Yesterday's End-115

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 115


Los Angeles


Lucas smiled, the young man's violet eyes looking towards the pool.

He took in the young form diving off the diving board.

Aaron Carter's smooth toned body disappeared under the blue water, Lucas smiling.

People were laughing around the pool, Lucas' eyes taking in all their smiling faces.

It was Monday, the weekend over, the house soon to fill with their returning friends.

Aaron, Craig and Nick were swimming in the pool with Josh, Aaron's wet arms going around his soulmate, Josh smiling at the couple.

Josh and Nick were swimming together, having been tossing around a football in the water, the other young couple diving and swimming together.

Lucas smiled, flipping the steak kabobs and hamburgers on the grill he stood beside.

He heard the front door buzzer go off, smiling towards the pool.

"I'll get it, babe." he smiled, Josh waving at him, Lucas turning down the heat on the barbecue, closing the lid.

He walked onto the patio, walking into the house.

A few moments later he walked out of the house again, Gideon smiling beside him.

Everyone in the pool waved at him, Nick's face changing into a wide smile, Josh smiling beside him.

Gideon wore a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of black cargo shorts.

"Come on in, Gid! The water's warm!" Aaron yelled, Craig's arms wrapped around his smooth torso.

"Hi, everyone! It does look inviting." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"You did bring a swimsuit?"
"You said it was a pool party, Luke. I'm covered."

"That we can see. Show some skin, sexy." Lucas said, Gideon blushing at him.

Lucas smiled, looking at the barbecue.

"Go ahead to our friends. My bitch has me toiling away. He's such a taskmaster."

Gideon laughed, Josh smiling towards his man from the pool.

Gideon crossed the patio, walking towards the pool's marbled edge.

Nick swam over to the ladder, his body moving upwards.

Gideon's blue eyes took in his smooth, toned body as the singer rose to his feet, wearing a pair of light blue swim trunks.

"Wow!" Gideon softly whispered to himself, staring into Nick's blue eyes, his face showing a wide smile.

"I was going to call you this afternoon, Gid." he smiled, the lawyer smiling back at him.

"I saved you a call then." he replied, Nick smiling.

"Yes, the real deal is much better, Gid." Nick said, Gideon softly blushing.
The man smiled, looking towards Aaron and Craig.

"My bro's part fish. Me, I'm beginning to prune. Would you like to sit and chat? Take in some sun?" Nick smiled, Gideon smiling back.

"I'd like that, Nick." he said, Nick smiling and grabbing his wife beater and towel off a lounge chair, drying his chest as he offered Gideon a seat on the lounge chair beside him.

Gideon's eyes took in the man's toned smooth chest again, Nick smiling.

"I think you look good, pruned or not, Nick."

The man beamed, sitting down as Gideon took a seat beside him, the two seated together on the side of the pool.

Nick sat his towel and wife beater down at his feet, his chest remaining bare.

Josh smiled at the two, the man swimming to the ladder, climbing out of the pool.

"All you old men are wimps! The water's wonderful." Aaron yelled at Josh, the man smiling back at the two young men in the pool as he walked onto the pool's marble stoned edge.

"Yes, but it doesn't have my Lucky. Just think of the alone time you two can now have. But keep it discreet. We don't need to see young Carter ass, however skinny or sexy it is." Josh smiled, waving at the singer, Aaron smiling and laughing, raising one finger, two arms wrapping around him.

"Let's swim into the shade of the deep end, my love. I need to get my hands on that fine, sexy Carter ass." Craig said, Aaron beaming.

The two swam over to the far end of the pool, a corner shaded by a large tree at the end of the pool awaiting them.

Nick and Gideon smiled at Josh, the man smiling and walking past both of them, drying his body with a towel as he walked towards his man who was at the barbecue.

Gideon's eyes followed Josh's toned muscular body, Nick quietly watching him.

Gideon's blue eyes returned to Nick's blue irises, the man staring at him, a soft smirk on his face.

"So how long have you been smitten with Joshy?" he said, Gideon's eyes widening a bit.

The man blushed, Nick smiling and patting his muscular hairy leg, their chairs close together.

"It's okay, Gid. The man's nothing if not stunning. That's a compact, beautiful body he has." Nick said, looking towards Josh as the man wrapped his arms around Lucas' t-shirt covered chest.

Gideon's blue eyes met Nick's blue, the man sighing.

"I seem to wear my feelings on my face. Lucas picked up on it as well."
Nick nodded, looking towards the two men.

"You're still welcomed here as a friend, Gid. Lucas doesn't seem worried about your feelings. Does Josh know?"

The lawyer looked towards the two men.

"I don't know the truth of that, Nick. But I do know I have to talk to him." he said, his eyes meeting with Nick's again.

The singer softly blushed, lowering his eyes.

"I'm sure Josh will understand. He's easy to gaze at. But his friendship is more giving."

The lawyer blushed, Nick's blue eyes meeting his again.

"I know, Nick. A friend I now see I have in both of them."

Nick smiled, the two staring at each other.

"You need other distractions to get over your feelings." Nick said, Gideon staring at him.

"The trial is coming up. That will hold my attention completely." he said, Nick's eyes lowering.

"I. . .I was thinking of something else." he softly said, Gideon staring at him.

"Colton's coming home today. I'll always focus on him."
Nick sighed, not looking at Gideon, a hand suddenly slapping the back of Gideon's head.

He looked up, rubbing his blond head, staring up into two violet pools.

"You truly are blond, Gid." Lucas said, smiling down at his friend.

"What was that for, Luke?" Gideon said, his eyes meeting two other eyes beside Lucas, Josh's arms around his man.

Josh now wore a black wife beater, smiling at Gideon.

Lucas smiled at Nick then at Gideon.

"Why don't you continue your truths, boys?" Lucas smiled, Nick staring at him.

"You. . .you know?"

Lucas smiled, Josh smiling as well.

"Come on, babe. The meat's ready. Let's head to the kitchen and toss a salad. Our friends here have to toss up their lives."

Gideon and Nick looked at each other; Josh lightly laughing, smiling at his man's good mood, the two walking hand-in-hand back towards the patio.

Gideon and Nick both looked after them, their eyes then meeting each other's blue.

"That man's one of a kind." Nick said, Gideon staring at him.

"What did Lucas mean about tossing up our lives?"

Nick smiled, his hand moving, laying on top of Gideon's, their eyes meeting.

"I think he meant that we need to discuss how we feel about each other."
Gideon looked surprised, a soft blush coming to his cheeks.

"Nick, I. . ."

"I like you, Gideon. From the first moment I looked into your blue eyes."

Gideon's eyes widened a bit, staring into two blue pools of sparkling life.

"I. . .I like you too, Nick." he softly said, Nick softly smiling.

"You know I'm. . .you know I've led a rather volatile life. I think it's time I found something more. I think that begins with you."

Gideon sat up, Nick staring at him.

"You. . .you want to. . .?"

Nick sighed, sitting up as well.

"I'm gay, Gideon. And I think I'm falling for you. Please tell me what you think about that."

Gideon stared at the handsome singer, their eyes locked on each other's blue irises.

"You. . .you want me?"

Nick's hand went out again, going to Gideon's shoulder.

"No, Gid. Not like that. Well, not entirely like that. You're very handsome. I want more than just. . .just casual sex. That's all I've ever had. And I now truly see--and believe--it's not enough." he said, lowering his eyes.

Gideon's hand went forward, resting on Nick's bare shoulder.

"You like me more than a friend?"

Nick's eyes raised, the man nodding his head.

"How does that make you feel, Gideon?"

Gideon stared at the man, his blue eyes staring back.

"It surprises me, Nick. You're so beautiful, so talented. You could have anyone."

"I've had a lot of people, Gideon. I want something more. I want. . .I want love."

Gideon stared at the man, sighing.

"I don't know what love is, Nick. I've never experienced that intimacy."

Nick stared at him.

"Neither have I, Gideon. No one's ever wanted to love me for me. My fame and my easiness were all they ever wanted."

Gideon stared at him.

"I don't want either, Nickolas. I think you have something more special in you. I saw that from the first moment as well."

Nick stared at Gideon.

"I need to be honest as well, Nick. I'm gay also. But I'm the opposite of you. I've never experienced either side of that two-sided coin of love. Lust or love."

Nick looked surprised.

"You. . .you've never? But you're so beautiful, so masculine."
Gideon blushed.

"Look who's calling me beautiful. You're an Adonis, Nick."
Nick smiled, Gideon's other hand moving, joining with Nick's.

"I guess we both see the same thing." he softly said, Nick staring at him.

"You mean. . .?"

"I mean that I like you too, Nick. I want to find love also."

Nick smiled, the man softly blushing.

"This side is all new to me." he said, Gideon smiling back.

"Me too, Nickolas."

Nick's smile widened more, staring at the handsome lawyer.

"I like when you call me that. It seems intimate." he said, Gideon smiling at him.

"And I like when you call me my full name. Same feeling."

The two men smiled at each other, their eyes meeting again.

"Would you. . .would you like to go out tonight with me, Gideon? Dinner and an evening of getting to know each other better?"

Gideon smiled, Nick staring at the wideness of that smile.

"Yes, I would love that."

Nick beamed, Gideon's eyes scanning over the man's half naked body.

"Wear a little more tonight, though. You'd look damn sexy in a suit."

Nick laughed, Gideon smiling at him.

"Definitely. And you can wear anything. You'll look amazing in anything."

Gideon smiled, blushing, Nick smiling at him.

"We should take a dip before lunch. Our truths are warming us too much." Gideon smiled, Nick nodding.

Gideon rose from his seat, the man unbuttoning his Hawaiian shirt, pulling it off his torso, Nick's eyes scanning over the lawyer's chest.

It was muscular, tight and toned, a soft bed of hair between his nipples.

Gideon blushed, his hands going to his cargo shorts, removing them quickly.

Nick took in the beauty of the man standing before him, Gideon wearing a pair of black Speedos.

His legs were muscular, hairy and long, his abs ridged, his torso tight and muscular.

Those black Speedos seemed to hold a large treasure.

"Wow!" Nick softly said, Gideon blushingly smiling at him.

"My words exactly." Gideon smiled, their eyes meeting.

Nick smiled, following Gideon as he dove into the pool.


Josh's blue eyes looked out the kitchen window, watching Gideon and Nick talking, his man standing beside him, tossing a Greek salad in a large bowl.

Josh saw Gideon stand up, the lawyer removing his clothing, Josh taking in his muscular body.

Lucas' eyes went to his man's face, the young man smiling.

"Eye candy for the soul. And you're a perv! Need binoculars?"

Josh blushed, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools of love.

He saw no jealousy there, only mirthful love.

"That he is, babe. Beautiful eye candy. But you're full blown dessert!" he said, Lucas smiling.

"Nice save, perv!"
Josh blushed, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Under that judicial facade lays a man of beauty and giving love. Nick's going to be amazed." Lucas smiled, adding feta cheese to the salad, Josh smiling at him, his arm going around his man.

"We're all amazed, my love. At your giving love."

Lucas smiled, his eyes looking out the window, seeing the two men swimming together, both wearing wide smiles.

Two other young men were at the end of the pool, their arms around each other, kissing.

"I love to see love grow, Joshua. I'll always guide love to its truth."

Josh smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"Not over the food, babe. Finn won't want extra creamy dressing."

Josh laughed, smiling at his man.

"They're not home till later tonight."

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

"And I'm too aware of my surroundings. Come on in, guys." Lucas smiled, wiping his hands on a dishcloth, Josh's eyes widening with surprise as their friends walked into the kitchen, one practically running.

Lucas was tackled by a flying youth of happiness, Colton upending his friend, the two falling to the floor, both screaming with laughter.

Finn laughed, the Welshman smiling at Josh, his muscular arms going around the singer.

"Miss me, beautiful?" he smiled, kissing Josh on the lips.

Josh was surprised; Skyler, Trish and Andrew all grinning in the doorway.

Finn broke the kiss, smiling at Josh.

"Not really, Finny. Our food was hair free." Josh smiled, Finn's hand finding Josh's firm ass, slapping it.

"I taste Lukey on you. Even his pooh must be delicious."

Lucas was laughing, the young man now rising to his feet, Colton's slim body wrapped around him.

"Gees, Colt! You haven't been gone for years! Or are you looking for a teddy bear?" Lucas grinned, the young man smiling, kissing his cheek.

"I missed you, Dad!"

Lucas laughed, Colton releasing his friend, his arms then going around Josh tightly, Josh smiling as the young man hugged him close.

"Missed you too, Papa!" the young man said, kissing Josh's cheek.

Finn laughed, Lucas smiling at his friend as the two hugged, Finn releasing him.

"Welcome home, Frankie!"

Finn's eyes widened in surprise, Josh looking at the two with confusion, Skyler's blue eyes wide as well.

"You. . .how did you?!" Finn said, Lucas smiling.

"I've been walking through the love, Finny." Lucas smiled, grabbing the bowl of salad, then smiling at everyone.

"And how'd you know we were coming home early?" Finn said, Lucas smiling back.

"I'll always know when my family's returning home. The love increases in my soul." he said, Trish, Andrew and Skyler hugging him and Josh, Josh smiling at Lucas' showing happiness.

"We have friends in the pool, everyone. Lunch is almost ready." he smiled, Lucas' arms going around his man.

"And why haven't you mentioned the other two of your heart?" Finn smirked, Colton smiling at Lucas.

"I know they went to Lance's house to drop off their bags. Their love will show on its own soon enough." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Lucky us."

Lucas smiled, Finn shaking his head.

"You're amazing." he said, Lucas smiling.

"I'll soon have cards and everything."
Josh laughed, Finn looking confused.

"We've got a lot to catch up on. We'll chat over lunch. The coasts were shining with love. And the whales have migrated." he said, Colton's blue eyes meeting his violet pools with surprise.

"I want to hear all about you and your Jonah, Colt. I feel his love surrounding you."

The young man blushed, but smiled, Lucas going back to the counter, Finn and everyone staring at him with surprise.

Josh smiled, wrapping his arm around Colton.

"Come on, Colt. The pool's alive with beauty."
Colton beamed, everyone following Josh out of the kitchen.

The front door buzzer went off again, Lucas smiling at his man as Josh stopped at the patio door.

"Go ahead on out, babe. I'll get it. More friends have arrived. The love will soon be complete."

Josh smiled, Finn shrugging his shoulders, everyone walking out into the bright sunshine.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools softly glowing.


Finn's eyes widened in surprise, the Welshman rising from his seat at the patio table, staring at the patio doorway.

"What. . .what are you two doing here?"

Lucas stared at his friend, the two standing beside him looking worried.

"They're here as the friends they now are, Finny." Lucas said, Usher and Adam staring around at everyone.

Josh smiled, rising from his seat at the patio table, walking up to their friends, hugging both, Usher smiling at Josh's welcoming friendship.

"Thanks for inviting us." Usher said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"You're both welcomed in my home as friends. And who doesn't like more eye candy?"
Lucas laughed, Finn staring at his friend, Lucas smiling at him.

"Life gives us changes, my friend. Hearts see truth. Love finds its own way."
Finn looked confused, Lucas walking over to him.

"Sit down, my friend. We've got a lot to catch up on."

Finn nodded, the Welshman sitting down again, staring at the two new guests.

Adam's eyes lowered, Usher's brown eyes looking towards the pool, seeing two blue eyes staring at him.

"Nick? You're here as well?" he said, Adam's blue eyes looking towards the Carters standing on the pool's edge talking with Andrew and Gideon.

"Come on, my friends. I'll introduce you to everyone new." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Check on the meat, babe." Lucas smiled, Josh winking at him, his blue eyes staring towards his man's center.

Lucas smiled, winking back, lightly laughing.

Usher and Adam smiled at him, the man guiding them to the pool.

Lucas introduced both to Gideon, the lawyer shaking both of their hands.

"Hello, Ush." Aaron said, Usher smiling at the younger Carter, his brown eyes staring at Craig.

"Hello, Mr. Raymond. I'm Craig Harrington. A friend of Aaron's." he said, Aaron smiling at his boyfriend, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Now, Craig. No misters here. We're all friends, and more." Lucas smiled, Craig smiling at him as he felt Aaron's arm going around his waist.

"Craig's my boyfriend, Ush and Adam." Aaron said, Nick smiling at his brother, Usher and Adam's eyes widening with surprise.

"Your. . .your boyfriend?" Adam said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Josh's and my home is a place of openness, my friends. We all are ourselves here." Lucas said, Josh smiling as he walked up to his soulmate, his arm going around him.

"Lucas has that correct. Love flows here from his center." Josh said, Lucas smiling as his man kissed his lips.

"Only for you, babe, do I flow."

Josh blushed, everyone smiled at the two, Usher and Adam's eyes meeting.

Adam's arm went around Usher; Nick and Aaron as well as Gideon and Craig all looking on with surprise.

"We're a couple as well. Usher is my soulmate." Adam said, Usher smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, his eyes looking towards Finn.

Finn's eyes were wide as well, having been watching the two men, seeing their openness now.

"Welcome to gay Shangri-La, everyone. The four heteros at the table feel so out of place." Lucas smiled.

Andrew laughed, his arm going around his fiancée.

Finn blushed, everyone laughing.

"We're outnumbered, Finn. We'll watch each other's back." Andrew smiled, Lucas laughing and smiling.

"No worries, my straight friends. The boys here have their own loves. Your backs--and what's deliciously attached to them--are safe."
Andrew laughed, Finn smiling, nodding his head.

"And here I thought I would drive everyone wild with my diving." he grinned, Lucas smiling at him.

"No one here's into wet ugly monsters, hairy or not, Frankenstein."

Skyler laughed, Finn blushing more, everyone laughing.

Lucas smiled, kissing his Josh's cheek.

"Lunch is ready, everyone. Buffet style in the kitchen. We'll eat out here." he smiled, heading towards the house.

Everyone smiled, eyes meeting.

"Amazing. He's so amazing." Adam said, Colton smiling at the handsome singer.

"He's my Dad. He's love!"

Adam looked surprised, staring at the young man.

Gideon smiled, his hand going to the singer's shoulder.

"Let's share all the mysteries over lunch everyone. Lucas' love will surprise us all."
Adam smiled, Nick smiling as Gideon's blue eyes met his.

Adam and Usher exchanged looks when the two men joined hands, Aaron smiling with Craig.

"Surprises indeed, babe." Craig said, Aaron kissing his cheek, lightly laughing.

Everyone smiled, heading for the house and Lucas' buffet.


Josh sighed, two arms wrapped around his waist, two lips kissing his neck.

"Later, Lance. I'll please that monster later." he smiled, a hand slapping his ass.

"Later indeed, sexy. He should be here to ravish you soon."

Josh smiled, turning and kissing his man on the lips.

"I'd sooner kiss the cook."

Lucas smiled, the two snuggling close.

Lunch was in full swing, everyone relaxing contentedly on the patio around tables, the area filled with discussions throughout the meal and now after.

Josh had gone into the house to fill the coffeemaker, Lucas following him in a few minutes later.

"And why aren't you out there receiving the accolades from our happy friends?"

"I need no thanks, babe. I only need your love. And their smiles."

Josh smiled, pulling his man close.

"Have I told you lately that I love you?" Josh softly said.

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's chin.

"Five times today, beautiful. But one more won't hurt."

Josh smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

"I love you, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, his face showing its youthful beauty.

"God you're so beautiful." Josh said, Lucas sighing.

"Your love makes me glow, Joshua, as does your singing voice."

"And your love makes all hearts glow."

Lucas smiled, pulling his man close.

"Well, I am amazing."

Josh smiled, their lips meeting again.

"Nice! I want to see how amazing!"

Lucas smiled, turning around, the young man pulled into another man's arms.

Justin's lips met Lucas', Lance and Josh both smiling at each other, Lance pulling him into his arms.

Lucas sighed, breaking the kiss from the man holding him.

"Missed you, beautiful." Justin smiled, his blue love-filled eyes staring into Lucas' violet pools of calm love.

"Yeah, right. I can taste Lancy on your lips, and smell him all over you."

Lance laughed, he and Josh breaking their kiss.

"Let's trade, HD. Your Josh needs you."
Justin grinned, Lance and he trading men, Lucas smiling as Lance's lips meet his.

Josh felt Justin's giving love as well, the four breaking their kisses.

'Speaking of amazing." Lucas said, a soft look of love on his face, Lance smiling.

"You felt my love for my Justin in that kiss. It's laced with your and Josh's love as well." he said, Lucas smiling.

"Our foursome of love. We've all missed the other three." Josh said, Justin, Lance and Lucas all smiling.

"The patio's packed with friends, unfortunately. Otherwise I'd be monster hunting." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling widely.

"I'll sick Finny on you then."

Justin laughed, Josh joining him.

"Man, that's sticking to him. He's going to be livid." Justin said, Lucas smiling, kissing his cheek.

"No he won't, Jus. Finn knows it's fun given in love. Heck, I think he'll thrive on it. I can hear the monster growls now."
Everyone laughed, Gideon walking into the kitchen.

"Welcome back, strangers." he smiled, Justin and Lance both hugging him, the lawyer smiling at their friendship.

"So who's here, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Nick, Aaron and Craig. As well as Usher and Adam." Josh said, Justin's and Lance's eyes widening with surprise.

Lucas' hand went to both of their shoulders, both staring at him.

"They're in love, my friends. We welcome always love. Love is nothing without forgiveness." Lucas said, Lance softly smiling at him, Lucas guiding him and Justin to the kitchen table where all the food was laid out.

"We already forgave them that night at the party, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling.

"They're happy now, guys. We have new friends. The pain's gone."

Justin nodded, smiling at his friend as he filled his plate.

"All thanks to you, no doubt." he said, Lucas softly blushing.

Lucas walked over to the coffeemaker, readying a tray of cups.

Josh smiled, looking at his friends.

"Head on out, guys. I'll bring out the coffee and dessert." Lucas said, Josh nodding at everyone.

"I'm just heading for the bathroom, guys." Gideon smiled, walking out of the kitchen towards the hallway.

Justin and Lance smiled, joining hands, carrying plates of food, walking towards the patio doors, walking through them.

"It'll take me a few minutes to organize all this." Lucas smiled, pulling some trays out of the fridge, Josh smiling at him.

"Okay, babe. I think I'll talk to someone." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love ya, babe."

Josh smiled, walking out of the kitchen, heading down the hallway.


Gideon walked out of the upstairs bathroom, right into Josh, the man standing outside the bathroom door.

"Oh, sorry Josh." He said, Josh smiling at him.

"I was waiting for you, Gid. I'd like to talk to you."

The man stared at Josh, a soft blush showing on his cheeks.

"Let's go in here." Josh said, extending his hand towards his and Lucas' bedroom.

Josh smiled, walking across the hall, Gideon staring at him as he followed him into the bedroom.

Josh sat down on the small loveseat in front of the bedroom's fireplace, patting the spot beside him.

Gideon walked across the room, sitting down beside him.

"Lucas told you, didn't he?"

Josh smiled, staring at the handsome lawyer.

"Now, would you believe he'd do that?"

Gideon shook his head no, Josh smiling at him.

"I already knew, Gideon. That surprised Lucas. I saw it easily in your eyes."
"I guess you have a lot of people who throw themselves at you, or look at you with need." the man softly said, Josh's arm going around him.

Gideon trembled, Josh smiling.

"You never threw yourself at me, Gid. And I only ever saw love and respect in your eyes."

"I would never do anything to threaten you or Lucas, Josh."
"I know that. I know the man you are. A friend. A good friend."

Gideon's nervousness relaxed, Josh feeling his body relax.

"I need to tell you something, Josh."

Josh smiled, patting the man's shoulder.

"I think you should go for it, Gid. Nick's an amazing man."

Gideon's eyes widened in surprise, Josh smiling more.

"Lucas again?" he softly said, Josh smiling at him.

"My man's love for others' love is unending, Gideon."

"The meeting here with him and Nick the other day was set up, wasn't it?"

Josh nodded, Gideon smiling a little.

"Why would he do that for me?"

Josh smiled, hugging the man gently.
"Because you're his friend, Gideon. Lucas' love is there for all his family."

Gideon smiled, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"And I'll always be there as a friend for both of you."
Josh smiled, nodding his head.

"So, what's your thoughts on Nick?" Josh smiled, Gideon's face changing into a wider smile.

"He's so beautiful, Josh. So kind, gentle, open and giving. I think there's a remarkable man there, behind the pain he shows at times."
"I know there is, Gid. I've known him for a long time."

Gideon nodded, looking at Josh.

"He's. . .he's taking me out tonight. I'm going on a date with Nick Carter! I can't believe that!" the lawyer said, Josh smiling and seeing the wonder and nerves on the man's handsome face.

"You're going on a date with Nick. The image is just that. The man underneath will take your breath away." Josh said, Gideon smiling.

"I don't care about fame, Josh. It's the man I see that I want to know. And perhaps. . ."

"To love?" Josh said, Gideon nodding his head.

Josh smiled, Gideon looking at him.

A pout showed on Josh's face, Gideon staring at him.

"So I guess I'm not your crush anymore?"
Gideon softly smiled, nudging Josh in the ribs, the man smiling at him, the pout gone.

"You'll always be beautiful, Josh. But I see something more in Nick's beautiful face."

Josh smiled, nodding his head.

"I know what you mean. Lucas' beauty does that for me. But we all love eye candy."
Gideon laughed, smiling at the handsome singer.

"Yep. Sweets for the eyes."
Josh laughed, standing up.

"I have to get back to my man. And Nick's probably searching with his eyes for you."
Gideon smiled, standing up, extending his hand.

"Thanks for not hating me, Josh. And for. . .for forgiving me."
Josh smiled, pushing the hand away, wrapping his arms around the man, hugging him.

"Nothing to forgive. Just remember my beauty when I'm eighty."

Gideon laughed, the two separating, both smiling.

"It will still show, wrapped in Lucas' arms."

Josh smiled, the two walking out of the bedroom.

Lucas smiled, Josh and Gideon walking into the kitchen, Lucas lifting up a tray which held coffee mugs and two carafes of coffee.

"There are my He-Men. Take these out to everyone. And there's three trays of strawberry dessert cakes. I have to use the washroom as well." he smiled, Josh kissing his cheek as he took the tray of coffee from his man.

Gideon smiled, lifting one tray of desserts, then picking up the other two as well, balancing them on his arms.

Josh and Lucas both looked surprised, the lawyer carrying all three with ease.

He smiled, winking.

"I worked all through my teen years at Mom's restaurant. You should see me balance a teapot on my head."

The two laughed, Lucas pulling the patio door open, the two men walking through it.

Lucas smiled, walking back into the house, heading for the bathroom.

Josh smiled, setting the tray of coffee and mugs down on the nearest patio table, Andrew and Justin taking two of the trays of dessert from Gideon.

Lance walked up to Josh, their eyes meeting.

"We need to discuss something, Josh." he said, Josh staring at him, his blue eyes going around the patio, seeing everyone staring at him.

Lance began to talk.


Lucas walked through the patio doors, the young man stopping in his tracks.

Everyone on the patio was standing in front of him, staring at him with smiles.

He looked around, meeting all their smiling faces, his eyes stopping on his Josh's blue.

Lance began to clap his hands together, everyone around the patio joining him, the backyard filling with applause.

Lucas stood in silence, his young handsome face showing a look of soft surprise, his cheeks reddening with soft blush.

Josh smiled, walking up to his man, their eyes meeting as the applause lessened.

Josh's arm went around his man, their eyes meeting again.

"What's all. . ." the young man began to say, Josh's lips going to his, silencing him.

Everyone smiled, watching the two kiss, the applause escalating again, Josh's love having its affect on Lucas.

The two broke the kiss, Josh smiling at his man's handsome face, a soft look of love showing there.

"No talking for you, babe. I think it's time you listened."
Lucas looked into his man's blue eyes, a large smile of love showing on his face.

"You have the floor, Lancy." Josh said when the applause quieted, Lucas' violet pools going to Lance's green, the man wrapped in Justin's arms.

"Have a seat, Lucas." he said, Josh smiling and leading his man to a chair that Justin pulled out from the patio table.

Lucas quietly sat down in the chair, Justin kissing his cheek as he sat down, Josh joining his love beside him in another chair Finn placed beside Lucas'.

Lance smiled at his friend, the man walking up to the spot where Lucas had stood, turning and smiling at everyone.

"Lucas, our loving friend, our giving beacon of love. Your love echoes throughout this house, and in the hearts of all of us. We'd like to say our thanks in a special way. With truth and love." he said, Lucas about to speak again, Josh silencing him with another kiss, his arms wrapping around him.

Lance smiled, Justin walking up to his man, their hands joining.

"Silence him with love, Josh. His voice of reluctance is not warranted here. He needs to hear a greater truth." Justin said, Lucas staring at him with a blushing reluctance, Justin blowing him a kiss.

"Lance and I will start." Justin said, Lance's arm going around him.

"I have found my soulmate. A man I loved for a long time, although he never knew it." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"But through your guiding, giving love I took a chance and confessed to my Justin my unending love for him. That was six months ago. And each day since Justin's love for me has grown in my soul. I love him, and he loves me. We're committing ourselves to a lifetime of our love. Thank you, Lucas. For giving me his love. " Lance said, his green eyes filled with tearful love, Lucas staring at him with love, his eyes showing tears.

Josh's arms tightened around Lucas, the young man remaining silent.

Justin smiled, kissing Lance on the lips, calming his man's emotion.

"I have found love. In this man's arms and in his loving soul. My friendship with you, Lucas, began with lust and need. My own path at the start was one of submission, need, want and hurt."

Adam's blue eyes met Justin's, their eyes showing their forgiveness to each other.

Everyone quietly stared at the singer, seeing the man bearing his soul.

"I wanted you, Lucas. Your beauty, your image and youth drew me like a moth to a flame. But you walked into the arms of my best friend, the love I saw before me growing into a love that's unbelievable. The two of you love each other deeply. And I became so lost. So lost in my own loneliness. But a greater truth came out of your friendship. It was true friendship. You remained my friend, giving me so much of your giving love. And you guided me to the soulmate that lay hidden behind my own pain. The vision of beauty I now hold in my arms. I've never been so happy in my life, Lucas. Lance's love consumes me. I'm a better man today for it, and for your friendship. Thank you, Lucas. For showing me that love is real. That I can have it in my Lance's arms." Justin said, his eyes showing open tears, he and Lance walking forward, Lucas rising from his seat.

The two hugged him tightly, Josh smiling at the look of emotion showing on the young man's face.

Both men kissed him, Lance smiling at him.

"Others want to express the same thanks, Lucas. It's time you heard our truths." the man said, Lucas nodding, wiping his wet eyes, Josh guiding him back to his seat.

Finn, Skyler, Andrew and Trish all walked up together, standing in the vacated spot, all four smiling at Lucas.

Lucas smiled back, staring at his best friends.

"We four found love as well, Lucas. Sky and I in our teen years, Andrew and Trish at the beginnings of our tour of fame."

Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"You didn't create Sky's and my love. But your friendship has echoed in our souls since we met you as a gangly teenager, even younger than Colton here. You are a part of our lives. The most giving, loving part. You are our brother of love and friendship."
Lucas teared up, Sky blowing him a kiss.

"You tamed the monster, Lucas. And you made my Finnegan a better man. His love I'll always cherish, as I will yours." she said, Lucas nodding at her with love.

"I am your sister, Lucas. And I know in my heart you, in some way, had some influence on the love I now have with my Drew. You made me take a chance, to go forward into his heart." Trish said, tearfully staring at her brother, his eyes filled with tears as well.

"Thank you, Lucas. My heart's now filled with her love." Andrew said, Trish wrapped in his love.

Finn smiled at his friend, seeing the emotion on his face.

"We four are your friends, family and bandmates. Orion's really one, everyone. And you, Lucas, are our heart."

The Welshman moved forward, Lucas rising, suddenly wrapped in his friend's strong embrace, the three others hugging him as well.

Lucas smiled, Finn's embrace filled with love and strength.

"Soften the grip, Frankie! You're crushing my bones!"

Finn laughed, releasing his friend, smiling at him.

"Love ya, Lukey." he said, kissing his cheek, Lucas smiling, the four moving back.

Usher smiled, he and Adam rising from their seats, walking up to the spot where thanks now radiated from.

"Hello, Lucas. Adam and I both owe you so much. For making us both see the truth before us." Usher said, Adam's arm going around him.

"That love can be real. That life can be more than just eroticism and meaningless lust. That in each of us we could find something more real. Something we both longed for." Adam said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"I was so lost, Lucas. So lost in the depravity I thought I could lose my own soul in. But you made me see what I was doing, what I was hiding from. I was hiding from love. The love I had for this unbelievable man I now hold in my arms. You made me face the truth of what I needed in my soul. You gave me the answer to my deepest dreams, to my greatest hope. You gave me Usher's love." Adam said, the man now crying, Usher's strong arms going around his man.

Usher pulled him close, his brown eyes staring at Lucas.

"Adam and I can never repay the debt we both owe to you, Lucas. But our friendship we give to you always. Thank you for guiding us both to our own souls, and to the soul of the one we now love. Love is nothing if not thankful." Usher said, he and Adam both smiling, Lucas rising from his seat, Adam rushing into his arms, hugging the younger man close.

"Thank you, Lucas! Oh God, thank you!" he cried, Usher smiling at Lucas, the young man guiding Adam into his strong arms.

The Maroon 5 singer wiped his eyes, smiling at Lucas.

"Friends for life, Lucas."
"Friends for life, Adam and Ush."

The two men smiled, returning to their seats, Josh's arms going around Lucas.

"Onward to more love, babe." he said, Lucas wiping his eyes and returning to his seat.

Nick, Aaron and Craig all smiled, rising from their seats, the three walking to the spot of truth.

Everyone smiled at them, Nick smiling at Lucas.

"Could Gideon and Colton join us as well?" Aaron said, Gideon and Colton both smiling at each other, rising from their seats, walking up to the three.

Aaron smiled at Gideon, the man standing now beside Aaron, Colton beside his uncle.

Nick stood on Craig's side, the man smiling towards Gideon.

Justin smiled at Colton, the young man smiling at Lucas.

"Craig and I want to thank you, Lucas. For giving me the chance to be honest with my brother. To show him the tragedy of my life's pain, and to make him see the life he was living. We both now have a greater love for each other. A greater bond of brotherly love. And Nick's welcomed my Craig's love into his life as well. I have a brother and a soulmate. My family's complete. Thank you, Lucas." Aaron said, Nick patting his younger brother's shoulder, Lucas smiling at both.

Everyone saw the young man's quietness, his face showing soft emotion.

"Yes, thank you, Lucas. For giving me my brother's love again. For making him happier than he's ever been.  With Craig's love and my own. And I now see that you've given me more. You made me walk onto a path that I never knew existed. I walked in loneliness, trying to bury that loneliness with sex and depravity. I only had to realize that I only had to reach out to family to find my way again. Onto the path of love. And here, further on that path, you've deviously guided me onto another path. The path to Gideon's friendship."
Gideon smiled, staring at the singer.

"And I'm hoping that path leads to something more." Nick said, Gideon smiling at him.

"Buy me dinner first, sexy."
Lucas laughed, Nick smiling at Gideon.

"Tonight, my friend."
Gideon smiled, looking at Lucas.

"I have to thank you as well, Luke. For making me see that there's more to life than just work. The last few years have been so lonely for myself. I walked away from my family, focusing on my career, and on the fear in my soul. But these last few weeks I've seen the real side of life. I've seen so much love, in you and your friends. And I've faced the fear in my soul. Your love has made me see that life is about living. Evil and fear are a part of it, but love and friendship and happiness are the greater part."
Colton smiled at his uncle, Gideon's arm going around the young man.

"I want that love and happiness, Lucas. I'm hoping as well to find it ahead on the path."

Lucas smiled at Gideon, the man smiling back at him, his eyes having been looking at Nick, whose face wore a large smile as well.

"For once in my life I feel totally happy, Luke. Thank you for that." Gideon said, Lucas smiling, the young man rising from his seat, walking up to the five standing on the patio.

"You always had happiness in your heart, Gideon. It's just grown." Lucas smiled, Gideon nodding, Nick moving, walking up beside Gideon, joining his hand with Gideon's.

"I'm hoping we both grow, Gideon." he said, Gideon smiling.

Lucas smiled at the two men, the young man feeling a hand going into his, his violet pools meeting two sparkling blue pools.

"I guess all that's left is me." Colton said, smiling at him.

"The best for last, Colt." Lucas smiled, the young man beaming.

"Thank you, Lucas. For saving me against the evil. For giving me so much love. Yours and Josh's, and my Uncle Gideon's."

"You earned that love, Colt." Lucas smiled, their hands breaking apart, Lucas' arm going around the young man, everyone smiling at Colton's smiling face.

"I know, Lucas. I have my uncle back in my life. And I now have you and everyone here."

Lucas smiled, Colton leaning up and kissing his cheek.

Gideon smiled at his nephew, seeing the happiness on his face.

"And you gave me more love, Lucas. Jon is so beautiful, so giving and beautiful. Thank you for guiding us both to each other."

Lucas softly blushed, Colton smiling at him.

Justin smiled, Colton's eyes meeting his blue.

"Our friend's love flows through all of us. In hidden ways and in loving ways. I think the future's going to be so awesome!" The young man smiled, everyone smiling, Lucas looking around at everyone.
Josh rose from his chair, walking up to his man.

Lucas' violet pools met his blue, his handsome face smiling at him.

Lucas' eyes went to Harry, who sat alone at a patio table.

"Et tu, Harry?" Lucas said, laughing.

"Our love is of family.  I'll always be thankful for that.  I have my Alain's love, and now I have all of yours as well." the young bodyguard said, smiling around at everyone.

"Thanks, Har.  You both are my family now." Lucas said, smiling again at his Josh.

"Your friends wanted to show you their thanks, Lucky. For all the love you've given them. As Colton said, in hidden and loving ways." Josh said.
Josh's arms went around his man, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm me, Joshua. And I'm love."
"We all know that, Lucas. We just wanted to voice it to you. It's time you take that thanks into your heart. Our love's here for you. Mine the most."

The young man smiled, looking around at everyone.

"I know you all love me, you all feel thankfulness at what I've done for all of you. But that's who I am. I'm love, and I'll always give that to all of you. Thank you all for showing me your love today. I guess I'm going to have to bear that from all of you."
Josh smiled, his hand slapping his man's firm butt.

"Nice try, babe. But we've all decided that when you do something filled with so much love we're going to face you with our thanks. It's time we spread the love as greatly as you do."
Lucas nodded, seeing what Josh was saying.

"I understand my love. I love all of you, you the most, my beautiful Joshua. Thank you all for loving me."
Everyone stood again, the clapping again ringing around the young man, everyone surrounding him.

Lucas smiled, Josh's lips meeting his, the clapping rising in happiness.

The two broke their kiss, Lucas smiling at everyone.

"So who wants to thank me first? I want you naked and very giving!" he smiled, Josh laughing.

People traded looks, everyone grinning.

Lucas laughed, blowing a kiss at Finn.

"Make it a hairy worship first!"

Finn grinned, rushing towards his friend, his arms wrapping around him.

"How about a wet one? Let's get him, boys!"
Lucas screamed, the young man surrounded by his friends, the young man lifted into some muscled arms, his friends carrying him towards the pool, Josh smiling widely.

Lance's and Justin's arms wrapped around him, the two smiling at him.

"Your man's love, Joshy. And we're all blessed." Lance smiled, Lucas' body hitting the pool with a large splash.

"His love wets us all, Lancy." Josh smiled, Justin's blue eyes meeting Lance's.

Josh screamed as his two friends picked him up, the man carried forward, everyone laughing and clapping, Adam and Usher helping the two men give Josh an airborne lift.

Josh hit the water hard, landing in two muscled wet arms under the water.

He felt himself being pulled upwards, two lips meeting his.

The pool around them was ringing with applause, those two lips parting from his, two violet pools staring into his blue.

"I like the wet one most. For the love I've been thrown is the best."

Josh smiled, everyone on the pool's edge smiling at the couple.

Lucas' eyes raised to theirs, their violet happiness sinking into all their souls.

"Thank you all. I'm wet, I'm happy, and I'm living life."

Everyone smiled, Finn giving his friend a thumbs up.
"Come into the love guys. It'll warm all your hearts."

Everyone smiled, shirts coming off, people diving into Josh's pool.

Its love was as strong as Lucas' imagined pool.



End of Chapter 115


And everyone returns home to Los Angeles.

Lucas had his friends surrounding him.


New love shines in Adam and Usher's eyes.

In Colton's and his new friend Jonathan's blue eyes.

And Gideon and Nick now show a budding love, Lucas' love guiding them as well.


Lucas finally has accepted their thankful love.

His thoughts on his own value may be changing.

His soul, I believe, does need to take in the thankfulness of his loving friends.


Up next: The trial looms.

A week of truth is on the horizon.

And their home becomes a larger pool of love.

Families join, and truth rears its head.



Hugs, Angel.