Yesterday's End-218


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 218


The Next Morning


Lucas' eyes raised, the young man's violet pools meeting two blue.

"Good morning, Harry." Lucas said, the young bodyguard smiling at him.

"Good morning, Luke." he said, walking into the kitchen, smelling the rich aromas filling it.

"Feeding the masses again?" Harry smiled, taking a piece of bacon off a platter on the counter beside Lucas, popping it into his mouth, Lucas slapping his hand with a smile.

"As always. Where's your black angel?" Lucas smiled, Harry smiling at him, watching Lucas take the last sausages out of the frying pan he was working on, adding them to one of the platters, then dumping the frying pan into the water-filled sink, after emptying its grease into a jar.

"Alain's in the shower. Where are your other two men? I saw Justin in the living room on the phone." Harry smiled, Lucas pointing at the coffeemaker.

"My men are in the shower with our sons. Justin's on the phone with his company. He's trying to get a consensus on the reaction." Lucas smiled, Harry nodding, filling two coffee mugs, walking to the already set up tables.

Lucas wiped his hands on a dishcloth, placing the numerous filled platters in the warming oven.

He joined Harry at the table, Harry already having Lucas' coffee ready, laced with cream, Lucas sipping at it.

"Mother of a day yesterday, Luke." Harry said, Lucas smiling and nodding.

"One of many perhaps to come. Life moves as it must, Har." he said, their eyes meeting.

"With all the drama yesterday, you and I never really had a moment to talk alone, Lucas." Harry said, Lucas' hand going on top of his on the table.

"Speak from the heart, Har." he said, the young man looking at him.

"Why don't you hate me?" he softly said, Lucas staring at him.

"Now why would you think that I'd hate you? We've already talked on this before with Alain." Lucas said, the young man seated before him staring at him.

"I didn't tell you the truth, Lucas. The truth of who I really was. Somehow you figured it all out. You surprised both Alain and me."

Lucas smiled, patting the young man's hand.

"I've always known, as I said yesterday. I always sensed the trueness of who you were, Azrael." he said, Harry staring at him.

"How could you have known that first day we met?" he said.

"I sensed myself in you that first day I shook your hand, Harry. I sensed your present life and who you were regarding my family. But under that realization I sensed myself. A greater part of myself. I sensed my own magic."

"I don't have your great magic, Lucas. I have the Carlisle magic and it's not as strong."
Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Harry's cheek.

"You have part of me within you, Harry. Myself, Archer and Dathan's blood. That trinity of life flows through your true soul. Azrael Carlisle is alive within you. Your walking soul I met that morning in the kitchen with Alain's, shows you that you have some of my magic." he said, Harry staring at him, soft tears showing in his eyes.

"I've always known who I really am, Lucas. I've always been my real self. Alain's known that as well. In every lifetime since that island we have met again, our love as strong as ever. His love has followed mine always."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"A duo of love that nothing could ever change. True love in its truest form."

Harry smiled, nodding.

"I loved him then, I love him now."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"What happens now, Lucas? Alain's shown his true self. Do you want me to show the world my true self? I will stand by his love forever." Harry said, Lucas patting his hand again.

"You are yourself, Harry. The man who resides here now. Alain will show his love for you for the world to see. That's all either of you need to show. The world will accept him as it must. As it will have to accept much more." Lucas said, Harry's hand going in his.

"We both love you, Lucas. We'll stand at your side through all of this." he said, Lucas smiling.

"I know, Harold. You and Alain guard my soul. All my sons guard me with love."

Harry smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Should I start calling you Dad? Like Colton?"

Lucas laughed, smiling at the young man.

"We're the same age, Harry. I think Luke and Harry are fine."

Harry smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools, seeing the unchanged love shining back.

"How are you doing, Luke? This all must be surprising for you in some way." Harry said, Lucas squeezing his hand still in his.

"I never thought I'd ever learn your fate, Azrael. But the magic sensed I needed that truth. And it's a truth I am happy to have learned. You, Azrael or Harry, would make any father proud."

Harry teared up, seeing someone now standing in the kitchen doorway, Lucas' back to the door.

"We both are a part of your love, Luke. We're both happy for that." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My sons walked paths of courage, and yes, love. That's all I wanted for them then and now." he said.

"He has my love, he has his own courage."

Lucas turned, looking towards the kitchen doorway, Alain standing in its center.

Behind him stood Justin, Lance and Josh; Josh and Justin holding their sons in their arms.

"How much of that did you all hear?" Lucas said, rising from his seat.

"We heard the love, Lucas." Alain said, walking up to his man, Harry rising from his seat, the two kissing.

Lucas smiled, looking at his three soulmates now surrounding him, all three kissing his lips.

Lucas smiled, taking little Joshy from Justin's arms, the baby giggling.

"I'll take Justy, Josh." Harry smiled, Josh smiling and guiding the boy into Harry's arms, Alain's arms around his man.

"Bro! You my bro!" the little boy said, smiling up at Harry.

The young man smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"I guess I am, Justy. I'm your big brother." Harry smiled, Alain kissing his cheek and the boy's.

"Two of Lucas' four angels." he smiled, Lucas smiling at the black man, Harry running his fingers through his man's wet hair.

"And you're Harry's wet black angel. Woof! My son's damn lucky." he said, Alain laughing.

The front buzzer went off, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"I'll get it. That'll be the rest of the family." he smiled, walking out of the kitchen.

Lucas' eyes met Justin's, the man smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

"We'll talk when the masses gather. Your aromas draw all of us."

Lucas smiled, walking to the stove, his family walking into the kitchen as he pulled out his food.


Lucas smiled, Colton sitting in his lap.

"You're getting heavy, son." he said, slapping the young man's ass, his head against Lucas' chest.

"Love is fattening, Dad." he smiled, his four soulmates smiling at him.

Breakfast was over, everyone relaxing in the living room, Lucas' mothers walking around with trays of coffee and tea, everyone smiling at them.

"And you have five meals of richness." Lucas smiled, Colton's blue pools meeting his.

"And you have three. What's your point?" he smiled, Lucas lightly laughing.

"My point is that we'll both never starve. They all are so delicious."
Others laughed, their soulmates blushing.

"Too much info, Lukey! We don't need to know who eats who." Finn grinned, covering his ears.

Colton smiled, staring at the Welshman.

"At least it's mostly hair free." he smiled, Skyler laughing, covering her mouth.

"Thanks, dear." Finn said, placing Julian's pacifier back in his mouth, the boy on his lap.

"Sorry, my love. But you are a meal unto itself. I'm always contented. My hairy hors d'oeuvre." she smiled, rocking Diana, Finn winking at her.

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"You can give us your news now, Jus. How finds the world's eye?" he said, everyone looking at Justin, then Lucas.

"The world's eye is wide open, Luke. We're all over the news." Justin said, Francesca looking at him.

"Everything okay, Justin?" she said, Emerson's arm around her.

"The world's eyes have focused on all of us. Yesterday's moment of heroic salvation is all over the television, internet and newspapers. Your wings of protection are all over the front pages of all the world's newspapers, Alain. And it's already being debunked by some." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Eyes cannot believe what they must see." he said, Lewis' blue eyes watching him.

"Some are saying it's a PR stunt, or staged theatrics. But that may change." Justin said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"What else has happened, Jus?" Lance said, Josh's arm going around Lucas as Colton got up, walking to another couch and sitting down in Enrique's lap.

Lucas kissed Josh's lips, their sons in their carriers on the floor in front of them, both boys smiling and giggling at each other.

"The churches of the world are already making statements. They're all cautious in accepting Alain's true self. The Pope's making a televised statement this morning, which is late afternoon in Rome. All the stations are carrying it." Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"The voice of reason in the world's salvation." he softly said, Josh looking at him.

"Meaning what, my love? You knew the Pope would make a statement today?" Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Josh. He told me as much."
Finn sat up in his seat, holding his son.

"You've met the freaking Pope, Luke?! When?!" he said with awe, most of the others looking surprised, Colton quietly looking at Lucas.

"I walk many paths, my friend. Some chosen, some requested." Lucas said, his eyes looking out the windows at the morning sunshine.

"Daddy walks!" Little Justy said, smiling up at his father, Lucas smiling down at him.

"On many paths, my little Justin." he said, rising from his seat.

He walked over to Trish and Andrew, both holding their infants.

"Don't hog their love, Trashy. May I hold my niece?" Lucas smiled, Trish smiling up at him, Lucas picking up her daughter in his arms, rocking the infant.

"Welcome to a changed world of love, Lenora. Unky's love will cover it." he smiled, the baby giggling, then gurgling.

"She loves you, Luke. Your love makes her happy." Trish said, Lucas smiling down at his sister.

"I love her, and her brother." Lucas smiled at the small infant in Andrew's arms.

He kissed Lenora's forehead, guiding her back into her mother's arms.

Lucas looked around the room, everyone's eyes on him.

"And I love all of you. Our children's love will only grow with ours." Lucas said, Justin rising from his seat walking up to Lucas, his arm going around him.

"We're all lucky, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling, then sighing.

"The night's hours sometimes release one's thoughts. My magic sees all. And my soul goes on voyages of truth, and calming love." he said, walking up to the windows, looking out into the sunshine.

Justin walked up to him again, their soulmates watching both.

"Your magic walked again, didn't it? You went to the Pope to seek some truth from him?" he said, everyone staring at Lucas.

"No, Jus. He sought me out in his faith. I had to alleviate the doubts. And I had to give him hope."

Lewis rose from his seat, Jacques' eyes on his husband.

"You gave The Fisherman hope, Lucas?" he said, Lucas' eyes going to Lewis' blue.

"I gave you sight to see the truth around us, Lewis. I gave him faith to see the greater destiny." Lucas said, Lewis walking up to him.

"I sense now my own truth, Lucas. My life before my injuries was the true blindness of my eyes. What I have seen--since you restored my health--is the truth my eyes needed to see. Flying angels and magical souls. You are walking on God's path. We are following you with devotion." he said, Lucas seeing the faith in his blue eyes.

"I would rather you follow with your friendship and love, everyone. Leave the devotion to God." Lucas smiled, Jacques walking up to his husband.

"We all follow your love with ours, mon ami." Jacques said, Lucas smiling at the Frenchman.

"I take all in, my friends. Let's relax and watch the day's drama unfold." Lucas said, kissing Justin's lips.

"Our boys need their fathers' love. Let's play with our sons." Lucas smiled, Colton and Harry smiling at each other.

"Sweet! You take Luke, I'll take Justin, bro." Colton smiled, Harry laughing.

Justin laughed, Josh and Lance walking up to both, their sons in their arms.

Lucas smiled, lifting little Joshy out of his son's carrier in Lance's hands.

"Play, Daddy!" the boy giggled, Lucas smiling, giving his son a raspberry on the cheek, the boy laughing.

Everyone smiled, watching the fathers sit down with their sons.*


"It's on all channels. Everyone's waiting for the speech." Justin said, flicking through the television's channels, Lance's arms wrapped around him.

Josh glanced at his watch, the hour almost eleven.

Everyone was relaxing in the living room, awaiting the upcoming statement from Rome.

"Stop on CNN, babe." Lance said, Justin nodding, stopping on the news channel.

Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper were talking to a panel of other commentators.

"Discussions on nothing, show nothing." Justin said, Lance smiling at his husband.

"Still, it's eye candy." he smiled, Lucas smiling at Lance, Josh in his arms.

"A little Cooper lust there, Lance?" he said, Lance smiling at him, Justin looking at the newscaster on the screen.

"I've met him before, in New York. He's a nice man, a bit over-focused, but nice. But he doesn't sing like an angel. My men have to have a beautiful voice." Lance smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"He's a bit old." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"And what am I?" Josh said, Lance smiling at him.

"You're our hot daddy." he smiled, Justin grinning.

"Damn near scorching." he said, Josh rolling his eyes, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Aged to perfection." he smiled, Trish and Andrew walking down the hallway, Vivian and Skyler following them.

"All our angels are down for the count." Andrew smiled, he and Trish sitting down beside Henderson, Vivian joining her husband.

Skyler sat down beside Finn, his arms going around her.

"You forgot one. Alain's been yawning." Finn smiled, Skyler kissing her husband's lips.

Harry smiled, snuggling in Alain's lap in an oversized chair.

"This angel doesn't want to miss a thing." Alain smiled, Harry kissing his lips.

"I hope it starts soon. I sense a grope fest coming." Finn said, grinning, Skyler shaking her head.

"Sweet! You volunteering to be the center, cutie?" Alain grinned, Finn blushing.

"Only in your dreams, black angel." he said, Alain winking at him.

"I can send you flying, Finny. To heaven and beyond." he smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"Thanks, but I'll stay here on the ground with my own angel." Skyler smiling and kissing his lips again.

"Grope fest indeed." Justin said, everyone chuckling and laughing.

"It's almost eleven, turn the sound up, Justin." Emerson said, his son and daughter seated beside him and his wife.

Justin adjusted the volume, everyone focusing on the television.

Lucas sat in silence, his man snuggled against him.

"We're almost ready for the live feed from the Vatican, in about three minutes. So, what's your final thoughts on what His Holiness will be saying today?" Anderson said, talking to the panel of three religious experts.

"I believe he will be voicing the same statement as other church leaders have been releasing all day. All the faiths are being taken in by this hoax." Raymond Sanders said, listed as a church deacon from Alabama.

"How can you say there's a hoax when video evidence shows the truth?" Another woman said, named Anita Bryson, listed as the head of the Evangelical Women's Association.

"Have you ever heard of video editing, dear lady? It looks more of Hollywood than reality." the man said, the third man on the panel voicing his opinion close to the man's own.

"I myself was present at that event, gentlemen. I saw no Hollywood effects department anywhere. That man was falling to his death, we were all watching. That man--or supposed angel--came down from above." Jake Tapper said, Anderson nodding.

"You were there?" James Cromwell the head of the Catholic League said, Jake nodding his head in agreement.

"Yes, I was actually following the drama that morning surrounding Lucas Carver-Belmont. Lucas Carver-Belmont was big entertainment news to begin with. CNN was following him, hoping for an interview. I think he's shown us more yesterday than we bargained for."
"I don't' think he was directly involved, Jake." Anderson said, the other panelist weighing in.

Lucas sat in silence, watching and listening to the back-and-forth conversation.

A video in the bottom corner was showing the Vatican City symbol, the feed coming shortly.

"We'll have to end this for now, everyone. I'm being told the feed from Rome is about to come in. Let's listen in, everyone." Anderson said, the group focusing on the studio monitors.

The screen changed, the Papal crest showing for a moment, then going to black.

The screen filled with the image of a large ornate gilded room, a white and gold ornate desk in its center, an older man seated behind it.

He wore a white cassock and a white pellegrina cape, his head adorned with a white zucchetto cap.

"Buenas tardes, los niņos del mondo, ye de todas las religiones." Pope Francis said in Spanish, his face showing a calm smile, English translators dubbing his voice.

"Good afternoon, children of the world, and of all faiths." the translator spoke.

"Today is a day of affirmation in all our faithful souls. The day after the apparition of God's black warrior saving a man's life." The pontiff said, his blue eyes showing calmness and faith.

"Yesterday we were all witnesses to the affirmation of God's intervention in our lives. A winged man descended from the heavens and saved a plummeting man from certain death. Members of the media were there to show the world that angel's giving grace. Yes, that black winged man was an angel. A servant of God's intent. An angelic host of God's armies of righteousness. I am sure as I speak today, that the world's theorists are trying to eradicate the truth that we have seen with our own eyes. That vision yesterday was real. We saw a winged seraph of God's kingdom. A celestial being of heaven's embrace. I stand in the shoes of The Fisherman, my life devoted to God's intent. It is time all faithful learned the truth of our path of faithful destiny." the man said, rising from his seat, walking around the table, standing in front of it, folding his hands in front of him.

"I am one of the ten leaders known as the Fingers on the Hands of God's Devotion. We all pray together in his name. A name perhaps different in all those sects. Judaism, Catholicism, Lutheranism, Greek Orthodox, Anglicanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, and Shinto. We ten are the keepers of the faithful truth. The destiny of all of us. A few short days ago that destiny was reaffirmed in my own soul. In all our ten souls. By the walking soul of a man of giving love and kindness. That faith-giving soul has asked me to hold his own truth dear to my own heart. To all our ten hearts. We will honor his truth with our own devotion."

All eyes in the living room were on Lucas, the young man calmly staring at the television, his violet pools filled with calm love.

"The path of God's love is upon us, everyone. As others of the ten have already stated today, we all accept and affirm the appearance of the angelic host yesterday. A winged man of God's love now walks among us. It is a sign all faiths have been waiting for. A sign of a greater path ahead for all of us. Many years ago--in the histories of all our faiths--a prophecy of faith and love was instilled in all faiths. That prophecy is from ancient times, from the beginnings of all faiths. From the times of the first Fisherman, Saint Peter, through the formation of all the world's religions. All hierarchy of each church have kept that prophecy sacred to its own soul. But each of us knew of the others' knowledge of the truth. Today, as leader of the inner circle of the ten faiths, I am asked to reveal that prophecy." The pontiff said, his hand going to the cross hanging from his neck.

Everyone was listening in quiet silence, all on the edge of their seats.

"The prophecy unto itself was kept hidden from all faiths by the hierarchy of the ten churches. Its truth could only be revealed by the asking of a question to all ten faiths. That was the first sign of the prophecy's truth." the pope said, staring into the camera.

"A few short weeks ago a servant of God met will all ten of us. And the question was asked. It was 'Doest thou know the name of the Warrior?' And the answer we all gave was the same, 'The Warrior shall lead the Seraphim. We name him the Curacuar.'"

All eyes in the living room were now on Colton, the young man quietly watching, Jonathan's arms around him, his other three soulmates surrounding him.

"The Curacuar is an ancient being of God's design. A warrior to lead the armies of God into the battle of Good against Evil. A battle is coming upon this earth. A battle of good against evil. That is the prophecy entrenched in all faiths for eons. That a battle would come of good and evil, and a man would circumvent God's path to create a greater path. It was given to the prophet Moses before his death, handed down through generations of the devoted, then passed to the other blossoming religions as the world grew. Now, we as a group of faithful souls, believe that prophecy has come to pass. The Curacuar is among us. He is a young man of courage, love and magic."

"I'll second that." Jonathan said, Colton smiling at him.

"Yes, I said magic, children of the world. Magic is real. In the showing yesterday of the angelic host, in the revealing of the Curacuar. Today I name him and that black angel for who they are. Children of God, devotees of all faiths, of God's love. The black angel we saw descending from the heavens, is a man named Alain Deveraux. That is his given name in this time. Through the centuries of our lives he has gone by many names. God named him the angel Jibrail. Today he is a man, born he was always a man. That is the second truth of the prophecy. Angels were really once men. Men on whom God bestowed the magic of his divinity. Giving them wings to fly the earth with his word and faith. Seraphim of God's devotion. The angelic hosts are the personification of the goodness in all men. Each was a man of faith, goodness and courage. Angels are the closest celestial beings to man. Men who've changed into angels under God's embrace. The Seraphim are the closest to God, angelic beings of the highest hierarchy of the celestial beings. All of God's beings will do battle for the goodness of all of us. That battle is coming soon, all faithful souls. The revelation of the Seraphim Jibrail's appearing is the second sign of that prophecy. The third is the appearance to all ten of us of the Chosen One. A being of magic and courage who shall give us all hope, and shall cleanse all of us of our doubts. Our doubts of the worthiness of our faith in what's to come. Last week I beheld that being, his words steeped with love and hope. If angels are men, then that man had the soul of God. All ten of us had doubts. Who could not with such a moment forthcoming? God is coming to earth, my brethren. The battle is at hand. The Curacuar is ready. He is a young man whom one day we all hope to meet. For the Chosen One has instilled in our ten souls the realness of the prophecy. In the days to come the other nine of my brethren will state the same truth. A battle lays ahead against evil. That truth we all must face."

Josh's eyes looked at his Lucas, Lucas sighing, laying back into the couch, closing his eyes.

"The Curacuar is a young man living in America. His identity will be revealed when it must be. Another of that man's lineage holds the answer to so much more. For he is the Chosen One I have spoken of. He has been chosen for another path, a path filled with danger and magic. He has given myself hope, he has renewed my faith. He will renew all our faith. I stand with the other nine at his side, our faith standing together. I welcome him as a protector of all faiths." the pontiff said, gasps heard in the background behind the cameras.

"I take your welcome with grace, Your Holiness."

Standing now beside the pontiff was Lucas.


Everyone's eyes in the living room looked at the television set, then at Lucas seated on the couch.

The young man sat back on the couch in silence, his eyes closed.

"Luke?" Josh said, about to touch him.

"No, Papa, wait. Dad's walking a path of destiny." Colton said, everyone's eyes meeting his blue.

"Let's watch his love unfold." Colton said, looking back at the television, everyone following his eyes.

They all stared at the television, Lucas shown now there looking like his old self.

"He's as he was at the ball in July." Grayson said, Gabriel's arm around him, nodding.

His hair was again black, his looks and size as it always had been.

"It's the real him. His inner self. He's like he always was before he went down into that room." Trish said, looking at her brother's old self on the television, then at his new self on the couch, blond and larger.

"It's the true him within the magic, Trish. The real him we all love." Colton smiled, watching the television.

Everyone stared at the young man, the pope about to kneel, going to one knee.

"Arise, Your Holiness. We stand together in faith. You need not bow to me." Lucas said, in perfect Spanish, helping the older man regain his feet.

The pontiff's eyes moved to the camera, his hand going to his cross again.

"It is. . .you're here. . .." the pope said, Lucas smiling at him with calmness.

"I told you I'd stand by you always. This is a part of that." Lucas said, the pope wiping his tearing eyes.

"Welcome to the world's eyes, Lucas. Everyone, this is Lucas Carver-Belmont, a musician from Wales. The Chosen One of our faith's path." the pope said in Spanish, interpreters speaking over them in English and other languages, Lucas softly smiling at Pope Francis.
"We are all led to our own paths, Your Holiness. I just walk a greater path than most."

"Lucas, you. . .you appeared before us in an instant. It is the work of magic." Pope Francis said, crossing himself.

"It is the magic of life, Holy Father. I possess more than most." Lucas said, his violet pools suddenly softly glowing green.

People behind the cameras softly gasped and murmured, Lucas remaining calm.

"I am a vessel of magic. I stand in the world's eyes to speak the truth we all must hear." Lucas said, the pontiff staring at him with silent reverence.

"Last week I met here with Pope Francis, and in other places with the other nine faithful leaders. The time of total faith is at hand. A battle is about to commence. The players in that battle are readied. I alone will begin it."

The cameras were zoned in on Lucas' handsome face, the young man staring right into them, the pope at his side, staring at him with soft confusion.

"You shall begin it, Lucas? You shall draw out the evil?" the pontiff said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his.

"It has already begun, my friend of faith. Evil walks among all of us. The battle ahead will be for goodness' truths to shine." Lucas said, the pontiff nodding, looking at the camera.

"I and all faithful stand ready, Lucas." the pontiff said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your faith and goodness we shall all have at that time." Lucas said, the young man staring at the camera again.

"Today begins the end of life as we know it. The next few months will be a time of change and upheaval. But through it all you only need to hold onto your faith, love and hope. Destiny waits for myself, and the Curacuar. A new life waits for all of you." Lucas said, the young man folding his hands before him.

"The battle ahead will not be waged by any man. It is a battle of magic against magic, good against evil. God's warriors and devoted shall battle on the side of goodness against a foe of unimaginable vileness. The aftermath of that battle will be unimaginable as well. At that time, we shall all have to consider our souls and the souls of others."

"We cannot aid you, Lucas?" the pope said, Lucas looking at him.

"I walk a path of destiny, my faithful friend. I have all that I need to follow it to its end."
The pope's eyes widened, gasps heard again, Lucas' form changing before everyone's eyes.

He now stood as his present self, his blond hair longer, his body larger in being.

"I have been given the strength, courage and love needed to walk all paths. And the truth at the end of all this will surprise all."

The pope's hand went to Lucas' now higher shoulder, his eyes looking up into his with wonder and faithful awe.

"You walk God's path, Lucas. We shall all pray for your safety. You are a vessel of God's love."
Lucas smiled, his eyes going to the cameras zoned in on him.

"Truth is coming, everyone. What you saw yesterday and today is the forbearance of reality. This is not Hollywood theatrics or video editing as some may believe. That I shall show shortly. I am the magic of life, and I am so much more."

Lucas disappeared in an instant.

The pope went to his knees, folding his hands in prayer.

"God is coming, all souls of faithfulness. We are not worthy." he said, the man beginning to recite the Lord's Prayer.


Everyone stared in silence, the Vatican feed going black.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we've just seen something that's beyond comprehension." Anderson Cooper said on CNN, everyone silent and awestruck.

"That. . .that can't be real?!" the deacon said, his own face showing confusion and a trembling uncertainty.

"We all saw it with our own eyes, sir. That was unbelievable." Jake Tapper said, Anderson looking at him.

"That we did, everyone. Lucas Carver-Belmont has just shown the world that magic possibly does exist. He just appeared and then disappeared before the pope in Rome. Word hear before in New York is that he'd been holed up here in his condo in Manhattan since yesterday's dramatic angel sighting at his family's business. This is just so unbelievable." Anderson said, Jake nodding his head.

"As is everything His Holiness said before Lucas' appearance. A prophecy of magic and God's intent? You're schooled in the religious dogma, Anita. Have you heard anything like this prophecy before?" Anderson said, the woman from the Evangelical Women's Association shaking her head in the negative.

"No, Anderson. I've never heard of that prophecy the pope stated. The histories of many religions tell of prophecies and signs of God's coming to earth. This is a new one about good and evil staging a battle that I hadn't heard of before."

"Neither myself as well." James Cromwell said, seated beside her, agreeing.

"But could this all be true? A battle of good against evil coming? Angels and other mystical creatures facing a warring clan of evil? What we've just witnessed is magic. Lucas Carver-Belmont has a magical soul." Anderson said, the deacon composing himself during the conversation.

"No at all, Anderson. This is all an absurdity. This must be staged, with The Vatican's help. That man can't be what he claims to be."

"And Lucas' comments that you yourself said here moments before? About magic and Hollywood video editing? He just called you out in a specific way." Jake said, the man staring at him.

"Magic is not real! Angels are not real!" the man said, suddenly feeling a hand going to his shoulder, everyone around him widening their eyes in surprising shock.

"Sometimes you must have a little faith, Mr. Sanders."

The man turned, staring up into two violet pools.

Lucas stood right behind him, Anderson and Jake looking shocked.

"No. . .no. . .it can't be!" the deacon said, Lucas staring at him.

"It is real, sir. Think on that, all of you." Lucas said, the young man vanishing right before their eyes.

Anderson and Jake looked thunderstruck, the studio silent, the video feed continuing.

"Ladies and gentlemen, that. . .that was. . .wow!" Anderson said, the television filled with silence and dead air.


Lucas' Condo


Lucas opened his violet pools, Josh staring into them.

"My God, Luke!" he said, Lucas rising from his reclining position, looking around at everyone staring at him.

"You just stunned the world, Lucas." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather, seeing the awe in his eyes.

Lucas looked towards the television, CNN still on, a greater discussion now in progress.

"The world needs to be stunned at times, Grandfather. What's life without surprises?"
"Indeed, Lucas." Emerson said, his son staring at him, then at his own son.

"That was more than a surprise, Lucas. You just showed the world your magic." Tristan said, Lucas smiling at his father.

"I guess I did, Dad. I always sensed I would have to at some time. The path now warrants that truth." Lucas said, the young man rising, walking up to the windows again, staring out at the late morning's sunshine.

"Why did you have to do that, Luke? I sense you had totally accepted that reality." Lance said, Lucas' head turning, staring into his green pools.

"The world needed to see the truth, Lance. That magic does exist. In myself and in others. Of this world and God's. So that they can be prepared for what's to come." Lucas said, turning back to the windows.

Lewis rose from his seat, walking towards the young man.

"I feel faith approaching. Your love follows, Lewis." Lucas said, not looking back.

"You continue to amaze us, Lucas. Your love--and magic--now has amazed the world." he said, Lucas turning, smiling at the jovial minister.

"I don't have enough business cards for the whole world, Lewis." he said, Lewis smiling.

"You just gave the world your calling card, Lucas. It was your showing magic and love." he smiled, Lucas staring at him.

"The world hasn't seen my total love yet, Lewis. That's for another day." he said, looking towards his soulmates, then his violet eyes meeting Colton's blue.

"The faithful will increase, Lucas. Your shown magic has provided the proof the world needs that the prophecy is real. That a great battle looms." the minister said, Lucas looking back out the window.

"Much looms ahead, my friend. Colton is the warrior of good, leading the angelic host and others to stand against evil. I am the protector of all. My path was always set for that reality." Lucas said, Josh rising from his seat, Justin and Lance both looking at Lucas.

Lucas felt Josh's arm going around his waist, feeling his love.

"And where does that path lead you, Luke? I don't like what lays ahead." he said, Lucas turning and staring into his blue pools.

"To happiness, my Josh. To the happiness I always wanted. Your love, their love and all your love." Lucas said, Justin and Lance smiling.

"I think that deacon on CNN may have crapped his pants. You surprised the bejesus out of him." Justin said, Lance smirking.

Lucas smiled, Justin grinning.

"The naysayers needed to be nipped in the bud. I just sealed my own fate on all the talk shows today. You may become sick of my name." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I have other names for you, Lucas Carver-Belmont. Lucky, Lukey, Luke, Horn dog, God."

Lucas laughed, Lance and Justin now at his sides, Josh still holding Lucas.

"All are true." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing all three on the lips.

"You are correct, Lucky. You're going to be right in the middle of everything now. Every news organization out there will want an interview." Lance said.

Lucas sighed, looking out the window again.

"I will give only one public media interview. Call Jake Tapper and set it up please, Justin. For later this evening. I felt his truthful soul today. He's accommodating. I and a few others will voice our love for the only time. And then I prepare for the coming truth." he said, his family and friends all rising from their seats, the five men surrounded.

"Is that wise, Lucas?" Tristan said, Lucas smiling and kissing his father's cheek.

"I will give them what they seek, Dad. And then I'll walk my path." Lucas said, his eyes going out the window again.

"I need to feel water. I didn't shower yet. Then I'll make lunch." he said, smiling and turning back to everyone.

"Let me take care of lunch, Dad." Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, son." he smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"I'll be right back, everyone." Lucas smiled, the young man walking through everyone, heading down the hallway.

"Is he okay, Josh? He seems reflective. This is all so unbelievable." Savannah said, Tristan's arm going around her.

"He's Lucas, Mom. But I feel his calmed soul. This isn't bothering him." Josh said, Justin and Lance at his sides.

"I wonder what he's got planned for this evening?" Finn said, his arms around Skyler.

"Knowing our Lucas, it will be surprising." Haras said, Jonathan's arms around him.

"Let's get lunch going, guys." Enrique smiled, Hemi's arm around him.

"Some Spanish fare, my love." Colton smiled, his four soulmates smiling at him.

 The five men headed for the kitchen, Colton's blue eyes glancing down the hallway, his thoughts his own.

Everyone in the living room sat down, the day's events talked through with awe and wonder.


Lucas sighed, the water cascading over his shoulders, flowing down his back.

He heard sounds behind him, then the warmth of a wet body joining with his.

"I finally get to sample the black angel?" he smiled, a hand slapping his ass.

"How about an older loving angel?"

Lucas smiled, turning around, Josh pulling him close.

Their lips met, both feeling their flowing love.

"There's the scrub brush I need." Lucas smiled when they broke the kiss, Josh smiling.

"I don't have enough hairy bristles for that, my love." he smiled, Lucas' wet hands roaming over the few chest hairs between Josh's pecs.

"A small field of soft down where I lay my head again." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling, his wet hands resting now on Lucas' smooth butt cheeks.

"I miss the old you, Luke. Seeing your returned beauty made my heart race."
"And what about me now?" he smiled, Josh smiling.

"The new improved you is wonderful too. But that man on the television I fell in love with first."

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's nose.

"He'll be back after all this, my love. I have that promise."
Josh stared into his man's violet pools, seeing the ever-flowing love.

"I love you, Lucas. In any form."
Lucas smiled, pulling his wet man close.
"I love you, my Josh." he said, Josh smiling.

"Friday's the first Friday of the month." he said, Lucas smiling.

"Our monthly alone time. Sweet." he smiled, Josh staring into his violet pools.

"It may be hard now for us to go out in public, my love." he said, Lucas kissing his shoulder, his hands now washing Josh's chest, having picked up a bar of soap.

"Let me handle that night, my love. Lance and I already have something planned."
Josh smiled, feeling Lucas' talented fingers, and the effect they were having on his own body.

"You're always so well prepared."
Lucas smiled, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Lucas. All three of us do. We'll all be here in any way you need us."
"I only need your love, my love. And maybe Justin's hot ass later."

Josh stared at him, a smile breaking his lips.

"Will mine do for now?"

Lucas smiled, his hands now moving to Josh's firm ass.

"Your ass always does it for me, babe."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas on the lips.

"We've all talked after you left, Lucky. We understand that you have to keep your secrets close."

"I love you, Josh. I do have to keep some things close, for his designs. But I'll never not tell you anything that you need to know."
Josh nodded, his head going against Lucas' wet chest, his lips kissing its wet smoothness.

"I'm worried for you, my love. The future seems so ominous for you."

"It will be a time of upheaval, yes. But I want you and our loves to remember one thing."
Josh raised his head, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I am yours, Joshua. I'm not going anywhere. We're together forever. All six of us. We're a family created with love. We're together forever."

Josh teared up, their lips meeting.

Their love flowed, their hands moving as well.

They broke the kiss, Lucas smiling.

"Make love to me, my Joshua. I need your love alone. Then we'll clean each other up. I'll dine on your love, then I'll dine on our fivesome's Spanish fare."

Josh moved, their lips meeting again, their love beginning to flow.

Lucas felt Josh's needs, the young man giving into his soulmate's love.


A Few Hours Later


"It's going to be a madhouse." Harry said, seated in the seat in front of Lucas, the limousine moving through the late day New York streets.

Josh sat beside Lucas, their hands joined, Justin and Lance seated beside them.

Alain sat beside Harry, his arm around the young man, the black man talking on his cell phone.

Colton and Jonathan sat beside the two men, both holding each other close.

The news had broken that afternoon, CNN revealing that Lucas would be holding an interview with Jake later that evening.

All the networks were fueled with need, Justin sensing the upcoming media barrage at Belmont Industries.

All the television channels had been going nonstop all day with coverage and commentaries.

Lucas' and the Pope's revelations had stoked the world's need.

It was Lucas who'd suggested that the interview be held there, in a secure setting, surrounded by his family.

They followed them in a second limousine, along with the other three of the fivesome of love.

They had insisted on all coming, Lucas feeling their love.

Everyone else remained at the condo, waiting to watch the interview live.

Alain closed off his cell phone, looking at Lucas.

"Emerson's talked to Joe, the place is a madhouse out front. His security has it all cordoned off. We should be able to slip in quickly. Joe's going to call me directly in a few minutes." Alain said, Lucas nodding.

"The world focuses, the path begins." he said, looking out the windows at the passing streets.

"Why Belmont Industries, Luke?" Alain said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his brown.

"We return to the scene of the crime, Alain." he smiled, Alain nodding.

"The only crime was Sheridan Whitecastle's last attempt to hurt us." Alain said, Lucas nodding.

"He's received his justice." Lucas said, looking out the window again.

"It was unfortunate that Carl had to pay his redemption with his life." Jonathan said, Justin looking at his brother.

"A soul chooses its path, Jon. In the end, it all comes down to the greater truth in our souls." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"Feeling better, Jus?" he said, Justin smiling at him.

"A few minutes with you always makes up for anything, tiger." he smiled, Lance chuckling, Josh smirking.

"You seemed happy after your talk with Luke just before dinner, Justin." Colton smiled, Justin winking at him.

"We didn't talk much." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

After Josh and Lucas had dressed, they'd returned to the living room, Lucas sitting down in Justin's lap, Josh sitting down beside Lance.

Everyone was in their rooms or the kitchen, the living room only holding them.

"Lunch should be almost ready." Lance said, Lucas staring at Justin.

He saw a soft pout on his face, Lance smirking.

"Everything okay, Jus?" Josh said, Lance smiling.

"HD was a bit put off that I held him back from following Josh into the shower. I sensed the two of you needed some alone time." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thanks, Lance. And that we needed." Lucas smiled at Josh, his man winking at him.

Justin looked between the two, Lucas smiling at him.

"You two had fun, I sense that." he said, Josh smiling at Justin.

"That we did." he smiled, Lance snuggling against Josh.

"I smell the clean love off you, Joshy."

Lucas smiled, kissing Justin on the lips.

"We do like our alone time, Jus. And we like our times with both of you." he said, Justin softly smiling at him.

"I know, Luke. I just suddenly had a deep desire to be with you. All this talk of the future just has me worried. And when I'm worried I need to hold those I'm worried for."

Lucas smiled, the other two men seeing Justin's protective love showing.

"Thanks for loving me, Jus. I love all three of you. I feel all your protective love."

Justin smiled, Lance smiling as well.

"Before supper tonight we'll have some alone time. To talk, and show our love." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"You show your love always, Lucky." he said, Lucas bouncing in his lap.

"And you show yours, HD. Is that a rocket in your pocket?"

"We have lift off." Josh said, he and Lance laughing, Justin blushing, Lucas' lips meeting his with love.

"Don't ever change, beautiful."

Justin smiled, the four snuggling, awaiting lunch, others joining them again.

Here now is was after supper, the limousines heading towards Manhattan.

Everyone's eyes met each other's, Lucas staring out the windows again.

"I feel your concern and protective love, everyone." he said, Josh's hand squeezing his.

"We're all still trying to understand what you're trying to show by doing this tonight, Luke. You already said what you needed to say at The Vatican." he said, Lucas' eyes looking around the limo.

"I'm going to speak the truth, everyone."

"I'm ready as well, Luke." Alain said, Lucas smiling at him.

"As am I, Dad." Colton said, the others trading looks.

"Alain and Colton are going to speak as well?" Lance said, Lucas sighing.

"Alain's been thrust into the world's eye already. The world needs to see the greater him. The kind, loving, courageous man we all love."
Alain smiled, nodding his head.

"And Colton, Luke? The pope said the Curacuar's identity would be revealed when it must be." Harry said, looking at the younger man in Jonathan's arms.

Lucas sighed, looking at Colton.

"Tonight, it must be. And I want all of you to be prepared for something else." Lucas said, everyone looking at each other.

"For what, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas violet pools meeting Colton's blue pools.

"For the showing of a greater magic." he said, the young man smiling, looking out the window again.

Colton stared at Lucas, the young man watching the passing 9/11 Memorial.

"I feel something following us, Dad. Something's following the magic." he said, Lucas' eyes meeting his again.

"Yes, Colt. I've let it through. Redemption always follows love." Lucas smiled, Alain's cell phone going off, the black man answering it.

"Hello? Oh, hi Joe." Alain said, talking to Emerson's head of security.

"What's going on, Luke?" Josh said, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"I am life, I am love. I just finally realized that truth."

Lucas smiled, looking out the window again.
Everyone sat in silence, the car shrouded in quiet.


End of Chapter 218


What a place to leave it!
What's going to happen tonight at that interview?

What's following Lucas and Colton's magic?


Lucas has revealed himself and his magic to the world.

And the faiths of the world have revealed the prophecy of the upcoming battle.

The world has now learned the existence of angels and of magic.


What does all this mean in regards to our foursome of love?

And what of Alain and Colton, and their soulmates and future?
Will Colton reveal himself tonight for his destiny?
Will Alain show his angelic self again?


Questions, questions, questions.
So much up in the air.


Read on, my friends.

More suspense, magic, mysticism and love coming.


Hugs, Angel.