Chapter 1

Author: manoffun

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Will and Rich
Chapter One.

     Will when threw the normal stuff everyday.  He would get up, get dressed, and then go to college.  Will was a freshman at Harvard.  He was still undecided what he wants to major in but he wishes he could make it as a singer.  That is one of the reasons he loved 5ive so much.  The other reason was he is gay and he likes Richard Neville.  He knew though that there was no way Rich (Richard) was gay.  So he just decided to give up on that.

     Lets stop for a second so I can tell you about Will.  Will is short for William, and he was born on July 23, 1979. Exactly one mouth earlier then Rich.  Will is 6 ft. tall and has medium length blond hair.  Which all the girls love.  He has deep green eyes. He has a rather nice build consider he grew up on the beach.  He always had a girl by his side whether he liked it or not.  No one knew that Will was gay and he was willing for no one to ever know.  Back to the story.

     One day while Will was surfing the net he decided to check out the 5ive official web site to see what it had to offer.  When he got there he thought the opening was pretty cool.  Then he found out that they were throwing a contest for someone to meet 5ive.  He about nearly died when he thought about meeting Rich.  So Will decided to enter.  So he got out his credit card, and he filled out the necessary information.  Will did not think that he would win but he thought it was worth it to try.

     A couple of weeks went by and still no word so he basically gave up hope on ever meeting them.   So Will went on with his life not even thinking about it. So basically it was normal again.  Everyday he would go to his apartment.  Read his mail and then he would check his e-mail.  He went to find pictures of Rich.  He found one without his shirt on, and he got instantly rock hard.  So he got out his dick, and started working his 8 inch, cut cock.  As soon as was about reach the point of no return the phone rang and he about not to answer the phone, but he decided it might be important. Will answered the phone after putting his dick away.

"Hello" Will said.

"Hello, can I speak to Will?" The mystery man asked.

"This is him. May I ask who is calling." Will said.

"This is Richard Neville from 5ive" Rich said.

Will was about to scream but he thought it better not to.  "How did you get my phone number" Will asked. `Oh, God.  I do not care how he got my phone number.'  Will thought.

"You entered the contest to meet 5ive. Remember?"


"Will you won the contest to meet us.  I decided I would call instead of one of our management calling you"


"Well I need to make the plans on whether you are going to come here or if we will come there.  Also if you come here who house would you like to stay at."

"Well why don't I come there and stay at your house since you are the one who called" Will said.  `And because I like you' Will thought.

"That would be great.  How is two weeks from now."

"OK.  That is great"

"We will make the arrangements for all the transpiration"


"So I will call you again in about a week.  OK?"


"OK. Bye then I will talk to you in a week."

"Good. Bye. Talk to you then."

     As soon as Rich hung the phone up Will was in complete shock.  He could not believe that he just won the contest and in two weeks he would meeting all of 5ive, but most of all he would will get to meet Rich.

     Then Will remembered he had college that whole time would be gone.  So Will went to talk to the Dean and he told him that he had won a contest to meet 5ive and he would be going to England to see them if the college would let him get my work ahead of time.  The Dean says that he would call him tomorrow.  Will said OK and then he left the Dean's office.  He did not think that the Dean was going to let him go. So Will decided then that he would go with or without his permission.

     The Dean called him the next days to tell Will that he had worked it out with there sister school in England for him to go to it while he was in England.  Will was so excited that he forgot to tell the Dean thank you and he just hung up the phone and started to cheer.  Will decided he should go get ready to go even though he was not leaving for another two weeks.

     It seemed as if time just stood was just creeping by, but soon enough it was time for Rich to call him back.  Will waited the whole day at his house waiting for his phone call from Rich.  It was about nine o'clock when his phone finally rang.  He was about to go to sleep when it rang.  Will went to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello" Will said

"Hello" Rich said

"What took you so long to call?"

"Well we just got home from a club and it is 4o'clock in the morning here, but I wanted to call you so I did not wait till tomorrow."

"Well OK.  So what is the plan then?"

"Well you will be leaving next Saturday at 4:00 from your local airport on a private plane.  It takes five hours to get here from where you are.  I will meet you at the airport because it will be 4o'clock in the morning here.  The next which will be Sunday we will meet the other guys at church. OK?"

"Sure that will be great.  I have to go to college while I am there at a Harvard sister

"Sounds good.  I can not wait to meet you"

"Me too." Will said "How long am I going to be there?"

"Well I was not going to say anything yet but the deal is you can stay with us as long as you want." Rich said `I hope he stays with me forever and ever he sound so sweet I do not care what he looks like' Rich thought

"What are you being serious?!?!?!"

"Yes, I am being very serious." Rich said `More then you will ever now'

"That is so awesome.  I do not know what to think about it."

"Well I will see you next Sunday or Saturday by your time.  Bye."


    When he hung up the phone he just did not know what do think.   Will thought he was just going to meet them now it sounds like he could stay there forever if he wanted to.  Will decided not to think about it right now.  Will still had to pack and now he thinks he should pack more.  He wanted to make a good impression on them.  Will knew none of them are gay but he wanted to make a good impression anyway.

     This is was his last week at Harvard for at least a week but maybe forever.  He finished all my work for the week early and they said that Will could just skip class on Friday. He was so nervous because in about twenty-four hours he would be meeting the guy he had liked since he first saw Rich on TV.  He decided to go to sleep early that night so that he could be wide awake when he saw Rich tomorrow.

     That night Will had a very peaceful sleep. He dreamed about Rich.  He was basically all Will thought about lately.  Well that day was very long because Will kept wanting it to be time for him to leave.  Then it was time for him to go to the airport.  He was hoping that Rich may have been waiting for him there but he wasn't.  Will  gave them his luggage which was a total of 4 bags and a carry on.  Will decided he should sleep some on the way there because he does not think he will get to sleep when he gets there.  The plane trip went rather fast to him because he was sleeping.  When the plane landed he was still tired because his body decided it was time to get up at 4:30 this morning.  Will went to baggage claim and got his bags and then he started looking for Rich and because Rich does  not know what Will looks like so Rich could not of find him.

     Soon after Will started looking he saw his beautiful face.  Will went over to him and just stood beside him for a second just to make sure it was him.  Then he looked up at Will with a quizzical face.


"Yes.  May I ask you how you are?"

"Why yes you may.  I am William Cooper."

"Well nice to meet you, but I am waiting on somebody."

"Yeah, me."

"No, I am waiting on a guy named will."

"Shorten my name."

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry.  Why did you say William then?"

"William is my full name.  So where are we off to?"

"We are going to my house to get some sleep"


"Yes, sleep.  I stayed awake until now so we could be able to talk later we you are not tired."

"OK" I said.  `I was tired but I really wanted to talk but I figured I would just have to wait to do that.' I thought.

"Let's go" Rich said  `Man is he gorgeous. I can not wait to get to know him better.' Rich thought.

"Well how far away from here do you live from here."

"I live about ten minuets from here."

"OK, so lets get going."

"OK, follow me"

     They went to the car parked outside. Which was a whit Honda Passport.  Will just loves that vehicle but Will would prefer it blue like Rich's eyes but oh well. The drive was a rather quick one.  They did not talk at all on the way there, but pretty much because Will was acting like he was asleep but he was actually just staring at Rich. Will hopes that Rich does not notice that he was staring at him.

     When they arrived at Rich's house Rich bent over and kissed Will on the check and then woke Will up by shaking him.  Will thought about it for a second before he acted like he was waking up.  Will thought `He was probably just being polite.'  Maybe they do that here in England.  I just decided to forget about it.

     When they got in the house he showed Will to his room, and Will feel asleep thinking about him.  Later, when Rich guessed Will was asleep he walked into his room.  Will was asleep this time.  He walked over to the bed and sat down beside Will.

    "Man, he is so beautiful.  I just hope that he likes me, but if he is not gay.  I hope that I did the right thing picking a guy to meet us.  I mean he was the only guy to enter the contest." Rich said.

     He then leaned down and kissed him on the cheek and Will started to stir.  So Rich ran out of the room, and Will woke up to the sound of a slamming door.  Will was about jumped out of my skin when he heard it slam.  Will looked around and he saw no one was in there.  So he decided to just go back to sleep.

To be continued..........


Sorry for the lack of sex, but there will be more.  I want this to be like a real reletionship.  Do not weary there willbe other guys coming in the story later.  Ideas, Comments, Suggestions, And even Flames.  Send to manoffun.  All e-mail will be responded to.