Yesterday's End-208


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 208


Jeremy's blue pools stared into Lucas' violet pools, the young man smiling at the three men joined together.

Everyone had risen from the table, staring at the young man standing between Zac and Bruno.

"You. . .you're on your feet, Jer!" Bruno said, tears showing in his eyes, his arm around the young man, Zac holding him close as well.

"I can walk! I can't believe this!" the young man said, his eyes filled with tears.

"Love and magic give us gifts to soothe our souls. We take life as it is meted out to us." Lucas said, the young man moving, walking up to the young man.

"You. . .you did this?" he said, his arms going around Lucas, the young man smiling and rubbing his back.

"I have given you my friendship, Jeremy. Your own magic has given you your life's needs. Health, love and friendship." Lucas smiled, Zac and Bruno staring at him with tearful happiness.

"I. . .I can't believe this! Why now, why now have I healed myself?" he said, breaking his hold on Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"For the magic felt the new love flowing through you. It felt your soul's need." Lucas said, his violet pools staring at Zac and Bruno again.

"That I needed to love them as myself, free of my disability." Jeremy said, Lucas smiling at him, nodding his head.

"New love needs a new path to walk on. Welcome to the world of your new love, my friends." Lucas smiled, Jeremy moving, the young man in Zac's arms again, Bruno's arms around both of them.

"I love you two. I hope you can love the new me."
Zac smiled, his lips meeting Jeremy's, Bruno smiling at both.

"We're going to love you forever, our new amazing Jeremy." the Hawaiian said, the other two breaking their kiss, Jeremy's lips meeting Bruno's.

Everyone smiled, the three smiling at each other.

"This is so amazing, Jeremy!" Justin said, everyone moving, the three men surrounded by Lucas' soulmates, Lance's green pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"Love grows, as my soul sows." Lucas smiled, everyone hugging the three men, Jeremy's smile wide and filled with happiness.

They all sat down at the table again, Jeremy a beaming ball of happiness between Zac and Bruno, his wheelchair remaining empty beside the patio ramp.

"I have to see Cindy! She's going to be blown away!" Jeremy said, Lucas smiling at him.

"She's coming over after her shift at the hospital." Lucas said, everyone looking at him, Jeremy staring at him with surprise.

"She didn't mention that." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I knew she needed to be here for this happiness, Jeremy. I called her this morning." Lucas said, Jeremy looking surprised.

"You. . .you knew I'd find the magic and walk again?" he said, Lucas sighing, staring at the young man, everyone staring at Lucas.

"Daddy specials!" Little Joshy said, seated in Justin's lap, Lucas smiling at his son.

"Yes I am, my son." he said, his violet pools meeting Jeremy's blue.

"I sensed all your magic's intentions, Jeremy. The path of your life is now on my path. As are your new loves Zac and Bruno. My love grows, as does my magic."
"You're beyond amazing, Luke." Bruno said, Lucas smiling at the Hawaiian singer.

"So everyone says. My magic is the amazing part. As is my love. I welcome all three of you to my friendship."

Zac stared at the young man.

"Bruno and I both once had a deep desire for you, Lucas. We both lusted after you. I--and I know my Bruno does as well--now see that the greater beauty of you is your friendship. I would be honored to stand in that friendship." Zac said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I would as well, Lucas. We all need your friendship."

"I'll try and stoke your souls with my beauty. Might as well keep Jeremy happy."
Jeremy blushed, Zac and Bruno smiling widely.

"Eye candy for his soul." Bruno said, Lucas laughing.

Jeremy's eyes were staring at him with idolizing devotion, the young man's friendship now enshrined in his soul.

"I'm just your friend, Jeremy. Lose the worshipping looks, my friends." he smiled, Zac and Bruno staring at him with awed wonder as well.

Jeremy smiled.

"Would you three like to stay for dinner?" Lucas smiled, the young man smiling at all three.

"We'd love it, Luke." Zac smiled, Lucas smiling and rising from his seat.

"The pool's warmed and waiting, my friends. I'm sure Jeremy wants to try out those new legs." Lucas smiled, Jeremy smiling widely, the young man rising to his feet, Zac and Bruno rising up as well, staring at him with awed wonder.

"Race you, guys!" he smiled, the young man's shirt leaving his chest, swim trunks already on his body.

Everyone smiled, watching the young man run across the pool's marbled edge, diving into the pool.

"Our boys need to be wet, my loves." Lucas smiled, everyone rising and heading for the pool.

Lucas smiled, the young man walking into the house.


Lucas stood at the kitchen counter, cutting up carrots, two arms going around his waist, a set of lips kissing his neck.

"You gain your feet, now you want to taste my beauty, Jeremy?"

He felt a hand slap his ass, the lips on his neck lightly biting his neck.

"I know those teeth anywhere. Why don't you nibble on my ass, Timberlake?"

Justin smiled, the young man in front of him turning around, their lips meeting.

"You always know when it's me." he smiled when they broke their kiss, Lucas' tongue licking his lips.

"I know the scent of all my harem."

Justin laughed, smiling at his soulmate.

"So, you're needful of the Timberlake scent?"

"Always, my aromatic beauty. Even when you're in the bathroom, your pungent aroma stokes my soul."

Justin blushed, Lucas smirking.

"But I ain't touching that hole in there."

Justin laughed, pulling the young man close, Lucas feeling his needful love.

"All that new beauty has my HD stoked. Three more to get the timbersnake growing."

Justin blushed, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips again.

"Beauty feeds my soul, Luke. You're always drawing beautiful men around me."

"I need you needful, my Jus. What they show makes you grow. I do it for me always."

Justin smiled widely, his head going against Lucas' chest.

"I love you so much, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling and rubbing his back and ass.

"I love my HD. In all ways, in all days."

Justin smiled, raising his head again.

"So what's going on, Lucas?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"Right now I'm holding you in my arms." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Don't think that I didn't see what happened out there." he said, Lucas staring at him.

Justin smiled, pulling Lucas closer, kissing his lips again.

"I love your giving heart, Lucas. I know it was you who healed Jeremy, not himself. I saw your eyes glow green. I think Lance saw it as well." he said, Lucas sighing, Justin staring into his violet pools.

"I had hoped no one had seen." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Why did you let him think it was him?" he said, Lucas sighing again, staring into Justin's blue pools.

"He needed to feel the magic within himself, its greater self. If he thinks he's healed himself he can go forward with a more courageous heart. He's been so lonely, so cut off within himself. I want him to feel that he can do anything. He needs to live a life of happiness and courage. He's found the love his heart needs, and now the courage."
Justin smiled, staring at Lucas, the young man feeling his love.

"You are indeed amazing, always. Your love never stops giving."
Lucas smiled, his hands rubbing Justin's ass again.

"I know what I need to give my HD."
Justin smiled, one of Lucas' hands moving, rubbing Justin's center, the man moaning.

"God, I need you inside me, Luke!" he moaned, their lips meeting.

Lucas broke the kiss, continuing to stroke Justin's center and ass, his lips kissing his neck.

"You're going to be so needful tonight. But life continues." Lucas smiled, the front doorbell going off, Justin sighing.

"That will be Cindy." Lucas smiled, backing up, Justin showing his usual pout.

"Ain't going to work, babe. Sneak off to the bathroom and work it off. After you let Jeremy know his sister's here. I'll bring her out."

Justin lost the pout, smiling at Lucas.

"I'll get you later, stud. And I'm in charge." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips.

"And I'm unending, Horndog."
Justin smiled, the man moving, walking back out onto the patio, Lucas smiling and heading for the front door.

A few minutes later Lucas walked out of the house, Cindy walking beside him, she smiling at everyone sitting around the pool.

Zac, Bruno and Jeremy were in the pool, the young man wrapped in the other two's arms.

Cindy was greeted by everyone, the young woman smiling at all their revealed beauty, all the men in swim trunks.

Jeremy waved at his sister, she waving back, smiling at the two surrounding him.

"My brother's in the center of his happiness, I see." she smiled, Lucas smiling beside her.

"Their love grows. As their happiness shows." he said, Cindy smiling at him.

"I take it you all know now? They told me this morning that they were coming over to tell you and thank you, Luke." she smiled, Lucas smiling and kissing her cheek.

"Yes, they thanked me. But they only had to thank themselves. The greater love within each of their souls in the only thanks they need. Plus the greater reality within your brother's soul."
Cindy stared at Lucas with a smile, the young woman seeing her brother coming towards her, Zac and Bruno carrying him through the water.

The three stopped by the pool ladder, Jeremy smiling at his sister.

"The water warms my heart, Sis. Their love warms my soul. And the greater truth within me warms my life." the young man said, the smile on his face radiating.

"You look so happy, Jeremy." she smiled, seeing the happiness on her brother's face, everyone smiling at her.

"I have love, happiness and life, my sister. And I have more." he said, the young man swimming to the pool ladder, Zac and Bruno smiling at him.

Jeremy pulled himself up the pool's ladder, stepping onto the pool's marbled edge, smiling at his sister.

"Let's dance, Sis." he grinned, the young man doing a short dance.

Cindy's eyes widened, everyone smiling around her.

She screamed, the young woman moving forward, her arms going around her brother's wet, naked torso, embracing him tightly.

"You can walk! You can walk again!" she cried, Jeremy's eyes filled with tears as well.

Everyone smiled, taking in the touching scene of happiness before them.

Cindy broke her hold on her brother, staring into his blue pools.

"How. . .how in God's name are you. . .oh, Jeremy!" she cried, Jeremy hugging her close, Zac and Bruno climbing out of the pool, Jeremy smiling at their revealed beauty.

"I have magic, Sis! I healed myself! Luke made me heal myself!" he said, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' handsome smiling face.

"You and your sister need to sit down and talk, Jeremy." Lucas smiled, Jeremy smiling at him.

"I've so much to tell you, Sis." he smiled, the young woman smiling at him through her tears.

"This is so unbelievable!" she said, Zac's arm going around Jeremy's wet naked waist.

"Your brother's the unbelievable one, Cindy." he smiled,  Jeremy smiling, feeling the man's naked closeness, the wet warmth of his smooth body against him.

Bruno saw the look in Jeremy's eyes, the Hawaiian winking at him, Jeremy's eyes scanning his smooth torso.

"Let's sit down, Sis." Jeremy smiled, the three wet men each handing each other towels, Cindy following all three to a table by the pool.


Cindy's eyes were on her brother, Jeremy seated between Zac and Bruno across from her.

"My brother has magic." she softly said, Lucas' hand going on top of hers.

"Yes, he has the destined magic of myself." he said, Cindy's eyes meeting his.

"How can that be, Luke? Our family never had magic, that I or Jeremy know of. Did that mysterious angel give it to him?" she said, Lucas staring at Jeremy.

"I believe so, Cindy. That angel guided Jeremy on his path forward. The path to his intersection with my path. Through you, we were meant to meet." Lucas said, Jeremy smiling at his sister.

"Thank you, Cindy. Through your love I met my own love and Lucas' friendship." Jeremy smiled, Cindy smiling at him, seeing his total happiness.

"This is so unbelievable." she smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"You've known me for a while, Cindy. You know my life is unbelievable. Jeremy is now a part of that, as you now are as well." Lucas smiled, everyone seeing the young man welcoming both to his friendship.

"Thank you, Lucas. I know in some way you are the cause of this." she said, smiling at her brother.

"I have my brother back again. My young, energetic, healed brother!" she smiled, Lucas smiling at her and her brother.

"My love surrounds you, as yours surrounds me. I am now complete in the love I need." he said, Lance looking at him.

"The path is ready?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Lance. First I need to head to New York. Then I have to go to Vermont to face the past and to solidify the future. I will need all your love for that task." he said, everyone around him staring at him with friendship and love.

"You have our love, Luke." Bruno said, Zac nodding his head as well, Lucas smiling at the two men.

"And mine." Jeremy said, the two men smiling at him.

"That love will be strong when I walk that final path. I will have all I need." he smiled, the three men smiling at each other.

"You're so amazing, Luke." Cindy said, Lucas smiling at her.

"I'll give you a card before you leave." he smiled, Justin laughing.

"Dinner's almost ready. Relax, everyone. Can you start the barbecue, my love?" Lucas said, Josh smiling and kissing his lips.

"I'll start the fire in your heart, babe."

Lucas smiled, kissing his lips.

"That flame needs to burn for a while. I like it so hot."

Justin laughed, Lucas smiling and rising from his seat, the young man walking towards the house.

"His love is so giving, Josh." Cindy said, Josh smiling at him.

"I think you're next in Lucas' sights, Cindy.  The man's been staring at you in that way of his." Lance smiled, the young girl blushing.

"I'm happy with my life, Lance. I have my brother healed, my job and your new friends. Life is good." she smiled, everyone smiling at her.

"It can always be better, Sis." Jeremy smiled, Zac's arm going around him, the young man smiling.

"Better indeed." Bruno smiled, the singer snuggling against Jeremy's other side, Cindy smiling at both men surrounding her brother.

No one saw Lucas' smiling face from the patio door.


Later That Evening


Bruno felt the lips on his neck, the man feeling the hands roaming around his body.

"Let me close the door, babe." he said, Bruno kicking the condo's door shut behind him, his arms full of Zac Efron's muscular beauty.

Zac's lips were on Bruno's neck, the two joined in need.

Zac pushed Bruno up against the door, their lips meeting.

Bruno felt the need in his man's touch, knowing Zac's needs had been growing all day.

Bruno broke the kiss, Zac's blue eyes opening, staring into his brown pools.

"God, I love you." he said, Bruno smiling.

"My man's stoked beyond belief." he said, Zac staring at him.

"I love you, Bruno." he said, Bruno smiling.

"I love you more, my Zac." he said, Zac smiling, his head going against the Hawaiian's t-shirt covered chest.

"God, what an amazing day. Did you see the happiness on his face?" Zac said, Bruno smiling, the man guiding his soulmate to the living room couch, flicking on a lamp on the end table beside it, the two sitting down together, their bodies joining.

"Yes, my love. It matched your own. And probably mine as well." Bruno smiled, Zac's eyes meeting his.

"He's so beautiful, Bruno. The beauty of his muscular form, the hairiness of his body. God, he's so like you." Zac said, Bruno smiling.

"I'm smooth like you, babe." he smiled, Zac smiling.

"I meant in his looks, smile and inner beauty." Zac said, Bruno nodding his head.

"I know, Zac. I see the same in you and him. Two visions of total beauty."

The four had left Josh's home around ten, Bruno and Zac parting from Cindy and Jeremy, Jeremy returning home with Cindy in her car.

The three had kissed and cuddled together in the front foyer of Josh's home, their friends seeing their total love and happiness, Cindy smiling behind them.

Here now it was about half an hour later, Bruno and Zac now in Zac's condo alone.

"I miss him." Bruno said, Zac pulling Bruno close, the man's head now on his chest.

"I miss him too, my love. One day and we're lost without him." Zac said, Bruno's hand running across Zac's muscular polo shirt covered chest.

The two men sat in silence, the two hearing a horn beep outside in the silent darkness.

"I love you, Bruno." Zac said, Bruno raising his head, staring into Zac's blue pools.

"I love you, Zac. And I see the same truth in your eyes. I love Jeremy as well." he said, Zac tearing up.

"I love both of you, Bruno. I need his love as much as I need yours." Zac said, Bruno smiling at him.

"I need you both as well. We see the truth in both our souls. As we see in his. We all need each other. Let's always be honest about that."
Zac smiled, Bruno rising from his seat, extending his hand down to Zac.

"Let's go to him, Zac. We need him tonight and always." Bruno smiled, Zac smiling widely, Bruno pulling him up to his feet, their hands joining.

"Do you think he needs us as much? I know this day is new to him. I'm ready for whatever he wants to happen." Zac said, Bruno smiling at him.

"We love him, Zac. His happiness is our happiness."
Zac smiled, the two walking to their condo door, Bruno opening it.

The two men stopped, staring into two blue pools.

Jeremy stood in the condo's hallway, the young man's hand raised, having been about to knock on the door.

"Jeremy? What are you doing here?" Bruno said, the young man lowering his hand, staring at both of them.

"I. . .I didn't go home. I had Cindy follow you both here. I sat outside for the last ten minutes building up the courage to come up here. I walked in behind a couple coming into the building.

"You followed us home?" Zac said, Jeremy staring into his blue pools.

"Cindy just left, that was her beeping her horn goodbye. I told her I needed to be here tonight. On this night of my first night of physical happiness."

The two men looked at each other, Bruno opening the door wider.

"Come in, Jer. We need to talk. Welcome to my home." Zac said, Jeremy smiling at him.

The young man walked into the condo, Bruno closing the door behind them.

The three sat down on the couch in the living room, Jeremy looking around the condo.

"It's a beautiful home, Zac. You have excellent taste." he said, Zac smiling at him, his hand going into Jeremy's, the young man seated between Bruno and Zac.

"I have chosen Bruno and you for my soul. I'd say my taste is damn excellent." he said, Bruno smirking, Jeremy blushing.

"Watch him, Jer. He's a consummate flirt." Bruno smiled, Zac smiling at him, Jeremy lightly laughing.

"I didn't want the night to end, guys." he said, Zac and Bruno smiling at him.

"We just came to the same decision, Jer. We were both heading over to your place to see you." Bruno said, Jeremy staring between them.

"You were coming to see me?" he said, Zac smiling, leaning forward, their lips meeting, Bruno smiling.

The two broke their kiss, Jeremy staring into Zac's blue pools.

"We both missed you, Jeremy. We've both fallen deeply in love with you. We both needed you with us. We were going to stay with you tonight forever." Zac said, a soft tear showing in his blue pools.

Bruno turned Jeremy's face, their lips meeting, Zac watching their love joining.

They broke their kiss, Jeremy staring into Bruno's brown pools.
"I love you, Jeremy. As much as I love my Zac." he said, Zac saying the same words of love.

Jeremy stared at both of them, the young man beginning to cry.

"You both love me so much. I feel the total deepness of that love. Oh God, I love you both so much." he cried, the two men smiling, both holding him close.

They took turns kissing, the other watching their love showing.

Jeremy smiled, watching Bruno and Zac kissing in front of him, his fingers rubbing their smooth cheeks.

"I love you both." he said, the two men breaking their kiss and smiling at him.

"We awoke this morning with your love and beauty in the center of us. We'd like to feel that every morning for the rest of our lives." Bruno said, Zac smiling at the young man.

Jeremy stared at both men, seeing the deep love shining in their eyes.

The young man moved, walking over to the condo windows, staring out at the Los Angeles night lights.

"I've been alone all my life. Last night and this morning I felt so much love surrounding me. I felt my soul coming alive. Lucas was right. I felt the magic within me come alive." the young man said, turning and looking at both men seated before him.

"The magic feels your love. I feel it. It's consuming me." he said, the two men rising, walking up to him, the two wrapping their arms around him.

"Your love consumes us, Jeremy. We need it forever." Zac said, his eyes as wet as Bruno's.

"You have it, both of you. I am yours in any way you need me." Jeremy said, his head lowering.

Zac and Bruno looked at each other, Zac's fingers finding Jeremy's chin, raising his head, his blue tearing eyes staring into his blue.

"You're both so beautiful. I saw that beauty all day. Your bodies, your skin, the smoothness of your beauty. I've never. . .I've never wanted anyone like I want you both. But I've . . .I've never. . ." he said, lowering his eyes again.

Bruno's fingers found his chin now, raising his head again.

"We both fell in love with the beauty of your beauty, our Jeremy. The hairiness of your beauty is stoking both our souls. Your love is stoking them more." he said, Jeremy staring at him.

"I am nothing compared to you two." he said, Zac smiling at him.

"Wait till you see my ass, you'll be lost forever."

Jeremy burst into laughter, Bruno joining him, Zac blushing.

Their eyes met, Bruno kissing his man's lips.

"No ego there."
Jeremy laughed, Zac smiling at him, his cheeks blushed still.

"Too forward?"

Jeremy smiled, kissing his lips.

"No, I think you're going to be nothing but forward."

Zac smiled, staring into his blue pools.

"You're beyond beautiful, Jeremy. We both saw that today as well."

Jeremy smiled, then blushed, his hands going in Zac's and Bruno's.

"I need your love, my loves. All of it. Will you. . .will you show me what love can be? What I can give you?"

Bruno moved forward, their lips meeting.

"All you can give us is your love. Let our souls, bodies and hearts find what they need."

Jeremy smiled, Zac kissing his lips again.

The two broke the kiss, Bruno's eyes meeting Zac's, the two smiling at each other.

"We love you, Jeremy. Would you stay tonight and always with us?" Bruno said, Jeremy smiling at both men.

"Forever my loves. My ride left anyway."

The three laughed, Zac's arm going around Jeremy's waist.

"My bed's bigger than yours, Jer. We'll have more room to love."

The young man laughed, the two wrapped around him guiding him down the hallway towards their love.


Across Town


Lucas gasped, feeling the hardness buried deep within him.

Three men were thrusting within him, their loved joined as one.

Lucas moaned, the three above him feeling the man's abandon.

"Deeper! God yes! You're filling me!" he gasped, feeling the liquid begin to fill him.

Justin was on top of Lucas, Lance and Josh behind him, all three buried deep within Lucas.

Justin's hand was wrapped around Lucas' long shaft, its end oozing out liquid love.

Lucas felt Justin explode first, followed by Josh, then the monster's flowing love.

Justin collapsed on top of Lucas, their lips meeting, their sweaty bodies joining.

Josh and Lance sagged on top of both men, Lance pulling out first, falling on Lucas' left side, Josh following, snuggling against his right side.

Josh's lips met Lucas', the two feeling their love, Lance's lips on Lucas' neck.

Lucas felt Justin pull out, the young man feeling the emptiness and the wetness within him.

He felt another sensation flood his center, the man smiling during Josh's kiss, their tongues meeting.

Lucas broke the tender kiss, smiling.

"Get it all, our vacuum of love. Oh God, Jus! That tongue!" Lucas moaned, Lance smiling, his hand wrapping around Lucas' long hard shaft, Josh's hands on his balls.

"Might as well give him the full buffet, Lucky." Lance said, his lips meeting Lucas', Lucas feeling his Josh's mouth enclose around his shaft, Lucas moaning.

Within moments he felt his needs surge, Josh pulling off his large shaft, its head exploding, liquid love streaming all over his chest.

Lucas felt Justin's tongue leaving his center, the man's body on top of him now, his tongue licking every inch of his soaked chest.

Lance broke their kiss, Lucas gasping, panting.

"He did say he was in charge." Lucas said, Lance laughing.

"Yeah but you bested us all, babe." Josh said, snuggling against him, Justin smiling at him, licking the last of Lucas' seed off him.

Justin moved, snuggling on top of his man, Lance's arms going around him.

"I think I'm full." he smiled, his head on Lance's chest, Lucas leaning over and kissing his lips.

"Yep, it's coming out this end."

All four laughed, Justin smiling, his eyes softly closing.

"I'm so happy. That was amazing, Lucky." he said, his three soulmates smiling at him.

"Your love continues to grow, Luke. You were on fire tonight." Lance said, kissing the young man's soft lips.

Lucas smiled after the kiss, the man moving, pulling Josh against him.

"So who's up for round five?" he smiled, Justin moaning.

"Not me, I'm exhausted." he said, Lucas smiling, his hand finding Justin's ass crack, rubbing it.

"Sure you can't take another load, sexy? That ass is damn fine. The best of the best." he smiled, Josh smiling, his lips kissing Lucas' chest.

"We're all exhausted, babe. Your love overcame us." he smiled, snuggling against his chest.

"Maybe I'll go see if the black stallion needs another ride. I heard Harry's screaming happiness earlier." Lucas smiled, Lance laughing.

"I don't even think that black stallion could calm our filly."

Lucas laughed, smiling and kissing all three on the lips.

"You three and the love surrounding me are enough." he said, Justin's blue pools opening, staring into his violet.

"You felt their showing love?" he said, Lucas smiling and kissing Justin's forehead.

"I feel all the consuming love around me. New love begins tonight. I feel its flowing life."

"Jeremy, Zac and Bruno? They've joined together?" Justin said, raising his head.

"He's got that look, Luke." Josh said, Lucas smiling, looking at Justin.

"Yes, their love joins. I think those two will be surprised by our young walking tiger's need. He's even more of a tiger than you, HD." Lucas smiled, Justin blushing, his head returning to Lance's chest, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"No one can be that horny." he said, Lucas laughing.

"No, our Justin beats them all."

Justin smiled, moving from Lance's body, now lying on top of Lucas, the young man feeling his closeness.

"You three stoke that soul." he smiled, wrapping his arms around Lucas.

Josh smiled, moving over Justin, slapping his bare ass as he moved, the man coming to rest on top of Lance's warm body.

"I feel your shaft of rising love, HD. Love's talk is making someone come to life. I do believe I have a sweet treat in my hands." Lucas smiled, his hands now on Justin's  bare ass.

"I always get stoked by seeing eye candy and hearing hot talk."

Lucas smiled, his lips nibbling on Justin's ear lobe, the man moaning.

"Imagine the three of them together, Jus. Hot, smooth, hairy and needful. Imagine that black stallion down the hall devouring a smooth young god beneath him." Lucas said, one finger rubbing Justin's rosebud.

Justin moaned, Lance smiling at Josh.

"The boy's come to life. Let's snuggle and watch our Lucas' love overcome him again." he said, Josh smiling and kissing his lips.

"I feel the monster rising as well. Hot talk gets you going, too."

Lance smiled, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"I've had both Zac and Bruno. But that Jeremy's one hot hairy stud."

Josh laughed, his eyes going to his left, smiling at the look on Justin's face.

Lucas had moved, the man now on his back, Lucas on top of him.

Lucas was buried deep within him, Justin's eyes rolled back in his head, Lucas' lips on his left nipple, devouring it.

Justin's shaft was at full mast, wrapped in Lucas' hand, the two lost in their passion.

Josh smiled, two lips meeting his, Lance moving and now on top of him.

"I need you, Josh. Their love ignites mine." he said, Josh smiling, lost in the man now possessing him.

Beside him Lucas was feeling all the love around him, and the love flowing through his magic.

His center exploded deep within Justin, the man's hunger growing.


Back Across Town


Jeremy's blue pools opened, the young man looking around in the semidarkness.

He felt the warmth of the two men lying against him.

Zac was on his right side, Bruno on his left.

Zac's head was against Jeremy's chest, his hand on Bruno's left hip.

Bruno's head was on Jeremy's shoulder, Jeremy's arm wrapped around his smooth back.

Jeremy smiled, remembering the night of passion he'd had with both beautiful men.

The three now lay naked together, their bodies covered by a single satin sheet, the blankets and comforter thrown on the floor.

For hours the three had tasted each other, lost in the beauty and need within each other.

Jeremy was the most needful, the passion new to his soul.

In the two surrounding him he'd found his greatest need.

Bruno and Zac had both been shocked by the man's stamina, his needs returning again and again, devouring both of them in ways of deep passion and love.

In the younger of the three they'd found a roaring tiger.

Zac murmured beside Jeremy, his lips licking his right nipple, his hand moving down off Bruno's hip, now wrapping around Jeremy's large center.

Zac's eyes opened, raising his head, staring into two blue pools in the moonlit darkness.

"You're awake, my love. It's early. And you're really awake." Zac smiled, stroking the shaft in his hand.

Jeremy moaned, their lips meeting.

They broke their kiss, Jeremy licking Zac's lips.

"Your warmth awoke me. And its heat ignites mine." Jeremy smiled, his white teeth gleaming in the darkness.

"You're unbelievable, my Jer." he said, Jeremy smiling, Zac's hand letting go of his center.

"Thank you for last night, both of you." Jeremy smiled.

"You're welcome, our Jer." Bruno said beside them, his brown eyes opening.

"Sorry to wake you both, I know you must be tired." Jeremy said, Bruno's lips moving, meeting his.

Zac smiled, snuggling against the young man, watching Bruno kiss him.

They broke their kiss, Bruno smiling at Jeremy.

"We will never tire of your beauty, your passion or your love." he said, the man kissing Zac now.
Jeremy smiled, pulling both close.

The two broke their kiss, Zac smiling at Bruno.

"The monster's awake as well, my Bruno. And in need."

Bruno smiled, his hand moving and wrapping around Jeremy's shaft.

"Awake indeed. He never stops." he smiled, his white teeth gleaming.

"Lucky us. I think he'll kill us." Zac smiled, Jeremy's hand finding the man's backside, slapping it.

Zac smiled, feeling the hand still there.

"Told you you'd love my ass." he said, Bruno laughing.

"As four loads proved." he said, Jeremy blushing.

"You're both so beautiful. I was making up for lost time. I needed you both so much."
Zac smiled, his hand joining Bruno's on Jeremy's shaft.

"You have us, Jeremy. We love you." he said, Jeremy smiling, the man moving, the other two laying back.

He moved out of the bed, standing at its end.

The two took in his chiseled beauty, his physique muscular, sinewy and hairy.

His center was at full mast, the young man blushing at both staring at him.

"I cannot match the beauty of both of you."

Zac smiled, the man climbing off the bed, his nakedness shown to both, Bruno smiling and rising as well.
He was shorter than the two, his body a toned smoothness of beauty and sleekness.

His center was long, uncut and rising again.

Jeremy and Zac were cut, Jeremy's the largest and thickest of the three.

Zac was now at full mast as well, the man pulling Jeremy against him.

"I'd love to feel your hairiness wet, my Jeremy." he said, Bruno smiling and kissing both.

"And I want to lick you both dry." he said, the three laughing.

"Let's hit the showers, my men." Jeremy smiled, Zac smiling at Bruno.

"He's got that amazing look again, Bruno. My ass is tingling." he said, Jeremy smiling and picking the man up in his arms, carrying him towards the bathroom.

Bruno smiled, the man following, his eyes on Jeremy's firm, muscular ass.

He'd been lost last night in its deliciousness and need.
He sensed he was going to love it forever.


The Next Morning


Lucas smiled, two brown eyes meeting his.

"Morning, Alain. How finds the love?" he smiled, Alain kissing his cheek, the black man having walked into the kitchen, wearing only pajama bottoms.

Lucas had taken in his muscular smooth chest, ridged abs lining his slender stomach.

"It's deep within my Harry's soul, Luke. He was beyond beautiful last night." he smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek now, handing him a cup of coffee.

"I think it was deep somewhere else judging by Harry's happy screams last night."

Alain blushed, then smiled.

"We had to answer the calls coming from your room, Lukey." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"You know Justin's a screamer. When his mouth's not full."

The two men laughed together, Alain patting Lucas' t-shirt covered back.

The black man sat down at the kitchen table, kissing both little angels in their carriers, the babies smiling and gurgling at him.
"Ali!" Little Justy said, Lucas smiling at the surprised look on Alain's face.
"They hear the love and love names as well, Har's Ali." Lucas smiled, Alain smiling at him, looking at the boys.

"Amazing, like their father." he said, Lucas smiling, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

He walked to the table, filling his cup with cream.

"We have the same magic, Alain. The magic of love and destiny."

Alain smiled, sipping at his coffee.

"Harry and I talked last night, Luke. We think it's time." he said, Lucas smiling at him, his hand patting his muscular black arm.

"I'll inform Justin. He's been dying to be under you."

Alain looked at Lucas, the young man laughing loudly.

Harry walked into the kitchen, Alain looking at him.

"Someone else is in a good mood this morning." he smiled, Lucas smiling and taking in his muscular smooth chest, the young man wearing only gym shorts.

"Well I didn't have a late chocolate treat last night, but I can't complain." Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, hugging his near naked cousin tightly.

"All I smell is Ali off you. Lucky you." he smiled, walking to the coffeemaker, pouring Harry a cup of coffee, the young man sitting down in Alain's lap, the two kissing.

"You left our bed, my love." Harry said, smiling at his man.

"I left a prince sleeping in his beauty. My heart hungered as my stomach did. The stomach won out." he smiled, Harry kissing him again.

"My man needs food, Luke." Harry smiled, the man kissing the two infants on their foreheads.

"Har!" Little Joshy said, Harry smiling at him.

"Yep, I'm Har, Joshy!" he cooed, the babies giggling.

"They heard our nicknames, my love. And everyone heard our passion last night." Alain smiled, Harry smiling at Luke.

"I was indeed lucky, Luke. As I know Justin was."

Lucas laughed, winking at him.

"He's in a trio of wet love at the moment. I think you two need that as well."

"Will your shower hold five, Luke?" Alain said, Lucas laughing.

"Justin would love it. Lance and Josh just need us two." he smiled, Alain smiled, he and Harry rising to their feet.

"Earlier I was talking about. . ." Alain began to say, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Time for that soon, Alain. Your love--its trueness--will show as it needs." he said, Alain nodding.

"We stand by you, Lucas. On all paths as we swore to do." Alain said, Lucas nodding.

"Your love swore more, Alain. They will all see its beauty."

The two men smiled, both hugging Lucas, then walking out of the kitchen.

"Scrub Justin hard. He's sweaty and delicious." he yelled, the two laughing in the living room.

Lucas smiled, walking over to the table, sitting down in front of his sons, kissing both on their chins.

"Wuv comes, Daddy!"

He smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, Joshy. My love is coming for all of them." he smiled, the little boys clapping their hands together.

Lucas smiled, staring at both boys, their eyes shining with a thousand stars.


Across Town


Zac gasped, feeling the largeness sunken deep within him, the water falling across his back.

He steadied himself against the shower wall, Jeremy thrusting deeply inside him.

"Oh God, Zac! That ass!" he gasped, Zac pushing back.

"I told you you'd love it!" he moaned, the man feeling the hands on his wet legs, and the mouth wrapped around his hard center.

"God, Bruno! You're the best!" he moaned, his lovers possessing him.

He felt his head move, two lips meeting his, he and Jeremy kissing deeply.

He felt the trembling surge within himself, his orgasm beginning.

He felt another fill him at the same moment, Bruno devouring Zac's offered love, Jeremy filling him with his.

Zac fell against the wall, Jeremy slipping out of him, the man turning Zac in his arms, their lips meeting.

"I love you, Zac. That ass is the best! Identical to Bruno's!" Jeremy said, Zac staring into his blue pools.

They suddenly changed, both now emerald green.

Bruno had gained his feet, staring at the young man as well.
"Jer! Your eyes are green!" he said Jeremy looking confused.

"Really?" he said, the man moving, staring into the small shaving mirror on the shower stall wall.

Two green pools stared back at him.

"Why has this happened? What does it mean?" he said, the man feeling two sets of arms surround him.

"It's okay, Jeremy. It must be your magic." Bruno said, staring at him, the young man staring into his brown pools of concerned love.

Zac kissed his cheek, Jeremy's eyes meeting his blue pools.

"Just when we thought you couldn't get any more beautiful." Zac smiled, Jeremy seeing the love in his eyes.

"This doesn't faze you?" he said, Bruno kissing his wet cheek, the two pulling him close.

"We both see how special you are, Jeremy. I think you're going to continually surprise us. Your love's the greatest surprise." Zac smiled, Jeremy smiling at him.

"I love you both so much."

Zac smiled, kissing his lips.

"As my full ass shows. Who wants dessert?"

Jeremy smiled, their lips meeting again.

"I need your love deep within me, my Zac. Our Bruno can feast on both our desserts."
Zac smiled, Jeremy pulling him to the shower floor, Zac joining with Jeremy, possessing him, the young man lost in the love flowing through him.

Bruno joined them, his tongue devouring the center of Zac's thrusting ass, Jeremy's liquid love still oozing out of him.

Jeremy's green eyes closed below them, neither seeing their glowing centers.

And Jeremy suddenly heard the voice flood his mind.

And the magic felt the love join with it.


End of Chapter 208



A joining of three souls together under Lucas' love.

Three new soulmates have joined in body and soul.

Jeremy has found his life in the two new parts of his heart.

Zac and Bruno have found the third of their heart.

A magical, showing heart.


It seems Jeremy's eyes are now green.

What does that mean?
And what voice now fills his mind?
Is he possessed?

Or is something else going on?


Harry and Alain seem to be holding a secret in their hearts.

And Lucas obviously knows.

Remember the two of them walking in a disappearing magical way?

Are they of magic as well?


Lucas seems now focused on the remainder of the path.

To New York he seems to be headed.

For what purpose?

Then he heads to Kurucu's Haven and the final path.


The mysteries abound.

Let's hope he survives all of it.


This story has taken on a lengthy mind of its own.

But as all things go, the end always comes.

But further down the path, lol.


Hugs, Angel.