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Classification: RPS AU
Catergory: drama
Part: 1/?
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: mmm... read the story first...
Copyright: © 2002 Jasper Jeff
Author Notes: the author's brain is numb... can't think right now... just read and comment...
Summary: It was something wonderful - until the history came into play.

Photographer & Supermodel

"Good morning, honey," said the sleepy head next to me.

"Morning, sexy."

"Why're you up early?" Geez, he sounded so incredibly sexy with his morning voice.

"Enjoying the view of you naked in bed." I leaned down from my position of sitting against the headboard of the bed to kiss his forehead. He was lying on his stomach. The strong curve of his muscled back down to that tight butt was just plain beauty to behold. "Go back to sleep. It's not often that you can sleep in."

"Yeah, it's good... I actually get a week off." He flipped himself over on his back, placing his head on my thigh. Fighting the sleep in his baby blue eyes, he looked up at me, "What's the plan for today? Don't tell me you're going back to work, please."

He's whining. Thick, kissable pouty lips. He knew he had me with that expression on his face.

"I need to go to the studio. There's a meeting with an agency today where my presence is needed."

"You don't have to go. You're the boss."

"I need to keep the business running. People who work for me need to be fed."

"When're you leaving for the studio?" He gave in. "Can I tag along?"

"Not until noon. I promise it'll be quick - maybe an hour tops. Try to get more sleep. I'll wake you." My hand was in his hair, idly toying with his brown soft hair. "Give me some more time to admire your beauty."

"That's cheesy." He broke into a light laughter and sat up. "I'm going to wash up. Then I'll cook you breakfast."

"You're cooking? I'd rather starve."

"You said you liked it last time."

"I didn't want to hurt your feelings." I lied. He might not be the greatest cook, but it was not bad at all.

"Then why're you saying this now?"

"'Cos I want to keep you in bed so I can look at you some more."

"Don't talk sap. I'm cooking anyway." He got out of the bed, turned and smiled. That was one heck of a sleepy sexy smile. "You, stay in bed. When I'm back, you're coming downstairs with me and I'll feed you breakfast."

"Yes, Buttzilla."

"Did you just make fun of my butt?"

"No, I didn't."

"You'd better not. Otherwise you ain't getting near it the next 48 hours," he said half seriously. Then he wiggled his butt while walking into the bathroom.

He made me laugh.

Lying back down on the bed, I felt fortunate.

I had a good job which I enjoyed doing. Maybe not the job I wanted most but I was doing what I loved most. Confusing, huh? A fashion photographer - it sounded like a glamorous job and it sure was most of the time.

Photography was my life. I started out hoping to be one of those National Geography photographers. But things happened and I ended up in the fashion business. I was not complaining. Not when that was how I met him.

His agency sent him to the studio I was working in, trying to get some shots for his first portfolio. He needed them for an audition with a big brand. The boss thought it was something minor, so he gave the assignment to the new rookie - me. I put my heart into the shoot and took the photos. That helped him in landing the job. In a few weeks' time, he became the hottest new male model of the industry.

He remembered me, of how dedicated I was taking the photos for him. He recommended me to the brand as their designated photographer for the season. Then it became two seasons. Then it turned into a five-year contract. His modeling career took off while I was climbing up in the list of top photographers in the business. Along the road to success, he asked me out. We went steady. For the three years we were together, after the many things we've been through together, he proved himself to be a devoted partner.

Now he, Nic Valenti, was named one of the ten sexiest men alive, and he was still with me. The industry constructed a cocky, arrogant personality for his appearance. The quick fame hadn't got to his head though. Cause on the insides, he was still the soft, sensitive and down-to-earth guy I met three years back.

This coming Wednesday, we would be celebrating our third anniversary together. He fought hard with his agency to take the week off trying to spend more time with me. With him traveling around for fashion shows and photo shoots, and me working in the studio I now owned or shooting photos for certain supermodels elsewhere in the world, we didn't have much time together. There was a price to pay for excelling in one's career.

But then again I wasn't complaining.

Many would think with the fast life a supermodel was living, Nic would be out partying every chance he had, and sleeping with every man or woman for the thrill of sex. That wasn't my Nic. He would be home busying himself with chores, which should've been done by our part-time maid. Or, he would be down at the studio watching me work.

Nic never thought of himself as model material. So I once asked him why he started. He simply said it was because he was looking for a job and some friends of his told him to try out. Everything worked out perfectly for him. He always said if it weren't for my photos which made him look good, he would never have made it. I only shrugged and told him it would be a fool of me not to recognize his beauty.

Photographers were made to recognize beauty when others couldn't see and then show it to the world, weren't we?

"Hey, Jeffy babe. Wake up."

"Mmm... Did I fall asleep?" I sat up from the bed. Greeting me was Nic in a pair of grey gym shorts.

"Still sleepy? Maybe we should sleep in. I can call the studio and tell them you're not coming in," he said with a wicked grin.

"What's up in your mind, pervert?" I knew all too well what that grin meant.

"Since I'm making you breakfast, don't you think you can gimme some protein shake?"

I laughed. "How come you're always sex-crazed after a morning shower?"

"'Cos it wakes me up and makes me realize how much I love you."

"Now, look who's talking sap."

"You're contagious."


"Not if I can get what I want."

I didn't protest. Not to this gorgeous partner of mine.

When I was done with my shower, Nic was already making a mess in the kitchen. This man's cooking wasn't too bad, but if he was allowed in the kitchen, it would lead to nothing but disasters. But it wouldn't matter cause he enjoyed cleaning up the huge mess he always left behind when he finished cooking.

I guessed that was the major reason why I preferred to have him sleeping in bed rather than making me breakfast.

Sitting there, watching Nic work up a sweat for preparing simple breakfast, unpleasant memories came flashing back. There used to be someone who would make me breakfast after a night of passionate intimacy. Every time those vivid images rose to the surface of my mind, from underneath the depth of buried memories, my heart ached uncontrollably.

It was a love I would not be able to forget this lifetime. Roots of that love for that special someone ran deep in me. When that love was betrayed, photography took his place. Until Nic came along. He easily won a permanent place in my life with his sincerity and obviously undeniable attractiveness. Nic knew about my bad experience, but he never attempted to ask the details. Wise enough to let things rest, Nic was a clever man when most of the world just thought of him as another pretty face who only knew how to take his shirt off for the cameras.

But Nic didn't know that I saw the face of my previous love in Nic's.

I was driving us to my studio. Nic kept skipping through the latest fashion magazines.

"Aren't you tired of the fashion industry yet?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Aren't you tired of me yet?"

"That's not the same. Fashion industry isn't my lover."

"But it's my career. Even though I may be tired of it, I need the information to be good at it."

"I guess so," I paused. "Too bad you've only got a week off. If not, we could've gone to South Africa together to shoot some wild animals."

"As in killing them?" Nic teased.

"Don't play dumb with me. You sure know I mean taking photos of them, not shooting at them with bullets."

"Us, supermodels don't have workable brains."

"Now you're stereotyping yourself."

"So, what's the meeting today about?"

"Some kind of new dairy product. The ad agency wants to have a kick-off meeting before actually planning the TV commercial and the photo shoot."

"Justin involved?" Justin has been my assistant since I started my own studio. He was the man-in-charge whenever I was not around.

"Not in the meeting. He'll be supervising a shoot." I knew what Nic wanted to do with Justin. They kind of grew into good friends over time.

"Cool! So I'll go over and bother Justin while you're in the meeting."

"You just want to ask Justin about that Tiramisu he made last time." I laughed. Nic had a thing for desserts and Justin was the perfect guy to go for secret dessert recipes. Well, Justin was the perfect guy to put into a kitchen to cook.

"You liked it too! I'm only trying to make it for you while I'm free this week."

"Sure, it'll be cool, sexy."

Nic leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. "You know I love you."

"I do. I love you too."

I glanced sideway to Nic. He was smiling.

I saw the smile of my previous love in Nic's.

Pairing: Jeff/Nick (for now...)

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