Yesterday's End-112

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 112


New York City


Justin stretched his arms over his head, walking down the hallway of his condo, yawning.

He scratched his muscled chest, a black tank top covering it, the man wearing baby blue pyjama pants.

He approached the kitchen doorway, hearing voices, the man smiling.

He opened the door, his blue eyes meeting two green pools and a smiling younger pair of blue.

"Morning, babe. You let me sleep in. Morning, Jon!" Justin said, the man walking to the kitchen table, leaning down and kissing his man's lips, his hand at the same time ruffling his brother's short hair, Jonathan batting his hand away with a smile, the two seated at the kitchen table.

"Morning, Jus." Jonathan smiled, Justin breaking his kiss with Lance.

"Morning, my love. It's just after nine, Jus. You needed the extra sleep. Breakfast is ready. Jon and I were just chatting." Lance said with a smile filled with love, Jonathan smiling at him.

"Would I be the topic of the day? The greatest brother and most amazing boyfriend in the world?" Justin smiled, Lance smiling up at him.

"You're both, babe. But you're not the whole world."

Jonathan laughed, Justin smiling at his man, his face then changing into his famous pout.

Lance smiled, standing up and wrapping his arms around his man.

"Well, maybe you're my world."

Justin smiled widely, the two kissing again, Jonathan smiling.

"This place is awesome, Jus!" Jonathan said, Justin smiling at his brother, Lance walking over to the fridge, pulling out a pitcher of orange juice, the table already set for breakfast, Justin smelling warming food.

"Yeah, it is. I forgot that this is your first time here." he smiled, sitting down at the table beside his brother.

"Well, you never invited me." the young man smiled, Justin softly blushing, Jonathan leaning over and kissing his brother's cheek.

"It's okay, bro. I know you've been busy." He smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I'm never too busy for you or Stevie, Jon. I'm here always if you need me."

The young man smiled with love and worship at his older brother.

"Right now I need you to help me bring over the food, babe." Lance said, Justin smiling and rising from his chair, helping Lance with food he pulled out of the oven and out of the pans on the stove.

Within a few minutes they were diving into a warm breakfast.

"So what's on the agenda for today, babe?" Lance smiled, filling Justin's glass with juice, then Jonathan's.

"Whatever we like, Lance. How about some shopping? It's been a while since I spoiled my bro." Justin smiled, the young man beaming at him.

"You don't have to buy me stuff, Jus. I'm happy just being with you."
Lance smiled, looking at the young man.

"Where's the fun in that, bro? You deserve it." Justin smiled, Jonathan smiling back.

"You just like to shop, babe. What am I going to do with you?" Lance smiled, Justin leaning towards him and kissing his lips.

"You're going to love me, babe. And I like to spoil you, too."

Lance smiled, shaking his head, knowing his lover's love of shopping.

"I don't need anything, but I guess I should take your giving love as it is."

Justin smiled, winking at his boyfriend, Jonathan smiling at his brother.

"Maybe Colton would like to come as well, Jus?" he said, Justin smiling at his brother.

"You and Colton seem to have hit it off last night, Jon."

The young man smiled, looking at both men.

"He's so different, Jus. His life, his hardships, and his optimistic look on life. He's so together for his age." the young man said, Justin nodding his head.

"That he is, Jon. He's almost like another Lucas." Lance said, Jonathan smiling at him.

"Then he must truly be amazing."

Justin smiled, staring at his brother.

"Well, he is smitten with me. You have to be amazing to love me." Justin said, Lance rolling his eyes, Justin laughing, Jonathan staring at his brother.

Justin leaned forward, kissing his man's cheek again.

"You I love totally, babe. The others can just look at the beauty I am."
Lance smiled, looking towards Jon.

"I love you completely as well, my egotistical angel."
Justin smiled, his hand joining Lance's.

"He's gay?" Jonathan said, looking with surprise at Justin.

"Oops, let the cat out of the bag there, my love." Lance said, Justin looking at his brother.

"Yes, he is, Jon. He didn't tell you last night? You two were talking together for quite a bit." Justin said, Jonathan shaking his head no.

"No, he never mentioned it." the young man said, Lance quietly looking at him.

"It's not something you blurt out when first you meet someone. I hope you're okay with that, Jon? Colt is a wonderful young man, as you stated earlier. Don't judge him on just that." Lance said, Jonathan looking at Lance.

"I would never do that, Lance.  A person's sexual preference shouldn't be what you focus on. I always try to judge someone by their own heart and words. His are fascinating." Jonathan said, Justin smiling at his brother.

"Great to hear, Jon. You've got character."
"I am your brother, Jus. I see your heart showing its trueness as well. You and Lance show your love openly. I love both you and Lance, my new bro."

Lance smiled, tears showing in his eyes.

"It's not totally open, Jon, but our love's here for you always." Justin said, tears showing in his blue eyes as well.

Jonathan smiled, staring at both men.

"I'll stand behind you whether it's free or private, Jus."

Justin smiled, looking at Lance.

"I think Colton's a great young man, Jon. You and he could be great friends." Justin said, Jonathan staring at his brother.

The young man smiled, nodding his head, focusing on his breakfast plate, continuing to eat.

Lance's green eyes were on the young man, Justin's lips kissing his cheek again, Lance's green eyes meeting his blue.

Justin smiled, Lance smiling back.

"Love ya, babe."

Lance smiled, his inward soul smiling.

"Love ya too, sexy. Our breakfast is getting cold from all the love."

Justin smiled, diving into his breakfast, Lance smiling to himself.

His green eyes stared at Jonathan for a moment, then at Justin.

You're beautiful but clueless, babe.

I can see the beginnings of more than friendship easily.

Jonathan just has to open up about himself.

We'll both be there for him.

And what his heart wants.

You are amazing, Lucas.

Lance smiled, the three eating breakfast together in happiness.


Lance pulled off his shirt, his smooth tanned chest showing in the bedroom's widening sunshine.

He felt two arms wrap around him, lips kissing his neck.

"When did you get in town, Lucky?"

A hand slapped his ass, that hand moving around in front of him, pressing against his center, its large calm bulge feeling that hand's experienced touch.

"I'm the lucky one, sexy. I have you all to myself." Justin said, his lips moving to Lance's earlobe.

Lance felt his man's desires rising against his ass, the man moving around, facing his lover, Justin's lips meeting his.

Lance felt the flirtatious desire and need in that kiss, one of Justin's hands finding his right nipple, rubbing at it.

They broke the kiss, Justin's blue eyes staring into his man's green.

"We didn't make love this morning, my Lance. I missed your loving touches." Justin said, the man's hands going to his tank top, pulling it off in one motion, Lance's hands going to his man's smooth chest.

"Sorry, babe. I woke up early and you were out like a light. I couldn't ravish you then."
Justin smiled, his hands going to his man's ass, pulling him close.

"I'm right here and awake, babe. Take all you need." Justin said, Lance smiling and kissing his cheek.

"You're so much better awake, my horny angel. But we're not alone." he smiled, Justin smiling back.

"Jon's on the phone with dad. He'll be a while. And I told him I was going back here to ravish my world."
Lance smiled, one of Justin's hands kneading his ass cheek.

"That could take hours, my love. I can't have just a small piece of you."

Justin smiled, guiding one of Lance's hands to his center, Lance feeling the hardness hidden under the pyjama bottoms.

"There's nothing small about me, beautiful."

Lance laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"Don't I know it. Your ego's gigantic."

Justin blushed, Lance kissing his lips.

"And your heart's even bigger."

Justin smiled, one of his hands moving to Lance's belt, the man staring into his man's blue eyes.

"I need a shower, babe. Want to wash my back?" Justin said, the man's skillful hands having done easy work on Lance's belt and his jeans buttons, Lance feeling them being pulled down his legs.

"Someone's full of himself this morning."
Justin smiled, Lance stepping out of his jeans, Justin's hands now attached to his man's now enlarged center, rubbing against Lance's briefs.

"I'd sooner be full of you, my Lance." Justin said, Lance's fingers going to Justin's abs, lowering and disappearing into Justin's pyjama bottoms, wrapping around Justin's manhood.

"And I need all of you, ego boy."

Justin smiled, their lips meeting.

He felt Lance's new desires showing, the man's hands going to his pyjamas.

In seconds they were on the floor, Lance on his knees, engulfing Justin's warm hard shaft.

Justin gasped, his man's skilled tongue making Justin even more hard.

"Oh, babe! That's. . .oh man!"

Lance released the organ in his mouth, licking its wet knob, standing up, staring into his man's blue pools.

"I'm all man, my Justin. And I'm just the man to deflate your ego and your hardness." Lance said, his hand stroking Justin's wet cock, the man moaning as Lance licked his lips.

"Please, Lance. I need you." he said, Lance smiling.

"Oh, you'll have me. Come on, beautiful."

Justin smiled, Lance taking his hand, Justin stepping out of his pyjama bottoms as Lance lost his briefs, Justin's blue eyes going to the large shaft rising from Lance's center, the man licking his lips.

"It's all yours, sexy. Wet and full of love."
Justin smiled, Lance guiding him towards the bathroom.

Within moments the two were under a wet stream of water, their lips united in a feverish kiss of desire.

Justin felt Lance's hands moving over all of him, his lips moving as well, licking the wet water off his body.

Lance moved around him, Justin feeling his man's hardness against his ass cleft, the man purring.

Lance's hands were on his chest, one rubbing his nipple, one stroking his leaking hardness.

"Oh, Lance! You're on fire."
"Someone's ego has my libido on full charge." Lance said, his lips licking Justin's ear, the man bucking back against Lance's hardness.

"Take me, Lance. Make me yours. Show me who's boss." Justin said, trembling in Lance's arms.

Lance smiled, seeing Justin was trying to be passive, the man's hand stroking him more.

"We need no boss, beautiful. We are both the other's love."
Justin smiled, moaning as he felt Lance's shaft rubbing against his center.

"Then show me the love, Lance. I need you so much!"

Lance moved forward, the head of his shaft pressing against Justin's center, its long length slowly entering the man's warmth, Justin moaning more.

Lance moved Justin's head to the left as he sank deeply into him, their lips meeting, Justin lost in the love possessing him.

Lance's hands were all over his chest and center, Justin feeling him begin his rhythm of love.

The two made love, Lance's touches and beauty guiding Justin to the edge of life.

Lance felt the fluid flowing over his wet hand, Justin erupting all over it and his wet stomach, that sending Lance over the same edge, his orgasm flowing into his man's core.

Justin sagged against him, Lance lost in the love and ecstasy flowing through him.

The two came down slowly from the heights of their love, Justin moving, Lance's hardness pulling out of him, the other man turning around, his arms wrapping around him.

Their lips met, their love lost in each other's souls.

"I love you so much, Lance." Justin said, Lance seeing the tears of happiness in his man's blue eyes.

"And I love you, my Justin." Lance said, the man picking up a sponge, applying body wash to it, Justin smiling as Lance began to lather up his smooth chest, rubbing Justin's wet nipples.

"Careful, my love. That will just get the Timbersnake going again." Justin smiled, kissing Lance's wet lips.

"I know how to handle that snake. I have a nice warm place for him to hide."

Justin smiled, his lips meeting Lance's again, Lance feeling his love flow through him.

"Let me wash you, babe. I have to check out that hidden place."
Lance smiled, nodding his head, handing Justin the sponge.

Justin smiled, washing his man's chest, his hands going lower, wrapping around Lance's now softer shaft, the man smiling into his man's green eyes.

"I love your body, Lance. And the beauty of this beautiful monster."

Lance smiled, blushing.

"I think yours is more beautiful, my sexy beauty."
Justin blushed, smiling at his man.

"I hope it's enough, Lance?"

Lance pulled his man against him, their eyes meeting.

"You are beautiful, my love. No one has anything on your beauty and your body. And I happen to love that Timbersnake. It's beyond beautiful and it's delicious."

Justin smiled, staring into his man's green eyes.

"I love you, Justin. Right now I'm in the happiest place on earth. Your wet arms. And right now you need to show me what I love about you. Your prowess, passion and desires." Lance said, his hand stroking Justin's shaft, the organ rising and hardening in his hands.

"Time for the Timbersnake to find his favourite spot." Justin said, his lips meeting Lance's, their tongues searching out each other's mouth.

Lance broke the kiss, the man turning around, leaning against the shower wall.

"I need you, babe. Please possess me with your love." Lance moaned, Justin moving forward, his arms wrapping around his man's smooth body, his hardness finding its need.

Lance moaned as Justin sank into him, the man's body wrapping around him, his hands going to his nipples and one wrapping around his large hard shaft.

"Oh God, Lance! You feel so good!" Justin said, beginning a slow rhythm, Lance moaning and sighing.

"That's the spot! Faster! Own me, Jus!" Lance gasped, the man's ass pushing back against Justin's center, Justin smiling.

He began to pick up the pace, hitting the same spot again, Lance gasping loudly.

Justin stroked Lance's shaft as he thrust forward, the man feeling Lance's body trembling, the edge close.

Lance's body became more erect, Justin rising as well, the man feeling Lance's cock throbbing.

"Oh God!" the man moaned, Justin feeling the wetness flowing over his fingers, the end of the shaft erupting.

That sent Justin over the edge of his own orgasm, the man exploding inside his man's heated center, Lance moaning as he felt the warmth flood him.

Justin's hand moved off of Lance's shaft, its hardness swaying.

He raised his hand, Lance lapping at his fingers as they rubbed his lips, Justin's head moving forward, his own lips tasting the nectar off his fingers.

"Mm, the best dessert." he smiled, Lance sagging back against his wet smooth body, Justin's arms wrapping around his man, his lips kissing his cheek and neck.

"Thank you, my love. For sending me to heaven always." he said, Lance smiling, Justin about to move back, Lance's hand stopping his movement.

"Stay in me, my love. I love you as a part of me."
Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around his man, kissing his lips when Lance turned his head.

"And I love being a part of you. We are one, Lance. Today and always. I love you."

Lance teared up, the afterglow of their love always having a romantic affect on Justin.

It only made him love him more.

"I love you, Jus. Let's clean each other up. Then let's go spoil our brothers."

Justin smiled, Lance handing him the sponge again.


Lance smiled, sitting down on a bench in front of a sports store, the man sighing and placing the bags he carried between his legs.

He looked into the store, seeing four teenagers laughing and walking around a display of basketball shoes and sports equipment.

Justin and Finn were talking, Jonathan and Colton showing each other different basketball sneakers, their eyes as wide with happiness as the two older teenagers.

Lance smiled, having seen their happiness all morning.

Justin had asked Finn to join them when they'd driven over to pick up Colton, Jonathan having phoned him about their plans.

Finn was just as happy to go, his blue eyes meeting his Skyler's blue pools.

"Go, Finny! I need a break from your mothering." she smiled, Finn kissing her lips.

"I'll buy you something beautiful, beautiful." he said, Skyler smiling at him.

"I don't need any more men's basketball shoes."

Justin had laughed, Andrew and Trish joining him.

Justin had offered the same invitation to Andrew, the young man politely turning him down, he and Trish having planned a day sightseeing together.

"Trish's and my love is still new, Justin. We still want to be together always. Not like Skyler and her old ball and chain. You can see the happiness in her eyes at some alone time." Andrew said, Finn blushing, everyone laughing.

His blue eyes met Skyler's, the man smiling when he saw the love shining there.

"Yeah, I guess. You can only take so much manly love and perfection." Finn grinned, everyone rolling their eyes.

Everyone hugged Skyler goodbye, Lance the last to hug her, she smiling at him, a soft wink given.

The group had left with smiles, Lance driving the four to Midtown Manhattan's shopping district.

Here now they'd walked around for over two hours, their bags surrounding him, he having bought nothing.

Justin had bought both Colton and Jonathan new stylish clothes and other items, both young men beaming with happiness, the man's generosity overflowing.

He'd bought Lance a new leather jacket as well, Lance not saying anything, knowing his man's love of being giving.

Here now they were in the sports store, Lance certain they'd walk out with more bags of athletic treasures.

He smiled, looking around the plaza they were in.

His eyes spotted a restaurant a few doors down, lunch on his mind.

He smiled, thinking to himself.

I had a lovely meal this morning.

Timbersnake ala carte.
He smiled, his eyes moving from the restaurant, the man seeing a men's clothing store beside it.

A mannequin was in the store's window, Lance staring at the shirt on the dummy's upper body.

That color would look so sexy on my Justin.

He wouldn't be wearing it long though.
Lance smiled, his thoughts on his man, his green eyes staring into the sports store, seeing his man's smiling handsome face.

God, I love you, Justin.

And I believe you've forgotten what today is.

Lance sighed, his thoughts on himself and what Justin thought of him.

His eyes went to the store window again.

Lance smiled again, looking towards the sports store again, seeing Justin carrying some items over to a salesperson, the clerk smiling at him, nodding his head.

Good, you'll walk into my love.

And my surprise.

Lance smiled, seeing Finn and Jonathan walking out of the store towards him, the two smiling and laughing.

"I think Colton's gone into shock." Finn laughed, Lance smiling at him as he and Jonathan sat down beside him.

"What's going on, Finn?" Lance said, his green eyes looking towards Justin, seeing Colton as well, the young man standing beside him, his young eyes wide with shock and awed wonder.

"Colton fell in love with a pair of Nike Air Jordan's." Jonathan smiled, Finn smiling as well.

"Then he saw the price. The look on his face was priceless. Sorrow, dreaming and longing all in one." Finn smiled, Lance smiling at what that meant.

"And my Justin made his dreams come true?" he said, Jonathan smiling.

"My bro's love is forever giving."

Their eyes went to the store again, Colton running out of the store, his arms wrapped around a shoe box he held against his chest, Justin smiling and walking behind him.

"He's so unbelievable! He. . .he. . .I've got the most beautiful. . .!" Colton said, his blue eyes filled with tears.

"My brother's love is unending, Colton." Jonathan smiled, Colton sitting down beside him, opening the box, showing the three surrounding him his new shoes.

"Awesome, Colt! Love the colors." Lance smiled, his green eyes meeting Justin's blue.

Justin smiled at him, winking, then smiling at the young man clasping the open box of Nike sneakers.

"One of a kind originals. Just like you, Colt." he smiled, Colton's blue eyes looking up at him.

The young man sat the shoes down, standing and wrapping his arms around Justin, hugging him tightly.

"Thank you, Justin! So much! You're the best! I love you!" he said, Justin rubbing his back.

Jonathan smiled at his brother, seeing the tears in his blue eyes.

"Love ya back, Colt. I think we should get some lunch. I just heard a tiger growling." he laughed, Colton breaking his hold on the man, blushing.

"I didn't have breakfast, Justin. I was so excited when Jonathan called asking me to spend the day with him. And. . .and with you guys." Colton said, his blue eyes meeting Jonathan's, the young man blushing a bit as well.

Lance smiled, looking at Justin.

"There's a restaurant right over there, Jus. How about tacos, everyone?"

Justin smiled, seeing the restaurant just down the plaza named Mexicale Rosa's.

"Nice, I love spicy things." he smiled, winking at Lance, the man smiling back.

"You four head over there and grab us a table. I have a little shopping to do myself. Won't be long." Lance said, standing up, Colton and Jonathan picking up their bags that Lance had been carrying, the man smiling at them.

Colton's hands were around the shoe box which now held his old running shoes, the new sneakers already on his feet, the young man having put them on while Justin was talking.

Justin smiled at him, Finn laughing.

The two older men saw the youth's shining happiness, Jonathan smiling at his young friend.

"Our car's just outside that entrance, guys. Let's fill it up and we'll meet Lance at the restaurant." Finn said.

Justin nodded, smiling at Lance.

"Buying something for me, babe?" he smiled, batting his eyelashes, Lance smiling at him.

"Yeah, a muzzle." Finn laughed, Jonathan joining him, Colton smiling widely.

Justin blushed, Lance so wanting to kiss his embarrassment away.

"More like a spiky collar for my pit bull. Looks like he wants to devour Finny." Lance smiled, Justin laughing.

"Nah, that Welsh steak is probably tough and hairy. Give me some Bass sirloin any day."

Everyone laughed, Finn shaking his head, blushing but smiling.

"See you shortly, Lance. Let's head for the car, guys." Finn smiled, Justin and the two teenagers following him.

Lance smiled, seeing them walk through the exit doors.

He smiled, turning and walking down the plaza, walking into the men's clothing store he'd spotted.


The day had been happy, everyone enjoying their bonding, five friends having fun together.

They'd eaten lunch together, Lance buying, all thanking him.

After lunch Lance had seen the testosterone-filled excitement flowing through the group, knowing they needed some manly fun.

He'd suggested to Justin that they do something sports related, the young teenagers agreeing with happiness.

Justin thought for a moment, smiling at Lance.

"Well, we are in the baseball capital of the world. How about we hit some balls with some bats?"
Lance smiled, Finn laughing.

"I know what bat you want to get your hands on, Timberlake."
Justin blushed, he seated beside Lance in the front of his SUV, Lance's hand joining his.

Colton and Jonathan smiled at each other, they and Finn in the backseat.

"He played with that this morning. He hit a homerun, Finny."

Finn began to gag, the teenagers laughing, Justin smiling at his man with love.

"I know just the place, babe. Take a left here. The Baseball Center NYC is just over here." Justin smiled, Lance turning the vehicle left at the next intersection.

The group spent the afternoon in a batting cage, everyone taking turns hitting balls.

Finn turned out to be the least focused, Colton having the keenest eyes.

Justin was impressed with his skills, the young man hitting a lot of long balls from the ball machine's higher throwing speeds.

Jonathan had stood watching the young man hit, seeing his skill and focused strength.

Jonathan was good as well, the two younger men showing off to their friends and to each other.

They'd all laughed together, Finn seemingly having the most fun, the man having never played baseball.

"We never had this sport at home. A lot of local games mostly." he smiled, having missed quite a few balls, his resolve unflinching.

They all saw his friendly competitive side shining through.

"Yeah, like Flask and Cackle." Justin grinned, Finn laughing, Lance smiling and remembering the drinking game they'd played together.

The two younger men looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders, Jonathan smiling and handing Colton a bat again, the young man smiling at him, taking his spot again in front of the ball machine.

Jonathan smiled, watching the young man's slim form, his arms flexing with every swing of the bat.

After a couple of hours of baseball fun the group drove home, Lance driving to Finn's place first to drop Finn and Colton off.

Justin was laughing and talking back to his friends in the backseat, the car filled with happiness, Finn smiling forward at Lance, their eyes meeting in the rear view mirror.

"Thanks for the day of fun, Justin. Although it was eye opening. These two young whippersnappers showed us how long in the tooth we're getting." Finn smiled and rubbed his own shoulder, Justin laughing, Jonathan and Colton beaming with happiness.

"We're getting old, Finny." Justin smiled, Lance leaning over to his man, kissing his cheek.

"I happen to love my old man. And he saves his energy for when he really needs it."

Finn groaned as Justin's face lit up with a wide smile.

The two younger men smiled, seeing the two smiling at each other with love.

Finn smiled, his blue eyes meeting Jonathan's blue.

"You're going to be ignored tonight, Jonathan. These two got it bad for each other." Finn laughed, Colton smiling at the young man seated beside him.

"I think Finn's right, Jonathan. They look like they need some alone time." he smiled, Jonathan smiling at his brother looking back at him.

"You're our guest, Jon. I'll always make time for my bro. Lance feels the same." Justin said, Lance smiling at his man, then in the rear view mirror at Jonathan.

"I know, Jus. But I see a greater need in your eyes. And Lance needs you to himself as well. I'll make myself scarce." the young man smiled, Colton smiling at Jonathan.

"How about you hang with us tonight, Jonathan? A couple of movies and some pizza? We can have a fun night at Finn's condo, right Finn? Justin?" Colton said, Finn smiling, his eyes meeting Lance's green.

"That would be nice. And it's just Jon, guys." Jonathan said, smiling at Colton.

Colton smiled back at him, their eyes meeting.

"And I'm Colt, Jon."

The young man smiled, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"Okay, Jon. If that's what you want." his older brother said, his eyes meeting Lance's green, the man pulling the SUV onto Finn's street.

"It's what you need, Justin. Lance looks beside himself with happiness." Jonathan smiled, Lance winking at him.

"Ok, squirts. You two have fun!" Justin smiled, Colton and Jonathan both smiling at each other.

"Awesome! We need to decide on some movies, Colt!" Jonathan grinned, Finn smiling at the two, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"Great. When did I get drafted as a babysitter?"

Everyone laughed, Colton and Jonathan smiling at Finn.

"It's okay, Finny. We'll pick some movies you'll like also. Cartoons maybe? They're easy on the mind." Colton said, Justin bursting into laughter.

Finn blushed, then grinned.

His fingers found Colton's armpits, the young man screaming with laughter, Jonathan smiling at the young man's happiness.

Finn let go of him, Colton gasping with laughter.

"Okay, okay! I was kidding!" he said, Finn smiling at him.

"I know, bud. Just like I know you wouldn't mind it being Justin's fingers on you." he laughed, Colton blushing again, Jonathan quietly looking at him.

Justin smiled back at the young man, winking at him, Colton blushing more.

His eyes went to Jonathan's face, the young man quietly staring at him.

"I'm never going to live that down." he softly said, Finn patting his knee.

"On to better happiness, Colt." he said, Colton quietly staring at him.

The Welshman smiled, patting Justin's shoulder ahead of him.

"You two keep the screaming to a minimum tonight. Don't want to hear on the news about your arrests for disturbing the peace."

Everyone laughed, their night of happiness decided.

Colton's blue eyes met Jonathan's blue again.

The two young men smiled at each other, Lance's own face ahead of them showing a larger smile.

Justin smiled at his man, kissing his cheek.

"Why the big smile, my love?"

"I feel Lucas' love around us, Jus. And I have you to myself tonight."
Justin smiled, feeling his missing friend's love as well.

Everyone smiled, Finn lightly laughing to himself.


Justin smiled at Lance, releasing him in the elevator as the doors opened, the two men having been kissing, both picking up the bags they'd carried into the elevator.

They smiled at each other, the two walking out of the elevator onto the floor of Justin's condo.

They both smiled at each other again, seeing the door to their place ahead of them.

"You made your brother and Colton happy today, Jus. What with all the gifts and the night of fun they'll have with someone their own age."

"Yeah, Finn's mind is that of a pubescent." Justin said, Lance laughing, the two carrying lots of bags.

"I meant each other, Jus." Lance smiled, Justin smiling as he set his bags down, fishing out his keys from his jeans pocket.

"Let me, my love." Lance said, taking the keys from him and smiling at his man.

Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing his man on the lips.

"Thank you, my love. Let's drop these bags and snuggle on the couch all night." Justin said, Lance smiling and opening the door, holding it open for Justin, the man smiling and walking into their condo, his arms full of bags.

Lance smiled as Justin stopped in the doorway.

The living room's lights were lowered, Justin's eyes taking in the vision before him with surprise.

He dropped all his bags, his blue eyes turning back to Lance's green.

"What. . .how did you. . .?"

Lance smiled, walking in and closing the door behind him, setting his own bags down gently.

His arms wrapped around his man, Justin's blue eyes staring forward again.

Candles flickered everywhere, candelabras standing around the room, large baskets of white and blue roses shown as well.

A small table sat in the middle of the room, a white cloth covering it, two white chairs at its side.

A bottle of wine was chilling in a silver ice bucket on its top, a large basket of blue and white roses beside it.

A large white fur blanket was draped over Justin's couch, rose petals strewn across it.

"Our spot for snuggling and love." Lance said, pulling his man against him.

Soft music filled the quiet scene, Justin smelling intoxicating odors coming from the kitchen, his blue eyes meeting Lance's green again.

"Our night of love and togetherness, my love. I love you." Lance said, Justin seeing soft tears in his man's eyes, his own eyes wetting.

"Oh, Lance! What's all this? And how did you pull this together?"
Lance smiled, leaning forward and kissing his man's warm lips.

"With help from a couple of loving friends. Finny and Sky to be exact." Lance smiled, Justin staring at him with surprise.

"Sky set this all up while we were out today. Finn suggested that Jonathan would be lonely tonight. That made Colton suggest Jonathan's staying with him tonight, remember?"

Justin nodded, staring at his man.

"All part of the plan. To make sure we were together alone. I'm sure he's explained it to the boys already. Their love is here as well."

Justin teared up, Lance leaning forward again, their lips meeting again in a deeper kiss of love.

"This is so beautiful, my love. What's. . .what's the occasion?" Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"The occasion is my love for you, Justin. I wanted you by yourself tonight. So that our love could open its true self to each of our hearts."

Justin teared up, his head going against Lance's chest, Lance's arms wrapping around his man tightly.

"My heart's filled with your love, Lance. Each day is a day of heaven. Tonight's the greatest moment of it."

Lance smiled, about to speak, Justin raising his head, their eyes meeting, his finger going to Lance's lips.

Lance saw a lot of love in those wet eyes, real tears showing on Justin's smooth cheeks.

"We are so alike, my love. We guide our friends to show our love."
Lance looked confused, Justin taking his hand in his.

"Our hearts are one, my love. Follow me, my love." He said, Lance letting Justin guide him across the room, the two smiling at the small table, and all the flickering candles surrounding them.

Justin guided his man down the hallway, slowly opening the door to their bedroom.

Lance stopped, his eyes widening with surprise.

The room was lit with a hundred candles everywhere, the bed covered in rose petals, a white fur spread across it.

Soft music played, the bedroom a room of total romance.

"I went for this room of our love. You went for the opening surprise of a dinner of love and a night of snuggling. Our souls are so in tune with each other." Justin said, Lance's wet green eyes meeting his blue.

"You mean you were. . .you were going to surprise me as well?"

Justin smiled, pulling his man close.

"I plotted with Finn myself, my love. I couldn't forget this day's meaning."
Lance teared up, his face showing its emotions, Justin pulling him against him, Lance's head now on his man's chest, Justin holding him close.

"Happy six month anniversary, my love." Justin said, Lance crying against his chest..

Lance raised his head, staring into his blue eyes.

"I would never forget that day either, my Jus. And I'm so happy you remembered." he said, Justin smiling, realizing they both were so in tune with each other's love for the other

"I love you, Lance. I'll always try to remember the moments of our love."
Lance teared up, seeing the romance of Justin's heart.

"Six months to the day we first stated our love for each other, Lance. A day that will always be in my heart. It was the day of my coming alive with your love."

Lance smiled, Justin's fingers wiping the tears from his face.

"That day I said I loved you, the first day of the rest of our lives."

"You always surprise me, Jus. I must look like a mess?"

"You look beautiful, Lance."
Lance smiled, Justin kissing him tenderly on the lips, both men feeling their love for the man in their arms.

The two broke the kiss, Justin smiling at him.

"Let's walk back to that table of love and toast our love, my angel. Then let's eat your dinner of prepared love. I know it will be every dish that I love. Then I have a surprise for you. This room we'll enter later, our love at its needful peak."

Lance smiled, his arm going around his man.

"Let's toast, drink, eat and love, my Justin. I have my own surprises."

Justin smiled, Lance leading him back to the living room.


Colton smiled, sitting on the couch, Jonathan beside him, the two watching the television, their eyes glancing over at Finn.

The man was laying across another couch, his head in Skyler's lap, the Welshman sound asleep.

Skyler smiled at the two young men, Colton smiling at her.

"He always conks out after pizza and quiet relaxation." she smiled, Jonathan smiling at her, the young man nudging Colton's arm.

"I think it was the six beers." he said, Colton laughing, Skyler smiling.

"Yeah, that more so." she smiled, the two young men smiling at her.

Trish and Andrew had retired for the night, the two in their bedroom, having spent the day together alone.

Everyone had seen their happiness and love shining when they'd returned to the condo.

They watched the movie until its end, Colton hitting the mute button.

"That was awesome! Chris Evans is awesome as Captain America!" Jonathan said, Colton agreeing.
Skyler smiled at the two, Colton rising from his seat.

"I'll grab us Cokes, Jon. Up next, how about a horror flick? Something gory?" he said, Jonathan grinning, thanking him.

The young man smiled, walking into the kitchen, Skyler smiling at Jonathan.

"On that note, I'll wake this beast and we'll call it a night. I'm not a big horror fan." she said, lightly shaking Finn's shoulder.

Colton smiled, walking out of the kitchen, hearing Skyler's words.

"Then why are you with Frankenstein?" he said, Skyler laughing, shaking Finn's shoulder again.

Finn's blue eyes opened, staring up at the young man standing at the end of their couch, Colton's eyes widening.

"It's alive! Run!!" he screamed, showing terror on his face, Jonathan doubling over with laughter, Skyler laughing as well.

Finn blushed, rising from his girlfriend's lap, stretching his arms.

"Sorry, guys. I must have dozed off." he said, his arms wrapping around his fiancée.

"Beddie bye time, Frankie." she said, kissing his cheek, Colton and Jonathan laughing again, Colton sitting down beside Jonathan again.

"I'm awake again, babe. We could watch more. And why'd you call me Frankie?" he said, Skyler smiling at him.

"They're moving on to the horror genre, babe. Hence the monster comments." she smiled, Finn smiling at the two young giggling teenagers.

"I'm a monster, am I?" he said, Colton smiling at him.

"No, Finny. Not you." he said, batting his eyelashes, Jonathan laughing again, Finn looking at Sky, she laughing and nodding.

The man moved with a flash of speed, tackling the two teenagers, both caught by surprise.

He was on top of them, knocking Jonathan to the floor, his fingers finding Colton's armpits.

The young man screamed with laughter, Jonathan gaining his feet again, the young man diving on top of Finn.

"I'll save ya, Colt!" he screamed, his fingers going for Finn's armpits, the man not deviating from his victim but for one move.

One hand went to Jonathan's arm, pulling him from his back, Jonathan falling forward just as Finn pushed a screaming Colton off the couch.

Colton landed on the carpeted floor, Jonathan falling on top of him.
Finn laughed, climbing off the couch, standing up.

"Let's call it a night, babe. These two want to cuddle." he laughed, Jonathan blushing, climbing off Colton's slim body, the young man under him blushing as well.

Finn laughed, Skyler's arms going around him, his arm going around her waist.

"We. . .we do not." Jonathan blushed, sitting down on the couch, Colton rising to his feet.

Finn smiled, leaning down ruffling Jonathan's blond short hair, then patting Colton on the shoulder.

"Just kidding guys. Enjoy the movie. Keep the screaming down though. We'll leave the hallway light on in case you're scared." he laughed, Skyler shaking her head.

"Ignore the monster here, boys. Enjoy the movie. Don't stay up too late." she smiled, kissing both as Jonathan rose to his feet again, Skyler hugging them both, both hugging her and Finn, smiling back.

Finn's arm went around her again, she smiling at him.

"Come on, Frankie. Time to recharge you." she said, Finn laughing.
"Sweet. She's going to play with my electrodes." he grinned, Colton and Jonathan both laughing.

The two older people laughed together, saying goodnight and walking down the hallway.

Colton and Jonathan both smiled, sitting down on the couch again.


The two young man sat together on the couch, about a foot separating them, both silently watching the movie on the large flat screen television hanging on the wall before them.

It was a gory slash movie, moments of surprising terror flashing on the screen, both young men on several instances jumping in surprise, then blushing at each other.

Throughout the movie the distance between them had lessened, the two finding comfort in each other's closeness through the terror hidden in their emotions at what they watched.

The movie ended with a surprise terror-filled moment, Colton actually moving against Jonathan, Jonathan looking at him.

"It's okay, Colt. It was just a movie." he said, Colton's blue eyes meeting his, Jonathan seeing a look of deep fear in those blue pools of emotion.

Jonathan reached for the remote, flicking the television into blackness, the room darkening, only one light on on one of the end tables.

"It's over anyway. Are you okay?" Jonathan said, Colton still against him, Jonathan moving, his arm going around the younger man.

"I'm. . .I'm okay, Jon." he softly said, sinking a little more into his side.

"No you're not, Colt. I feel your fear. We shouldn't have watched that. Your mind's focused on something more terrifying." Jonathan said, Colton's blue eyes meeting his blue.

"I. . .I just remembered that evil in that town, Jon. That menacing evil that stalked me once in my old home." he softly said, Jonathan's arm tightening around him, pulling him a little closer into his protective embrace.

"I'm sorry, Colt. That must have been so terrifying back then?" he said, Colton nodding.

"It was, Jon. The magic and evil that I sensed back there. I walked for so many years in fear. Lucas' love saved me from a greater destruction, I see that easily now." he said, Jonathan nodding.

"Lucas' love and magic surround us all, Colt. He saved my brother's life. I'll always love him for that. And for perhaps something more." he said, Colton's blue eyes meeting his again.

"Your younger brother must be an angel like you and Justin. You're both so nice and giving." Colton said, Jonathan's blue eyes meeting his, Colton seeing a deep look of emotion hidden there.

"We need to talk about something, Colton." Jonathan said, the young man releasing him, turning and looking at him.

Colton sat up a little more, staring at his friend.

"Okay, Jon. I think we can talk about anything, we're friends now." he said, a soft smile of encouragement showing on his young face.

Jonathan nodded, staring at the young man's smooth handsome face, long blond hair hanging down around it to his shoulders.

"Yes, we're friends. I need to ask you something."

Colton nodded, staring at him.

Jonathan sighed, their eyes meeting again.

"Are you gay, Colton? Justin let it slip this morning that you were in love with him, although it was an idol crush. And you mentioned it in the car riding home."

The young man's eyes lowered for a moment, then raised, staring at Jonathan.

"Yes, Jonathan. I'm gay. I hope you're okay with that?" he said, the man across from him seeing the young man's resolve and calmness shining in his courageous blue pools.

"I'm fine with that, Colt. More than fine." he said, Colton smiling at him.

"Great, Jon. I really value our friendship."

The young man across from him smiled, their eyes meeting again.

Jonathan's eyes lowered for a moment, then met Colton's again.

"Are you still in love with my brother? He. . .he's really in love with Lance." Jonathan said, Colton smiling at his friend.

"You were correct in your words, Jon. What I had for Justin was indeed an idol crush. He's beautiful and so handsome. But the inner beauty of his love and his giving friendship showed me that he's something more. He's my friend, and that's all he'll ever be. I know he and Lance love each other totally. Their surprises for each other tonight show that."
Jonathan smiled, nodding his head.

"They're both so giving and loving. And indeed great to each other."

Colton smiled, looking into the young man's blue eyes.

"I'm happy for both of them. Just as I'm happy for Lucas and Josh. And Finn and Skyler, and Trish and Drew. Lucas' love flows through all of them. He's matchmaking at its best."

Jonathan smiled, Colton smiling back at him.

"His cousin's a special guy himself. In his courage, his strength and his love." Jonathan said, Colton smiling, a soft blush showing on his cheeks.

"Thank you, Jon. I'm nothing like Lucas, in his magic and his love, but thanks." he said, Jonathan lowering his eyes.

"You're more, Colt." he softly said his eyes lowering more.

Colton's hand went to Jonathan's shoulder, the young man's eyes raising, both young men staring at each other.

"Is something wrong, Jon? What did you say?" Colton said, Jonathan sighing, Colton feeling a soft tremble go through the young man.

"Nothing that can't be fixed by me being truthful." the young man said, their eyes meeting again.

Jonathan moved, his lips meeting Colton's, the young man totally caught off guard by the kiss.

Jonathan's arms wrapped around Colton, the young man lost in the love surrounding him.

Colton was lost himself, the young man feeling something open in his soul.

And then he felt Jonathan moving back, Colton falling on top of the young man, both rolling off the couch onto the floor.



End of Chapter 112



Did you all see that coming?

I think you probably did.


Seems Justin's brother Jonathan has a secret in his heart as well.

His budding love for Colton, and his own gay feelings.


What will Colton's reaction be to Jonathan's reaction to his own true soul?

What will Justin's reaction be?


Lance and Justin have united in a night of mirrored love

Each man's loving soul creating a surprise for the other.


Let's rejoin them next chapter, their love showing.

And let's see where Jonathan's honesty takes him.


On to the next chapter of love.


Hugs, Angel.