Yesterday's End-207


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 207


Lucas smiled, looking around the patio, everyone relaxing after the large meal he and Colton had prepared for dinner.

Colton sat beside him, the young man smiling at him.

"Our meal was a hit, Dad. As these lethargic corpses around us testify to."
Lucas laughed, Joey raising a thumbs up, the two young men smiling at him, his wife rubbing his stomach.

"All was delicious, my love." Jonathan said, kissing Colton's cheek, the young man seated on his other side.

"You are both first class chefs, Luke and Colton." Jeremy said, he and his sister seated at the same table; Josh, Bruno and Zac rounding out their table.

Justin and Lance sat at the table beside them, Finny, Hemi, Haras, Skyler and Enrique filling it.

All their friends surrounded them, contented and full of the delicious meal.

"Those tacos were a mite heavy, young Carlisle. Go easy on the cheese next time." Chris said, Piney rubbing his stomach for him.

Lucas smiled, Colton rolling his eyes, smiling at the two Chrises.

"Next time you can make them yourself, moocher." Lucas said, Chris laughing.

"Nah, the wives do the cooking." he said, Piney rolling his eyes, staring at his husband, folding his arms.

"I do the cooking at home, Chris. You calling me your bitch?" he said, Chris blushing, his arm going around his man.

"No, my love. You're my soulmate." he said, Lucas smirking.

"Want some toast with that toe jam in your mouth, Chris?"

Chris blushed, Piney smiling and kissing his cheek.

"You're doing the dishes, my Chris. You don't criticize a meal given with love." Piney said, Chris nodding his head, looking at the two young men smiling at him.

"Everything was delicious, my friends." he smiled, Colton smiling at the singer.

"Thanks, Chris. But you're still doing the dishes." he said, Jonathan and others laughing, Chris blushing and nodding his head.

"Well deserved, Colton." he said, Piney kissing his man again.

"I'll help, babe."

"Better check them after, Lukey. They may be smeared." Finn grinned, the two Chrises blushing.

"At least they'll be hair-free, Dad." Colton said, Finn smirking, others laughing.

"There is so much happiness , humor and friendship here, Luke." Jeremy said, Lucas smiling at him, Zac and Bruno smiling beside him.

"And there's love, Jeremy. This is a house of love."
"More like a house of horny teenagers." Finn said under his breath, Skyler laughing beside him.

"Something you want to say, Finny?" Lucas smiled, Finn smirking at him.

"No, Luke. We all know how much love flows in this house." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Indeed, my old friend. And totally hair-free."
Everyone laughed, Finn nodding at his friends.

Little Julian was in Finn's lap, Diana in Skyler's.

Josh was holding little Joshy, little Justy in Lance's lap at the next table.

"Wuv, Daddy!" Little Joshy said, Cindy and Jeremy shaking their heads in wonder.

They'd heard the two infants gurgling and talking all afternoon, marveling at their intellect.

"They're amazing, Luke." Cindy said, Josh smiling and kissing his man's lips.

"Just like their father." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"They're children of my love and magic, Cindy. They'll amaze even myself, I believe." Lucas said, little Joshy giggling at him.

"Wuv you." he said, Lucas smiling and kissing the boy's forehead.

"Daddy loves his angels, all five."
Cindy smiled, still marveling at that reality.

She and her brother had learned the truth about Lucas' life, and all those surrounding them.

Lucas had welcomed both into his inner circle, everyone smiling at the new arrivals.

"You're so amazing, Luke." Cindy said, Adam smiling towards Lucas.

"That he is. I have the first card, still not used." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My bedroom, after midnight, stud."
Adam laughed, his husbands surrounding him.

"Promises, promises." he said, Lucas smiling, his violet pools on the two young people staring at him.

"I'm myself, as I've already said, my friends. The path I walk is one of destiny. But it is also a path of love, happiness and life. I'm going to enjoy every moment of it."
"A great philosophy, Luke." Jeremy said, the young man staring at him.

"Life gives us challenges, Jeremy. It's up to us to find out what life's surprises are. Never give up on finding that truth, in even yourself." he said, the young man nodding.

"I'm living life, Luke. One day at a time." he said, Zac's hand going to his shoulder.

"A great philosophy as well, Jeremy. Maybe Luke will help you on that path. You have his friendship now, as do we all." Zac said, Lucas smiling at him.

Bruno smiled, his hand going in Zac's.

Jeremy smiled at both, the two smiling back.

Lance smirked to himself, watching Lucas.

"My friendship he has, as do all of you. My magic and love is a part of that. I'll think of something to help you, Jeremy. Although your philosophy is spot on." Lucas said.
The young man smiled, staring into his violet pools.

"I have my writing, Luke. That gets me through my pain, and my life. I write what I feel."

"Something tells me there's a bestseller in you, my friend." Lucas smiled, Jeremy blushing.

"I do it more for myself, than for fame, Luke. But one can always dream."

"Yes, one can." Lucas said, the young man smiling around at everyone.

"All my dreams have come true." he said, his three soulmates smiling at him.

"Yay!" Little Justy said in Lance's lap, Lucas smiling.

"Yay indeed, my son. The pool's waters are still warm my friends. Enjoy our company and its wetness. It will be whale free for a bit, Orca is doing the dishes."
Chris blushed, everyone laughing.

"Oh, man!  That so suits you, Orca!" Joey laughed heartily, Chris blushing more.

Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, smiling at the man.

"Come on, Orca. Piney and I will help you." Lucas said, Chris nodding and rising from his seat.

"And you can relax, I won't harpoon you. That's Piney's job."
Everyone laughed, the three men and others picking up plates, others heading for the pool or relaxing on the patio.

Colton's arm was around his sister's shoulders, his soulmates walking with them to the pool.

"You brought your suit, Jeremy?" Josh smiled, the young man softly smiling at him.

"Yes, Josh. But I don't swim much." he said, Zac smiling at him, his hand again on his shoulder.

"Bruno and I will watch out for you." he said, the young man smiling more.

"Thanks, Zac. The water does look inviting."
Bruno smiled, the young singer now behind Jeremy's chair.
"Then let's get wet, Jeremy." he smiled, pulling Jeremy's wheelchair back, he and Zac smiling up at the young Hawaiian.

Josh smiled, watching the three head for the pool and cabanas, Cindy at Jeremy side to help him change.


Lucas walked out onto the patio, three smiles directed at him.

His three soulmates were now together at a table, Justin in Lance's lap now.

Their sons were in their carriers on the table, both showing the signs of falling asleep.

"Lance has his baby, where's mine?" Josh smiled, Lucas smiling and sitting down in his lap.

"Sweet! Mine's lighter!" Josh smiled, Justin rolling his eyes, Josh's lips meeting with Lucas.

Lance and Justin both smiled, their eyes going around to all their friends and family, everyone relaxing around the backyard.

A few of the guys were playing a makeshift game of football, the ball thrown around to everyone in the grassy field behind the pool.

Finny and Alain were tossing the ball to Harry and Enrique.

Others were in the pool or relaxing on chairs or at tables around it.

Enrique's soulmates were in the pool, floating together in newlywed love.

Colton and Jonathan were playing a game with Rosa Sharon, the young girl smiling in the center of all of them.

Lucas smiled at the four young men, his violet pools on three others near them.

Jeremy was floating on a pool chair, his muscular chest on full view, a soft covering of black hair filling it.

Bruno and Zac were swimming at his sides, the three chatting and laughing together, three smiles donning their faces.

Cindy sat at the pool's edge, talking to Trish and Andrew.

Lucas felt a set of lips kiss his cheek, his eyes turning and staring into two green pools.

"Your love always continues, Lucky. I think they look great together." Lance smiled, Josh and Justin looking at him, then at Lucas.

"What do you mean, Lance?" Josh said, Lucas smiling and kissing his man's lips again.

"He's talking about us four, sexy. He and I have two primed, beautiful tigers against us."

Josh and Justin both smiled, Justin leaning forward and kissing Lucas' lips.

"This tiger's starting to purr, sexy." Justin said, Lance slapping his ass.

"Don't get too comfortable there, babe. Our boys need changing, then their beds." Lance said, Justin smiling at the man holding him, their lips meeting.

"You can diaper Justin, Lancy. I've seen what comes out that end." Lucas said, Justin laughing.

"It's what goes in that makes me happy." Justin winked, Lucas laughing.

"Up and at 'em, Papa and Poppa." Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, Josh smiling and rising to his feet, Justin rising from Lance's lap.

Skyler walked up to them, Cindy carrying Diana, the baby yawning, little Julian asleep in Skyler's arms.

"They're all ready for bed, guys." Skyler smiled, Josh and Justin picking up their sons' carriers.

"To dreamland together they go." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his cheek, he and Justin following the two women into the house with the infants.

Lucas smiled, sitting down beside Lance, his arm going around him.

"They don't have a clue, babe. Your love flows on its own." Lance smiled, Lucas kissing his neck.

"Life is about love. Its totality needs to join." he said, his violet pools on three young men smiling and swimming together.


The evening eventually ended, everyone hugging the men at their front door, smiles showing all around.

Jeremy and Cindy both hugged Lucas, the two smiling at him and his three soulmates.

"Thank you for a day of happiness and friendship, Luke." Jeremy said, Lucas leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"First of many, my friend. We expect to see you around here again. You have all my numbers." Lucas said, the young man beaming.

"For sure, Luke. I love the eye candy." he smiled, Adam laughing beside him.

"My tattoos enthrall everyone." he grinned, Pierce rolling his eyes, Adam laughing, his arm around him.

"No egos there." Usher said, Adam blushing, Jeremy smiling up at him.

"Nope, just a friend." he said, Adam smiling down at the man.

"You have all our numbers as well." Adam said, the young man grinning widely, Cindy smiling at her brother.

"Again, thank you for everything. My brother's never been so happy." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"You're next on my agenda." he said, the young woman looking confused.

Lance laughed, kissing her cheek.

"Good night, everyone." Jeremy said, Zac and Bruno standing behind him.

"Let us help you, Jeremy." Bruno said, the two men guiding his wheelchair over the house's front steps, the young man wheeling down the driveway, the two and Cindy following.

Lucas smiled, Josh's arms around him.

"He looks happy, Luke. He's an intelligent, giving young man. You did a good thing." Josh said, Colton smiling beside him, the young man's eyes meeting Lucas.

"I think he's done an amazing thing." the young man said, Enrique's arm around him.

Everyone traded looks, Lucas smiling.

"Been a blast, Lukey!" Finn said, hugging his friend, everyone seeing his inebriated happiness, little Julian in his arms sound asleep.

Skyler smiled, holding Diana.

"You could have left them where they were. Our boys love their closeness." Justin said, Skyler kissing his cheek.

"Their daddy needs their love first thing in the morning." she said, Finn smiling at her.

"After yours, my beauty." he said, Lucas laughing lightly.

"Better get it while you can, Sky. He'll have a headache when he wakes up."
She laughed, Finn smiling.

"The babes to their beds, then the loving starts." he grinned, Skyler smirking.

"Get it while it's hot I shall, Luke." she said, kissing his cheek, the two walking out of the house.

Everyone smiled, returning to the living room, Alain and Harry walking out of the kitchen.

"All shipshape, Luke." Harry said, Lucas smiling at him, the young man in Josh's lap on a couch, Justin and Lance snuggled beside them.

The fivesome of love were snuggled together on a couch: Colton in Haras' lap, Jonathan in Hemi's, Enrique snuggled between the two Egyptians.

Colton had already guided Rosa Sharon to bed, her brother sending her to dreamland.

Harry and Alain sat down in an oversized chair, Harry in Alain's lap.

"Thanks, Har." Lucas smiled, Josh rubbing his back.

"You've been going nonstop all weekend and today. You're welcome." Harry smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"What were you saying about Lucas doing an amazing thing, Colt?" Justin smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"You really are blond, Justin." the young man said, Justin blushing with confusion, looking at Lucas.

"Blond and beautiful." he said, Justin smiling at him, his confusing blush gone.

Lucas sighed, Josh looking up at him.

"What Colton refers to--and has seen, and I now see--is that my love continues its guiding path." Lucas said, Colton smiling at him.

"I have a greater heart of love now, Dad. I can feel love more." he said, the four surrounding him smiling widely with love at him.

"Your magic grows as your love grows, Colt. Mine's the same." Lucas smiled, the young man looking around at everyone.

"I had assumed that my love was now at its total reality. But I've felt a bit missing." Lucas said, Lance smiling at him.

"I don't think your love will ever be at its totality, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"What have you done now, Luke? We feel a soft echo of something as well." Alain said, the young man smiling at the black man, Harry's blue eyes staring at Lucas as well.

"My love continues, my friends. I felt their soft need, their total love not quite full." he said, everyone looking at him.

"Whose love, Lucky?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Another trio begins, my friends. And for a very specific reason." Lucas said, Colton rising from his seat in Haras' lap, Lucas smiling and rising from his own husband's lap.

The two walked up to each other, smiling at each other.

"I felt his magic, Lucas. Why doesn't he show it?"

Lucas sighed, looking at the young man, his hand going to Colton's shoulder.

"He needs the love first, Colt. That is the gift he needed from myself." Lucas said, Lance rising from his couch, Justin looking at his husbands, Josh's eyes on Lucas.

"Who are you talking about?" Hemi said, Colton's eyes meeting his Egyptian husband's brown pools.

"He's talking about Jeremy. Our young disabled friend has a soul of magic." Colton said, Lucas smiling at the young man.

Everyone around them looked surprised, Josh on his feet, his arm around his Lucas immediately.

"Is he. . .is he evil?" Josh said, Lucas smiling, kissing his lips.

"Lose that look of concern, babe. He's not evil or dangerous to us. He's only dangerous to himself." Lucas said, Colton looking at him.

"The magic felt intense, Luke. Your discussion with myself in private allayed my concerns earlier." Colton said, his husbands looking at him.

"You both knew he has magic?" Haras said, everyone looking at the two young men.

"Yes, Hari. We both felt it before we even met him. Dad felt it first." Colton said, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"Our magic feels other magic. We sensed him before he sat on our front step." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him tighter.

"What's going on, my love? Why is he here now?"

"He's a part of my destiny, my love. All beings of magic are drawn to my magic. All paths align." he said, Alain and Harry staring up at him.

"Destiny guided him to you." Alain said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Alain. All magic is guided towards my destiny. Mine is the center of all of it." Lucas said, Colton's hand now going to his shoulder.

"He doesn't know he has magic? That's it! That's why he didn't show it!" Colton said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, Colt. He has a magic simmering within him. A magic he's unaware of. The love is needed to show the magic. You, most of all, should sense that."

Colton smiled, nodding his head.

"I understand, Dad. And your love never stops." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"When did you clue into this?"

Colton smiled, his blue pools meeting Lance's green.

"I only had to look at Lance watching you. I sensed in him the realization that your love was on a new quest." Colton smiled, Lance rising from his seat, looking at the young man.

"You sensed from me that I had picked up on it?"

Colton smiled, nodding.

"Yes, Lance. I couldn't get the truth from Dad's soul, but your soul is open to my magic."
Lance looked confused, Colton smiling at him.

"And my love, Unky Lance."

Lucas laughed, Lance smiling at Colton.

"I feel like I've been used." he said, Colton wrapping his arms around him, kissing his cheek.

"No, Lance. My magic just felt the happiness in your soul. It went to its truth. Thanks for the gift, Dad." Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Use it wisely, my son. My magic can rein in your overexuberance."

Colton smiled, nodding.

"My wandering days are done, Dad. My magic can now just draw in the love and truth, like yours."

Lucas smiled, Josh staring at him.

"What's going on, my love?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

Colton smiled, walking back to Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"Dad's been guiding love again. Jeremy left tonight with a heart of growing openness. I'm sure even now it's growing. As are theirs." Colton said, everyone looking at Lucas.

"You've done something to him?" Harry said, Lucas smiling at his cousin.

"I opened his heart to love, Har. As I've opened theirs to their greater need."
Justin stood up, joining his husband.

"To who, Luke? You knew, my love?" Justin said, staring at Lance.

"I saw the love blooming, sweetie. Lucas got it going." Lance smiled, Lucas looking at Justin.

"Jeremy met two souls today of equality, my friends." Lucas said, Alain smiling at him.

"You and Colton, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling.

"Not the ones I was referring to, Alain. We are both equal in his being of magic. But his soul needed a duality of love."

Justin stared at Lucas, his mind going through the afternoon and evening.

His blue eyes widened.

"Zac and Bruno! They both were surrounding him all day!" he said, Lance smiling and kissing his man's cheek.

"There's the intelligent man I love." he said, Justin staring at his and Lucas' smiling faces.

"You joined the three of them together?" he said, everyone looking surprised.

"Their needs joined them together, Jus. I just took it upon myself to join them together here."

Josh stared at Lucas.

"You're amazing, my love. I didn't see it at all. I saw their friendship with the young man, their tenderness at aiding him all day. I didn't see the greater need."

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"You're intelligent too, babe. You would have seen it eventually. Now they just have to see it. It's already growing in their hearts."

"You're amazing, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at his Josh.

"Love is amazing, Josh. They'll just see that themselves."

"You never stop, Luke." Haras said, everyone now on their feet, the young man smiling at the Egyptian.

"My men will be saying that in the early hours tomorrow."
Justin smiled, winking at Lucas.

"Promises, promises." he grinned, Lance slapping his ass.

"Right now the love grows. Let our own as well. Right now let's deal with the fivesome of love's continuing happiness." Lucas smiled, nodding at Lance, the man smiling, walking out of the living room, Justin and Josh smiling at each other.

"Our love always grows, Daddy." Hemi said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm sure it was at full mast last night, son." he said, all five blushing but smiling at each other.

"The five tigers of my soul." Enrique said, Lucas smiling at the Spaniard.

"Five tigers and a Spanish stallion. I envy you your passion."
Colton beamed, kissing Enrique's lips.

"It never stops, Dad."
Lucas smiled, Lance walking back into the living room, the man carrying a gift in his hand.

He smiled, handing the gift box to Lucas.

The man smiled at the fivesome of love standing in front of him.

Colton stared at the box, then into Lucas' violet pools.

"You cannot always feel my soul, Colt. My love is ever surprising. This is the next gift for you five from us four." he smiled, handing Colton the gift.

"We have your love and friendship, and last night's beautiful suite, Luke. That's enough." Jonathan said, Justin smiling at his brother.

"Open it, my sons new and old." Lucas smiled, Colton surrounded by the four of his heart, the young man unwrapping the gift, Enrique taking the paper and ribbon from him.

Colton opened the box in his hands, staring at a small folder in its center.

He met Lucas' eyes, the young man smiling at him.

"Five tickets to Spain, and then five return tickets to Embrace Island. You need to see the beauty of Enrique's homeland, then the beauty of your bronzed souls in paradise."

Colton teared up, rushing into Lucas' arms, the young man hugging him tightly.

"You didn't marry on Embrace Island, but your love needs to flow there as well. A honeymoon of sunny love." Lucas said, the young man and his soulmates surrounded by the fivesome of love, hugs exchanged.

Alain and Harry both smiled, snuggled together.

"His love is love." Harry said, Lucas smiling at his cousin.

"My love is all. I'm going to show all that." Lucas smiled, Colton hugging him again.

Josh, Justin and Lance all smiled, everyone seeing Lucas' smiling face.

The four were hugged by the five again, Alain and Harry smiling behind them.


The Next Morning


Lucas smiled, walking into the kitchen, two blue pools meeting his.

"Morning, sons. You're up early." Lucas smiled, wrapping his arms around a bundle of youthful happiness.

Jonathan smiled, the young man at the stove, Hemi at his side, Colton in Lucas' arms.

"Morning, Dad. The day begins with love. Our culinary love." Colton smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"And where are the other two of this fivesome of love? I heard your shower running." he smiled, Colton smiling at him

"Haras was demanding this morning. Our Daddy is cleaning him up." Jonathan said, Lucas laughing, hugging the young man, then Hemi.

"I'm sure Rico is the happier of the two. But being in a Spanish beauty's arms is always good."

The other three smiled, Hemi handing Lucas a cup of coffee, the man kissing the Egyptian's cheek.

"We've all felt that beauty's arms of love." he smiled, Lucas smiling.

"And where are the three of your soul?" Hemi smiled, Lucas smiling and sitting down at the table, hugging Rosa Sharon who was drinking orange juice.

"They're in the shower as well. They were dirty, too."

The four laughed, Colton returning to the kitchen counter, filling the toaster with bread.

"Need a hand, boys?" Lucas smiled, the three smiling back at him.

"No, we're almost done."
"Alright, my slaves. I'll go get the masters of the house up." Lucas smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"I felt their awakening love too, Dad." Rosa Sharon said, Lucas smiling and walking out of the kitchen.

"You felt the boys waking up?" Hemi said, Rosa Sharon smiling at him and Jonathan.

"I guess you could say I felt their magic stirring. It's similar but softer than Lucas'."

Jonathan smiled, kissing his husband's lips.

"My Colty and Rosy are so special. Just like Luke." he said, Colton smiling at him, his hand resting on Jonathan's left butt cheek.

"We all have a special man in your giving ways, Jonah. You are the romance of our souls." Hemi said, Jonathan smiling at him then at Colton.

"Your five move me with your giving love."

"Not over the food guys."
The three turned, Justin's smiling face in the kitchen doorway, Josh at his side, Justin's arm around his waist.

"Morning, beautiful." Colton smiled, Justin winking at him, walking up to the three young men, hugging each, kissing Colton's cheek last.

"I was referring to Josh, Mr. Ego." Colton smiled, Josh laughing, he hugging them as well.

Justin smiled, slapping Colton's jeans-covered ass.

"I wasn't the one idolized by five noisy slaves last night. Did one of you have a jackhammer in there?" Justin grinned, Josh smirking, Jonathan rolling his eyes.

Justin laughed, kissing his brother's cheek, stealing a piece of bacon off the platter beside him.

"The eagerness of youth. Enrique must be so happy." he smiled, Jonathan smiling at him.

"I am more than happy. I'm in love."
Justin turned, Enrique and Haras standing in the kitchen doorway, both wearing form hugging t-shirts and shorts.

"There's a lot of that going around." Josh smiled, the two men smiling and walking into the room, hugs and kisses exchanged.

"Where is Luke and Lance?" Enrique said, Colton smiling at his Spanish husband.

"Lucas went to the nursery, not sure where Lance is."
"He's there as well. Lucas walked into us holding them. He and Lance were changing them and bringing them down." Josh smiled, Justin smiling beside him.

"He brought all of us down last night." Justin smiled, Jonathan laughing.

"A lot of that going around as well." Hemi said, Haras laughing, the two Egyptians kissing each other.

"Lucas and his house of love." Justin smiled.

"His love echoes through all of us." a new voice said.

Justin smiled, Alain and Harry walking into the room.

"Good morning, everyone." Harry said, everyone smiling at him and Alain.

"For all of us, I do believe." Colton smiled, everyone smiling at their soulmates, heading to the kitchen table.

Josh smiled, seeing Lance and Lucas walking into the kitchen, their sons in their arms.

"Dada!" Little Joshy giggled, looking towards Justin, the man smiling and taking the child from Lance.

"Miss me, my boy?" he said, kissing the boy's forehead, the baby giggling.

"He saw you two minutes ago. I don't think he'd forget that beautiful face." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"I love all my boys." he said, little Justy smiling up at him from Lucas' arms.

"Plays, Dada!" he said, Justin smiling at the boy.

"After breakie, boys. Dada's going to play with you all day!" Justin smiled, looking at his three soulmates.

"With all of my boys." he winked.

Lance smiled, Lucas sitting down beside Josh, Josh taking his son from him.

"I'll feed him, babe." Josh said, rising from his seat, he and Justin heading for the bottle warmer, Lucas having already filled it.

Lucas smiled, Hemi smiling and filling his coffee cup again with fresh coffee.

"Thanks, Hemi. I'll miss my slaves for the next two weeks." he smiled, the five men smiling at him.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder, Master." Haras said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your five of your heart are now its masters, Hari." he said, the Egyptian smiling.

"My heart and love I give to all five. My life is complete."

Lucas smiled, patting the young man's arm.

"And what of Alsarius, Hari?" Lucas said, the Egyptian looking into his violet pools.

"Alsarius was and always will be my friend, Lucas. I now finally see the truth in that. As Hemi does. We have found a greater happiness in our souls. We have our own love and theirs. Our happiness is complete." Haras smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"It was always destined to be that, Hari. Your love for each other was always destined to come full circle."

"We have you to thank for that,  Luke." Hemi said, staring into Haras' brown pools.

"You have your own souls to thank, my friends. Alsarius felt your friendship and love for the briefest of moments on the path of time. The love you now have is yours for eternity."

The three of their heart smiled at the two Egyptians, both young men wearing wide smiles of love and happiness.

"You are the destiny of all of us, Lucas." Hemi said, Lucas smiling at him.

"So, can Justin watch next time? He needs pointers."

The five laughed, Justin blushing.

Lucas laughed, kissing the man's cheek when he sat down beside him, little Joshy in his arms, a bottle in his hands.

"Gee, thanks. I'm not a novice, you know?" he said, Lucas smiling, winking at him.

"No you're a pro."

Josh laughed, Justin smiling at his three soulmates.

"Let's eat up. We have packing to do." Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I want to see five bronzed young gods when you get back."

Jonathan smiled, looking at Colton.

"We already have three bronzed gods, Luke. Colton and I will let them lube us up."

Justin laughed, Colton blushing, Jonathan kissing his cheek.

"With suntan lotion, that is." he smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"Young slick and in heat. They may kill you, Rico." Alain smiled, the Spaniard smiling.

"What a way to go!"

Everyone laughed, Rosa Sharon smiling at her brother's happiness.

"I'm going to stay with Uncle Gid and Uncle Gio and Uncle Nick, Colt!" she smiled, Colton smiling at his sister.

"Awesome, sis! They'll love having you!" he smiled, she grinning widely.

"Their love is great too."
Lucas smiled, everyone diving into the large breakfast, the young man's eyes showing a thoughtful happiness.


Lucas sighed, Justin looking at him.

It was late afternoon, the foursome of love having a relaxing day alone at home.

The fivesome of love had been driven to the airport by Alain and Harry, the two then dropping Rosa Sharon off at Nick's house, the two then going sightseeing for the day, the house now empty of guests.

"Something wrong, Luke? Who's here? We weren't expecting anyone today." he said, staring at his soulmate, the two walking from the living room towards the front foyer.

Clive had called from the gate, some visitors having arrived.

Lucas had answered the phone, giving the go-ahead to send them up.

Josh and Lance were at the pool with the boys.

Lucas looked into Justin's quizzical blue pools, the young man sighing again.

"My love always comes with a reluctant price." he said, Justin staring at him, the young man opening the front door.

Justin saw three people on the front steps, one of them moving forward.

Lucas was engulfed in two strong arms, the young man patting his back.

"How did you know, Luke?! How did you know he was the answer to our needs?!"

Lucas smiled at the other two smiling at him, the young man stepping back, staring into Zac Efron's blue pools.

Bruno Mars and Jeremy smiled at him, both showing the same look of awed wonder.

"I take it last night and this morning was a reflecting time for all three of you?"

Zac smiled back at the two men behind him, his eyes on Lucas again.

"We followed Cindy and Jeremy home last night. We didn't want the evening to end. The four of us talked until after midnight. Cindy invited us to stay overnight. Then the three of us talked alone for a few hours after Cindy went to bed."

"You opened your hearts to each other. I see the love shining in all three sets of happiness." Lucas said, Justin staring at him.

Justin smiled, seeing the telltale sign of bashful reluctance in Lucas' violet pools.

"You knew, didn't you?" Bruno said, his hand on Jeremy's shoulder, the young man in his wheelchair.

"My soul is a destined soul of uniting love, my friends. My love moves to others, uniting their hearts and souls. I knew from the first moment I met both of you that the two of you needed a special love, a love more than you both could give each other. I felt your need to be on their path, Jeremy. I took it upon myself to guide you three towards each other."

Jeremy stared at the young man, Zac staring at Jeremy.

"They're both so beautiful, Lucas. In their souls, friendship and love. I can't believe this." Jeremy said, Lucas staring at him.

"Let's go to the patio, my friends. We'd all like to hear all about this." Justin said, Lucas lowering his eyes.

The young man moved, Justin smiling at the three, Zac and Bruno helping Jeremy guide his wheelchair into the foyer, the four following Lucas to the patio.

Josh and Lance smiled at the group coming out onto the patio, the two men carrying their boys from the pool towards the patio, both infants giggling.

"Wuv heres." Little Justy said in Lance's arms, Lucas smiling at his family.

"Yes it's here, my son."
"Hi, guys. Welcome again to our home." Josh said, hugging Bruno and Zac, both men kissing little Joshy in Josh's arms.

"News wuv!" Joshy said, Lucas smiling at the boy.

"Yes, new love, my son." he smiled, the two men and Jeremy staring at the infants.

"So amazing." Jeremy said, Lucas smiling at him, Lance hugging him gently.

"You look extremely happy this morning, Jeremy." Lance smiled, Josh hugging him next.

"Life is good, Lance. Your man's made mine so much better." the young man said, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"I'm still trying to understand why." Jeremy continued, Lucas smiling at Zac and Bruno.

"Destiny, my friend. The destiny of all of us." he said, Jeremy looking confused.

"I still don't totally understand why I'm on that path now with you." he said, Lucas smiling and offering Zac and Bruno seats at a table, Jeremy wheeling between them when they sat down, both men smiling at him.

Justin returned with drinks for everyone, everyone relaxing around the table, Jeremy's eyes focused on Lucas again.

"What did you feel this morning when you woke up, Jeremy?" Lucas said, everyone looking between the two men.

Zac's hand went into Jeremy's, the young man looking at Lucas.

Bruno smiled, his hand on Jeremy's other arm.

"I felt love, Lucas. A deep smothering love. It came from the two men sleeping beside me."

Everyone around the table looked surprised, Justin's eyes widening.

"You slept together last night?" he said, Lucas smirking, kissing his cheek.

"Tone down the imagination, perv." Lucas said, Justin blushing.

Zac smiled, looking at Bruno.

"As we said, the two of us stayed at Cindy's and Jeremy's place last night. We talked till the early hours. Jeremy offered us his room, he taking the couch. We wouldn't concede. We came to a compromise. It was a queen-sized bed, so we shared. We talked a bit longer then slept. Only slept. But we all felt the happiness surrounding us." Bruno said, Zac and Jeremy smiling at the Hawaiian singer.

"Last night changed all our lives. This morning we saw in each other's awakening eyes the truth of that. Bruno and I have asked Jeremy to be a part of our love." Zac said, Jeremy smiling at the handsome actor.

"I felt so much love surrounding me this morning. It was like nothing I've sensed before." the young man said, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"And you felt something more?" Lucas said, Zac and Bruno looking at the young man.

"I felt a stirring within my soul. And then I felt the truth." he said, Zac's arm going around the young man.

"What truth, Jer?" he said, Lucas smiling at the nickname.

The young man pushed his wheelchair back a bit, Bruno and Zac staring at him.

"I felt all of your feelings, Zac and Bruno. Your inner feelings for me."

"You felt our new love for you?" Bruno said, the young man nodding, his blue pools looking at Lucas.

"What's going on, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling at him, rising from his seat, his soulmates looking at him.

The young man walked around the table, going to one knee beside Jeremy.

"The magic's happening, my friend. The magic within you is coming to life." Lucas said, the young man looking shocked, Zac's and Bruno's eyes widening.


"You. . .you have magic, Jer? Like Luke?!" Bruno said, the young man staring at Lucas with shock.

"That's impossible, Luke!" he said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"No, it's not, Jeremy. It's destiny, my friend." he said, Jeremy's eyes lowering.

"It can't be, it just can't be. She can't have been right." he softly said, Zac and Bruno staring at him.

"Who can't be right, Jer?" Zac said, Jeremy's eyes raising, meeting Zac's, then Bruno's, and finally Lucas' again.

"It happened the night of my accident. The rainy night my parents died. We were traveling home from a faculty party at Dad's university. I'd been at a friend's house, Mom and Dad picking me up on their way home. We never made it. A truck driver hit us head on, Mom and Dad instantly killed in the front seat, I was thrown through the windshield from the backseat, hurled into a ditch. I lay there for a while immobile, the rain pouring down on me. I felt someone around me in the darkness, staring up into two green pools. It was a woman of unbelievable beauty."

Zac and Bruno moved, both now at Jeremy's sides.

"She was like an angel. She said some confusing things to me. I thought. . .I thought it was a dream."

"What did she say, Jer?" Bruno said, his hand now on his other shoulder.

Jeremy looked at Lucas.

"`Take heart, my young friend. Life gives us hardship. But it can also give us love. Look to him who shall draw you in. For he shall see your worth. Within you lives the lives of all of us. He shall draw that magic out of you with his love and friendship. And he shall give you your greater happiness. The pain will give way to the love and a standing for truth. For you it will be doubled. His love is the answer to all.' she said, then she vanished. I thought it was all a dream." he said, Zac smiling at him.

"The love has doubled, Jer. You have our love." Zac said, Lucas smiling at the man, seeing his unchanged love for Jeremy.

"That's what she meant, wasn't it, Luke? She was telling me of my finding their love?" Jeremy said, Lucas nodding at him.

"Yes, Jeremy. She was telling you that."

"And she knew Jeremy would be guided to you. He who would draw him in. Into his love and friendship." Bruno said, looking at Lucas.

"Yes, I sense she knew that as well." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

"What did she mean by the lives of all of us living inside me?" Jeremy said, Lucas staring at him.

"That I don't understand as well, Jeremy. But I sense the meaning behind her words." Lucas said, the man rising to his feet again.

Josh rose from his, Lance taking the infant from him, Josh at Lucas' side, his arm going around him.

"What's going on, Luke? Who was the woman who talked to Jeremy? Was it Meresankh?" he said, Lucas shaking his head no.

"No, Josh. Rosa Sharon would have voiced that truth. I'm not even sure if it was a woman." Lucas said, looking at Jeremy.

"You said she had green eyes?" he said, Jeremy nodding.

"Yes, Luke. If you don't know her then maybe she was an angel. Maybe I dreamed it all." he said, Lucas smiling down at him.

"You didn't dream it, my friend. Destiny guided you to this day. "
Jeremy stared up at him.

"Do I. . .do I really have magic?" he softly said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, Jeremy. I sensed it on the path around me. Even before I met you. Colton sensed it as well. I'm sure Rosa Sharon did also. But I sensed it more. For I knew the path I needed to guide you to. The path that now surrounds you. The love you now have surrounding you has made the magic come alive within you. As it did to Colton and even myself."
"He has as great a magic as you and Colton?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"As great as Colton, perhaps. But my magic is greater than all. That's why I easily sensed his, as I sensed Colton's hidden magic."

Jeremy looked at Bruno and Zac, both staring at him.

"I always knew I was different. I just never sensed how different. I never could make friends, talk to people. I took my loneliness as my disability." he said, his eyes meeting Zac's, then Bruno's.

"I'll understand if this changes us, guys. I know I'm not myself." he said, everyone seeing soft tears in his eyes.

Zac moved, Lucas stepping back.

"You are yourself, Jeremy. The man who Bruno and I both want to know. With friendship and love. This doesn't change who you are, it only makes you even more unbelievable and special." he said, Bruno smiling at the young man.

"I'll double that sentiment. You're as amazing as Luke." the singer smiled, Jeremy staring into his brown pools, then Zac's blue.

"You. . .you still want to like me?"

Zac smiled, leaning forward, kissing the young man's lips.

"We want to love you, Jeremy." Bruno said, he kissing the young man when Zac moved back.

Everyone stared at the three, Lucas smiling.

"Magic doesn't change a man, Jeremy. It is an enhancement of the love. Your two new friends are going to see and feel that amazing magic and love. I'm here for all three of you, with love or with magic."

The three stared up at him, three smiles forming on their faces.

"I still can't believe this, Luke. That I have magic, that I have a purpose in life." Jeremy said, Lucas smiling down at him.

"You always had a purpose in life, Jeremy. It's called living. You lived a life of pain, determination, courage and love. It's only going to get better from here. The magic awakens within you. I sense that mysterious angel gave you that magic. I think you can sense in your soul what that magic can do. Life begins today for you, and for the new twosome of your heart."

Jeremy stared up at the young man, his violet pools now softly glowing green, only he and Lance seeing it.

The young man lowered his head, remaining silent.

Zac and Bruno stared at each other, their hands going to each of the silent young man's shoulders.

"Are you alright, Jer?" Zac said, staring at him.

The young man's head raised, staring into his blue pools, then staring into Bruno's brown pools of concerned love.

The young man smiled, his handsome face showing a shining beauty, Zac and Bruno lost in its beauty.

He rose from his wheelchair, everyone's eyes widening in shock.

Zac and Bruno rose to their feet staring at the young man in awed shock.

"I'm more than alright. I'm in love, I have magic and I have life." he said, Zac and Bruno moving, the three joining as one, Lucas smiling behind all three.

His violet pools softly glowed green for a moment, then went towards the calm pool.

His magic is the last needed.

I am ready.

Now to rein in the lost evil.

He smiled, the young man joining the crying three in front of him.


End of Chapter 207


And so a new magical soul walks onto our crowded stage.

Jeremy has magic perhaps given to him by a mysterious angel.

He has somehow cured himself.

Or has Lucas cured him?


A new trio of love unites.

Lucas' love guides three more to their truthful love.

Zac and Bruno now have a new love.

A love that may surprise them and Jeremy.

Let's watch it grow.


Lucas seems to have all the magic he now needs.

Needs for what?

And what evil is he talking about?


Up next: The path solidifies.

The end begins, or is that the beginning of the end?

Read on, the magic and love continue.


Hugs, Angel.