Atlanta. Six o'clock pm.

"Where is Brian?" - Nick asked Kevin.

"What you mean where is him? Leighanne, of course! Forgot she lives here?"

Nick frowned.

"But don't worry, you'll be seeing your friend tonight. Brian will join us at the party."

"Party? Which party?" - Nick asked.

"The one we we'll be going to tonight."

"Do the others know about it?"

"Of course they do!"

"How come I'm always the last to know?!" - Nick complained.

"Nick, Nick... I'm pretty sure I told ya about it. You must have forgotten. Anyway, your cloths are already in your room. We are all wearing black smooching."

Nick gave the older man an empty look that said just: Whatever.

"Now let me go, I have to be with Kristin."

Nick smiled.

"Tell her I said hi."

"Sure, I will. Just go and distract yourself a little bit. Play some nintendo, I know you brought it."

"Thats exactly what I'm gonna do. Er, Kevin!"


"Just one more thing..."

"What? Say it, Nick."

"Who am I going to be sharing this apartment with? Is Brian coming?"

"Nah, I don't think Leighanne will let him sleep here." - Kevin winked.

Nick didn't understand, just nodded.

"I'll be with Kristin, guess J will be with Howie right across the hallway. You're gonna have the apartment all for yourself, Nickers." - Kevin couldn't help it, he was so happy!

Nick looked at him with another funny smile.

"Oook." - he said with curious eyes.

"If you need anything Howie and J will be right in front of your door. I'm going now, don't wanna let my lovely wife alone."

Nick rolled his eyes and giggled.

"See ya!" - he said.

"See ya, Nick. Be ready by eight o'clock. I'll come here to take you guys. And don't forget it, your cloths are in your wardrobe."

Nick nodded and waved at him.

"Bye." - Kevin said before closing the door.

Nick looked around himself, stretched and yawned. This was a boring day. He could only hope the night, the "party" would make it up for this. Not having anything better to do he went to his room and did exactly what Kevin told him to. God, he loved his video game!

Seven thirty.

"Is everything ready? Everything perfect? Where is she?" - Brian was everything but calm asking these questions over and over to Leigh's mom.

Shirley Tolbert smiled warmly at Brian and touched his arm.

"Calm down, sweetie. Leighanne is getting ready with make up and everything else. You can't see her till the wedding. I talked to her on the phone and she said everything is fine and that she misses you, loves you, and can't wait for tonight."

Brian nodded.

"In twenty minutes my family will be arriving..."

"Don't worry, Brian. I have everything under control. We have a driver that will take your family straight to the church."

"What about Leigh's family?"

"We'll also be going, honey. Everything is perfect! You don't need to worry. Just go and have yourself dressed up. You should be leaving for the church in one hour or so."

Brian nodded again, his heart racing more and more.

No, that wasn't definitely the time to think.

Eight o'clock.

"Oh, my! I can't wait!" - AJ said rubbing his hands together.

They were both giggling.

"Let's go get Nick, Kevin called, he's almost here." - Howie said.


They were already dressed up when they knocked on Nick's door. It took him two minutes to answer it.

"Hey! Come in!" - Nick said.

He was ready too. Nick and the other boys were very posh in black suits and pants, their hair perfectly combed.

"So, ready for tonight?!" - AJ asked.

"Yes... although I don't really know what should I be ready for." - Nick said raising his eyebrows.

AJ and Howie exchanged looks and grinned.

"Oh, man! You'll love it!" - Howie said.

"I hope so." - Nick smiled, amused with his friends excitement.

They were talking when Kevin opened the door and walked in with Kristin.

"Yo, yo, yo! No more time for fooling around, everybody down, the limo is waiting for us!" - Kevin smiled.

Nick sighed and followed his over excited friends.

During all the way Nick asked where they were going to.

"We will be right there, Nick! Brian will tell you." - Howie said.

"Brian is already there? Why is Brian already there?" - Nick asked.

"He had to be there to set up things, sweetie." - Kristin smiled at him.

In his innocence world Nick still couldn't understand a thing.

"Whatever. I just hope they have food, I'm hungry as hell."

Everybody looked at Nick and laughed.

"Don't worry, there will be food, Nick." - Kevin said still smiling.

Eight thirty. It was almost night.

Brian arrived at the church and began to host the guests. He was more than happy when he saw his family, his parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece. Leigh's relatives were also arriving. In little time the church was already full of people. But still no sign of his friends.

He was getting nervous. Dangerously nervous. From time to time Leighanne's mother would pass by him and try to comfort his nerves. It wouldn't work. He felt like screaming. A roller coaster. He was about to go down the hill and the adrenaline was inside his veins, so strong he could faint.

The biggest mistake of his life or his salvation? Who gives a shit? It was done now.

Brian tensed more when he saw the black limo arriving. He knew it was them. The Backstreet Boys. His friends, his brothers, his family, his love. He didn't know how he managed to approach the car out of his state of stillness.

Eight forty five.

"Here we are!" - Kevin exclaimed as he opened the door of the limo to let them out.

As soon as Nick stepped out and looked around he was in shock.

"A church?" - he asked with a goofy smile.

He didn't see when Brian approached, and his friend was now right in front of him.

"Hey guys!"

"Brian!" - Nick smiled. He was also dressed up. - "Say, what are we doing here?"

The more Nick looked around the more baffled he got. Why was Brian's family there? And where was all the people he didn't know coming from?

After a little look around his eyes met Brian's again while the other fellows stood by him. They locked eyes and smiled. But never, never in his whole life Nick could be ready for what he heard.

"Welcome to my wedding, guys. Leighanne is almost ready."

The smile was still playing on his lips, his eyes locked on those blue ones. Nick didn't move. He only watched while his world fell apart... little... by... little.

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