Yesterday's End-213


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 213


Lucas smiled, feeling the arms of love wrapped around him.

His Josh sat at his side, the two cuddled together on a wide leather seat.

Lance and Justin sat before them on the floor, their sons on a blanket between them.

The plane had reached ten thousand feet, gliding forward in the late afternoon sunshine.

Justin smiled, watching little Joshy rolling over, the child on his hands and knees, little Justin clapping beside him, already on his stomach.

"Itís so remarkable. Theyíll be walking soon." Lance smiled, Justinís arm wrapping around him.

"Theyíll be in their terrible twos before theyíre even one." he smiled, Lucas smiling down at him.

"Our angels will never be terrible. Theyíll only ever be loving, happy boys." he said, Josh smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Theyíre so like their fathers." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing his lips.

Lance and Justin both smiled at the cuddling twosome.

"I donít think theyíll be as randy." Finn laughed, seated across from Lance and Justin, he on the floor with his own children, Skyler wrapped in his arms

Harry and Alain laughed, seated on another seat, snuggled together.

"They havenít found the loves of their lives yet. One day our sons will be in love, as greatly as their fathers." Lucas said, Justin smiling up at him.

"Lucky boys."

Finn rolled his eyes, Trish smiling at the foursome, Andrewís arms wrapped around her.

"You can cut the love with a knife." she said, smiling at her brother, Lucas smiling back.

"Wuv!" Little Justy said, clapping his hands together again, everyone smiling at the two boys.

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling around at his family and friends.

A fivesome of love was snuggled on two other seats behind him, Lucas feeling their flowing love.

It was the first week of August, the group leaving the heat of Los Angeles for the mugginess of New York City.

The last  two weeks had been a time of happiness and love.

Trish and Andrew had moved into their new home, furniture bought, the home transformed into their joined tastes and happiness.

A nursery of happiness had been created by Lucas and his soulmates, the family awaiting the arrival of Trishís coming treasure.

A new neighborhood of happiness was growing.

The three families had visited each other often, their happiness shining.

The foursome of love had been visited often by their friends as well, all four seeing their happiness.

Jessicaís and Cindyís new romance was blooming before their eyes, Jeremy happy at his sisterís beaming happiness.

His own heart was filled with a greater happiness as well.

Justin and Jessicaís friendship was growing also, the two talking often, she opening her heart to him about her new soul of love.

The day after she and Cindy had consummated their love for each other, Justin had seen the total happiness flooding her face.

His loving friend was deeply in love.

As deeply as he was.

That night Justin had given a greater happiness to his three soulmates, all feeling his complete love for all three of them.

Lucas had smiled, feeling the total love he now had.

The two weeks had been a time of deep love and happiness for all four, Lucas the guiding force of passion and desire, all three lost in his giving need.

Lance and Josh traded spots, Josh and Justin smiling at their sons, the men playing with them, all four giggling.

Lance smiled, snuggling against Lucas.

"Our boys are all happy." he said, Lucas smiling at him, everyone on the plane smiling at him.

"Yes, they have their bigger playmates of love." Colton said behind Lance,  the man smiling back at the young man wrapped in Hemiís and Enriqueís arms, Jonathan surrounded by Haras.

Lance smiled, looking into Lucasí violet pools.

"What did Lewis talk to you about this morning, Lucky? You were on the phone with him for quite some time. You kind of evaded the subject this morning." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Ever watchful is our green-eyed beauty." he said, Lance smiling at him, others quietly watching them.

"I love you, Luke. Iíll always watch and love those I love."

Josh and Justin smiled, their sons now in their laps, both quietly sucking on a pacifier, watching their fathers.

"I know, my love. I am surrounded by watchful love." Lucas said, everyone smiling at him.

The young man sighed, looking out the window of the plane.

He turned back to his husbandsí staring eyes, the young man softly smiling.

"Lewis and I had a quiet discussion on faith. His trek of faith has guided him to the answers I sought." Lucas said, Lance staring at him.

"Answers you sought, Luke? Iíve never known you to seek answers concerning your faith. We all know you believe in God." Finn said, little Julian asleep in his lap, Diana asleep in Skylerís.

Lucas smiled at his old friends, nodding his head.

"It wasnít my own beliefs I was seeking answers to, Finny. My heart is filled with Godís love. I was seeking the answers others needed to silence their doubts." he said, everyone looking at each other.

"Meaning what, Luke?" Harry said, Alainís arm around him.

Lucas sighed, sitting up a bit more, Lance staring at him quietly.

"I had sent Lewis and Jacques on a trek of faithful determination. They traveled to several meetings of religious devotion, talking to the leaders of all Godís faiths. It was time their doubts were alleviated. The time of truth and love is coming." he said, everyone staring at him with soft surprise.

"They visited religious leaders?" Lance said, Lucas nodding at his soulmate.

"Yes, my love. I sent our friends on a mission of faith. Armed with the truth to alleviate all souls."

"And what exactly is that truth?" Alain said, Lucas smiling at the black man.

"Love, Alain. The greatest truth a soul can have is love. From that comes the faith of our Godís devotion." Lucas said, Josh staring up at him.

"Youíre being evasive, my love." he said, Lucas smiling down at him, leaning down and kissing his lips, sitting back again.

"Yes, I guess I am. You know my love loves to surprise."

Everyone softly smiled, Lanceís hand going into Lucasí.

"As mysterious as always you are, my love." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing his lips.

"Whatís life without a little mystery, my loves?" he smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"What happens this week in New York, Luke? We all sense somethingís about to happen." he said, Lucas sighing again, his three husbands looking at him.

"My path focuses, my friends. This week begins the final path."

Lanceís arm went around Lucas, the young man feeling his love.

"Youíve been rather evasive all week, Luke. Different phone calls made, received and other events. What are you organizing in New York?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Iím organizing destiny, Lance. The first path against evil begins. A confrontation that was always meant to happen. Only now, different players are within the evil."

Josh handed little Joshy to Justin, the man holding both infants, Josh rising and sitting down on Lucasí other side.

"Youíre going to face evil in New York?" he said, his arm now around his husband, Lucas feeling his protective love.

"Yes, my love. Iím going to rein in the hidden evil. And Iím going to get my familyís heart back."


Everyone stared at the young man, Lucas seeing all their worried eyes.

"Calmness, my friends. There is no danger, only to myself, and I am always prepared."

"Whatís going on, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

"The path, Justin. The path I was always destined to walk. The time of lifeís realities is at hand. I have the love I need to face anything. I can go forward with a focused mind, heart and soul. In a few months the world will see a greater beauty than it ever imagined. This week that path begins. Trust in me to keep all that I love protected."

Lance sat up, Justin and Josh both looking at him.

"Speak from your souls of love, my loves. Iíve felt your protective love." Lucas said, Lance staring at him.
"I and Josh made a few phones calls this week as well, Luke."
"I know, my Lance. Iíll always feel your needful souls. I hope they gave you some comfort?"

"Not really, Lucky. They told us of some strange things youíre organizing." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"They only seem strange now, but at the time of truth they shall show their truths."

Lance looked at him.

"I talked to Grayson. He told me of your talks with him and what youíre organizing with him. About your familyís company and the meeting youíve asked for Monday." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"My parents and grandparents are flying into New York on Sunday. Monday is the meeting at Belmont Industries. That meeting will finalize the formation of the Belmont soul."

"Your fatherís taking leadership over the company?" Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes that, and something more. Iíve invited some other guests to create a greater truth. From that will come the final path."

"Who have you invited?" Finn said, Lucas looking at his old friend.

"There is but one truth left in regards to my familyís monetary soul. Iím bringing the evil to task. Sheridan Whitecastle and Carl Wilson will show themselves on that day. Of that truth I have no doubt."
Joshís arm went around Lucas tighter, Lucas feeling his love.

"Theyíre dangerous men, Luke. Sheridanís filled with evil." he said, Lucas staring into his blue concerned pools.

"I have the truth to destroy that evil, my love. Trust in me to show the truth in that." Lucas said, everyone seeing the calm determination in his violet pools.

"Whatís going to happen, Luke? Weíre all going to surround you. My magic will stand with you." Colton said, Lucas turning around and seeing the love and worry shining in his blue pools.

"I will have your love within me always, Colt. Your magic is a part of that. Trust in me to see this to its truthful end."

Everyone looked worried, staring into Lucasí violet pools as he looked around at everyone.

"Calmness, my family. My love, magic and destiny will protect all of us."

Finn softly smiled, shaking his head.

"Ever mysterious you are, my friend. We all feel your protective love."

"Want to join the mile high club, sexy Welshman?" Lucas said, winking at him, Finn laughing.

"Iím not going near that bathroom. You and Timberlake were in there earlier. Itís probably dripping with love."

Lucas laughed, Justin blushing, Lucas winking at him.

"The love that drips into all of me. And we went more than a mile high." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Wuv, Daddy!" Little Joshy said, Lucas smiling, rising from his seat, sitting down on the floor, picking the child up from Justinís arms, the boy snuggling against his chest.

"Yes, my son. Love on all planes." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"So thatís where weíre going to end the discussion?" Harry said, Lucas smiling at his cousin.

"The path moves forward, Har. Trust in me to see its ending. Iím prepared for everything."

Harry nodded, Alain kissing his cheek.

"I trust Lucas with my soul, my love. I think we all feel and see his greatness. It is his love."
Harry nodded, smiling.

"That I feel all day."

"I think we can chance the dripping love, my love. I need your love even more." Alain smiled, Harry staring into his brown pools of love.

"Excuse us, everyone." he said, the two men smiling and rising from their seats, walking towards the back of the plane.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting Finnís blue.

"I hope you can hold it to New York, Finny. I think thereís going to be a flood back there."

Everyone laughed, Finn rolling his eyes.

Lance and Josh smiled, joining their sons and husbands on the planeís carpeted floor.

Lucas kissed all five, their love feeling his love.


New York City, New York


Josh hit the keypad, the condoís alarm silencing.

Everyone followed him into the condo, bags dropping at the door.

Lucas smiled, walking into his home away from home, sitting down on a couch with his son Joshy, Justin sitting down beside him with Justy in his arms.

"Home sweet home number two!" Lucas smiled, everyone smiling.

"Our home away from home, away from home. Home number three actually, Luke." Finn smiled, planting himself on another couch with his wife and kids.

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Home number four if you want to get technical, Finny. Wales, London, New York and Los Angeles. Weíre so cosmopolitan." Trish grinned, Andrew guiding her to a seat, putting her feet up on an ottoman for her.

"Look at the star youíre becoming, Trishy. Your own footman!" Luke laughed, Andrew smiling at him, then at his wife.

"The footman to her love Iíll always be." he smiled, kissing his wifeís lips, sitting down beside her.

Lucas smiled at his sister and brother-in-law, the two smiling at each other with love.

He stared at them for a moment, a soft smile coming to his lips.

"Iíll be there." Lucas softly said.

"What did you say, babe?" Josh said, sitting down beside him, Lucas smiling at him.

"I said, each home is where Iíll be." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Home for me is wherever you are, babe." Josh said, the two men kissing.

Finn gagged, Alain laughing at him, he and Harry snuggled together in a large chair.

Colton smiled at everyone, he and his four husbands sitting down on other couches and chairs.

"That was quite the free-for-all at the airport." he said, Jonathanís arm going around him.

"The ever invading need." Lucas said, Josh kissing his lips again.

"Surrounded by your love, nothing can penetrate our love." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

The group had been inundated by reporters the moment theyíd walked out of the security area at the airport.

Questions had been thrown at them, their stardom still in the mediaís eyes since the interview.

They hadnít answered any questions, a security team guided them to their waiting vehicles.

Justin had organized everything, knowing the media was still on full throttle.

"From the frenzy of the worldís eye to the quietness of home. Now I can relax." Lucas said, pulling off his sneakers, Josh smiling at him.

"Letís snuggle all night, my love." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"First things first, I have to feed our brood." Lucas smiled, Alain smiling at him.

"Iíll hit the store for what you need, Luke. Give me a list." he said, Lucas nodding at him.

"Any preferences tonight, guys?" Lucas said, Justin smiling at him, kissing his lips.

"Tonight youíre relaxing, Luke. Youíve been feeding us all for weeks." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I hope youíre not cooking? Iím not in the mood for hot dogs and beans." he smiled, everyone laughing, Finn raising a finger.

"Iím offering to buy takeout, Wonderboy." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

Finn smiled around at everyone, the younger ones grinning.

"Pizza it is." he said, everyone smiling.

"I still need some things besides junk food." Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, lightly dumping little Joshy into Joshís opening arms, the man smiling at him, the boy giggling.

He walked to the kitchen, Alain following him in.

Finnís blue pools met Joshís blue, the young Welshman looking at him.

"Heís calm, Josh. That speaks volumes in my mind." Finn said, Josh nodding.

"Mine as well, Finny. I just wish heíd just let us know whatís going to happen." he said, Lance sitting down beside him.

"Heís Lucas, Josh. Always mysterious, unending with his love. We just have to trust him and love him."

"We all do both." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"So I guess weíre housing the five of love this week, my love." Lance smiled, the fivesome smiling at him, Justin having offered them their condo for the week, as well as Finn and Skyler.

"Iím not sleeping in your bedroom. It would probably put that bathroom to shame." Finn laughed, Harry laughing beside him.

"Dibs on that room! I need to be stoked." Enrique grinned, his foursome of love smiling at him.

Finn rolled his eyes, everyone laughing as he rose from his seat, heading to find the takeout menus.


Hours later everyone was fed and contented.

Pizza, chicken wings and salads had been ordered, Finn treating everyone.

Theyíd all thanked him, the man bowing to their friendship and love.

Alain had run out to the store for Lucas, breakfast supplies obtained.

At ten, Justin and Lance had driven Finn, Skyler and their infants over to Justinís condo.

Harry and Alain had followed with the fivesome of love.

Justin and Lance had returned at eleven to stay with their soulmates and sons.

Lucas was thankful that Justinís condo was close, a great spot for his enlarging family.

Heíd tidied up the empty food cartons, cleaning up the kitchen, the place spotless while Justin and Lance were gone.

Heíd walked out of it just as Lance and Justin returned.

"Everyone settled down for the night?" he smiled, Justinís arms going around him.

"A home of love we left. Everyone was cuddled together. I hope my bedroom cameras are still working?" Justin smiled, the four laughing, Josh just having walked down from the bedrooms.

"You perv." he smiled, slapping Justinís ass, the four men sitting down on a couch, couples joining.

"Those four young bucks and that Spanish stallion would be something to see in action." Justin smiled, Lance smirking.

"Our HDís randy tonight. Awesome!" Lucas smiled, rubbing Justinís leg, the man smiling at him.

"Our boys down for the night?" he asked, Josh smiling at him.

"Yep. They went to dreamland without all their fathersí kisses. You two need to kiss them goodnight."

"We shall. They need our love in their dreams." Lance smiled, snuggling against Justin.

Lucas smiled at all three, Josh nestled against him.

"Iíve felt your love all day, my loves. As Iíve felt your worry. I didnít want to turn your feelings towards that." Lucas suddenly said, the other three looking at him.

"We love you, Lucky. Weíll always show you our love and feelings." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know, my love. Just as Iíll always feel those feelings. All I can say is that my love is strong enough to protect myself and all of you." he said, Lucas moving, the other three watching him walking up to the large picture window, staring out into the dark New York skyline.

"I never wanted this path for myself. This destiny Iíve been guided into. All I ever wanted was a life of love and happiness."

Josh rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, his arms going around him.

"You have that, my love. Our love is the happiness you need."
Lucas smiled, staring into Joshís blue eyes.

"I know that, my love. Just as you three need to know that my life has this destiny as well. Itís all a part of who I am. The only thing that I am focusing on is the love Iíll have after all this. Your love. Your trinity of love. I just need you three to stand with me while I walk this path of destiny. I need your love always."
Lance and Justin rose from their seats, the three men surrounding Lucas.

"You have our love always." Lance said, Josh and Justin repeating the same words.

Lucas smiled at all three with love, kissing each.

"I love you, my trinity of love. I need your love so much."

Josh smiled, pulling Lucas close.

"Lance and I will say goodnight to our sons. I think you need your Josh to guide you to his love. Weíll join that love soon." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling into his blue eyes.

Lance and Justin joined hands, leaving the two together, heading towards their sonsí room.

"Come with me, my love. You need my love as much as I need yours."

Lucas smiled, Josh guiding him down the hall towards their bedroom.


The Next Morning


Lucas stood on the balcony, staring out into the dawning of a new day.

The sun was just rising behind the buildings in front of his own, the dayís beginning sunshine and heat rising.

He smiled, hearing a soft noise behind him, feeling a heat going against him, two lips kissing his neck.

"When did you get into town, Adam? You feel excited."

A hand slapped his naked ass, two arms pulling him close.

"You donít need any others, Lucky. We three are all you need." Justin said, Lucas smiling and feeling the hardness against his ass.

"Someone woke up needful. I thought Iíd tamed that tiger last night?"

Justin smiled, Lucas turning in his arms, their naked bodies joining.

"This tiger always hungers for a fresh meal."

Lucas laughed, his and Justinís lips meeting, a soft need in their kissing, Justinís tongue licking against his lips.

"Thank you for letting Josh show his love first before yours last night, my tiger of beauty." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling as they broke their kiss.

"He felt the deepest worry. Lance and I knew he needed your love alone. Weíre just happy you drew us in after. The afterglow of your love always is so beautiful."

Lucas smiled, his hands resting on Justinís naked bubbly ass.

"The residual love of one entices the others. I carry the love from one to another. Your Lance got the greater happiness of your and Joshís lingering love."
"And you got the ending monsterís need."

Lucas smiled, kissing Justinís neck.

"I still feel its girth. And your vacuuming talents."

Justin smiled, Lucasí head going against his smooth chest.

"I love you, Lucas. Thank you for all this love."

Lucas smiled, his eyes scanning down Justinís naked body, seeing his center at full girth.

"This love is unending, my tiger of love. How about a wet morning happiness?"

Justin smiled, his hand wrapping around Lucasí rigid center.

"Letís take this baby for a wet ride."

Lucas smiled, the two men walking into the bedroom, smiling at their husbands joined together in their bed, Joshís head against Lanceís smooth chest, the two covered in blankets.

"Theyíll be hot in a half hour or so. The sunís strong and warm and will be beaming on them shortly." Lucas said, Justin smiling, guiding him to the bathroom.

"They can join our wet love in progress."

Lucas smiled, the two walking into the bathroom, leaving the door open.

Justin opened the glass shower stall door, Lucas following him in.

Justin had barely time to turn on the water when Lucas pushed him up against the shower wall.

"I awoke with a hunger, my tiger. I need to taste all of you." Lucas said, his lips going to Justinís left nipple, licking it roughly.

Justin moaned, Lucasí lips on a mission of need, licking every inch of his smooth chest, then diving into his left armpit.

Justin trembled, feeling the man possess him.

Within moments his center was devoured, Justin gasping as two fingers invaded his ass, Lucasí tongue licking every inch of his shaft.

"Oh God, Lucky! Donít stop!" he moaned, the man suddenly feeling a set of lips on his, and another on his right nipple.

He opened his mouth, a tongue diving in, dueling with his.

He felt his three soulmates--or at least he hoped thatís who it was--devouring him.

The kiss broke, Justin opening his eyes, staring into Lanceís green pools.

"You were hoping for Enrique and Haras?" he smiled, Justin laughing.

"Nope. Just my three soulmates of love." he smiled, Joshís smiling face rising from his right nipple, Lucas still attached to his center, his mouth full, looking up at him.

Joshís lips met Justinís, Lance moaning as he felt Lucasí hand wrap around his center.

Lucas pulled off Justinís shaft, diving onto Lanceís largeness, the man moaning, Justin and Josh breaking their kiss, Justinís hand around Joshís shaft now.

"Morning, Joshy. I need to taste you." Justin smiled, going to his knees, taking all of Joshís shaft in.

Josh moaned, he and Lance pressed up against the shower wall, their soulmates giving them oral pleasure.

They smiled at each other, kissing deeply.

"To the late sleepers go the spoils. Oh God, Jus!" Josh said, then gasped, Lucas pulling off of Lanceís monster, rising to his feet, kissing the man deeply.

"I need you, my Lance. Then I need you, my Josh. For now feed of Justinís love." Lucas smiled, turning Lance around diving into Lanceís ass, the man gasping.

Josh looked down, Justin moving off his shaft, the man laying down on the shower floor, staring up at him.

"Please, Joshy. I need all your love." Justin said, Josh moving, falling on top of him, their lips meeting.

At the same moment Lance felt Lucas filling him, Justin felt Joshís joining need.

The four became lost in the love of their secondary lovers.


Lucas smiled, a row of smiling faces greeting him as they walked into the kitchen.

"Follow your nose, Finny. The coffeeís hot, as are the cooks." Lucas smiled from the table, a group of young men and women kissing his cheek; Justin and Josh smiling from the stove and counters, busy preparing breakfast.

Lance had answered the condo door, all their friends following him into the kitchen.

Lance walked up to his husband, Justin smiling and handing him a platter of toast.

Everyone smiled, sitting down at the large kitchen table, all the leafs in.

"You four look happy this morning. Any cracked walls?" Finn laughed, Alain joining him.

"No more than at Justinís. I hope you have good maintenance over there." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling back.

"We do. But I ainít cleaning those sheets."

Lance laughed, Finn smirking.

"Donít go into your bathroom then. I left you a big present." he grinned, Justin smiling at him.

"Another hairball, Finny?"

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing.

"Enough said. Thanks for the bed, Justin."

Justin smiled, walking over to the Welshman, leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"Your welcome, sweetie. Next time weíll both be in it." he said batting his eyelashes, Finn laughing, slapping his ass.

"It better be a bigger bed. What with those three permanently attached to you."

Justin laughed, Skyler staring at her husband.

"You saying the four of them are as big as me?" she said, Finn blushing.

"Oh, oh. Busted!" Justin smirked, returning to his soulmates.

"No, dear. Your size is the beauty of yourself. I canít get enough of your beautiful form."

Skyler smiled, their lips meeting.

"Nice save, Finnegan." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"So whatís on the agenda for today, Luke?" he said, quickly changing the subject, Lucas smiling at him, handing him the coffee carafe, Finn filling his and Skylerís cups.

"A day of relaxation, my friends. A Saturday of relaxing friendship. Iím up for suggestions." he smiled, Colton smiling and handing him a platter of bacon, Justin and Josh joining their friends at the table, bringing the last platters.

Lance smiled, setting down the platter of pancakes, joining everyone.

"Itís a big city, Luke. Iíd love to explore it." Hemi said, everyone seeing the look of wonder in his and Harasí Egyptian faces.

"My men need new clothing." Enrique smiled, his four soulmates smiling at him with love.

"I think thereís a bikini shop down at the mall." Finn smirked, the five blushing, Lucas smiling at them.

"Thereís also a dog groomer, Chewy." he smiled, the five laughing, Finn blushing.

"Enough said." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"A day of shopping sounds good. A morning of buying love, then a lunch of friendship and togetherness." he smiled, everyone agreeing, the young manís eyes going to someone.

"Then an afternoon of happiness and new love." he smiled, everyone staring at him, exchanging glances with each other.

Lucas smiled at everyone, his soulmatesí eyes meeting his.

"I want to be wrapped in all your love. It will be the happiness of the day for me, my friends."
All smiled, the group diving into the warm breakfast.


Mid morning, Justinís parents and Lanceís arrived, the four flying in for the weekend at Lucasí request.

His own parents and Joshís were arriving tomorrow.

The six had been showered with kisses and hugs, Lucas serving them a late breakfast, the six smiling at his happiness.

They both offered to babysit the kids while the group went shopping, everyone thanking them.

They left the condo, six grandparents left in happiness with their new grandchildren and their playmates.

A half hour later found the younger group all walking down fifty-ninth street, all heading into Bloomingdaleís.

They shopped around the store as well as other stores around the area, the group a gang of smiling, bubbly happiness.

A lot of people stared at them, store employees surrounding them with fawning wonder.

They smiled, enjoying the camaraderie of their own small circle.

Enrique and his soulmates shopped, Enrique buying new clothing to bring out his four young beauties' inner beauty.

All four thanked him, hugging him and lightly showing hidden kisses all morning.

Lucas smiled at their joined happiness, Coltonís beaming smile at their center.

Harry and Alain followed them, surrounding them with their protective love, always on duty, but their own love showing in holding hands and soft kisses.

At one oíclock the group walked into Southern Hospitality, Justin having guided Harry and Alain to his restaurant on ninth avenue.

The maitre d' smiled at Justin, the man smiling back.

"Welcome again to New York, Justin. Your usual room?" he smiled, Justin telling him yes.

The man nodded, guiding Justin and his group through the restaurant, patrons staring at them all, some pointing.

Justin smiled, walking hand-in-hand with Lance, Lance smiling at his happiness.

Lucas smiled behind them, the maitre d' guiding them to a quiet room in back.

The group sat down at two large tables, Justin ordering appetizers and drinks for everyone from the waiter who walked in, the maitre d' smiling and leaving.

"I love this restaurant, Justin. Your foodís amazing!" Finn said, smiling with hunger.

"Wait till you taste my ribs. Theyíre smooth and muscular." Justin said, batting his eyes.

Skyler laughed, Finn blushing, then smiling.

"Iíll lick them clean, Timberlake."

Justin laughed, sitting down beside Lance, his arm going around him.

Lucas smiled, seeing his open happiness.

"Open love, Jus. Isnít it wonderful?" he smiled, Justin beaming.

"Itís damn near fantastic!" he grinned, Lance kissing his lips.

"Something tells me youíre all going to turn into groping teenagers." Finn smirked.

"That we are. Sky can deal with the dirty old man." Lucas smiled, Alain laughing loudly, Harry joining him.

Everyone laughed, Finn kissing his wifeís lips.

"Feed me and this old dog can do some amazing tricks." he smiled, Skyler smiling at him.

"Do I have some sausage for you, Finny." Alain smiled, Skyler laughing now.

Finn blushed, she kissing his cheek.

"Leave my old dog alone. He just needs a good meal then a tummy rub."

Finn smiled, snuggling with his wife.

Everyone smiled, the group laughing and enjoying each otherís company.

They all dined on southern fare, Finn indeed licking Justinís ribs clean, two plates disappearing into him.

They all relaxed after, coffee served, the group happy and contented.

"A wonderful morning. Surrounded by my loves, shopping for their greater beauty." Enrique smiled, Derekís hand in his under the table, their three other soulmates surrounding them.

"Youíll all have to do a fashion show after. I saw those thongs Rico bought Hemi and Haras." Justin winked, the two Egyptians smiling at him, Hemiís face showing for a brief moment.

"Your place, after dark, Justin. And bring your own tissues." Derek said, Justin blushing, everyone laughing.

Lucas smiled, seeing everyoneís showing happiness.

His eyes met Andrewís, seeing the young manís thoughtful gaze.

He was staring at his wife, Trish sipping a glass of ice water.

"Everything alright, Drew?" Lucas said, Andrew smiling at him.

"Yes, Luke. Trish is just a little tired, thatís all." he said, Trish smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

"Iím fine, Drew. The babies are just kicking up a bit. All this walking this morning has gotten them active." she smiled, Skyler smiling beside her.

"Another two months, Trishy. Then your heart floods with joy." she smiled, Trish smiling at her.

"The happiness of parental love. I so want you to experience it, Patricia." Lucas said, Trish smiling at her brother.

"Iíll have all your love around me, everyone. I can do it with that."

Skyler smiled, kissing her cheek.

"Sisters forever, Trishy."

Trish nodded, smiling and sipping her water.

The waiter came in, Justin paying the bill, leaving a large tip, the man thanking his employer.

Justin smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"More shopping guys? Or should we head back?"

"Iíd like to go back to the kids, Jus. I donít feel right leaving your parents straddled all day." Skyler smiled, Finn nodding at her.

Everyone saw their hidden need to be near their infants, their love showing.

"I think Drew and Iíll head back as well." Trish smiled, Andrew kissing her lips.

"Iím up for more shopping." Jonathan said, Colton smiling at him.

"Okay, weíll divide vehicles. One going out, one heading back."

"Iíll drive the one back, Jus." Josh smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"I think my man wants some snuggle time." Lucas smiled, Josh winking at him.

Lance smiled, kissing Justinís cheek.

"And I have to go back to that thong shop. I think we need two fashion shows tonight."

Everyone laughed, Justin beaming.

The group smiled, rising from their seats, dividing and going their own ways.

Josh, Lucas, Finn, Skyler, Drew and Trish all left together, the others heading out for more shopping fun.


Josh smiled, driving through the late afternoon traffic of New York City.

It was a longer trip back, the traffic more congested.

Finn sat beside him in the front seat, Skyler and Lucas in the seat behind him, the two talking away about stuff.

Trish and Drew sat in the backseat, cuddled together, talking with Skyler and Lucas as well.

Josh had been surprised when Lucas had said heíd pop into the back, telling Finn to climb in up front.

Heíd said he wanted to confab with his girlfriends.

Finn had laughed, taking the front passenger seat.

"The girls want to chat, Joshy. Letís talk sports and hunting." Finn said in a caveman voice, Josh laughing.

Lucas had slapped Finn on the back of the head playfully, the group smiling, chatting and driving back home.

Finn had been chatting with Josh, his blue pools glancing in the rear view mirror, seeing Lucasí violet pools change to green, then glow.

Finn had caught it as well.

Lucasí head lowered, Finn looking back at him.

"Everything okay, Luke?" he said, Lucasí head rising, staring into his and Joshís blue pools, their vehicle stopped in traffic.

"Itís time. My love saves all." The young man said, his soft words ended by a loud scream.

Everyoneís eyes moved, staring at Trish, the young woman sobbing, Andrewís arm around her.

"The pain! Oh, it hurts!" she cried, everyone shocked by her loudness.

"Move, Drew! The babies are coming!" Lucas said, Drewís face showing shock, Lucas on the move, already out of his seatbelt.

"Trade places, Drew! Now!" Lucas said, Drew moving, letting go of his wife, he and Lucas trading places.

"Pull your seat ahead, Drew." Lucas said, Drew pushing the middle seat ahead, Skyler unbuckling her seatbelt, Lucas in the backseat with Trish, helping her lie down more.

Skyler removed her jacket, using it as a pillow for Trish.

"It hurts, Luke!" she cried, Lucasí hand in hers.

"My loveís here, Patricia. Focus on my eyes." he said, Trish staring into his glowing green pools.

A sudden look of calmness covered her face, as a soft blue aura surrounded her and Lucas.

"Get moving, Josh!" Drew said, Josh trying to snake through the traffic, Finn looking back with concern at his wife.

"The blue glow of his magic, Finny. Those babies already have his love." she said, Drewís hand going in Trishís other hand close to him.

Josh and Finn traded looks, Josh moving down the street, making a left at the first free light, Josh searching his GPS for the nearest hospital.

Lucas smiled at Trish, the young man helping her open her clothing more.

"I love you, Trish. My Trashyís going to be a mommy soon." he smiled, Trish smiling softly at him, Andrewís face showing a look of deep worry.

"Theyíre. . .theyíre too early, Luke." Andrew said, squeezing his wifeís hand, Trish looking into his blue eyes.

"Love comes when it must. They just needed to be with you sooner." Lucas smiled, steadying Trishís legs.

"I need you to push, Patricia. Just focus on my love that surrounds you."

Skylerís hand went to Trishís forehead, the two staring into each otherís eyes.

"Iíve felt Lucasí healing love, Trishy. Your children will come into the world guided by his love. Theyíre going to be just fine." Skyler smiled, tears showing in her eyes.

Lucas smiled at Skyler, the young man focusing on his sisterís comfort.

For ten minutes the car was silent, the only sounds Trishís relaxed breathing, then groans of pushing determinations.

"Push again, Patricia." Lucas said, Trish concentrating, pushing.

Skyler wiped the sweat off her brow, smiling at her bonded sister.

Lucas smiled, focusing on the coming love.

His green eyes glowed greater, the young man smiling at Trish.

The quietness of the vehicle was suddenly broken by a loud cry, Andrewís eyes widening, Lucas raising a small writhing bundle into his arms.

"Welcome to our love, my nephew." Lucas smiled, kissing the wet child, Trish and Andrew staring at the small infant with awed, tearful wonder.

"My. . .my son." Andrew said, half sobbing, Lucas smiling at him.

He bundled the infant in a sweater Skyler pulled from her shopping bag, newly bought.

Lucas cut the umbilical cord with a box cutter Finn had sterilized with a bottle of wine theyíd bought.

"Gift for our love given for theirs." Finn had smiled, Trish and Andrew smiling at him.

"Here, Drew. Take your son." Lucas smiled, Andrewís eyes widening with tearful wonder, Lucas guiding his new son into his arms.

Josh looked in the rearview mirror, seeing the focused happiness on Lucasí face.

"One more time, Trishy. Our littlest angel needs to enter the world of our love." Lucas smiled, Trish focusing, pushing again, Skylerís hand in hers, Skyler smiling at Andrewís showing face of happiness.

Josh pulled their vehicle into the front driveway of the Emergency Room of Mount Sinai Hospital just as another loud cry filled the vehicle.

This one was louder than the first, a second soft cry answering it.

Lucas smiled, Trish in tears, her face showing her tiredness.

"Welcome to our love, little angel." Lucas smiled, wrapping the small child in another shirt, guiding it into Trishís arms, his sister smiling down at her new daughter.

"Her eyes, theyíre violet like yours, Luke!" she said, Lucas smiling, kissing Trishís forehead, then the little girlís.

"She has my love and our momís lineage. And she has her new parentsí love. I love you both. I love all four of you." Lucas smiled, his eyes showing tears.

"Thank you, brother. Thank you for bringing them into our love." Trish said, exhaustion showing on her face.

Lucas smiled, looking at the two newly born infants in their parents' arms, Skyler smiling between them.

"They have my love always." he said, Trish smiling through her tired tears.

Josh stopped the vehicle, he and Finn jumping out of it, smiling and heading for the emergency entrance.


End of Chapter 213


A fitting place to end.

Shorter than usual but longer in production.



Another two angels enter Lucasí world of love.

Trish and Andrewís early new arrivals.

Guided to life by Lucasí love.


Lucas has returned to New York, words of gathering concern following him.

What exactly is going to happen there?

Lewis and he have had discussions, a consensus of mystery surround Lucas.

A family wealth gathers in a meeting of global domination.

And evil is being drawn there as well.


Trust in our Lucas to guide all on the path of his destiny.


Read on, the path continues, the horizon looming.


Hugs, Angel.