Two weeks later and the boys were now in Spain. Another fifteen days there and five performances at the most important cities.

It was a sunny afternoon and all the boys were sharing an apartment with several rooms. They didn't know exactly where each other was, things were like this, you come and go and we all get together to sing.

Brian was sat on the couch reading some fans letters. In the other side of the room the phone began to ring. It rang once, twice... three times and Brian was just too lazy to answer it. In the fourth time Nick appeared in the door and they locked eyes without saying a word.

Nick looked at the phone and Brian followed his eyes. They grinned still without saying a word. The phone kept ringing insistently as Brian and Nick kept looking at each and giggling. Three more seconds and all of sudden Brian stood up and Nick ran towards the phone, both of them trying to see who was faster to answer it.

When they got to the small table where the telephone was they stumbled while four hands fought to catch it. Nick tried to push Brian forcefully. They were laughing loudly as their quick move made them crush into each other, and in the next second the phone was what crushed onto the floor, breaking into a thousand pieces.

The loud noise made them stop.

Nick and Brian looked at the phone pieces and later at each other. They locked eyes, their mouths opened in shock.

"Look what you did...!" - Nick exclaimed and both of them had an outburst of laughter.

"I did?!" - Brian asked, his stomach hurting so hard they were laughing. - "You did! You pushed me!"

"Me?!" - Nick mocked innocence as his arm wrapped around his aching stomach, shaking with their laughter. "It was you...!"

They were both laughing their asses off when another voice joined them.

"What's that noise all about?" - Kevin asked walking in the living room.

Nick and Brian freaked out and exchanged looks.

"What we do?!" - Nick asked still giggling.

"Run! Kevin's coming!"

Brian was laughing hard as he took Nick's hand and rushed them upstairs to the large balcony.

"Who the hell broke the phone?!" - Kevin exclaimed still seeing Nick and Brian running away. - "You two! Brian and Nick, come here right now!" - Kevin yelled. He wasn't really angry, just furious. Lately this two guys had been impossible to deal with. They seemed to have gotten even closer, being accomplices in all kinds of tricks.

Upstairs Nick was shaking Brian's hands frantically.

"Where do we go now? Kevin's coming, Kevin's coming, he's gonna get us!"

Brian laughed and looked around quickly.

"There's no where to go!" - Nick yelled.

"I'm coming up!" - They heard Kevin's voice.

"Shit, shit, shit!" - Nick laughed.

"Here!" - Brian exclaimed finally. - "There is only one place we are gonna be safe."

Brian pulled him in and locked the door.

"The bathroom?!" - Nick yelled.

Brian looked at him laughing hysterically.

"Its the only room we can lock!" - Brian shrugged.

It wasn't actually that bad. Their bathroom was as big as a normal bedroom. A big Jacuzzi, the shower and the other things a bathroom has got to have.

Three loud knocks on the door.

"I know you guys are there! Will you just get the hell out?!" - Kevin yelled.

Nick stepped away from the door instinctively and looked at Brian. They grinned.

"There is no fucking way we are coming out!" - Nick yelled.

"Nice use of words..." - Brian whispered and they laughed.

"Oh, well. I'll just stand here. Sooner or later you'll have to get out to eat or you'll die."

"Who said I need to eat?" - Nick teased.

"Let's see." - Kevin said from the other side of the door.

Brian pulled Nick from the door and it was his turn to talk.

"Hey, Kevin! You are kidding, right? It was an accident, we didn't mean to break the phone."

"I want you both right here and right now to talk about it." - Kevin said firmly.

"Oh, honey, you can sit your butt and wait." - Nick grinned.

"Ok, Carter. I'll be right fucking here."

Nick looked at Brian in awe.

"What do we do now?"

Brian shrugged.

"How can I know? Why did you have to push me anyway? Were you waiting for some important call?"

"No. Were you?" - Nick asked.


"Then why did we do that? Now Mr.-I-have-a-stick-shoved-up-my-ass will bitch us all day!"

"I can hear you!!!" - Kevin yelled.

Both Nick and Brian laughed loudly.

"Oh, that is just great!" - Nick sighed sitting on the floor.

Brian sat beside him.

"Look at the gorgeous sky outside! How long will we have to be in here?" - Brian wondered.

"I hope not much."

Brian's eyes widened. He turned around to Nick and stared at him.

"What?" - Nick asked.

Brian got closer to him and whispered something into his ear.

"Kevin can hear us... we have to whisper things we don't want him to hear. Maybe we can be quiet for half an hour and then when we leave he'll be gone."

Nick's eyes widened too and he nodded. Soon he came closer to Brian and this time he was the one to whisper.

"Ok... but what do we do while we wait?"

Brian looked at him and loved fulfilled his heart. Nick was so cute, so sweet.

In silence Brian found Nick's hand and linked fingers with him. Nick smiled and they locked eyes.

"I love you..." - Brian mouthed.

Nick kissed his neck softly.

"I luv you too." - he whispered before kissing Brian's ear.

During the next half hour Brian and Nick remained in silence, brushing their fingers softly, linking them and planting soft kisses on these linked fingers. When they finally thought it was time, Nick stood up and Brian followed him. He opened the bathroom's door slowly.

"I think he's gone." - Nick whispered cheerfully.

"No, I'm right here." - Kevin said looking straight at them when Nick opened all the door.

"Oh, fuck!" - Nick yelled closing it again. - "Shit, Brian!"

Brian looked at him and later at the door.

"You sure you locked?"

Nick looked at him and giggled.

"Yes, I'm sure."

Kevin was almost laughing from the other side of the door. He wouldn't do anything to them, actually this idea was perfect. These guy's punishment for pulling so many tricks and being so childish during these last week was exactly this. They would spend the whole day locked in that bathroom too scared to come out and talk to him. Kevin was actually enjoying it, laughing secretly to himself. They were being the ones to punish themselves.

Nick walked around a little and touched his cheek to the door.

"Oh, c'mon, Kevin! Its not like we can't buy another phone!" - Nick complained as Brian stared of him.

God, he loved Nick.

"The phone wasn't ours, it belonged to the hotel. And you broke it. And yes, we can pay, but this is not the problem. The reason I want you guys is here is to talk about the way you've been behaving. And I'm telling, I'm gonna be here all the way waiting. I'm very comfortable sat and watching TV. And oh, by the way, eating lots of chocolate and these kind of junkie." - Kevin said knowing it would drive Nick crazy.

"Asshole!" - Nick exclaimed, a smile playing on his lips.

"Sure, Nick. Keep this up and I'll love to have a 'special' little talk with you." - Kevin scared him, but he was actually grinning to himself.

Nick looked at Brian desperate.

"Hmmmmmmmm!" - he whined.

Brian laughed and went closer to hug Nick. Brian smoothed his hair and caressed the back of his neck. He held Nick in his arms for several minutes as they just enjoyed being this close to each other. Slowly they pulled apart.

"Hey, this is kinda fun!" - Nick smiled.

Two hours since they had locked themselves in the bathroom. They were again both sat on the floor.

"I'm tired." - Nick complained. - "Kevin... are you still there????"

"Yeppers. Right here, why?"

Nick was about to swear something very dirty when Brian's hand stopped him.

Nick looked at him and Brian shook his head.

"Damn, I'm tired, I gotta pee!" - Nick whined.

"Hello?! Look where we are!" - Brian laughed.

"Oh, forget it. I ain't doing it in front of you."

Brian looked at him really in shock.

"Nick... I don't get it. We have gone to the bathroom together at least a hundred times. And besides..." - Brian lowered his voice. - "It isn't as if I haven't seen you naked."

Nick licked his lips and giggled.

"But I can't do it under pressure!"

Brian rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. Its your rush. I don't need to pee as badly as you, I'm not the desperate one..." - Brian teased grinning.

"Hmmm..." - Nick pouted.

Brian looked at him, his eyes filled with love.

"Maybe we can have some water dripping from the faucet, what you say?"

"Fuck you!" - Nick laughed.

The next second he was leaning down to kiss Brian's mouth. They kissed softly, tongues touching a little.

"Just go, Nick. I won't look, I promise." - Brian said in a funny voice.


Nick stood up and was finally able to release himself. God, he had been wanting to pee since they locked themselves in there.

When Nick was finished he sighed and washed his hands, looking at himself in the mirror.

"Ya know, what?"

"What?" - Brian asked.

"Thats it. I'm hungry, I'm out a' here."

Brian stood up and Nick opened the door for both of them to get out.

"Hey!!!!" - Kevin exclaimed warmly seeing them.

"Please don't kill me!" - Nick fell to his knees, half serious, half playing.

"Stand up you moron. And you too, Brian. Come here."

They did what he said and waited.

"I ain't gonna do anything, all I wanted was to make you guys pay a little for being so careless about serious stuff. And I guess you already did by being locked in the bathroom for two hours." - Kevin grinned. - "I just don't know whats wrong with you people. Honestly! Something must have happened coz you two are on fire."

Brian and Nick kept a giggle.

"C'mon, Kevin, we've always been like this."

"Yeah, whatever. Next time you think of pulling another trick thing AGAIN. I might not be that nice. And for now you two get the hell out of my sight, I need to get a hold of a new phone."

Brian and Nick were gone right away, downstairs straight to Nick's room.

"Oh, God! That sucked!" - Nick grinned. - "How good it is to be free again."

Brian smiled at him.

"Great adventure, huh?"

"Yeah. Kevin said something happened with us..." - Nick giggled.

"Ain't he right!"

"Oh, God... I love you." - Nick babbled, suddenly pulling Brian into a bear hug.

Brian held him tight, loving the way it felt when they were this close. Right, prefect. He could feel love within every cell of his body, and he could feel Nick was going through the same thing. His best friend. The boy he watched grow. Nick, just Nick! There was nothing else to be said. He loved him. He was in love with him and he was falling harder and harder, further and further as each day closed by.

"Kiss me..." - Nick asked.

Brian did as he said and crushed his lips into his, parting Nick's with his tongue and hungrily licking his. Hands traveled over their bodies to pull each other even closer. Their hearts racing, their head spinning. Love. Passion. Everything, all the feelings, all the ways someone could belong to another. Thats what they had.

They were forced to break the kiss when Nick's cell rang. He reached out his hand and took it from the table.

"Hello? Hey sweetie..." - Nick smiled mechanically. He kept hearing it for a while. - "Really? Oh, God! This is amazing... yeah... I really think so.(...) Sure I'm gonna tell him. Yes, he sends another... Great! I can't wait, baby. Bye! Love ya!" - Nick hung up the phone.


Nick nodded.

"Yes, she was the one to call before. I'm so glad we broke that phone! She can't talk much I being over the cell."

They laughed.

"Guess what? They are coming to visit us. Leigh and Mandy. They say they miss us, and its two months we don't see and blah blah blah.

Brian grinned.

"Ok, when are they coming?"

"Next week."

Brian watched as Nick stood up and was almost leaving the room.

"She sent you a kiss. Leighanne."

Nick walked away.

Brian kept sat there, he could perfectly feel the bitter tone Nick's voice had when he sad this last sentence. It was the first time something crossed his mind. This bliss, this unreal happiness they were living now could not be forever. No, it wouldn't be easy.

anyone reading?