Yesterday's End-211


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 211


The cameras shut off, the group on the patio surrounded by their friends, the camera crew stepping back.

Adam stared into Lucas' violet pools, the young man smiling at him.

Adam's head turned, staring into Usher's brown pools and Pierce's blue pools of love.

"You just surprised the heck out of both of us, Adam." Usher said, Adam's blue pools showing tears.

"I'm sorry, my loves. I just wanted our love to be free. I love you both so much!" he said, Usher and Pierce smiling at him.

"I walked up onto this stage, Noah. I wanted your love and ours to be free as well." Usher said, Adam tearing up more.

"I did as well, Noah. I love both of you. The world now knows that. I'm totally happy with our open love." Pierce smiled, the young doctor's lips meeting Adam's, Usher smiling.

Lucas smiled at all three, his eyes going to the other two trios of love, all six locked in tender moments of showing love.

Lucas felt Josh's arm going around him, Lance and Justin at his sides.

"Your love opens all love, Lucky." Justin said, Lucas smiling at all three.

"They opened their own hearts to the world. Their love will show forever." he said, Gio's lips breaking with Gideon's, the Cuban staring at Lucas.

"You are beyond amazing, Luke." he said, tears showing, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"Your love is the amazing thing shown, Gio. You all showed that tonight." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Thank you, Lucas. For letting me follow my heart." Adam said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"I've got a late supper ready, everyone. Relax out here in the sunset of your love." Lucas smiled, the young man walking through the cameras, heading into the house.

Everyone stared after him, Adam's eyes meeting Josh's blue pools.

"He's love, Adam. You know your thanks holds no sway against his love." Josh said, Adam nodding his head, Usher's arm going around him.

"You and he planned all this, Noah?" he said, Adam smiling at him.

"Let's sit down everyone. We'll all voice our giving Luke's showing love." Adam said, his soulmates smiling at him, the three sitting down together.

Justin and Lance's eyes met Josh's, the man smiling, the three walking through the cameras, heading into the house.

The director walked up to Gio, the two men beginning to talk, the director smiling at the young reporter.


Lucas felt two arms going around him, two lips kissing his neck, the young man filling trays on the counter with food.

"I said you could thank me naked later, Adam." he smiled, the young man hearing laughter behind him.

He felt a hand slap his ass, the young man smiling and turning around, staring into two blue pools.

"You never stop surprising us, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling, meeting another set of blue and green love, Justin and Lance standing behind Josh, their sons in their arms.

"Our love was shown, theirs needed showing as well. I'll never deny my friends and family anything." Lucas said, all three men smiling at him.

"Daddy wuv!" Little Joshy said in Justin's arms, Lucas smiling at his sons.

"Daddy loves all his angels." he smiled, Josh's lips meeting his, the young man feeling his love.

After Josh, Lucas kissing Lance then Justin, his little treasures given kisses as well.

"This is going to blow up big, Luke." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Their love--and ours---can weather anything, Lancy."

Lance smiled, kissing his cheek.

"You organized all of it, didn't you?" he said, Lucas sighing, and smiling.

"Adam, Zac and Nick all came to me throughout the week, voicing their hearts' needs. I couldn't deny them their love. I thought tonight would be a good time to show it. This way each won't bear the full burden of the limelight. Their love is now open, their hearts now healed. Life will only be good for all of them. And my life has found its freedom. Your love owns me."

All three men teared up, Lucas smiling and kissing each tenderly on the lips.

"They'll all want to thank you, Luke." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I already changed the sheets upstairs. Adam's first."

All of them laughed, Lucas smiling at his family.

"Let's get all this food organized and dine with our open friends tonight."
Everyone smiled, Justin and Lance putting the babies in their carriers, all three helping Lucas organize their late supper.

Two blue pools stared at Lucas, the young man smiling as he felt the arms around him go to his backside.

"You've got amazing hands, Nick." he smiled, Nick smiling at him.

"Why do you think my men smile?" he smiled, Lucas smiling.

"They smile because they own your love. I envy both." he said, Nick smiling, looking towards his husbands, Gio dancing with Piney, Gideon dancing with Josh, his head against Josh's chest.

"I love them, Luke. Your love has given me so much." Nick said, Lucas smiling, rubbing his back.

"Your love gave you their love, Nick. Now you can have that love in the open."

Nick smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Thank you, Lucas. For knocking me on my ass with the truth of my soul. You started me on the path to my happiness. I'll always love you for that."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Nick's lips.

"And here I thought it was for my fine tushy you're rubbing."

Nick laughed, moving his hands off Lucas' ass.

"I didn't say to stop, Carter."

Nick laughed, returning to Lucas' backside, the two dancing in happiness.

Josh smiled at the two, two blue pools meeting his.

"He's so happy, Josh. Tonight he opened his heart to Gio and me. We now can love him openly. They both opened their hearts to the world with my love."
Josh smiled, nodding, the two dancing.

"They both love you, Gideon." Josh smiled, Gideon smiling at him.

"I love them both, Josh. And you're so damn lucky." he said, Josh smiling.

"At the moment, yes. I have you in my arms. And I now see your eyes only show friendship. I can't believe I've lost my groupie to those two."
Gideon laughed, slapping Josh's firm backside.

"You still have me as a loving friend, Josh. And I have you and Luke as family."

Josh smiled, his eyes meeting two brown pools.

"May I cut in?" Gio said, Gideon smiling at his husband, Josh smiling at Piney.

"Fine! Leave me for someone cuter and younger." Josh smiled, Gideon winking at him.

"He's my husband. He's so jealous when I'm in the arms of a hot stallion."

Josh laughed, Gio smiling and sweeping Gideon into his arms, Piney's arms going around Josh, the man smiling, the two old friends dancing.

"They're all so happy, Joshy. Your Lucky's love has filled their hearts with happiness."

Josh smiled, his eyes going to his Lucas, Lucas now dancing with Pierce.

"His love gives all to have all, Piney. Everyone loves him."

Piney smiled, snuggling in Josh's arms, Josh smiling.

"We all love him and you, Josh. Friends forever."

Josh smiled, dancing with his former lover, now friend.


Everyone sat around the patio tables, the patio now returned to its usual state, the camera crew long gone.

Lucas had talked with the director and Gio, the two feeling his calmness and happiness.

Here now it was after eleven, everyone relaxing in cuddled happiness.

The infants were in their beds, the four surrounded by love.

The backyard was shrouded in darkness, the pool lights lit, the patio lights on as well.

"An amazing night, Luke." Zac said, his arms around Jeremy, Bruno beside them.

"Tomorrow brings the world, my friends." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

Bruno's hand went in Jeremy's, the Hawaiian smiling at Lucas.

"We're ready, Luke. Our love will get us through the world's needs." he smiled, Lucas smiling at the showing trios.

"That's all one needs, Bruno. Love and family." he said, Justin smiling at him, Lance in his lap, the two snuggling close.

"Our families have been calling us all night." Zac smiled, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

He'd seen all his friends talking on their cell phones throughout the evening, their families voicing their love for them.

He'd talked to everyone, seeing their emotional happiness at their family's love.

"Life doesn't change when the love was always there. It only gets better." Lucas said, his Josh kissing his lips.

"I don't think it can get any better." he said, everyone smiling at Lucas' smiling face.

"You ain't seen nothing yet, sexy."

Adam shook his head, Lucas smiling at him.

"Something you wanted to say, Adam?"

"No, Luke. Your love is unending, we all know that now." he smiled, Lucas smiling.

"But the evening isn't, my friends. We should call it a night. I feel the needful love around me. Los Angeles is going to glow with happiness tonight."

Everyone smiled, looking at their soulmates.

"I think it's going to burn with desire." Finn chuckled, Skyler kissing his neck.

"Starting with the brushfire Sky's going to ignite in your forest of chest hair, Chewbacca." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing.

Everyone smiled, rising from their chairs, hugging their hosts, the four men hugging them all back.

"Don't forget the party tomorrow night." Lucas smiled, Adam's arms around him.

"Wouldn't miss your surprises for anything, Luke." he smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Wait till you see me naked, sexy. Is that a rocket in your pocket?" Lucas smiled, Adam blushing, others laughing, Pierce's arm going around Adam's waist.

"And we have lift off!" Lucas smiled, Adam smiling when he felt Pierce's hand going into his back pocket.

"They know how to start my thrusters." Adam grinned, Usher laughing, the three heading into the house, the four walking with everyone, showing them out of their home.

They waved at the front door, Finn and Skyler smiling beside them, their kids now in their arms sound asleep.

"We'll see you for breakfast, Luke." Skyler smiled, kissing his cheek.

"We'll be over at nine." he smiled, Finn laughing.

"You're feeding us, bitch! That's always been the deal."

Lucas laughed, slapping his ass.

"You're having sausage tomorrow, Finnegan. We're all going to feed you till you bust."

Everyone laughed, Harry and Alain offering to walk Finn, Skyler, Trish and Andrew to their homes down the street.

They all left, waving goodbye to the four of love.

"Alone at last." Justin said, his hand going into Lucas' back pocket, Josh's already in his right, Lance smiling and closing the door.

"I think they want me out of these shorts, Lancy." Lucas smiled, Justin's fingers already on his zipper on the front.

Josh's hand was under Lucas' shirt, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"Your showing love always gets us going, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, slapping Justin's hand away gently, Justin pouting.

Lucas removed Josh's hand, his husband smiling at him.

"Wipe the pout off that sexy face, Timberlake. You know I'm yours."
Justin smiled widely, Lucas backing up.

"Check on the kids, my loves. I'll be waiting in the bedroom, with some demands."

All three smiled, Lucas smiling and walking up the stairs, all three following his shorts covered ass.

"Damn I need him! I need all of you!" Justin said, beginning to pull off his shirt, a voice from the top of the stairs stopping him.

"Keep your clothes on, all of you. I'll be waiting."

Justin pulled down his shirt, the other two smiling at him.

"He's in charge tonight, my loves. You can feel the need in his words." Josh smiled, the man moving, the other two following him, all heading for their sons' bedroom.


The three walked into the bedroom, Lance closing the door behind them.

They all stopped, taking in a scene of quiet romance.

Lucas sat on the loveseat in front of the fireplace against the left wall, a fire glowing in the fireplace.

The bedroom was filled with candlelight, candles burning around them.

The bed's quilts were pulled back, black satin sheets showing.

The three smiled at Lucas, the young man still fully clothed, awaiting their love.

"Our angels are in slumberland?" he smiled, the three smiling at him, Justin moving forward.

"Stop, my Jus." Lucas said, Justin stopping, Josh and Lance now at his sides.

Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, picking up three glasses of wine that were filled on a tray on the table in front of the loveseat.

He handed each a glass of white wine, each smiling and taking one, Lucas picking up his own off the tray.

"Welcome to the room of our love, my loves. My family of life. I love all three of you." Lucas said, all three smiling with love at him.

"I love you, Luke." Lance said.

"I love you, Lucky." Justin said, Lucas smiling at both men.

"I love you more, my Lucas." Josh said, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him.

"I love the three of my soul. Before my desires take hold of me I want to say something to all three of you."

The three smiled, nodding their heads, their hands joining together.

Lucas smiled into each of the three's eyes, all seeing his total love for them.

"I love you three, my three angels of love. Tonight we showed our love for our sons--and for each other--in the world's eyes. Nothing of this world or any other will make my heart feel more proud of you three than when you showed that love tonight. I saw all three of you voice your love for all of us. For our united family of love. I love you three. You are the angels of my soul, my love and my life. I am complete within your love." Lucas said, all three in tears.

Lucas moved  forward, kissing each deeply, the other two watching the other become lost in Lucas' love.

Justin was sobbing when Lucas broke his last kiss with him, Josh's arm going around Justin.

"HD, the most loving, the most emotional of us four. You show your love in your face, your eyes and your desires." Lucas smiled, Justin staring into his violet pools.

"I love you three so much! I'm so loved!"

Lucas smiled, his fingers wiping the tears from Justin' cheeks.

"You will be, our loving Justin." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling widely.

"Awesome!" he smiled, moving forward, Lucas' hand going to his chest, stopping him.

"Not so fast, Timberlake. You need to show your love first." Lucas smiled, the young man moving back, returning to his seat on the loveseat, staring at all three staring back at him.

"Our HD needs our love, my Joshua and Lance. I need to see the beauty of him. Take his clothes off with love, my loves. I want an erotic strip show." Lucas said, leaning back into the loveseat.

Justin felt two sets of hands going around him, lips kissing his neck and cheek.

He felt his clothes being taken off, his body beginning to expose itself to the three of his soul.

Lucas watched as Josh and Lance stripped the vision of beauty down, Justin's smooth beauty coming into view, each part kissed and licked by the two surrounding him.

When his briefs left his body, his large center was engulfed by Josh's talented mouth, Justin gasping, his blue pools never leaving Lucas' violet ones, the young man scanning over his exposed beauty.

"You're next, our monster of love." Lucas said, his voice laced with a soft lust.

Josh rose to his feet, Justin's shaft glistening with wetness, Lance now surround by Justin and Josh.

Lucas watched as the two undressed Lance with a slow motion of seduction and desire, the man lost in their tongues, kisses and touches.

Lucas smiled, seeing the monster come into view, its length at its totality.

Justin's mouth covered it, Lance lost in his husband's needful desire.

Lance's eyes met Lucas' violet pools, the young man's hand on his own center, rubbing it.

"And lastly we have our needful Joshua. I need to see the beauty that ignites my desires." Lucas said, Josh staring at his husband, his eyes scanning Lucas' wandering hand.

Josh felt the lips and fingers against him, his shirt opening, two lips attaching to each nipple, hands opening his pants.

His undressing was quicker, the two around him now growling with desire.

Within moments he was naked, Lance's lips wetting his shaft, Justin's tongue in his mouth, the three joined.

Lucas smiled, staring at all three naked visions of beauty.

"So beautiful, so needful. I am here, my loves. I have the love you need." Lucas said, staring at all three, the three rising as one.

They moved, joining Lucas on the loveseat, the young man's lips meeting his Joshua's.

Lucas felt his clothes coming off, his center devoured in moments as his shorts were pulled off.

He felt Justin's ownership of his center, Lance's lips attached to his right nipple, his fingers stroking the left one.

Josh's tongue was dueling with his, Lucas feeling all of their desires.

Josh broke the kiss, staring into two violet pools.

"You're first, my love. And then I go on a voyage of need. The night is long, my desires even longer."

Lucas moved upwards, Josh feeling him pick him up, the two heading for the bed.

Justin and Lance joined, watching Lucas begin to start his passion.

The two smiled, their hands on their husband's shaft.

They joined the two on the bed, Lucas pulling them both into his love.

The night was indeed long, and Lucas showed all three his total love.


The Next Morning


Lucas smiled, two lips kissing his cheek.

"Lower, Welshman." he smiled, a hand slapping his ass.

"That's the spot, Chewy. Now use your tongue instead of your probing fingers."

Skyler laughed, sitting down at the table, her children joining Lucas' in their carriers on top, the woman kissing all four.

"You wish, perv. I taste Timberlake all over you. And your feel looser." Finn smiled, kissing his friend's cheek again.

Lucas laughed, smiling at Finn.

"Coffee's in the pot, pour that beauty at the table a cup." he smiled, Skyler blowing him a kiss.

Harry and Alain smiled, the two on the other side of the table.

"Your three boytoys still sleeping?" Finn smiled, handing his wife a cup of coffee, sitting down beside her.

"They're in the shower. They were covered in Timberlake as well." Lucas smiled, Finn covering his ears.

"Too much info!" he said, Lucas winking at him.

"It was a house of love last night. My love charged them." Lucas smiled, Alain smiling at him, his arm around his Harry.

"We felt the aftershock." he smiled,  Harry laughing.

"Damn near knocked us out of bed. I'm happy I landed on this beauty." Harry smiled, kissing Alain's lips.

Finn gagged, Lucas smiling.

"Lucky you, Har. Next time come and feel the real Timberlake earthquake."
Finn laughed loudly, Harry blushing.

"You can look after him, Luke. Faults and all."

Lucas laughed, as did the others.

"I love his cracks, and they're always filled."

Everyone laughed loudly, Justin walking into the kitchen, Lance and Josh behind him, followed by Trish and Andrew.

"What's the joke, Luke?" Justin said, kissing his cheek.

"I was just voicing the love I have for the earthquake that is you, sexy." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling.

"Well, I love to shake, rattle and roll!" he said, smiling.

Finn's laughter filled the room again, Justin blushing, feeling he was being made fun of.

Lucas kissed his cheek, smiling at him.

"Don't we know it, sexy."
Justin smiled, his embarrassment forgotten.

Trish hugged her brother, kissing his cheek, Andrew kissing the other one.

"Love in wet stereo. How do you feel, sis?" Lucas smiled, Trish smiling at him.

"I feel bloated. Two more months." she said, Andrew guiding her to a seat, she smiling at him with love.

"Coffee, my love?" he said with caring, Finn rolling his eyes, Skyler admonishing him with a slap.

"Just a juice, Drew." Trish smiled, pouring his wife a glass of orange juice.

"The glow of motherhood." Lucas smiled, finishing the pan of bacon he was cooking, Trish smiling at him, focusing on the babies on the table.

"Twish!" Little Joshy said, Trish smiling and kissing his forehead, the boy giggling.

"Good morning, Joshy and Justy!" she smiled, kissing the other boy, both smiling at her.

Everyone smiled, sitting down at the table, Lucas bringing over the last of the food, Lance and Justin moving the babies to the table beside the breakfast table, all four giggling and happy.

"They're so calm in the morning." Finn said, handing his son his pacifier, the baby taking it.

"They feel our love, my family." Lucas smiled, sitting down at the table.

"What's on the agenda for today, Luke?" Justin smiled, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

"Some organizing for tonight. And relaxing for all of you." Lucas smiled.

"We'll help, Luke." Alain said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thanks, everyone. I do need some help with the decorating." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"I've taken care of that, Luke. There's a crew coming in today to set up the ballroom." Justin said, Lucas nodding his head.

The party was at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel downtown, Justin having reserved the ballroom.

"Enrique's organized the catering with his restaurant, they're starting at four." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"I guess then relaxing it is. Once all the love's here." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him, their eyes moving to a surprising sight behind Lucas.

"I feel love always when it returns early. I felt your love in the skies above me."

Lucas smiled, feeling two arms wrap around him, another set of arms following.

Three others smiled behind the other two, Lucas pulled out of his seat.

Two lips met his, Lucas feeling Colton's returned love.

Everyone rose from the table, the five visitors enveloped in their family's arms.

Lucas smiled, staring into Colton's blue pools.

"I can never surprise you." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him and Jonathan holding him.

"Your love surprises me and your soulmates every day, Colt."

Jonathan hugged Lucas tightly, the young man pulled into Enrique's arms after, then two Egyptian beauties enveloping him, raising him off the floor.

"Put me down, my warriors!" Lucas laughed, both Egyptians kissing him in turn.

"Your love's back early. And so needed." Lucas smiled, the five smiling at him.

"We loved Spain and Embrace Island, but we all missed your love." Enrique said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Yeah, right! I taste their love off you, Rico."

Enrique beamed, Haras' arm going around him.

"We can love him and each other anywhere, Luke. Why not here with you?"

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Home is where your love is for me." Colton smiled, his arm going around Lucas.

Lucas smiled, the five joining everyone around the table, more chairs brought in.

"We saw the newspapers this morning in Jamaica and Florida, Luke." Enrique said, the five staring at him.

"My love gathers all, my family. It's been a busy week." Lucas smiled, the others around him filling the five in on the week's events.

At the end of breakfast all five were staring at Lucas, the young man smiling with calmness and love.

"Their love is love, my friends. As your own is." Lucas smiled, Enrique smiling at him.

"I don't have their courage, Luke." he said, Jonathan's arm going around him.

"We love you, Rico. Open or not." he said, Haras and Hemi voicing the same, Enrique smiling at all three.

"I love you five." he said, Derek's face showing, Colton leaning forward and kissing Enrique's lips.

"Our love is our love, Rico. Your love is ours in all ways."
The man smiled, his brown pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"And all our love is surrounded by Lucas' love."

The young man smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Love is life. My love grows as my love sows." he smiled, rising from his seat.

"Head for the pool, guys. I'll clean up in here."
"I'll help, Dad." Colton said, rising from his seat.

Everyone smiled, seeing the father and son head for the counter with plates, everyone rising from their seats, the infants taken by their parents, all heading for the pool.


Lucas smiled, handing Colton the last plate, the young man filling the dishwasher.

"So how was the honeymoon, son?" Lucas smiled, Colton closing the dishwasher door, starting it, snuggling into Lucas' side, Lucas' arm going around him.

The young man smiled, looking out the kitchen window, seeing his soulmates around or in the pool.

"It was heaven, Dad. Enrique's family home in Spain was so beautiful. His family welcomed all of us with so much love. They love him so much, now us. And Embrace Island was as beautiful as last time. Only this time it held so much more love for all five of us." Colton smiled, Lucas' eyes scanning Colton's bronzed physique.

"And you and Jonathan now wear a bronzed glow, I assume all over." he smiled, Colton blushing, then smiling.

"Our love was in the open, Dad. We all loved each other often. In the water, on the beach, in the cabana." Colton smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"The rays of God's sunshine heated the desires of God's beauty. I envy all five of you." he smiled, Colton smiling widely.

"They're beyond beautiful, dad. Of body and soul." he smiled, Lucas smiling, hugging the young man closer.

"That's all I ever wanted for you, Colton. Love and life."
Colton smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I have both, thanks to you, Dad."

Lucas smiled, patting the young man's shoulder.

"So get that hot young bronzed body out there. I need my Justin needful later."
Colton laughed, Lucas joining him.
"Call your uncle, Colt. He needs your early love as well. Rosy's over there also."
Colton smiled, picking up the phone.


Lucas smiled, feeling the eyes on his naked self, the young man standing in front of a mirror.

"Wait till you see my suit. And I thought I'd calmed you, HD?"

Justin smiled, seated on the bed, staring at Lucas' naked self from the moment he'd walked out of the bathroom with Josh, heading for the closet.

Josh wore a towel around his waist, his modesty showing as always.

"Joshy denies us his beauty, you stoke our fires, Lucky."
Josh laughed, throwing his towel at Justin, his naked self now shown.

"You two go like that tonight, I'll be happy." Justin said, Lance kissing his cheek, seated beside him on the bed.

Both men were dressed in dress pants and silk shirts, Justin's blue, Lance's green.

They wore the two shirts they'd given each other for their anniversary in New York.

Josh smiled, winking at Justin.

"No one needs to see my white ass cheeks with your lip marks on them." he said, Lucas laughing.

"But it's so cute, babe." Lucas said, watching that hot ass disappear under a pair of black briefs, Justin pouting when Lucas' disappeared under a white pair.

"You two are no fun. I take that back, you're tons of fun." Justin grinned, Josh and Lucas laughing.

"We'll never calm him down." Josh said, Lance laughing.

"He's best when he's wound up." he said, Justin smiling, kissing his man's lips.

"You three wind me up good."

"And we love doing it. As last night showed." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him, remembering the long hours of passion last night.

And the passion he'd experienced from all three in the shower half an hour earlier.

He stared at the two visions of beauty disappearing under black clothing in front of him.

Josh was now dressed in an all black suit, an open black silk shirt covering his toned chest.

Lucas wore black pants and a grey silk shirt, his red stone hanging for the shirt's open throat.

"You both look so hot in black." Lance said, he wearing a green blazer now.

"We know. We do it for you two." Josh smiled, the two smiling at him with love.

"And for each other." Lucas said, kissing Josh's lips, both men putting their black suit jackets on.

The other two men rose from the bed, Justin donning his navy blazer, smiling at the two.

"So what's the surprise tonight, Luke?" he smiled, Lucas smiling, walking up to him, kissing his lips with deep love, Lance and Josh smiling at the two.

"I love you, Jus. You are part of our four of one heart. I'll always show my love for you. For all of you."
The four smiled, Justin staring at him with love.

"I love you, Lucas. Tonight I want your love slow and romantic." he said, Lance smiling at Josh.

"Told you he was a smoothie." he said, Josh smiling.

"I've known that for years, Lancy. Under the porn star lies a heart of romantic love."
Justin laughed, smiling at all three.

"But the porn star's always there at a moment's notice." he grinned, the other three laughing.

"HD can also stand for Handsome Dude." Lucas smiled, Justin beaming at him.

"I'm so looking forward to dancing with all three of you tonight in the open."

Lucas smiled, kissing his lips again.

"My husband's first on my card, you're second, beautiful. And Lance rounds out the happiness."

All three smiled, Justin's hand going in Lance's.

"Open love, babe. We're going to show it forever."

Lucas smiled, the two walking out of the bedroom, Josh and Lucas following, Lucas' thoughts his own.

Open love can't be completed without a healed soul.

I give you that tonight, Justin.

I love you enough to heal all of your heart.

Lucas smiled, feeling his man's love attached to him.


Lucas smiled, the bartender handing him his drink.

"Here you go, Mr. Carver-Belmont." the young man smiled, Lucas smiling at the handsome bartender.

"Thank you, Philippe." he said, looking at the young man's nametag.

"Big fan, sir. Love your music and your courage." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"It's just Luke, Philippe." he smiled, the bartender beaming, going to the other end of the bar.

Lucas smiled, feeling a hand going in his, two eyes looking after the bartender.

"He's a fan, my love."
"He was staring at you with adoring eyes, my love." Josh said, Lucas smirking.

"He's a fan of you as well, babe. And tone down the jealousy. He's not packing like you."
Josh blushed, then laughed.

"Sorry, babe." he said, kissing Lucas' lips, the young man smiling.

"He'll be fawning over Justin soon enough." Lucas smiled, Josh laughing more.

"Great. He'll be stoked tonight."

Lucas laughed, the two men smiling at each other, their love showing.

"Great crowd, Luke." Finn smiled, walking up to him, Skyler on his arm.

"We're gaining friends within the music world, Finny." Lucas smiled, Finn's eyes taking in all the celebrities surrounding them.

Trish and Andrew were talking to the Lachey brothers, Janet Jackson and Quincy Jones at their sides.

Lance and Justin were seated at a table with Adam and Ed Sheeran.

A lot of famous musicians and artists were in the room, the ballroom filled with happiness and lively conversation.

"I still can't believe it's been five years, Lukey." Finn said, the bartender smiling at him and handing him a stein of ale.

Finn smiled back, taking the drink, the bartender smiling at Luke, then going back to his work.

"Five years of happiness and love, Finny." Skyler said, smiling at Luke, Josh seeing their brotherly happiness.

"Indeed, Sky. It's just the start of the path of our lives." Lucas said, Finn smiling at him.

"We owe all that happiness to each other, Luke."
"Indeed, Finny. Orion is the four of us, always has and always will be." Lucas smiled, Justin and Lance walking up to them, Lance and Usher following.

"Everyone's talking about us, Luke. About last night's interview." Adam said, Usher's hand in his.

"What's the room's consensus, Adam?" Josh asked, Lucas looking at the Maroon Five singer.

Adam smiled, Usher kissing his cheek.

"They're all behind us. A lot have said they saw the love showing lately." Adam smiled, Usher smiling widely.

"I'll always show my love for my Adam, and now my Pierce." he said, his eyes looking towards Pierce talking with Zac and Bruno, Jeremy and Cindy at their side.

Adam smiled at his husband, Usher's arm going around his waist.

"Let's dance, my love. I love showing you off in my arms."
Adam beamed, Usher pulling him towards the dance floor.

Lucas smiled, seeing their open love.

He saw someone walking towards them, Lucas smiling within himself.

"Hello, Justin." A feminine voice said, Justin turning around, staring into two blue pools.

"Hello. . .hello, Jessica." Justin said, staring into Jessica Biel's blue eyes.

"It's been a while, Justin." she softly smiled, Justin nodding his head.

"Yes, it has, Jess. I've been meaning to call you. You're back in L.A. now?" he said, the woman nodding.

"Yes, I have been for six months." she said, her eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

Justin nodded, softly smiling at her.

"Can we talk in private for a moment, Jus?" she said, Justin looking at Lance.

"It's alright, my love." he said, Jessica's eyes meeting Lance's green pools.

"Hello, Lance." she said, Lance softly smiling at her.

"Hello, Jessica. You look amazing." he said, Jessica smiling.

"Life is good, Lance. Something tells me it may get even better." she said, staring at Lucas.

"Life is always good when love surprises it. Hello, Jessica." he smiled, she softly smiling at him.

"Hello, Lucas. And hello, Josh. Congratulations on everything." she said, Josh smiling at her.

"Thank you, Jessica." he said, Lucas feeling the nervousness around him.

"I think you and Jessica should go out into the lobby and have a talk, Jus." he said, Justin's blue pools meeting his violet.

"Alright, Luke." he said, Jessica smiling at him.

The two moved, walking towards the ballroom's open doors.

Lance looked at Lucas, the man feeling Lucas' hand going into his.

"He needs this, Lance. And she needs it even more." Lucas said, Josh's arm going around him.

Finn and Skyler stared at Lucas, the young man smiling.

"Open a couple of buttons, Finny. The bartender's been eyeing you too." he smiled, Josh laughing.

Finn blushed, drinking his beer, Skyler chuckling.

Lance stared after Justin, his eyes meeting Lucas'.
He only saw love and happiness staring back.


Justin pulled out a chair at the table, offering it to Jessica, the woman sitting down.

Justin sat down beside her on another chair, the two at a small table in a secluded private part of the lobby.

Famous people had walked by the two as they'd made their way out of the room, the two greeted by many, all eyes taking in their standing together.

Here now they were in private, staring at each other.

"How have you been, Jess?" Justin said, staring at her beautiful face.

"I've been living, Jus. The last year has been hard, but life moves on." she said, Justin hearing no animosity in her voice.

"I'm sorry for pushing you onto that path, Jess. I should have been honest with you a long time ago." he said, her hand going out, resting on top of his.

"Yes, that's true, Jus. But you were honest with me in the end. We didn't go forward into a marriage of convenience. I think we both would have been hurt far worse down that path."

Justin nodded, staring at her.

"Have you found love, Jess?" he said, she softly smiling at him.

"Not yet, Jus. I've dated a bit but nothing's come from it." she said, Justin nodding.

"You have a loving heart, Jess. Someone will fill it with his love. I'm sorry it couldn't be me."

She smiled, patting his hand again.

"Your heart belongs to others, Jus. I easily saw that last night." she said, Justin staring at her.

"Lance loves you, Justin. I saw that last night and I saw it in his eyes tonight. And I saw where your eyes focused last night. I saw and see the total love surrounding you, Justin. I'm happy you've found what you needed. I feel all their hearts of love surrounding you." she said, Justin looking surprised.

"I love Lance completely, Jessica. He's my life." he said, Jessica smiling at him.

"I know, Jus. And Josh and Lucas?" she said, Justin smiling at her.

"Their love is just as equal, Jess. It's not just sex, it's so much more."

She smiled, nodding, her eyes looking towards the ballroom entrance.

"He said I needed this, Jus."

Justin looked towards the ballroom door.

"Who said?" he said, Jessica's eyes staring into his blue.

"Lucas, Justin. He called me last week and we met downtown for lunch. He asked me to come here tonight to talk to you. To right our soul of friendship. We left our past unfinished. We need to have our friendship again. Love is more than lust. He said it's life." she said, looking at the doorway again.

"He said that?"
She looked into Justin's eyes again.

"Yes, he did. And then he said something confusing."
Justin's hand went in hers.

"What did he say?"
"He said, 'Sometimes the path of love takes detours. But the greater path can run us into a wall. What picks us up after can show the blueness of life's dreams. We have to take a chance with our inner soul. Out of that will come our dreams and our lives.'"

Justin looked confused, Jessica smiling at him.

"He's so in tune with ourselves, Jus. He guided you onto the path of your happiness. I think in some way he's trying to do the same for me. I think that path starts with my loving you as the friend you always were."

Justin smiled, she smiling back.

"I do love you, Jessica. As the friend you always should have been. I see now we do need that from each other."

She smiled, joining his hand with hers.

"I need to hear all about your new life, Jus. You have a child?" she smiled, Justin practically beaming.

"I have two sons, Jess. You're not going to believe all of it!" he said, the man beginning to talk, Jessica sitting back and listening to his life unfold.

Neither saw someone quietly watching them from a distance.

Lucas smiled, walking back into the ballroom.


Lucas gasped, feeling the arms wrapped around him tightening.

"I can't breathe, Jus!" he gasped, Justin smiling and releasing him, his wet blue eyes staring into his blue.

"You knew, Luke! You knew we had to talk! We had to find our friendship again!" Justin said, Lance smiling at Jessica standing behind Justin.

"Yes, my Jus. I knew your heart needed her friendship back. It was the last lingering doubts of your troubled soul. Your love is whole now. She was and will always be a part of that. We'll all welcome her friendship." Lucas smiled, staring at her, the woman smiling at him.

Cindy and Jeremy stood beside Lucas, Josh and Lance, the four having been talking when Justin had walked up to them.

They both stared at the actress, Jessica Biel smiling at both.

"I welcome that friendship as well, Lucas." she said, Lucas smiling at her, waving a finger.

"Sorry, Luke." she smiled, Lucas smiling back at her.

Jessica's eyes met Lance's, the man smiling at her.

"He loves you, Lance. I see it deeply in his eyes. I couldn't be happier for him and for you." she smiled, Lance smiling, the woman moving forward, hugging him, Lance looking at Justin's smiling face.

"I told her everything, Lancy. She feels and sees our love. And I have my friend back." Justin smiled, Jessica smiling at him, releasing Lance.

"I'd like to be friends with all of you again." she smiled, Lance smiling at her.

"You always were, Jess." he said, Josh agreeing.

She smiled, staring at Lucas.

Jeremy offered to get a drink for her and Cindy, Jessica accepting, both smiling at her.

Lucas introduced her to both, she shaking their hands, Cindy smiling at her.

"It's such an honor, Miss Biel." she said, Jessica smiling.

"I'm just Jessica, Cindy. I can call you that?" she said, Cindy beaming.

"Yes, please." she said, Justin laughing, Cindy blushing.

"I can't get used to all these celebrities." she said, Finn laughing, walking up to her with Skyler beside him.

"Am I being dumped? Who's here? Orlando Bloom?" he said, looking around.

Lucas laughed, slapping Finn's ass.

"No male could replace you in her eyes, Testosterone Boy." he said, others laughing.

Finn laughed, heading to the bar, Lucas smiling and chuckling, seeing Finn had unbuttoned a couple of his shirt buttons.

Skyler winked at Lucas, the young man laughing.

"He's on a tear. It'll only get better." he laughed, Jessica smiling at him, her back now to the bar.

Finn smiled at the bartender, winking at him, the young man beaming, Finn picking up the two steins of beer in his hands, turning back.

"Here's your drink, Jessica." Jeremy smiled, Finn running right into her when she turned towards Jeremy, the woman falling back, no one able to catch her.

She hit the floor with a thud, her head hitting the tiled floor.

Justin moved with speed, his arms going around her, Cindy moving to her knees, her arm around her as well.

She appeared to have blacked out, Cindy patting her face gently.

"Jessica, Jessica! Wake up!" she said, the woman beginning to stir.

Her blue eyes slowly opened, staring up into Cindy's blue pools.

"Are you alright, Jess?" Justin said, his voice laced with concern, the woman seeing all the faces staring down at her.

"I'm. . .I'm alright. What happened?" she softly said, Cindy nodding at Justin, the man and she helping the woman to her feet, Cindy's arm still around her, holding her tight.

"You ran into a Welsh wall, Jessica." Lucas said, smiling at his friend, Finn's face showing deep concern.

"I'm so sorry, Jessica! I didn't see you in front of me! Are you okay?" he said, she seeing the concern on his face.

"I. . .I think so. My head's spinning." she said, Cindy's fingers going to her head, feeling a soft bump.

"I think you just bruised your head. Let's get you to a booth over here and we'll get Pierce to look you over." Cindy said, Jeremy moving and heading over to Pierce and Usher across the room.

The woman nodded, staring into Cindy's blue pools, the young woman smiling at her.

She let the young woman guide her to a table booth, Justin and Lance following them, Finn and Skyler as well.

Josh looked at Lucas, the young man kissing his lips.
"She'll be fine. Just a little accident on the path of love." he smiled, Josh staring at his husband with confusion.

Lucas smiled, Josh seeing a twinkle of stars in his violet pools.

The two moved, walking towards the table.


End of Chapter 211


And so our trios of love are in the open world of love.

Lucas' love has guided them all to their happiness.

Open love in the world's eyes.


Colton and his soulmates have returned, the five missing Lucas' love.

But their own love has bronzed their bodies and souls.

Oh, to have been a mosquito on that island of love.


Jessica has been guided back into Justin's life.

With a helping hand from Lucas.

Their friendship can now grow in the truth of their hearts.


Jessica's had a little accident.

Perhaps you can deduce why.

I'm not saying, but the path will continue for love.


Sorry for the lateness of this chapter.

Laziness with a touch of writer's block are the cause.



Hugs, Angel.