He would never be able to explain how bad and deep Nick could affect him. When Brian saw his face after those two months away it was like he hadn't seen him in years, and when they hugged in front of the other boys none of them could see the strong bond being shared through their touch and their no spoken words.

"Hey you people!" - AJ exclaimed happily, hugging Brian while Nick was know hugging Howie, all the guys taking turns in greeting each other.

"Yo, J! Wassup?" - Brian smiled.

"Oh, I can't wait to go to Europe again!" - Kevin exclaimed.

"Yeah! Me neither! I have such wonderful memories from there..." - Nick said dreamily.

Brian passed by him and whispered something into his ear.

"Specially from Paris..."

Nick giggled. He turned around and locked eyes with Brian. That shine was and would always be there. The smile on his lips, the desire, the passion... They couldn't wait to be alone again. Only the Backstreet Boys, only Frick and Frack. Only Nick and Brian.

The boys took the plane after lunch, and it would take them to Sweetzland, where they would arrive late at night.

They wouldn't be much time abroad, just some months promoting Millennium in the main cities, giving interviews and taking pictures to magazines. Soon they would be back to Los Angeles, where they would make the video for Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely, their next single. It was really amazing to stop and see where they were now. Thats the fun about life, when they joined the group they never knew what could happen. Neither Nick nor Brian specially.

Times of joy... the bliss they have lived in for almost two years now. Nick and Brian were in heaven. These had been the best days of their lives, not even all the inner struggle Brian was living could keep him from the feeling he shared with Nick. That deep connection, that friendship, and that love...

In the beginning of January the boys went to Florida, Nick wanted to spend his birthday with his family as usual, and besides they had some charity shows to perform in Tampa.

The day when Nick turned twenty, all the boys and his friend celebrated it together with his family.

Their third album was selling great all over the world, their new single playing on radios every time. And their new video that showed some of the sorrows, and though moments they had to go through. Kevin with the memories of his father; Howie with the loss of his sister; AJ with his first girlfriend's death in an accident; Brian with his heart surgery, and Nick with his famous loneliness. Only now it wasn't real anymore.

Because they had each other. Time was passing, it was true, but the more it did the more Nick and Brian fell for each other. The deeper their friendship got, the stronger their love was.

When Brian turned twenty five Nick even questioned him about maybe breaking up with Leighanne, because maybe it was time for them to face it.

"You love me, don't you?" - Nick asked.

"I breath you." - Brian answered, their fingers intertwined.

"Why don't we just go for it, Brian? I mean... just why? I'm not afraid, I want to be with you. During all this time we have been together I learnt what love is. And I learnt what life is too. Right now if I didn't have your love I could no longer live, I wanna be with you forever."

Brian smoothed his hair. He loved him. He loved Nick.

"I love you, Nick. I'll always love you. You know I just need some time."

"Two years? And you are still with Leighanne."

"I know, I know... Just don't worry about it, ok? We are together, ain't we? You love me, don't you?"

"I love you! I need you!"

"Then give me a smile, will you Frack?" - Brian squeezed his cheeks and Nick giggled.


Nick sighed and pulled Brian into a hug. Their lips met briefly and as it always happened once they were together, the world around faded out.

He took her to a chinese restaurant.

Brian was so damn nervous he could barely keep his hands from shaking. He needed to talk with Leighanne. They were now sat in a table at her favorite restaurant. Dinner had arrived and they were talking about trivial stuff while eating. He wanted to postpone it as much as possible, he was too damn nervous. Could he really go through with this?

Fifteen minutes later he knew he would have to do it. Say what he had to. That was the reason he took her there.

"Dinner was delicious, honey. You know I love this place." - she smiled.

Brian smiled back at her.

"Leigh... the reason I took you here is because we need to talk, honey. Its something very serious..."

She found his hands on the table.

"Tell me sweetie. What is it?"

Brian opened his mouth, but the place was just too noisy. Leighanne watched his expression.

"Baby, what you say we go back to our apartment? There we can talk more privately, with no one around to bother."

Brian nodded. Good, he would have more time to build courage enough.

"Sure, Leigh, baby... I'll pay the bill and we talk when we get back home."

She smiled warmly and they stood up. Brian hoped Leighanne didn't catch his hands trembling slightly when he used his credit card to pay the restaurant's host.

Twenty minutes later they were back at their apartment in Florida.

"Do you want something, darling? Tea, coffee?" - Leighanne asked walking in.

Brian took her hand and kept her from walking even further.

"No, Leigh... just look at me. Look at me and listen, ok?"

She faced him, a funny smile on her lips.

"Ok, Brian. I'm hearing."

Brian swallowed. It was hard. Fucking hard! But he had to... Don't ask him why, he had to! They were in the very beginning of the year... Things could change, they would have to.

"I... I need to tell you something."

Leighanne kept the smile, widened her eyes and nodded.

"Go on, sweetie..."

Brian took a very deep sigh before kneeling in front of her and taking her hand between his. He showed her a small black box with a golden ring covered up with sapphires.

"Leigh... will you marry me?"

"Oh my God, Brian!" - she gasped.

Brian's eyes shone due the water forming on them. Tears... No, he couldn't cry.

She couldn't believe it. Her dream! Now all of her dreams would come true! She was almost crying, trembling, could this be really for real?

"Yes! Yes, I will, Brian! Thats all I want!"

Brian bit his lip and stood up so that they could kiss passionately.

"I'm so glad you said yes..." - Brian whispered in her ear.

"I love you so much, honey!" - she exclaimed. She was the luckiest girl in this planet. Marrying a Backstreet Boy? Being rich and famous forever? Oh, God! She almost felt guilty, but the bliss she was now was what got the best of her.

"I love you too, honey..." - Brian babbled. The words demanded a lot of strength from him. No he didn't love her. Yes, he loved Nick. But he just... this was the best thing to do.

Besides, he didn't really think he would marry her, he just wanted to be engaged and set up a date for months ahead... Till there lots of things could happen. He just wanted to keep Leigh busy while he thought over and over and tried to find a solution for him and his soul mate. Nick couldn't be mad, Brian loved him and would make this very clear to him. He just needed time... he was always needed of time and it just occurred that Leighanne could get tired of waiting. What if he gave her hopes? This was the best way to keep things the way they were and give him more time.

"I was thinking about getting married in the end of the year. You know how we'll be all busy with the new tour, and by then we'll be on vacations, just doing some slight work to a next album. We'll have a lot of time to plan this... I want it to be perfect." - Brian swallowed hard again.

"Oh, Brian! You are amazing! I totally agree with you. I also have Olive Juice, you know... I think we could really get married by the end of this year... YAY! Oh, my God! I can't believe we are actually gonna be together forever, honey!"

Leighanne hugged and kissed him again.

"Me neither." - Brian replied.

oh-oh... I smell trouble. Don't you?