Nick laid on his bed alone. It was September first. He smiled and closed his eyes. Unfortunately Brian had to sleep somewhere else but he would be back tomorrow.

The month of his sorrows, the one feared finally arrived.

'And the world did not end.' - he thought happily.

Now he truly believed everything was going to be fine.

He looked at the alarm clock. It was ten o'clock in the night. He was alone lying on that king size bed. The ceiling turned out to be very interesting as Nick kept staring at it, not really seeing anything. His mind was far away gone in dreamland.

God knew how bad he feared that month. When he fell asleep Wednesday he was sure that was gonna be the last day of happiness. But here he was... this Thursday had been the first day of September and nothing had changed. He had hopes, oh he did!

Nick smiled, almost giggled to himself. He was happy. He had Brian. He loved him! He loved his best friend, he had found his soul mate. He was lucky.

Right now he was feeling so fine he could touch the sky. He couldn't wait to see Brian again, to see that smile in his face showing he was as happy as him. Leighanne lost. They would be together. Forever Brian and Nick. Frick and Frack. True love always wins...

Nick was so light, so happy that easily he fell asleep. Sweet dreams filled up the night and his heart was in peace.

When Nick woke up that day Brian still hadn't arrived from wherever he went to. He stretched a little on bed before getting up, dressed and joining the guys in the living room.

"Yahmmm." - Nick yawned. - "Brian still haven't arrived?" - he asked with a sleepy voice.

"Nope. He is coming after lunch to talk to us, and then he will leave again." - AJ said.

"Where is he going?"

AJ and Howie grinned at him. They wanted so bad to tell Nick the good news! But Brian insisted he would say it himself when he got there today.

"Why are you looking at me like this?" - Nick asked smiling.

Kevin noticed they were about to give it in and he had to do something to stop them. He just wasn't with Kristin right now for this reason, he wanted to make sure Brian's plans would work out. And with AJ and Howie alone with Nick they would probably ruin it.

"I don't know where he is going, Nick. I think he has some things to do with Leighanne. He will be visiting her family this weekend and we will also go to Georgia, Atlanta." - Kevin spoke.

"We will?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact we have a meeting there, and Brian will meet us later. He'll be coming home to take his stuff and fly earlier."

"Oh, whatever." - Nick yawned again and went back to his room to wait for Brian.

At two o'clock Brian arrived at their shared apartment. Nick didn't see when this happened since he was locked in his own room listening to his CD player.

"Hey, cuz!" - Kevin exclaimed.

"Er, hey! Where is Nick?" - Brian asked quickly.

"Come on! He's not the one you are marrying, I wanna know how things went on!" - Howie said.

"Oh, they are fine!" - Brian said.

"Really? You don't look like someone who is getting married today." - AJ said.

"Man... I'm really tired. I've been running around doing everything at the same time. I really need to talk to Nick and then I'll be going back to Atlanta. I hope to see you guys at the church on time. You have the address, right Kev?" - Brian asked.

"Sure!" - Kevin smiled holding a piece of paper.

"Perfect. Just let me go through this. I have to talk to Nick."

"Will you tell him about the wedding?" - AJ asked.

"Yes, yes..." - Brian nodded vaguely. That was the reason he went there. He would have to finally face Nick and tell him the truth. He only hoped he could take this well. - "You guys excuse me, I'll catch him. I'm really in a lack of time." - Brian said heading to Nick's room.

His heart was almost escaping through his chest when he knocked on the door. Three times.

"Com'in." - Nick yelled from inside.

"Hey..." - Brian opened the door, walked in and closed it again.

"Brian!" - Nick let go of his CD player and his eyes shone seeing him.

Brian's lips trembled slightly. He wasn't ready for what he saw. The sight of Nick always had this enormous effect on him. He was shaking! Brian couldn't believe he was actually shaking! Oh, God... he had been so sure... For his family... he had to do this for his family, for God, for Leighanne, for what was right. Wasn't Nick right?

"Oh, God!" - Nick smiled and stood up to hug Brian.

Brian hugged him back, slowly leading them to the bed where they sat.

"I love you!" - Nick exclaimed before crushing his lips into Brian's.

He knew he had to push him away, but where, how would he find strength to do so? Brian allowed his lips to wander on Nick's, to nibble those pink and full lips and to finally slide his tongue inside that mouth. One last time. One last cry.

"Oh, God! I love you, Nick!" - Brian said with all his heart running his hands through his golden hair.

They kept kissing, the tip of their tongues touching, sucking vigorously on those chubby and and hungry tongues. When the licking stopped they pulled apart and smiled. Brian hated himself. For what he was going to do. There was no coming back. They should have known it. A simple kiss in a pink dressing room. Damn the Spice Girls! Brian almost laughed wasn't it so sad.

"So... the guys said you'll have to go back to Atlanta. We have a meeting there tonight." - Nick said cheerfully.

Brian forgot to speak. Those blue eyes were so intense! How could he love someone so much? Was it really possible? Was it really real?

"Yes... I'll have to go back. I just came here to take some stuff." - 'And tell you I'm gonna marry Leighanne tonight.', Brian finished to himself.

"Oh, ok. I missed you... You know I always miss you..." - Nick cupped Brian's cheek. His friend was surely the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. And he was in love with him. And Nick loved him back.

Brian placed his hand above Nick's on his cheek and squeezed it slightly.

"Nick... there is something I need to tell you. I..." - Brian lost the words and kept a silly stare.

"Say it, man!" - Nick laughed.

It was then that Brian understood he couldn't do it. He was a coward. He was afraid. Afraid to hurt Nick. Afraid to hurt himself.

What if Nick got really, really mad and pissed and he had to call off the wedding? He couldn't do that! For so many reasons... some he would never be able to explain or even understand. But he had to do that. Because it was the right. The way things should have always been. If he told Nick now... It was gonna be tough! Maybe he'd refuse to go to the wedding. Maybe Brian would break down and cancel everything.

No, he had to be strong. How strong? Since when did coward mean the same as strong? Since he was completely frightened to tell Nick the truth. He couldn't wipe that smile, he could see the shine in his eyes disappearing. He couldn't.

"Oh, its nothing. I'll tell you later. For now I really gotta go." - Brian smiled and Nick mirrored him.

"Ok." - the blond said.

The truth was that Brian couldn't bear staying at that bedroom not even one more second. It was killing him. He wanted to stand up and run away. He wanted the world to stop spinning so that he could get out of it.

"I'm going now, Nick..." - Brian knew his heart would stay though.

Nick nodded and smiled.

Brian licked his lips quickly before leaning down and kissing Nick softly. The blond closed his eyes feeling those tender lips pressed against his own.

Brian stood up and Nick mouthed the words : I love you. He smiled at him and opened the door.

"Bye, Nick."

"Bye!" - Nick gave him a large smile.

Brian closed the door and walked towards Kevin. He whispered something in his ear before leaving again.

"I didn't tell Nick. Please keep the plan up. Don't let him know. Tell we are gonna have a party tonight. Make all the boys dress up and meet me at the church at nine o'clock, ok?"

Kevin nodded.


"Thanks, man. I love you cousin."

Kevin smiled widely at him and Brian slapped his back before walking out the door and leaving.

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