They performed their last show in Scotland the following day. After two hours on stage, singing and dancing, they were all worn out when heading to their dressing room.

Nick and Brian escaped for a few seconds before the latter having to go with Leighanne. They kissed briefly and with one touch they made the other feel all the love they kept inside. No words were needed. Just their eyes, just their touch...

Right now Nick was alone heading to his own room where he'd change before going to the hotel, packing and going to the airport, back to the US.

"Hello..." - a voice said when he entered the room.

"Willa?" - Nick asked in shock when seeing the girl sat on his chair, her legs crossed in a short red skirt, a red blouse showing half of her breasts, making memories rush through Nick's mind, making him hard against his will.

"Nick... I'm so sorry... I wanted to talk to you... Maybe I didn't give you time to explain yourself..." - she said softly crossing her legs.

Nick couldn't take his eyes out of the sight, but what she said made him go mad.

"I don't have anything to explain. I did nothing. Go away, Willa... I don't wanna fight again."

"Nick! You can't just say this and walk away!" - she stood up and grabbed his arm. - "You have any idea how hard it is for me to be here? I want you, damnit it! I've always loved you, you know that. I'm sorry if I sounded bitchy most of the times, its just who I am!"

"Willa, no! Its over!" - Nick tried to ignore how close those breasts really were from his face. - "I don't love you anymore, I'm in love with someone else."

"You what?!"

"Yes, Willa. I'm in love with someone else, and now I know what love is. For sure I liked you a lot, I really had a crush on you, I fell for you. But love... real love I only felt now. Its over. I can't go on, my heart is taken. Forever."

Nick smiled remembering the way Brian looked into his eyes moments ago. This was love... it had always been love,... how come they didn't feel it before?

"You asshole! You were just using me, huh?"

"Oh, c'mon, don't play the victim! Its not like you got nothing from this relationship. You got your career."

"I'm not like Leighanne!" - she exploded.

"What you saying?"

"Fucking nothing! Ya wanna break up? Ok, fine! I'm glad its happening, you were never man enough to me! So needed, so childish... I need a real man by my side!" - she yelled.

That was it for him. Nick blew his top at Willa. He grabbed her by the waist and threw everything that was on the table ahead of the mirror to lay Willa on it.

"You don't think I was man enough for you? Maybe you don't really knew me that well."

"Nick, what are you doing..." - her eyes widened and a grin played on her lips as Nick began to unbutton her blouse harshly, revealing her breasts that he immediately put in his mouth.

"Don't you want this? Isn't it what you like? To be treated like a bitch? Don't you want me to fuck your brains out?" - Nick whispered, his breath heavy, anger filling him inside.

"Oh, yes, Nick!" - she screamed as he ripped off her panties. - "Fuck me hard, fuck me now!"

Nick unzipped his pants and lowered his boxers. Willa screamed as he began to thrust into her.

"Is this how you like it, bitch?" - he exclaimed, his eyes closing as he thrust harder and harder.

"Yes! Fuck! Harder, Nick! Fuck me, fuck me!" - she yelled.

That was the man she wanted. This Nick. Rude, bad, masculine. Why couldn't he be like this? How didn't she know he COULD be like this?

"You like it?" - he asked, sweat covering his face.

"Yes, fuck! Harder!"

"Shut up, bitch!" - Nick was just so angry he began to fuck her harder, senseless. His rage, his anger coming a little coz of what Willa had said, but most of all coz of Leighanne. That bitch that was taking Brian's time. He hated her. He hated Willa, he just wanted Brian.

"Oh, God, Nick!!!!!!"

She screamed feeling her orgasm near.

He was also about to explode, he loved fucking a woman, he was loving the feeling of fucking Willa with no love, only with rage, no love making, no sex... a real fuck. Why had he never treated her like this before?

"Hm... huh... " - his breath increased as he thrust extremely fast, grabbing her by the hips and forcing her to thrust into him too.

"Yes, yes!" - she yelled. - "More, Nick, more!!!!!"

Nick thrust a few more times and Willa came, screaming loudly as her body collapsed trembling on the table.

Nick thrust a few more times before coming himself. He came hard into her. His own body collapsing with the intensity of their movements.

They took a few minutes to catch their breaths when Willa finally got her underwear and put it on, fixing her hair while looking in the mirror and then smiling at Nick.

"I love you..." - she said.

"Fuck off, Willa. Get out of my life." - Nick said smiling calmly.

"What?! Why did you just fuck me then?"

"You said I wasn't man enough. I just wanted to change your mind. You can go now."

"You bastard!" - she yelled.

Nick was amazed at how nobody had heard them. Well, maybe they did.

"Willa...? Please, ok? Lets finish this. We can't get along together, period. Besides, I really meant what I said when I told ya I was in love."


"Spare me the drama. Its not like you didn't enjoy yourself. You screamed like a whore."

She reached out to slap him again but Nick stopped her.

"No, Mandy. Its over."

"Willa! And I'm out of here. Don't ever look for me again..."

"I won't."

"Because I won't take you back! You faggot!" - she screamed heading to the door.

Nick laughed.

"Ok, just be careful coz the faggot here got you all wet. Don't let people see ya, ok?"

She grunted and slammed the door after she left.

Nick sighed and cleaned himself up.

He wasn't like that! Maybe he was mean with her, ok... Whatever! He was pissed.

Nick surprised himself at how different he could be. He so wasn't that Nick! Oh, to hell with this. Willa was over now. Thats all that really mattered.


The boys left Scotland at four in the the night. Willa decided she'd take another plain since she couldn't see Nick. Brian was with Leighanne, which was making Nick feel sort of bothered and bored, concentrating on his game boy.

Due to the time differences between the two countries, although the trip took several hours, at twelve o'clock pm they were back to Florida, in time to have lunch at the Jive Records building, where they would be the whole day to set up the details and begin to record their third album.

Yeppers, no vacations for at least four or five months.

"Brian, since you'll be working the whole time I guess I'll be going home now. I still have some things to check on my career, ya know how these things are... I'll be coming back to visit you every time. At least once a week, ok?" - Leighanne said playing with Brian's shirt.

"Sure, baby. I'll miss you. Take care and I'll call you everyday. You want me to drive you to the airport?"

"No, I can ask the driver. You have to be here working I guess."

Brian nodded.

"I love how understanding you are." - Brian smiled.

"And I love you!" - Leighanne kissed him passionately.

Brian thanked God Nick wasn't there. He knew it hurt him seeing him with Leigh. Well, it wasn't good for him either. Though it wasn't bad. He liked to be with her. He was attracted to her in many ways. There was only something... she couldn't make his heart beat so fast like Nick. She couldn't understand his eyes and smile like his friend. They just weren't that close to sleep cuddled during the night only because one of them was scared... This could never happen between them. Because they had a mature relationship, and with Nick he felt like a child again. They were both depending on that love, on that connection to survive. Brian never felt that.

He dated so many girls... he thought he knew what love was. That safety, that commitment, the company and the share of ideas. But with Nick he had so much more. The waking up everyday and feel your heart beat with the thought of that face. To feel home with a touch, to cry and laugh and just thank God for being so lucky...

He was dragged out of this world when Leighanne spoke again.

"I have to go now sweetie. Good luck for you and the guys."

Brian smiled.

"Bye, Leigh...


Brian found Nick in the hallway and gave him the news.

"Leighanne is gone. She'll be coming once a week, though. Its only you and me again."

Nick's eyes shone and a silly smile played on his lips.

Brian looked around before pushing Nick into a room where nobody was in.

"God, I love you... I love you so much..." - Brian whispered cupping Nick's face.

Nick trembled with the sound of that voice. How could his best friend make him feel this way? His heart was slamming against his chest and butterflies spreading all over his body.

Without saying a word he approached his face to Brian's and kissed him passionately, letting his tongue run across his teeth and finally wrestling with Brian's tongue.

Their bodies pressed together and immediately responded to their hot making out. Brian was smoothing Nick's neck while the blond was always in a rush to take control over the kiss. His tongue always dueling with Brian's for dominance, licking, sucking, enjoying all those feelings of a friendship that turned into love.

"I love you, Brian..." - Nick laughed slightly. - "Its so crazy... I mean, we are Frick and Frack, we play video-game, we goof off... and now I fell so hard for you that my heart actually aches when you are not around... I need you more than you'll ever know." - Nick finished serious.

Brian wrapped his arms around him and kissed his hair.

"We'll have to go before they notice our absence. But my heart also aches when I can't be with you. If the world was to finish tomorrow I wouldn't want anyone besides you by my side. I love you in all the ways someone can be loved, Nick..." - Brian smiled at him.

Their lips met and kissed softly once again.


During several months their lives were perfect. From time to time they had to bear with Leighanne's presence between them, but it was nothing, nothing could take away the bliss they were living in.

Each night they would sleep with each other, just cuddled or close to the safe warmth of their bodies. And, of course, there was also the things they could do together, the pleasure, the unimaginable pleasure they could feel through their touches. They never really wanted to go further then what they already did. It wasn't missing. They didn't like and didn't want that kind of sex. What they had was already more than they could wish for. The more they did it, the more accomplices they were. The more they needed each other during every second of every day. No, they didn't get tired of this. Each day they fell harder, they were depending more of the growing love Frick and Frack were now sharing.


Their third album was about to come out. They were already performing some shows with their first single, I Want It That Way. Just more a couple of months and Millennium would be out. Selling like water on the stores.

Time really flies when you are happy, they realized this when Nick turned nineteen and Brian was now twenty four. They were all older than they had been in the beginning, and not only physically. Their minds had grown, so many things happened inside and outside of them.

They had just finished the making off for I Want It That Way, and soon it would be playing on MTV, and soon they would be all there with Carson to talk about their next album.

Leighanne was there sometimes. Almost a year of being with Nick and Brian still hadn't dumped her. Nick was patient because he couldn't really care. It was just her being gone, Brian and Nick would spend every second they could together. He felt jealous when Brian was with her, but didn't have how to feel unloved.

Brian's touch was always there, his sweet words too. And Nick melted, and Brian melted too. The passion was burning like fire, and the deepest love was filling their hearts, shining through their eyes.

Brian moved on the bed to look at Nick's face. The blond nodded and Brian turned the lights down. Immediately their bodies approached and cuddled to each other.

Nick inhaled the perfume coming from Brian's hair and just allowed himself to be protected into his arms. From time to time he would have some girl to fool around with, but Brian knew this. Nothing could ever get in the way, not even if they wanted it to. Their love was specially strong because it was inside a friendship. Or was the friendship to be inside the love?

It didn't really matter.

Brian held Nick tight, knowing he could never love someone the way he loved him. This was something his heart was saying. Not even if he wanted, not even if he tried to run away. It was a matter of souls and hearts. Something beyond our control, something just amazing. Just the best thing in this world, just what everybody wishes for. Love. That love that makes you sleepless and peaceful. That makes you cry and laugh. That gives you pain and pleasure. The love you can't run away from. That connection you know you'll have for the rest of your life.

"I love you, Frack. I belong to you, Nick."

Nick gripped on Brian's body, as if fighting to make them one.

"I love you too... I love you with all my heart, Brian. Please be with me always..."

Nick babbled against Brian's chest and he kissed his golden hair, before doing like in so many nights, sleeping with arms wrapped around each other, as close as possible.

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