Yesterday's End-212


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 212


"How does that feel now, Miss Biel?" Pierce said, his hand on the back of her head.

"Much better, thanks Dr. Welby." she said, Cindy looking at her with guarded concern.

"There's no damage to the skin, just a mild bruising. You have no symptoms of a concussion or swelling. The bruising should go away quickly. This numbing agent should stop any headaches. And it's just Pierce." Pierce smiled, Jessica smiling back at him.

"Thank you, Pierce. And I'm Jessica." she said, Pierce smiling, removing his hand, dropping the gauze from his hand into his opened medical bag, Usher and Adam standing behind him.

Pierce looked up at everyone standing around them, Justin seated on the other side of Jessica, his arm around her, Cindy at his other side.

All their friends surrounded the table, Jessica looking around at everyone.

"Sorry for spoiling the party for all of you, everyone."

"We're just glad you're okay, Jessica." Jeremy said, staring down at her.

"I'm alright, thank you." she said, everyone smiling back at her.

"You should relax, rest for the rest of the evening. Someone should stay with you this evening, just to make sure. Do you have someone at home?" Pierce said, his doctor self showing.

"No, I'm all alone at home." she said, Justin softly smiling at her.

Justin was about to speak, another voice breaking into the conversation.

"Why don't you stay at my place tonight, Jessica? It's close to here. I'm alone as well now that my brother's found his legs and love." Cindy smiled, Jessica looking at the young woman.

Jeremy smiled at his sister, seeing her giving heart on display.

"I wouldn't want to intrude, Cindy." she said, Pierce smiling at the actress, and then at Cindy.

"No intrusion, Jessica. You seem like a wonderful person." Cindy smiled, Jessica smiling at her.

"That's a great idea, Cindy. Cindy's a registered nurse, Jessica. I'd be happy to see you staying with someone who can react if something happens." Pierce said, the woman nodding her head.

"Alright, Pierce. If you think it's best." she said, her eyes meeting Cindy's blue.

"Great. Then it's settled. Doctor's orders." Lucas smiled, Jessica smiling up at the young man.

"I'd like to stay for a while longer. I'll just sit and relax. I'd love to know all that's going on around here." Jessica said, Cindy smiling at her.

"We'll relax and tell you everything." Lucas said, the young man sitting down beside Cindy, she smiling at him, Josh sitting down beside Lucas, Lance sitting down in Pierce's spot when he stood up, Adam and Usher smiling at him, Pierce closing his medical bag.

"Everyone go back to the party. Let's laugh, eat and enjoy ourselves. This is Orion's big night." Lucas said, Finn smiling down at him.

"Awesome! I've got a speech planned and everything!" he smiled, the man feeling a hand go to his ass.

"I hope it starts with `I love you Alain'." Alain grinned, Finn staring at him, backing up.

"You wish, stud. And use two fingers next time. I felt nothing."

Alain laughed, Harry's arm going around him.

"Let's dance, stud." he smiled, leading his husband to the floor, Finn and Skyler joining them.

The others around the table went back to their tables, Lucas smiled after his friends; Jeremy, Zac and Bruno still standing beside their table.

"I'll get you another drink, Jessica." Jeremy said, Jessica thanking him, the three men moving towards the bar.

Lucas' violet pools were quietly staring at Justin.

"Are you sure you're okay, Jess?" Justin said with concern, Jessica smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Yes, I am, Jus. Thanks for being a friend." she said, Justin smiling widely.

"Welcome back to our love, Jess." Lance said, Jessica smiling at him.

"I'm sitting between you and your soulmate, Lance." she said, Lance smiling into his Justin's blue pools.

"You're sitting in the middle of our friendship, right where you'll always be." he said, Jessica smiling at him.

Her eyes went around the table, everyone smiling at her.

"Justin and I have healed our hearts, our friendship is ours again. Thank you, Lucas." Jessica said, Lucas smiling, his hand going on top of hers.

"I felt his heart and its need, as I felt yours. Your friendship was always the greater part of your love. It could never end."
Jessica smiled, staring into his violet pools.

"You're an amazing man, Lucas."
"I have cards and everything." he smiled back, Josh kissing his cheek.

Jessica laughed, everyone smiling at her.

"So, what's really going on around here? I'd love to hear everything. You said something about your brother getting his legs and love, Cindy?" Jessica said, Cindy smiling at her, the two staring at each other.

"Lucas' love is ever-giving. He's given me and my brother so much." Cindy said, Jessica smiling at her as Cindy began to talk.

Lucas smiled, his thoughts his own.


Lucas felt the arms around him, the young man holding the woman in his arms tightly, her embrace steeped with emotion.

"Oh, Lucas! The love within you! The greatness of your giving love!" Jessica said, Lucas smiling, everyone at the table seeing his usual look of reluctance.

"I love to love, and give love and friendship, Jessica. And it's Luke." Lucas said, the woman stepping back, smiling at him.

The group had spent over half an hour telling Jessica of all the happiness surrounding her.

"What you've given Justin. And Lance and your Josh. They have your deep love." she said, Lucas nodding.

"And I have theirs." he said, all three of his soulmates staring at him with love.

Jessica stared at the young man, seeing the love shining is his violet pools.

"They all had it  right, Lucas. . .I mean Luke. The magic within you is your love." she said, Lucas smiling.

"We all hold that magic within our hearts. We just need to find the mirrored love to bring that magic out."
Jessica smiled, nodding, her eyes looking at Justin.

"His love is so beautiful, Jus. You three are so blessed." she said, Justin smiling and rising from the table.

"I am now totally blessed. Now that he's guided your friendship back into my heart." Justin said, his arm going around Jessica, the man smiling at Lucas.

"We all need our hearts full. I love you enough to always fill yours, my Jus." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him, Josh rising from his seat, his arm going around his husband.

"Luke, what do you see in my heart?" Jessica said, Justin staring at his soulmates, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

Justin saw the deep love glowing back, Lucas now staring at Jessica.

"I see your heart's found its life, Jessica. The path has focused for you as well. You've run into the wall, now it's time to rebuild that life. The past always holds the truth." he said, Jessica staring at him with soft surprise.

Lucas' hand went in his Josh's, Josh smiling at him.

"Let's cut a rug, babe. I want you all to myself." Lucas smiled, leading his husband onto the dance floor, the others watching them go.

"He's so unbelievable, Jus. You can feel the love flowing from him." Jessica said, Justin smiling, staring after Lucas.

"He is love, Jess. He makes my heart come alive." he said, Lance smiling at him.

Jessica smiled, her eyes meeting two blue pools.

"Yes, he makes hearts come alive." she said, Lance quietly staring at her and where she was looking.

He smiled, his eyes meeting two violet pools on the dance floor, Lucas in Josh's arms, his head against his chest.

You are good, Luke.

So surprisingly, amazingly good.

Lance smiled, his arm going around his Justin.

"Let's relax and talk, Jessica." he smiled, Jessica smiling, sitting back down at the table, now sitting beside Cindy.

The young woman smiled, the two women beginning to chat.

Lance smiled at the two, his hand going in Justin's, their lips meeting.

Jeremy, Zac and Bruno returned with drinks, Jessica smiling at all three, the group joining, talking and laughing.

Jessica smiled, seeing the love now showing around her.


"Could I have everyone's attention, please?"

Everyone smiled, the music quieting, all eyes on the stage at the far end of the ballroom.

Lucas stood in the stage's center in front of the band, his Josh at his side.

"Thank you, everyone. Would everyone please help themselves to the champagne and get ready for some toasts of love. Would the rest of Orion please join me on stage?" he smiled, his bandmates smiling at him, heading towards the stage.

Waiters moved around the room, everyone taking glasses of champagne.

"What's this, Luke?" Finn smiled, Lucas smiling as his friend's hand went to his shoulder, Skyler and Trish at his side, Andrew's arm around his wife.

"We stand before the world, my friends. My friends of musical love. But the greater music of our hearts has always been our friendship. I stand tonight on this stage with my friends, my brother and sisters. Our music was always our love flowing forth."
The three teared up, Lucas smiling, looking out at everyone smiling at them.

"I know my brother has to show his love. You can start the first toast, Finnegan." he smiled, Finn smiling at him.

Skyler smiled at her husband, Trish smiling at her friend, seeing his inebriated happiness, Finn's arm going around his best friend.

"Five years, my friend. Five years of singing happiness. Our Lucas here has always been the heart of Orion. He wrote the music, we sing his love. The three of us have been awash within the love. Our voices follow yours, Lucas. You are the heart of our love, Lucas. Orion's music shines with all our love, yours the most. I'd like to toast to your happiness, my friend. To Orion's happiness. To Lucas, to his love and his music!" Finn smiled through tears, everyone toasting Lucas, the young man smiling through tears as well.

A cheer went through the crowd, applause following.

The four on the stage smiled, Orion in the spotlight of their happiness.

"You're next, Sky and Trishy." Lucas smiled, wiping his eyes, Finn kissing his cheek.

The two women smiled, walking to the microphone, smiling out at everyone.

"I"m not much for words, but the love around myself makes me speak of our love." Skyler smiled, Finn smiling at her, his arm going around her, Skyler continuing.

"Four friends, four brothers and sisters. That is what you made us, Luke. I now have a brother, a sister and a husband. My life's richer for all your love. Let's toast Orion's love. Let's toast our love!" Skyler said, Finn kissing her, the crowd toasting the four friends of love standing before them.

Trish smiled at her sister and brothers, smiling out at the crowd.

"My brother's love shines all around you. In the happiness he gives his friends, in the music he gives the world. But to us three he's given so much more. His brotherly love has guided all of us to our lives' happiness. We have love in our hearts, and new families within our love. Thank you, brother, for giving Orion its voice. I can't believe it's been five years. I'd like to toast Orion's success. Our love shines through it into your hearts. Our music is our love. Here's to Orion and its continuing success! To music and love! The heart of Orion!"

"To Orion and its love!" everyone cheered, clapping beginning again, everyone toasting the band's success.

Lucas smiled, kissing his sister's cheek, Andrew's arm going around her, Trish stepping back beside Finn and Skyler.

"I guess that leaves just me to end this." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"No groping your hot husband in public, Lukey! That's not the back end we want to see!" he yelled, the crowd laughing, Josh smiling at his man.

"That I'll never stop doing, Finny. He's so damn sexy." Lucas smiled, Josh beaming behind him.

Lucas smiled out at everyone, the young man seeing Justin and Lance walking up onto the stage now, standing at its end.

"Orion is the name of a constellation in the universe, everyone. I chose that name to symbolize what its voice is trying to say. Behind me stands my brother and my two sisters. The four of us together are each other's universe. We are the stars that shine with musical love. We radiate that love out in our music. Orion's beauty comes from all four of us. I have always said to each of them that Orion is the four of us together. We together are the love of its center. Within that love the music shines. Our one voice is our love shining out like a star from that universe. It radiates to all of you. We want to thank all of you for finding your own happiness in those radiating notes and lyrics. We shine with your love. Tonight is a celebration of our ongoing success. But our love will never end. Orion's love will shine forever. Even after Finn's old and confined to a wheelchair and groping young nurses."

Everyone laughed, Finn in tears behind Lucas, Skyler and Trish nearly crying.

"Music is Orion's love. That universe belongs to all of us. We are the stars in the galaxy of its musical heart. Our love will shine forever. Five years, my friends. Five years of happiness and love. I'm looking forward to the next fifty. To Orion's love!" Lucas said, everyone raising their glasses, the applause now deafening.

Lucas smiled, feeling his friends' arms going around him, two lips meeting his, Lucas feeling their manly love.

"Make it seventy, Luke! And get me that wheelchair!" Finn grinned, Skyler and Trish rolling their eyes.

Everyone laughed, the applause continuing, Andrew's uncle Sol walking up onto the stage.

Lance and Justin followed behind him, Lance carrying something Sol had handed him.

Sol smiled at the four standing together, the man's hands going in the air, trying to calm the applause.

"Orion shines, everyone. Four friends of music and love." Sol smiled, clapping, the clapping starting again.

The four smiled, Josh and Andrew standing behind them, clapping.

"Tonight Orion celebrates its fifth anniversary. Five years ago I found these four singing in a bar in southern Wales. I instantly saw the friendship, love and soul of their music together. Lucas was always right. The four are one of voice and love. The magic of Orion is their joined love. That love indeed flows to all of us. In its music, its lyrics and its message of love. Lucas has always been the voice of their total love. In his music, words and actions, Orion shines bright, and will continue to shine as the star we see in the heavens. Tonight I am honored to thank Tenneman Records for seeing the reality of that shining star. For giving the group a chance to shine in the heavens. Thank you, Justin. I'll let Justin Timberlake finish this." Sol smiled, clapping, the group clapping as well, Sol hugging all four, Justin walking to the microphone, smiling at all five.

"Thank you, Solomon. And thank you Orion. For being the voice of a generation. Your music I instantly saw as more than just music. It was a voice of love and friendship, of life and happiness. Every song you've sung was sung with your love. Its words more than just lyrics. We all have seen the meaning behind the words, Lucas. Your love shines in every note, in every tempo."

Lucas smiled, nodding at Justin, the man smiling at him.

"I and my Lance have felt the greater life of your love. Josh has felt it the most. And our sons will feel it all their loving lives. Your music will shine through all our lives."
Everyone clapped, Justin smiling at his Lance.

"I'll end this night of toasts with a greater truth. Would Orion surround me, please?"
Finn looked at his bandmates, Lucas smiling at him, the four walking up to Justin.

Finn and Skyler stood on his right, Trish and Lucas on his left.

The man smiled around at all four.

"It gives me great pleasure to announce that Orion's first album has gone platinum in sales around the world. The fastest rise of any album of all time. Congratulations, my friends." Justin smiled, all four looking shocked, Lance smiling and walking forward, handing Justin what he'd held in his hands.

Justin smiled at Lucas, handing him a framed plaque, Lucas taking it in his hands, his bandmates crowding around him.

They all stared at it, a platinum record in its middle, a photo of their album's cover on top, their names inscribed below it.

"Congratulations, Orion! Tenneman Records thanks you for your music and love! We look forward to all your success ahead!" Justin smiled, the audience applauding the group loudly.

Lucas stared at Justin, the man kissing his cheek.

"All four of you move in together, guys." Colton smiled, his camera in his hand, his husbands surrounding him.

All four tearfully smiled, Lucas holding the plaque before them, all their smiles widening, Colton smiling and taking pictures.

The applause continued until the photos were taken, the four moving apart, Trish and Lucas wrapped in their husbands' arms, their lips meeting.

Lucas broke his kiss with Josh, the man smiling at his husband.

"Congrats, my love! Your love is a big hit!"

Lucas laughed, hugged by both Justin and Lance, both kissing him with love.

Everyone on the stage hugged everyone, the band's happiness flooding the room.


Lance smiled, walking out onto the balcony, seeing a vision of muscular beauty staring out into the darkness.

"Good morning, Lancy." Lucas said as the man's arms wrapped around his naked self, his lips kissing his neck.

"I felt your love leave our bed, my love." Lance said, Lucas feeling his warmth against him and the softness of Lance's cashmere robe as it wrapped around them both.

"The warmth I love." Lance said, Lucas turning in his arms, their lips meeting.

"You were surrounded by a greater warmth, Lancy." Lucas smiled, kissing his chin.

"A contented sleeping warmth. Our HD will sleep late."
Lucas smiled, staring into Lance's green pools.

"His happiness was charged. I felt the greater need in it." Lucas said, Lance smiling at him.

"We all felt that need. I think he's going to be like that forever." Lance smiled, Lucas chuckling.

"Lucky us."

Lance smiled, kissing Lucas' lips again tenderly.

"Thank you for healing all of his soul, Luke. I always sensed the unfinished reality in his soul. He missed her." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Lance. He missed her friendship. He needed that back in his life."
"You so look after all of us, Lucky." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"You three are my life. I'll always heal your souls with my giving love."

Lance smiled, snuggling more into Lucas.

"Your giving love gives to everyone." he said, Lucas sighing, turning and looking back into the darkness.
A grey shadow was forming over the backyard fence, the day's dawn coming soon.

"I felt your watching eyes all evening, my Lance." Lucas said, Lance kissing his neck again.

"I'm beginning to zone in on your moving love, Lucky. I don't think Josh or Justin sensed a thing." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Love needs to move, Lance. I can't abide by the missing paths of love. I will always draw them to their connecting realities."

Lance smiled, turning Lucas in his arms, staring into his violet pools.

"An interesting, surprising reality, my love."

Lucas nodded, looking into his green pools.

"I feel all the truth surrounding me, Lance. On all levels of life."

"You felt their truths?" Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"Both have been on paths of hidden need. On denial and fear."

"And your love has guided them to their hearts. Always giving you are."

"Their hearts needed to connect, Lance. Another heart of love needed to beat as one."

Lance smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"And what of your own beating heart? Is it now complete in the love?"

Lucas smiled, pulling Lance close.

"I have you three, Lance. That is the completeness of my heart. The surrounding other love only adds to that. I am complete and ready for the truth." Lucas said, his eyes going back to the darkness now filled with a softer grayness, his eyes looking down at the calm pool of water below them.

Lance kissed his neck again, staring downward as well.

"You always stare at the pool, Luke. What is the deeper significance of that?" Lance said, Lucas smiling.

"The water always calms me, Lance. Love to myself is a pool. Each moment of it washes over me like a calming wetness of life. It's always calmed me. Your love calms me."

Lance smiled, kissing his neck again.

"That's why you're always so passionate in the shower. Care to warm against my wetness, beautiful?"

Lucas smiled, turning again, stepping back from Lance.

Lance stared at his naked muscular smoothness, his eyes going to the rising center of Lucas' self.

"I rise to the monster's rise." Lucas smiled, taking in Lance's rising needs.

"Love me, Lucas. Love me in your wet arms." Lance said, the robe leaving his naked smoothness, Lucas taking it all in.

"I shall, Lance. I need the monster's love."

Lance smiled, Lucas picking him up in his arms, carrying him towards the bathroom.


Lucas smiled, walking into the kitchen, his hand in Lance's, both carrying a child.

A flying missile of love was in Lucas' arms, kissing his lips, then Justy's.

"Good morning, Dad and bro!" Colton smiled, kissing Lance's cheek, then Joshy's in his arms.

"Colt!" Little Joshy giggled, Colton smiling at the baby.

"Good morning, son." Lucas smiled, Jonathan now kissing him, then Lance, having walked up to the love.

"Your five beat us to the bounty." Lance smiled, Enrique smiling at him, the Spaniard filling mugs with coffee.

Hemi and Haras were at the counter, buttering toast and bagels.

"We wanted to cook breakfast. We were up early." Hemi smiled, Lucas kissing his and Haras' cheeks, Justy now in Jonathan's arms, the young man talking to the infant, Colton holding Joshy now as well.

"Did you even go to bed?" Lucas smiled, hugging Enrique, kissing his cheek.

"We were up and down all night." he smiled, Haras winking at him.

"The paths of love go up and down. And your love woke me." Lucas smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"And yours got mine going, Dad." he said his four husbands smiling at him.

"Love in stereo. Those Timberlake boys are unending." Lucas smiled, Lance laughing, Jonathan blushing, Hemi's arms going around him, kissing his lips, little Justy giggling.

"Lucky us." Hemi smiled, rubbing Jonathan's backside.

"Yes, indeed." Josh said, he and Justin walking into the kitchen, their husbands smiling at them.

"You two showered without us." Justin said, Lance kissing his lips.

"Your hair's wet, beautiful. I think Josh made you happy." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"He did. And I taste Lucky on you." he smiled, Lucas smiling and slapping Justin's firm ass.

"I'm brimming with Bass, Timberlake. We're all happy."

Jonathan smiled, guiding little Justy into Justin's arms, the man cooing over his son, Josh taking Joshy from Colt.

"We were just going to feed them, my love." Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips.

"We'll take care of them, my Lucky. I see they're diapered and bathed. We'll man the chores, right Jus?"

"It's no chore when they're our sons." Justin smiled, the babies cooing.

Everyone sat down at the table, Harry and Alain walking into the room, both smiling at everyone.

"Good morning, my friends." Alain smiled, Haras handing him a cup of coffee.

"Good morning, stragglers. Our water bill will be through the roof, babe." Josh smiled, seeing both men with wet hair.

"The wetness of love will calm all souls." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at their soulmates.

"Great party last night, Luke. I've never danced so much." Harry smiled, he and Alain sitting down together at the table.

"Glad you enjoyed yourself, Har." Lucas smiled, Justin sitting down beside him, little Justy sucking on his bottle already.

"It was fun, Luke." Alain smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"It was so nice to dance with Lance in the open. I felt so happy." he smiled, Lance smiling at him from his other side.

"Our love is open and free now, guys. I plan on kissing you often, babe." Lance smiled, Justin beaming.

Justin's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

"Thank you for last night, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I think you have to thank Joshy, Jus. He finally calmed the hyper kid last night."

Everyone laughed, Justin blushing, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Speaking of chores." he smiled, Justin smiling at him, then looking at Lucas again.

"I meant about Jessica." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You thanked me last night, Jus. With your words and your movements." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I love you, Luke. Thank you for healing my soul." he said, Lucas smiling, leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"You're welcome beautiful." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I have her friendship back, Luke. My life's complete." he said, Lucas nodding.

"You and me upstairs in ten, beautiful."

Justin laughed, smiling at him.

"Definitely. And the vacuum will be on high speed. I love my Lance's love for dessert."

Lance rolled his eyes, Justin laughing.

"Private love, babe." Lance said, Justin nodding.

"Always, my love." he smiled, Josh smiling at his three soulmates.

Hemi and Haras began to fill the table with platters, Colton and Jonathan bringing more.

All four sat down with Enrique, the singer saying a short prayer of thanks, everyone diving into their warm breakfast.

"Jessica left happy last night, Luke. I saw her smiling." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"She has Justin's friendship back in her life. She'll be happy with that and more." Lucas said, Harry looking at him.

"Something tells me you're plotting again, cousin?" he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"My love never stops, my friends. You all know that."

Everyone smiled, Justin looking at Lucas.

"I want her to find happiness, Luke. Can you help with that?"

Lance smiled, looking towards Lucas, their eyes meeting.

"Already done, Jus." Lucas smiled, Alain passing a platter of bacon to him.

Justin stared at him, Josh answering Justin's thoughts.

"Meaning what, Lucky?" he said, looking at Justin.

"Meaning that all paths follow my love, my love. Trust in me to guide them to their destiny."

Justin's hand went on top of Lucas'.

"You've guided Jessica onto a path of love?" he said, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Jus. I love all that surround me. I will always guide love to its end." Lucas said, Justin staring at him.

"She's in love with someone?" Justin said, Lucas closing his eyes for a moment, then opening them, a soft green glow showing for a moment, their centers violet again.

"Love's entering her heart, Jus. Let's let her follow her path. She'll voice that love when she's ready."

"You're not going to tell us who it is, are you?" Alain said, everyone looking at Lucas.

Lance leaned forward, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Lucas' love flows on its own. Let's let that love do its magic." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

Justin stared at Lucas, the young man smiling at him with love.

"Alright, Luke. I just want her happy."

Lucas smiled, kissing his lips.

"She will be, Justin. As happy as you are."
Justin smiled, meeting the eyes of his three soulmates.

"Lucky her."

Everyone smiled, diving into breakfast again.


Lucas smiled, feeling the lips on his neck.

"Lose the shirt, tattoo boy. I love your smooth warmth against me."

Lucas heard laughter behind him, a hardness rubbing his ass.

"Either that's a bottle of French wine or Levine's packing more than I credit him for."

Adam laughed, slapping Lucas' butt now, setting the bottle of wine down on the counter in front of Lucas.

"How did you guess it was me?" he laughed, Lucas turning and smiling at Adam, Usher and Pierce standing behind him.

"You have your own scent, Levine. It smells of Usher and Pierce's love."

All three smiled, Adam beaming as his hands joined with his husbands.

"Need help, Luke?" Pierce smiled, Lucas smiling at all three.

"No, things are stewing. Head out to the patio. A lot of hot male flesh out there." he smiled, Adam smiling and pulling off his t-shirt, his tattooed chest on full view.

"And it just got hotter! Woof!" Lucas grinned, Adam blowing him a kiss.

"I'll be wet and waiting, Carver." he winked, the three laughing, heading for the patio doors.

Lucas smiled, finishing his veggie platter, putting it in the refrigerator, adding the wine as well.

He felt two arms going around him again, the man smiling.

"I thought I shut off that vacuum?" he smiled, turning and staring into Justin's blue pools.

"I'm always on, babe." he smiled, kissing Lucas' lips.

"You should be entertaining our friends, babe." Lucas smiled, Justin's hands on his backside.

"I came in to help, babe." he smiled, seeing the kitchen looking clean.

"All done, angel. The only thing left is your barbecuing later." Lucas smiled, Justin pulling him close.

"Sweet! We have time for some fun." he smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

They both heard the front doorbell going off, Justin sighing.

"Let our other friends in, babe. I'll be with our loves outside." Lucas said, Justin patting his ass.

"You're no fun." he smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"I've been told I'm amazing." Lucas smiled, the young man walking to the patio doors.

Justin smiled, heading the other way, walking down to the front foyer.

He opened the door, seeing smiling faces.

"Good afternoon, Justin." Jeremy smiled, Bruno's arm around him.

"Hi, guys. Thanks for coming." Justin smiled, Zac handing him a platter of chicken wings.

"Our contributions." he smiled, Bruno and Jeremy raising two bottles of wine.

"You didn't have to, but thanks guys." Justin smiled, a horn beeping behind them.

Justin smiled, seeing Cindy waving at him, her car now parked.

Justin's eyes took in Jessica climbing out of the passenger seat, the woman smiling at Justin.

"Lucas invited us, Justin." Cindy smiled, Justin nodding as the two walked up the steps to the front door.

Jeremy hugged his sister, kissing her cheek, smiling at Jessica.

"Hi, Jessica. I hope my sister's friendship last night and this morning was giving?" he smiled, Jessica smiling at the young man.

"She makes a mean breakfast. I'm still full." Jessica smiled, Cindy blushing.

"It was only omelets and crepes." she smiled, Jessica smiling at her.

Justin smiled at his friend, Jessica hugging him.

"Welcome to our home, Jess." he said, Jessica smiling and following him into the house.

The group walked out of the house onto the patio, everyone waving at them.

Lucas smiled, walking up to them, the men taking in his near naked beauty, the man wearing only swim trunks.

"Welcome again to my home. And welcome to our home, Jessica." Lucas smiled, hugging everyone, Jeremy blushing as he felt Lucas' warmth against him.

"Now none of that. I can't match the beauty of these two." Lucas smiled, Jeremy smiling at Zac and Bruno.

"Eye candy's always good, Luke. Thank you for exciting my men."
Lucas laughed, guiding Jessica to a patio table, the woman smiling and sitting down beside Trish and Skyler.

"I hope you had a restful night, Jessica. Feeling better today?" Skyler said, Jessica smiling at the infants in her and Trish's arms.

"Yes, I'm back to one hundred percent. I slept great and enjoyed the company of a new friend." she smiled, her eyes meeting Cindy's.

The young woman smiled widely, sitting down beside Jessica.

"Are these your two treasures, Skyler?" Jessica smiled, staring at the infants.

"Yes, our two bundles of joy." she smiled, the babies gurgling.

"Wait till you see ours, Jess!" Justin grinned, heading towards the pool, Josh and Lance having just climbed out, their wet sons in their arms.

Jessica smiled up at Lucas, the young man smiling at her.

"He's always wanted to be a father, Luke. I see that happiness now in his eyes."

The three men were walking towards them, Justin now carrying little Joshy.

"He's the perfect father, Jessica. He's a kid at heart." Lucas smiled, the three men now on the patio.

"This is my little Joshy!" Justin smiled widely, the man guiding the baby into Jessica's arms, the woman staring down into the baby's smiling face.

"Oh, he's so beautiful!" she said, the baby giggling, clapping his hands together.

"Fwiend!" he smiled, Jessica looking surprised.

"Yes, Joshy. She's a good friend." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"His eyes are so unbelievable." she said, staring into his blue and violet eyes.

"As are Justy's." Josh smiled, Jessica looking at the child in Lance's arms.

"They're. . .they're twins?" she said, Justin's hand rubbing her shoulder.

"They're all our sons, Jess. Lucas' loving magic created our happiness."
She stared up at her former boyfriend, seeing the happiness on his face.

"I'm beginning to believe Lucas creates all happiness." she said, Lucas smiling down at her.

"My love flows always."

"Justin, I have to talk to you." Jessica said, Lucas smiling at Justin, then meeting her blue pools.

"We're all friends here, Jessica. There's nothing you need to hide from us." Lucas said, Jessica staring at him.

"You know?"

Lance laughed, Justin looking at his husband.

"What's so funny, babe?" Justin said, Lance's arm going around him.

"Nothing that our Lucas' love won't cure. I'll bring out the drinks, Luke."

Lucas smiled, nodding at Lance.

"Let's sit down everyone. My love's been on a path again."

Everyone stared at the young man, Lucas sitting down with Josh, little Justy giggling in his arms.

Everyone sat down at the tables, Lance and Colton coming out of the house, trays of drinks in their hands.


Justin stared at Lucas, the young man smiling across the table from him.

Justin sat beside Jessica, little Joshy now in Josh's arms.

"Do you want to talk alone, Jess?" he said, Jessica's eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"No, it's alright, Jus. I see the friendship surrounding me." she said, everyone smiling at her.

Her eyes met Justin's, the man seeing a soft reluctance in her blue pools.

"Love is never enough when it's not found to be complete."

Her eyes met Lucas' violet pools, the man having spoken.

"You know, don't you? You've always known?" she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"I feel a heart's truth, Jessica. My magic feels the love around it, hidden or lost."

Justin stared at Jessica.

"What's going on, Jess?" he said, her hand going on top of his.

"You weren't truthful to me for so long, Justin. I was just as untruthful to you."
Justin looked confused, staring at her.

"What do you mean?" he said, Jessica sighing.

"You walked around with a deep secret in your soul, Justin. Your hidden truth of your own wants and needs. That which I couldn't give you."
"I've already apologized for that, Jess." he said, Jessica smiling at him.

"I know, Justin. And I accepted that apology. Now it's time for you to accept mine." she said, someone looking at her.

"Apology for what?" he said, Lance leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"I think you need to let Jessica speak from her heart, my love." he said, Justin staring at him, then looking at her.

"I'm sorry, Jess. Please continue." he said, Jessica sighing, looking into his blue pools.

"I had no right to slap you that night, Jus. Your pain was my own pain." she said, Justin staring at her with confusion.

Her eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at her.

She smiled, looking into Justin's blue pools.

"I was as lost as you were, Justin. Throughout our relationship I was searching for something more. Something you couldn't give me."

"You. . .you cheated on me, too?" Justin said, his face showing soft hurt.

"No, Justin. I never cheated on our joined love." she said, looking into his blue pools.

"I believe you, Jess." he said, Jessica smiling at him.

"You love never was enough, Jus. That never was your fault, or mine. It was just the destiny of my heart." she said, the woman feeling a hand going into hers, everyone's eyes--including Justin's--widening in surprise.

"I've found the love I need, Justin. It starts with her love."

Justin stared into his former lover's blue pools, and the other two blue pools staring at him beside her.

"I love her, Justin." Cindy said, the two women holding hands.

"You. . .you're gay, Jess?" Justin said, looking surprised at both.

"I believe she's bisexual, my love." Lance said, smiling at both women.

"You mean our love was never real?" he said, Jessica staring at him.

"Our love was real, Justin. It just wasn't enough for either of us. I'm sorry I didn't tell you that night you left me. I was surprised and hurt by your betrayal. I now see it's a betrayal I held in my own heart, but just didn't act upon it while we were together. But it was always there in my soul, just as I now see yours was. Our true feelings are now in the open. I need Cindy's love. I believe that with all of my heart. Just as I see you have the love you need. I'm sorry I didn't tell you the truth. I just didn't know it myself till this week."

"What happened this week, Jessica?" Lance said, Jessica smiling at him, her eyes going to Lucas' quiet staring violet pools.

"I met the dearest friend. A man who told me that life can't measure up to anything unless we search our hearts for what we need." she said, Justin staring at Lucas.

"You knew, Luke?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"I had a hidden affair with a young woman when I was in college, Justin. I kept that remembered love in my soul. I just never realized it was the true path of love I needed to walk. I walked that path last night into Cindy's opening love." Jessica said, Cindy smiling at her.

"We both walked a path of mistaken love. We both see in each other a truer path. I think I'm falling in love with this remarkable woman." Cindy said, Jessica smiling at her.

"I'm sorry, Justin. I just needed to tell you the truth. I want to walk the path of Cindy's love." she said, Justin smiling at her.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Jessica. We both are on the path of true love. The path of Lucas' guiding amazing love. I love both of you!" Justin said, the man beginning to cry, Lucas moving from his seat, pulling the man up into his arms, Josh and Lance staring up at the two.

"You knew, Luke! You knew what was best for both of us!" Justin cried, Lance staring up at him.

"Yes, Jus. I've known from the moment I met both of you that first night of your party at your condo. I felt the paths of hidden love within both of you." he said, Jessica looking shocked.

"From even back then?" she said, Lucas smiling and nodding.

"The heart wants what it wants, Jessica. I am the guide to love's true path." he said, others feeling the truth in Lucas' moving words.

"You're amazing, Lucas." Jessica said, Lucas smiling at both her and Cindy.

"You all haven't seen anything yet." he smiled, Justin backing up from him, the man smiling at Lucas.

"I love you so much, Luke." he said, his eyes turning to Jessica and Cindy.

"Welcome to my friendship, both of you. Love's path is so amazing." he smiled, Jessica pulled out of her seat by Justin, the man hugging her close.

"Our past is over, Jess. Our path of love and friendship begins." he said, Cindy rising from her seat, seeing Jessica beginning to cry.

Justin hugged her to him as well, the two women feeling his friendship and love.

"This is so amazing!" Skyler said, Finn kissing his wife's cheek.

"And here I thought you had the hots for me, Cindy." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"I'm sure some other young thing with a hair fetish will come along soon enough, Chewbacca. That Welsh ego needs constant stoking."

Finn blushed, everyone laughing.

"I volunteer! I love hair!" Alain grinned, Finn laughing.

"Thanks, but Harry's got you." he smiled, Justin smiling at Lucas.

"You designed all this, didn't you?" he said, Lucas sighing.

"I love you, Justin. My path is a path of love. All on it need love." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Let's sit down, Jess and Cindy. We want to hear all about this." he smiled, Lucas kissing Justin's lips.

"I'll start preparing for dinner. Colton will barbecue for you, Jus."
Colton smiled, following Lucas into the house.

"He's so unbelievable, Justin." Cindy said, Jeremy smiling up and his sister.

"And so are you, Sis! I have a new sister! Awesome!" he grinned, Cindy smiling and sitting down beside her brother, Jeremy hugging Jessica, the two ladies beginning to talk.


St. Petersburg, Russia


Jacques stared at his husband, Lewis' body nearly disappearing under the large black cloaked man holding him.

"Ot Bozh'yego zamysla! By God's design!" the large man said, backing up from Lewis.

"Yes, my old friend. By God's design indeed." Lewis said, staring at his former schoolmate.

Archbishop Ivan Bolshechov stared at the minister.

"You are sure, my comrade of faith?" he said, Lewis rubbing his arms.

"Yes, old friend. He has the truth. I truly believe that." Lewis said, the archbishop shaking his head.

"I will arrange your meeting with Patriarch Kirill immediately. We must be of seclusion. He will need to see the truth. And then voice to our nation that truth." the man said, Lewis nodding.

"I have the question and truth for him. He is the one." Lewis said, the man wiping his tearing eyes.

"A simple question rooted in our beliefs, but so hidden as you have spoken. Is he. . .is he. . .?" the man said, Jacques seeing his choking emotions.

"I asked him and he said he is only the messenger of a greater truth. We must hurry, my friend. He expects me back in New York next week. And we have further travels." the minister smiled, the man nodding.

"I will arrange it immediately. You shall leave in a few hours." the man said, walking out of the room, his stride confident and focused.

"He was as shocked as the others, Lewis, mon cheri." Jacques said, Lewis' arm going around him.

"Faith when shown can rock a man's soul, Jacques. We both have seen that in his giving love."

"The world will change, my friend. You will be thrown into its center when the time comes." the Frenchman said, Lewis kissing his lips.

"You will be at my side, my love. I can weather the world's eyes with your love within me."

"What do you think he's planning? Our Lucas' love is indeed mysterious." he smiled, Lewis smiling at his soulmate.

"He's planning the righting of God's path I believe, my love. And we will all kneel in its beauty."

Jacques smiled, the two men looking towards the opening door at the end of the office.

Archbishop Bolshechov walked into the room, his face wearing an angelic smile.

"He awaits your question, Lewis. We drive to his home in secrecy."

Lewis nodded, picking up his coat.

"I follow, my brother. We walk on God's path."
The man smiled, bowing to both men.

"Our church will ring true with devotion, my old friend. Russia stands with God."

The three men moved, walking out of the Russian Orthodox church office.


End of Chapter 212


And so Lucas' love moves on the path again.

Jessica and Cindy are drawn onto the path of their hidden love.

I thought it best for Jessica to find love after Justin's leaving her.

They both needed to have closure.

Out of that closure will come a deeper friendship.


Lucas' love draws in all.

And Lewis and Jacques are still on their trek of mystery.

Now in Russia, and heading for other places.

They are meeting Lucas in New York next week.

What path is Lucas guiding everyone on to?

What question is Lewis asking the heads of the world's churches?

Is something ominous or devotional coming?


You know the drill.

Read on, the path continues.


Hugs, Angel.