The Westlife Saga by Mark Thomas

Contains m/f/f If you're under 18 don't tell anyone you read this. This story does not imply anything about the real-life Westlife or their sexuality.

Westlife are a hot Irish boy band who have had 5 UK number ones. I couldn't find any stories about them on Nifty, so I thought I'd fill the gap! E-mail me with comments/suggestions for future instalments at

Part 1 - Kian's Night In

Kian sat at the bar and undid the top three buttons of his shirt, revealing a gold chain against the stud's tanned skin. The two -- yes, two -- girls he was chatting up were fixated by his soft golden hair, cute smile and muscular chest. When Kian suggested that the three of them "continued the evening somewhere else" the girls, Sarah and Karen, were only two happy to oblige.

Kian and the girls went back to Sarah's flat. As soon as the door was closed, Kian ripped open his shirt, revealing his deliciously smooth, tanned chest. He put his right hand up Karen's short, tight black leather skirt and rubbed her arse while Sarah led him into the bedroom by his left hand. Once they were in there, Kian took charge.

He positioned himself in between the girls and turned to face Sarah. He kissed her, swirling his tongue around in her mouth, and bit her lower lip gently as he retracted. He turned to look at Karen, and let his mouth open wide. Karen's tongue licked Kian's lips, then slowly began to explore his mouth.

After a few more minutes, the girls' tops were removed and they were stood there in their bras and skirts. "Now," Kian said, "I want you two girls to kiss for me." He placed a hand on the back of both heads and slowly brought them closer together. "Come on," he said huskily. "Do it for Kian." He brought the girls' heads closer together until their lips touched. Raw sexual power surged through Kian. As the girls' tongues slipped into each others' mouths, Kian removed his hands from their heads and took off his shirt. Sarah's hands were all over Karen's back, and Karen's were rubbing Sarah's legs. Kian watched gleefully as he removed his black trousers, knowing that he was the one who controlled what was coming next.

As the two girls continued to caress each other, Kian, now dressed only in his black CK boxers, slid behind Sarah and pressed his cock up against her arse. He licked her neck while sliding his hands around to feel Karen's body. The girls continued to kiss, until Kian pulled them apart and attacked Sarah's breasts, ripping her bra off and licking and kissing them. He slid his way down and removed her skirt and black satin knickers. He gave her pussy a quick lick before pushing Karen down onto the bed and removing her clothing as well. Karen's breasts we slightly smaller than Sarah's, but still enough to drive Kian wild. He swirled his tongue around the nipples, making Karen's breath come in spasms.

Kian stood up, leaving the two girls on the bed, and removed his boxers. His thick 9" cock sprang to attention. "Now girls," he said, "this is what I want you to do." Sarah and Karen were fixated by Kian's amazing cock (so much so that they started fingering each other), and were willing to do anything and everything that he instructed them to do. "Sarah, you're going to suck my cock while Karen licks and kisses my luscious arse." The girls nodded helplessly as they moved to fulfil their duties. Karen got behind Kian and started licking his beautiful arse. Sarah knelt down and licked the tip of Kian's cock. "Good girls," he muttered. "Very good girls."

Karen continued to lick Kian, getting ever closer to his opening. She fingered herself with one hand while massaging Kian's huge balls with the other. Meanwhile, Sarah was licking the full length of Kian's glorious shaft. Then, she opened her mouth and sunk onto his cock. She could only swallow 5" at first, but Kian put his strong hands on her head and slowly eased his full 9" down her throat.

Kian was in ecstasy. His head was thrown back, his breath was coming in short spasms. "Fuck!" he exclaimed as he experienced the dual pleasure of Sarah and Karen. "Yeah!" Kian began to reach his climax. "FUCK!!!!" he screamed. "Mmmph! Sarah! Uh yeah! I'm... cumming!!!" He erupted into Sarah's mouth, shooting spurt after spurt of his delicious cum down her throat. Once he had finished, he quickly withdrew and pushed the girls together in a kiss, making sure that Karen also experienced his nectar.

With a sigh, he fell onto the bed and quickly fell asleep, Sarah in one arm and Karen in the other.