Nick looked at me during a whole minute with that same still face. Little by little this silly smile began to appear in the corner of his mouth.

"I love you, Nick." - I repeated.

"No, you don't!" - he shouted grinning.

I didn't know why he was reacting like that, but for some reason I thought it was funny as hell.

"Yes, I do!" - I laughed.

"No, you don't!" - Nick protested laughing.

"Ok, I changed my mind. I don't." - I said turning around and walking away.

"Get the fuck back here, Littrell!" - Nick screamed and when I turned around we both were laughing our asses off.

God, I missed him. I missed Nick.

I approached him and held his face with my hands.

"I'm sorry I broke my promise too." - I said with puppy eyes and I know I made him blush.

"Geez, Brian! How can it be?!" - he said gesticulating. - "Do you realize we are both men in love with another man?"

Nick wasn't making sense. All I wanted was to hold and kiss him. Maybe have wild sex right here in this dressing room. Yeah, why not? Don't judge me! You would be thinking the same way if you had Nick Carter in front of you, being so blond and making no sense. God, he gets so hot when making no sense! I'm glad he does it often.

"Whats the problem, Nick? I'm not gay. You are not either. I just love you and period."

"Brian, you are making no sense!"

Ok, now he is baffled as I stay here laughing my ass off. Nick saying I'm making no sense? Yeah, thats hilarious.

"Brian! I don't understand! I've been in love with you helplessly! Do you know how hard it was? I'm not gay. Put Brad Pitt naked in front of me right now and I won't even grin. Now put Jessica Simpson and I'll jump her bones! Get it?"

"Honestly? No." - I said.

"Its just that you are married, Brian. You love Leighanne, otherwise you wouldn't have married her."

"I married her because I couldn't stop thinking of you and the night we had."

"Oh, ok. So you are saying you love me, right?"

"Yes, Nick! I see it clearly now, I love you! I love you like mad, I don't care if you are a dude, I love you!"

He stared at me.

"Would you cheat on Leighanne?"

I know I could never do something like that, but it was Nick. And now the more minutes passed by the harder I fell for him.

"Yes. Is that what you wanna hear? I'd cheat on her."

"I though you were against cheating."

"I'd never cheat on the person I love. And need I remind you who I love?"

"What about her? You are gonna keep married to someone you hate?"

"I don't hate her!"

"But you don't love her either!"

"Nick..." - geez, I was getting flustered.

I didn't know what to say. I looked down looking for the right words, staring at the floor. I couldn't understand Nick. Oh, my God! He could be so confusing sometimes!

I was still figuring out what to say when so quickly he lifted my chin and I felt his lips pressing against mine.

Yeah, that was my Nick. Don't ever try to predict what he is gonna do or say. You'll fail.

I put my arms around him to keep him close. Nick pushed his tongue inside my mouth and was now deep throating me. God, was he a good kisser! I didn't care about anything else. I placed my hands at the back of his neck and wrestled with his tongue for the dominance of the kiss.

Oh, here we go. Nick dropped me. Now we both fell into the floor and he is on top of me, making out with me.

I was a little surprised by what we were doing. I mean, I know we did it before but we were drunk! It was different now. And I think Nick was feeling it too because he just stopped kissing and is looking at me now.

"I don't know what to do." - he said.

My heart melt when I heard that. And I think that was the very moment when we both got out of this world. It wasn't Nick Carter and Brian Littrell anymore. It was only Nick and Brian. We were again that young friends we were once. Nick was still the innocent boy I knew. And I was still the funny Brian. Something I've never been again since I got married. For the first time in these last years I felt alive. And God forgive me... if its wrong, I don't ever wanna be right again.

"Let your heart show you. Let love lead us." - I heard myself say.

Nick buried his head into my neck and kissed me there. His hands began to take my shirt off and the tip of his fingers ran softly over my chest. This soft touch and the way Nick was so unsure running the tip of his finger through my skin, everything was telling me he loved me. And all I knew was that I loved him even more, as each second closed by.

Nick's mouth replaced his fingers and he was now liking my chest.

"You taste like Vanilla." - Nick whispered. - "I love Vanilla."

I couldn't help but running my hands through his hair as Nick put my right nipple inside his mouth. First he only licked it, but soon he was sucking hard, making me moan in pleasure.

"Nick..." - I made him lay down beside me and I took his cloths off little by little. Soon he was naked under me and I was only in boxers, that soon went away too.

Nick was hard. His eyes showed fear and love at the same time. I was loving to see the bad Nick Carter back again to the loving one.

I went kissing all the way up his chest till I found his mouth. We began to play with our tongues as my hand went down to touch his cock. I moved up and down hearing Nick moan in my mouth.

"Brian..." - I knew it was being hard to him the way I was being a teaser.

I licked the tip of my finger in front of him, making him harder. I put lots of saliva on my finger and then I placed it at the tip of Nick's cock, running it slowly over the sensitive skin of his head.

"Oh, God!" - he growled.

Oh, yeah. I was loving that.

My wet finger was still softly touching his head as my my mouth began to lick his chest, taking time to suck his already hard nipple. Soon I found his belly button and I began to lick it deeply, making Nick moan like mad.

I felt his hands at the back of my neck, forcing me to go down, but I wasn't done yet. I wanted to make him beg. Oh,God, whats the thing with me? Why am I being so mean? I giggled to myself. I didn't care, I was loving to see Nick's face showing growing pleasure.

I tongue fucked his belly button untill Nick was crying out in antecipation. I went down a little more and was now facing his cock. Always teasing I licked the head of his cock really slowly, tasting the precum already formed on it.

"Jesus Crist!" - Nick screamed. - Please, Brian!" - he moaned closing his eyes.

"Not yet..." - I said as I ran my tongue up and down his cock, feeling his throbbing member begging for release.

I myself could no longer bear with it, so I took all I could of his lenght in my mouth as I sucked hard, Nick thrusting into my mouth to achieve his needed release.

Oh, but he was moving too fast. I stopped sucking him.

"HM!" - Nick whined loudly.

Satisfied I went back and sucked only the tip of his cock, making him bite his lower lip.

"Holy shit!" - I heard him scream.

I wanted to be good to him now. I took him again in mouth and this time I was the one thrusting into him, letting him fuck my mouth.

Hm... once again, when did I became so bad???

Oh, shit, who cares? Years of reading the Bible and being the good boy forced me to keep lust fealings down. And for the first time in my life I was loving someone so bad I didn't care about anything else. And it was Nick. And I wanted to do everything to make him feel good. And by doing this I was making myself feel wonderful.

Nick's rhythm increased and he caressed my head and moaned. I could feel his head brushing against my throat, faster and faster untill Nick came inside my mouth.

"Oh, GOD! I love you Brian!" - he shouted getting weak and throwing his head backwards.

I went all the way up to kiss him and Nick kissed me back, running his tongue over mine, sucking my lips and tasting himself inside my mouth.

"I love you, Brian." - he said.

"I love you, Nick. I love you so much..." - I kissed him again while Nick made me lay down and began to move on top of me.

"Oh, GEEZ!"

My cock was alredy hard, and with Nick's movements it was now throbbing wildly.

We were staring at each other. Blue to blue. Love so strong you could almost touch it. And Nick kept moving faster and faster untill he stopped.

"Hm..." - no, don't stop it Nick.

"Close your eyes." - he whispered.

I don't know why, but hearing that made me even harder. I did what he asked and I felt his body moving away. Shit, where did he go? I waited there. My cock begging for release and Mr. Carter disapeared.

When I was about to protest I felt his lips pressing against my head and he began to suck my head vigorously, making me jump out of the floor in surprise. Wow, now that was amazing!

Nick stopped to lick it slowly, from the base until the top of my head, but I wasn't to play games. I was desesperate.

"Nick, I'm gonna come, please..."

Oh, yes. He didn't want me to come like that, so that he began to deep throat me, putting my cock inside his mouth and sucking me while I thrusted into his wet mouth, his tongue licking the sensitive skin at the same time.

It didn't take much for me to come with the feeling of my head touching the back of his throat.


He swallowed my cum and went back to stare at me.

I didn't want to say anything, and neither did he. Nick rested his head on my naked chest and I kissed his hair. I think we stayed like that for only two minutes when faster than I could imagine Nick stood up and got dressed.

"Nick, what...?" - I asked baffled seeing him dressed up while I was still naked on the floor.

He was crying.

"I'm sorry, Brian. This is wrong."

This was the only thing he said before walking away from me.

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