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I was comfortable. I was relaxed. I was laid down on a very comfy bed just waiting for sleep to overcome my body. I needed this quiet time after the drama I've been to. I deserve it, I thought. But fate seemed to be playing games with me. Someone knocked at my door irritating the hell out of me.

I marched to the door and peeked in the peephole. It was Michael. I opened the door and let him in. "Hi Mr. Sanders! I apologize for giving you a not-so-warm welcome earlier but I was having some major problems with the schedules and some affairs with the tour." He said as he walked straight to the couch and laid his attaché case on the center table.

"It's no problem." I said as I followed him and sat on a chair that was not so close yet not so far.

"I really have so many things to do and I have to settle this now." He said as he brought out a bunch of papers. "These are non-disclosure agreements, clearances and some other administrative documents that I would be happy to explain to you if you want." He said as he handed me the papers.

"This is a lot."

"I know and most of them are just bull but we have to follow SOPs here as ordered by the management bosses." He said with a grin. I was beginning to like him. I thought that he would be this stuck up lawyer that was ready to devour anyone who got in his way. Maybe he's just too busy.

"Can I run this with Josh later on?" I asked.

"No problem. I can get that tomorrow or whenever since we are gonna be seeing each other a lot in this tour."


"I want to chat with you some more but work calls. I have to reserve and confirm some more stuff for the guys." He said as he stood up and grabbed his briefcase and proceeded to the door.

"It was nice meeting you."

"Same here! Goodbye!" He waved at me and went out of the room closing it once he was out. He was a little weird and funny as well. I started to look at the pages of bunch of papers and decided to just wait for Josh for them. I walked to the bed to lie down and to let sleep overcome me. I dozed off.

I woke up when I felt someone kissing me. I opened my eyes and saw Josh staring at me. "You looked so cute when you're asleep." He said to me and gave me a smack.

"You just arrived?" I asked stretching my body. He nodded. "How was it?"

"Just like the last time. Boring."

"Okay." I said trying to stifle a yawn. I still felt so tired. I wanted to be animated but I really couldn't make myself.

"Still tired?"

"A little bit." I replied smiling sheepishly. "Are you doing anything for today?" I asked.

"Nope! It's just that interview and I'm free."

"Cuddle?" I asked with my best pleading face. He smiled and enveloped me with his strong arms. I placed my head on his chest and listened to the beat of his heart. It was my personal lullaby. Josh was caressing my head playing with my hair. It was pure bliss. In no time, I was sleep once again.

The next time I woke up, I knew that Josh was still beside me. We were still in the position before I dozed off and that brought a smile on my face. I opened my eyes and looked up to his face. His eyes were closed and his mouth was opened just a little bit. I could hear a faint snore escaping his mouth and it's the cutest thing. Josh looked so innocent and peaceful in that moment and I hoped that Josh would always be like that but realistically, that's not possible.

I had no idea how time flew by and I didn't really care. I was contented with this setup. Me and Josh alone. Slowly, his eyes fluttered and opened fully staring at me. He smiled afterwards. "Nice sleep?" I asked him.

"It was perfect." He answered. "What time is it?"

"I don't know."

Josh reached for his watch that was placed on the side table beside the bed. "7:45pm."

"I didn't know it was that late."

"Me too." Josh said. His tummy then grumbled making its presence felt. "And I'm hungry too."

"Dinner where?" I asked.

"Wherever you want."

"No, you pick." I told him.

"Come on Kyle! Just pick a place or something."

"Fine. How about here in this room?" I suggested.

"Me and you in a private dinner? Sounds nice." Josh grinned. I nodded at him and he rudely stood up making my stumble on the bed. "Oops! Sorry about that. I'm gonna get the menu." Josh said with that cute smile of his.

I just rolled my eyes and didn't bother standing up or following him. I was enjoying the soft bed too much. Josh bounded back with the menu. He sat beside me and gave me one while he looked at the other. The two of us exchanged suggestions and comments until we finished picking our food. We finally settled with some pasta dish and red wine (his idea).

Josh picked up the phone and ordered our dinner. Afterwards, he placed the menus on top of the counter and laid down once again. We resumed our previous positions as we waited for our food. "Are you excited?" Josh inquired.

"Excited with what?"

"The tour."

I paused to think about it. "A little bit but not really so much since it will be like a vacation for me. I mean most of the time I'll be cooped up inside the hotel coordinating with Matt about work. And once you're done being a star, I know that you'll have some great ideas on how you can occupy my time." I said with a devilish grin.

"I agree!" Josh said as he gave me a kiss. I was feeling a little bit feisty at that moment so I kissed back harder and waited until his tongue snaked into mine. I could feel his hardness at my side and I knew he could feel mine.

"I want you so much." I said huskily and dove back to his lips once again. It was like a drug and I was addicted to it. I couldn't get enough of it. I needed more. I let my hands trail down to his body and unhooked his boxers feeling his hard cock. I gave it a squeeze and it elicited a groan from him. His groan was such a turn on.

I let go of his lips and worked at his dick. I licked the head of his cock as it throbbed. "Jesus Christ!" Josh exclaimed as I continued my assault. I couldn't wait any longer and let the length of his dick enter my mouth as I sucked hard. Josh was squirming in ecstasy and he was becoming his little noisy self in bed. It was one of the things I love about him.

A knock on the door made me stop. I looked at Josh who probably didn't hear it because his eyes were still closed. "Josh, door." I said.

"Fuck the door. Suck me please." Josh said in his pleading look. Who am I to say no to that? I shrugged and sucked his cock once again. Did the knocking stop? No. "Come back later!" Josh shouted that startled me a bit, but it did stop the knocking.

I could sense that Josh was nearing his climax and I doubled my effort in my sucking. I was craving for his cum so much. Josh's body tensed and he begun to shoot in my mouth that made me cheer in my mind. Josh's cum has an exotic taste to it that it really makes it distinctly his. That's part of the reason why I really enjoy tasting him. I got to get a part of him into me.

"That was great." Josh said as I crawled up and rested my sore jaw. He was a little thick and it's really a chore when you have a dick stuck in your mouth for quite some time. I just smiled at him and gave him a peck.

"Wanna see who's at the door awhile ago?" I asked.

"Fine." Josh stood up and grabbed his boxers. It was funny because he nearly tripped when he was trying to wear his boxers while walking. I heard him open the door and waited if there's someone out there. I didn't hear him talk to anyone. The person might have left.

When Josh returned, he was pushing a cart. It was our food that arrived earlier. "Dinner is served." Josh said in his best butler voice. I found it sexy and I could use that in the future if we delved into role-playing.

I stood up and walk to him. He handed me my plate and we settled on the dining table. We ate heartily and pretty much in silence but it was a comfortable one and not like the breakfast that we had earlier.

We were almost halfway in our dinner when someone knocked. The two of us looked at each other and frowned trying to think who it was. Josh walked to the door and peeked at the little peephole. "Lance." Josh told me and proceeded opening the door. "Hey!" Josh greeted.

Lance handed him a piece of paper and went inside. "Hello." He greeted me and sat on the chair where Josh sat. "That's the bill. You're too busy to open the door I guess." Lance said grinning and that made me blush recalling my little tryst with Josh.

"Is that all?" Josh asked.

"I guess but your dinner seems delicious." He said taking the fork and ate Josh's dinner.

"That's mine! Get yours." Josh said as he playfully slugged Lance.

"Fine, fine! But next time, try to open the door especially if you ordered something." Lance said and let himself out of our room.

"That's so embarrassing." I noted to Josh once Lance was out.

"That's just mild and be thankful it was from Lance. If it was Chris or Joey, we won't hear the end of it." He chuckled and we ate in silence once again.

It was a nice calming moment for the two of us. For me, the tour hasn't started yet because I haven't experienced it yet. I was feeling a little bit excited thinking that I would be seeing the life of NSYNC first-handed. But it made me a little bit nervous as well. I knew that I have to extra careful since we would be out in the public and every move could be translated into something malicious and harming Josh and the guys was the last thing in my mind.

"What are you thinking about?" Josh broke me reverie.

"Who said that I was thinking?"

"You were staring into space for the past minute."



"I'm just a little nervous."

"That's normal. We passed by that period too. It will soon pass." Josh said as he caressed my face. I just hope that he's right.


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