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When Paths Cross - Part 3

(The Next Morning)

Matt had never been so tired before. When they had returned to the boat last night Marian had kept him up telling him all about the guy she had met. He wanted to tell her about Nick, but couldn’t find the right words and it had been so late it was all he could do to keep his eyes open for her.

He stood on deck looking out at the bay. They were preparing to take the boat back today and he was waiting for Marian to finish getting ready. When she came out on deck he had to laugh. She looked completely hung over.

“Don’t start,” Marian said throwing him a dirty look, “this is your fault for letting me get carried away last night.”

“What! don’t blame that on me. You knew exactly what you were doing, and I wasn’t there to babysit you.” Matt threw back with a smile.

“Speaking of what you were there for, I meant to ask you last night where you disappeared too.” she said.

“That is none of your business, unlike someone I don’t go around boring everyone with the stories of people I met.” Matt mumbled trying to avoid the conversation.

“Hey, my stories aren’t boring,” she said with a pout on her face, “but you are admitting that you met someone?”

Matt turned to start preparing the lines and avoid eye contact, “Nope, I'm not talking, lets just get going.” Marian shrugged and moved forward to get the engine started. They tossed off the lines and turned the boat out of the bay. Once they cleared it, Marian threw open the engines and they were off towards the mainland.

Nick had been up almost at the break of dawn. He had toss and turned all night not being able to get his mind off Matt long enough to be able to go to sleep. Finally he knew he had to do something so he got up and put on sweats and a jacket. He tried to stay as quiet as possible to avoid waking the rest of the guys as he got into the motorboat. He pushed off and using a paddle he found, paddled out a ways from the boat. Once he was far enough he turned on the engine and took off. He decided he had to find Matt, he couldn’t let him just disappear so soon after meeting him. He started at the Isthmus and checked out all the dingy's attached to the boats moored there to see if he could find the one he had seen yesterday. Not finding anything there he started going bay to bay along the west end of the island. There were about six bays filled with boats that had come over for the party the night before. As the morning grew longer and the sun moved higher in the sky Nick started getting tense. A sense of fear that he would never find them was growing inside him.

He pulled the boat into the bay where he had first seen their dingy on the beach the day before. There were considerably fewer boats here and he could see almost immediately that they weren’t here. He turned off the engine and let the boat drift. He put his head into his hands and sat there completely beaten.

‘Why was I so stupid?’ he thought. ‘I had all that opportunity last night to get a number or some type of info, why didn’t I just ask?’

Knowing that Kevin was probably was going ballistic right now, he decided to head back to his boat. He turn on the engine and headed out of the bay. As he was about to go full throttle he spotted a boat off towards the horizon heading for the mainland. He quickly grabbed for the binoculars that were kept in the boat. He focused in on the boat.

“YES!!!!!!!” He screamed as he recognized the dingy that was being pulled behind it. He pushed the throttle all the way forward and started after the boat.

Matt stepped up besides Marian who was piloting and handed her a bottle of water.

“Here, you look like you could use some.” He said. She smiled and took a long drink.

She looked over at him and noticed a troubled look on his face. “What's the matter?”

Matt sighed, “ I was just thinking about last night.”

“I knew you met someone, Okay spill it, who was she and what happened to make you look this sad after meeting her.”

Matt thought about it. He wasn’t getting any where figuring out what was going on in his head, maybe she could help. “Okay, here goes, It wasn’t a girl that I met. Actually I walked over to the other harbor.” He proceeded to tell her about meeting up with Nick and how they had talked.

“We clicked so well together. I don’t know why but I have this empty feeling now that we’re leaving. I’ve been feeling so strange ever since I first saw him.”

Marian hadn’t been expecting this, but somehow this wasn’t as big a surprise to her as she would have thought.

“Matt, we’ve never talked about this before, I’ve always felt that your love life was your business and if you wanted me involved you would done so, but I have to ask you a question. Have you ever been in love?”

Matt gave her a long look and sat down in a deck seat. Marian noticed that his eyes were moist and he was about to cry. “ I’ve never been in love. I’ve felt love, love for you, my family and friends but I’ve never found anyone that I truely loved in that way or that loved me. Is there something wrong with me?”

Marian checked the heading and made sure they were okay before turning to Matt and taking his hands in hers. “ Oh, honey, there's nothing wrong with you.” I was just wondering cause what you just told me...” she paused. He noticed and looked up into her eyes. “honey, what you just told me sounds like you have those feelings now.”

Matt looked stunned. He could n’t believe she was saying this. His mind started going seventeen different directions at once. ‘what, what's she talking about?, Is it true?, it can’t be true. I would know if.... Would I?’

He stood up and quickly left the pilot house heading for the back of the boat. Marian turned after him. “Matt....”

Nick looked ahead and him and then back down at the fuel gauge. ‘ Damn’ he thought. He was over taking the boat but didn’t think he could catch them before he ran out of gas. If something didn’t happen soon he was going to have to turn back. He felt his eyes growing moist. ‘Why, Why when he was so close?’

Marian started after Matt. Suddenly she felt the boat shudder slightly and then heard the engines die. She scrabbled back to the control board trying to find out what happened. She heard Matt call from behind. “What happened?”

She turned the key adjusted the throttle trying to get the engines back on. Nothing happened. frustrated she kicked panel and turned to join Matt at the stern.

“Its dead, I don’t know what happened. Its a complete breakdown, nothings working not even the radio.”

She looked towards the island and saw the motorboat that was heading towards them. “Maybe we can flag them down when they get closer.”

Nick screamed out in glee, the boat had stopped and he was zooming in on it pretty fast. He pulled back on the throttle and slow the motorboat as he approached them. He could see Matt standing at the stern of the boat with his friend. He carefully brought the boat up alongside.

Matt looked at the boat and recognized Nick at the controls. He felt his heart jump.

“Nick?” he called

Nick looked up and him, “Matt.” Suddenly he froze. He had been so intent on finding him that he hadn’t thought about what he was going to say when he found him. Inside he was incredibly confused and scared.

They stood there and stared at each other....

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