This story is totally fictional and does not imply anything about the superpowers (or sexual orientations) of the "real" NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. If you enjoy reading fantastical fictional stuff with gay content in it…continue on, intrepid reader and enjoy the story!!


Last Time on XTREME NSYNC….

JC looked behind Scott and saw Justin Jeffre fast approaching. JC grabbed hold of Scott's wrist and looked deep into his eyes.

"I need a favor. I need to borrow your body. Just open your mind for a second and we can switch bodies...then just act like me until I can come rescue you."

Scott nodded and a second later, found himself staring at his own face. In an instant, he had switched bodies with JC.

The sinister voice of Lou Pearlman echoed through Marshall's mind, 'Excellent Work! Hold them until I arrive. I want to probe them myself before you kill them.'

Scott (JC in his Scott's body) watched as the rest of the two teams were taken out and shook his head, as he picked up the transmission between Marshall and Lou.

"Asshole!", Scott murmured angrily as he walked slowly and cautiously towards the door, "We're not goin out that easily."

"Hey YOU!", Nick Lachey's voice came from behind him, "Yeah you...the motherfucker that shot me. Hold it right there. I have to decide whether to bring your sad, powerless ass with us or just kill you outright."

"NICK!", Marshall snapped, "Get him over here....we'll take him back with us and see what he knows then you can twist his spine like a soft pretzel."

Nick smiled and grabbed Scott's (*JC's) shirt, pulling him along into the garage and the vans that were waiting to take them back to their headquarters.

Chapter 22 Begins Now….

Scott was thrown into a van and Nick climbed in and sat down beside him.

"So...was it worth it?"

Scott (JC in Scott's body) looked over at Nick and raised his eyebrow in question.

"Helping your pop star icon...I sure hope it was...because it'll probably be the last thing you do in this life."

"Great...So I get to be killed by a pop star icon wannabe...only second best for me, I guess." Scott (JC) said with a thin smile as he controlled his overwhelming desire to tear Nick's mind into little bits and smile and watch him sit there and drool like the mindless ultramuscular goober that he really was.

"Just for that, I am gonna kill you slowly....make it really painful."

Scott shook his head, "It couldn't be any more painful than having to sit here and listen to you run your mouth, you steroid pumped egomaniac."

Nick pulled his fist back to punch Scott but the door opened up and Nick dragged him out of the van and threw him on the ground.

"Just you fucking stay there, pencildick! I'll be back to deal with you in a minute. Scott (JC) watched as the rest of the guys were pulled out of the van, unconscious, including his own body. Scott watched as they were lain in a heap in the center of the building and then the van took off and the garage door closed behind it, leaving the 11 unconscious bodies and Scott alone with Marshall, Nick, Drew, Justin, Christina and the rest of their team members. Scott watched as one by one, each team member took one or two bodies and carried them out of the room to another part of the building. Kevin and Brian, the last of the unconscious band members were hauled, the door to the rest of the complex shut and Nick Lachey turned to Scott.

"OK...it's time to die."

Scott shook his head as Nick lunged towards him and he stepped out of the way, tapping Nick on the head as he passed by and using his powers to render him instantly unconscious. JC smiled and walked towards Nick and laid his hand on Nick's forehead, instantaneously invading his unconscious mind and planting an engram of his own into the larger youths mind to control his thoughts and actions. Nick moaned as JC finished up the job and stood up. The re-programmed Nick got up and bowed his head to JC and then grabbed his arm and led him to the cells where the rest of his friends were being held. JC expanded his mind, waking each one from unconsciousness. JC motioned to Nick who grabbed the door and yanked it off its hinges.

"Come on guys."

Lance moaned. "Ughh...what happened? Last thing I remember was AJ coming up to guard my rear and then I was out."

Kevin shook his head and frowned, "AJ was covering Brian and my backs too, Lance. Right before we got taken out." Kevin paled as he looked at AJ whose eyes were blank and hollow.


AJ smiled and pulled up his sunglasses as his eyes began to glow a deep amber. He shook his head, "Nope. Sorry, Pal. AJ's not able to come and speak now...or ever again."

"Marshall!" Scott cried and AJ turned towards him.

"Ahhhh....you figured me out, did you?"

Scott grabbed JC's arm and the two switched back into their respective bodies before JC approached AJ and snarled.

"You weren't the only doppleganger in this group."

Marshall (in AJ's body) gasped as he realized the meaning behind what JC had said and turned to yell out for help when Kevin's biometallic fist immediately silenced all his objections, sending him into the oblivion of unconsciousness.

Bill awoke and heard the exchange between JC and the doppleganger AJ before Kevin stopped him from calling in any reinforcements.

Bill moaned and rubbed his arm where the injection had been given to him.]

"Uh....I feel like I've been hit by a truck."

"Join the club" Justin said as he loped over and helped Bill to his feet.

"We need a plan. We need to get the real AJ back and get out of here." Kevin said angrily.

"No" Bill said quietly as he shook his head, "We need to finish this. It ends now."

Bill closed his eyes and the group gasped one by one as they felt him probe each of their minds for any other suspect implants that may have been put there while they were unconscious. Bill delved deep into the AJ's mind and felt Marshall's consciousness dominating over and immobilizing AJ's consciousness, thus giving him uncontested control of his body.

Bill's consciousness moved inside AJ's body and pushed Marshall's consciousness aside, immediately merging with AJ's consciousness. Together, both Bill and AJ began pushing Marshall's consciousnes out of AJ's body and back to where it came. Marshall as he felt his mind forced out by the combined psyches of Bill and AJ like a candle would be put out by a strong wind. Moments later, AJ groaned and rubbed his temples as he regained control of his faculties.

"Good...No more unexpected surprises inside your minds. Let's get back to that large room and re-group. Let Scott and the reprogrammed Nick lead the way back to the room where they first arrived.

"Howie. What were you about to say to me when I was in your mind....you said you knew who is behind all this."

Howie looked up and was about to speak when the door on the other side of the room opened and Lou Pearlman stepped out, flanked by his entire team.

"Why isn't it obvious by now...I'm behind all this."

Scott gasped as Jessica Simpson appeared in a flash of light and grabbed Nick Lachey and disappeared just as quickly, reappearing across the room where Christina touched her hand to his forehead and removed the engram that JC had put into place, restoring Nick to his old self.

The battle lines were set once more, and each member began to square off against each other.

Christina stepped towards JC and smiled, "Up for a re-match? This time...leave your little boyfriend at home. This can be between you and me."

JC nodded and then reached forward and grasped Christina by the neck, startling the young girl into letting out a sharp scream. JC's mind melded with Christina's and JC began to quickly shut down Christina's mind, starting with her power and continuing on til he rendered her unconscious. JC let loose of Christina's neck and watched the young girl fall like a limp rag doll to the floor and he shook his head disgustedly.

"Half wit."

Justin watched JC finish Christina off in what seemed to be just the blink of an eye, then turned just in time to see Jeff Timmons creep up on him.

"You are about as sneaky as a pair of squeaky shoes, you know that don't you?"

Jeff smiled and held up his hand.

"Uh-uh...not this time. I only get caught with my pants down like that just once."

Justin stretched his arm out and reached across the room and grabbed hold of Justin Jeffre's body as he tried to sneak up behind JC to touch him and knock him out with his power. Justin telekinetically yanked him across the floor and, in an instant, had placed him directly in between Jeff Timmons and himself. Justin smiled as a beam of energy shot forth from Jeff's hands and hit Justin Jeffre square in the chest as he appeared in between the two young men. Justin Jeffre screamed and arched his back in pain as the bioelectric energy roared through his body. Justin smiled and telekinetically pushed Justin into Jeff, causing the one band member to fall on top of the other. Jeff made a gurgling noise in his throat as he looked down and saw Justin's still twitching hands holding onto his shoulders and felt his venomous touch quickly spread through every muscle in his body.

Kevin and Joey stepped up to Nick and Drew Lachey. Nick and Drew smiled at each other and grabbed hold of one another's hand then held out their other hands, emitting a force that slammed Kevin back against the wall with a filing cabinet from the one side of the room, while Joey fell to the ground, gasping in pain.
"Ahhhh....I can't breathe...can't move...what are you doing to me?!" Joey snarled as he strained his body to obey his will.

"We've got you trapped in our magnetic field. You see Joey...Kevin, Drew and I are like the opposite poles of an incredibly strong magnet. When we touch, we can activate our power...and we can hold you immobile, pull you apart, or even use the magnetic attraction force to separate the iron from your blood and cause you to be unable to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen in your lungs...in short...we can suffocate like we're doing now.

Kevin smiled and stood up and pulled off his necklace and ran forward towards the two brothers.

"Too bad that only works on elemental metal, like the metal in my necklace...not the biometallic metal that I am made up of...it seems immune to your power."

Drew gasped and let go of Nick's hand and fell backwards as Kevin slammed his fist into his face. Kevin turned around and smiled as Joey slowly got back to his feet.

"Hey Joe! Quick! Hit me with some lightning?"

Joey smiled and extended his arms to the ceiling, calling forth the lightning as Kevin grabbed Nick and held his muscular body to him.

"Let's see how you like this shit, Nick!"

Kevin turned to face Joey just as the first bolt of lighting hit his biometallic skin.

Nick screamed in agony as the lightning passed through Kevin and himself like a conductor.

Kevin let go of Nick and smiled as Drew ran over to help his brother. A second later, Drew screamed.

"Oh my God! What did you do to us?"

Kevin turned around to see Drew standing next to his brother, reaching for, but unable to touch him at all. Drew gasped as his arm was forced backwards by a powerful force.

"Simple physics Drew...I used Joey's lightning and my ability to conduct that electricity to reverse your polarity. As you said, you are only effective if you are touching each other and one of you is positive and one is negative. I just switched Nick to your polarity. Opposite magnetic charges attract...but like charges repel. We've made it so you can't touch each other anymore to activate your power. In short, you're powerless!"

Kevin smiled as Drew gasped and walked over and let fly a roundhouse punch that knocked Drew out cold.

Chris stood by Howie and Brian as the voluptuous Britney Spears, scantily clad in a metal breastplate and shorts emerged from behind Lou and approached them.

"Hey boys!" Britney cooed, "It's only me. No reason to be afraid."

Chris shook his head, "Lemme guess....your power is...umm...you sing and it makes us all ill."

Britney shook her head, "Nope."

Chris smacked himself on the side of the head and laughed, "Oh yeah...that's right...you NEVER sing live. Umm....well..just FYI...when you sing, it still makes us sick! So you must have some OTHER power, huh?"

Britney snarled at Chris's jibe and grabbed hold of her breastplate with both hands, as if to pull it off.

Chris screeched like a girl, "Jesus! Not the boobs....anything but that....having to look at bad plastic surgery...THAT is torture....JEEZ! That's not your power is it? A bad boob job?"

Howie began to giggle at Chris's dramatics and then gasped as Britney pulled apart her breastplate exposing her breasts as the skin around the tips of her nipples receded back towards her body, leaving her dark nipples sticking out to unbelievable proportions.

"OK....now THAT is nasty." Howie said, his lip curling up in a disgusted sneer. "No...That's just plain gross."

Britney smiled and thrust her chest forward and immediately her breasts began firing volleys of steaming liquid at the young men.

The guys jumped back as the first shots landed in front of them, immediately eroding a huge hole in the floor.

Chris gasped and dodged as the next shot missed him by a hairsbreath. Chris watched as Howie grabbed Brian by the neck and pulled him backwards, instantly disappearing into one of his gateways. Britney snarled and moved towards Chris.

"Looks like your friends bailed on you.....time for you to go little man!"

Chris watched as both of Britney's nipples once again pushed forward, ready again to shoot out their acidic content. As Britney fired a new volley of acid, Chris disappeared and Britney turned her head to see Brian standing to her right, just a few feet away. Before she could turn to fire on him, Brian leaned forward and let loose a tightly controlled optic blast across Britney's chest disintegrating a good deal of Britney's breasts, cauterizing them with the heat of the beam and leaving her with size A cups and two long burn mark lines.

Britney screamed in agony as she looked down and saw her feet for the first time since before puberty, "AHHHHH......my tits....you cut off my tits!"

Chris re-appeared beside Howie and shook his head, "Without those two babies, you and your career are all washed up!"

Britney looked over at Brian and charged towards the young man, bent on getting her revenge with her own hands. Brian shook his head again and let loose a wide dispersion beam from his eyes that hit Britney in the stomach, throwing her clear across the room, and knocking her unconscious against the far wall.

Jessica Simpson watched in horror as her boyfriend and his brother got their powers nullified and then themselves knocked unconscious by Kevin Richardson and Joey Fatone. Jessica held back her scream and focused her anger, wanting to kill the first person in her sight. Jessica turned away from where he beau lay and she looked over and her eyes fell on Lance. Jessica stood up and transported herself right beside the young blond and grabbed his arm and spun him around.

Lance looked up at Jessica, surprised by her sudden appearance beside him.

"You're dead blondie!" Jessica snarled and transported them both to the ceiling of the room, fifty feet up and prepared to drop him.

Lance gasped as he emerged high up above the action below and clutched Jessica's arm tightly. Jessica smiled and shook her head, "I'm just gonna leave you to fall now."

Lance's green eyes grew bright and small as he focused his power through the physical connection he had with Jessica.

"Doesn't matter much...I've got you too."

Jessica's eyes widened and she felt the first pang of pain in her pelvis.

"Auuuughhhh!" Jessica moaned a second later as a searing pain shot through her entire frame and then became more concentrated around her pelvic area.

"Wh...What did you do to me?"

Lance smiled, "Besides stopping your liver functions...I am exploding the eggs in your ovaries, one by one. If you want to live to walk away from here, or entertain any hope of having any children in the future, I suggest the next time I open my eyes that I find myself safely back on the ground.

Jessica hesistated and then screamed as she felt another searing pain shoot through her pelvis.

"OK. Done!"

Lance sighed as Jessica used her powers and immediately the two stood exactly where they had just a few moments before.

Lance nodded his head, "Oh...Good choice....oh...Good NIGHT!"
Lance used his control over her bodily functions to cause an immediate lack of oxygen to Jessica's brain, and a few seconds later, Jessica slumped forward and fell onto the ground.

Just a few feet from Lance, Nick Carter shook his head as he slowly got back to his feet, his mind still reeling from the punch he just took to the jaw. Nick looked over Eminem, his assailant and he watched him begin to advance. Nick smiled slightly as he realized that he copied Eminem's abilities the instant he punched him. Eminem charged and slammed into Nick, pushing him up against the wall. Eminem held Nick in place for only a second before Nick's eyes began to glow a pale blue. Eminem looked down and gasped as he saw his legs immersed in ice, and then watched as the ice began to quickly make its way up his body until it reached his neck. Eminem sneered at the young man and Nick smiled as he saw the ice begin to cover Eminem's head and neck. Nick watched Eminem's arms begin to thrash about as he desperately tried to find air to breath. A second later, his arms stopped thrashing and Nick used his powers to split open the ice. Nick stepped back and shook his head as Eminem's limp, unconscious body fell out onto the ground. Nick smiled and laughed, "He's completely talentless! Not only can he not rhyme to save his life...he didn't even know how to use his own damned powers! What a moron."

Lou watched in horror as his team was picked apart and dessimated. Lou shook his head in disgust, realizing that Marshall hadn't planned to have to defend against eleven talents. It would be a mistake, Lou thought, that Marshall wouldn't live long enough to regret making. Turning away from the scene in front of him, Lou gasped as he came face to face with Bill.

"Hello Lou." Bill said, shaking his head as he slammed his fist into Lou's gut, doubling him up and then punching the exposed soft part of Lou's neck, effectively dropping him to the floor.

Marshall saw Bill's physical attack on Lou and ran to intercept the youth before he could do anymore damage to the older man. As he reached for Bill, a hand materialized out of nowhere and slammed into Marshall's face, sending him careening backwards onto his ass. Marshall shook his head and looked up and saw AJ smiling sinisterly as he looked over his sunglasses with eyes that glowed a somber red.

"Oh Please. You can't beat me....your powers are just illusions. What are you gonna do...beat me down with your smoke and mirrors?"

AJ smiled and winked and then vanished. Marshall got back to his feet and looked around trying in vain to find him.

"OK AJ. You wanna play....we'll play." Marshall closed his eyes and concentrated on getting back into AJ's mind. AJ laughed and his laughter seemed to echo from every corner of the large room.

"Sorry....that path is closed...Bill showed me how to shore up my mental defenses against you."

Marshall growled as he realized he could find no trace of AJ anywhere. A second later, he yelped as AJ re-materialized in front of him swinging a baseball bat full force. Marshall's much vaunted mental prowess did him little good against the wood of the bat as it connected with his skull, crushing the one side of his head and killing him instantly.

"That'll be the last time you get inside anyone's head, pal."

Bill watched as Lou got up from the floor, his eyes glowing the color of amber.

"You shouldn't have done that boy!" Lou snarled and then reached out with his mind, slamming it up against Bill's mental defenses with the power of a semi truck. Bill's head snapped back and he took a step back from Lou.

"Nice. Very nice. My turn."

Bill thrust his hand forward, using his telekinesis to slam into Lou, tossing him into the wall like as if he weighed nothing. Bill then slammed his mind into Lou's repeatedly, looking for a weakness...a way through his formidable mental armor.

"Hmmm...." Lou said as he got back to his feet. "Telekinetically, I am no match for you, but telepathically, I am about to obliterate your mind."

Lou summoned up all his faculties and raised his hands at Bill and let loose the maelstrom of the fully destructive power of his mind on Bill. Bill screamed as he felt Lou tear away his defenses one by one.

"HELP GUYS! HELP ME!" Bill cried out mentally as he stood his ground. Bill felt Lou tear down the last of his mental defenses and begin to erase his mind. In a last ditch effort, Bill summoned up all the telekinetic strength that he had left and slammed it full force into Lou sending him rocketing through the walls of the building and away from him.

Bill collapsed, falling to his knees and then to the floor as Lance rushed to his side. Lance turned Bill over and screamed as he saw the light in his lover's eyes fade and die out.


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