Yesterday's End-108

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 108


"Haven murdered Jake?" Josh said, his arms going around his man again.

"I don't know the truth of that, my love." Lucas said, everyone staring at the young man in Josh's arms, Gideon rising from his seat again.

Colton's blue eyes followed his uncle, their young beauty focusing on Lucas.

"Alright, Lucas. You seem to be well learned in other aspects of this case. I need to know what you've been keeping from me." the young lawyer said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"I haven't been intentionally hiding anything from you, Gid."

The young lawyer's face softened, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"I know that, Lucas. I'd just like you to be open with me. You're showing a lot of mystery behind your giving heart." he said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"My whole life is a mystery that even I haven't totally solved yet, my friend." he said, Gideon smiling at him, Josh smiling as well.

"Half the fun are the surprises of your heart, my love."

Lucas smiled at Josh, staring into his blue pools, seeing the hidden worry there.

"Let's sit down, everyone. I'll try and reveal the mysteries I sense." he said, the young man moving, sitting down on a couch, his Josh at his side, Justin and Lance both on their other sides.

Everyone sat down, Skyler and Finn sitting down in a large chair, Finn's arms going around his soulmate.

Lucas smiled, seeing their love still showing for each other.

"As I said, I believe Haven Marlowe and Jake were well-known to each other."
"How on earth did that happen, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas staring at his friend.

"The paths of destiny, Lance. My destiny. I walked a path with Jake, you all knowing the ending of that path. And Haven Marlowe walks a path with my family, and myself. All those paths intertwine, for the creation of a truer path. The two were perhaps always destined to meet."

"But for what purpose, Luke?" Gideon said, the lawyer knowing of Lucas' family's past and Haven's involvement.

"Haven knows that Jake and I had a volatile relationship. How better to undermine me than to reintroduce him into my life. The return of the thorn in my side."

"How did you clue into that, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas sighing, looking at his friend, then around at everyone.

"My magic is great, my friends."
Colton's blue eyes met Lucas' violet.

"You sensed that relationship in Jake's soul."

Everyone looked surprised, staring at the young man, then at Lucas.

The young man sighed again, Josh's arm around him.

"Yes, Colt. Jake was indeed lost, my friends. He was drawn under Haven's control by Sheridan Whitecastle."

Justin's blue eyes met Lance's, his lover staring at him with protective love.

"You mean they're all in this together?" Gideon said, his blue eyes looking at Grayson.

The older lawyer had clued Gideon into Lucas' family's past, and the background of Haven and Sheridan's involvement.

"Yes, Gideon. Sheridan is a pawn in Haven's game of power. As Jake was. As others are."

Josh's blue eyes met Lucas' violet.

"Bryce. . .Bryce is as well?" he said, Gideon's blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"No, Josh. Bryce is on his own path. He has no knowledge of that other group." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"So who exactly is this Bryce guy?" Gideon said, Colton staring at Lucas and Josh.

Josh's blue eyes met the lawyer's blue.

"Bryce was once my boyfriend, Gideon. Long before I met Lucas. We broke up after Justin and Joey found the truth of his lying, deceitful heart. He was robbing me."

The lawyer and Colton both stared at Josh.

"I'm sorry, Josh. You're a wonderful, giving person. You never deserved that." Gideon said, Josh smiling at his compassionate face.

"No he didn't, Gid." Justin said, Josh smiling at his friend, Gideon seeing Justin's protective love for Josh in their exchanging looks.

"I only ever deserved my Lucas' love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

Justin quietly told Gideon and Colton of the relationship Josh and Bryce had, and of the young man's reappearance into Josh's and Lucas' lives, the result of that Lucas being shot.

"Another danger in your life, Lucas." Gideon said, the young man staring at him.

"My life is a path of dangers, my friend. And that's why I possess this magic. To protect all that I hold dearest--my family, my friends, and their love."

Everyone smiled at Lucas, the young man's violet pools filled with love.

"And we all welcome that protective love." Finn said, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"It's here for all of you, in every way."

Everyone smiled, hearing the love in Lucas' melodic voice.

Justin's hand went to Lucas' knee.

"We're all here for you as well, Luke."

The young man smiled, nodding his head.

"I know, Jus.  I welcome all of your love. It's my life's energy."

Gideon stared at the young man.

"So if Haven's involved in Jake's life--and perhaps death--we need to find out everything. What do you know, Luke?"

"I don't know much, Gid. Only what I sensed in Jake."

"And what did you sense?" Josh said, Lucas sighing, the young man rising again, walking up to the windows.

He stared out into the darkness.

"I sensed his lost soul, my love. As I earlier said, Haven owned it."


Gideon rose from his seat, walking up to the young man.

"What exactly does that mean, Luke?"

The young man turned, staring into the lawyer's blue eyes.

Grayson's blue eyes were staring at the two, his own mind filled with thoughts of the past.

"Haven possesses a magic as well, Gideon. Let's call it a mirrored reality."

"What kind of magic? Similar to yours?" Justin said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"Not similar, Jus. Balanced."

"Balanced to what?" Lance asked, Josh staring at his soulmate.

"Balanced to my own. A mirrored reflection of mine, albeit not as great as mine. He doesn't realize that yet. My magic is beyond anything he senses or what others sense."

Gideon's hand went to Lucas' shoulder.

"Did Haven murder Jake, Luke?"

The young man's violet pools met his blue.

"No, I don't believe so, Gid. I can't prove it either way. All I know is that Jake was under Haven's influence. If you follow the paper trail you'll find that Jake's condo was probably owned by one of Haven's corporations."
Everyone stared at Lucas, that truth suddenly drawing more reality into the man's hidden life.

"So Haven set him up here in town to be close to you." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Jus. To stand in the shadows and do his damage." the young man said, Finn staring at him.

"Damage? To whom or what?" he said, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"You were the first target, Finny. Hence his showing himself at Justin's party that night."
"You mean that was a setup? For what reason?" Gideon said, Lucas sighing again.

"For the meeting it resulted in, Gid. For the meeting between Finn and Jake. That rather testosterone-filled altercation."

Finn's eyes lowered, Skyler's arms going around him.

"He knew you'd come after him, Finny. The man was his own self as well. Haven told him to create tension between all of us. He decided to start with you. With threats of revealing pasts."

Finn's eyes raised again, Skyler's blue meeting his.

"He. . .he was going to blackmail me?"

"Maybe, maybe not. I think he was more interested in using you." Lucas said, Finn staring at him.

"Using me, for what?"

"For his and Haven's greater plans. Plans that never bore fruit." Lucas said, Gideon's blue eyes meeting his violet.

"You knew what they were going to do, didn't you?"

"Not entirely, Gid. Only that it was part of a greater plan to destroy me. Fate changed that."

"Fate, Luke?" Harry said, Lucas nodding at his friend.

"Yes, Har. The fate of Jake's past catching up to him."

Gideon sighed, his blue eyes focused on Lucas.

"Alright, Lucas. Tell us all of it."
The young man sighed, returning to his seat beside Josh, his and Justin's arms going around him.


"There isn't much more to tell, Gid. Only that I sense another path has walked through this."

"Bryce's path?" Justin said, Lance looking at his man.

"His path is its own, Jus. I'll have to deal with that separately. I'm sensing something more."

"What did you sense, Luke?" Colton said, their eyes meeting.

"What do you sense, Colt?" Lucas said, everyone staring at the young man, a soft smile crossing his face.

"I sense the greatness of your magic, Luke. I feel the edges of it probing through life. Through many lives, even my own."

The man smiled, staring at the teenager.

"My magic flows everywhere, Colt. It has a mind of its own."

"It is controlled by your love, Luke. By the depth of your protective love." the young man said, Josh looking between the two.

"What's going on, my love?"

The young man's eyes met Josh's, their hands joining.

"My magic is growing, Joshua. It's like a beacon. It's drawing in the surrounding dangers. It's analyzing all of them and setting its own paths of destiny. All are drawn to me, and all will face the reality of their own paths."

"So all are drawn into your life, Luke?" Alain said, the young man smiling.

"Perhaps, Alain. But my magic also searches for something."
"For what, Luke?" Andrew said, he and Trish seated together.

"I haven't totally figured that out, Drew. It's even evasive to myself."

"You speak as if that magic has its own identity, Luke." Grayson said, the young man looking towards the older lawyer.

"Perhaps it does, Gray. Remember the dreams I had all through my life? I think those dreams are the magic's dreams."

"That's unbelievable, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"As unbelievable as myself, my love."

Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing his man's lips.

"You're very believable, Lucky. And very real."

The young man smiled, feeling his Josh's love.

"I know I'm real, Josh. As in the fate I find myself in as well."

"And we have to deal with that fate, Luke." Gideon said, the young man nodding.

"Jake was involved with Haven. I'm not sure if that bears on the matter of his death, but it is feasible. Haven was bankrolling Jake's current lifestyle, for his own purposes. And Jake was making his own money on the side. Finn might have been his next victim. Blackmail and extortion. There may be others he'd shown the same intentions to."

"So one of them may have held a murderous grudge against him." Gideon said, Lucas staring at him.

"That young man was a real piece of work, Luke." Grayson said, the young man nodding.

"It took me forever to realize that, Grayson. I had the scars on my body and my soul to realize that." Lucas said, Justin's arm tightening around him, Josh feeling Justin's protective love as well.

The older lawyer nodded, staring at Lucas.

"There is more to you than just magic and love, Lucas. There is a deeper courage."

The young man smiled, nodding his head.

"I'll need it going forward, Gray. In many ways."

"We'll investigate Haven's involvement, Luke. As well as Bryce Hartwell's." Gideon said, Josh looking at the young lawyer.

"I thought he'd left us for good." he softly said, Lance's arm going around his friend.

Lucas' violet pools met Josh's blue.

"He's left your soul, my Joshua. My love alone is yours. We can't stop him from his own self doubts. All I can do is love you. And protect you."
Josh nodded, staring at Lucas.

"You are my life, Lucas. I need no one else."

Lucas smiled, his violet pools looking at Lance, then Justin.

"Lucky me."

Josh smiled, Lucas kissing his soft lips, Justin and Lance's eyes meeting.

The two parted, Lucas' eyes meeting Gideon's.

"Did Bryce kill Addison?" the young lawyer said, everyone staring at Lucas.

"No, Gid. I'm certain of that. But Jake and Bryce were acquainted, I believe that was by Adam's doing."

"Levine? He was involved with both?" Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Jus. Before life and love overtook the man's desires."

Justin nodded, knowing Adam was now a changed man.

Usher's love had seen to that.

"At that time Adam was formulating his own plans. For the conquest of my virtue." Lucas said, Gideon staring at him with surprise.

"Adam Levine is gay?"

Everyone smiled, staring at the young lawyer.

"You've missed much, Gid. We'll fill you in on the details. Our Lukey's become a well sought-after beauty." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"And there never was a need for that. This beauty's found all he needs." he smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"I just wanted all of you to know what I know. I won't keep secrets from any of you." he said, Gideon nodding his head.

"We'll investigate Haven and Bryce, Luke. And Jake's past. Something will come up. Right now we need to focus on you. And what you did tonight."
Lucas sighed, nodding.

"What I did tonight was protect my friend. And free his heart from his pain. I don't give a damn about what the world sees." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting Finn's blue.

"And your friend loves you for that." he said, Lucas smiling at him, their friendship and love showing in their eyes.

"We'll play that angle, Luke. A friend protecting a friend. That may lessen the damage. But you have shown the world your anger."

"I was never angry, Gid. I was just following the path."

"So will that reporter keep at it?" Justin said, Lucas looking at him.

"He's been paid, Jus. In many ways. He'll follow his path as well."
"I'll tear him a new one when I see him again." Finn said, Lucas staring at his friend.

"The ever protective bear. You need to shave, Yogi."

Everyone laughed, Lucas' humour destroying the concern in the room.

"Nah, you all like me hairy." Finn smiled, Skyler kissing his cheek, their eyes meeting.

"That I do, my love."

Finn smiled, a tear showing in his eyes.

"I think you both need some time alone, my friends." Lucas said, Skyler nodding, staring at her friend.

"We won't be alone, Luke. Your love's in our hearts." Finn said, the two rising from their seat, excusing themselves from their friends, all watching them leave.

"Their love is strong, Luke. Skyler's love will comfort him." Trish said, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"Their love is their own, as it's always been. Nothing could destroy that." he said, Gideon smiling at his friend.

"You're an amazing friend, Lucas. You see everything in life."

The young man smiled, his violet pools meeting Colton's blue.

"It's the magic of our hearts, Gid. It protects all. And it guides all to their own hearts."

Colton smiled, looking at his uncle.

Grayson was staring at the young man, Lucas' violet pools staring at him.

"Yes, Gray. Our young friend here is of the magic's destiny as well."

"Amazing." the older lawyer said, staring at Colton.

Grayson's eyes went to the young lawyer, Lucas smiling at both.

"Destiny flows down many paths, my friend. This young man is right where he's supposed to be. As is Gideon. On my path of love."

Colton and Gideon both smiled, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

"As are all of you." he said, looking back at Grayson.

"Simply amazing." he said, Lucas smiling.

"I'm suddenly tired, everyone. I think we'll call it a night." Lucas said, rising up, everyone rising from their seats as well.

"I'll make breakfast, Luke. You can sleep in late." Colton said, Lucas smiling and hugging the young man to him, Gideon smiling at his nephew.

"Thanks, Colt. See you in the morning, everyone." Lucas said, everyone hugging him and Josh, the two walking out of the room.

Gideon's eyes met Grayson's.

"How about a coffee, Grayson? We've much to discuss." the young lawyer said, the two smiling at each other.

"Indeed, Gideon."

The two lawyers walked out of the room, Colton following them.

Lance's eyes followed them, Justin's arm going around his waist.

"Goodnight, everyone." Justin said, Lance smiling at everyone, the two walking out of the room towards the foyer stairs.

Everyone else followed, Harry and Alain walking around the house to secure it.


Lucas sighed, wrapping the cashmere robe around his freshly dried body, walking out of his bedroom's bathroom.

The bedroom was lit with lamps, empty of life.

He smiled, seeing the balcony door open, the young man walking towards it.

He walked out onto the balcony, met with a vision of beauty.

Josh stood at the balcony's railing, the man wearing only his black boxer briefs, two arms wrapped around him, another vision of manly beauty wrapped around his soulmate, that vision wearing white boxer briefs.

His violet pools moved to the wicker settee in the balcony's corner, another vision of manly beauty seated there in a black cashmere robe.

Lucas smiled, walking over to the settee, sitting down beside Lance, his arms going around his own robe-wrapped form.

"Our Joshua has our Justin's love surrounding him." Lance said, Lucas smiling at his two soulmates standing together in front of them.

"He needs a deeper love tonight, Lance. I feel it in his soul. He needs all of us." Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes staring at him, his smooth body wrapped in Justin's strong embrace.

Josh moved, Justin releasing him, Josh walking over to the settee, sitting down in Lucas' lap, his man's strong arms wrapping around him, Josh's head going to his man's covered chest.

"Why can't he leave us alone, Luke? Why does Bryce have to come back into my life?" he said, Justin sitting down on Lucas' other side, Josh surrounded by all three.

"His mind is set on one path, Joshua. A path he has no claim to. The path to your heart." Lucas said, Josh's head rising, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas. You're all I need."

Lucas smiled, staring at his man.

Josh's blue eyes moved to Lance's green, then to Justin's blue.

"I also need your love, guys. I need all three of you."
All three smiled, Justin leaning forward and kissing Josh's lips, Lance kissing his cheek.

"We're all here for you, Josh. We'll all protect you from whatever Bryce is scheming."

Lucas stared at his friends, patting his man's brief-covered butt, Josh rising, Lucas rising from his seat.

He walked over to the railing, staring down at the swimming pool below them, soft lights lit under the water.

"A lake's waters are cold this time of year. Always cling to the depth of your love for me, Joshua."

Josh walked over to his man, his arms wrapping around him.

Lucas turned in his man's arms, staring into his blue eyes.

"What do you mean, my love?"

The young man smiled, kissing Josh's warm lips.

Josh felt his man's returned warmth, his arms wrapping around him.

"My love will warm the coldest lake of your fear, my Joshua. I will always be here for you. As will our Jus and Lancy."

The two men rose from the settee, walking up to their friends, their hands joined.

"And we're always here for our Joshy and our Lucky." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Awesome. I want the monster tonight. Beamy can play with the diva and his shortcomings."

Justin laughed, showing his pouting face.

Lance smiled, leaning forward and kissing Josh's lips.

"I think our Joshy only needs his Lucky."

Josh smiled, staring at Lance.

"Green-eyed monsters and blue-eyed divas are good in a pinch as well."

Both men smiled, Justin leaning forward and kissing Josh's lips as well.

The two broke their kiss, Lucas smiling at all three.

"We'll both be here for you always, Josh. Our love is remembered and new. And giving." Justin said, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"It's a big bed, guys. Our love has room to wander." Josh said, Lucas' violet pools meeting Josh's blue.

"You only need sleep, Josh. The sleep of our protective love." Justin said, Josh tearing up.

"I love all three of you. I don't want Bryce to take that away from me!" he said, his voice edged with emotion.

Lucas pulled him close, Justin and Lance surrounding him closer.

"He can never do that, my love. Our love is ours alone. And it will always be in our souls."

"I'm so tired of this, Lucky! Of our love being in danger!"

The young man pulled his man closer, Josh's head going to his chest again.

"Our love will never be in danger, my Joshua. For it's surrounded and joined as a quartet of love. We four have three others to love us always."
Josh raised his head, feeling the three surrounding him.

"I need you all so much."
Lucas smiled, the young man guiding his man back into their bedroom, Justin and Lance following them.

Lucas guided his man over to the bed, Josh climbing into its center when Justin pulled back the covers, Lucas smiling down at him.

Lucas opened his robe, as did Lance, both men tossing them onto the same chair.

Their soulmates took in both their revealed beauty; Lucas naked, Lance wearing black briefs.

Lucas climbed into the bed, Lance joining him, both on either side of Josh.

Justin smiled, going to both nightstands, shutting off the lamps, climbing into the bed on Lance's side, moving against his soulmate's back, Lance against Josh's left side, Lucas on Josh's right, his head now on Josh's chest.

"I love you, Josh. I'm here for you."

"I love you, Lucas. I love you so much. I need you so much!" he said, his voice filled with emotion.

Lucas' head raised, his violet pools staring into Justin's blue on the other side of Lance's shoulder, then meeting Lance's green pools of love.

"Tonight you need even more, my love. To destroy the worry in your soul. We three can give you that." Lucas said, his head nodding at Justin.

Justin smiled, leaning down and kissing Lance on the lips, their love showing.

They broke their kiss, Lance staring into his soulmate's blue pools.

"I feel your love, my Justin. Josh needs to feel it again as well."

Justin smiled, the man moving, his body going over Lance's, the muscular singer's body moving on top of Josh's, their blue eyes meeting.

"I'm here always, Joshy. My love's here again for you." he said, his lips moving, his body sinking into Josh's.

Their lips met, Lucas smiling at his man's eyes closing, the man lost in his old friend's showing love and warmth.

Josh's legs opened, Justin's body centering itself between them.

They broke the kiss, Josh's eyes opening, staring into two violet pools of love.

"We love you, Joshua. Let our love fill you."

Josh cried, another set of green eyes meeting his blue.

"Welcome to a newer love, Josh. My love." Lance said, the man moving forward, their lips meeting.

Josh felt Lance's love in that kiss, it as similar as Justin's and Lucas' giving love.

Josh became lost in the newness of it, and the familiarity of it.

It was intense and as giving as his Lucas'.

And as familiar as his Justin's.

He felt the other two men against him kissing his neck and cheeks, the man lost in the love overpowering him.

Lance broke the kiss, his lips replaced by Justin's familiar warmth.

"Oh, Jus! You're. . .you're as loving as ever!" he moaned, Josh feeling his soulmate's lips move from his neck, going to his earlobe.

"Let go of the fear, my love. Our love is all." Lucas said, Josh trembling.

He felt another set of hands on his chest, one finger going to his left nipple.

Josh moaned, the man lost in the three loving him.


Lucas stretched his arms over his head, walking into the kitchen, Colton's running form wrapping his arms around his t-shirt and cargo short-covered body.

"Morning, Dad! Love ya!" the young man smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love ya back, son!" Lucas laughed, Gideon's smiling face meeting his, the man seated at the kitchen table, Grayson seated there as well.

Papers were strewn across it, the two men perusing them.

"Something smells good, son! What have you created?" Lucas smiled, heading for the coffeepot at the counter's end.

"Breakfast burritos, Luke. Plus scrambled eggs with salsa and peppers. A southern style breakie!" Colton beamed, Lucas smiling at him.

"From a northern chef. Your magic is indeed amazing."

Colton beamed, kissing the young man's cheek.

"Wait till you taste my cornbread!"

Lucas smiled, pouring himself a cup of coffee, and filling another three cups.

"Do we have to kiss you to get it?" another voice said, Colton smiling towards the doorway.

"From you, Justin, I expect two. And I want tongue!"

Justin laughed, his arms around Lance, Josh at their side, the three in shorts and wifebeaters.

Their hair was all wet, Lucas smiling at all three, his hair wet as well.

Colton smiled between the four, the young man returning to the stove.

"It's all warming, and ready. Not as warm as Josh's happiness, but warm nonetheless." he smiled, Lucas laughing, his violet pools looking towards his Josh's blushing face.

"Get used to it, my love. Colt's magic mirrors my own." he said, Colton winking at him.

"Hardly, Luke. I'm a beginner. You're a master!"

Lucas smiled, winking back at the young man.

"I have whips and everything! You should check out Justin's ass."

Justin laughed, Colton blushing.

"He already has, Lucky! I always feel like there's two eyes back there." Justin grinned, Colton blushing more.

Lucas patted his shoulder.

"You'll tire of him soon enough, Colt. That old fossil will be replaced by a younger model soon enough."

Justin blushed, Lance laughing.

"I happen to love old fossils." he said, kissing his man's lips, Justin smiling.

"Me too." Josh said, Justin smiling at him.

"Will you three move, please? You're standing between me and food." another voice said behind them, Justin smiling into Finn's blue eyes, his naked chest wrapped around his Sky's dress covered body, others behind them.

"Better move, guys. The bear's about to stampede!" Justin laughed, Finn rolling his eyes, everyone walking into the kitchen.

Trish and Andrew and Harry and Alain followed them into the room, everyone down for breakfast.

They all walked to the table, Lucas handing his three soulmates their coffee cups, the young man carrying the pot and the mug tree to the table.

Everyone sat down, Lucas moving back towards the stove, helping Colton at the counter.

The group glanced at the newspapers laying on the table, Justin picking up one, staring at its entertainment section, reading the headline out aloud.



           Singing Murder Suspect Attacks Reporter

                             Mayhem Ensues



Lucas glanced towards the table, Justin's blue eyes meeting his.

"Sorry, Luke."

"No worries, Jus. It's out there now. I'll just have to deal with it." he said, filling a platter with sausages and bacon for Colton, picking it and the platter of scrambled eggs up and carrying them to the table.

"Remove the papers, guys. Time to eat." Lucas said, smiling at everyone.

"They're all about the same, Luke. You've made the front pages in some of them. And the front page of the entertainment sections in all of them." Gideon said, Lucas nodding.

"No surprise there, Gid. I'm now in the spotlight I never wanted." he said, walking back to the counter.

Colton shut off the stove and oven, pulling out the cornbread and biscuits from it.

Lucas picked up the platter of burritos, both men walking to the table, sitting down.

Everyone quietly filled their plates, Lucas smiling at everyone.

"We're off today, guys. A day to relax before Monday's second concert at the arena."

"Then off to San Diego and then San Francisco, Luke. Two shows in both cities filling the week." Justin said, Lance filling both of their plates with a smile.

Josh smiled at both, Colton looking between the three, a smile on his face.

"The media will follow, guys." Gideon said, Lucas nodding.

"I know, Gid. No worries. I will show no other moments of less than glowing stature. No matter how much I'm goaded." Lucas said, sampling Colton's cooking.

"Delicious, Colt. You'll give me a run in the kitchen yet." he said, Colton smiling with pride.

Lucas stared at the young lawyer, Grayson's blue eyes on Lucas as well.

"Last night was a necessity, Gid. A necessity on their part. The next path is my own. And they'll answer for all of it." he said, sipping his coffee.

"Grayson and I are heading down to the courthouse, for some preliminary groundwork. Records and such." Gideon said, Lucas smiling at the older lawyer.

"Watch him, Gid. Our old sleuth may take you on paths of surprising discovery."

Grayson smiled at the young man, Lucas smiling back.

"I'm only led where you and your grandfather lead me, Lucas." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him again.

"You have your own soul, Gray. It'll lead you farther, and we'll all benefit from it."

The man smiled, sipping his coffee and eating his scrambled eggs.

"I'll help as well, guys." Andrew said, the two other lawyers welcoming his help.

"Thanks, Drew." Lucas said, the Scottish lawyer smiling at him.

"Family and such, Luke. I love you, too." he said, Trish smiling at her man.

"Luke's right, Colt. This is all delicious." Trish smiled, filling her plate for the second time.

The young man beamed, others complimenting him as well.

"The secrets are in the spices. My own creations." he beamed, Gideon patting his nephew's shoulder.

"Mom would be proud of you, sport!"

Colton smiled, his blue eyes looking at Lucas.

"Life goes on, my friend. We carry our past in many ways." he smiled, Colton smiling.

"It was Gramma's recipes, guys. I'm proud to carry them forward with my own touches." he said, Gideon smiling at him.

The group talked, finishing breakfast.

They all took in Josh's smiling face, his blue eyes filled with happiness.

They'd sensed he'd been greatly upset last night by the revelation of Bryce's shadowy return.

But this morning the man seemed filled with love and happiness, his eyes often going to his Lucas.

They all sensed Lucas' love would always be the answer to his needs.

They didn't realize it was a greater love he had now.


Finn dove off the diving board, disappearing under the water, swimming towards his soulmate, Skyler and Trish swimming in the pool's shallow end.

Everyone was relaxing around the swimming pool, the day's sun at its height, lunch having just finished.

Justin, Lance, Harry, Alain and Colton were playing water polo in the pool's deep end, Lucas smiling at the teenager's beaming happiness.

Josh leaned over, kissing Lucas' lips, the two laying in lounge chairs beside each other.

"What was that for, my love? Other than happiness." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"That was for last night. For giving myself all your love."

Lucas smiled, staring into his man's blue eyes.

"I think Lance was even more happy than Justin. Your love is new to him. Justin and I have experienced it always."

Josh smiled, staring towards his two other soulmates.

"Their joined love was beautiful, Lucas. As beautiful as yours. I didn't feel any jealousy in your heart for what they gave me. Their kisses, their touches, their wetness."

Lucas smiled, leaning over and kissing his man again.

The two parted, Josh lost in the love he felt in that kiss.

"I hold no jealousy for the three of my heart. We all shall experience the love of each other. In many ways. You, last night, experienced just a small part of their erotic love. I envy you."

Josh smiled, remembering the touches of their joined love.

Lucas had devoured Josh's center, Lance and Justin both having removed his boxer briefs, their eyes scanned his freed beauty, Lucas claiming the center of that need.

Their lips and hands had touched everywhere, both kissing him repeatedly, exploring the man's smooth needful body.

Josh had felt the returned touch of Justin's skilled hands, their touch as familiar and needful as always.

Lance's had been just as giving, the man so talented at nipple sucking.

He sensed the depth of Justin's happiness now.

Lance was an amazing, giving man.

Josh had become lost in their giving love, Lucas' talent sending him over the edge, the young man's mouth filling with Josh's releasing love.

The man had slowly come down from the edge of that height of ecstasy, Lance and Justin both rubbing his sweating body.

Lucas had moved upwards, his lips kissing Josh's, Josh tasting his own essence on his man's lips.

Lucas had broken the kiss, the man smiling at his two friends, the man leaning over and kissing both Justin, then Lance; both tasting Josh's essence in the young man's opening mouth, the two French kissed by Lucas.

"As delicious as ever, Joshua." Justin had said, licking his lips, smiling down at his friend.

"I taste a hint of Lucas' love within it. Indeed delicious." Lance said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his green.

"I need you, my love. Josh's love fills my heart, I need yours to fill all of me." Justin said, the man moving over Josh's body, Josh feeling Justin's heated center in his tight white boxer briefs.

Lance moved back, his Justin going on top of him, the two kissing deeply.

Lucas smiled, snuggling up against Josh's side, his head going against Josh's smooth chest.

The two stared at their friends, seeing Lance's hands moving downward, pulling on Justin's briefs.

Josh moved his hand, pulling a sheet over Justin's bubble butt, the man continuing his deep kissing of his soulmate.

Lucas smiled, his lips meeting Josh's again.

"Their love is their own, my love. As yours is mine."

Lucas smiled, pulling the remaining blanket over his man's naked form, not before removing his own briefs.

"It's here for you, Joshua. And I'm going to give you all of it." the young man had said, climbing on top of him again, Josh feeling his man's need.

Josh looked into his man's violet pools, his smooth muscled form covered in only his blue bikini briefs on the lounge chair beside him.

"Your love last night was total, my love."
Lucas smiled, looking towards the pool.

"I had to match Lance's need, babe. Our monster rocked the diva's world last night."

Josh chuckled, Lucas smiling, his violet pools watching Colton.

Josh was looking towards the young teenager as well.

"What are you cooking up, my love?"
Their eyes met, Lucas smiling at him.

"Well, I thought maybe pork chops on the barbecue. Maybe some salads."

Josh laughed, moving off his lounge chair, onto his man's, the two snuggling against each other in the one chair.

"I wasn't talking about dinner, my devious love. I heard your words to Colton this morning when we walked into the kitchen. You said another love would replace his love for our diva."

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"Colton's young, Beamy. He'll find a lot of happiness in his life. Justin's love is his first, albeit the love of idolizing worship. A greater love may enter his heart, I feel that."

Josh smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

"Evasive as ever, my giving angel."

Lucas smiled, snuggling against his man.

"I live to unite love, my love. Where would you be without my guiding hands?"

Josh laughed, lightly slapping his man's abs.

"Oh, I was always destined to fall under your spell?"

"No, Joshua. Your heart is your own. I've earned your love with my own."

"Indeed you have, babe." he said, kissing him again.

"Get a room, horndogs!" Finn yelled from the pool.

Josh smiled, breaking their kiss.

"Alright, Finny! Let's use his, babe! Soiled sheets and the whole nine yards!"

Lucas laughed, sitting up, staring at his friend gagging in the pool.

"Back to normal, Finnegan. Nothing can stop your giving, mirthful heart."

Finn smiled, Lucas rising from the chair, running towards the pool, cannon balling into it right in front of Finn, the man covered by the splash.

Skyler and Trish laughed, Finn staring at his friend.

"That'll cool you off, Lukey! Your man was on a mission." Finn smiled, his blue eyes meeting Skyler's blue.

"Let's get some drinks, Trishy!" she smiled, her friend smiling at her brother, the two women climbing up the pool's ladder, walking towards the house.

Finn's eyes were on his soulmate's bikini-clad body, her stomach now showing her motherly form.

"She's beautiful, Finny. Her love shines from your love." Lucas said, Finn's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet, the two men swimming in about five feet of water, Josh smiling at the two from his lounge chair.

He sensed why Lucas had dove into the pool, the man closing his eyes with a smile, sunning in the afternoon sunshine, his mind on the new love in his soul.

Finn smiled at Lucas, the young man smiling back.

"Speak from your heart, my friend. I sensed you've been wanting to talk to me since last night."

The Welshman nodded, looking towards the house.

"Why didn't you tell me the truth, Lucas? That you knew?"

Lucas smiled at his friend, both men staring towards the polo game going on at the other end of the pool, Alain seated on the pool's edge, his feet dangling in the water, cheering on his man's throwing technique.

"I wanted you to open up about it yourself, Finn. I'm sorry for letting it stew for so long." he said, Finn's arm going around his friend.

"It hurt my heart so much to think of how I'd hurt you, Lucas. Of what he'd done to me."

"I've always known you have a giving, loving heart, Finn. I know you'd never hurt me. And I knew that's why you couldn't tell me then. For your love for me and for Sky."

Finn nodded, looking towards the house.

"She's forgiven me, Luke. Her love's as beautiful as ever. Last night she made me feel my masculinity again. The realness of her beautiful love."

"Lucky her. She felt the realness of your masculine love as well."

Finn smiled, looking towards Josh.

"Josh seemed beyond happy this morning as well. I think your masculine love was shown as well."

"What can I say? His vagina's tasty."

Finn blushed, Lucas laughing loudly.

Everyone in the pool looked towards him, Josh's eyes opening smiling towards his man.

Justin smiled, seeing Lucas talking with Finn, Lance's lips kissing his cheek.

"Their friendship's returning to its original soul." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"As is their love." Colton smiled, throwing the ball at Justin, hitting him on the head, the ball ricocheting through the goal posts .

Harry laughed, high-fiving Colton.

"A ricocheted goal off a brick wall! Awesome bud!"

The group laughed, Justin blushing, dunking Colton under the water, their game continuing.

Finn's blue eyes met Lucas' violet, the young man smiling at him.

"I'm sorry, Luke. I didn't mean anything derogatory about your love. The gayness of it, I mean."

Lucas smiled, kissing his friend's cheek.

"It's as beautiful as your hetero love, Finn."
Finn nodded, softly blushing.

"What do you remember of that afternoon, Finn? Of your being with Jake?"

"Not a lot, Luke. I felt as if I was lost, as if I was totally out of control. I felt wetness, in my center and in. . .in my. . ." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You were lost, Finn. In a fog of drugged submission. You were never in control."

Lucas' hand moved, going to Finn's forehead, Finn feeling a soft warmth flood him.

The young man's hand left his forehead, their eyes meeting.

"All those memories of confusing sexuality are gone, Finny. All that remains are the memories of Skyler's love and her beautiful desires. I'm sure they match your own in her mind."
Finn teared up, Lucas smiling at him.

"I love her so much, Lucas!"

Lucas nodded, smiling at his best friend.

"I know, Finny."

Finn stared at Lucas.

"You once told me that you had had hidden desires for me at the beginning of our friendship, Lucas."
Lucas blushed, nodding his head.

"If I had ever truly had had those feelings for another man it would have been you, Lucas."

Lucas teared up, staring at his friend.

"Damn! I should have just got you drunk!"

Finn laughed, splashing Lucas with water, the young man splashing back.

Finn's hand went to Lucas' wet naked shoulder.

"I feel your love of friendship, Lucas. I love you always as a brother. I know Josh is beyond happy experiencing all your love."

Lucas smiled, looking towards his man.

"That he is, Finn." he smiled, Finn moving forward and kissing his cheek.

The two looked at each other.

"Thanks for being you, Luke. Josh and your other two over there have a life ahead filled with your love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We can always use another groupie. But you have to shave. And no drugs. We want you wide awake for Lance's monster!"

Finn laughed, dunking his friend under the water, a large splash suddenly hitting Finn in the face, propelling him under the water as well.

The Welshman came up for air, staring into two pools of blue, Josh's arms wrapped around his man, the two floating in front of Finn.

"You're as bad as Lukey, Josh!" he said, splashing the singer with water, Josh smiling at him.

"I missed my man, Finny! And keep your hands off him! I've got more to offer!" Josh said, blowing him a kiss, Finn grinning.

"I hear Lance has the most. Something about a monster?" he grinned, Lucas laughing.

"This coming from Godzilla?"

Josh laughed, Finn grinning.

"I think I'll go storm Tokyo. Or maybe just my Sky!" he smiled, swimming towards the ladder.

Lucas smiled after his friend, two wet lips kissing his neck.

"So, things back to normal between you two?" Josh said, kissing his man's earlobe.

"Yep. I have my ever-loving Finny back. And he's never lost me."

Josh smiled, his hand rubbing Lucas' wet backside.

"I want to lose you, deep inside me, babe." Josh said, his teeth tugging on Lucas' earlobe.

"Calmness, babe. We have an audience."

"Hey, Poppa! Come and join the fun. Or is Dad enough?" Colton yelled, Justin laughing beside him.

Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Our son needs us, Poppa. And I think we need to show him respect for his elders."

"And humility in defeat. Want to spot them five?"

Lucas laughed, he and Josh swimming towards their friends.


End of Chapter 108


A chapter of returning normalcy.

Lucas and Finn's friendship as solid as ever.


Josh has a new love surrounding him.

He's now experienced the closeness of new and old love.

Justin's familiar love returns to him.

And Lance's new love enters his heart and body.


Not a total openness but loving nonetheless.

Lucas saw what his man needed and gave him all of their love.

His love guides others to his love.


Haven and Bryce wait in the wings, their plans their own.

And the mystery of Jake's death still remains.

Morgan and Ben have entered the picture as well, accomplices in their endeavours.


Lucas seems ahead of them, his magic keeping him safe.

Will it be enough?


Read on, more coming.


Hugs, Angel.