"Nick, I was thinking..." - Brian began.


"Once we still have time before getting back to work again, we could really do with some nice vacations... ya know... To really leave all this behind."

Nick looked at him.

"Sure, hun. Where would ya like to go?"

Brian giggled.

"What you say... a country hotel?"

Nick shivered and grinned.

"Which one?"

"The same. The one I've been with Leighanne."

Nick looked deep into his eyes.

"You really wanna know the truth, don't you Brian?"

"Yes. I need. Going back to that place is the only way. One of us will have to remember it." - Brian said honestly.

Nick grinned.

"Okay. But don't you think are gonna be problems if we two go back to that place together? I mean, like press and everything else? Hosts..."

"Nick, no one wants to go to a hotel were someone died. There won't be anyone there. Press? Nah, I don't think so. Leighanne's death is worn out. Police has me as innocent, why would they want to investigate? Case closed doesn't sell magazines, get it?"

"Yes, I see. So... I think they are right when they say a murderer always returns to the crime's scene, aren't they?"

Brian giggled.

"I bet they are, right Nick?"

"Right, Bri."

They looked at each other and grinned once again.

They told the other boys they'd be going out for a whole week. As soon as they were back things would go back to normal in their lives and careers. Of course Nick and Brian didn't mention where they were going. A hotel. Not a country one, not where Leighanne was killed... no! Just a simple hotel to Kevin, Howie and AJ.

Nick entered their room. Brian made sure to get the same he did before.

"I don't rememeber being here. I mean, the hotel... I don't remember it." - Nick said in a weird way. - "You do, Brian?"

"Of course! I remember everything inside this room... the bed, the walls..." - Brian grinned. - "Come here." - he told Nick.

Nick followed him and both guys sat on the bed. Brian looked at him and grinned slightly before kissing him on the lips.

"Do you think this is gonna work out?" - Nick asked.

"I don't know... maybe not. But maybe yes..."

Nick smiled before kissing him again. Their kiss got passionate and Nick softly laid on the bed with Brian. It was only their first day there, who knows what else could happen?

Although neither of them said anything they had the chills up and down their spine during all third day they had been there. It was when it happened with Brian and Leigh...

Neither of them confessed but they were both sort of afraid. Afraid of each other? Probably. Nick and Brian spent the whole day together. Wherever one would go, the other followed him. Too scared to be by themselves? Or too scared to be leave the other alone?

"Don't you feel there is a little tension between us, Nick?" - Brian asked softly after lunch time.

"Yes. Things are getting weird. I don't know, maybe this was a very bad idea, Brian..." - Nick shook his head.

"C'mon, baby... we are here now... If nothing happens tonight then we can go back tomorrow morning. Like it?"

Nick thought a little.

"Why? Do you think something's gonna happen?"

"Not really. Its just coz its the third night and all..."

"You aren't planning anything, are you?"

Brian took Nick's hands in his own.

"See? Thats why I wanna find out what the truth is. I don't wanna spend the rest of my life afraid of the one I love, and I don't want you to be suspect of me neither. If we just know what happened then we'll be able to bury the past, Nick! Thats what I want. Enough of this shit, I wanna be happy, and I wanna be with you." - Brian finished looking Nick deep into his eyes.

"Oh... I just wanna be with you too, Brian. But I'm scared! I...!"

"Shiiii... Its over now. We don't need to be scared anymore. I love you. I always will."

"I love you too."

They locked eyes and kissed.

It was eleven o'clock. Nick and Brian had been lying on the bed, their fingers locked, their eyes closed.

Nick opened his eyes softly... He looked around at Brian's sleeping figure. He didn't know why but things were weird inside of him. Nick felt an amazing impulse of getting out of bed and going to the hotel's pool. He thought of waking Brian up but something kept him.

Nick stayed there without moving for five more minutes. That feeling was then bigger than everything else. Nick got out of the bed slowly, so that he wouldn't wake Brian up. He stood up and after looking a last time at his lover's body he left.

He went through the hallway and opened the door to face the pool. Nick walked in that place, trying his best to remember anything, but... Nothing. Nothing came in his mind. Nick didn't even know what the hell he was doing there.

He took several steps at the border of the pool, looking into the blue water, trying to picture what had happened there but still... Nothing.

The wind brushed against his face and bare arms making Nick shudder. He didn't even realize he was singing the notes for a song. That cute one... Thats what she said.

Still walking Nick began to sing louder until he felt something. A presence, like someone staring at him. Nick smiled before looking up. Brian was watching him from the balcony. Nick was right in front of him, only on a lower level. Brian smiled too.

"I like the song you were singing." - Brian said.

Nick's eyes shone. He looked at the pool and Brian followed him. When they locked eyes again Nick was the first to speak.

"I remember it."

"Me too."


Leighanne played her favorite songs while she was just swiming and staring at the dark sky covered up in stars. She had missed track of the time. But by the number of CDs she had already played it should be at least one o'clock.

Leigh went to the radio and played a Backstreet Boys' CD. Their second. She chose the track As Long As You Love Me.

Leighanne closed her eyes at the sound of the first notes of that melody, and when she opend again her heart jumped slightly.

"God, you scared me!" - she exclaimed.

"Sorry I didn't mean to." - Nick replied softly.

"What are you doing here? I so didn't expect you to come..."

"Aren't you happy?" - Nick smiled again.

"Of course I am." - Leigh smiled. - "Why don't you join me, baby?"

"Nah, I don't think so. Hm, I like the song you are playing." - he grinned.

"Me too." - she smiled while he walked around the shore and stopped beside the radio. Nick stood right in front of the balcony, from where he could see Brian looking at them. Nick softly smiled at him and Brian grinned back. He could see Brian blowing a kiss but Nick didn't risk doing the same. Leighanne was staring at him. She couldn't see Brian behind her.

Leighanne couldn't help but smiling looking at him.

"You are gorgeous." - she said.

Once again he smiled.

"You are making me blush." - Nick replied smoothly.

Slowly he took the small radio in his hands and lifted it. He changed to another track. Thats what she said. Quickly Nick giggled at Brian and he gave him the thumbs up. Yeah, he choose the right song. Nick looked at Brian asking a silent question through his eyes. Brian nodded. Nick knew what to do. They both wanted it.

After doing that he turned his eyes to face her once again.

Leigh smiled widely.

"This song is about betrayal." - Nick said.

Leighanne looked curiously at him.

Slowly he turned up the volume and reached out his arms in a way the radio was being lifted above the pool's water.

She panicked.

"Oh, God... What are you gonna do?"

Nick looked at Brian once again while Leighanne had her eyes closed. His lover was saying yes. Brian wanted him to do that. Nick hesitated only for some moments before smiling at Brian and going back in staring at Leighanne.

He looked at her and smiled.

Nick's eyes were shining in a weird and phyco way. She panicked even more, not being able to move.

"Please don't... you can't do that, please! I'm sorry!"

He moved closer. The chorus playing loudly. His arms helding the radio in a high point from the pool's water.

"Oh, God, you can't" - she whined pleading looking into his eyes.

"Please no....!"

That was the last thing she said before Nick let the radio fall and the eletricity ran wildly through the water, making her scream, burning her body with an intense eletric discharge. She foght desperately during some seconds, moving her arms and legs, screaming wildly. But then it stopped.

Leighanne stopped moving and it was silent again.

Nick's heart raced and he was scared of the sight ahead of him. He calmed down when he looked up at Brian again. He was smiling. Nick smiled too. Soon they were both grinning. They had done this together.

"We better forget it." - Nick said.

"Yes, I promise. I promise I'll forget it too." - Brian said, up in the balcony.

"I'll go now." - Nick said. Their blue eyes shining bright, glowing so deeply it could be scary. Scary and lovely at the same time.

Before Nick turned around Brian whispered something.

"Thank you. Nick, I love you."

Nick looked at him, their hearts belonged together.

"I love you too." - he whispered back.


It took a long time till Nick and Brian got out of the trance they went in, but they had no idea how much.

When they woke up from this they were both back, lying on the same bed, their fingers still linked. Without looking at each other Nick touched his head to Brian's chest and he kissed Nick's golden hair.

During the rest of their lives they would wonder whether this trance was real or not. Did they really live all that? Was it just a dream? Could they have dreamed it all together? Like, dream the same thing at the same time? Collective haluccination? Fantasy? Lost of memory? Temporary insanity? Love?

Brian lifted Nick's chin and they smiled softly with the sure it was gonna be fine again. Everything would be fine. They would always be together because that was what was meant for them. Peace washed their bodies and they shivered cuddled to each other.

"Love you..." - Nick rustled.

"Love you, Nick... love you too." - Brian said slowly and they shared a loving and soft kiss on the lips.

The kept lying like that. In their private little life. A world of their own. Its like, they are The Backstreet Boys! They don't need to give an explanation for going crazy sometimes... do they?

So many years of being together, so many times those boys had gone crazy... Its just that... most of these times we will just... we'll just never know about.



"We went crazy, dude!"


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