Nick soon wasn't crying anymore. He still had Brian against the wall and he was running his hand softly over Brian's cheek. He just loved the feeling of having him there, his best friend, his love. What could be stronger than a love that made them both lose their minds? Nothing! They might have killed to be together...

"Nick..." - Brian moaned softly smelling his scent.

"Hm?" - Nick kissed his lips and went down on his face till his bare neck, kissing the sensitive skin, sucking on it, leaving his marks.

"I just wanna say I'm glad to have you here with me..." - Brian wrapped his arms around Nick and closed his eyes to enjoy the wet butterfly kisses Nick was planting on his neck and ear.

"I will always be. I love you... but don't cry anymore, honey... Don't cry Brian cuz now I want to make you feel good..." - Nick rustled.

He flicked his tongue inside Brian's ear and licked the contorn of it, taking time to close his teeth around the soft earlobe.

"Oh, geez, Nick! How can you drive me so crazy..." - Brian muttered loving being seduced by him.

"How crazy...?" - Nick asked hoarsely inhaling into Brian's neck, making him shudder.

Brian could feel his pants tightening.

"Very... very crazy..." - Brian gasped.

Nick allowed his finger tips to run under Brian's shirt, up and down his chest like feathers, drawning invisible pictures on his chest and playing with his hard nipple.

"Oh, God, Nick!" - Brian pushed Nick away to take their shirts, and soon he pulled him back, this time their bare chests pressing together.

They made out slowly and passioantly, with no rush in tasting each other, playing with their tongues. A kiss can be even more intimous than sex, the tongues being the part of your body with which you can flavour things, and Brian and Nick were flavouring each other.

"Come here." - Nick said linking fingers with him and going to their bedroom.

During the way to sit on the bed Brian managed to get rid of their pants and right now they were only in boxers.

Brian kneeled behind Nick while he was sitting ahead of him, and slowly Brian touched his shoulder, running his fingers teasingly on his neck, getting lots of moans from Nick's mouth.

Brian smiled and grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling Nick's head backwards, making him gasp.

Brian looked at him and smiled.

"I'm in control now. I'll make you beg, Nick, I promise."

Nick grinned.

"Me beging? It won't be easy..." - Nick giggled back.

Brian pushed his head back and ran his hands through his blond hair, messing it. Slowly he leaned down and blew hot breath at Nick's neck, he could feel him shivering.

Brian licked the sensitive skin and Nick tried to touch his cheek to his shoulder but Brian kept him and licked even more teasingly, knowing it could tickle Nick.

"Oh, its so good..." - Nick babbled.

Brian kissed the back of his neck and allowed his hands to travel to Nick's thighs, running up and down and whenever he was close to his crotch he squeezed it softly and moved his hand away. Nick felt himself getting hard.

"Hm... Brian...?"

"Yeah?" - Brian asked kissing his neck and caressing his thighs, squeezing his crotch.

"Touch me..." - Nick asked.

"Beg me."

Nick gave him a lustful grin.

"Nah, I'm not that bad to beg." - he teased.

Brian changed his position and sat between Nick's legs. He cupped Nick's face in his hands and leaned over to kiss him passionatly, using his tongue as a powerful weapon to turn him on.

Brian locked Nick's tongue between his lips and sucked furiously, licking it slowly right after.

Nick took a deep breath. He pushed his tongue inside Brian's mouth and felt the warmth of his tongue, playing gently with his own.

Brian broke the kiss and brushed his head against Nick's chest. First lovingly but soon he began to tease him again. Brian closed his lips around his right nipple and sucked it forcefully, making Nick whine loudly.

After this small torture he rolled his nipple on his tongue and Nick closed his eyes. Brian could feel his hard cock slightly brushing against his own through their boxers.

Brian waited for Nick to open his eyes and he grinned. Nick tried to rock his hips against Brian and he didn't deny it. Brian rocked his own against him.

"Oh, hmpf...!" - Nick whimpered.

Brian took Nick's hand and picked one of his fingers to let into his mouth. Nick watched as Brian brushed his finger against his teeth, touching the tip of of it with the tip of his tongue, drawning circular spots softly with it. Brian bit his finger hard and Nick moaned. Soon he slid it all inside his mouth and sucked, licking it at the same time.

Nick closed his eyes and foght for breath as Brian took a second finger inside his mouth.

Brian again squeezed Nick's crotch, his hard on was already painful. Brian decided to tease him more by getting rid of his boxers. He did that and Nick stared at Brian's hard member. Unconsciously he licked his lips and this time Brian was the one that moaned.

Without any warning Nick closed his fingers around Brian's cock and began stroking him up and down, making Brian lose control.

Nick laid him on bed and as he touched the head of his cock Brian temporarely gave up in teasing Nick. The blond's fingers had a tender touch and Brian whimpered loudly as Nick's mouth closed around his head. His tongue flicked at it and he didn't wait much to take all of Brian inside his mouth and suck it vigorously.

When Nick stopped to look at him Brian didn't waist time in getting back at having control. He got rid of Nick's boxers and after licking his forefingers he let them play around Nick's head, making the blond close his eyes and sigh, moan softly and painfully.

"God... yes, Brian..." - Nick was about to beg but he stopped. He didn't plan on begging him any soon.

Brian stopped when he felt Nick's head getting wet in precum. He buried his head on Nick's shoulder and kissed his neck, whispering into his ear.

"Hey, Nick... do you wanna shower with me?" - Brian said teasingly and Nick almost came with the sound of his husky voice.

"Oh, God, I sure do!" - Nick exclaimed as Brian made him stand up and head to the bathroom.

They turned on the shower in hot water and walked in, feeling their muscles relax at first and tense right after when Brian pushed him against the wall and rocked his hips intesely into Nick's.

"Hm!" - Nick moaned sounding like in pain.

"Turn around." - Brian said hoarsely.

Nick's heart raced as he did what Brian said.

Brian reached out to take the liquid soap and applied a generous among in his hands, traveling down Nick's back with both of them, massaging his back and wrapping his hands around his chest.

"Hmmm...." - Nick moaned and touched his forehead to the wall, feeling the hot water and Brian's hands work on him. He looked down and saw his throbbing cock, it was begging for atention, aching to be touched, he needed to cum it was getting painful.

Brian took more of the soap and Nick moaned loudly when all of sudden he felt Brian's finger enter him and move inside his tight hole.

"Its not fair...!" - Nick complained breathlessly.

"What, Nicky? What ain't fair?" - Brian bit his earlobe and slid another finger into him.

Nick shut his eyes and swallowed. Damn, he was about to beg.

Oh, but he still had a last chance before begging. Nick took his hand to his own cock and began to stroke himself. It lasted only some seconds until Brian pulled his hand away and replaced it by his own. His fingers were lubrificated with soap as they worked smoothly around Nick's head and inside of him at the same time. If it wasn't for Brian's body behind him Nick would have fallen so weak his knees were.

Nick threw his head backwards and touched Brian's face.

"Yeah... Oh, God, keep this up, baby... its so good..." - Nick moaned.

Brian's breath was increasing too. He squeezed Nick's head and stroke him once very fast. Nick groaned.

"All you have to do is beg..." - Brian said, his own voice hoarse and he was swallowing hard.

Brian's two fingers hit his prostate and Nick shuddered, Brian smiled and did it again and again until Nick was crying out. Nick cried even more when Brian's fingers went away and he turned Nick around to look at him.

"Enjoying it, Nick?" - Brian smiled.

Nick looked at Brian's also hard cock and grinned.

"Yes, and I'm sure are you too." - Nick hung his lips open and Brian couldn't help but devoring his mouth, kissing him hungrly, using his tongue to control Nick's body.

Brian pushed him against the wall, the hot water making them even harder and Brian thrusted his hips into Nick's, holding him in place so that Nick couldn't respond to the movements.

"Oh, G-D!" - Nick growled.

Brian grinned, ran his hand through his wet hair and kissed him again, stopping his movements.

When Nick opened his eyes from their kiss Brian was kneeled in front of him, his tongue flicked at his pink throbbing head.

"Fuck!" - Nick screamed forcing his hands against the wall and thrusting into Brian's mouth.

Brian held his hips and Nick cried. Slowly he licked the underneath of his head, closing his lips around it and sucking it hard and soft.

"Hm, hm! Oh...." - Nick cried out again and shut his eyes, he was going mad, his cock was pulsating and Brian was only making him even harder. It was painful.

Brian looked at Nick with an innocent face. He relaxed his throat muscles and allowed him to slide all into his mouth. Brian let go of Nick's hips to let him thrust deep, his head touching the back of his neck.

When Nick was almost crossing the line of no coming back Brian took his mouth away, letting Nick whimper and complain.

"You are not in a position to complain, Nick..." - Brian said seductively. - "You are under my control. What do you want?"

"I need..." - Nick gasped looking at his extremely hard cock.

"You wanna cum?" - Brian asked.

"Yes! Yes, I need! Make me cum, Brian..."

"Nah-ah." - Brian grinned and went again to lick his head, taking only his tip into his mouth and letting it slide in and out, the hot water wasn't keeping Nick from shuddering. He gave up.

"Oh, FUCK ME! Fuck me Brian, please! Please, please, pelase! I'm begging, I need it! Just fucking take me, ok? Please make me cum I can't stand it anymore... Now, Brian!" - Nick whined and Brian giggled.

He stood up and kissed Nick, babbling between hot kisses.

"My pleasure..."

Nick turned around and Brian caressed his back, quickly guiding his cock at Nick's entrance and before anything closing his fingers around his thick cock.

"You ready?" - Brian asked hoarsly, almost blind with the pleasure.

"Yes, fuck me now!" - Nick ordened.

Brian pushed himself into Nick and both of them cried, moaning at the same time. Brian was being gentle, taking all his will power not to go any harder. But Nick wasn't for fooling around anymore.

"Harder!" - he pleaded.

Brian let go of Nick's cock and closed his hands on his hips, making it easier to thrust faster and deeper hitting his prostate.

"Oh, FUCK! Yes, Brian, more!" - Nick begged.

"Yes... hm... God... its so good, so tight..." - Brian's eyes rolled at the back of his head.

His hands traveled to Nick's chest and Brian wrapped his arms around his lover, doing what they both wanted so desperately, intensifying his thrusts, slamming his cock against Nick's prostate.

"I'm almost..." - Nick cried finding support on the wall ahead of him.

"Oh, God, Nick! I can't take it anymore, its so good!" - Brian growled.

He closed his fingers tightly around Nick's cock and stroke him, using his thumb to flick his head, massaging his tip and the same pace of his thrusts, they couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh, God! BRIAN!!!!!!! - Nick screamed shooting his cum all over the wall.

"YES, FUCK! NICK!!!!!" - Brian yelled coming inside of him.

Brian thrusted a few more times, slowly, as they were trying to catch breaths, their bodies so worn out they could fall alseep right now.

Brian pulled away and Nick turned around. They smiled at each other and Nick pulled Brian close, making their chests touch as the water traveled down their bodies, cleaning up the marks of their making love.

Nick wrapped Brian in his arms, both men still fighting for breath, their bodies shuddering from the intensity of their orgasms. Nick stroke Brian's hair and Brian kissed his neck.

"I love you..." - Nick said breathlesly.

"I love you too, Nick. I love you more than life..." - Brian smiled and their mouths joined into a sweet kiss.

Nick took the soap and began to wash Brian while he did the same to him. If their orgams hadn't been so powerful and overwhelming, two minutes after it while washing each other's naked bodies they would've gotten hard all over again.

When they were finished Nick turned off the shower and after drying themselves up they went to the bedroom to get dressed.

Nick had a satisfied smile playing on his lips while he pulled some boxers on.

"What?" - Brian asked grinning while doing the same and dressing his own boxers.

"Nothing. I was just thinking that I lost. You actually made me beg. I didn't know you could be so persuasive." - Nick grinned and so did Brian.

The older man approached Nick and laid him on the bed, kissing softly and nibbling at his bottom lip.

"I always get what I want." - Brian smiled.

Nick kissed his forehead.

"Me too."

Brian wrapped his arms around the blond and they fell alseep, completely worn out.


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