Yesterday's End-214


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 214


Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City


Justin walked into the waiting room, smiling faces greeting him.

Lance was at his side, their hands joined.

Two of the five of love followed, Colton and Jonathan walking into the waiting room behind them.

"This is so unbelievable! How's Trish?" Lance said, Josh smiling at him, Lucas standing beside him.

"She's resting, presently being moved into a private room. Andrew's with her. We'll be able to see her once she's settled in." Lucas said, Justin hugging the young man.

"And the babies?" he said, Lance hugging Lucas now.

"They're fine. Healthy, loud and happy." Lucas smiled, Colton's arms now around him.

"I felt them arrive, Dad! I felt their lives flow within the magic. Your love surrounded them both." the young man said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

Colton had alerted everyone else who was with him when he'd felt the arrivals.

Justin had called Josh right after, the man just coming back to the car, hospital staff helping Trish out of the car, nurses holding the infants, all moving into the hospital.

Josh had relayed the wonderful news.

"My love drew them into ours." Lucas said to Colt, Josh's arm going around him.

"You did more than that, Luke. You delivered both." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his old friend.

Skyler smiled at Lucas, leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"Our new children of Trish's and Drew's love came into this world with their uncle's love surrounding them. And I sense his magic." she said, Lucas softly smiling.

"They are family. I'll always welcome family, with my love and my magic. Trish just needed a little help. My love soothed her soul."
Skyler smiled, staring into his violet pools.

"I remember that blue light of love, and its calming center. They were all protected by all your love."

Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"Three sets of twins, Luke! We all have two children each!" he said, his face showing a look of happy wonder.

"Double the love, Finny. We four were always guaranteed more within our special bond." Lucas smiled, Skyler and Finn both smiling at him.

"Your love was--and always will be--the center of us, Luke. Our circle of love grows." Skyler smiled, Josh kissing his husband's lips.

"More children on our lane of love." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him, looking around at everyone.

"Orion's galaxy just grew in its love. Two more stars join our heaven." he smiled, Finn smiling, looking at Colton and Jonathan.

"Where are the other three of your five of love, boys? Have they grown tired of you already? They're not doing it somewhere here, are they?" he grinned, lightly chuckling, everyone sitting down.

Alain and Harry laughed beside Finn.

Colton's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

"They're on a mission of gathering love." the young man said, sitting in Jonathan's lap, the young man seated beside Justin and Lance.

Finn had taken in the look between Lucas and Colton.

"Meaning what, squirt?" he said, Colton smiling at him.

"Meaning they're on a path of Lucas' love." Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at him, the young man looking around at everyone staring at him.

"I sent Rico and my Egyptian friends to the airport. Andrew's uncle and Trish's and my parents have arrived." he said, Josh looking at him.

"I thought they weren't arriving until tomorrow with everyone else?" he said, Colton smiling at Lucas.

"Dad's love guides all on the paths they need going onto."

Lance looked at Colton, then his green eyes met Lucas' violet pools, the young man softly blushing.

A sudden thought materialized in Lance's mind, the man's eyes widening.

"You knew! You knew Trish was going to deliver today! That's why you organized everyone!" he said, everyone looking surprised, now staring at Lucas.

The young man sighed, Josh looking at him.

"I felt their coming love all week. And I felt its urgency today. That was why I was prepared. Why I sat in the backseat at the ready." he said, Josh squeezing his hand.

"Your love felt their coming love. You're so amazing, my love."
Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"As I said, I felt their love coming. My love and magic guided them forward. I would and will always be there for my sister. And the new hearts of love she now has." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"I envy those two. They'll have an uncle of unbelievable love." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Julian and Diana have the same uncle, Finny. I'll love all four as brothers and sisters to my own boys."

Everyone smiled, seeing a family growing together in their minds.

Lucas smiled, snuggling against his Josh, Justin and Lance smiling at both.


Two Hours Later


Trish's blue pools slowly opened, two tearing pools of blue staring back at her, right in front of her face.

"Mom?" she softly said, Vivian smiling down at her daughter.

"Yes, that you now are, Patricia. My baby's a mother!" Vivian cried, her arms going around her daughter, holding her gently, kissing her cheek repeatedly.

Trish smiled, feeling her mother's love, looking around the room.

Henderson and Lucas stood behind Vivian, the woman seated on Trish's bed, holding her child.

Andrew sat on the other side on the bed, his hand in his wife's.

His uncle Sol stood beside him, smiling down at the young woman.

Everyone else was relaxing around the hospital room, giving the young woman some calmness with her immediate family.

"You look beautiful, Trish." Henderson said, Trish looking up at her father, Vivian pulling back, Henderson leaning down, hugging his daughter, Trish's arms wrapped around him.

"I love you Mom and Dad! How did you get here so fast?" she said, wiping her eyes as Henderson stepped back.

"Your brother's love guided us here a day early, Trish. He called us last night, telling us to get over here today. That life and love had a surprise for us. We came just based on his love." Henderson said, Lucas smiling as his father's arm went around him.

"You needed all your family here today, Trashy." Lucas smiled, Trish smiling up at him.

"You knew, didn't you?"

"You know us Carvers, Trish. We always make a well-devised entrance. I felt their love coming." Lucas smiled, Trish smiling up at her brother with tears.

"I love you, Lucas! Your love. . .it. . .they're here because of you!" she said, half crying, Lucas leaning down and kissing her cheek.

"Now stop! The mascara will run, Trashy. Drew doesn't like clowns." he smiled, Trish laughing and slapping his head.

"But Josh does!" she smiled, wiping her eyes, Lucas smiling and stepping back, his man's arms going around him.

"That I do!" he said, kissing Lucas' lips.

Trish smiled, looking around at everyone standing or sitting in the room.

It was filled with all her family and friends.

"Have you seen them, Mom? They're both so beautiful!" Trish said, Andrew kissing her cheek.

"They're being brought in shortly, my love. They need to meet all their new family." Andrew smiled widely, everyone smiling at him.

Vivian hugged her daughter again, everyone around the room taking turns, welcoming the two new parents to the new happiness of their hearts.

Trish smiled, relaxing in the bed after Justin was the last to hug her, Andrew making her comfortable.

Everyone sat around chatting and laughing, the room filled with happiness.

Ten minutes later, the room's door opened, two nurses entering the room, each pushing a cart with a clear basket on top of it, a small form wrapped in each, Alain holding the door open for them with a smile.

"Land sakes, it's celebrity central in here!" the older of the two smiled, taking in the famous faces surrounding her.

"It's a family of love, Ma'am." Lucas smiled, the nurse smiling at him, the younger nurse looking at Justin and Lance with awed wonder.

"Focus, Debra." the older one said, the young nurse blushing, the two pushing the baskets up to the bed, everyone giving them room, smiling at the small bassinets.

The two nurses smiled, each lifting a clothed bundle out of a bassinet, handing Trish and Andrew their infants, smiling at both.

"They need to start breast feeding, new mother." Debra, the younger nurse, smiled.

Trish smiled, looking down at the infant in her arms, two blue pools smiling up at her.

Andrew smiled, staring into two violet pools of new warmth, the man kissing his daughter's head in his arms.

"Welcome to our love, Lenora Vivian Carver-McLaughlin." Andrew smiled, Vivian tearing up, looking at her daughter.

"Oh, really?" she said, Andrew smiling and kissing her cheek, guiding the small infant into Vivian's arms.

"Say hello to your granddaughter, Mom. Named after Trish's and my mother. Our angels of guiding love." Andrew said, Vivian smiling at him, his arm going around her, Vivian staring down at the small face cooing up at her.

"She has the Carlisle eyes. She's so beautiful!" she cried, Henderson's arm now around his wife's shoulders.

"She as beautiful as her mother and grandmother." he smiled, Trish smiling up at her father.

"Say hello to your new grandson, Dad. Lucas Henderson Carver-McLaughlin." she said, Henderson tearing up, leaning down and picking up the infant from her arms, the baby cooing and moving under the blanket.

"Oh really, Trish?" Lucas said, his arm around his father, both men looking at the child in his arms.

"Yes, Luke. I have my Lucky again." she smiled, Lucas smiling widely.

"And Lucky he shall now be, always. He'll have his uncle's love forever, as will Lenora!" he smiled, the two nurses smiling at the family before them.

"I think the new parents need to bond with their family. And it is indeed feeding time." the older nurse smiled, everyone nodding, rising from their seats, Andrew, Skyler and Vivian remaining with the new parents, everyone else hugging both, smiling at the babies, kissing their foreheads, and quietly leaving the room.

"Another Lucas to show his love." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him, his eyes meeting Trish's.

"Another Lucky for all of you to love." he smiled, Trish smiling, Henderson guiding her son back into her arms.

Lucas and his father were the last to leave, closing the door behind them.


Three Hours Later


Justin smiled, walking into the condo, his soulmates following him.

Lynn smiled, rising from the couch she was snuggled on with her husband, Paul smiling at everyone.

"How is everyone? Trish doing okay?" Lisa said, she and Karen having been playing cards with Roy and Randall at the table.

"She's fine. Tired but beyond happy." Lucas smiled, pulling off his coat, Josh hanging his and Lucas' on the coat rack, Justin hugging his moms.

"And the babies?" Karen smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"Fed, contented and sleeping when we left." Lance smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"How about our treasures?" Lucas asked.

"The four are the same." Lynn smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek, hugging him.

"I'll go check on them." Lance smiled, he and Justin walking towards the hallway.

Josh and Lucas smiled, sitting down on a couch, everyone returning to their seats.

"The two are so beautiful." Skyler smiled, sitting down in Finn's lap, the Welshman kissing her lips.

"All newborn treasures are to their parents. I remember our two beauties on that day." Finn smiled, Skyler smiling at him.

"Your love is so amazing, Luke." Roy said, Lucas smiling at Josh's father.

"They are a part of me now, Dad. It's the same amazing love I show all of you. I'll love them the same."

Josh smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"Are you boys hungry? We had leftovers." Karen smiled, looking at the clock on the mantle, reading nine o'clock.

"We ate supper at a restaurant close to the hospital. We're fine." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"An amazing day, Luke." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Life can be full of surprises, Finny. My love just carries more." Lucas said, sighing, pulling off his shoes, stretching his legs.

"We heard your love flowed again, son." Randall smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"My magic is always in tune to the surrounding life, Dad. It draws my love where needed." he said, Randall nodding.

"They are almost two months early, Luke. They must be so small?" Lisa said, Randall's arm going around her.

"They're healthy, and growing as the love grows. They'll be fine. Their hearts are strong. The love fills them." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I sense an underlying acceptance in your words, Lucas." another voice said.
Lucas turned, staring into Lance's green pools, he and Justin having just walked into the room again.

"How are our own treasures?" Lucas softly smiled, Justin and Lance sitting down on both sides of Josh and Lucas, Lance beside Lucas.

"They're asleep and joined together. Their parents' love surround them." Justin said, Finn and Skyler smiling at him.

Lance's hand went into Lucas', Lucas squeezing it gently.

"I feel your love and acceptance beneath your mask, Lucas. I sense you're upset by something." Lance said, Josh and Justin quietly looking at Lucas as well.

The young man sighed, rising from his seat, walking up to the windows, staring out into the night's lit darkness.

"You're getting too good at reading my soul, Lance." he said, Josh's eyes meeting Lance's green.

Lance rose from his seat, walking up to his soulmate, his hand going to his shoulder.

"We four share a bond of love, Lucas. Josh and Justin both sensed your hidden soul as well. We all love you."

Lucas smiled, staring at his green pools.

"I know, Lance. The three of you are now part of my soul. I sense I'll never be able to hide anything from you, regarding my love."

Justin and Josh both rose, walking up to the two, everyone else quietly watching the young man.

"They were in danger, weren't they, my love?" Josh said, Finn and Skyler looking at Lucas with surprise.

Lucas' eyes met theirs, the young man smiling at both.

"Treasures of love that surround me seemingly follow paths of danger. Why this is, I know not." he said, Finn rising from his seat, walking up to Lucas, Skyler staring at Lucas.

"You saved them, didn't you? Like you did our children!" he said, Lucas staring at his old friend.

"I felt their path, everyone. I felt the newness of their underdeveloped reality. They were too early. Too early to make that final path to life." Lucas said, everyone seeing the tears now showing in his eyes.

"They weren't meant to survive." Finn said, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"I felt their love, Finny. How could that love not survive?! I had to make it survive." Lucas said, his body turning, the man staring out the window, the room bathed in silence.

Lance's hand went to Lucas' other shoulder.
"What did you do, Lucas?" he said, he and Finn feeling the sigh come out of Lucas.

"I gave them life through my life. I gave part of my life so they could have theirs."

Josh moved, turning Lucas around, staring into his violet pools.

"Oh, my Lucas. What have you done?" he said, Lucas' head going against Josh's chest.

"I gave them part of my magical soul, my Joshua. They needed my magical soul to form their own lives and small bodies. I would give all of myself for them to have life. The magic gave them only part of me, it was enough. They have my love within them now. They shall live a life of happiness and love." he said, the young man raising his head, backing up, everyone staring at him.

"You soul is unending in its sacrificing love, Lucas." Finn said, tears in his eyes.

"They have life because of my giving love, Finny. I would--and will always--give that for all of you."

Everyone teared up, Finn smiling at Lucas.

"We love you, Lucas. They will know their uncle and feel his love as my own children will. They will all know of your forever giving love." Finn said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"I'll tell Trish when she's home and rested. She doesn't need to know the danger just yet that they were in. Right now, she just needs their love, and all of ours."

Everyone nodded, Josh kissing his lips.

"My amazing, giving Lucas. We'll all love all of them."

Lucas smiled, snuggling against Josh's chest, Justin's and Lance's hands on his back.

"I feel so tired. Drained of magic and love. I think I'll call it a night." he said, everyone nodding.

"Come on, my love. I'll send you to dreamland." Josh said, Lucas smiling, Josh guiding the young man towards the hallway, everyone voicing their love and goodnights to him.

"His soul is so giving. What he did for those babies." Karen said, wiping her eyes, Roy's arms around her.

"His love is unending. God's love shines from him." Randall said, Lisa smiling at her husband, his faith showing.

"We'll head back to our hotel rooms, guys. I think you all need a good night's rest." Lynn said, everyone smiling and nodding, hugs exchanged, the parents leaving the condo.

"We'll see you all in the morning. Come on, my love. We need to head to bed with our own bundles of love." Skyler said, Finn smiling, he and his wife walking down the hallway to their own children sleeping together with Lucas, Alain and Harry following them.

The two remaining soulmates joined hands, Justin locking the condo's door, Lance walking around and shutting off the lights.

They both walked down the hallway, walking into their bedroom, the two smiling at the loving sight before them.

Josh sat on the edge of the large bed, wearing only boxer briefs.

Lucas lay in the middle of the bed, covered in blankets, his chest naked.

On top of that chest lay two small bundles of love, his arms around both.

"He wanted them close, needing to feel their love." Josh smiled, the other two men smiling, Josh watching as Justin and Lance removed their clothes, climbing into the bed beside him, Justin's arms going around Josh's warm body.

Lance kissed Josh on the lips, Josh feeling their close love, Justin kissing his neck.

"We all need their love close tonight." Justin said, looking at his sons, the two cuddled against Lucas.

"Let's surround them with our love, guys." Lance smiled, the three men smiling at Lucas and their sons, the three moving and climbing under the covers.

Josh lay on Lucas' left side, Justin on his right, Lance snuggling behind Justin.

Two small sets of eyes opened on Lucas' chest, two angelic faces smiling at their fathers.

"Wuvs you, daddies." Little Justy said, Justin kissing his son's forehead.

"Your daddies love you, our boys." Josh said, little Joshy smiling at his father.

"We will wuvs them toos. Fwiends now." the little boy said, closing his eyes, Justy's hand going to his brother's face, his eyes closing as well.

Josh's eyes met Justin's and Lance's, the three looking at each other with wonder.

"They know they've come?" Justin softly said, Josh smiling at his sons.

"They are their father's sons. They have his love as well." he said, the other two smiling.

Lucas smiled between them, the man sound asleep, his children snuggling into him more.

The other three smiled, all closing their eyes.


The Next Morning


Josh walked into the kitchen, two violet eyes smiling at him.

Justin and Lance behind him were met with the same smiling love.

"Good morning, my angels. You're the last three to rise." Lucas smiled, standing at the kitchen counter, Colton at his side.

"More like the last three to go down." Finn smirked, Alain chuckling beside him.

All three blushed, their hair wet and combed.

"We didn't have a Welsh scrub brush, but all-in-all a great time had by all." Justin grinned, Finn smirking again.

"Any place, any time, Timbersnake. I'll rock your world." he grinned, Justin blowing him a kiss.

"My world's already rocking, Finny. All rock hard." Justin grinned, others laughing, Lucas smiling and slapping his ass, kissing all three of his soulmates.

"Your sons are fed, boys. They need their bottles now." he said, Josh smiling, walking up to the counter, picking up two bottles from the warmer, handing Justin one.

"It's a shame to take them out of their granddads' arms." Lance smiled, Roy and Randall smiling, each holding an infant.
"We fed them, you give them their fatherly love." Randall said, Justin smiling, taking his son Joshy from Randall's arms, Roy smiling and handing Josh his little Justy.

"Great move, Randall. With food then milk comes loaded diapers. Another fatherly task." Roy smiled.

Randall laughed, others laughing as well, Lucas smiling around at the large group in his kitchen.

The fivesome of love and all their parents had come over from the hotel and Justin's place, the kitchen filled with his family.

"We all need food, my family. A day of gathering love coming. Visits to my sister, and welcoming family and friends arriving." he smiled, carrying a platter of bacon to the table, Colton following with a large platter of pancakes and biscuits.

The table was full, everyone sitting down.

Randall said a short grace, everyone diving into the breakfast feast.

They ate heartily, Lucas smiling at everyone.

"The weekend continues, son." Lynn said, Lucas nodding.

"A time of calmness before the gathering storm." he said, smiling around at everyone.
"What's going to happen on Monday, Luke? With your family and their business?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"The Belmont soul will be vindicated. And evil's intent will be shown. Trust in me to voice the truth in all regards. And I am well prepared for anything." he said, Finn's hand going on top of his.

"Evil will show itself there?" Alain said, everyone looking at Lucas.

"Evil shows itself when its needs are threatened. I'm prepared for all." Lucas said, spooning more eggs onto his husband's plate, Josh smiling at him.

"We don't want you hurt, Luke." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"If you don't give me more of that bacon your hoarding, I shall be hurt, mooch."

Finn stared at him, the Welshman laughing, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your humor calms all our souls, my brother." Finn smiled, handing him the platter that was sitting in front of him.

Lucas smiled, filling his plate again.

"Monday will see the rectifying of my family's commerce. My father shall lead that wealth forward. And the validity of the honor of my family's soul will be shown."

"And Sheridan and the missing Haven? What will they do?"

Lucas sighed, staring at his plate.

"Haven's appearance will not be shown then. And Sheridan will do as he must. As will I. And from the falling of life's courage a greater truth shall show itself. I have the magic to show the miracles of life."

Everyone stared at Lucas, the young man raising his eyes, a soft emerald green showing in their centers.

"Eat up, my family. My nephew and niece are awake. They are feeding on their mother's love. I so want to hold them close in my arms." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Ever mysterious, ever loving."

Lucas smiled, continuing to eat, everyone quietly looking at each other.

"Dad's being Dad. I feel the coming magic, Dad. I'm ready." Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Keep the bow unloaded, my son. The arrows of my own love will do battle for all." Lucas smiled, Josh staring at him.

Enrique's hand went in Colton's, the young man smiling at him.

Everyone quietly ate their breakfast, their thoughts on the week's coming mysteries.


A Few Hours Later


Lucas smiled, holding the infant in his arms, gently rocking it.

Trish smiled, little Lenora in her arms.

"He loves you, Luke. He was fussy all morning after feeding. But one moment in your arms and his soul lightens." she smiled, Andrew smiling at his children.

"They feel his love." Josh smiled, sitting on the edge of the bed with Lucas.

"They both have it always. Their uncles are going to spoil them silly!" Lucas grinned, Trish and Andrew laughing.

Trish smiled, looking around her room.

It was filled again with all her family and friends, all smiling at her and her treasures.

"I sense they'll be spoiled by all of you." she smiled, Justin waving at her, snuggled in Lance's lap on a couch.

"All six of our sons and daughters will be spoiled with the love of all of us." Lance smiled, Finn and Skyler smiling at him.

"Great! You're nominated for diaper duty for all of them, Bass!" Finn grinned, Lance smiling at him.

"Sweet! You're first. I'm so going to powder that hairy ass!"

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing.

"Me and my big mouth." he said, Alain kissing his cheek beside him.

"I've got a big pacifier to fill that mouth with."
Harry laughed, others joining him, Harry kissing his man's cheek.

"It's the biggest." he smiled, Alain smiling at him alone.
Lucas smiled at his friends, then staring into Trish's blue pools.

"They're treasures in every sense of the word, Patricia. We'll love them forever." he said, Trish smiling, Andrew taking little Lenora from her, Trish's hand going to Lucas' shoulder beside her.

"Some of us loved them before they were even born." she said, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

Lucas smiled, looking down into little Lucas' blue pools.

He felt Trish's hand rubbing his shoulder.

"You saved them, didn't you?" she said, Andrew staring at Lucas as well.

Lucas' eyes raised, staring into Trish's blue pools of tearful, sisterly love.

"I thought long and hard on this since yesterday, Lucas. I saw a look in your eyes in the back of that vehicle. A look of acceptance. Of acceptance to what you had to do. You did more than bring my children into this life, didn't you?" she said, her eyes moving towards Finn and Skyler, both staring at her with tearful love.

"You saved Finn and Skyler's angels that night at Kurucu's Haven. You did the same for me in that vehicle yesterday." she said, Lucas smiling at his sister, Josh gently taking the child from Lucas' arms.

"I love Finn and Skyler, Patricia. They are my brother and sister. Their children needed my love to guide them forward. You mean even more to me, my sister of love."

Trish's hand went in his, Andrew staring at the young man.

"Our children weren't meant to live." he softly said, tears showing in his eyes, Trish's showing tears as well.

"They were always meant to have life, Drew. My love would have always seen to that. Let's not focus on the past. Let's focus on their smiling love today, and for every day going forward. Their love will make your lives so meaningful." Lucas said, Trish staring at him.

"You gave them more than your love, Lucas. I feel it in them when I hold them. I feel the greater magic of your love."

Lucas smiled, looking at the two infants in Josh's and Drew's arms, Drew handing his daughter to Vivian, she tearfully taking her.

"You saved my children, Lucas. You gave Trish and me our happiness. You did that, didn't you?"

Lucas saw the tears in Andrew's eyes, the man rising, moving around the bed, pulling Lucas up into his arms.

"I gave them your love, Drew. They needed to experience that. They needed to feel all our love. For that reality, I'll give all that I have." Lucas said, the man crying in front of him.

"Thank you, Lucas! Thank you for loving them and us!" Andrew cried, hugging the young man against him tightly.

Lucas blushed, everyone seeing his usual reluctant self, the man patting the man's back.

Lucas felt Trish's hand going into his, the two men breaking their embrace.

"Thank you, Lucas. For giving them your love and ours." Trish said, her eyes covered in tears.

"Mascara, Tammy Faye. You're showing your circus self again."

Trish laughed, smiling at her brother.

"I don't want to know the truth of their danger, Lucas. I only want to feel the happiness of their love around me." she said, Lucas smiling, taking little Lucas from Josh's arms, guiding him back into his mother's arms, the baby cooing.

"That's all they and you need, Patricia. Their lives are filled with love now. They'll surprise all of us." Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around him.

"You know our Lucas. Life is nothing without his surprising love." Josh smiled, Andrew smiling and wiping his eyes.

"Trish is being released tomorrow. Our lives then begin." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Your new neighbors surround you with their experienced parenthood. We're all here for you. And they've got some amazing grandparents."

"Well said, Josh." Vivian smiled, Andrew smiling at her and Henderson.

"I'm not letting Finny look after my boy. My Lucas will probably start getting hairy." Andrew said, Lucas laughing loudly.

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing.

"It's not transferable!" he said, Andrew laughing, the Welshman hugging him, slapping his ass.

"Our boys will be brothers, Drew. Four boys of wild happiness. With two sister angels accompanying them." Finn smiled, the foursome of love smiling at the Welshman.

"We'll get the condo ready for your family love." Colton said, Trish smiling at him.

"Thanks, guys. I can't wait to be home. I'll need all of you." she smiled, Skyler sitting down beside her, kissing her cheek.

"Sisters and mothers for life, Trishy." she said, hugging her, Vivian guiding little Lenora into Skyler's arms.

Everyone smiled, watching the two mothers bond.

Ten minutes later the room's door opened, a smiling group of faces walking into the hospital room.

Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, walking up to opening arms.

He hugged his mother and father, Tristan and Savannah hugging him tightly.

Emerson and Francesca smiled behind them; Jacques, Lewis, Grayson and Gabriel standing behind them, all waiting their turn to hug the young man.

Others greeted them, hugs and kisses exchanged with everyone.

"We felt your love from the plane, and its increasing happiness." Savannah said, moving towards the new parents and infants, Vivian smiling at her sister.

"Oh, aren't they precious!" Savannah said, Francesca joining her.

Everyone smiled, seeing the new family before them.

"Your love is amazing, my son." Tristan said, his arm around Lucas.

"It is for all, Dad." he said, Lewis smiling at the young man.

"You walk with God's life within your soul, Lucas." Lewis said, Lucas smiling at him, the minister hugging him tightly.

"I walk with all life, Lewis." the young man said, Lewis staring at him, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"We will discuss the gathering masses later, my friend. Today is for family." the young man said, Josh walking up to him, looking at Lewis.

"You are for all families, Lucas. Your love blesses us all." the man said, Jacques' arms going around him.

"He is love, mon cheri. We bask in its beauty." the Frenchman smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

Emerson hugged his grandson again, feeling his continuing love.

"How finds your heart, Grandfather?" Lucas smiled, Emerson smiling at him.

"My heart renews with your embrace, my grandson. All paths lead to your love. And new paths form."

Lucas smiled, looking at the new family surrounded by his family's love.

"Love grows as my love sows." he smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

Everyone smiled, the room filling with happiness and conversation.

Hours Later


"A meal fit for a condemned man. Bring on the noose." Roy smiled, Lucas laughing, Karen slapping his shoulder.

"What talk, Roy! That's vulgar." she said, Roy smiling and kissing her cheek.

"I remember the first dinner you cooked me, my love. I still wear the noose. Your love is the punishment of my heart."
Everyone laughed, Karen blushing but smiling at her husband.

"Watch him, Karen. He's filled with good food. From that comes snuggling love." Randall smiled, wiping his lips on a napkin.

Everyone smiled, rising from the dining room tables, heading for the living room couches.

"You've sedated us all, Luke. How do you find the time?" Jacques smiled, sitting down on a couch with his soulmate, Grayson and Gabriel joining him.

"My love flows in many ways. I master the kitchen and bedrooms." Lucas smiled, Justin laughing.

"I'll vouch for that." he smiled, Finn laughing.

"I'll vouch for the cracked walls." he said, Lucas' three soulmates blushing, Lucas smiling at Finn.

"At least our bedroom's hair-free." he smiled, Josh laughing, following Lucas into the kitchen for coffee and tea.

"I think you need a bikini wax, my love. The hairy taunts will never end." Skyler smiled, snuggling against her man in a large chair.

"My hair, like myself, roams free." he said, Alain smiling at him.

"You can roam into my room anytime, sweetie!" he smiled, Finn blowing him a kiss.

Josh came back out of the kitchen carrying a tray of coffee and tea carafes, Lucas following him with a tray of cups, sugar and milk.

They set them down on the coffee table, everyone helping themselves to coffee or tea.

Lucas smiled, seeing his father standing at the large picture window, looking out into the glowing New York skyline.

Lucas kissed his Josh's cheek, the man smiling at him, sitting down beside Justin and Lance, both holding one of their sons in their arms.

Lucas walked up to his father, everyone quietly talking and watching them.

Tristan's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him, the older man's arm going around his son.

"How finds your soul, Father?" Lucas said, Tristan smiling and kissing his cheek.

"My soul is calm, my son. It contains your love and my parents'. And my dear Savannah's." he smiled, Savannah smiling at her husband, little Joshy now guided into her arms by Lance.

Lucas smiled, kissing his father's cheek.

"I need to say something, Lucas." Tristan said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You don't need to say anything, Dad. I feel your love, and you feel mine."
"Please, Lucas. Let me speak from my heart." Tristan said, Emerson staring at his son, Francesca smiling at him.

"Alright, Dad. You have my love and attention." Lucas said, Tristan smiling, leaning in and kissing his son's forehead.

"I'm proud of you, Lucas. I see standing before me a young man who's had a life of turmoil, loss and pain. But I see a more centered young man before me now. A young man with a heart filled with unending love. The love you were given from Vivian, Henderson and Trish. And you've given that love to so many others. They tonight surround you. And I see the total love that the five of your heart give you. You are happy, Lucas. And you've given me so much love as well. You welcomed me into your soul, into your love and back into your family. Tonight, I can truly say that I feel that I am your father at last. For I see before me a man who any father would truly be proud of. I love you, Lucas. I love you so much, my son!"

"I love you, Dad. I thank each day that I have your love with me." Lucas said, Tristan tearfully smiling at his son.

"On Monday I take up the career of my family, Lucas. I walk into the corporate world again." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know it wasn't always the life you wanted, Dad. But I see the greater need within your soul. The need to show your own father your love. That company is a part of him, of your grandfather, and yes, of yourself. Destiny was always that path for you. I sense you've reasoned that out as well."

Tristan smiled, nodding his head.

Emerson walked up to the two men, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"I chose this myself, Lucas. I love my father, and he loves me. Belmont Industries is a part of our one soul. I always sensed it was a part of myself as well. I accept the path I now shall walk. It's time our soul got its honor back. We will shine again as a just and honest establishment. I honor my grandfather with his life's devotion." Tristan said, Emerson's arm going around him.

"I hold a father's pride myself, Tristan. I have always been proud of you. Not just for this but for the man you always were. I love you, my son." he said, Tristan smiling, hugging his father.

Savannah smiled, walking up to the three, little Joshy in her arms.

Tristan smiled at her, Lucas smiling at his son.

"Gampa! Wuvs you!" the little boy said, Tristan smiling, taking the child from his wife, smiling down into his blue and violet pools.

"I love you, my grandson. You're so like your father!" he smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek, Tristan smiling at him.

"Take your grandson and sit with your family, Dad." Lucas said, Tristan smiling, Savannah's arm around him, the two and Emerson walking to a couch, joining Francesca.

Lucas smiled, turning and looking out into the darkness, the lights twinkly in its shady existence.

"Darkness lays in all souls. The rays of life and love give us the light to walk all paths." Lucas said, everyone watching him.

Lewis rose from his seat, walking up to the young man, Jacques quietly watching his husband.

"You are the light for all darkness, Lucas. Your love shines in all our hearts." the minister said, Lucas turning his head, smiling at the jovial parson.

"The light of your soul is your unflinching faith, Good Reverend. It shines for all of us to see." he smiled, Lewis smiling at him.

"I see through your guiding love, Lucas. You have strengthened my soul, my heart and my life. I follow your love always." he said, Lucas smiling, leaning forward and kissing the man's cheek.

"I am honored by the faith you have in my love, Lewis. I have a greater faith in yours, and your husband's." he said, Jacques rising from his seat, walking up to his husband, his arm going around him.

"Is it time, mon ami?" he said, Lucas smiling at him, the young man seeing the awed wonder in both their smiling faces.

"Soon, my friends. All paths unite soon. And then I take up the final path. For now, let's talk of the present. Your journeys bore fruit?" he said, Lewis shaking his head in fascination.

"It is as if the soul of the world has come to life, Lucas. What you asked us to do has united the world's faiths." Lewis said, everyone seeing the awed wonder on the man's face.

Josh rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"What's going on, Luke? Where have Lewis and Jacques been?" he said, his arm going around Lucas.

The young man smiled, nodding at Lewis.

"Lucas has sent my love and myself on a quest of faith, Josh."

"A quest of faith, Lewis?" Vivian said, Jacques smiling at his old friend.

"Yes, Vivacious. Your son armed us with a truth, the weapon we gave to all." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It wasn't really a weapon, Jacques. A truth, yes, but not a weapon. It was the answer to a joining of faith."

Lewis stared at the young man.

"I feel the world will never recover, Lucas. What you may give them may sink into the souls of all faiths. The world may never be the same."

Lucas sighed, staring at the two men.

His violet pools looked out into the darkness again, the three beside him staring at him.

"The world changes, my friends. As a child grows with wisdom and life, so shall the world grow. The world shall grow as my love sows."

Josh's arm went around Lucas tighter, their eyes meeting.

"You're being mysterious again, my love."
Lucas smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"It is the Belmont soul within me, my love. Our family's heart is laced with mystery." he smiled, looking towards his grandfather and father, both men smiling at him.

Grayson smiled as well, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

Lucas sighed, his eyes meeting Lewis' staring blue pools.

"I sent our friends here on a journey of faith. I asked them to visit the leaders of all the major faiths of the world." he said, everyone looking at the two older man standing beside Lucas, both men showing calm smiles.

"Why did you do that, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas looking at his old friend.

"To center the world for what's to come, Finn. The world needs to prepare for the final path."

"Final path to what, my love?" Josh said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"To life, my love." he said, the young man looking at Lewis, nodding.

The minister's eyes moved around the room, everyone staring at him.

"Lucas sent Jacques and me on a path to many places--Vatican City, Russia, Jerusalem, and other places of religious doctrine."

Finn rose from his feet, staring at them.

"You met the Pope?" he said with wonder, Lewis smiling at him.

"Eventually, yes. Firstly, I met an old friend of mine, a cardinal within His Holiness' inner circle. I gave him the question to ignite the man's faith. To ignite all their faith."

"Question? What question?" Finn said, sitting down beside his wife again.

Lucas looked at his old friend, Finn staring at him.

"Go ahead, Lewis. Recite it again." Lucas said, the young man staring out into the darkness again, Josh looking at him.

Lewis looked around at everyone, his hands folded in front of himself, the minister sighing.

"I asked the same question to those men of faith and stature. A question that they alone knew the answer to. For all the faiths of the world have lain in wait for the question. To indeed ignite the faith of the world. I saw that faith in all their faces." he said, everyone looking at him.

"What is the question, Lewis?" Tristan said, Lewis looking at his old friend.

"Doeth thou know the name of the Warrior?'" he said, everyone looking confused.

Everyone stared at Lucas, the young man silent, staring out into the night.

"What was their answer, Lewis?" Lance said; his, Justin's and Josh's eyes staring at Lucas.

Lewis stared at Lucas, the young man's eyes meeting his, nodding.

"They all gave the same answer." Lewis said, looking around at everyone's staring eyes.

"The Warrior shall lead the Seraphim. We name him the Curacuar.'"

Everyone looked surprised, Josh's hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"Colton, Lucas?" he said.

Lucas turned, his violet pools staring into Josh's blue pools.

"Yes, Joshua. Our Colton is the warrior of the world's faith. He is the warrior who will lead the coming angels."


End of Chapter 214


Colton is going to lead angels?

Can that be true?

How do all the faiths of the world know that?

It seems Lucas has instigated this reality with his loaded question.


Trish and Andrew are now proud parents of two little angels.

And it seems Lucas guided them into the world, giving them more than just help.

His magic has given them life.


What lays ahead for Lucas?

A meeting of his family's business and the finality of its honor.

A final path of perhaps mystical and faith-filled reality?


Read on, my friends.

The reality unfolds.


Hugs, Angel.