They had a few more days before they girlfriends joined them in Scotland, where they would be performing their last five shows before going back to the US.

Nick and Brian were sharing a room, nothing new about that. During the first days in the country the boys were busy with the usual stuff. Posing for magazines and giving interviews for MTV and other TV shows.

As time passed by they had most of the lyrics for the next album ready. As this tour was finished they would go back to Florida and begin to record the songs for their third album. Millennium. But it was just one of their ideas, maybe they would change the name later.

After their first concert the boys left the arena and went back to their hotel. AJ and Howie set up of going clubbing, and Nick, Brian and Kevin decided to stay home.

The boys asked Kevin to join them and watch TV while talking. So that now they were spread all over the floor watching TV and eating sweet meats.

"I wonder if they'll show our video." - Nick asked staring at the screen showing MTV.

"Maybe." - Brian said.

"I'm liking the ones playing right now. I'm glad MTV is an world wide channel." - Kevin said.

Brian and Nick looked at each other sometimes, that smile playing on their lips together with that secret shine on their eyes. They couldn't help it, but every time they locked eyes their hearts began to speed up and make them even wonder if it wasn't audible for the others.

Their attention was dragged out of each other when TV was showing an interview with N'sync.

"Oh, look! N'stink!" - Nick laughed.

Kevin and Brian giggled.

"I can't believe this guys made it. They are copies!"

"C'mon, we met them. They are cool. I don't really like their videos, but they are great people." - Brian said.

"Yeah, Aaron loves them! My brother likes them better than us." - Nick said.

"Really? Oh, well... kids." - Kevin grinned.

"I still think they are way too much alike. Justin is like Nick. The blond with the sex appeal..." - Brian grinned. - "JC is a freak like AJ, and sings solos like him. Joey is Kevin, the Mr. Body Beautiful..."

Nick was laughing his ass off.

"And who are you and Howie?" - Kevin asked also grinning.

"I don't know. Who is the hottest? I'm the hottest." - Brian joked.

"Between Lance and Chris? Yeah, my dog is the hottest!" - Nick exclaimed.

"I don't know how they made it, they are yuck. How do girls like them?" - Kevin asked.

"Ya know, they have the same philosophy: I love you girl, no, I won't make you cry... you're everything I want, I'm on my knees, don't make me cry, I promise to you, you make me go crazy... I never loved like this... I'll never leave you... please forgive me..." - Nick laughed.

"Yeah, Lou really knows what he does." - Kevin giggled.

"Hey, Brian, I think you are Chris." - Nick said.


"Coz Lance is like Howie."

"Why?" - Brian asked again.

"I dunno."

They laughed loudly.

"Oh, hey! Finally something good on TV."

"Jennifer Lopez!" - Nick and Brian exclaimed in union.

"Hot, hot, hot!" - Nick yelled.

They all laughed and looked at the screen.


One hour later, at two in the night Kevin left and it was only Nick and Brian there. They turned around to each other.

"Heya." - Nick said grinning shyly.

Brian crawled to where he was, still sat on the floor and kissed him softly.

"You know I love you more and more as each day closes by, right?"

Nick smiled, his heart slamming against his chest.

"I love you too... I'm so happy I fell in love with you, Brian!"

They smiled.

Nick went closer and cuddled his body to Brian as he was sat against the bed.

"I'm saying... You are the only one that knows me just as I am. When I'm with you I don't need to worry about anything coz I know you like me just the way I am. You know me better than myself." - Nick kissed his chin.

Brian wrapped his arms around him.

"Ya know, Nick, being with you feels so right that I can't understand how come I didn't fall in love before. It feels like we complete each other in all ways. Since the day we met we clicked as best friends. And its so amazing to be in love... Everyday when I wake up I think of your face and I cheer up. And when I see you, after all those years of being best friends, my knees get weak and my heart races... I love you so much, baby..."

"Aw, you called me baby..." - Nick giggled.

"Yes. You are my baby..."

Their mouths approached and their breaths mixed into one. Those full lips brushed slightly against each other and slowly the tip of their tongues touched and licked. As their embrace tightened the kiss deepened, Brian slid his tongue inside Nick's mouth and licked everything he could touch, teasing Nick by rubbing his tongue against his softly, their taste buds flavoring each other.

"Hm..." - Nick moaned placing his hands at the back of Brian's neck.

He locked Brian's tongue inside his mouth and sucked on it, tracing circles at the tip of it with his tongue, as if it was another part of his body. This time Brian moaned.

"Nick... your tongue... inside my mouth..." - Brian asked with closed eyes.

His voice was low and sexy. How come Nick never noticed how sexy Brian's voice really was? And now, being whispered so close to him it could send shivers all over his body and make him respond by pressing his hips against Brian's.

They were both hard as they began to rock smoothly their hips against each other.

"God..." - Brian gasped.

Nick nibbled on his lips and sucked Brian's bottom one in his mouth. Not being able to resist any longer Brian ran his hands through Nick's hair, loving the way it looked all messy. Nick's hands wrapped around Brian's waist and took his shirt off.

Brian sighed as Nick's hands touched his bare chest. Every touch felt right and made both hearts and bodies needed of more.

"I love you..." - Nick said looking him into the eyes.

Brian leaned down to kiss Nick's neck. He licked and sucked on it hard, leaving a mark. Brian loved to breath the scent from Nick, and he knew how ticklish Nick was about his neck. Brian could feel his skin shivering under his lips. He bit softly on his earlobe and let his breath linger on his neck.

"I love you too, Nick..." - his voice was husky.

"Hm... I need you."

Nick pressed his hips against Brian's and rocked them, making their hard ons rub together, and their eyes rolled in pleasure.

"Yes... like this... God!" - Brian's hands were forcing Nick to move and Nick was more than happy to rock himself hard against Brian.

He buried his head on Brian's neck as he took off Nick's shirt. Nick licked all the way from his bare shoulder up to his ear, tasting the salty and sensitive skin with the tip of his tongue. Nick then blew some air at it and Brian shuddered.

"Nick... please..." - he was hot, very hard and he needed to do something about it. His cock pressing against his pants was getting painful.

"What?" - Nick said kissing Brian's chest.

"I want you."

Nick smiled and swirled his tongue around Brian's left nipple.

"I want you too."

Nick took it in his mouth and made it hard by sucking on it and biting softly.

"Hm..." - Brian moaned.

Nick did the same to his right nipple and he felt the same pain Brian was bearing with being as hard as a rock and not getting his release.

"Here, lets go to the bed."

Nick stood up and Brian did the same. Before lying they made sure to let go the last cloths they had in.

On bed Nick was on top of Brian, he kissed and sucked on his Adam's apple before going down his chest placing butterfly kisses till he was facing his thighs.

Brian gasped when Nick nibbled on the sensitive skin, touching him everywhere, except where he really needed to be touched.

"Nick, please...." - Brian begged.

Nick smiled loving the way Brian closed his eyes and gasped.

He flicked his tongue to the tip of Brian and licked his throbbing head until it was wet in precum.

"Oh, God!" - Brian screamed.

Yes, he was getting good at this.

Nick took the head in his mouth and sucked softly, his fingers closing around his shaft and squeezing it up and down.

"Hmmm..." - Brian moaned lifting his hips.

Nick licked from the base of his cock until the tip, flicking his tongue at the pulsating vein on the underside. As Brian cried out in pleasure Nick took all of him in his mouth and Brian thrust, his hands unconsciously going down to play with Nick's hair.

"Nick! God.... hmmm... its so good...." - Brian groaned.

Nick took only the tip of him between his lips and sucked hard, vigorously, making Brian grab the sheets.

"Yes... yes... I'm almost, Nick... almost!" - Brian moaned.

He took all of him again and let Brian thrust, each thrust Brian hit the back of Nick's throat and he did it harder and harder until his body collapsed with a powerful orgasm.

"Nick!!!!!" - Brian shouted as he came inside his mouth.

Nick swallowed everything and came up to lay beside Brian. He caressed his hair and whispered.

"I love you, Brian..."

Brian turned around to him and wrapped his arms around Nick, getting himself on top of him.

"I wanna make you feel this, Nick. I want you to feel what you do to me." - Brian said cupping his face and locking eyes with him.

Nick's eyes widened as he saw the lustful look on Brian's face.

He was soft, Brian's tongue licked his neck slowly, nibbling at the skin and sucking, leaving marks.

"Hm..." - Nick closed his eyes. He was already damn hard and now Brian was making him go mad.

Since it would be the first time he'd be doing this to Nick, Brian decided he would do whatever it took to make him feel at least a little of what he felt.

Nick dug his left hand into Brian's soft curls and massaged his neck, as Brian was completely carried away sucking Nick's tongue inside his mouth.

Brian pressed his body into Nick, feeling himself getting hard again. At the same time he kept kissing and sucking Nick's lips and tongue, his hand went down and made their cocks press together even further, causing both of them to whimper loudly.

"Brian...!" - Nick gasped and locked eyes with him.

Blue to blue. Nick shuddered. The same blue eyes that comforted him. The same blue eyes that cheered him up. The very blue eyes he'd love for the rest of his life.

Brian licked Nick's chest and the boy shivered and whined.

"Ya know I'm lucky." - Brian smiled at him.

Nick gave back the smile, but it was hard to concentrate when Brian kept brushing his like feathers fingers on his cock.

"I'm one of the few people that gets to see you with your shirt off." - Brian grinned.

Nick tried to giggled but it sound more like a groan when Brian flicked his thumb hard at the head of his cock.

"I'm tummy shy." - Nick said blushing.

Brian was amazed at how easily Nick could blush. He was so precious, so insecure... he just wanted to take him in his arms and be like this forever. He always knew his friend was very caring and sweet, but when would he think he would be actually feeling Nick like this?

Brian planted small butterfly kisses on his chest and swirled his tongue around Nick's navel, sliding his tongue in and out of it.

"God!" - Nick groaned.

Brian didn't have to go much lower to be head level with Nick's cock. He was hard, his member pressing against his stomach.

Chills ran up and down Brian's stomach. That adrenaline rushing in his veins. He loved Nick, he wanted to do it to him so bad... But he was scared! He didn't... he didn't know what to do. Wrong, right. Tic-tac.

Brian looked at Nick's face, his eyes were closed and his cheeks flushed. His breath coming in gasps and his lips parted, moans and whimpers coming from his throat as Brian let his finger slide up and down his hard on. That face was everything. All Brian needed to act on his impulse. He loved Nick. He wanted to be with him forever.

With one hand Brian took Nick's cock and approached his mouth of it. Slowly he let his tongue dart out and lick the head in a circumference. Brian chocked, amazed at how ultra-sensitive the skin felt. It was soft and wet in something that should be precum.

"Huh... hmmmmmmm" - Nick whined. - "Brian..." - he moaned, his breath uneasy.

He smiled, a new and amazing feeling taking his body. He had never seen Nick like this. He had never seen he lose control like this. He was totally vulnerable, his eyes shut, his lips parted, his breath coming in gasps. Nick was there, out of control and it was the most erotic and sweet thing Brian had ever seen. This mixture of hot and soft made him go crazy in pleasure, and he took all of Nick inside his mouth.

"Uhhhhmmmm" - Nick cried thrusting senseless in that warm and wet place.

Brian sucked vigorously, flicking his tongue on the veins, licking the smooth and salty skin.

When he stopped sucking all of him, he let his tongue taste the tip of Nick. Brian placed it between his lips and moist it with his own saliva before sucking vigorously again.

That was it for Nick. He couldn't take this anymore.

His hands grabbed the pillow and he bit it hard, thrusting in Brian's mouth as he sucked all he could and stroke what was missing.

"Brian, I'm.... I can'thhhhmmm takmmmmmm hm... hm..." - Nick knew he had crossed the line of no coming back.

He was warning him, but Brian didn't want to stop. He wanted to taste Nick just as much as Nick tasted him, so he kept sucking, thrusting his head into his cock, making Nick whimper and bite the pillow.

"Fuck! God.... Ohmmmm.... Brian!!!!" - Nick groaned as he came hard, his eyes shutting and his body trembling, leaving him breathless.

Brian sucked him dry, swallowing most of his cum, and some more remained in his mouth. Brian tasted it with his tongue, it was weird. Not bad. But weird. It was Nick, he was actually tasting Nick. Brian knew he could never do this with another man. But when he did it with Nick it felt amazing. He loved him more and more, and the sight of Nick losing control and totally depending on Brian's mouth on him would never leave his mind.

"Brian..." - Nick called, his voice still weak as he tried to recover.

Brian smiled as it sounded like he was begging.

He climbed up and lied beside Nick, reaching out his arms to bring the blond's body close.

Nick melted into their embrace. He had always needed Brian, but right now he needed him to breath. He had always liked the safety Brian gave him whenever they hugged, but right now he needed that safety to survive.

"I love you, Nick..."

Nick sighed and dug his fingers into Brian's chest.

"I love you too. Promise me we'll always be together. I need you. I don't wanna lose you. I can't..." - Nick whispered.

Brian ran his fingers through his hair, massaging the skin on his head.

"I can't live without you, Nick. I don't know what is gonna happen to us, but I'll never love someone the way I love you. Its complete. I love everything about you, I love your flaws, I love your qualities, I love your hair, I love your eyes, I love your mouth..."

They smiled.

"I love our friendship and I love our love." - Brian finished. - "I have dated many girls. I have made love to many others. But I didn't know what love was until I fell for you. My best friend, my soul." - Brian whispered seriously.

"I love you." - Nick kissed Brian's bare chest. - "I'll never know exactly how it happened, but this that we share now is the greatest thing I ever had. I've always lived for something like this."

Brian kissed Nick's hair and the blond cuddled his head under Brian's chin, his hand softly running over Brian's chest, his eyes lost somewhere. He needed that touch.

"We are not gay." - Nick said slowly. - "I am not, and I know you ain't either. If I were gay I guess I would find other guys attractive, but I don't. And I'm being totally honest with myself. I love girls. But I love more what we have. I never felt anything close to what we can do together. But I don't want to do more than this..."

Brian looked at the golden head on his chest. He couldn't believe it was Nick! Nick, his little friend! Frack! The Nintendo freak! That angel... Nick... the one he loved more than his own self.

"You mean... the way two guys do it? Like,... in the butt?"

They grinned slightly.

"Yeah, I don't wanna do this."

"Oh, God! Me neither! Ya know, that was one of the reasons I was afraid of us doing what we do. I love what we do, I never felt something so deep and good, but I never wanted to do more... this that you said. I'm not gay, I don't want that done to me and I don't want to do that to you."

Nick looked at him and smiled.

"I think the same way." - he said. - "What we have is already more than I could ever want! Its all I want, all I need from life."

Brian smiled and placed his hand on his cheek.

"I never saw a couple so connected the way we are. You have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that. I was afraid to talk to you about this. I was afraid I could hurt you, and I can't hurt you because I hurt myself too." - Brian explained.

Nick brought his fingers to his mouth and kissed them softly.

"Brian... whenever you feel like you need to tell me something, you do it. Don't be afraid to hurt me, just tell me truth, always! I need to know how you feel, because you know how I do. I can't hide not even a sigh from you."

They smiled.

"What we have is perfect, Nick. I wish it could last forever."

"I know love is something that lasts forever."

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