When you wish upon a star...

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Chapter 1 -- Plane Rides Are Fun

The soft hum of the plane's engines beckoned Joey to sleep as he read through some fan mail. Like the other guys, he always did his best to respond to as many letters as possible. Before starting on the next letter he took a moment to look around the plane at some of the other people on the flight. He noticed a couple of people quietly talk to each other a few rows in front of him. The flight attendants were walking up and down the aisles making sure everyone was comfortable, offering pillows or blankets to those who wished to sleep. Joey looked around him and noticed that the rest of the guys were all fast asleep. It was odd that Joey was the last one to fall asleep but that didn't bother him. He had a lot of things he could do while being stuck in a seat 30,000 feet above the ground.

Joey noticed one young man in particular. He seemed to be traveling with another older man, who was probably his father. He could see the family resemblance between the father and the striking young man.

From that Joey could tell, the young man had sandy blond hair with some light blond highlights. His hair was cut short and buzzed around the sides. He was wearing a thin pair of glasses that rested upon a sharp chiseled nose. Joey could also detect the hint of a five o`clock shadow on the young man's face. It seemed he was going to be in need of a shave when they landed.

The young man was wearing a hunter green polo shirt, charcoal gray Dockers and white Nike sneakers with blue accents. Joey knew that Lance would like the guy's choice in clothes, and Justin would certainly agree with his choice in shoes.

He seemed to be engrossed in the book he was reading. When Joey looked carefully, he was able to make out the title: "The Front Runner". Where had he heard that before? He would just have to check into it. It looked like it would be worth reading.

As Joey observed the young man, it struck him how he looked to be so comfortable and relaxed. Joey looked down at his stack of fan mail and sighed. Though he truly did love them, some days he wished like he could be like that peaceful stranger across the aisle.

Joey saw something out of the corner of his eye. He turned and looked out the window. The view outside was spectacular. The sky was a deep blue. The blanket of clouds below was lit up in shades of yellow, pink and red. It was near sunset.

As Joey looked out onto the peaceful scene, he felt the strain of the tour again. It would be so nice to be able to just take some time for himself. Maybe read a good book, like that guy across the aisle.

Suddenly a flash of light caught Joey's attention. It was a shooting star. He watched as the point of light moved rapidly across the sky, until it disappeared in the clouds.

Jason put the bookmark into his book, and sat back in his seat. No matter how many times he had read it, "The Front Runner" just seemed to get better and better. Someone really should make it into a movie.

Jason had noticed that N'Sync were traveling on the flight. They could probably do some of the songs if someone were to make a movie from the book. They'd done some really great stuff lately.

He sighed. He wished he could have asked for an autograph. But, it was late, and he was a male fan. They probably would laugh at him, and now it was too late. They were all asleep. He should be asleep himself.

Earlier, when he was reading, he thought he'd seen Joey Fatone glance over at him for a minute. That was probably just his imagination. He looked over at Joey, and saw that he was now peacefully asleep. Joey had always been his favorite in the group. Everyone always goes for Justin, Lance or JC, but Joey had a certain charming quality to him.

Maybe it was his flaming red hair color.

Even with that, he was still cute. He still had that goatee that made him look older then from their European CD. He was wearing a big deep blue sweatshirt and some kaki cargo pants at the moment. And of course, his trademark <S> necklace was hung around his neck.

He seemed to have that cute grin of his even when he slept. Jason wondered what it would be like to be so famous. Ah well, that was something he'd never to worry about.

Jason pushed his seat further back. He put his headphones on, and turned his CD player on. He drifted off to sleep, listening to the sounds of N'Sync.

Dan Timber looked over at his son. Even though he was 20 now, he still felt the need to look out for Jason. He remembered taking him to football games and cheering together. That had always been fun. His favorite memory though would always be when they'd gone camping. It had been their time together--just the two Timber men out roughing it.

As the years went by, it seemed his relationship with Jason had drifted apart. His son was less open with his dad, and at times had seemed a little scared when talking to him. That had bothered him, but he hadn't known what to do to correct things between them. He'd tried, but everything he could think of had just made things worse.

Now he knew the reason Jason had been distancing himself from him. Jason had told me one night that he is gay. That was a big step for him, and one of the few times I have ever seen him cry. That was also probably one of the few times he'd ever seen me cry either.

It had been a hard thing for Jason to tell me, but I was so proud that he felt he could. I had told him that night that he should never be afraid to tell me anything. I told him that I loved him no matter what and that I'd welcome whomever he loves into our family.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. We are now beginning our final descent to Chicago's O'Hare international airport. We ask that you put your tray tables up and return your seatbacks to their upright position. On behalf of the entire crew, we would like to thank you for choosing to fly with us."

Dan looked over to his son to make sure Jason's seat belt was fastened. He took a moment to make sure that Jason's stuff was all packed away. Then he made sure he was ready for landing.

A short time later, the pilot made a very soft landing in Chicago. Soft enough that Jason didn't even wake up.

It didn't take long before the plane reached the terminal building. When the plane stopped, Dan gently woke Jason. Jason had always taken a long time to wake up, so Dan wasn't surprised that he had to guide him off the plane, and into the terminal.

Planes are noisy. It never seemed that way when you were on them, but when the noise stops, the silence was enough to wake him.

He forced his eyes open a bit, and found that a number of people were milling around in the aisle of the plane. Was he supposed to get off here? He didn't remember. But, he was so tired. It seemed only a moment ago that he'd fallen asleep. If he were supposed to get off now, someone would wake him. He'd just sleep until someone woke him.

He stumbled his way off the plane, and into the terminal. The lights were bright, and he tried to avoid waking up by keeping his eyes mostly closed. Someone led him down an escalator, and then he was seated in a chair. It seemed only a moment later before he was being helped up again, and he had to walk out of the terminal.

He was semi aware that he was awake and being guided by someone. While the person seemed familiar, he really didn't know who he was. But somehow he trusted him. He wasn't sure why, but he did.

The night air was cold, but it was only a moment before he was helped into a car. As he drifted back to sleep, he felt someone securing his seatbelt.

Dan smiled. As soon as he'd gotten Jason into the car he'd drifted right back to sleep. The ride home was short and this time when Dan tried to wake his son, he was unsuccessful. So he scoped Jason up in his arms and carried him inside to his room. It brought back memories of when Jason was small, and he'd carried him to bed like this.

Dan laid Jason down on his bed and slipped off his shoes and gently covered him with a blanket. He took his glasses off and put them beside Jason's book on his desk. Jason stirred in his sleep and Dan leaned down and kissed his son on the top of his head. "I love you son" he said quietly, then turned out the lights and closed the door.

As he slept he had some flashes of some strange memories. He dreamed of being a small boy with his father, then suddenly he was standing with the father again, years later. He was crying and looking down at a beautiful woman in a casket. Then there was another jump and he was much older, crying again but hugging the father. This image almost seemed to click with him, "Dad I'm...I'm...Gay."

With that he bolted upright in bed. Looking around he realized he wasn't in a hotel room…

Lance was trying to wake Joey from his sleep. Sometimes it was just as hard to get Joey up, as it was JC. When he managed to get a reaction from Joey, he didn't see what he expected. He'd expected a grumbling, grumpy Joey. Instead, Joey seemed to be shocked. His eyes flew wide open wide and he let out a small gasp...