By Billy Burrew

This story is totally fictional and does not imply anything about the superpowers (or sexual orientations) of the "real" NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. If you enjoy reading fantastical fictional stuff with gay content in it...continue on, intrepid reader and enjoy the story!!

Last Time on XTREME NSYNC….

"Hmmm...." Lou said as he got back to his feet. "Telekinetically, I am no match for you, but telepathically, I am about to obliterate your mind."

Lou summoned up all his faculties and raised his hands at Bill and let loose the maelstrom of the fully destructive power of his mind on Bill. Bill screamed as he felt Lou tear away his defenses one by one.

"HELP GUYS! HELP ME!" Bill cried out mentally as he stood his ground. Bill felt Lou tear down the last of his mental defenses and begin to erase his mind. In a last ditch effort, Bill summoned up all the telekinetic strength that he had left and slammed it full force into Lou sending him rocketing through the walls of the building and away from him.

Bill collapsed, falling to his knees and then to the floor as Lance rushed to his side. Lance turned Bill over and screamed as he saw the light in his lover's eyes fade and die out.


Chapter 23, The Final Chapter, Begins Now….

The guys scrambled towards Lance as he sat, holding Bill's head in his hands and screamed for help.

Lance reached out with his healing ability and began to heal what injuries Bill had received, but shook his head in frustration as he realized that Bill's injuries lay more on the mental plane than on the physical, and that to heal Bill, he would need JC's help.

JC sat down beside Lance and touched Lance at the same time as he touched Bill, merging all three of their minds. JC and Lance gasped as they immediately saw the damage that Lou had caused. Where Bill's mind had been complex and intricate, it now lay as barren and empty as a desert. In a matter of seconds, Lou had managed to almost completely erase Bill's mind. Lance looked around Bill mind, crushed as he saw the devastation that Lou had caused.

"Oh God. He's not here. Lou killed him"

JC turned to Lance and sighed, "I can't fix this Lance. There's nothing to work with here."

Lance was about to reply when a strong wind blew sheet of paper into his face. Lance pulled it off his face and was about to crumble it up when he stopped and opened his hand and looked at it and began to read it aloud.

Marching soldiers fighting one by one
will fail in their mission, fall under the gun.
But united together, they'll reach their goal
defeat their foe; heal their wounded's soul.

As Lance finished reading the poem JC pulled them back onto the physical plane. The guys were all huddled around their bodies as JC sighed deeply and blinked.

"JC...Is Bill....is he."

JC sighed, "He's gone. His mind is gone."

Justin growled, "Lou's mine. I'm gonna cut his head off myself."

A menacing laugh from the one side of the room caused the guys to look up as Lou walked confidently into the room.

"Cut off my head, little boy....I just don't think so."

Justin reached out his power and shattered the windows of the room, taking hold of the glass shards and hurling them towards Lou at full force. Lou held up his hands, creating a bubble of telekinetic force that deflected the shards and sent them crashing harmlessly to the ground.

"I must say that was a valiant effort....and it would have worked had I not just feasted on that young man's mind. I took his powers...just like I will take yours. Surrender now...I'll make sure it'll be painless.

Lance growled as his eye's began to glow emerald green, "In a pig's eye." Lance stretched his power out, encircling Lou in its net.

"Don't try that with me, son."

Lance's head snapped backwards and gripped his forehead with both hands.

"Get out of my head."

Lou chuckled as Lance's net fizzled and disappeared.

"Just give up. I can beat each and every one of you."

Lance's eyes widened as he heard Lou's words and finally the puzzle of the poem fell into place.

"The poem! That's it! Guys....Fall Back! Re-group! Justin...Take the Floor out from under his feet!"

Justin instantly complied, using his power to pull up the entire floor and topple it over Lou's surprised form.

"Guys....here...stand around Bill and grab hold of him...we all have to be in contact with him for this to work....I hope."

Lance watched as the guys all helped to stand up Bill's body, each grabbing hold of a part of it to keep it standing. Lance turned to see a pile of rubble fly high into the air as Lou pulled himself free from the rubble.

"Little boys...it's time to die!"

Lance turned back and put his hand onto Bill's face and prayed silently as he yelled out, "OK guys....think about merging all our abilities together, 10 into 1."

The guys all nodded and were instantly pulled together, mashing tightly against Bill's form.

"What are you doing? Get away from him!" Lou yelled as he held his hands out to the guys, trying to no avail to pull and push them away from Bill's body. Lou gasped as he saw a ghostly white mist appear all around him. The mist began to coalesce and take shape, forming itself into human form, an amalgam that looked like Bill...but yet, was more than Bill...it was the powers of each of the ten guys combined and then shaped by their minds into the form of their fallen friend.

"What are you?"

The amalgam smiled darkly as it looked down at Lou and spoke, "I am the the product of ten, I am the power that you seek to master by destroying the ones who created me. I am slave to no man, least of all you. I am the light that will shine the way to your oblivion!"

Lou's eyes widened and he began to back up slowly as the amalgam stretched his arms out towards him.

"NO! I will not be beaten! Not when I am this close!"

Lou snarled and charged suddenly, using both his powers along with the powers that he had taken with Bill's mind to lash out against the amalgam. The amalgam fell backwards, shrinking slightly under the attack momentarily, then reached forward with his hand and touched Lou's head.


Lou screamed and then fell backwards as the amalgam's hand drew back, holding a bright light within its grasp. Lou gasped and held his head as he ran away as fast as his legs would allow him.

"My power....it's gone! You took my power!"

The amalgam turned and brought the light back over to the guys, reaching over them and placing the light within Bill's head.

A moment later, Bill's eyes opened and began to glow brightly and he smiled weakly, "Good job guys! I knew we could do it!"

The amalgam turned back to Lou and, seeing him running away, took to the air, tranporting himself in front of Lou in just a second. Lou gasped as he saw the amalgam land in front of his path and fell backwards.


The amalgam shook his head, "Your punishment is not death, but far worse. Your punishment will be imprisonment without parole. Imprisonment within your own mind. Never will you be able to move your limbs, nor speak again. You will be able to hear and see but nothing else. The medical practitioners will say that you've suffered a nervous collapse and regressed beyond any help. Little do they know that you're a prisoner inside your own mind."

"NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo........" Lou screamed as the amalgam reached forward and touched his head, disconnecting Lou's ability to move and finally his ability to speak. The guys gasped as the amalgam pulled back and revealed his handiwork. Lou's eyes told the story to anyone who could read it from them. He was well and truly trapped inside his body for the rest of his life. It truly was a fate worse than death.

The amalgam turned to the guys and bowed, then disappeared. As he disappeared, the force that was holding the guys together dispersed and the guys pulled their hands back from Bill's body.

Lance looked over at Bill and frowned, "I thought I lost you. I felt my heart break in half."

Bill pulled Lance into a hug and shrugged, "I was a goner. My only hope was that you could decipher that poem in time. I couldn't leave you instructions or Lou would have erased them."

Lance nodded, "Lou's own words are what clued me in. When he said that he could beat each one of us....it made me think of the poem....one by one they fail...but united, they win and heal their wounded's soul. That's when I realized that we needed to combine our efforts if we were to beat him."

Bill nodded, "Yep. That's why I love ya....you're the smart one!"

The guys all rolled their eyes and groaned as Lance and Bill kissed passionately.

"JC" Bill said pointing to the still unconscious bodies of the team they had fought against, "Let's get to work. Erase all memories of this battle, this organization and their knowledge of their powers."

An hour later, Bill finished the last of the members of 98 Degrees and then, like the rest of the one's he had erased, he put a hypnotic suggestion into each of their minds to fly back to their homes and spend the rest of the week in bed asleep. JC had done the same to the ones he was working with and as he finished with Christina Aguilera, he looked up and saw Bill nodding approval.

The guys all headed back to their hotel and to bed, it had been a long day.

Lance and Bill lay in bed, cuddled next to each other and Lance smiled, "So does this mean you're coming on the rest of the tour with us?"

"If you'll have me."

Lance kissed Bill and smiled, "Yeah...I'll take ya...if that's what you're offering."

Bill shook his head and giggled, "Wait til I rest up a bit and I'll show you what I am offering. If memory serves, you liked it a lot the last time I offered it to you."

Lance blushed, "It's kinda hard to turn away an offer like that."

Bill grabbed Lance into an embrace, pulling him tightly against him and falling asleep completely.

Bill awoke around 2 am and was shocked to see the amalgam standing at the foot of the bed.

"You know what has to be done. They can have no memory of meeting you or of their own powers or of the victory they have won, or of me, lest that knowledge leak out and corrupt the people around them into using their powers for personal gain."

Bill got up out of bed and sighed, "Goodbye my love. I'll always be in your heart...and in your dreams."

Bill reached over and touched Lance's head, erasing all memories of the last few days that they had spent together and replacing them with filler memories of a plain concert and an uneventful stay in North Carolina. Bill and the amalgam went into each of the other rooms and took the memories of the other boys.After he had finished, Bill packed the last of his stuff and quietly walked his bags to the front of Lance's room. Lance moaned and turned over in his sleep and Bill walked over to check him before he left.

"I love you Bill." Lance moaned in his sleep.

Bill closed his eyes and sobbed quietly for a minute, knowing that he could not leave even that intimate connection between them intact, less Lance regain his memories again. Bill reached out to touch Lance's chest, intending to sever all the connections that he had established with Lance the first time they had
made love. Bill jumped as he felt a cold hand close on his own and he looked over into the eyes
of the amalgam.

"No. Leave it. My last act on this plane is to erase your memories of these past few days, but yet to make sure that you and Lance meet and begin to love anew. The link that you established will assure that you two fall in love again.

Bill nodded and the amalgam walked with him to the door and let him out. The amalgam opened his hand and produced an envelope and handed it to Bill and smiled, "Congratulations, you are now the tour manager. You were sent after that terrible bomb explosion at RDU took the life of Phillip, the previous tour manager." You've been given the key to Lance's room and told to wake Lance up and tell him who you are and then to crash in his room for the night before you all get on the bus and head out tomorrow afternoon to complete the tour."

Bill nodded and smiled, "Thank you."

The amalgam smiled and nodded as they moved out of the room and shut the door. The amalgam reached up and touched Bill's head and instantly erased his memory of everything that happened to him since he left his job a week ago, replacing it with a memory of being hired by JIVE and being sent to assure the health and safety of their artists. The amalgam smiled and then disappeared as Bill snapped back into reality and looked up at the door number and knocked loudly. A minute later, a sleepy Lance answered the door and was quite civil to Bill as he showed Lance the letter. Lance smiled and waved him in and closed the door behind him.

"I'm Lance. It's really good to meet you...and not to be rude...but I am exhausted...I'll see you in the morning.

Lance leaned into Bill and kissed him on the lips, then pulled back and rubbed his mouth in shock.

"Dude! I am SO sorry! I don't know what came over me....I...I...kissed you!"

Bill smiled, "Wow...yeah...you did. I hope it's not the last time you do, too. That was a nice kiss."

Lance face reddened and he smiled, "Um....Thanks."

Lance lay back down on his bed, still puzzled as to what came over him, kissing a complete stranger like that, then he smiled dreamily as he thought of how nice the kiss was, and yet how somewhat familiar it had seemed. Lance shook his head and mumbled four more words before falling back to sleep.

"What an awesome deja-vu."

Bill and Lance woke up the next morning before everyone else and got showered and dressed and then Lance took Bill around to meet the other guys. As they opened the door to Chris and Joey's room, Bill smiled and Lance gasped at the sight of the two men naked; asleep cheek to cheek in each others arms.

"JOEY! CHRIS...WHAT THE HELL!!" Lance yelled.

Both guys opened their eyes and looked over at each other, then looked down at their naked frames before blushing and turning away and getting off opposite sides of the bed.

Bill giggled, "Hi guys. I'm your new tour manager. I've been sent to replace Phillip. The guys at Jive said you were a close knit group...they weren't kidding, huh?"

Chris blushed and Joey rolled his eyes as they pulled on their boxers and t-shirts.

"I didn't know they were THIS close" Lance stated matter-of-factly to Bill as they watched the two embarrassed youths get dressed.

"God...my ass hurts....it feels like it's on fire!" Chris said a moment later, rubbing his posterior.

Lance and Joey's eyes bugged out at the statement and Lance quickly ushered Bill outside after telling the two guys to get dressed and get over to his room in thirty minutes for breakfast. Lance closed the door and leaned back against it.

"This is too bizarre. First I start swapping spit with you just after we meet, then we find Chris and Joey in bed together nekkid and sore. What next?"

Lance keyed open the door to JC and Justin's room, giving a cursory knock as he walked into the room. As he looked over to the beds, his eyes widened and he tripped and fell flat on his face.


JC's eyes popped open from the sudden outburst and he realized that his intense erotic dream of fucking someone was more than just a dream as his dick was firmly planted in a hot, tight hole and his field of vision was filled with a mass of blond curly hair.

'Blond curly hair?' JC thought curiously, now who do I know with blond curly hair that I would be fucking.....oh my god!"

Justin coughed, "Um....JC....what are we doing?"

JC's eyes widened to the size of saucers as he heard the sound of the voice emanate from the person in front of him.

"Oh Justin...umm...Oh my!."

Lance got up off the floor and looked at the two guys in disbelief.


Lance turned and saw Bill waiting outside the door and smiled a nervous smile then reached over and slammed the door in his face. Lance turned back to his two bandmates, finding them still in flagrante delicto.


JC jumped, accidentally slamming his dick the whole way into Justin's ass, causing the younger blond to moan involuntarily.

"Lance....I want you to take this the right way....GET OUT! We'll meet for breakfast in thirty minutes." Justin said after his moan abated.

Lance nodded, his eyes still wide as he walked out the door, slamming it behind him.

JC grabbed Justin's hips and began to pull out of his ass.

"Oh no you don't!" Justin said with a horny growl. "If we're gonna do this, let's do it right...Finish what you started!"

JC grinned and slammed his dick back deep into Justin's ass, causing the young man to gasp.

"Don't have to tell me twice."

Thirty minutes later, a slightly limping but yet satisfied looking Justin and a very relaxed looking JC joined the rest of the group in Lance's room for breakfast. Justin and JC went up to Bill and introduced themselves.

"I hope you're not offended by us. We seem to be trapped in some sorta weird sexual twilight zone."

Bill shook his head. "No man. I'm gay, so it's all good. Heck. When Lance kissed me last night it was kinda nice. Unprofessional as all hell....but REAL nice."

Lance's eyes widened and he blushed deeply as his four bandmates all raised their eyebrows and looked over at him.

"Oh please! We just kissed. It's not like you guys...tossin' salad before breakfast!"

Justin, JC, Chris and Joey all blushed a deep deep red at Lance's comment as Bill chuckled loudly.

"Wow...This is only my first day on the job, but it looks like this might be the most interesting job I've ever taken on!"

-The End?-

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