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The Winding Road of Passion
By: Alana Montgomery

"The sunset is so beautiful", James thought to him self as he was driving up Route 66.  This was the first moment of peace that he has felt in a long time.  He left the only home that he has ever known outside of Omaha, Nebraska and now he had no idea where he was going, he just needed to get way.  Back home, his father found out that he was gay, when he found James and Corey (James' best friend) in a passionate embrace.  "I don't want no fucking fags on my farm!", his father yelled.  "Me and Corey love eachother and we are getting married!  You can either support us or I'll be outta your life forever," James yelled.  His father pulled out his hunting rifle and shot Corey.  "No son of mine will be marrying a homo," his father said.  James ran and jumped into his red 1967 Mustang convertable and drove off.  He went into Omaha and withdrew every last dime of his savings and half of his dad's account (dad gave him his ATM card incase of emergencies).  He took the money and started driving east.

He was now in Indianapolis and decided to rest for the night. He was watching TV when he saw a commercial for the N*Sync  concert.  The next morning he went to the colliseum box office and bought a ticket.  The night of the concert he wore a tight fitting gray turtleneck and some black leather pants.  He looked himself over in the mirror.  He ran his fingers through his sandy blonde hair and he sexy bedroom eyes.  He was very well chisled with a firm six pack of abs and the cutest bubble but.  He stopped drooling over himself and got into his mustang and drove to the concert.  He took his seat.  Shaggy came out on stage and started singing "It wasn't me".  While he was singing, James was picturing himself in those positions with JC.  It wasn't he and JC on the sofa.  It wasn't them on the counter.  You get the drift.  Shaggy finished "Angel" and walked off stage.  Suddenly the crowd started screaming.  James woke up from his daydream and saw N*Sync on stage.

In the middle of the show Justin announced to the crowd, "We are now going to call a ticket number, who ever has that number will get to get on stage with us and spend the whole week hanging out with us!".  James pulled out his ticket stub.  "86325!", they all yelled.  It was James' ticket number and ran on the stage.  "What's your name sir?", Joey asked.  "James Forrester", James responded.  "James can you sing at all?", Chris asked.  "Let's see", JC said.  He handed James the microphone and James started singing, "This I Promise You".  He had the most wonderful voice.  "I guess you're going to be replaced, Chris", Lance said jokingly.  They all laughed and resumed the show and James sang and danced with them. While performing "Pop", JC sprained his ankle and had to stop performing.  James walked JC to his dressing room.  He propped up his ankle.  "Go back out on stage and have fun," JC said.  "No you shouldn't be alone", James responded.  They talked for a long time.  They really seemed to click.  After the show, James drove JC to his hotel room.  James carried him in his arms and laid him on the bed and started to leave.  "Wait!", JC exclaimed, "I haven't had a chance to thank you yet.  Come closer."  James came closer and closer till JC wrapped his arms around his neck and planted a hot steamy passionate kiss on his lips.  "I have a confession to make", JC said.  "What is that?", James asked.  "I did not actually sprained my ankle, I lied so that we can get closer together", JC said.

"Let me get more comfortable", James said.  He pulled of his sweater and pulled off his pants.  He was in nothing but a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch boxer briefs, which could not contain his 9" erection.  JC pulled down the underwear and stuck that 9" piece of circumscized meat into his mouth.  James moaned in pleasure.  He tongue swirled around the rim of his mushroomed head and then moved to the tip.  then he kissed his way down the shaft and gently nibbled on each ball and kissed his way back up and worked on the head.  "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAHAHAHAH YES YES OH YES!!!!", James yelled as he exploded in raging orgasm.

"Now it's my turn now", JC said as he lubed his 8.5" dick with KY Jelly.  James bent over with his ass pointed in the air.  JC lubed his hole and slipped a condom on and entered James slowly.  When he got in, he stopped for a while so James could get used to it.  He started thrusting and they both moaned.  He started out slow then worked faster and faster.  "Oh yes give it to me!", James yelled as JC was kissing his back and neck.  Each time JC thrusted, he'd hit James' prostate.  James had never had a fucking this good.  Not even with Corey.  They both came in unison and collapsed on the bed.  They held each other tight.  "I love you James," JC whispered into his ear.  "I love you too", James said.  The fell fast asleep in each other's arms.

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