she meant nothing to me. Nothing but that guilt feeling."

"Ok, but now you confessed YOU HAVE doubts about killing her or not and only now you told me that. All this time I could be the one living with a psichopath! Don't you see? I was always honest saying I didn't remember anything. You were afraid of me having killed her, Nick!" - Brian grinned. - "Imagine, if you were the one who really did it, then how crazy would be the fact you were afraid of me? Its totally insane, you'd be a total psycho!"

Nick laughed.

"True that. But there is something else you are forgetting..."


"Maybe I'm so scared of you that I began to feel guilty myself. That I confused everything inside my mind and now I'm thinking I did it so that you'll be innocent."

Brian looked at him in shock.

"For sure I'm guilty for having had an affair with Leighanne. And that night you were at the hotel with her I really wanted to kill her. But I have no proofs I have been there. Maybe I felt like I didn't sleep coz I predicted something, but no... Maybe its all in my head."

"I understand... You are saying you could have been so scared I did that you just assumed to yourself you could perfectly be the responsible for the murder and I could be innocent, right?"

"Or we could both be innocent and guilty, just like now." - Nick smiled and widened his eyes at Brian.

"We are so bad... so mean..." - Brian giggled taking Nick's face between his hands.

"Yeah... we are so psycho! I always knew we had something special. But when would I think we could be accomplices in crime?"

"And love?" - Brian added.

"And love." - Nick repeated.

Quickly they were with their hands on each other again, mouths joining in hot kisses, hands traveling up and down, getting away from cloths. Nick laid Brian onto the bed and was making out furiously with him, Brian responding in the same intensity.

Suddenly the bad feelings, the insecurities were gone. They could start their life together because they shared much more than most couples. Than every couple. Their love was no longer awkward, it was total, complete giving in to each other, pshysically they had the love making, the sex, the touchs and caresses. And inside their minds... they were connected. They were accomplices.

"What do we do about Kevin?" - Nick asked while Brian laid beside him.

It was nice o'clock in the morning. A beautiful blue sky outside their bedroom.

"What you mean?" - Brian asked slowy running his hand up and down Nick's thighs, making a lustful grin play in the blond's lips.

"He payed the old couple to say they were lying. And now I have to agree with you, they probably need their eyes checked. But again, Kevin needs answers! The man will go insane if we don't tell him something. With Howie and AJ its ok. They don't need to know it wasn't accident. Actually, Kevin is the only one we can't fool."

"Ok, but what are we gonna tell him? Hey Kevin, either me or Nick killed Leighanne but we're still figuring it out, we don't know yet, we'll let ya know when we find out who killed her, kay?" - Brian mocked.

Nick laughed.

"I don't think he's gonna buy it." - he said.

"But its the truth!" - Brian protested.

"Still he ain't gonna buy it, Bri. We need to tell him something and make him believe it." - Nick looked ahead of him.

"What?" - Brian asked approaching Nick, his hand resting teasingly on his crotch, slightly squeezing it as Brian's mouth came closer to his ear. - "What's my genious thinking, huh? May I know?" - Brian said slowly and hoarsely, licking Nick's earlobe seductively.

"Hm..." - Nick moaned and closed his eyes. - "I got an idea, Brian. If you are a good boy and help me take care of this little problem..."

Nick took Brian's hand and made him cup his hard member through his pants.

"...then I might tell you what it is."

Brian smiled widely and stroke Nick through his pants.

"Hm... hmmm..." - Nick moaned at the feeling.

"Oh, guess I'll just have to help ya, coz... I'm so curious..." - Brian whispered and Nick moaned again.

"I'm glad you guys want to talk to me! I'm gonna say I was really freaking out about this whole thing, I didn't know more what to make of it, what to believe in..." - Kevin said looking at the two young men sitting in front of him.

"I'm sorry, Kev... I just wasn't ready to say anything." - Brian swallowed hard and his voice was husky.

Nick had this lost gaze and from time to time he held Brian's hand supportively, once Brian was almost breaking down to tell Kevin 'the truth'.

"Brian, thats ok... you can tell me everything, I'm your cousin and one of your best friends...!" - Kevin smoothed Brian's hand softly.

Immediatly tears found their way down Brian's cheeks and he began to talk.

"Kevin, I-I... I killed my wife, I killed Leighanne!" - Brian sobbed and Kevin could feel in his hand his hot tears. - "I was so scared to tell it to any of you guys, I... hate myself, I will never forgive me, I don't know how I did that..." - Brian's voice fled and he gasped for air.

Nick looked at him with painful eyes.

"Brian... Oh, God, Brian! Why? Why did you do that?"

"Kevin, I had my reasons! Nick and I... we... we love each other, Kev. We are a couple."

Nick looked fearfully at Kevin.

"I'm sorry." - he said childishly, making the older man almost wanna cuddle him.

"Brian... I don't understand it! Why did you feel like you had to kill her to be with Nick? Oh, shit! Did you guys have a squeme or something? A plan to kill her?"

"No! No, Kevin! Nick has nothing to do with it. Ask him. Nick is even afraid of me and I can't stand living with myself."

Brian touched Nick's chin softly.

'Best actor: and the Oscar goes to... BRIAN LITTRELL!' - Nick thought and foght hard to not to laugh.

"I'll tell ya everything." - Brian sighed. - "I never planned on killing her, you know me, Kev! I talked with Nick over and over about it and I think... I think I need treatment, I think I need help. I don't know why I did that... Leigh tried to break me and Nick up. She made him lie to me, she wanted to make our lives miserable. I know what I did was terrible, but I did it in the name of love, Kevin!" - Brian whined.

"Oh, God, Brian..." - Kevin shook his head.

"Please don't tell the other guys it wasn't an accident." - Nick said. - "And Kevin, if you try to take Brian to the police, if you try to get him arrested I'm gonna tell the whole world it was me and nothing's gonna stop me!"

"Wha...?" - Kevin asked not understanding.

"What I'm saying is that if you try to get Brian arrested I'll tell the whole world I was the one that killed her, and everyone is gonna believe it! I'll be guilty and Brian will be innocet, I'll go to jail instead of him."

Nick said and looked at Kevin in a mixture of rage and fear.

"Will you let an innocent go to jail, Kevin? Cause you won't have my Brian go! No way, not at all! Brian is never going to jail, I don't care what he did, he is sorry and he is the most loving person in this world, you know that!"

"Nick, he killed his wife!" - Kevin protested.

"I don't fucking care! If you try to get Brian condemned I'll go in his place. I'll take the whole blame and go to jail. And you'll have to live the rest of your life knowing you sent an innocent to such place."

"I try to take this out a' his mind but Nick won't listen!" - Brian whimpered, by now Nick aslo had tears down his cheeks.

"Hey, listen guys. I never said I'd do anything against Brian, right? I mean, why would I do that when I was the one t pay that couple to lie? I cheated too, I'm just as accomplice in crime as you too. Brian did it and Nick knows. I know too. Its just the same. I won't do anything. Brian, what you did was very, VERY wrong. Pray to God to be forgiven one day, I don't know if you ever will."

Brian looked down at the floor.

"I know... if I could go back on time..."

"But you can't. Leighanne is fucking dead and there's nothing you can do about it. But I'm sure you are gonna pay enough for this during the rest of your life. I will always be your friend and the same goes to the other fellows. They won't know the truth. Everything dies here and know. Ok? You two get me?"

"Yes." - Nick said sitting next to Brian and cupping his chin on his shoulder.

"Yes, Kevin. Thank you."

Kevin watched as Nick closed his eyes and tears fell from them. His head buried into Brian's neck looking for safty. He sighed. They looked cute together. He hated what Brian did to his life, to himself, but who could ever judge him? He knew for sure his cousin would have his punishment, but right now he just wanted to forget this story. He was glad Brian told him the truth. And besides... their love should be really strong. Nick would even go to jail for Brian! He couldn't help but feeling his heart wince in pain. They were so in love... they must've been suffering hell... they deserved to be together!

Brian caressed Nick's face slowly.

"Please don't cry more, honey... I can't stand seeing you like that!"

Nick cried even harder, burying his head onto Brian's lap, having the older man smooth his hair. Kevin looked at the scene and his heart broke.

"Oh, I love you guys!" - Kevin said almost crying too and hugging both Brian and Nick at the same time.

Half an hour later Brian and Nick were laughing loudly as they entered Nick's house.

"Oh, man! He was so moved by all that crying and whining!" - Nick laughed.

"Yes, Nick. We rock! Man, we should be actors!"

"What are you saying? We are actors!" - Nick laughed.

"We are so bad..."

"Really? How bad? This bad?" - Nick pushed Brian against the wall and his tongue invaded his mouth immediatly, licking those wet spots inside that could drive Brian crazy.

"Hm..." - Brian moaned pushing him away to look into his eyes.

"One thing was true, though." - Nick said suddently serious.

"And what was it?"

"If police came here to arrest you I'd go instead of you."

"Oh, please, Nick! We don't even know if you are the one to balme!"

"Brian, listen." - Nick was serious. - "Suppose we are completely sure it was you. Suppose even you know that it was you. And now police wants you, you have to go to jail. I swear to God I'll go in your place, Brian. I'll never let anything happen to you. Get it? I'll die for you!" - Nick was crying and didn't even realize it.

Brian was suddently serious too.


"Yes! I wouldn't think twice in spending the rest of my days in jail because my life was already worth. I don't care if I killed Leighanne and have to burn in hell through eternity. It was all worth Brian and to be with you I'd do it all over again! I can't stand seeing you hurt... I never could. Even when I was fifteen and I saw you with a headache... Remember that time you were really bad and I stayed the whole night awake by your side? I was fifteen, you were my best friend, I just couldn't sleep knowing you were in pain. Member?"

Brian soon felt his own tears.

"Y-yes... I was with a throbbing headache, I told you to go outside the room cause I wanted to sleep..."

"And I sat beside you and promised not to make a sound. I sat there... immoble staring at you, feeling every wince of pain whenever you took your hand to your head and moaned... I could feel my heart beating so fast, I was scared seeing you like that, even knowing it was a stupid headache, you were Brian... I could never see you falling... You were always strong, you were always there to take my hand and guide me..."

Brian cupped Nick's face.

"I remember you were so quiet... whenever you asked me if I was alright you whispered so low... I could barely hear you! Remember how you leaned down and kissed my forehead saying whenever your mom did that to you the pain would go away?"

Nick grinned among tears.

"Yes, I was so stupid!"

"No, you were not! You cared so much about me... I remember after a couple hours I looked at you and had fallen asleep by my side, curled up in a ball, it was cold... You were waiting for me to get better and you slept! That was so cute..."

Nick smiled.

"We are still the same people inside, Brian. I know we are." - Nick's tears mixed up with Brian's as their faces brushed against the other.

"I will love you forever, Nick."

"I'll love you too."

They kissed softly while Brian wiped their tears away.

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