Leighanne got Brian to spend the night with her, in the same bedroom and sharing the same bed. Brian could never hate her, he even kissed her forehead before falling asleep. He couldn't've been happier, Leigh had just showed him how much she cared by letting him stay with Nick.

With his heart being so light and his mind so happy Brian feel asleep as soon as he closed his eyes. But she had to make sure. Leighanne only got up and dressed two hours later, the night was running wild when she took the keys to her car and left.

Fifteen minutes later she was knocking on his door. It took her ten whole minutes to get him to answer it, but she just wouldn't give up. This had to be done as soon as possible. When he finally opened the door with a very sleepy face his first reaction was of shock, of course.

"What are you doing here? I thought you hated me, geez!" - Nick exclaimed rubbing his cheeks and eyes.

"Nick, let me in." - it just sounded like that. Leighanne was giving him an order, wich immediatly got Nick completely awake.

"Why should I?" - he asked arrogantly.

"Because I wanna talk to you." - she raised her voice with those killer eyes towards Nick.

"Oh, well, hun, the thing is... I don't wanna talk to you!" - Nick grinned.

Leighanne touched the door with her hand keeping him from closing it again.

"Listen, Nick... Its about Brian. You know you want to hear it, just let me in, kay?"

Nick thought for a while. No, he didn't want Leighanne bitching him and telling to fuck off from Brian.

"Nah!" - he said trying to close the door once more.

Again she kept him.

"Nick, do you think I'm a bitch?" - Leighanne asked.

Nick giggled.

"Actually you just read my mind, baby."

"Good. I am. But you can't even imagine how much of a bitch I can be. Do you want to talk to me now or will you let Brian find that out on his own?"

Nick stared at her for a while. He could almost smell her threat.

"C'min." - Nick said pointing his head and letting her in.

Nick closed the door while Leighanne walked through Nick's messy living room.

"Whoa, this place sucks! Just like you..." - she said turning around to him.

"Please, can we talk without sitting? I don't want my couch to get filthy once you sit on it."



They looked at each other deeply.

"Ya know what? I changed my mind, get out a' here!" - Nick yelled pointing at the door.

"Hell, no! Just shut the fuck up and hear me, ok?"

"Why should I?"

"You want whats better for Brian, don't you?"

"Yeah. But I have this feeling that I can bet my ass you don't feel the same."

Leighanne sat down ignoring Nick's anger in looking at her.

"I'm here to make you help Brian."

"Help him? Why?! I can help him just by being with him." - Nick grinned proudly.

"No, Carter. You can help him by getting the fuck out of his life!"

Silence ruled the room for some minutes and Nick sat down in front of her. He was begining to fear what the hell did that evil human being come up with this time. Sure, coz he knew she's always hated him and pushed Brian away from him. She was jealous. Even if they were just playing video game together, she was jealous.

"Leighanne, I think you didn't get it straight... Me and Brian are in love! We love each other and wanna be together and thank God we are both gonna fight for this no matter what!"

"Would you do anything for him?"

"Of course! Of course I would do anything for Brian...!"

"Ok, just listen to me. I told Brian I'd give him up to you. I told him I wanted him to go for this love and be happy. He believed me."

"God, I hate you, Leighanne! Why can't you mean what you say?"

"Just hear it, Carter! Brian is probably gonna talk to you tomorrow and say how wonderful your life together as a couple will be... And you will tell him you don't love him anymore. You will tell Brian this has been just a crush, a mistake, something that obviously wouldn't last. It would bring you two pain and you don't want it to him, even because you know you don't actually love him the way you thought you did. You gotta make Brian understand its over because you don't want him, get it?"

Nick looked at her for some moments. Slowly he nodded.

"Ok...." - Nick whispered.

Two seconds later he had an outburst of laughter.

"Why on earth would I do that?! Are out of your fucking sick mind? I love Brian, I'd never do that!" - Nick was almost screaming in anger.

"I knew I'd have to convince you..." - Leigh grinned. - "Nick, I'm sure Brian will go for this. He really wants a divorce and everything else. I bet he will even tell the world about you two... But not before I do that. Get it? If Brian leaves me for you I'll tell the whole world about your little passion, this queer thing."

Nick looked at her sceptical.

"Go ahead, sweetie. Go and tell the fucking world, we don't care! Brian and I are meant to be together and we'll fight everything and everyone to make this love come true. Wanna call me a fag? Go on and do that, shout it out loud to all the magazines in the world, I honestly don't give a shit."

"I know you don't. What about Brian? What if I don't wanna give him this divorce? We'll have to see a judge, get into this fight that will last years once we'll all have the best lawyers... Plus, just think of the headlines I can give the press... Just think of all the stories I can come up with about you two... Picture it, Nick! Years and years with a new chapter everyday in magazines all over the world..."

Her eyes were shining with a malign glow.

"I'll humiliate Brian to everyone! I'll say all sorts of nasty things to make him feel ashamed of walking on the street! Can you imagine Brian's parents reading privade stuff from his son's life? For example, I may tell the press how you and Brian get each other girly underwears, or I can tell them the sweet girly nicknames Brian calls you when you are doing it, I mean, everyone can hear it when you two do it!" - Leighanne smiled.

Nick's chin dropped open.

"Its all a bunch of lies! Nothing of this true, you know that! You fucking know that!"

"And what needs to be true in show business? I mean, as long as it gets them to sell magazines... Can you imagine how miserable Brian's life will be? Sure, you'll be together, but waking up everyday and reading and hearing all sorts of nasty lies of your life being published in newspapers and magazines? Can you picture you two being known all over the world cause of the little secrets I may reveal?" - she teased.

"But you don't have any fucking secrets! Its all a bunch of bullshit!" - Nick didn't want but he couldn't help crying right now. His rage was filling him up and knowing that he couldn't do anything he just couldn't keep those anger tears of dropping. If he did something he would have to kill her 'right here and right now'.

"... Not to mention the Backstreet." - Leighanne talked again, grinning triunfantly as Nick cried like a baby, damning her, with this rage she could almost touch. - "I don't think it will be able to resist what I'm gonna do. Everytime someone hears one of your songs or sees a picture or a video they will just remember everything they've been reading, like: Oh, Backstreet Boys? Yeah, the group with those two faggys! How do think Brian will deal with people laughing at him, with his parents going crazy about all this? Huh? Do you think you can just do this to him? I mean, make him live forever in pain? Ashamed and having to put up with things the good and loving Brian didn't and could've never done?"

Nick blinked and looked at her. This couldn't be real!

"Who knows, Nick? Brian can get sick and tired of this kinda life and just put an end to all this! One day when you wake up he'll have done just the same your god Kurt Cobain did once... Get me, darling?"

"You dirty fucking whore." - Nick babbled and Leighanne laughed. - "How can you plan on doing this to Brian?!" - Nick felt the warmth of his own tears. - "And WHY would you do that?" - he shook his head in denial.

"Nick, I love him! I fucking love Brian and I can't live without him!"

"You hate him!" - Nick shouted in protest.

"No, I don't! If Brian leaves me I will have no more life, and having no more life I'll destroy his. Its fair, if he leaves me I'll die, if I die he dies too. Its our wedding vote, hun."

Nick's heart was beating extremaly fast. He was so angry and with such a powerful rage inside of him he was about to faint, his head was throbbing wildly.

"You can't do that, Leigh..." - Nick pleaded.

"Oh, you calling me Leigh?" - she mocked surprise.

"Please... me and Brian, we love each other, you can't do that! I mean... I need him, he needs me..." - Nick was sobbing. He hated crying in front of people. Not to mention breaking down in front of the person he hated the most. But he just couldn't help it...

"Nick, get it straight now! Brian was meant to be with me! I'll give him a family, I'll give him a safe and happy life! I'll support his and you guy's careers, I'll just be there for him..."

"But he doesn't love you!"

"He does love me! He did before you walked in and messed up his emotions! Do you actually think Brian loves you? For sure he does, but no, he ain't in love, Nick! He is just confused! You've always been his best friend, you got it on once and now when you told Brian you loved him, he thinks things have fallen into place. But the truth is that he has just been worring about you moving away from him and now he is messing up this need of your friendship with love. Soon he'll come back to earth, although lust is a very powerful thing I know Brian never felt before. Now that he does he is going crazy believing its love..."

"Its not lust! We love..."

"Oh, shut up!" - she cut him off. - "You can't know for sure, will you risk Brian's honor and life into this silly thing you name love? Make him suffer hell - believe me, I can do that - only to find out he made the wrong choice? You can still save him, Nick. Save him from being humiliated and have his happiness taken away."

"By you! I can't believe you are doing that... How mean can you be? How gross can you be? I might throw up looking at you!" - Nick said disgusted. His stomach was actually forming knots.

"Spare me your wonderful compliments. The thing is, you can keep Brian from going through this... You can spare him this pain, Nick. Its all up to you. No matter what I say Brian won't listen to me. The only way to make things right is you telling him you fell out of love." - Leighanne said seriously.

"I don't think I can... No, I can't! I can't say that and see the look on his face! I'll break into pieces letting go of him!"

"Nick, I'll ask you again... Would you do anything for him?"

Nick sobbed and wiped his tears away. He knew what she meant.

"Taking too long to answer, Carter... would you?"

"Y-yeah-yes..." - Nick was breathing hard. - "Of course." - he sighed.

Leighanne stood up and walked to Nick. She got herself on her knees in front of him, caressing Nick's face and surpising the hell of him by being gentle.

"Will you do what I said? Will you tell that to Brian when he comes to talk to you tomorrow? Will, you Nick? Will you save your love?"

Nick cried as Leigh ran her hand across his cheeks.

"Yes, I will. But my heart is already broken..."

Nick swallowed hard. He was dying because he could feel Brian's love slipping through his fingers, and so big was his feeling he couldn't do anything to stop it. He couldn't hurt Brian... he couldn't cause him pain... It didn't matter if he himself would be miserable for the rest of his life, he just couldn't put Brian throught that...

"Shiii... You are doing what is right." - Leighanne knew Nick was a child deep inside, and right now he was extremely vulnerable. She could perfectly invade his mind and tell him what to do. She had got him.

"I wish you would die..." - Nick babbled looking at her. No anger in his voice, no rage. Only sadness and truth.

Leighanne smiled widely.

"Sorry, I won't, baby... I won't die because Brian will need me after you tell him you don't love 'im anymore..."

"But its not true...!" - Nick pouted sadly.

"Aw... c'mon my baby... We both know that... its our secret, ok? You love Brian so much you'll do whats right. And I can't die, I gotta be there for him, right? Right, Nick?"

Leighanne run a hand through his golden hair.

"Right." - he whispered.

She smiled again. Leighanne leaned over and kissed Nick's lips softly before standing up and caressing his face once again.

"I'll go now. Take care, honey. Just remember what I said. I love you, bye bye."

Leighanne walked away and Nick didn't even move at the noise of the door slaming. He kept sat there, immoble. He could barely breath, his life had been taken away from him.

Nick melted into the sofa and cried silently with wide opened eyes showing his shock and the painful trance he was into. He couldn't move, but his mind was running wildly. He was dying... Nick was dying and he couldn't help it. He needed Brian. He needed him because Nick didn't want to die. And there was no life without Brian.

Nick soflty touched the lips Leighanne kissed earlier. They were buring in poison. A simple kiss from the devil and his life was gone.

And Brian was gone...

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