They had been talking about Kevin's marriage and how Kristin seemed to be the perfect wife for him. They all liked her, but Nick couldn't help remembering the fact that the days were passing and August was on its first week.

"I think this is really great." - AJ was saying. - "Next one to get married will be Brian, right, bro?"

Nick tensed and so did Brian.

"Yes..." - slowly he nodded and smiled.

Nick bit on his lower lip and looked at him. Brian's eyes were confessing his love. Nick cheered up. Yes, they would always love each other.

"Kristin and Kevin... its so cute! Besides, we have one more week without Kevin around bitching us!" - Howie joked.

"Thank God!" - Nick exclaimed seriously but deep inside very happy for his friend too.

During a weekend Brian went back to his parent's house in Kentucky. He missed his mom, brother and dad. He went there alone since Kevin was still in honeymoon, his fellows had something else to do and Nick just agreed in go seeing his own family. After all it would be only two days.

Brian was sat at the table, his father and brother somewhere else at the house and his mom with him in the kitchen preparing lunch. He was giving her a loving and proud look.

"You know you are the most beautiful woman on earth?" - Brian told his mom with a voice filled with love for the woman who raised him.

Jackie turned around and smiled back at him. Her sons were what she loved the most in this life.

"I love you, my baby duck."

Brian shook his head and laughed.

"But talking about beautiful..." - Jackie went on. - "What about your fiancés? Shouldn't you two begin the arrangements for the wedding?" - she asked.

Brian got serious, biting on his lower lip. How could he say it? There were just so many things... He loved Nick. He didn't want to lose him ever!

"Yeah, I think so." - he said.

"You should be more excited son!" - she said warmly.

"I am, mom. Its just that this whole thing makes me nervous."

"Oh, I understand it, honey. But see? At first I didn't like Leighanne very much, you know that. I thought she was a little bit arrogant. But little by little she melted into the sweetest thing alive! She is really caring and is always saying she loves you. I'm sure she is gonna be the most beautiful bride, son."

Brian smiled.

"Yes, Leighanne is really beautiful..."

"Thats what I always wanted for you, son. To marry the woman of your dreams. To be with the one you love the most. I'm sure you are gonna have beautiful children together. I can't wait to see them!"

"Yo, mom! You are rushing things a little too much!" - Brian giggled.

'You want me to be with the one I love?' - Brian thought sadly. - 'Oh, well... thats impossible mom. If you knew who this person is you wouldn't be saying this.'

"By the way, sweetie, I'm going to the church tonight, do you want to come with me?"

Brian felt dirty. Could he really enter the same church he did when he was a child? He had committed a sin. The biggest one. Would God punish him? Hate him? Would his family hate him? They would definitely feel disgusted. But he loved Nick so much! He could almost feel his heart breaking.

"Yes, mom... I have lots of sins to confess." - Brian said in a low voice.

"Oh, my baby? I know nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. But I raised you fine, boy. I know my son! I know you Brian... you have a pure soul. You'd never do what's wrong."

Brian swallowed hard.

Silence went on for some minutes until Jackie spoke again.

"Oh, how is Nick anyway?"

Brian thought his heart would escape his chest.

"He is fine... Nick is really fine." - he managed to say.

"Thats a good boy. I'm so glad you have the greatest friends, Brian! Nick is so sweet, so special. I love that boy. You should always preserve this friendship you two share."

"Maybe Nick won't be very happy if I marry Leighanne. You know mom, I won't have much time to spend with him..." - Brian tried to evoke the answer for a different question from what he asked.

"Oh, I'm sure he will be a little jealous at first, hun... But with time Nick will get used to that. And I'm sure sooner or later he will also find a gorgeous girl that will make him as happy as Leighanne does to you. And then Nick will also marry her and give his mother lots of grandchildren. I know Nick's parents, they will be so proud of him!"

Once again he swallowed hard. His mind was spinning and it seemed as if the walls were closing in on him.

"Are you ok, Brian?" - she asked.

"Hm, yes, yes! I was just thinking about all you said."


"You're right, mom."

They were all sat in the living room that Saturday night. Brian, his mom, dad and brother. His brother's wife couldn't come and sent Brian her best wishes. It made Brian a little sad, he really wanted to see his niece.

"So, son... when is the weeding gonna be?" - Brian's father asked.

"Next month." - Brian said smiling. No... this wasn't right. He had to find a way! He would have to do something!

He loved Nick... But it wasn't as if Leighanne wasn't a drop dead gorgeous woman. She was everything Brian ever wanted in a girl. Why couldn't he love her? Oh, well. He did love her, but why couldn't he be IN love? It would be so much easier... But no. Nick was there. And he loved Nick! And he loved him bad... his heart was slamming against his chest harder the further that conversation went on.

"So, bro, you gonna get married! What about your bachelor's party? Hehe... baby duck will be a serious man from now on!" - Harold said.

"Don't call me that!" - Brian said frowning.

"Oh, mom calls you that!" - he replied.

"Well, SHE can." - Brian said and smiled at his mom.

"Thats it... I can't wait to see you two together, son. You are gonna have a beautiful family." - Jackie smiled.

"Yes... my boy is now a man. Leighanne is gonna be the best wife ever for you. We can see in her eyes how much you mean the world to her." - his father said warmly with his arm around Brian's shoulder.

Brian smiled. He loved his family... His mom had always been his safe arms. His comfort. Every time he would fight with his older brother and his father got angry, Jackie was always there to take Brian in her arms and don't let her husband punish her sons. Never Brian blamed his father for is tough personality and hard way of showing his love. So many times he had beat him when he was growing up. But that was his way of educating, and if it was wrong or right it wouldn't change his mind.

For growing up like this, Brian sort of feared his father. So many times he had fought with his brother and got seriously injured. But it would all go away the next day. But his father... with one look from him Brian could freeze. He was very strict. But he loved him! And Brian knew he loved him back. Some people have different ways of showing affection, and Brian promised to himself he would never beat on his children when he had a family. And he wanted a family, didn't he?

Although most families were alike, no one was really the same. Differently from Brian's family was Nick's. It was almost like the opposite. While Brian's mom was the loving and pampering one, Nick's father was always the first to defend him whenever his mom got mad at him. Nick loved his mom, he trusted her more than anyone in this world! But sometimes Jane would get a little pissed with Nick's behavior. And his father was always there... Since Nick was a baby Robert have been proud of him. Always carrying Nick everywhere, always showing his son to everyone. He never beat Nick. Rarely he told him off. He would always tell his wife she was blowing Nick's acts out of proportion. And sometimes Jane had to use some slaps to fix Nick up. Specially when he had his sister and was always picking on BJ. They used to fight everyday! But then he had Leslie, Aaron and Angel. Jane would always remember the loving way Nick took care of his little brothers. Always so proud of them!

Differences apart, the thing was that Brian and Nick met. And they completed each other. In every way a person can be completed, in everyway a person could be loved.

He couldn't run away from this. Brian knew it was impossible. But sometimes... some things have to be done and... you can't help it. Right? Please tell him he is doing the right thing. Because sometimes you can't think of yourself first. He was already lucky. His life was wonderful. And he had tasted love. Could he ask for more? Could he want more?

"Hey, what planet are you in?" - Harold, his brother, giggled and punched him slightly.

Brian smiled.

"I was just thinking that maybe I'll leave earlier to pay my fiancés a visit. I wanna talk to Leigh about the wedding. I want everything to be perfect."

"Have you two ever talked about where it is going to be?" - Brian's mom asked.

"I think Leighanne will want it in Atlanta. I'll talk to her about it."

"Thats it, son... give your lover the wedding, AND marriage of her dreams." - his father smiled.

"Yes, dad... I'll do my best."

He knew that by doing this God would forgive him. But the question was... would Nick?

hmmmmm.... what is gonna happen now?

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