Yesterday's End-217


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 217


Embrace Island, July 7th, 1721


He gasped for breath, the young man lying on his back, the water lapping at his sides.

His lungs filled with air, the young man slowly looking around himself.

He lay on a sandy beach, the sun just coming up above the horizon's edge, the day's light beginning to flood the sky.

He felt the wetness of his clothes, the man having been floating for days, hanging for his life onto a plank of wood, the wood just strong enough to keep him afloat.

For three days since the shipwreck he'd held to it, the young man succumbing to exhaustion and sunstroke.

He'd had the forbearance to take his belt off and tie his arm around the plank, fearing exhaustion would claim him and he'd slip off the plank and drown.

He felt the wood against his back, the young man lying on top of the plank, the plank now washed up on this sandy beach.

He moved his hands, undoing the leather belt, the man sliding off the plank, feeling the wet sand beneath him now.

After a few minutes, he struggled to a sitting position, looking around the beach he now found himself upon.

He raised his head, screaming loudly.

No sound greeted him except a soft caw from a distant bird.

"Is there anyone here?!" he screamed again, the man sighing, laying back on his back again

He felt the coolness of the water lapping at his soaked feet, his boots full of water.

He raised himself again, slowly loosening his boots, emptying the water out of them, wringing out his socks that he pulled off.

He slowly rose to his bare feet, staggering a bit, going to his knees.

He took his time, regaining his strength, rising to his feet again.

He looked at the wooden plank beside him, reading the name Carlisle Shipping Co. on its wooden face.

He picked up a long wooden branch on his other side, using it as a cane to steady his legs, the man moving forward up the beach.

He looked around, seeing only palm trees and sand.

The forest behind the palms was lush and thick, the young man moving forward.

He scanned the beach on either side, seeing no sign of life.

He followed the forested edge down the beach, seeing the thickness of vegetation.

As he walked the sun came higher in the sky, its warmth drying his clothing.

The young man felt the sand within the clothing, removing his shirt, his smooth muscular chest feeling the sun's warmth.

He walked for about twenty minutes, seeing a trail leading off the beach and up a steady incline.

He followed the path, steadily rising.

He looked forward, seeing an opening as if a large meadow or field was ahead.

He reached the end of the trail, the young man stopping and staring at a vision of scenic beauty before him.

Before him was a large pool, a waterfall behind it, its waters flowing into the pool.

Flowers, vegetation and stones filled the area, a scenic panorama of tropical beauty.

The young man walked forward, sitting down on a boulder at the pool's edge, taking in the falling waterfall, the only sound in the meadow.

"A tropical paradise." he softly said to himself.

"Paradise lies in the eyes of all souls."
The young man turned, staring into two brown eyes, a young handsome black face staring back at him.

He backed up, the young man beginning to fall off the boulder, two powerful black arms wrapping around him.

"Careful, my young friend. You'll hurt yourself."

The man stared into the two brown eyes staring back at him, a smile donning the young man's handsome face, white teeth gleaming.

"Who. . .who are you?" he said, suddenly feeling the fatigue hit him again, the man holding him feeling it as well.

"You're exhausted, my young friend. Let me guide you to those blankets over there. You need to rest. I have food and water." the black man said, the young man looking towards where the black man was looking, seeing a few blankets spread out on the pool's edge, a tent-like structure covering them, shade covering the blankets.

He hadn't noticed the small structure before.

The young man slowly nodded, the black youth helping him gain his feet, the young man's legs letting go underneath him.

He felt the two strong black arms pick him up, the man carrying him towards the shelter.

He felt himself being set down, the young man feeling the coolness of the shade surrounding him, the covering giving off the coolness.

"Rest, I shall return." the young black man said, the young man closing his eyes.

He heard a soft sound of fluttering as if a bird was close, opening his eyes again.

He found himself alone, laying on thick soft bedding, shade covering him.

He looked around, seeing no one.

Am I dreaming? he thought.

He sighed, closing his tired eyes.


Hours later the young man's blue pools opened, the day's end showing in the sun now descending behind the waterfall before him.

Its golden rays were almost gone, a shadowy darkness descending on the meadow he lay in.

He heard the lapping of the pool against the shore, a soft breeze flowing through the meadow's grasses, the young man feeling the coming coolness of the evening.

"You are awake?" a soft voice said, the young man looking to his left, seeing a fire pit between him and the young black man he'd met earlier.

A fire was raging in the pit, roasting carcasses on a spit over the fire.

"I have killed a couple of hares. You need nourishment." the black youth said, the young man staring at him.

"How long have I slept?" he said, slowly raising to a sitting position, the black man staring at his smooth muscular chest.

"For about twelve hours. You were exhausted. The sea's need didn't claim your soul. You survived."
"Did any others?" he said, the black man shaking his head in the negative.

"Life guides us on our paths. Through this world and into others." he said, the young man staring at him.

"Who are you? I do not remember you from the ship." he said, the black youth smiling at him.

"I was not on your vessel, young Westerner." the man said, stirring a couple of tin pots that were sunk into the fire's embers.

"You live here? On this deserted island?" he said, looking surprised.

"Come, join me for a meal, my young friend." he smiled, waving his hand towards the young man.

The young man rose from his bed slowly, the black man watching his every move, ready to aid him if necessary.

"I am alright. Thank you." the young man said, seeing the young black man watching him closely.

He slowly walked to the fire pit, the black man spreading out another reed blanket, the same as the one that he sat upon.

The young man sat down beside him, the two trading stares, the black man leaning forward and stirring the pots again and turning the roasting hares on the spit.

"It won't be long, they're almost done." he smiled, his white teeth gleaming in the flame's light, the meadow now almost in total darkness.

The young man felt a cool breeze on his back, the black man seeing him slightly shiver.

"Here, put on this jacket, it will shield you against the night's coming breath." he smiled, handing the young man a leather jacket.

The young man nodded, putting the jacket on, his chiseled abs and chest disappearing under it.

"Thank you, sir. Thank you for all this and your aid." the young man said, the black youth smiling at him.

"Aid given is aid taken. I give to gather." he said, smiling at him again.

"What is your name?" the young man said, the black man staring at him.

"My name is Jibrail." he said, the young man nodding, finding the name unique.

"A strange name. Unique and mysterious." he said, the young man smiling, the other taking in the black man's chiseled features, his muscular chest covered by a white shirt, open at the front, his smooth black muscular chest and abs showing.

He wore dark colored shorts, his strong muscular legs covered by black hair.

"My father named me as he needed. I take the name with honor." the man said, the other young man nodding.

"My name is Azrael. Azrael Carlisle." the young man said, extending his hand, the black man smiling, taking it and shaking it.

"I know, Azrael." he smiled, the young man staring at him.

"You. . .you know?" he said, the black man smiling again.

"You talk in your sleep." he grinned, Azrael blushing, but smiling.

"I see. You were watching over me?" he said, Jibrail smiling.

"There is danger everywhere, my young friend. I watch with protection." he said, the young man nodding.

"Again, thank you." he said, the black youth grinning.

"I knew another named Azrael. His life is one of courage. I think yours is more of love." the black man said, Azrael blushing.

The black man smiled.

"The food is ready. Here, let me fill you with good food and good friendship." he smiled, Azrael smiling.

"I will take both."
The two young men smiled at each other, Jibrail filling plates for both.

He handed Azrael his plate, the two smiling and diving into the warm tasty food.

Azrael felt his sudden hunger, devouring the rabbit and stew filling his plate.

Jibrail smiled, quietly consuming his, the two eating in silence.

Within a few minutes Jibrail was filling Azrael's plate again, the young man smiling.

Ten minutes later the two men were full, Azrael watching the young black man clean up the dishes, washing them in the pool beside them.

Azrael felt the warmth of the fire before him, the young man leaning back against the boulder behind him, feeling contented and full.

Jibrail smiled, returning to the fire, sitting down beside Azrael, after stoking the fire with more wood.

The two smiled at each other, both watching the fire.

"What island is this, Jibrail?" Azrael said, Jibrail looking around the darkness now surrounding them.

"It has many names, Azrael. As of now it is named Embrace Island. One embraces its beauty and its soul." the man said, Azrael watching him.

"You have a wonderful way with words, Jibrail. Have you lived on this island long?"

The young black man stared at the fire, Azrael watching him.

"I have lived many places, my young friend. I go to where the love calls me." he said, the black man looking at the fire.

"The love?" Azrael said, the black man's head turning, staring into his blue pools.

"I came to this island. . ." he softly said, his eyes lowering.

The black man rose to his feet, looking down at Azrael.

"The night darkens, and I still feel your tiredness, my young friend. I shall freshen your bedding and you can rest more." he said, not waiting for an answer, the young man moving to the darkened spot where the shelter was.

Azrael watched him change the bedding, adjusting the covering over the small bed.

He stared at the black man's shadowy physique, its sinewy form moving with grace and agility.

The black man walked back to the fire, Azrael slowly rising to his feet, the man staggering a bit, Jibrail's arm going around him.

"See, the tiredness returns. I have added blankets, you will sleep in warmth." Jibrail smiled, Azrael staring at him.

"What of yourself, Jibrail? I see no shelter for yourself." he said, the black man smiling at him.

"I will have warmth surrounding me. You need the deeper sleep." he said, guiding the young man towards the shelter again, Azrael reluctantly laying down again, Jibrail covering him with more blankets, Azrael feeling the instant warmth.

"I feel that I am putting you out, Jibrail." he said, Jabrail's fingers going to his lips.

"Sleep, my friend. Your friendship I have." he said, Azrael smiling at him.

The black man moved back to the fire, sitting down on top of the boulder behind it, crossing his legs.

Azrael stared at him, his eyes feeling their tiredness.

Eventually he slowly closed them, feeling the warmth around him.

Just as he settled down he heard again the sound of fluttering birds, his eyes forcing themselves open.

The fire was still going, the boulder behind it empty.

Azrael raised his head, looking around, seeing no sign of Jibrail.

He lay back, his mind filling with thoughts of the black man.

Who are you?
Why are you here?
You look as lost as myself.

"We are not lost, my friend. We are where we should be."

Azrael opened his eyes, Jibrail sitting beside his bedding, his legs crossed, his white shirt gone.

Azrael took in his muscular smooth form, the black man smiling at him.

"You disappeared, Jibrail." he softly said, the black man smiling more.

"I am here always, Azrael. Close your eyes and have your dreams." the black man said, his voice calm and soothing.

Azrael closed his eyes, sleep overtaking him.

Jibrail sat in silence watching the young man sleep.

He smiled, his soul filling with the gift of life.


Azrael opened his eyes, a soft heat felt on his smooth chest.

The blankets had moved down, the day's sunlight warming his naked chest.

He rose slowly, looking around.

The sun was right in front of him, peeking through the shelter over his head.

Before him was a vision of beauty.

The pool of clear water before him held a vision of black beauty.

Jibrail was swimming in the water, heading towards the waterfall.

Azrael watched as the black man's body rose from the water, walking up onto the ledge beside the waterfall.

Azrael took in his naked black form, his body a temple of smooth muscular beauty.

The man walked into the waterfall, the water cascading over his naked smoothness.

Azrael took in his beauty, his chest toned and like marble, tight abs above a treasure trail leading to a weapon of beauty.

Azrael lowered his eyes, feeling as if he were invading Jibrail's privacy.

And the thoughts within his soul were confusing him more.

His thoughts were broken by a loud voice.

"Good morning, Azrael! The water has warmed and is soothing." Jibrail shouted, the man standing in front of the waterfall, Azrael taking in his naked beauty.

"I'm sorry for invading your privacy, Jibrail. I will let you have your swim." he said, beginning to lean back into the bedding.

"We are with each other, Azrael. There is no privacy in friendship." the black man smiled, waving at him.

Azrael slowly rose from the bed, staring at the black man and his revealing openness.

"Come in, my friend! The water will warm your soul." the black man smiled, diving into the pool again, Azrael watching his black butt disappear under the waves, the black man rising out of the water again, smiling towards him.

"I have no swimwear." he said, the man smiling at him again.

"You saw my own self, Azrael. We are friends of beauty." the black man smiled.

Azrael nodded, blushing a little, slowly removing his weatherworn pants, standing in his underwear.

He ran to the pool, diving into the water, the black man smirking.

Azrael came up a few feet in front of Jibrail, the young man feeling the warmth of the water, its wetness soothing every bone in his body.

He felt the tiredness instantly leave him, the young man smiling at Jibrail.

"It is so refreshing." he said, Jibrail smiling his wide toothy grin.

"I told you as much." he smiled, the two men smiling, swimming around.

Jibrail smiled, their eyes meeting.

"Modesty is a sign of the world's structure, my friend. Here in our paradise we need only hold to our wishes." the black man smiled, his brown eyes taking in the wet beauty swimming before him.

Azrael blushed a bit, sensing the man was scanning every inch of him, his gaze filled with friendship.

"I am nothing against your black beauty, Jibrail."

The man smiled, their eyes meeting again.

"Thank you, Azrael. I sensed we were of the same needs. I take it my blackness holds no sway in the feelings you experienced in the real world?"

"You are a man as I am, Jibrail. That is all I see."
The man smiled, nodding his head.

"Of my same heart. But you are more beautiful."

Azrael blushed, the black man laughing.

"Too forward?" he said, swimming closer to Azrael.

Their eyes met again, their bodies now only inches apart.

Jibrail's hand went out, resting on Azrael's shoulder.

"You are now a part of me, Azrael. I follow his wishes. It is a gift I shall always cherish." the man said, both staring into each other's eyes.

"Wishes? Gift? What are you talking of, Jibrail?"

"I'm talking of our love, Azrael." the young black man said, moving forward, his arms wrapping around Azrael, their lips meeting.

Azrael was shocked, that shock suddenly giving over to a greater feeling.

The two pulled each other close, their lips on fire.

They kissed deeply, their arms surrounding each other.

The two broke the kiss, smaller kisses continuing, the two backing up from each other.

"Jibrail. . .that was. . ." Azrael softly said, Jibrail's finger going to his lips.

"That was only the beginning, my Azrael. Our love will be unending." he smiled, Azrael lowering his eyes, Jibrail staring at him.

"I've never. . .I am a. . .you are so. . ." Azrael said, Jibrail kissing his lips again.

"Love is a process of happiness, Azrael. Let us walk that path together. Right now, I hear your stomach grumbling. Let me feed my man."

Azrael blushed, Jibrail smiling.

"Alright, Jibrail. I've never felt like this."

"Love is love, my beauty. Let's warm in its glow. And your glow is damn near fire!" the black man smiled, Azrael smiling at him.

"I think you need to cool off." he grinned, dunking the black man.

Azrael laughed, swimming towards the shore, the black man coming to the surface.

"Run, my beauty. I'm going to so get even!" he laughed, swimming after the other man.


The day was a day of opening happiness for both men.

They created breakfast together, Jibrail having gone out early and harvested bird eggs, cooking up a surprisingly tasty omelet.

After breakfast, they both tidied up the shore, the bedding set right, the shelter cleaned.

Both men went for a walk around the island, the two men talking as they walked, both men opening their souls to each other.

Azrael sensed a hidden silence in Jibrail as if he was hiding his past.

Azrael was more open, telling the black man all about his life.

About his being raised in England, working in his father's shipping companies, becoming a sailor and then commander of several ships.

At twenty-three he was the youngest commander in his father's many fleets.

"You were sailing to America?" Jibrail asked, the young man nodding as they walked through a grove of coconut trees.

"Yes, I was taking a cargo of silk and damask to New Orleans." the young man said, Jibrail nodding.

"Returning to the coming truth." he softly said, Azrael staring at him.

"Doing my father's business. We were stopping in Trinidad first to pick up some other cargo. Coming back from there we hit a ferocious storm. The ship ran adrift, crashing into a reef. Everyone abandoned ship." the young man said, looking out at the ocean before him.

"That was days ago. I had hoped to find that someone else had survived, reaching this island." he said, Jibrail staring out at the ocean.

"No one survived, my friend. Such is God's will." the young man said, Azrael staring at him.

Their eyes met again, Azrael seeing deep love and compassion in the young man's brown pools.

"How can we be sure?" he said, Jibrail sighing softly.

"I have walked every inch of this island, Azrael. I found only yourself. And that was a gift of happiness." he said, the two staring at each other.

Jibrail leaned in, their lips meeting again.

Azrael felt the need within him grow, his arms going around the man.

Their lips opened, tongues exploring each other's wetness, both lost in the love flowing over them.

Azrael parted from Jibrail, their eyes meeting again.

Azrael moved forward again, their lips meeting with more urgency.

Their hands were moving, tracing over each other's beauty, Azrael feeling the hardness under Jibrail's shirt and pants.

They both felt their passion beginning, Jibrail stepping back, their eyes meeting, both showing need.

"Tonight, my Azrael. Tonight, our needs will go their path. Before that we need to be truthful to each other." Jibrail said, Azrael staring at him.

"Alright, Jibrail. I've never felt this way about anyone. I wanted to. . ." he said, Jibrail smiling, his hand running across Azrael's cheek.

"I wanted the same, Azrael. I've never wanted anything more." he said, the black man's eyes looking back towards the path they'd walked.

"We should walk back. A swim before supper would be so warming."
Azrael smiled, their hands going in each other's.

"And I won't be so modest this time."
Jibrail smiled widely, the two walking back.

When they reached the pool a few hours later, Azrael's hands were on his shirt, the day's heat showing its sweat marks.

Jibrail smiled as he took in the young man's white muscular chest.

"You need to wear less shirts, Azrael. That chest needs to be suntanned."

Azrael smiled, removing his pants, then his undergarments.

"What about my ass?" he grinned, the young man smiling, running to the pool, diving in.

Jibrail's eyes followed the young man's beautiful smooth butt, watching it disappear into the calm water.

He grinned, his clothes leaving his form in moments.

"That ass is mine!" he yelled, diving into the water.

Within moments the two were in each other's arms, their lips meeting.

Kissing gave way to touching, touching gave way to groping, their hands, lips and tongues on a path of need.

Twenty minutes later Jibrail carried Azrael out of the pool, their naked wet bodies walking to the bedding.

Jibrail lay the young man down, their lips attached, Azrael pulling the black man down on top of him, the two lost in their hunger.

"What about supper?" Jibrail said, breaking their kiss, Azrael's lips on his neck.

"I have the meal I hunger for." he said, the black man smiling, their lips meeting again.
Azrael broke the kiss of love, their eyes staring into each other's souls.

"Make love to me, Jibrail. I need you in my soul forever." Azrael said, Jibrail's eyes filled with tears.

"I am yours forever, Azrael. In that life, in this life, and in all lives." the man said, the two kissing again, their bodies joining.

Both men began a path of need, each giving into the other, their needs and desires flowing on an equal path of love.


Azrael woke up, feeling the coolness surrounding him.

His naked body lay on top of the bedding, a blanket covering his body halfway, his smooth chest having felt the coolness.

He sensed Jibrail had covered him before rising.

Darkness surrounded him, his eyes moving to the left, seeing a fire glowing in the fire pit, its embers low.

On the boulder on the other side of the pit sat Jibrail, his naked form staring out at the waterfall.

Azrael rose from the bed, taking the blanket with him, walking towards the black man.

He sat down on the boulder beside him, pulling the blanket around himself and the black man.

"You left my warmth, my Jibrail." he said, kissing the black man's naked shoulder under the blanket.

The man's head turned, Azrael seeing the wetness in his brown pools.

"Your warmth is my life, Azrael."

The young man smiled, their lips meeting with tenderness and love.

"Thank you, Jibrail. For the beauty of yourself and your love. Tonight, it was unbelievable. I've never experienced so much love."

Jibrail smiled, kissing the young man's lips again.

"Your love made my love come alive, my love. It was as moving for me. I've never felt that either, in all my years upon this earth and others." he said, Azrael smiling at him.

"I guess we were meant for each other, my angel." Azrael said, Jibrail staring at him for a moment, then out at the pool.

"I'm sorry, Azrael." Jibrail said, Azrael staring at him, seeing the tears flowing again from his brown pools.

"What have you to be sorry for, Jibrail? For being too beautiful, for being too honest? You brought the honesty out of my soul as well. We saw in each other what we wanted. You have nothing to apologize for. I should apologize for taking so much. You are so beautiful, it was so rich and love filled."

The black man stared at him, pulling the young man close, holding him tightly.

"You were just as delicious, my Azrael." he said, Azrael smiling, his nose filling with the scent of this wonderful man.

"I. . .I love you, Jibrail." he said, Jibrail's eyes meeting his.

"I love you, Azrael. And now I see the path he's led myself onto." the man said, rising from the reed blanket the two sat upon the boulder.

Azrael stared up at the man's naked beauty, remembering each inch of that beautiful form.

Jibrail looked down at him, staring into his eyes of love.

"We were supposed to talk before we took that final path, Azrael. The truth was supposed to be known."

Azrael rose from his seat, pulling the black man against him.

"Our love took over, Jibrail. No truth of your soul or mine could stop our love."

The man teared up, staring into Azrael's eyes of love.

"His love is so devious. I never saw it until it was too late." he said, Azrael kissing his naked shoulder.

"Whose love, my love?" he said, their eyes meeting again.

"God's love, Azrael." Jibrail said, his eyes looking at the waterfall again.

"Into paradise both shall walk, into love both shall venture. A greater light will light the world when their love is true." he said, Azrael turning Jibrail's face to his, both staring at each other.

"That was so beautiful, Jibrail. Whose words are those?" he said, the black man sighing, pulling Azrael close.

"You were correct, Azrael. As I was." he said, Azrael looking confused.

"What do you mean, my love? What's going on?" he said, Jibrail staring at him.

"Come, my love. We need to sit down, and truth needs to show. And the night's getting cool. Let's warm together."
Azrael nodded, smiling.

"Your warmth I'll always need."

Jibrail smiled, Azrael seeing a soft worry behind the man's brown pools.

The two stepped off the boulder, walking around the fire pit, returning to the bedding, sitting down on it, Azrael wrapping both men's naked bodies in several quilts, both men snuggled close together, Azrael's arm around Jibrail.

Their eyes met each other's, their lips meeting, Jibrail instigating the kiss of love.

Azrael felt his love, the two breaking their kiss.

"No truth will ever change my love for you, Azrael." Jibrail said, Azrael smiling with love at him.

"Nothing will ever change my love for you, my Jibrail."

Jibrail smiled, looking out at the dark pool and waterfall in front of him.

He sighed, his eyes meeting Azrael's.

"I told you the truth, Azrael. Earlier today. No one survived that shipwreck. No one."

Azrael stared at Jibrail, see the love in his eyes.

"Alright, Jibrail. I believe you. How you know that, I don't know."

The black man sighed again, staring at Azrael.

"You were correct just moments ago, Azrael. In your name for me."

Azrael looked confused, Jibrail rising from his seat, staring down at the man before him.

"I am more than your love, Azrael. I am a being of His love."

The black man's body suddenly stood erect, Azrael's eyes widening as two large black wings spread out from behind Jibrail's back.

"You said it correct, Azrael. I am your angel."

The black man's eyes were filled with tears, a sob coming out of his throat, the man's body turning staring out at the pool.

"I'm sorry, Azrael. For deceiving you. For not telling you the truth first. That I am more than the man you so deeply deserve. My love is nothing against your beautiful love. I am lost in time and lost in soul. Your love was never in the cards for me." he cried, the man trembling with emotion.

He only heard silence, the night's darkness claiming his soul.

And then he felt a warmth in his hand.

And then a pressure.

Another hand had joined with his, the man's head turning, another hand taking his other hand, a vision of smooth tearful beauty standing before him.

"I. . .I've fallen in love with an angel? A beautiful black angel?" Azrael said, Jibrail staring at him.

"I'm sorry. . .I'm so sorry. . ." he began to say, two lips meeting his, his soul flooding with love, two arms wrapping around him.

Azrael's soul felt the same love, his soul lost in the other's.

The two broke the kiss, staring into each other's tearful eyes.

"You are so beautiful, Jibrail. Those wings only enhance your stunning beauty. Your love is the greatest part of you. I, tonight, lay claim to it. I need your love, my angel of love." Azrael cried, Jibrail crying, their lips meeting again.

The two held each other, sobbing against each other.

"I can't believe your love, Azrael." Jibrail said, Azrael smiling at him.

"I can't believe your beauty. You're taller and bigger. I mean wow!" Azrael said, his hand wrapping around a larger organ now.

Jibrail blushed, Azrael grinning.

"I love you, Jibrail. Forever. Your winged beauty will never change that."
Jibrail teared up, staring at Azrael.

"You don't have to tell me, Jibrail. I've put It all together." he said, Jibrail staring at him.

"I died in the sea, didn't I? This is really paradise." Azrael said, Jibrail pulling him close.

"I am sorry, Azrael. I was too late to save you." Jibrail said, tears flowing.

"Your love saved me, Jibrail. I believe I've just found heaven."
Jibrail sobbed, Azrael pulling him close, the young man staring at the pool before him.

"Is this heaven for us, Jibrail?" he said, Jibrail kissing his forehead.

"No, my love. This is only the beginning." Jibrail said, Azrael raising his head.

"I love you, Azrael. Today, tomorrow, and forever." Jibrail said, Azrael kissing his lips.

"Tell me the truth, my love." he said, Jibrail moving, guiding the young man back to their bed.

The two men lay down, holding each other close, Jibrail staring into Azrael's blue pools.

"Evil followed you, Azrael. You would never have made it to America. You were always destined to die."
"Why, Jibrail?" he said, Jibrail kissing his lips.

"For the path created, for the path destined. You are the anomaly of the love." Jibrail said, Azrael staring at him.

"What's to happen to me? To us?" he said, the black man staring into his blue eyes.

"Our lives begin, Azrael. Our love is the beginning of our lives." the black man said, Azrael's hand going to his cheek.

"My life is your life, Jibrail. We shall be together forever, my beautiful black angel."

Jibrail teared up, the two kissing deeply, their love echoing near the pool of their love.

Neither saw a shadow watching from the boulder by the vanquished fire pit.

The waterfall roared, the vision disappearing.


The Present


All eyes were on the two men standing in front of the windows, Harry's hands in Alain's.

"My black angel of love. Our love has been and will be forever." Harry said, Alain smiling at him.

"Forever, my Azrael." he said, Lucas staring with love at both.

Finn rose from his seat, his wife watching him.

Finn was staring with shock at Harry, as was everyone else.

"You. . .you're. . .you're Azrael Carlisle? Lucas' and Archer's son?!" he stuttered, Emerson rising from his seat.

"My grandfather's lost, hidden brother." he said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather, the young man walking up to the two standing at the windows.

"A love created forever." he said, the two men smiling at each other, Harry kissing Alain's lips.

"The savior of my soul." he said, Alain smiling at him.

"The creator of mine." he said, Lucas kissing each on the cheek.

Josh walked up to Lucas, his arm going around his husband.

"You knew, my love?"

Lucas smiled, Harry's eyes meeting his violet.

"That Harry was my lost, loving son? Archer's, Dathan's and my son? Yes." Lucas said, Harry smiling at him with love.

"For how long, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"For some time, Finny. Ever since I sensed out the truth of my magical path back into my past. I sensed myself in Harry's showing love and magic."

Finn walked up to the men, staring at Harry.

"You. . .you're dead?" he said, Alain's arm going around Harry.

"Does he have to pound your hot ass to prove how real he is, Finny?" Lucas smiled, Harry smiling.

"Can I, please?" he said, Alain laughing, Finn blushing.

"I don't understand this, Luke." Finn said, Lucas patting his friend's back.

"Harry is real, Finn. Or rather, the person he now is, is real." Lucas said, Harry staring at him with love.

The young man sighed, looking out the windows in front of him, Harry and Alain staring at him with love.

"Dathan Carlisle, as I told you before, was a being of magic. And for every magic of goodness there is a reflecting magic of evil. Our son Azrael Carlisle, the brother of Emmanuel Belmont, was destined to face that evil. And that evil took my son's life." Lucas said, staring out into the late afternoon's darkness.

Harry walked up to the young man, his hand going to his shoulder, Lucas' tearing eyes meeting his blue pools.

"It may have taken my life, but it didn't take my soul. And somehow, I sense the magic of your love guided me to my protector. To the second half of my soul. My Jibrail, my now Alain." Harry said, Lucas staring at him.

"I never knew of your existence till we met, Harry. Or of Azrael Carlisle's existence until I walked the path of magic back to Archer. It can't have been myself. I believe it was The Watcher who guided the two of you to your love."

"Then he has my thanks." Harry said, Alain smiling at his husband.

"And mine." Alain said, Lucas looking at the black man.

"So, you're all saying that Harry is the soul of Azrael Carlisle. And Alain is the angel Jibrail that met Azrael on that island. Is Embrace Island a place of magic?" Emerson said, looking at his grandfather's brother standing in front of him.

"Embrace Island is an island of magic and love, love being the greater." Lucas said, the two young men in front of him smiling at him.

"So, you've walked a path of destiny as well, Harry." Finn said, looking at the young man with awe.

"He has walked a path of love. Through several generations of guiding love and magic." Lucas said, Alain smiling at Harry.

"And I have walked beside him. Always." he said, everyone seeing his love for the young man in his arms.

"My angel always follows me. I am the luckiest of love." Harry said, Lucas smiling at both men.

"The soul of Azrael Carlisle, like his fathers', has walked through many years, many generations. Always forming as a man of courage, strength and love. Harry here before us is the current vessel of that courageous soul. I sensed his true soul within the magic and love."

Harry smiled at Lucas, Alain kissing his lips.

"And the beauty always remains the same." Alain smiled, Harry smiling at him.

"As does yours, my black angel."

Lewis rose from his seat, Jacques rising as well, following his husband as Lewis walked up to everyone.

His faithful blue eyes were staring at the handsome black man, Alain softly smiling at him.

"An angel guiding a lost soul to its heaven. It was a path of God's love." he said, Lucas seeing the faith shining in Lewis' awed eyes.

"We all walk God's path of love, good Reverend." Lucas said, Lewis' eyes meeting his.

"I saw before me the winged apparition of God's love, Lucas. I am in awe of all of it. It is so wondrous!" he said, Lucas smiling at the man.

"The wondrous thing in all of that was the love joined together. My son's love and an angel's love." Lucas said, Harry and Alain smiling at him.

Lucas' eyes met Harry's.

"The first day we met I felt a presence within you, Harold. I now realize the truth of what that presence was, and is. You were always family to my soul." Lucas said, Harry moving and hugging his cousin.

"Forever, Lucas. Your love has been in me forever." he teared up, Lucas rubbing his back, guiding the young man into Alain's arms again.

Josh was staring at Lucas, seeing the greater emotion in his violet pools.

Lucas had just found his lost son, hidden within his cousin's love.

"Welcome home, Azrael. Welcome to my greater love, Harry." Lucas said, the other man's blue pools meeting his violet.

"I love you, Lucas." Harry said, Lucas smiling.

"I love you and my new son, Alain."
Alain smiled, Lucas kissing both on their cheeks again.

"The past gives way to the future. Everyone hidden, well most everyone, has now been revealed. The world moves as it must."

Everyone stared at Lucas with silent awe, Gabriel rising from his seat, Grayson his shadow.

He walked up to Alain, the black man staring at him.

"Thank you again for saving my life, Jibrail. You are my friend as Alain now is." Gabriel said, Alain smiling at him.

"Lucas' love guided me to your salvation, Gabriel. As his love guided me to my own." Alain said, Gabriel smiling at him.

"You are an angel. Your humility is of God's design."
Alain smiled, blushing softly, Harry kissing his lips.

"My black angel of love. My now shown angel of love. This will blow up." Harry said, everyone nodding, looking at Lucas.

"Such was Alain's destiny. A destiny he knew he'd one day have to walk."
Alain nodded, Lewis staring at him.

"You knew you'd have to reveal your true self?" he said with wonder, Lucas' hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"The true path is now ahead, my friends. Alain will weather the world's needs as we all shall. The time of truth is at hand." he said, Lewis staring at him.

"Angels, Lucas! The world has seen angels! Our faiths will forever be changed." he said, Jacques' arms going around his husband.

"Lucas' love will change the world, mon cheri." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"In many ways, my friends, in many ways."

Finn walked up to Lucas, Justin and Lance now at Josh's side.

"This will be all-consuming, Luke. We're going to be surrounded." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're well protected, Finny. You got a hot black angel to hold you."

Alain laughed, grinning widely.

"Sweet! Need a hug, Finny?" he smiled, then leered.

Finn blushed, others laughing, everyone surrounding the black man and Harry.

Lucas smiled, watching the two answer questions from everyone.

He felt his three loves' arms going around him, Lucas quietly feeling their love.


Hours Later


Lucas stood on the balcony, staring out into the darkness of the warm night.

He glanced into the bedroom, seeing the bed filled with the sleeping forms of his soulmates.

The night had been one of passion and love, Lucas giving all three his total love.

He sighed, feeling their love flowing through him.

He stared out into the darkness, his thoughts filled with the future, and the past.

"Penny for your thoughts, my love."
Lucas turned, Josh standing in the doorway, the man now in a robe.

"You were just asleep, my love." he said, Josh smiling and walking out onto the balcony, his arms wrapping around Lucas' naked form.

"I can't sleep without your arms wrapped around me. I'll always know when you leave me. I've been awake for a while watching you out here. I sensed you needed some time to yourself." Josh said, Lucas' head going against Josh's clothed chest, Josh pulling him close, his hands setting on Lucas' lower back, the man a few inches taller now than him.

"With all that's happened today, everyone focused on Alain, and his angelic appearance. But your three loves have seen your own emotions, my love. Want to talk about it?" Josh said, Lucas raising his head, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"You read me so well, my love." he said, Josh smiling.

"We all do."

Lucas' eyes turned, Lance's and Justin's robed beauty standing in the balcony's doorway.

Justin's robe was opened, Lucas taking in his naked smoothness, his center flaccid.

"You two as well?" Lucas said, the two men walking out onto the balcony, their arms going around Lucas, Justin pulling his robe around Lucas' naked form.

"You need some warmth, my love." he smiled, Lucas smiling into his blue eyes.

"It's not cold out here, Jus." he said, Justin kissing his lips.

"Your soul holds a coldness, my love. We all feel it." he said, Lucas' head lowering.

Lance kissed his forehead, Lucas raising it, staring into his green pools.

"Your love is unending Lucas, we all feel its love. And we feel its center." Lance said, Lucas leaning against him, the young man surrounded by all three.

"We love you, Lucas. You can't blame yourself for what happened to all three of them." Josh said, Lucas' violet pools meeting Josh's blue.

All three saw the emotion now behind Lucas' violet pools.

The young man sobbed, all three pulling him close.

"They didn't have to die, Josh! Carl and Sheridan and Azrael! Why does the evil take so much?! Why can't my love save all?!" Lucas sobbed, all three tearing up, holding the young man close.

"Oh, our Lucas! You are so loving, so giving. You can't blame yourself for evil's intent. All you can do is give your love. Azrael knows that love now, has always known it. Harry stated that he always felt your love within him. Your love has been within him since you were pulled into Dathan, your love creating his own self. Azrael was a creation of Dathan and Archer's, and your love. You've always been a part of him. I think he had it right. Your love somehow guided him to that island of love. Into Jibrail's arms of love. Now his beautiful Alain's arms of love." Justin said, Lucas raising his head, staring into Justin's blue pools of love.

"Carl gave his life to stop Sheridan's evil, the evil that possessed him, that always was within him. He, in the end, saw the truth of that evil. His soul when it went to heaven held a greater truth. I'm sure God saw that. And Sheridan paid for his evil in his own actions. None of that was your fault. Your love was prepared for all of it. You guided our winged black angel to save Gabriel. Your love fought the evil and easily destroyed it. There is no guilt in that. You are love, my love." Lance said, wiping the tears from Lucas' wet cheeks, Josh kissing his lips.

"Let go of those thoughts, my love. Let the love we give you destroy your emotions. You are love and we love you." Josh said, Lucas softly smiling, leaning forward and kissing his man's lips, then Lance's, both feeling his unending love.

Justin was the last Lucas kissed, the man feeling his love, Lucas feeling Justin's rising desires, a warmth moving against his naked hip.

Lucas broke the kiss, smiling at Justin.

"You called him Harry's beautiful Alain, Jus. Someone smitten with a hot black angel?" Lucas smiled, Lance and Josh smiling.

Justin blushed, looking at all three.

"Did you see those wings, and his greater self? He looked amazing." Justin said, Josh smirking.

"And he was fully clothed, Jus. Imagine him in his naked beauty." Josh smiled.
Justin blushed even more, the other three chuckling.

"I think he's in first gear. Who wants to slip this baby into neutral?" Lucas said, Justin smiling.

"I'll let all three of you take me for a ride." he smiled with love, all three smiling.

"It's late, my love. We're all satisfied and tired." Lance said, kissing his husband's lips.

"That I am." Justin smiled, looking at Lucas.

"Feeling better, Lucky?" he said, Lucas smiling, kissing all three again.

"Your love calms my soul, my loves." he smiled, Justin pulling him close.

"I'd sooner calm that ass." he smiled, pulling his robe more around Lucas' naked form, his hands now on his backside.

Lucas smiled, Josh and Lance joining arms.

"He needs your love, Lucky. We're going back to bed." Lance said, Josh kissing both on the lips, Lance following.

Justin smiled, watching the two walk back into the bedroom.

He felt two lips on his neck, the man smiling.

"Yep this gearshift is at full throttle." Lucas smiled, his hand wrapped around Justin's growing hardness.

"And you are way overdressed, Mr. Timberlake." Lucas said, pushing the robe off Justin's shoulders, both men now naked.

Lucas pulled Justin close, their centers joining, Justin moaning.

"I'm going to ride you till you run out of gas." Lucas smiled, his lips meeting Justin's, Justin lost in the love now flowing through him.

Two others smiled from the bedroom, Lance's head against Josh's naked chest.

"Lucas will calm him. And Justin's love is the answer to his love." Lance smiled, the man closing his eyes, Josh's already closed.

Both men heard the moans coming from the balcony, both feeling the flowing love in their souls.

Neither saw a soft shadow disappear near the balcony's door.



End of Chapter 217


The story of Alain's and Harry's true beginnings now revealed.

Alain was always an angel.

An angel named Jibrail.


And Harry was the soul of Lucas' own created son.

Azrael Carlisle, the twin brother of Emmanuel Belmont, Joshua Belmont's own father.

Both created by Archer Belmont, Dathan Carlisle and Lucas' own love.


An angel has now been shown to the world.

Alain saved Gabriel by capturing him in his wings before hitting the pavement, the press taking in the heroic and magical event.

Alain will now have to face the music, so to speak.

I'm sure Lucas' love will surround him.


What will happen now that angels have been revealed?
What will that do to the world's faiths?

What true path now begins?


You know the drill, read on.


Hugs, Angel.