"You proposed to her?!" - Nick asked in shock, his heart beating fast.

He was alone with Brian in their room.

"Yes..." - Brian sighed with guilty. - "I wanted you to be the first to know."

"Fuck you! How could you...?" - Nick lost his voice, he was almost trembling in fear and anger.

He calmed down though when Brian approached him with a smile on his lips.

"Nick, Nick.. I love you!"

Nick's lips were trembling when Brian kissed them softly.

"Then why?"

"Its just... oh, Nick... I had to keep Leigh busy, ya know? We've been together for so long, she needs to feel we are moving on. Besides, we set up a date to the end of the year, probably september, till then we have a great deal of time and I'll break up before marrying her."

"Will you?"

Oh, God... he loved Nick so much. How could he explain his confusion to him without hurting his love?

"Yes... just need time, Nick. I know I've had a lot, but you can't complain, I mean, I've loved with all my heart during these years and I always will. Just because its like our souls are connected. You feel it too... you know what I mean."

"Yes..." - Nick ran his hands over Brian's cheeks, eyes and hair. - "I just don't wanna lose you."

"You'll never, Nick. We belong together. There is a lot of time ahead, lots of things can happen, even Leigh can break up with me. We are gonna be together during this time just as if nothing had happened, only people will never suspect anything, everything will be extremely normal."

Nick nodded.

Brian couldn't help it. He loved Nick so much his heart was aching. He took the younger boy into his arms and Nick cuddled his head to his chest. It didn't really matter the fact Brian was shorter.

"Promise me we will always be together?" - Nick whispered.

"Yes... I will always love you."

"I love you too."

The news of Brian proposing to Leighanne spread easily all over the world. Brian's family and friends were the firsts to show their approval and give the couple their congrats. Nick almost hated his band mates for that. But again, how could they know what Brian and him had?

Nick was never really good with secrets, but up till now Brian and him managed to keep one during two years. And it wasn't a little secret... it was the secret of their lives! Frick and Frack loved each other... they fell in love. They made love too. Was this wrong? Nick had lost the notion of right and wrong long ago. Brian was right. Leighanne was wrong and that was all he knew.

In April the boys began the making off of Larger Than Life. This song was just awesome, they loved to play it on stage. It had all this energy and they could sort of interact with fans through it. Making the video was awesome too. Lots of effects, beautiful girls to look at... and ugly ones too. At least for him. Leighanne was always there roaming around. The bitch. Oh, well... he couldn't care less though. Brian loved him! And only him! They were gonna be together, that was for sure... He loved Brian so much he couldn't even think of living without him. Leighanne would have a surprise when time came. Nick giggled to himself.

They were all together sharing an apartment. Nick was very cozy on the sofa when he saw that little thing walking by.

"Hey you!" - Nick called smiling. - "Come here, boy!" - he hissed. - "Come with me Tyk!"

The little white dog made its way to Nick and the blond got him in his arms. It was amazing how the chihuahua seemed to love him. Sometimes Brian would even get slightly jealous.

Nick played with the dog for a while and he didn't even realize it when he fell asleep holding Tyk, who laid quietly in his arms.

Half an hour later Brian walked in the room and a smiled played on his lips as Nick laid there, cuddling Tyk. He couldn't resist the urge to go and take a pic of him.

After he did that Nick slowly opened his eyes as Tyk began to move on his chest.

He looked at Brian and saw a cute smile of his lover's lips.

"You two look so cute!" - Brian said.

Nick laughed.

"Tyk loves me. Leighanne tries to win his love with that little bitch she got."

"Litty?" - Brian asked giggling.

"Yeah. The very."

Nick laughed a bit cranky.

"C'mon, Nick... the guys are waiting for us to play monopodium."

"Oh, I'm going!" - Nick smiled and stood up to follow Brian.

A few weeks later they were all together in a meeting, it was right after Larger Than Life's video was released. The press wanted to talk to them.

The Backstreet Boys answered questions during long and boring thirty minutes, endless questions and simple answers. How many times had their answered the same thing? Er.. a thousand?

Oh, now a different question at least. Some man stood up and questioned:

"Hey, is any of you gay?"

He felt that uncontrollable laughter coming from inside of him and Nick couldn't hold it back. He began to laugh loudly, having to bury his face on his hands.

Kevin, Howie and AJ grinned, looked at the man and shook their hands, taking it as a joke.

On the other hand for some reason Brian got really pissed. Maybe it was because he never expected something like that. He stood up and talked.

"Ok, ladies and gentlemen I guess thats the end of the interview."

The other boys followed him out, Nick's face still flushed with the laughter.

They they weren't gay! They just made a mistake(?) and fell in love.

It was nine o'clock. Nick and Brian were sharing a small apartment in New York. While Brian was somewhere doing something he didn't know, Nick was on the computer, talking to fans, answering e-mails, downloading songs and playing games. Completely carried away with technology.

Brian walked in the room smoothly and looked at the one he loved the most. Nick was so into that machine ahead of him... Brian doubted he saw him.

He approached slowly and touched Nick's shoulder, nuzzling on his neck and kissing him softly.

"Is it fun, sweetie?" - Brian asked trying to drag Nick's attention with his husky whispers and wet lips on his sensitive skin.

"Yeah! I'm having a hell of a good time, Bri. You should try more and use this computer. Its really good entertainment."

"Hm... I bet it is... But I was thinking of something else that could be really, really good entertainment..." - Brian licked Nick's earlobe and bit it softly, seductively.

"Oh... I don't think so. Not now, Brian, I'm so into this chatrooms! I love you, Frick, I just wanna play a little."

Brian bit his lips. Damn, he was hard! He wanted to do something with Nick, anything! He just knew he wanted it.

"Ya know, Nick... we can do a little playing ourselves." - Brian said playing with his hair, knowing how easily it could turn him on.

"Not this time, Brian." - Nick giggled, his eyes never letting go of the screen. - "Its not gonna work."

"You sure?" - damn! He wanted to play with Nick... he really did. - "I love you, baby..."

"I don't even need to turn around to know you got your puppy eyes on." - Nick joked.

"Oh, ok." - Brian sighed although he had no intentions in giving up. - "Can I give you a massage?"

Brian asked smoothing his shoulders.

"Hm..." - Nick moaned. - "This would be good. You do that while I talk here." - Nick went on typing. Right now he was teasing Brian, he was totally in this game of i-don't-want-you-now.

Brian ran the his fingertip up and down the back of Nick's neck and felt the skin shivering under his touch.

"What? You cold, Nicky?" - he couldn't even recognize his voice, so low and hoarse it was. He was very, very hard.

"Hm... its feels good."

"How good? This good?" - from his upright position Brian slid his hand in Nick's shirt and soon found his right nipple.

He used his fingertip to play with it, make it hard and then he moved to the left one. Rolling it on his finger until it was hard like the other.

"I'm saying... you are not getting what you want." - Nick warned smiling.

"Hm... who said I want something? I'm giving you a massage..." - Brian replied innocently.

Nick giggled and typed something on the keyboard, pretending he didn't even know Brian was there. Suddenly he didn't feel his caresses anymore and looked around searching for him. Brian appeared in front of Nick, between him and the computer and began to kiss him on the lips, sliding his tongue, pushing it and making Nick part his lips.

Brian sucked and nibbled on them, licking Nick's tongue slowly, sucking his lips into his mouth.

Oh, Nick was loving it. Nothing could feel better than kissing Brian. Nothing! He was sure about that. But this game was just so cool...

"Brian, get the hell out." - Nick grinned and pushed him away. - "I can't see the screen like this."

"And like this... can you see the screen now?" - Brian kneeled in front of him as Nick was sat right in front of the computer. The look on his face was sweet, innocent and with a slight sign of the devil he could be.

"Hmhum." - Nick said, trying not to care and looking ahead of him.

Brian began to unzip his jeans, open his belt and soon he was facing the semi hard Nick was keeping inside his boxers.

Nick kept typing when suddenly he had to stop.

"Hmmp!" - he grunted when Brian sucked in the tip of his cock through his boxers.

"What? Am I bothering you?"

"No, not at all. Its ok." - Nick said careless.

Oh, but he would pay for acting like this! Brian smiled and managed to take his pants AND his boxers to the floor. Nick's cock was hard and proud, and Brian had his face between his thighs.

He caressed the inner part of Nick's thighs, squeezing it softly and Nick bit down on his lip. He was almost begging now. He wanted to be touched, but he kept the game and not even looked down at what Brian was doing.

Suddenly he felt a hot mouth on his balls and Brian was sucking on them, his fingertips playing with Nick's head, tracing circumferences up and down.

"Hm..." - Nick moaned and closed his eyes.

"What? Does it feel good?" - Brian smiled.

He took the tip of Nick in his mouth and liked it slowly, with no rush to actually suck on it. It drove Nick wild.

His hands forgot the keyboard and went on playing with Brian's hair, those soft curls on his neck... his hands were silently begging him to suck, to allow Nick to thrust into that hot mouth.

Now Brian was happy. Nick forgot the stupid computer, he could no longer pretend something wasn't happening, his body was aching for release. Brian flicked his tongue from the base up till the tip, he felt something leaking form it.

"So hard..." - Brian said teasingly.

"Please, Brian... oh, God..." - Nick closed his eyes and reached for his hair. - "please suck me, I need this..."

Brian stroke him a few times before letting all of Nick slide into his mouth. He sucked softly and roughly, and Nick went all the way up to heaven and touched the stars.

"God! Hmmmmmmm!" - he whimpered, his breath increasing and coming in gasps.

Brian wanted to tease him more for having played with him before. He stopped sucking and licked only the wet throbbing tip over and over, not sucking, only pressing his tongue against his tip, pushing it on his slit, mixing his saliva with the dropping precum.

"Ahhhhhhllllmmmmmm" - Nick growled and closed his eyes.

Oh, yes, Brian loved him.

"Brian please... you stared it, now make me come... I need it so bad..."

It was true. Nick's cock looked painful, pulsating. His pink head throbbing wildly against his soft tongue.

"Ok, sweetie. I love you."

"I love you too..." - Nick moaned and closed his eyes.

Brian took his cock once again and began to thrust into it fast, roughly, making Nick's head brush against his throat. Nick was crying, whining, whimpering, his eyes shut, his breath coming in gasps as he thrust into Brian's mouth more and more, feeling his release so close...

Nick's hand closed on his own shirt-collar as if he was trying to rip it off, to tear it up, to make it torn.

"Brian, I'm gonna... Brian, I.... Brian, GOD!!!!!!!!" - Nick shouted and came hard.

Brian kept sucking everything Nick had to offer, and when he was done he came up to kiss him, their tongues dueling between Nick's taste.

Brian ran his hands through his hair as Nick kept staring at him, breathless.

"I love you so much..." - for some reason Brian's voice was cracking.

"I... I just wanna be like this forever."

Nick said and bit on his lower lip. From now on Brian was his life. And he knew he could never live without him. No, he shouldn't think of this... he couldn't even think of one day losing that guy. His brother, his best friend, his lover, his soul mate. They would always be together.

Wouldn't they?

don't u feel like something is about to happen?