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I thought that the day wouldn't end. I was extremely bored following the guys like a lapdog. Josh insisted that I go with them so I could get the full experience of being in tour with them. I thought we were just gonna go to the arena but he dragged me to their photo shoot, radio interview, magazine interview and some other "important" appearances. I was drained with all the waiting and walking. But I admire them doing all of these things because I couldn't do that. I'd rather stay in a room and do my job. That thought made me smile thinking how geeky that sounded.

"Why are you smiling?" Justin asked as he walked beside me to sit down on the chair. We were in one of their photo shoots. He must be done already with his shots.

"Just thinking how a nerd I am!" I answered truthfully.

"You? A nerd? Nah! You don't look like one."

"Justin, I am a little geeky."

"No, you're not! You're one hot dude." Justin said flashing his sly grin that made me blush a little bit. He was really charming and if we didn't start in the wrong foot, I knew that we could make it as a couple. I stopped playing my what-if games in my head weeks ago and resigned myself that my heart belongs to Josh and no one else.

"Don't think that you can sweet talk me, mister!" I said trying to save face. Justin just laughed.

I could feel someone's eyes at me. I subtly look around and Josh was glaring at us. Well, it was more directed to Justin more than to me. I knew that this would happen. I'd be like Yoko Ono and break NSYNC apart and all the fans would hate me and what if Joshua hates me too because I know how much he loves being in NSYNC.

Stop playing the what-if games, I thought. I shrugged and just looked at Chris and Joey goofing off in front of the camera hoping it could help me forget the frightening glare of Josh. I looked at my watch and it was just 11:00 am and I thought that time was slowing really down. All I could do was sigh.

After a few more dress changes, the group was done. We left the photo studio and drove to the arena where they would play. The guys were pretty much surrounded by big scary men, their bodyguards. I couldn't get comfortable with them and the thought that they could squash me easily wasn't helping. To add to that, Josh was overly smothering me. He would find reason to touch me, hug me, kiss me, and other lovey dovey stuff. Justin on the other hand was so quiet sitting on my other side. I knew that Josh was just showing Justin that I belonged to him. In a normal day, I would have loved Josh's affection but it was really getting awkward. Even the guys were looking at us weirdly.

I wanted to burst out of the van we were riding but Josh was wrapped around me tightly. I didn't want to talk to him about it here with the others because I knew that he would probably throw a tantrum and that was the last thing in my mind. I wanted Josh to be always cheerful and happy but sometimes, he was just too possessive.

The drive ended shortly and we filed out of the van. I was awestruck as we walked around the arena. It was truly big. The stage was extravagant and I could picture this arena filled with screaming girls hoping to be NSYNC's future wives. "It's cool, huh?" Josh nudged me.

"Yeah! Everything's so big and so cool." I said trying to take in all that I was seeing.

"I'll ask Melinda to give you a tour around. I want to do it but we have a meeting with Johnny."

"It's okay."

"I promise that we'll have lunch together." He said giving me a friendly hug that would not arouse any suspicion that we were more than friends. He trudged off leaving me walking idly around.

"Hey!" A cheery voice came from behind that surprised me. I spun around and saw a smiling woman with a clipboard approaching me. "You must be Kyle. I am Melinda and I've been asked by Josh to show you around here. I'll give you your IDs later on as well so you won't have any problems going in and out of the venue." She was talking so quick. Does she even breathe, I asked myself.

"Okay." I answered shortly. She grabbed my arm and she practically dragged me around pointing at important rooms and places informing me the use of each and some funny anecdote about it. She also introduced me to some of the people working as one of Josh's friends. Everyone was really polite and nice and I knew that it was a nice place to stay.

I didn't know how long we toured the place but I surely had fun. Melinda was like a ball of energy. She's so indefatigable. When we returned to the place where we started, she left me there and attended to some work that was surely more important compared to me. I was just lost looking around. It was so big and everything was so great. The stage was magnificent and I could picture the guys performing there as the fans scream for them.

I heard people talking on my left. It was the guys and Johnny. I waved at them but didn't dare to approach them. "Did you enjoy your tour?" Josh asked once they reached me.

"Yeah, Melinda is so great and this place is beyond words!" I praised.

Josh just smiled. "Let's have lunch now. I am so famished." Joey whined. The others just rolled their eyes and I was trying to stifle a fit of laughter.

"Where are we gonna eat?" Justin asked. Everyone shrugged, including me. "Fine! Let's have some Mc Donald's." Justin suggested with a smile.

"I don't think so." Johnny interjected. "You're gonna have healthy food." He said and the guys made some gagging noise that made me giggle. Their eyes settled on me.

"What?" I asked feigning innocence. But I couldn't maintain it and ended up laughing my ass off.

We all went to an upscale restaurant and Johnny did the ordering for them. When he said healthy, he really meant healthy and I could see the pout forming in the faces of Joey and Justin. Johnny asked me to order for myself and I ordered steak just to let them drooled. Once I ordered, they were glaring at me. Josh was just gazing at me lovingly with a tinge of amusement. I knew that he can manage with salads all his life.

We engaged in general conversation. I noticed that they steered away any conversation that I couldn't relate. I was grateful for that because I didn't want to be lost in their conversation. I really thought that Johnny was one of the coolest guys I have met. He wasn't that young compared to the guys but he managed to establish a great rapport with them. He was like one of the guys kidding around.

Once our food arrived, Joey was staring at my steak like it was the best thing in the world. I savored it as I ate it graciously and slowly trying to elicit all I can from Joey and probably from Justin as well. I knew that the two would be getting back at me and I had to be extra careful with them. Knowing Josh, he wouldn't join in. He'll just be an observer.

It was a great lunch for me and maybe not-so-great for the guys. We all rode back to the arena. I was surprised that there was already queue because the concert would start later at 7:00pm. And it was just 2:00pm. "They're early." I commented.

"Yeah, some even camps out here so they'll be first." Lance said.

"Wow! And that's just for you guys."

"That's why we try to give them the best show. We have the best fans in the world." Josh said. He was holding my hand.

We pulled up in a cordoned area and walked inside. The guys informed me that they have to do some final rehearsals and checks. They invited me to watch but I declined. I had to call Matt for some news. Melinda ushered me to one of the private rooms of the guys. It was Josh's.

I brought out my phone and dialed Matt's number. After a few rings, someone answered. "Hello?"

"Hey Matt! Kyle here."

"Oh Kyle! How are you?"

"I am fine. We're in Chicago right now."

"That's cool. Why did I deserve a call from you?"

"I just wanted some updates or things that I have to do. I am still working for you, right?"

"Of course! I wouldn't trade my best guy here."

"Don't let the others hear you!" I said laughing.

"Who said it was you?" He shot back.

"Very funny." I said rolling my eyes.

"Going back to business, I do have to inform you on new updates and maybe new work." Matt started. He informed me new updates for the project that I was handling. It was still the JIVE artists' websites. He gave me things that need updating.

We talked for a long time and I was sure that my phone bill would suffer. It's my job. What could I do? I looked at the piece of paper holding all the information I needed. I regretted not bringing my laptop and made a mental note to bring it next time if I decided to join Josh. The deadline was still a few days away and I knew that I could manage the updates in a short time.

I was about to go out and walk around when Josh opened the door and walked inside. He smiled at me and gave me a kiss. "Thinking of walking around?" He inquired.

I nodded. "I just talked to Matt and got some work." I informed him. "What are you upto now?"

"Relaxation. We're free until 4:00pm." He informed me. It was just 3:00pm. Josh smiled at me mischievously and I knew what that meant.


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