Yesterday's End-216


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 216


The Next Morning


Lucas' violet pools took in the passing images, the limousine driving through the morning sunshine of a warm New York City day.

Josh was at his side, Justin and Lance seated beside them.

Grayson, Emerson and Tristan were seated on the other seat across from them.

Three other limousines followed theirs, a united group of joined love heading for a dawning day of commerce.

Trish's, Skyler's and Finn's parents were staying home with the six infants, their love surrounding them.

Lucas' violet pools looked out the window again, taking in the passing 9/11 Memorial, the young man feeling Josh's hand squeeze his.

His mind went through the morning's realities.

Grayson, Gabriel, Lucas' grandparents and parents had arrived for breakfast, the rest of his family and friends joining them.

Lucas and Colt had created a large breakfast, everyone diving into its delicious buffet bounty.

He and Justin had fed the boys during breakfast, the other parents feeding theirs.

After breakfast Lucas had sat down at the dining room table with his father and grandfather, Grayson producing documents from his briefcase.

Lucas signed a succession of papers Grayson handed him, his father, and grandfather and Grayson signing as well.

Trish signed a few papers as well, she and her new infants included in the Belmont family trusts along with Lucas' boys.

The lawyer explained each form to Lucas and Trish, Gabriel notarizing each after they were signed by all six.

Lucas was now instigated as one of four partners under the Belmont Foundation.

He voiced his love for his father, grandfather and great uncle, all three hugging him.

The young man expressed his views on his dealings within the company.

He would remain a silent partner, trusting in the older three to run the company as his great-grandfather had envisioned.

All three smiled, Lucas' father hugging him tightly, the ownership of that company now in his hands shortly.

Trish hugged her male family members as well, a family united under love.

She and her children would be well taken care of through those trust funds.

Within half an hour everyone was ready, Grayson having arranged transportation for everyone.

Lucas had asked Harry and Alain for a moment in private, the three briefly talking in the kitchen.

Everyone had waited, wondering what the discussion was about.

Five minutes later, Lucas had rejoined them, the group leaving together.

Here now Lucas' family was driving to the meeting of that company's board of governors.

Lucas smiled at his father across from him, seeing the calmness in his green pools.

"The sunshine greets a day of beginnings, my family." Lucas said, Emerson smiling at his grandson.

"The day my son takes the corporate reins from my troubled hands." he said, Tristan kissing his father's cheek.

"Your hands were guided with love, courage and honor, Father. I will guide as you did. I will honor you and Grandfather." he said, Emerson smiling at his son with tears.

"Each generation going forward has guided with all three values, my son. You shall make my father's company shine as this day's sun does." Emerson smiled, Tristan smiling at his father and Grayson, both men showing pride in their eyes.

"I will need both of your help always." he said, Lucas smiling at all three.

"Belmont Industries is in good hands, Father. Today's reality will show that." he smiled, the three nodding their heads.

"The governors will be surprised. A new family alliance guiding them." Grayson said, looking at Lucas.

"My great-grandfather created this company, Uncle Gray. It was always destined to be run by Belmonts." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Your love flows through all three, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

The limousines slowed, turning onto a circular drive, a large skyscraper showing before everyone.

"Wow, that's high." Justin said, looking out the window with Lance.

"One hundred floors of commerce and power." Lucas said, Grayson staring at him.

"How did you know the floor total, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I walk all paths of creation in my family's heart." he smiled at the lawyer, the young man kissing his husband's lips.

Josh felt his love, the two breaking the kiss, Lucas kissing Justin and Lance both next.

All three smiled at Lucas, the young man smiling back.

The limousine came to a stop in front of the building, the others behind stopping.

Lucas smiled at his father and grandfather.

"Into the future we walk, the past following." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling as the chauffeur opened the door beside him.

The young man climbed out of the limousine, his family following.

He smiled, watching his friends and family climb out of the other cars, all looking up at the building before them.

Everyone saw a conglomeration of reporters at the building's front doors, security keeping them out.

"It seems the press are in wait for us, Luke." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"They will see what must be seen." he smiled, kissing his father's cheek.

Lucas' arm went in his grandfather's, the man smiling at him.

"Let's go in, Grandfather. The future waits for no one."

Emerson smiled, guiding his grandson forward, everyone behind them following.


The reporters immediately surrounded them, questions thrown at them as security surrounded them.

"Lucas, Lucas! What are you doing here at your family's business headquarters? Are you now diving into business ventures?" one yelled, Lucas ignoring him.

"Lucas! What really happened in L.A.? You've outed half the celebrities in music!" another asked, questions and loudness surrounding them.

"Why are you in New York, Justin? Where are the kids? The world needs to see them!"

"How many more have you warped with your vile degenerate ways, Lucas?" another yelled, Lucas staring towards him, his violet pools zoning in on him.

"My love warps no one. That you'll all see." he said, staring at the reporter.

Justin moved, guiding Lucas forward, the reporters following.

No one answered their questions, the reporters' noise unending.

Security tightened around the group, all walking through the front doors.

Security covered it, the reporters stopped from entering behind them.

A uniformed guard walked up to everyone, the older man smiling at Emerson.

"Like fighting your way through a sardine can, Emerson." he smiled, Emerson smiling and patting the man's shoulder.

"Yes, Joe. And those fish were slimy." he said, the man laughing, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"This is Joseph Forrester, Lucas. He's overseen security here for nearly forty years. Joe, this is my grandson Lucas." Emerson smiling, the man smiling at Lucas' grandfather, then at Lucas, extending his hand.

Lucas shook his hand, the man smiling at him.

"A pleasure, Mr. Carver-Belmont. Your notoriety follows you. We'll keep them out as we have all morning. This is Belmont property." the man said, pride showing on his face.

"My grandfather is well-protected." Lucas smiled, the man nodding.

"As your father will be. Hello again, Tristan." the security director smiled, shaking Tristan's hand, giving the man a warm hug, the man smiling widely.

"Nice to see you again, Joe. The place has been well-protected."
The man smiled, nodding.

"I'm here for you as well, Tristan. Welcome again, returning son." he said, Emerson smiling at his son.

"You're retiring soon, Joe." Grayson smiled, shaking the man's hand, the man smiling.

"Yes, next year, Grayson. But my three sons are here and shall continue in my stead. Cameron is set to command it all." he smiled with pride, Emerson patting his shoulder.

The man smiled at everyone surrounding them, shaking their hands, everyone smiling back.

"Everyone has arrived, Joe?" Emerson said, the two men walking towards the elevator doors wall.

 "Yes, all the governors--or what remain of them--are all upstairs in the penthouse conference room awaiting you." the director said, Emerson nodding.

 "Very good, Joe." he said, the man smiling at him.

"Refreshments are laid out. They await the dawning light of your son's guiding hand." he smiled, Tristan smiling at him.

"It appears the news is out." Tristan laughed, Joseph smiling at him.

"We're all a family, Tristan. News spreads fast here." he said, Tristan smiling and patting his shoulder.

"I now know the communications center of this building. I'll come to you first with all decisions I need known, Joe." Tristan smiled.

The man blushed, Emerson laughing, Joseph smiling at him.

"Joe's trustworthy and indispensable. His sons are as well." Emerson smiled, Joseph smiling and hitting the elevator buttons on three elevators.

"You won't be disturbed, Emerson. The floor's been searched, cleaned and combed. Only the governors and your group have access for the morning. Chairs have been set up in a separate area for your surrounding group in the conference room. They can listen in on the meeting, as per your instructions." Joseph said, glancing at his watch.

"Thank you, Joe." Emerson said, shaking his hand again.

All three elevators opened, the group dividing and going into all three.

Colton smiled at Lucas, he and his foursome of love going into one with Harry and Alain, Finn and Skyler joining them.

Emerson's immediate family took the middle one, everyone else going into the third.

Joseph smiled at all three groups, their doors closing.

The elevators ascended upwards, soft music filling each cubicle.

Lucas felt Josh's arms around him, the young man quietly looking around at everyone surrounding him.

Justin and Lance were standing together, their arms around each other: Tristan, Grayson, Emerson and Trish surrounded by their loved ones.

Lucas smiled at everyone, his violet pools closing, his mind calming.

For about five minutes they rose upwards, the door finally opening on a large reception area, no one seated at the large desk ahead of them.

"This way, everyone." Emerson smiled, he and Francesca turning to the left, everyone walking out of the elevators, walking to the left of the desk, walking down a large open hallway.

Along the hallway were pictures of buildings and sites of large complexes.

"All the companies under the Belmont Industries umbrella." Grayson smiled, Gabriel's arm in his.

Lucas nodded, seeing two large oak doors ahead of them.

Emerson smiled, stopping at the doors, smiling back at everyone.

"From here on please be silent and calm. I'll introduce you all to the governors again." Emerson said, everyone nodding, couples joining.

Emerson opened the door, walking into the room, everyone following.

Lucas broke from Josh, the man staring at him as the young man walked up to Harry and Alain, the three quietly talking.

Everyone saw the muscular black man's eyes widen a bit, then his head slowly nodding.

Lucas smiled, kissing Harry's cheek, then Alain's, the two men watching him walk back to Josh, the man guiding his husband into the room, everyone else following.


In the center of the room was a large conference table, four men and one woman rising from large black leather chairs around it, all staring at Emerson and the approaching group.

Emerson smiled, walking up to a middle-aged woman, kissing her cheek, the woman staring at the group behind Emerson as he shook the hands of the other four men.

"Good day, my old friends. How finds you this day of my family's happiness?" Emerson smiled, Helga Gerhardt smiling at Emerson.

"Your family seems to have enlarged, as the surrounding chairs show. And this large group behind you." she said, Emerson smiling, Tristan and Grayson walking up to the five, shaking their hands.

Lucas smiled, following Francesca and Savannah, the three greeting the five governors.

Emerson introduced the five to everyone, greetings exchanged, their wary eyes taking in all the strangers around them.

"This is highly unusual, Emerson. This is usually a private meeting." Alistair MacDonald said, the English governor staring at everyone.

"My new family is unusual in its gathering love. My grandson is the nexus of that love. I could not have the meeting without him or his posse." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him, his violet pools meeting the five governors' staring eyes.

"They would not let me go it alone. My love draws their love." he said, Colton smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Your love is love, Dad." he smiled, the five staring at the two young men.

"We shall not interfere with the meeting. I only wanted to be here today for my father's and grandfather's--as well as my great-uncle's--happiness." Lucas smiled.

"Great-uncle? Who's that?" Dominic Rancourt, the Canadian governor said.

"That would be myself, my friends." Grayson said, Gabriel smiling at him, their hands still joined, everyone seeing that closeness.

"You. . .you. . .you are a Belmont?" Mario Hernandez, the South American governor said with awe, Grayson smiling at him.

"Yes, Mario. Emerson and I are brothers of the heart and soul. His father is my father."

The five governors looked thunderstruck, Emerson smiling at all five.

"You have missed much in my family's rebirth and past, my friends. It's time all was known before we set on the next path." he said, Tristan kissing his father's cheek.

"Please sit down again, my father's old friends. We have a story of love, family and heritage to tell you. Please keep an open mind." Tristan said, Emerson smiling at his son's taking charge of the moment.

"Sit, my old friends. Let the path of my grandson's love enlighten your souls. Your noble, honorable souls." he said, the four men and one woman slowly nodding, Francesca kissing her husband's cheek.

"Good luck, my love. We shall all be quiet and let you get to it." she smiled, the woman and her daughter taking charge of everyone, leading them all over to numerous chairs and sofas that were gathered together at the far end of the room, a large row of wide clear windows covering one whole wall of the room, their chairs in front of it.

The five governors sat down in their chairs again, Emerson and Grayson taking the two closest chairs to the end of the table, Tristan standing by the chair at the table's end in the seat once owned and controlled by Haven Marlowe.

Lucas smiled, the young man taking the last vacant chair at the table, sitting down beside his grandfather facing Grayson.

The five governors exchanged looks, the African governor staring at the young man.

"I thought you wanted nothing to do with your grandfather's business, Mr. Carver-Belmont?" Richard Cranston said, Lucas looking at the large black man.

"My grandfather's love guides me to this seat. I will take it at its giving value, as you should all as well." Lucas smiled, Emerson smiling at his grandson.

"My son will explain my grandson's presence. You have the floor, Tristan." Emerson said, sitting back in his chair, relaxing.

"I believe we should begin with the founder of this company, Joshua Belmont. My own grandfather." Tristan said, the governors staring at him with surprise.

"You're mistaken, Tristan. Joshua Belmont was your father's great-grandfather." Helga Gerhardt said, Emerson looking at the woman.

"My son is correct, my friends. Joshua Belmont was my own father. His was Tristan's grandfather." Emerson said, Tristan staring at the governors.

"That.. .that's impossible!" Dominic Rancourt said, showing confusion and shock.

"No, my friends. The truth is never impossible when it shines with reality. It is time you knew the truth of the Belmont soul." Tristan said, Lucas' eyes meeting his father's emerald pools.

"My son has restored the faith in all of us. And he's found the truth." Tristan said, the man beginning to speak.

The five governors sat in silence, their eyes on Emerson Belmont and his son Tristan.

Everyone in the room sat in silence, truth shining like the outside sunshine.


Helga Gerhardt wiped her eyes, Richard Cranston's arm around the woman, his own eyes showing tears.

"It's. . .so unbelievable!" Mario Hernandez softly said, Tristan looking at him.

Lucas' father now sat at the head of the table, his father looking at him, then at the governors.

"Our family stands before you, as we've stood for many years." Emerson said, Helga looking at him.

"The wonder. . .the magic. . .it's so unfathomable!" she said, Emerson nodding his head.

"It is our reality, dear lady. The reality of our existence." Emerson said, Tristan smiling at his father.

Emerson looked at his old friends, all five staring at him with wondrous looks.

"My father created this business to give the world its needs. He ran it for over one hundred years. As I myself have almost as well. Today my son will carry on that path of service. I only hope that it shall be not as long and consuming as my father's or my own."

"Life will see that eventuality, Grandfather." Lucas said, the young man rising to his feet, everyone looking at him.

Josh and Justin traded glances, the two seated with everyone else beside the wall of windows, everyone having heard all the conversation.

"My family is shrouded in mystery. . .and yes, magic. But it is also surrounded by love, honor, courage and strength. You see before you three individuals of different resolves. But each has the same courage, honor and love. You five have known all three, Emerson the most. You have seen his friendship, his honor and his respect for all five of you. I see before me more than a company of commerce. I see a team of resolve, honor and courage. Belmont Industries has always been a part of all of you. My grandfather, and now my father, are the light in the center of that family. They and Uncle Grayson--and you yourselves--will make that light shine." Lucas said, the young man looking at his father and grandfather, both men showing tears.

Lucas sat down, the governors looking at each other.

Helga moved, the woman rising from her seat, walking up to Emerson's chair, her hand going to his shoulder.

He looked up at her, seeing the friendship in her blue eyes.

"We've always known you as our chairman, Emerson. We just never imaged the length of your devotion. We all see your father's honor in your own path." she said, Emerson smiling up at her, patting her hand.

"I am myself and I am his son. As my son is himself."

"You are so much more, Emerson. This is so unbelievable! Your family's path, its destiny!" Alistair MacDonald said, staring at his old friend.

"Our family is on its destined path. Before you stand the four of that truth. My son, my father, myself and my uncle Grayson. We all share a responsibility for this company's greatness. We honor my grandfather in that design." Tristan said, the governors nodding.

"We shall benefit from all your wisdom and honor." Dominic said, Tristan smiling at him.

"We three shall need your help, my friends." he said, Helga smiling, looking at Lucas.

"You are the more amazing in all of this, young man. What part shall you play in your great-grandfather's soul?" she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"My grandfather Joshua saw the greatness in his family's business. I see the same greatness in the three seated at the end of this table. Belmont Industries is in good hands. I have my own life of music and happiness. I leave this industry in all your courageous hands." Lucas said, the governors smiling at him, nodding.

"Indeed, Lucas. This is all so amazing!" Richard Cranston said, the rest of the governors rising from their seats, all smiling at the three Belmont men at the end of the table.

"We follow all three of you, with our own honor and respect." Alistair MacDonald said, Tristan smiling at him.

"I'd sooner have you follow us as the friends you always were."

The five moved, each shaking the three men's hands at the end of the table, Lucas smiling at all eight.

"On to the future, on all paths." he said, Tristan staring at his son.
All five governors smiled, returning to their seats, everyone sitting down again.

Emerson smiled, rising from his seat again.

"If there are no objections, today I shall now rescind my leadership of the Belmont Industries to my own son, Tristan."

Tristan smiled with tearful eyes, about to rise from his seat.

Lucas' violet eyes lowered for a moment, the young man sighing.

"I have one major objection."

Everyone's eyes moved, staring at two men standing in the boardroom's open doorway.

Lucas raised his head, his violet pools meeting two dark eyes, another set of blue behind them.

Emerson rose from his seat, staring at the two men.

"What. . .what are you doing here?" he said, the man smiling.

"I'm here to rip the life out of all of you, old man. I'm here for your company."

Haven Marlowe smiled, the man walking into the boardroom, Carl Wilson following him.


Emerson, Tristan and Grayson all looked at Lucas, the young man still seated, and quiet.

"What are you doing here, Haven? You had disappeared. You have no more say here, Haven." Grayson said, the man rising from his seat, his hand going to Emerson's shoulder.

"I am still chairman of the Board of Governors, old Grayballs." he said, walking around the table, all the governors staring at him with shock and worry.

"I see the herd's thinned. My comrades of power seem to be missing." he said, Tristan staring at him with soft anger, the man on his feet now.

"Your friends showed their true colors. And that color was green with greed. Illegal greed. They learned it well from you." Tristan said, Haven smirking at him.

"They are of no loss. Lackies can be created from any greedy soul." he smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"I thought this wasn't your cup of tea, youngster?" he said, Lucas rising from his seat.

"My family's love and life are always in my soul." he said, Haven laughing.

"You're a sentimental butterfly like your idiotic mother and that trampy sister of hers." Haven said, Savannah and Vivian rising from their seats, Henderson at his wife's side.

"And you're a monster, Haven." Savannah said, Haven smiling at her by the windows.

"You never had the monster's full energy, Savannah. I was always better than Tristan in all things. You would have been left wanting me." he said, Tristan beginning to move, Emerson and Grayson holding him back.

Haven's eyes met Lucas' again, the young man silent and staring at him.

"Bravo on the theatrics, youngster. But your power wasn't as strong as you thought." he said, the man now at the head of the table, a few feet from Tristan and Emerson.

"How did you get in here, Haven? You are no longer granted access to this building. And there's a warrant out for your arrest. Insider trading, illegal money laundering, and tax evasion. You have been stripped of your place in this company's standards." Grayson said, staring at the man.

Haven's eyes darkened, staring at the older lawyer.

"I am as I've always been. Powerful and triumphant. I've only grown in that regard. I just have to weed out the weeds." he said, Grayson glaring at him.

"Are you threatening us, Haven?" Emerson said, Haven smiling at him.

"No, my once father. I'm doing more than that." he said, Lucas staring at him.

"You have it wrong, Uncle Haven."

Haven's eyes turned to Lucas, the young man staring at him.

"Would you please move over to my friends and family, governors? We have a family matter to discuss." he said, the five governors looking at Emerson, the man staring at his grandson.

Emerson nodded, the five governors moving, walking over to Lucas' family and friends who were all now standing.

Lucas stared at someone, two brown eyes staring back with courage and love.

Lucas' eyes turned, meeting Grayson's now violet pools.

"Forgive the fall, flying hearts will save all. Your love shall return." he said, Grayson looking confused.

Lucas' eyes focused on Carl Wilson, the young man staring at Lucas.

"You have traveled with evil, Carl. It was a path you should never have been led onto. They both are to blame for that. We all fall for different reasons." he said, Carl's eyes lowering.

Lucas sighed, his eyes suddenly turning green.

"You are wrong, monster. My power is stronger than you know. And your rouse never could fool me, Sheridan." Lucas said, Haven staring at him with soft surprise.

"Sheridan is secluded somewhere safe. And I feel your power, fool." Haven said, Lucas staring at him.

"And I feel Haven's truth, monster. He could never escape the surrounding judgment of where I've sent him." Lucas said, Haven's eyes darkening.

Tristan stared at his son with confusion, his eyes going to Haven.

"What are you talking about, Lucas?" he said, Lucas staring at his father and grandfather and Grayson.

"I am talking of the evil surrounding us, Father. The evil I've guided into this trap." Lucas said, the doors of the boardroom suddenly slamming shut, everyone jumping, seeing a soft glow of white now surrounding the doors' edges.

Haven's eyes glanced towards the doors, a soft look of confusion showing in them for a brief second, a smile suddenly crossing his face.

"interesting. What fun." he said, the man staring at Lucas.

"Evil is not fun, Sheridan. For that's what's claimed you. Carl knows that truth." Lucas said, Haven's eyes softly glowing, and darkening.

"Carl only knows my ownership. Once a slave, always one." Haven said, Carl's eyes looking at Grayson, then lowering.

"Yes, the evil has owned many. Today it ends. For it and for all of you." Lucas said, Haven smiling at him.

"Threats, Lucas? My, but the boy does believe himself something he's not." Haven said, Lucas staring at him.

"I am love."
Haven laughed.

"Love? What an idiotic concept. Power is everything."

Lucas moved around the table, standing in front of his father and grandfather, Grayson at Emerson's side.

"Power is nothing but an illusion. The missing governors found out that truth. The law gave them that answer." he said, Haven smiling.

"I am above all laws. I have the power and magic to be anything." Haven said, Lucas staring at him.

"You are as trapped as Haven was. Within the evil. An evil you never even knew possessed you."

Haven's eyes darkened.

"I am myself. Haven couldn't see that, neither could these morons behind you. I should have slit their throats years ago." the man said, the three behind Lucas staring at him with surprise.

"Sherman! It's you!" Grayson said, Haven's face changing, Sheridan Whitecastle's face now showing.

The five governors gasped, seeing the magic showing before them.

"Sherman is dead, old man. As is my past self Sheridan. Now I am power." Sheridan said, raising his hand.

Lucas' eyes glowed a deeper green, a soft glow of white surrounding him and his family behind him.

"You are possessed by evil, Sherman!" Grayson said, Sheridan smiling.

"You're first on my list, Grayson. Today you die." he said, his fingers showing sparks on their tips.

"You cannot breach the protection of my love, monster." Lucas said, Sheridan smiling.

"A person can die in many ways, Lucas. A soul ripped apart is a dead soul." Sheridan grinned, his hands moving.

Two of the windows beside everyone standing away from the boardroom table shattered.
Sheridan's hands moved again, Gabriel pulled by an invisible force from the middle of Lucas' friends and family.

The man was thrown through the open windows, plunging into the open sunshine.
Grayson screamed, one person moving with lightning speed, leaping out the open windows.

Everyone stared in silent shock, the room bathed in silence for only a moment.

Harry lowered his eyes, their blueness softly glowing.


Gabriel screamed, falling downward, his body turning and spiraling to its coming end.

The air rushed by him, his eyes closing, waiting for the coming pain.

He suddenly felt two arms wrap around him as he fell, his body slowing quickly, the air thickening.

He opened his eyes, staring into two glowing golden brown pools.

A black face greeted him, Alain's face inches from his own, his strong arms wrapped around him.

Gabriel saw something behind Alain's back, the man feeling himself rising slowly.

He heard sounds around him, flashes of light and screaming.

And then he felt himself rising upwards.

"I have you, Gabriel. I won't let you fall. I'll carry you back to his love." Alain said, the man moving upwards with him.

He looked downward seeing the ground a few hundred feet below.

People were looking upwards, cameras going off, reporters all staring up with shock at the rising men.

Gabriel heard a fluttering sound, two black shapes showing behind Alain.

"You. . .you are. . ."

"I am of his love, Gabriel. Let us all have it." Alain smiled, his speed increasing.

Gabriel felt himself move upwards.

Upstairs, Lucas' hands went out, a white light now surrounding the open windows, covering them.

It spread outwards covering all the windows across the wall.

Grayson was sobbing in Emerson's arms, Sheridan laughing.

"I hope your man has wings! And who was that fool who leapt to his death?" he laughed, looking now at the white light covering the wall.

"What magic is this? A little late, Lucas. You cannot stop death." he laughed again, Lucas staring at him.

"The light of love calms all paths. We give into it and see its truth." Lucas said, a sound now coming from the windows.

Everyone looked stunned, two men flying through the white light.

Alain's feet hit the carpeted floor, the man releasing Gabriel from his grip.

The judge sank to the floor, the man in Grayson's arms in moments, the man holding him tightly.

"I thought I'd lost you, Gabe! I thought my heart was gone!" he sobbed, the judge hugging his husband.

"So, did I, Gray. So, did I!" he gasped, everyone staring at the black man standing behind them.

"It is the hand of God! I always believed!" Lewis said, the minister staring at Alain with shocked wonder.

Alain stood in front of the white glowing open windows, two large black wings spread out behind him.

Harry walked up to him, the man moving into his arms.

"My black angel of love." he said, the two kissing, Alain's wings disappearing.

Everyone stood in stunned silence, Lucas's eyes on only one stunned face.

"That's. . .that's impossible!" Sheridan screamed, Lucas staring at him.

"Love is not impossible. When love is total and unending." he said, Sheridan's eyes darkening.

"I'll destroy you all!" he said, his hands raising, glowing red with evil.

"You will destroy no one. We walk our last path." Lucas said, his hand raising faster, a white light engulfing Sheridan.

The man's eyes widened, feeling the love wrapping around him.

"Let go of me!" he screamed.

"Release him and feel the power!" Lucas said, his hands raising again, white light flying again.

It hit Sheridan's white form again, the whiteness increasing, almost blinding.

Sheridan screamed, the man falling backwards, a form separating from his body, the man collapsing on the floor.

Everyone stared in stunned silence, a green-eyed monster staring back at them from behind the whiteness.

"It burns! Release me!" it screamed, Lucas' hands raising again.

"Your soul shall burn forever, minion of his evil!" Lucas said, the man's hands releasing another blast of whiteness, the monster engulfed in it.

Its scream echoed through the room, the whiteness almost blinding.

Lucas went to one knee, the whiteness exploding, then disappearing, the room silent, the monster gone.

"You stand alone, evil. We walk the final path." Lucas said, the man falling backwards into Josh's strong arms, Justin and Lance surrounding him.

"You've exhausted yourself, Lucas." Josh said, Lucas' eyes looking up into his concerned blue.

"I'm alright, my love. The star protects me." Lucas said, rising again, Josh's arms around him.

The white light disappeared from the windows and doors, an urgent knock sounding on the doors.

"Don't anyone move."

All eyes turned, Sheridan Whitecastle again on his feet, the man standing beside Grayson and Gabriel, the two men still seated on the floor by the windows.

"Back up, freak!" Sheridan said, pointing the gun he had in his hand at Alain, he and Harry backing up towards their friends, Sheridan then pointing the gun at Grayson.

"You're all freaks! What did you do to my power?" the man screamed, staring at Lucas.

"I took it away from you, Sheridan. It never was good, it was only evil. That's why you were drawn to it." Lucas said, the man staring at him.

"It made me strong. You took that from me!" he screamed, raising the gun, pointing it now at Lucas.

The doors of the room opened, Joe and his security team coming into the room.

"Stop!" Lucas said, the men halting, staring at the man standing in front of the window.

"I'm leaving. And you're letting me go!" Sheridan said, Lucas nodding.

"Alright, Sheridan. No one needs to get hurt." Lucas said, Sheridan moving, crossing in front of the windows.

"Only one, freak. You, Carver!" Sheridan said, the man aiming the gun at Lucas again, the gun going off.

Everyone screamed, the sound thunderous in the room.

Lucas lowered his eyes, Sheridan's eyes widening.

A man stood in front of him, having jumped right in front of him.

Carl Wilson gasped, the bullet hitting him in the chest, the man lunging forward, grabbing Sheridan by the wrists, the two fighting.

The gun was still held in Sheridan's hand, Carl moving forward.

"No, Carl!" Grayson screamed, the two men lunging backwards, falling through the open windows.
Both men screamed, the gun going off again in the distance, the two falling to their deaths.

Lucas lowered his eyes again, sagging to his knees.

The security team moved in, Lucas surrounded by his family and friends.

"Fall into love, Carl. Fall into forgiveness." Lucas softly said, cradled in Josh's arms, the man closing his now violet pools.


Everyone sat around the condo's living room, the room bathed in silence.

It was now late afternoon, everyone having returned to Lucas' home.

Lucas was sleeping in his bedroom, Josh having guided him there once they'd returned.

Lucas had regained consciousness a few minutes after he'd fainted, Josh guiding him to a sofa, the young man surrounded by everyone.

The security detail had taken over everything, the building on lockdown.

Joe Forrester had taken charge, Emerson and Tristan filling him in on everything, the authorities called.

Carl and Sheridan's bodies had been covered down below on the streets, the reporters having seen the death plunge.

Newly arrived police had cordoned off the building, the press held back, its need unending.

Lucas, his family and friends and the governors had given their statements to the police.

Joe quietly guided the governors out of the building, Emerson and Tristan both hugged by all.

Their eyes had stared at Alain quite often, the young man silent and bashful.

Emerson had filled Joe in on everything, the man staring at the black man with silent wonder.

"They'll be relentless down there when you go to leave, sir." he said, Alain's brown eyes meeting Lucas' tired violet pools.

"My voice will be as silent as his love." Alain said, Finn staring at him.

"You're. . .you're an angel." he softly said, Alain smiling at him.

"And you're my angel too, sexy."

Harry smirked, Finn blushing.

"This is so unbelievable." Finn said, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"My love never ends, Finny. As theirs never shall." Lucas said, closing his eyes again, Josh holding him.

An hour later the group was followed downstairs by Joe's security detail, their limousines waiting at the front entrance.

Police were now surrounding the vehicles, Lucas standing between Josh and Justin.

"Straight to them, no deviating." Joe said, Lucas nodding, shaking his hand.

"I want both taken care of, Joseph. Emerson will be in touch." Lucas said, the man nodding.

"Yes, sir. Your love is indeed unending."
Lucas smiled a tired smile, the group following Joe forward.

The press was screaming behind barricades, all cameras focusing on Alain and Lucas, the black man right in front of Lucas and Josh, Harry behind them.

"What are you? Are you an angel?!"
"Is this a joke, a setup?" another yelled, the group moving forward.

"Who died here today, Lucas? Are you a hero again?" a female reporter yelled, Lucas silent, the man entering their limo; Josh, Justin and Lance following.

Harry walked around the car, guiding Alain into the vehicle.
Lucas' family and friends piled into the other three, the group of limousines pulling out of the building, reporters chasing them, the cars eventually losing them.

Here now everyone sat in silence, the day's events flowing through their minds.

Alain and Harry walked out of the kitchen, both men carrying trays of drinks, walking around to everyone, everyone staring at Alain, taking the offered drinks.

Finn stared at Alain, the black man sitting down with Harry on a couch across from him.

"Is my shirt undone?" he said, Finn blushing.

"Good God, Alain. You're an angel!" he said, the black man lowering his eyes.

"I am only myself, Finn. The me I became." he said, Harry's hand going in his.

"Are you. . .are you really an angel, Alain? What I saw today has all the makings of God's intervention." Lewis said, Jacques' arm around him.

Alain's eyes met Rosa Sharon's, the young girl seated with her brother, the little girl smiling at him.

She hadn't been at the meeting, Colton sensing she'd have been bored there.

The girl smiled, rising from her seat, moving and sitting down beside Alain.

"He is devious in his showing love. I never sensed you." she smiled, Alain smiling at her.

"Or I you, little angel of the past." he said, Rosa Sharon smiling.

"His love surrounds us, and hides us." she said, smiling around at everyone.

"Dad's love is all love. He's so remarkable." she said, looking at everyone.

"I sensed what has happened. Lucas' trap worked." she said, Colton rising from his seat, the girl rising as well, the two meeting, her arms going around her brother.

"I felt it as well, Rosy. A thickening of his love. I sense he was well prepared today." Colton said, Rosa Sharon smiling.

"I now realize that as well."

All eyes turned, Josh, Justin and Lance standing in the hallway doorway, Josh having spoken.

"How is Dad, Papa?" Colton asked, Josh walking up to him and Rosa Sharon.

"He's sleeping. An exhausted sleep. I sensed he used a lot of his magic and self today to stop that evil."

Colton nodded, Josh hugging him and his sister, kissing each on the cheek.

"I felt that magic, Dad. It was all-consuming. Mine was nothing against that greatness." Colton said, Josh smiling at him.

"Lucas' love protects us all. And guides all to their path." he said, his eyes meeting Alain's brown pools.

Alain nodded, Lance walking up and sitting down beside the black man.

"What did you and Lucas discuss this morning before we left?" he said, looking at Alain and Harry.

"It's alright, my love." Harry said, Alain staring at him with love.

"We discussed my past and Harry's love flowing through it. And then he told us of the request he needed from myself today."

"He. . .he knew the day's events would play out the way they did, didn't he?" Lance said, everyone looking surprised.

Grayson stood up, staring at the black man.

"He said 'Forgive the fall, flying hearts will save all. Your love shall return.' He knew Sheridan was going to attack my Gabriel to destroy me. Lucas saved my Gabriel with your help!" Grayson said, the man's face covered in wet emotion, Gabriel's arm going around him.

"He told me this morning that I may have to reveal my true self to save another. That the evil's path was lined with sorrow. I am the goodness to stand against the evil. Right before we walked into the boardroom, he quietly told Harry and myself to have my wings ready." Alain said, Gabriel walking forward, Alain rising from his seat.

"You saved my life, Alain. I will never be able to thank you for that." the judge said, Alain's hand going to the older man's shoulder.

"Lucas' love saved you, Gabriel. I was only the means to its end. I will always follow his love." Alain said, the judge hugging the black man, Alain smiling at Grayson, patting the judge's back.

The two broke their embrace, Alain hugged then by Grayson.

"Thank you, Alain. Thank you, our angel of courageous love. My God, I'm hugging an angel!" Grayson said, Harry laughing.

"I hug three every night."

All eyes turned, Josh moving, walking up to Lucas, the young man standing in the hallway entrance.

"You should be in bed, my love." he said, seeing Lucas had changed his clothes, the man wearing a black golf shirt now, and matching black shorts.

"Not without those three angels." he smiled, their lips meeting.

Justin and Lance smiled, everyone staring at the young man.

Lucas broke the kiss, his arm going in his man's, the two walking into the center of the room.

"Our infants of love are all sleeping. Their grandparents' love sending them into dreamland. They'll be happy all evening." he smiled at the grandparents surrounding him, all smiling.

"And your love sends us all into wonder, Lucas." Lewis said, Lucas smiling at the minister.

"It sends you into life, Lewis." he smiled, the young man walking up to Alain, Grayson and Gabriel.

"I seek forgiveness, my friends. I am sorry for guiding you all onto the path you had to walk today." Lucas said, the three men seeing the honesty and love in his violet pools.

Grayson's hand went to Lucas' shoulder, staring at the young man.

"You knew it would all play out this way, didn't you?"
Lucas nodded, looking around at everyone.

"Yes, Uncle Gray. I knew most of it. Sheridan's coming disguised as Haven to gain entrance to the boardroom, the man believing his new power would secure him everything. He just never realized that a greater power and magic was awaiting him. I had to let the path follow its end. But I couldn't let it end in the envisioned truth I saw."
"I was supposed to die, wasn't I?" Gabriel said, his eyes showing tears.

"Death would never end the love you both have for each other. I just decided it was a love all of us needed to see for many years." Lucas said, the two older men tearing up.

Lucas' eyes met Alain's brown pools.

"And I asked of you to sacrifice even more, Alain. I asked you to reveal your true self to save a friend."

"I would gladly do that for your love, Lucas." Alain said, Harry kissing his man's cheek.

Lucas smiled, his hand going to the black man's muscular shoulder.

"There is only one love that owns you, Alain. You gave him your soul at his devotion." Lucas said, Alain's eyes meeting Harry's blue.

"I am his forever." Alain said, Finn rising from his seat, walking up to the men.

"What's going on, Lucas? Alain is another angel? He's. . .he has just revealed that to the whole world! The television was flooded with the pictures!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It was a path Lucas asked me to walk, my friend." Alain said, Finn looking surprised.

"You. . .you knew you'd reveal angels to the world?" he said, Alain looking at Lucas.

"I think everyone needs to hear the story of your and Harry's love, Alain. That will reveal the truth of your one soul." Lucas said, Harry's blue pools meeting his violet.

"All of it, Lucas?" Harry said, Lucas smiling, his hand going to his cousin's shoulder.

"Yes, Har. Love needs to be shown in all ways."

Harry and Alain nodded, Lucas sitting down on a couch, smiling at everyone.

"Let's sit down again, everyone. You have our love and attention, Harry." Lucas said, Harry smiling at him, everyone, save him and Alain, sitting down.

Their hands went together, Harry's voice filling the room.

"Our love began on a summer day over three hundred years ago." Harry said, everyone looking surprised.

"What. . .what do you mean?" Grayson said, looking at Harry, then Lucas.

"You have the Trinity's magic?" Emerson said, he and his son looking at Lucas, the young man sighing.

"There is more magic than the Belmont magic in the world, Grandfather and Father. Let's listen to their love. Then decide on its value." Lucas said, Harry smiling at him.

"Thank you, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him, snuggling against Josh.

"Life begins with love. Your angel gave you so much."

Harry smiled, looking at Alain, his brown pools showing tears.

"His love is all." Harry said, his eyes looking around the room.

"To begin with you need to know the truth." he said, Alain's hand going in his.

"I love you, my angel." Alain said, Harry smiling at him, the young man taking a deep breath.

"I am not real, everyone. I died over three hundred years ago."

Harry's voice continued to a silent room.


End of Chapter 216


Did you all see that coming?

Harry's not real?
Alain's an angel?

And Lucas knows!


Sheridan and Carl have come to a tragic end.

Falling to their deaths, Carl sacrificing his own life to end Sheridan's path of evil.

Lucas seems to have destroyed the evil that possessed Sheridan and Haven.

Is that evil really gone?
What of its master?


A new story is about to unfold.

The story of Alain's and Harry's uniting love.

And the magic of it.


Read on, the love continues.

And truths flood the world.


Hugs, Angel.