Brian and Nick looked once again to each other before turning their eyes to Leighanne's mad figure. They immediatly pulled apart, both men breathing hard.

"So...?!" - Leighanne was waiting, her frozen stare concentrate on Brian, almost like forgeting about Nick.

By this time Nick was damning her. Women had no idea how fucking hard it was to bear with a throbbing hard on inside your tight pants and not being able to do anything about it. Even worse coz he was just about to take care of this little 'problem'...

"Leighanne, I..." - Brian knew he had to think a lot before saying something. It wasn't an easy situation at all. He looked again into Nick's eyes, he didn't have to do some thinking to know he loved him. To know Nick was all he wanted. - "Leigh, I wanna a divorce." - Brian said finally.

Nick had been really nervous about how Brian would react, but when he heard those words he foght hard not to laugh. Leighanne's face turned red and all he wanted was to laugh at her. He kept quiet chewing on his lower lip.

"You can't get a divorce!" - she screamed.

"Yes, we can. I'm in love with Nick and I can't stay with you anymore. Period."

Nick and Brian looked at each other. Eyes full of deep and true love.

"Brian, I wanna talk to you. We just need to talk, ok? Lets just go back home and figure this out, I don't wanna say anything in front of him."

Leighanne gave Nick a furious look before turning once more to Brian.

"Ok." - he said standing up.

"I'll wait outside for you, Brian." - Leighanne went away and Brian approached Nick.

"Don't you worry, Nick... I'll talk to her. I don't wanna be with Leighanne. I want you, I love you."

Brian ran a hand through his hair.

"I love you too..." - Nick whispered.

"Everything is gonna be fine..." - Brian smiled before walking away.

Thirty minutes later Brian and Leighanne were back to the hotel they were in.

"Brian, can you please explain me what is going on?" - Leighanne shouted angry.

"Sit down, Leigh, please."

"No! Just spit it out!"

"Ok... It stared almost two years ago..."

Brian saw her getting baffled.

"No! I mean, me and Nick haven't been a couple, we only find out we loved each other some weeks ago..."

Leighanne took a deep breath and Brian went on.

"Two years ago we got really drunk and turned out by er... hm... sleeping together." - Brian blushed.

"Which I sure bet is an euphemism for having had crazy sex with him!" - Leighanne shouted disgusted.

"Leigh... listen to me, don't make it harder..."

Leighanne was shaking in anger.

"The next day and for those two last year we took it as if nothing had happened, as if it was no big deal, we slept together being drunk, our friendship wouldn't finish coz of this... you understand?" - she didn't answer. - "But I noticed Nick was pushing himself away from me little by little and when I confronted him he confessed me his love and I realized how badly I was in love with my best friend... At first we were scared, and we still are but Leigh... we just can't live apart! Nick means everything to me and I'm sorry to hurt you... I'm gonna do whatever it takes to be with Nick, which includes getting a divorce, Leigh..." - Brian finished.

"No! You can't do this! You want a family, how are you ever gonna have a family with Nick, huh?!"

"We can always adopt. Love is all that matters in this life, Leigh... me and Nick can chose a child to love but we couldn't chose falling in love with each other."

"I hate you! We can't break up, don't you see that?! Are you blind?! You are not some normal guy, you are a Backstreet Boy! You can't just decide you are gay and in love with Nick! Its not right, what is your family gonna say? The press, your friends, huh?!" - Leighanne shouted at him.

"Leigh..." - Brian smiled. - "I don't care. I love Nick. I can't live without him..."

She couldn't handle it anymore. Leighanne broke down crying and sobbing in front of Brian and he moved close to cuddle her.

"Oh, God, Brian! It hurts! It hurts just so bad, I love you! You are my life... how am I supposed to be without you?! There is no life if you are not with me!" - Leighanne cried.

"Shiii... Leigh... just calm down, ok baby? We'll figure this out, we can always be friends..." - Brian whispered caressing her hair.

Leighanne held him tighter.

"But I need you! I need you just like I've ever needed you! Brian, please... we can't divorce... How can you be sure Nick loves you so much? How can you be so sure its not only lust or maybe a crush or a puppy love...?" - Leighanne pleaded looking into his eyes.

"Leigh, please... Don't say that. Nick wouldn't lie. He is the most pure creature in this world. I've never seen him fall in love. And now that we are in love I can see this other side of Nick..."

"This girly side!"

Brian looked at her and frowned.

"No, Leigh." - he said harshly. - "Nick is wonderful. I know he loves me just through his touch, looking into his eyes tells me all. And I belong to him... I was borned to be with him, Leigh..."

"How can you know it? You said the same about us one day!"

Brian held her closer wiping her tears.

"I'm risking my life, my dreams, my family and my friends to be with Nick. I really don't think I could do this for anybody else... I'm so sorry, Leigh. I still love you as a friend."

She cried more, helplessly.

"Oh, please, hun... Shiii...." - Brian rustled running a hand through her hair.

After some moments Leighanne calmed down a little.

"Brian... can you please give us a week before getting the divorce? I just need... well, time. Time to figure this out and to see where I'm going next... I mean, if you say Nick is your meant to be..." - she cried again. - "... I won't keep you from him, I love you so much I just want you to be happy, Bri..."

Brian kissed her forehead.

"Please, Brian? Just one week before we actually go on with this..." - her voice was almost a whisper.

"Sure, Leigh... We can talk during this week before making this huge move. Do you understand me? Do you understand how deeply I love Nick to be doing that?"

Leighanne rose her eyes to face Brian.

"I... I think I do... Maybe not. But give me this time, Brian. I promise I'll figure it out..." - she forced a smile between tears.

Brian smiled too, cupping her chin and kissing her cheek.