They were in the end on July. As much as he hated to think about it, Nick knew the months were passing by very damn quickly. And still Brian hadn't made a move to dump Leighanne. They were still together. Their wedding still arranged for September. Nick felt a light, freezing breeze inside his chest whenever he thought about this.

Its was just that... he had to trust Brian. They loved each other... they couldn't live apart. Brian would never leave him. Nick was his true love! They couldn't do it...

"What are you thinking about, honey?" - Brian asked with Nick in his arms.

It was midnight and they were lying on bed, wrapped into each other's arms.

"Oh, nothing." - Nick sighed.

He turned around to face Brian, their mouths inches away, their breath mixed up, their eyes lost into that blue ocean.

"I love you so much..." - Nick said. - "I never loved anyone in my entire life. I've had crushes and everything else... But I never felt this. Whenever I hear your voice it gets through me... ya know? Its like I can hear, feel you with every cell in my body..."

Brian squeezed Nick's hand and pulled his body closer, their noses touching, their foreheads too.

"I love you with my whole body and soul." - Brian said. - "After two years, whenever I look at you my heart still jumps. If someone speaks your name, if you smile at me I feel my heart melting. When you and me are together its like everything is perfect. Its like ain't no problem we can't fix together. My love for you is so strong Nick... I know its gonna last forever."

Nick kissed his lips and Brian responded softly.

"I'll never love anyone the way I love you, Brian. If I could have chosen I'd never love YOU like this. But now that I do its the best thing I've ever felt. I can't help it... I belong to you completely. I don't know where I end and you begin. Its everything the same. Frick and Frack... Brian and Nick... whenever I see you, whenever we touch I know its all the same, we are like... one soul. And I never thought I'd be saying things like this." - Nick grinned slightly.

Brian smiled, mesmerized by Nick's deep eyes. That pure and innocent look.

"I know what you mean... It feels like it was meant to be, right?"

Nick nodded.

"I love you, baby..."

Brian took Nick's hand and put it on his chest.

"Can you feel my heart? It's beating a million times per second because I'm so close to you..."

Nick smiled. Brian's heart was really beating fast.

"So is mine..." - he whispered.

Brian smiled before crushing his lips into Nick's. He got himself atop of him and began to explore his mouth. Brian loved it when he would take control over the kiss. Nick just let his mouth opened, waiting for Brian and the amazing things he could do with his tongue.

Sometimes Nick closed his lips around Brian's tongue and sucked it into his mouth, licking it slowly with his until they were both moaning in response. They were so connected, so in love that their kiss didn't have to follow the 'rules' of a normal kiss. It wasn't one kissing and the other responding. It was every time a new and exploring experience.

They had all the time in this world to lick each other's tongue. It was so erotic and romantic. Using your tongue to lick the other's tongue. The part of your body that allows you to feel, to taste, to flavor things. And thats what they loved to do. To savor each other, to press their tongues together, to touch their tips and suck them into their mouths.

Along with their making out Brian began to move on top of him, slowly and forcefully. This way Brian made every single inch of their bodies to press together, to crush into each other.

Nick's heart began to race. Every time they began doing that it was like it was the first. The fear, the insecurities, the pleasure, the moans and whimpers that ruled their actions.

Slowly they got rid of their shirts and were only in boxers. Brian began to play with Nick's hair, their eyes locked together as he began to move faster, rocking his hips against Nick's.

"Hm..." - Nick moaned and closed his eyes, feeling his member hardening under Brian's thighs.

Brian buried his head into Nick's neck, making their chest press against the other. He whispered love words, sweet ones into his ear, licking and sucking on Nick's earlobe.

"God, Brian..." - Nick moaned as Brian rocked his hips further, making their hard cocks to rub together.

"Hm..." - Brian moaned letting go of Nick's neck.

He went down to plant soft kisses on his chest, loving the way Nick's skin shivered under his lips. The blond only closed his eyes and moaned when Brian's lips found his left nipple and he licked it slowly, sucking it into his mouth.

"I love you... - Nick whispered.

Brian lifted his eyes and smiled at Nick. He kissed the middle of his chest and then the skin that kept his heart inside, to show he loved him too.

In this way Brian found Nick's right nipple and decided to tease him a bit. He licked and sucked it as he did with the other, and right after he locked it between his teeth making Nick whine and whimper with the sensation.

"Yes... Brian, God!" - Nick frowned and moaned loudly.

This fooling around was getting to him. He had a tent formed inside his boxers and Brian just wouldn't move down to touch him there.

Instead he went up to crush his lips into Nick's.

"Hm... you taste so good, you know that, right?" - Brian whispered sucking Nick's tongue into his mouth, licking the tip of it.

"Brian, I..."

Nick closed his eyes and Brian smiled.

"What? Tell me, Nick?" - Brian said in a husky voice that sent shivers up and down Nick's body.

In response he let out a loud moan without Brian having even touched him.

"Brian!" - Nick whimpered as Brian rocked his hips again, holding Nick's so that he couldn't move in response. - "Please!" - Nick whined.

"Oh... what's the problem, baby? Is it hard?" - Brian smiled, teasing him. - "Well, I think its VERY hard..."

Quicker than ever Brian ripped off Nick's boxers and stared at his big and hard cock.

Nick wrapped his arms around Brian, silently asking him to move. Brian did right after he got rid of his own boxers. Now it was skin rubbing against skin, faster and faster, making them moan in unison every time Brian moved harder and further.

"God!" - Nick hissed.

"Wait... Come here, Nick..." - Brian sat on the bed and signed for Nick to do the same.

The blond did it, sitting on the bed right in front of Brian. They smiled at each other.

Brian's mouth found its way to Nicks lips and they pressed together, parting right after and never closing again, letting their tongues slide freely into each other's mouths. At the same time their hands were traveling through their bodies. Nick was running his hands up and down Brian's arms, loving the way it felt, his muscles, the safety they made him feel. He loved Brian's strong body as a needed child wanting to feel safe, wanting to feel home.

At the same time their lips were opened and their tongues were licking each other, Brian's hands were touching Nick's chest, playing with his nipples, sliding his finger in and out of his belly button.

"Brian..." - Nick's voice was pleading, cracking with lust and need.

"Hm?" - Brian asked touching his lips to Nick's cheek and then making their faces touch.

"Please..." - Nick begged. His hard on was painful.

Brian smiled and touched his fingertips to the head of Nick's cock. The blond bit his lower lip and closed his eyes. Brian could feel it throbbing against his fingers. He took Nick's length in his hand began to jerk him off, slowly, up and down and flicking his thumb on the tip.

"Hmmm!" - Nick grunted touching his forehead to Brian's shoulder. - "Yes, please... touch me like this..."

One of Brian's hands were caressing the back of Nick's neck, and he watched satisfied as Nick's breath increased. Since his eyes were closed Nick didn't see when Brian closed his left hand around their tips, and began to smooth them together, softly, making their heads touch and throb in union.

"Hm... hmpf...." - Nick's breath was coming in gasps, he opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, almost not bearing with the pleasure of their sensitive and soft skin rubbing together.

"Nick... lay down and let me take care of you..." - Brian smiled.

Nick did as he said, his blood pulsating in his cock, his heart racing more and more, his stomach muscles tensed in anticipation.

Brian put himself between Nick's legs and kissed the tip of his cock, holding Nick's hips were almost flying off the bed.

"Brian!" - Nick screamed and began to chew on his lower lip.

"What? Don't you like it slowly... so slowly and soft, the way I can run my tongue up and down your cock and make you go crazy..."

"HHMMM!" - Nick hissed.

Brian licked it from the base up to the tip of his cock, tracing the throbbing veins with the tip of his tongue, and then finally wetting his tongue with his own saliva before flicking it on Nick's tip, licking it in circular spots, flicking, pressing it hard against the skin and then licking it slowly. Brian got Nick's head between his lips and sucked softly at the same time his tongue was working inside his mouth, wetting it with saliva and licking it, sucking on the tip, always with his tongue touching the pulsating and now leaking head.

"Ahhhhh! Hmmmmmm God!" - Nick whimpered grabbing the sheets.

"Relax, Nick... relax and only enjoy it." - Brian said smiling at him.

Nick tried to smile but he was so hard he could barely breath. He tried to do what Brian said, relaxing his muscles and moaning nonstop.

Brian still held Nick's hips as his tongue flicked from the base to the tip, licking and sucking on his salty and sensitive skin. Nick was extremely hard. Brian licked all the precum that formed on his head and Nick whined again.

"Oh, God, please!" - Nick moaned shutting his eyes and grabbing the sheets, closing his hands and fighting not to scream.

Brian let go of his hips and took all of Nick that he could inside his mouth, sucking with such intensity that Nick couldn't help but moaning loudly. Anyone that was near could have heard it. Brian smiled to himself. He loved the way Nick was when he lost control.

"Brian... yes... suck it... God!" - Nick was gasping as Brian's head moved up and down his cock, sucking him vigorously and teasing his tip with his tongue.

"God! Yes! Brian... hmmmm please! God..." - Nick was rolling his eyes at the back of his head, gasping in pleasure. - "I'm almost... hmmmm...!" - he even tried, but right now he couldn't even speak.

Brian felt Nick thrusting, brushing his head at the back of his throat. Nick's cock tightened and he exploded inside Brian's mouth, grabbing the sheets and moaning undecipherable things.

"YES!" - he screamed, his body getting weak after his orgasm.

Brian sucked him softly, swallowing everything and cleaning Nick up before going back to kiss his lover.

Nick opened his eyes and locked them with Brian.

"It was amazing..." - he said breathless.

Brian smiled and kissed his lips, allowing Nick's tongue to enter his mouth and share the taste of his cum.

The soft kiss began to get heated as Nick's tongue was very skilled working inside Brian's mouth, sliding in and out and nibbling on his swollen lips.

"Nick... I..."

Nick looked at Brian's cock. It was painfully hard since it hadn't received attention. He grinned and pushed him onto the bed.

"Just close your eyes and let me take you to heaven..." - Nick smiled licking his lips.

Brian moaned and did as he said, lying on the bed and enjoying as Nick's tongue began to work on his chest at the same time his fingers closed around his shaft, squeezing it softly.

"Nick, I... no time to fool around, please... its hurting..." - Brian moaned.

"Hurting? Hm... it reminds me of something."

Nick lowered his head and licked the tip of Brian in a circumference, blowing cold air at it and feeling him throb against his tongue.

"Do you feel pain or pleasure?" - Nick asked in a smirk, remembering Brian of their first time.

"Oh, God!" - if possible this made Brian even harder. - "Pain!" - he moaned loudly.

"You sure...? Hm... maybe I'll have to try again."

Nick let his teeth brush slightly on his tip and then he took it in his mouth, sucking hard and squeezing his length.

"God!" - Brian hissed lifting his hips from the bed.

"What? Are you feeling pain?"

"Hmmmmmm...." - Brian whined.

Nick smiled and took all of him in his mouth, sucking and thrusting as Brian's hands went down to play with his hair.

Nick let him slide all out of his mouth and squeezed his shaft with his fingers, teasing the tip with his soft and warm tongue, feeling the moist head pulsating against his tongue.

"Nick please!!!!"

"Pain... or pleasure?" - he asked teasingly.

"Pain!" - Brian whimpered.

Nick licked his head, flicking his tongue at it, sucking it smoothly and jerking him off at the same time.

"PLEASURE!" - Brian moaned loudly and Nick grinned.

"Oh, thats what I thought."

"Now, please, Nick... I can't take this anymore."

Nick lowered his head, his blond hair brushing against Brian's thighs, his lover's hand caressing the back of his neck. Now Nick began to suck him hard, sliding him and out of his mouth.

"Yes!!!! God... hmmmm" - Brian whined.

Brian began to thrust his hips and felt his cock hitting the back of Nick's throat. That was too much for him. He tightened his hands on Nick's hair and came hard, lifting his hips from the bed and shooting his warm fluid into Nick's mouth.

"Nick!!!! Oh, God!" - he moaned.

Nick licked Brian's shaft clean and swallowed his cum, loving the way Brian, his lover, his soul mate tasted.

They locked eyes again, satisfied, worn out.

Nick crawled on top of him and their lips met. They kept kissing for several minutes until they had shared everything of Brian's cum that was left in Nick's mouth.

Sleep washed them, their bodies were begging for rest, their eyes closing and their breaths getting a steady pace.

Nick laid his head on Brian's bare chest.

"I love you." - he said.

Brian smoothed his hair and kissed it.

"I love you too." - he said.

They kept silent for long minutes, Nick even thought Brian was asleep when he talked again.

"I'm afraid." - he said.

Brian took some seconds to reply.

"Why are you afraid?"

"September is coming. I'm gonna lose you." - Nick dug his nails into Brian's chest, possessively.

"No you are not. Everything is gonna be fine. Tomorrow a new month begins. You don't need to be afraid, I love you baby."

"Only a month... there is a only a month and you ain't doing anything." - Nick was almost crying.

"I'll love you forever, Nick. Thats all that matters." - Brian said seriously tightening his arms around his Frack.

Nick cuddled all of his self to Brian's body, feeling so cozy in his arms.

"I love you too." - he whispered.

aren't they just cute? If only things could be always like this!