The day Mandy and Leighanne arrived was a sunny Monday. The two boys received them at the airport and drove them back to their hotel.

They reacted good when seeing each other kiss someone else, they knew those girls, they loved them in a different way. Nick didn't know why, but he felt that it was harder for him to see Brian with Leighanne than it was being the other way around. Maybe because Nick was sure he didn't love Mandy. Not now that he knew what love really was. But he wasn't sure Brian didn't feel anything for Leighanne. He knew he loved him, but Brian was just so... difficult. It was hard for him to part with things, specially people. He knew he was more close to Leighanne than he was with Mandy.

"Hey, Nick, guess what!" - Mandy exclaimed as they were all in the yard of the hotel with the other boys.

"What honey?" - Nick smiled at her.

"I signed with the record company! YAY! And I've changed my name again..."

Nick giggled and rolled his eyes.

"Go ahead, I'm prepared." - Nick said narrowing his eyes.

Mandy punched him slightly.

"My new name is Willa! Willa Ford!"

Nick laughed loudly and so did Brian and the guys.

"I love it." - he said pulling Willa close by her waist.

"See, Brian? I have to watch this gurl out for your friend. She is always causing me trouble!" - Leighanne laughed sat on Brian's lap.

Nick was avoiding to look at her. But sometimes he just couldn't help, it! He needed to look at Brian and be sure nothing had changed. And he was sure. Brian looked back at him with that secret shine, a thousand words unspoken, three in particular. Nick could hear him saying I Love You through his eyes. And... oh! He loved him back so bad!

The day passed by quickly, and at night they felt a weird feeling that almost made them cry. They would have to sleep with their girlfriends... But it was just so good to sleep cuddled with each other! Even if they didn't make love, only sleep into each other's arms was enough for both Brian and Nick. But now... oh, now they were back to 'real life.'

Only Nick wasn't being able to stand it. He couldn't be with Mandah, Mandy, Willa, whatever, knowing it was so easy to dump her and be with Brian. It wasn't healthy be with her. He didn't want to. Willa was only getting on his way to be with Brian, why spend time with her when he could be just with his love?

"I missed you so bad..." - Willa whispered running her hands over Nick's body and lying him onto the bed.

"I missed you too, baby..."

"Nick, make love to me, honey, I wanna fuck all night long..." - she grinned.

Nick giggled. Could he do it? His heart was saying no, but his body was liking the idea.

Nick rolled on top of her and they began to make out.

Willa soon ripped his shirt and began to kiss and lick his chest, fast, always fast the way it had always been.

"Hm..." - Nick moaned when she dug her long nails on his back.

"Do you like it, Nick? You like when I hurt ya like this?" - she whispered scratching his back and up and down.

Yes, he liked it in the beginning. But was it what he really wanted now?

"Yes, baby..." - Nick whispered back, the pain of those long nails into his flesh.

"Hm..." - Willa moaned and went to kiss his neck.

She stopped.

"Nick, what the hell are those marks on your neck!"

'Shit!' - Nick thought and had to keep a laughter.

"Whi...which marks, Willa?"

She let go of him, her eyes burning Nick's.

"You've been with some hooker, haven't you? Say it, fuck!"

"Willa, I haven't been with any other girl!" - now this was true.

"I know this type of marks! Who was the bitch? I bet it was one of those whores that send ya letters!"

"Willa, those are my fans! And no, I did not sleep with any of them! I might have hurt myself, I don't know... Maybe it was the shirt..." - Nick failed in keeping his giggle.

"You think this is funny? You've been cheating on me you motherfucker!"

Nick didn't have time to react when Willa slapped him hard across the face, leaving a red mark of her fingers on his cheek and eye.

Nick looked at her baffled, his heart racing.

"Wanna know something, Carter? You weren't the only one playing around, I cheated on you too! Yes, I fucking did! Wanna know why? Because you were never man enough to me!"

"What the hell are you talking about, I didn't cheat on you!" - 'I only fell in love.'

"Bullshit! You are never gonna put your hands on me again, did you hear me?! Fuck you! I need a man by my side, not some child I have to raise! Get a life, Carter!"

She yelled going to the closet and taking her bags.

"And I'll get another room!" - Willa screamed before slamming the door.

Nick was still in shock. His face was burning with the slap. He didn't know why, though, he began to laugh. He was free! No more Willa in his life! No more submission to that woman! YAY!

Nick was laughing when he laid on the bed again. Now nothing would keep him from being with Brian.

In the other room Brian was sleeping with Leigh by his side when they heard the screams coming from Nick's room.

"You heard that, Brian?" - Leigh asked.

"Yes, wasn't it Mandy?"

"Willa." - Leighanne corrected him.

"Is she fighting with Nick again?" - Brian asked.

"I don't know, maybe I should go check on this girl."

"Ok, you find her and I find Nick."

They both got out of bed and dressed up before leaving the room.

As soon as they were out they found Willa in the hallway, swearing, crying, going crazy. They exchanged looks and Brian nodded for Leighanne to go comfort her. He would go check on Nick and see if she hadn't killed him.

"Nick..." - Brian said entering through the opened door.

The blond was lying on the bed and turned around immediately when seeing Brian.

"Close the door." - Nick asked.

Brian did what he said before approaching the bed.

"God, your face... did she do that?" - Brian asked touching Nick's cheek softly.

Both of them shuddered with the slight touch.

"Yeah, but don't worry. I got used to this kind of 'love-showing' coming from Willa."

"Are you ok?"

Brian sat on the bed, his hands sliding through Nick's hair. The blond almost forgot to speak lost into Brian's blue eyes.

Slowly he nodded.

"Why did you fight?"

"Oh... she was jealous again. But this time I think I gave her a reason."


Nick pointed at his neck where several red marks were reminding Brian of the last night Nick and him had made love.

Brian blinked several times.

"Oh, God... I'm so sorry, Nick! Please... How could I forget she would see this, I'm sorry..." - Brian shook his head.

Nick stopped him with a kiss. They both froze when the soft lips pressed together for some time.

When he pulled away Nick said:

"Thank you. I couldn't stand being with Willa anymore. I don't love her. I just wanna be with you. I guess it was for the better."

Brian felt small. Nick realized what he was thinking.

"You don't wanna leave Leighanne, right?" - Nick said with a bitter tone. -"I don't care if you are with her, Brian. As long as you love me."

They smiled.

"I will always love you, Nick!" - Brian's eyes shone and he cupped Nick's face. - "I don't love Leigh. I don't wanna break up with her, though. I'll just keep going, just some more time until I can actually feel ready to break up, ya know? Besides, people will never suspect about us this way."

"I don't really care if they do. I'm not gay. But I understand what you say. I know I have your love, you can do whatever you want with her."

Brian pulled Nick into a hug.

"Just give me time and let me build courage to leave her. I'll do it sooner or later. You can have a girlfriend if you want, Nick. I don't care. I look into your eyes and I know you love me. Just like I love and will always love you. I can't fight this feeling, Nick..."

"Its just love, Brian. And love lasts forever."

They locked eyes.

The following second their lips met again, passionately, their tongues slid into each other's mouths, licking and sucking on everything they could touch. Hands traveling up and down trying to make them an unique body. Just as if they wouldn't be together the next moment, just as if the world would finish tomorrow, just like this they were desperately hugging and kissing each other.

"I love you, Nick..." - Brian whispered between kisses.

He didn't know why he felt like crying, he just wanted to hold Nick forever.

"I love you too... I love you..." - Nick kissed Brian forehead and later lips. - "Don't be sad, Bri... go and do what you have to. We are best friends, we are lovers, and nothing can change this."

Brian kissed his lips again. The warmth of Nicks's lips made life worth living for him.

"What the hell did you just do, Willa?" - Leighanne exclaimed in front of her.

"I dumped the fucking bastard. Nick was cheating on me!" - she cried.

Leighanne kneeled in front of her and caressed her face, encouraging her.

"Honey, its not like you never cheated on him too. We know what its like to be away from our man for so long... We do this too. You cheat on Nick and I cheat on Brian. Its not like we are really cheating... We love them. Its just that we have blood in our veins and sometimes we just need a body to hug when we wake up... isn't it true?"

Willa nodded.

"So, darling, thats just what Nick did. This girl didn't mean anything to him, he loves you! You go there and get back with him, you can't waste the chance of making your dreams come true. You are gonna be a singer, you are gonna be famous! You need Nick, thats what it's all about."

Willa dried her own tears.

"You suck Leighanne." - she said in a husky voice, baffling Leighanne. - "I was with Nick because I truly liked him! Of course I wanted to be a singer and obviously Nick helped me. But I loved him, and thats why I was with him. I don't need any man to help me out and give me a career. I can do it by myself. You are dirty... you're the one using Brian just to hit success. If I'm like this now its coz it hurts breaking up with Nick. I never really liked cheating on him. I did it only twice and I'll regret it forever. Now I know how it feels, and I'm sorry for what I did. I have my own life and I make my own choices. I'm not fake, Leighanne... I don't know how I could be your friend. I bet you thought I was just like you..."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm not like this." - Willa stood up and so did Leighanne. - "I loved Nick. But now its over. I feel sorry for Brian, he really drools over you."

"I love him!" - Leighanne yelled.

Willa shook her head and grinned slightly.

"Me you can't fool, honey. Adios..." - she waved and went away.

Is anyone reading this?