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The Winding Road of Passion-Part IV
by Alana L. Montgomery

The members of N*Sync mutually decided that it would be in the groups' best interest if JC left.  The next morning JC and James board a jet-liner to France to start a new life.  They bought a beautiful home in Cannes and a new Mercedes.   A week later, James starts going to French record labels to jump start his career.  About a month later, James has a chance meeting with Michel Valjean, the president of Monde De Musique Records.  "I like your stuff, kid.  Sing some for me," Michel said.  "In English or French?", James asked.  "I would like to hear both.  I guess start off in French", Michel responded.  "Mon amour est un océan sans fin que seulement vous pouvez diriger quand je regarde dans vos yeux que je me sens comme je suis le seul homme sur terre ainsi prenez-moi dans des vos bras et me dis que vous m'aimez ainsi", James sings.  "That was great, now sing that in English," Michel requested.
"My love is an endless ocean
Which only you can navigate
When I look into your eyes
I feel like I'm the only man on earth
So take me in your arms
And tell me that you love me so"
James sang.  " I think I have heard enough", Michel said while looking in his desk.  He pulls out a sheet of paper and puts it on his desk.  "These are the terms of the contract.  You're debut album will have both English and French tracks.  You will recieve two Euros per copy sold.  Come in tomorrow and start recording", Michel said to James.  James graciously thanked Michel and signed the contract.

Once at home, James runs in excited.  "Why are you so happy?  Did they bring back 'Bette'?", JC asked.  "No, I got a record deal", James squealed.  "I guess that we will have to celebrate in a special way", JC said.  That night, James walked up the stairs and into their bedroom and saw candles lit everywhere and rose pedals scattered on the floor and the bed.  Suddenly JC walks out in a bath robe and seductively unties it to reveal a totally nude body.  We walks over to James and kisses him passionately on the lips.  JC bends down and unbuttons James pants with his teeth and watches them drop to the floor.  Then he hook his fringers in the elastic band of his Calvins and slowly pulls them down revealing an engorged rod of lust.  JC playfully pushes James on to the bed.  He goes to the dresser and grabs a tube of KY and lubricates James' rod and his hole.  Then he strattles James and slowly works that cock up his ass.  Slowly he gets used to it and starts riding James like a horse, feeling that warmth and fullness inside him.   He rides and rides until James can't take it anymore.   After James errupted in orgasm, they lied in bed intertwined in one anothers arms and fell fast asleep.

Over the next few weeks, James spends most of his time recording in the studio and taking publicity pictures.  When the recording was done, it was time to shoot his first music video.  The single was "My Love (Is an Endless Ocean)/Mon amour (est un océan sans fin) ".  "We need to find the right woman to play your love interest", Nigel, the director said.  "Nigel we all know that I am gay", James said.  "Yes, but the public does not know that", Nigel responded.  "I refuse to suffer the fate of my fiance by lying about my sexuality", James said.  "Who is your fiance?", Nigel asked.  "JC Chasez , formerly of N*Sync", James said.   Nigel just stood there and thought for a few seconds then said, "I have an idea.  How'bout you're fiance co-starring with you.  It would help promote the single by having a big name like him in the video.  He can play your love interest."

Two days later, production starts.  The video is shot mostly on a yact off the coast of Nice.  It mostly consists of James singing while JC's cuddling him.  After 4 hours of shooting, the director calls a break.  JC and James walk to their dressing room.  "I have to say that this is the most fun that I have ever had on a video shoot", JC remarked.  "Why?", James asked.  "Because I am here with the one I love", JC responds.  They give eachother a quick kiss on the lips.  "I have decided where I want to have our wedding", JC said.  "Where", James asked.  "In Paris at the Notre Dame Cathedral", JC said.  "I have always dreamed of getting married there.  That will be so romantic.  Let's invite everyone", James responded.  "I am so glad that you are happy", JC said while holding James.  An hour later they got back out on the set and finished shooting the video.  Shortly afterwards, the single went number one in France, the UK, and Germany.  It was in the top 10 in the rest of the European union.

Stay tuned for Part 5

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