Yesterday's End-221


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 221


Los Angeles, Three Days Later


Lucas ran across the diving board, his taut muscular form leaping into the air, his body rolling midair, then hitting the water like a bullet.

His three soulmates and sons smiled from the pool's warm shallow waters, his sleek form coming up in front of them.

"You're a diving master, Lucky." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him, his fingers going through his wet, blond, curly hair.

"I'm master of your love, my horn dog." Lucas smiled, Justin blowing him a kiss.

"Daddy falls!" Little Joshy said, clapping his hands, his small wet form in Lance's wet arms.

"Daddy flies!" Little Justy said, laughing, the boy in Josh's muscular wet arms.

"Most angels do." Justin smiled, Lucas' arms going around his wet body, Lucas smiling at his two sons.

"It's so great to be home." Lucas smiled, now snuggling against Justin, seated between him and Josh, Josh's hand running down Lucas' wet back, the group seated in the shallow end of the pool.

"That it is, my love." Justin smiled, their lips meeting, both feeling the other's love.

It was Monday morning, the group arriving late Sunday night from New York.

Lucas had been up early, making breakfast for all his family.

Finn, Skyler, Trish and Andrew had come over, their homes in need of stocking today, Lucas having stopped on the way home last night for supplies for breakfast for everyone.

Harry and Alain had volunteered for dish duty, Lucas smiling at their giving hearts.

After that they'd gone out to do groceries for Lucas, the young man giving them a list.

Colton and his loves had stayed at Enrique's condo last night, the soulmates dining together at his home.

Lucas' sister and friends had left after breakfast, in need of shopping, promising to come back for an afternoon of Lucas' love.

After breakfast Lucas and his loves had hit the pool, the day's warm sunshine warming the tiredness out of their travels.

"Wawa fun!" Little Joshy said, standing up in Lance's lap, Lucas smiling at his son.

"Surrounded by our love it always will be, Joshy." Lucas said, the boy smiling at his fathers.

"Yous makes fun!" Little Justy said, now standing in Josh's lap beside Lance, Lucas and Justin smiling at their boys.

"They're talking so clearly now, babe. And they're only seven months." Josh said, kissing Justy's cheek, the boy grinning.

"They're growing within our love and within my magic. Our sons are special." Lucas smiled, the small boy in Josh's lap moving, leaping into Lucas' lap, Josh surprised, Lucas smiling.

"He goes to my love." Lucas smiled, the boy smiling at him, kissing his chin.

"Swims, Daddy!" Justy said, Lucas smiling, moving forward in the water, the boy's legs and arms moving as he moved into the water, Lucas' arms around him.

"He's trying to swim!" Lance said, the boy laughing, Joshy clapping his hands together.

"Goes, Justy!" he yelled from Lance's lap, the three men staring at the boy swimming in the water with Lucas.

"My sons love the water as I do." Lucas smiled, Justy climbing closer into his arms now, laying against Lucas' chest, the man returning to his seated loves.

"Wawa warm!" Justy grinned, the three men smiling at Lucas.

"They are so like you, Lucky. It's just so amazing." Justin smiled, the boy now climbing into his arms, Lucas again between Josh and Justin.

"They have their fathers' happiness. They're like all four of us."

The three men smiling at Lucas, the boys splashing in the water in their fathers' laps.

For over an hour the two boys swam and splashed, eventually tiring, snuggling and falling asleep in Lance's and Justin's wet laps.
Josh and Lucas smiled, watching the two climb out of the pool, putting the boys down on a lounge chair shaded by an umbrella.

They dove back into the pool, joining their soulmates in the pool's middle, Josh's arms going around Lance, Justin enveloped in Lucas' muscular arms.

"Wrapped in love, right where we want to be." Lance smiled, kissing Josh's warm lips, Josh's hands resting on Lance's bikini clad ass.

Lucas smiled, feeling Justin's wandering hands as they kissed, feeling his searching love.

"HD's primed again. I thought I took care of that this morning in the shower?" Lucas smiled, breaking the kiss, Justin's lips sucking on Lucas' neck.

"I'll never get enough of your love, my loves." Justin smiled, nibbling on Lucas' shoulder blade now.

Lucas smiled, slapping the man's bikini covered ass.

"We're not that alone, my horny boy. Harry and Alain will be back shortly." Lucas smiled, Justin sighing, snuggling against the wet man.

"This house is too damn crowded." he smiled, Lucas smiling, kissing his lips.

"Harry and Alain are family, Jus. As are all coming today. I love the togetherness of their giving love." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"We'd never deny you your happiness, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your three naked in the shower this morning got the happiness flowing." he smiled, Justin beaming.

"Trios of girth, that's my worth." he smiled, Lance rolling his eyes, all four laughing.

"Our poet laureate." Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around him, Lance now in Justin's arms.

"We all feel your giving love, Luke. I think they'll all be surprised by it." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"My love never ends." he said, Josh kissing his neck.

"Unbelievable week last week, Lucky." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, I guess it was." he said, his eyes looking around the pool.

Getting out of New York had been dramatic, the group surrounded by paparazzi when they'd arrived at the airport, Lucas in the middle of their need.

Fortunately, Lucas' father had arranged a private Belmont Industries jet for them, the group guided to a private check-in and seating area.

Landing in Los Angeles late they'd hoped they'd get home quietly but the press had been waiting there as well.

Justin had had the foresight to arrange security protection there, the group whisked through the terminal and into waiting limousines.

"You guess? My God, Luke! You've shocked the world with your revelations!" Lance said, Lucas nodding, smiling at him.

"Sometimes the world needs to be shocked out of its lethargic life." the young man said, Josh nodding at him.

"You amaze everyone now, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm amazing myself as well, my Joshua. But the path is set. All shall walk where they must, including myself." Lucas said, a new voice entering the conversation.

"We walk with your love in our hearts, Lucas."
The four men smiled up at the pool's edge, Harry and Alain standing there, both wearing only bikini briefs, their muscular beauty showing.

"I am in all hearts, my cousins. Angels notwithstanding." Lucas smiled, the two smiling at him, both diving into the pool, swimming towards the four men.

"So much for the closeness of our love." Justin sighed, releasing his tight hold on Lucas, his hand remaining on his back.

"Thank God you're here, cousins. I was being molested by testosterone boy here." Lucas smiled.

Alain laughed, smiling at Justin.

"He does look primed." the black man smiled, Justin blushing, but smiling.

"Their love primes my heart." he said, Harry smiling at him, his lips meeting Alain's cheek.

"Know the feeling, Justin. My black angel keeps my heart overflowing."

"Along with other flowing needs." Lucas smiled, Harry blushing, Alain's lips meeting his husband's neck.

"I love all he gives. I'm so damn lucky." he smiled, Justin smiling at the two.

"I still can't believe you're an angel, Alain. It's so unbelievable." Justin said, Lucas smiling, seeing the soft lowering of Alain's eyes.

"He's our friend, Jus. That he's an angel is secondary. The greatest spirit of him is his love." Lucas said, Alain smiling, losing the look of blushing shyness he'd just shown.

"Thank you, Lucas. A friend I'll always be to all of you."

"We all welcome that friendship, both of you. You're both now Lucas' family." Josh smiled, the two young men smiling at the foursome.

"Thanks, guys." Harry said, Lance smiling at him.

"You two keep stoking our Justin's libido, we'll thank you forever."

Justin blushed, the two men blowing him a kiss.

Lucas smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"You boys play nice. I've got to start lunch. And put the boys down upstairs. Stoke him good, boys." Lucas smiled, Alain smiling at him.

"We picked up everything you needed, Luke." Alain smiled, Lucas nodding, thanking him, the young man swimming to the pool's edge.

All the men watched Lucas' muscular form dry off, the young man pulling on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, walking into the house, carrying the two boys he'd picked up off the lounger.

"He seems so relaxed, guys." Harry said, Lance smiling at him.

"He is, Har. That speaks volumes to all of us. He's calm, so we're calm." he said, Josh and Justin smiling at him.

Alain smiled, his arms going around his husband.

"He carries much within his soul. We are all surprised by him." he said, Lance looking at him.

"Do you know what's going to happen, Alain? On the final days?" he said, Josh and Justin looking at the black man.

"No, Lance. None of us. . .in all realms. . .know the truth of what's to come, other than the battle ahead. I sense Lucas knows so much more."

"I trust him to guide us all to that end, with his love and with his protective magic." Josh said, Justin smiling at him.

"He's going to amaze us even more." the man smiled, Alain smiling at him.

"Let's do some diving, my love. Might as well get Justin going full bear." the black man smiled, he and his husband swimming to the deep end of the pool.

Justin blushed, his two soulmates enveloping him.

"Watch their beauty, my love. We'll help stoke that need." Lance said, Josh smiling, his hand on Justin's backside.

The man smiled widely, watching two visions of smooth beauty climbing the diving board rails.


Josh smiled, three young men hugging him, walking into Josh's home.

Three others followed behind them, Josh hugging everyone.

"The last of the clan. You're late." Josh smiled, closing the door behind them.

"Getting through that media storm was time consuming. Thank God, you've added more security. At least they've been pushed back to the end of the street." Bruno said, Josh smiling at him, Zac kissing his cheek.

"Clive and his loves have organized the whole street. He's tripled the security teams and patrols. No one gets through unless they live here or are visiting. The neighbors will be thankful." Josh smiled, the six nodding their heads.

"Where's Luke?" Adam said, Pierce's arm around him, Usher on his other side.

"He's on the patio with everyone." Josh smiled, Adam looking at him.

"How's he doing, Josh? The last week was unbelievable." Jeremy said, Josh smiling at everyone, seeing the wonder in their eyes.

"You can see that for yourselves, my friends. Our Lucas never changes." Josh smiled, his friends following him through the house.

They all walked out onto the patio, the backyard filled with friendship and love.

"The stragglers have arrived." Lance smiled, walking up the patio steps, little Joshy in his arms.

"More friends!" the little boy smiled, Lance guiding him into Zac's arms.

"Hi Unky Zac!" the boy said, the man smiling down at him.

"Hello, Joshy. How's my boy?" he smiled, the boy giggling.

Jeremy kissed Bruno's cheek, the two smiling at Zac with the boy.

"He'd make an amazing father." Jeremy softy said, Bruno smiling at him.

"One day he shall." a new voice said, the six new arrivals smiling at Lucas, the young man walking up onto the patio, little Justy in his arms.

Jessica and Cindy followed him, both smiling at the new arrivals.

Lucas guided the boy in his arms into Usher's arms, the boy smiling up at the black man.

"Unky Ush!" he clapped his hands, Usher smiling into his violet and blue eyes, kissing his forehead.

"Hello, Justy!" Usher smiled, Adam and Pierce smiling at their man's happiness.

Cindy and Jessica hugged Jeremy, saying hello to everyone else with kisses and hugs.

Lucas hugged the other four surrounding him, then kissing Usher and Zac on the cheeks, Zac staring into his violet pools.

"Seeing the future again, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him, Bruno and Jeremy.

"Your love and Jeremy's magic would only grow with a child in your arms. The future will hold many surprises for you three." Lucas smiled, Adam's hand going to his shoulder.

"The last week, Lucas! What we've all seen! What you've shown the world!" he said, Lucas smiling, his lips meeting Adam's, the singer feeling his giving friendship and love, that calming his soul.

"You've seen what needed to be seen. Don't let the wonder of it consume the underlying truth. Love, magic and hope are coming. I'm the guide to everything."
"You've. . .you have gotten even more amazing, Luke." Jeremy said, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"Give the amazing comments a rest, my friends. Today, I'm only myself. We'll talk through supper about what's happened, and what's to come. Right now, we need some new male flesh in the pool. Even saggy old Chris and hairy Finny gets boring after a while." Lucas saying the last part louder, everyone laughing, looking towards Finn diving off the diving board, Chris in the pool with his husband, and Nick's threesome of love.

"I heard that, Carver!" Chris yelled from the pool, Lucas smiling at him.

"Whales have acute hearing, I see."

Everyone laughed, Adam smiling, his polo shirt gone, Lucas smiling at his tattooed beauty.

"That beauty will stir the pot. My Jus is going to be so needful tonight."
Everyone smiled, shirts coming off, Zac and Usher carrying the two boys towards Skyler, Andrew and Trish, their children in their arms in loungers by the pool.

Jeremy's arms were around Cindy and Jessica, the man walking behind his loves.

Lance's arms went around Lucas' waist, the man smiling at him.

"You're right, Luke. You can feel the togetherness of their love." he said, Lucas smiling.

"I feel all, Lancy. Here today and on to tomorrow." he smiled, kissing the man's lips.

"They're all going to be amazed." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him, Lance blushing.

"I know, I know. Ditch the amazement." he smiled, Lucas lightly laughing, kissing his lips again.

"Join our HD, babe. I don't think Justin can handle what he's seeing without you and our Josh calming him."

"That'll only get him going more."

Lucas laughed, Lance heading back to the pool.

Lucas smiled, the man heading towards the barbecues, their warming fires awaiting tonight's coming fare.


Justin sighed, Lance rubbing his clothed stomach.

"Three plates, my love? Where did you pack all that?" he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Just look in the back, Lance. Timberlake's ass is expanding." Finn grinned, Skyler slapping his arm.

"This from the human compactor. Four plates disappeared into you, my love." she said, Finn smiling.

"Lukey's steaks are always delicious, and filling." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Lean meat is always delicious, Finny. I think Sky needs to trim a few layers of fat off her brisket."

Chris burst into laughter, others joining him, Finn blushing.

"Enough said, Luke. Sorry Justin, about the ass remark."
Justin smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"You're forgiven, Sky's brisket." Justin said, Finn smiling at him.

"Take on my men, you take on me." Lucas said, winking at Finn, the Welshman smiling.

Everyone sat around the patio's numerous tables, supper finished except dessert, Colton and Jonathan walking around and filling people's wine glasses and coffee mugs.

"Dinner was delicious, Luke. I'll second Finn's remarks with our thanks." Gideon said, Lucas smiling at him, the man wrapped in Nick's and Gio's arms.

"Thank you, everyone. It's a family dinner filled with family love." he said, everyone smiling at him.

Through dinner they'd all talked about the last week, Lucas filling them all in on what they'd missed in New York.

Lucas had seen their eyes constantly looking at Alain and Harry throughout the meal, both man smiling at everyone with calm friendship.

"You never stop showing us surprises, Luke." Jeremy said, Bruno's arm around him.

"You ain't seen nothing yet, cutie!" Lucas smiled, Josh and Justin chuckling, Lance smirking.

Zac sat beside his men, little Justy now in his arms, the boy's hands wrapped around a bottle, sucking to his heart's content.

Little Joshy sat in Chris Pine's lap, sucking on his bottle, half asleep.

Trish and Andrew held their treasures, Sky's and Finn's asleep in their laps.

"Our treasures tire, their stomachs near full, their eyes on the night's dreams." Lucas smiled, Zac smiling at him.

"They're all so happy, calm and beautiful." he said, Lucas smiling at everyone holding them.

"You can all take them up to our boys' room. There's lots of room in their crib for all of them. Their love joins." Lucas smiled, the six rising from their seats, heading into the house.

Everyone smiled at Lucas, the young man rising from his seat.

"I'll bring out dessert, we'll wait for them and my words of love." he smiled, Colton and Jonathan smiling, following Lucas into the house.

"He never stops." Adam said, Usher's arm going around him, Pierce on his other side.

"His love is unending." Josh said, Adam smiling at him.

"I envy the beauty of all you have, Josh." he said, Josh smiling, Justin and Lance smiling as well.

"We all have our soulmates' love, Adam. Yours is just as great as mine." Josh said, Adam smiling at his husbands.

"It's damn near fantastic." he said, Pierce smiling and kissing his lips.

"Ooh, sweet! We want details, Pierce!" Lucas said, walking back out of the house, Adam smiling at him.

"That's between the three of us. It echoes all around us." he said, Lucas smiling, setting a tray of desserts down on the table, Colton and Jonathan following with others, Andrew and Zac each carrying one as well, everyone returning to the patio.

Finn and Piney carried more coffee and tea, everyone returning to their seats, Lucas standing beside his empty one.

He smiled around at everyone, everyone's eyes meeting his.

"I'd like to say something, everyone."

Josh smiled at his husband, seeing the love in his violet pools.

"You have our love and attention, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Alain and Harry, could you come up here beside me, please." Lucas said, the black man nodding, Harry staring into his brown eyes, their lips meeting, the black man and Harry rising from their seats, joining Lucas.

Lucas smiling at them, his hand going to Alain's shoulder.

"Beside me stands my cousin, his husband, and my friends. Both are souls of love, courage, honesty and goodness. Last week I showed the world Alain's true self, you all seeing that angelic soul shining in the world's eyes. And you've all learned the truth of Harry's true soul. My lost son Azrael, hidden from everyone but myself. But standing beside me is someone more that his inner true self. Standing beside me are my new brothers, and all your always welcomed friends. It hurts my soul to see you all looking at them with uncertainty and worry. They are the men you've always known. Alain Deveraux and Harry Carlisle, your friends. I think you should all treat them as you always have. I treat them now as my brothers, as all of you are my brothers and sisters. Sons notwithstanding." Lucas said, Harry and Alain tearing up beside him.

Finn rose from his seat, walking around to the two young men, staring at Lucas.

"You're right, Lucas. We're all sorry for looking at you with wonder, awe and uncertainty, my friends. The last week totally shocked all of us. But I see it hasn't shocked you at all, Luke. For you knew all their truths. Now we all know them. I think we can all get past the wondrous and amazing beings you are. I think we just need to think of you as Alain and Harry. I welcome both of you as the friends you've always been." Finn said, Alain and Harry smiling at him.

"We all do." Chris said, standing up, everyone else rising as well, all bowing to the two men, Lucas smiling at both.

"Thank you, all. Thank you for seeing past the wonder. And thank you for voicing that truth, Lucas. We both know you were all taken by surprise by our true souls. We never meant to hide them from you. Lucas' love, as always, drew them out into the open. And we both still have his love." Alain said.
Lucas' hand pressed against Alain's shoulder.

"You never lost it, nor shall you lose theirs. You are our friends, brothers and neighbors first." Lucas smiled, Josh and Justin smiling widely.

The two men smiled, Finn's hand going to Alain's other shoulder.

"Welcome as always to our love. You have that, our new brothers." he said, Alain smiling widely.

"Sweet! I only had to show my wings to get some Delaney sugar!" he grinned, his lips meeting Finn's, catching the man off guard, everyone laughing.

The two broke the kiss, Finn looking surprised.

"Damn fine, but my Harry's got you beat always." Alain smiled, Finn staring at him, Skyler holding in her laughter.

"I didn't know angels had such long tongues." Finn said, everyone bursting into laughter, Finn's face changing into a large grin.

"You wish, angel groupie!" Alain laughed, Finn joining him.

"Friends always, Harry and Alain. We'll let you tame the angel, Har." he smiled, Harry hugging the Welshman, everyone moving and hugging the two men.

Lucas smiled, Josh's hand going into his.

"You felt the surrounding uncertainty as always." he said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"My love needs no uncertainty surrounding it. I have all I need now." he said, his soulmates smiling at him.

"Dive into the desserts, my friends. Enrique's Spanish desserts are to die for." Lucas smiled, everyone returning to their seats, Enrique and his soulmates handing the trays around.

Adam quietly stared at Lucas, the young man's violet pools meeting his.


Everyone relaxed on the patio, dinner over, coffee mugs being refilled, Lucas smiling out into the backyard.

Colton, Jonathan and their Egyptian beauties were chasing Rosa Sharon around the backyard, the day's sunshine almost lost behind the backyard fences.

Their childlike laughter drew a few smiles to the surrounding adults.

The patio lights had come on, the evening's darkness soon approaching.

"You sometimes forget that Jon and Colt are just past their childhood years." Justin said, looking at his brother, Lance kissing his cheek.
"They're no longer children, babe. They're both in their late teens. Growing young men of happiness."
"They're both beautiful young men in my eyes." Enrique said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We all see your combined love, Rico. It's as real as all others surrounding you."

Enrique smiled, watching his four soulmates laughing and running around the backyard.

"I love them all, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling.

"The dishes are done, Luke." Alain said; he, Harry, the two Chrises and Finn walking out of the house.
"Thank you all, my harem of love." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing, the five men blushing.

"We ain't your bitches, Lukey! We're your friends." Finn grinned, Lucas smiling up at him from his chair, Finn jumping into his lap, Lucas gasping.

"Damn you've put on the pounds, Delaney! Lose some weight, Chewbacca!" he smiled, others laughing again, Finn smirking.

"You love any hot man in your lap, perv!"

"Yes, but not so hairy! Or heavy!" Lucas countered, Finn laughing, bouncing in his lap.

"Sky loves all of me." he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Wander over to her love, Welshman." he said, Finn smiling at him.

"So what's the surprise?" he smiled, rising out of Lucas' lap, smiling down at his friend.

"Geez, can't this magician get any rest?" he said, Finn laughing.

"We all love your surprises, Luke. I sense something coming." the man said, sitting down beside his wife now, their hands joining.

"I think they're on to you, my love." Josh said, Lucas smirking.

"No one knows the depth of my surprising love. Hairy Welshmen notwithstanding."

Finn laughed, smiling at his friend.

"I clued into something you said to Alain, Luke. I'll keep my thoughts to myself for now." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Blond, cute and not an airhead. You surprise me as well, Finny."
Finn raised a one finger salute, Lucas laughing, the young man kissing his three soulmates on the lips, all three smiling at him.

"Assemble the masses, my loves. It's time. I'll be right back." he said, the young man walking into the house, everyone's eyes following him.

"What's going on now, my love?" Sky said, Finn kissing her lips.

"Lukey's ever-giving surprises, my angel. I think this is a big one." the man smiled, everyone looking at him.
Josh smiled, yelling out to everyone in the backyard, telling them all to come back up onto the patio.

Everyone returned, sitting down in their seats, Josh and his soulmates refilling all the wine glasses around the patio, Rosa Sharon's juice glass filled as well.

Everyone remained quiet, Lance and his two soulmates now standing in front of the patio doors.

Josh glanced into the house, then smiled.

"We'd all like to thank you all for coming this evening, for coming into Lucas' love." Justin said, everyone smiling at him.

"We needed his love, Justin." Adam said, others voicing their same feelings.

"We know, my friends. For we've all seen your deep love for our Lucas. And for us. We'll always welcome you all here always." Lance said, everyone smiling, light clapping going around the patio.

"Before us stands Lucas' happiness. Your friendship and love. Each of you now live within his heart. He told that to us this morning. He also told us something more."

Josh said, everyone tearing up, all smiling at the three men.

"Our Lucas has always shown his love in some surprising ways. This morning he surprised us three again with his giving love." Justin smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"We don't need to hear about your sexcapades, Timberlake!" he yelled, everyone laughing, Justin smiling widely.

"That's always a surprise, and unending." he beamed, Josh slapping his ass behind him, Justin smirking.

"His love never changes. It just keeps giving. Tonight, he'd like to do something for a few families of love that need his love close. Would a few of you please come up here when we call your names?" Josh said, everyone looking at each other.

"Jessica and Cindy, Jeremy, Bruno and Zac." Justin said, smiling at his former girlfriend.

The five looked at each other, rising from their seats and walking up to the three men.

"Adam, Pierce, Usher, and the fivesome of love." Lance smiled, the eight rising from their seat, walking up to them.

"I'm ready for all Dad's love. But I don't feel anything within the magic." Colton smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Lucas can surprise even you, son." he said, Colton smiling, Hemi's arm going around him.

"And lastly, Chris and Piney, Gio, Nick and Gideon, and Harry and Alain." Josh smiled, the men rising from their seat, Chris showing confusion on his face.

"What do I have to do with this?" he said, Piney's arm going around him.

"He loves all of us, Chris. I welcome his friendship and love." Piney said, kissing his husband's cheek.

Chris nodded, smiling at Josh.

"Your boy toy better not be fixing up some big joke." he said, Josh and his soulmates laughing, smiling at their old friend.

"You may be bawling by the end of this, Crisco." Justin said, Chris rolling his eyes.

"Please join as families of love." Josh said, the people standing in front of him joining with their soulmates, leaving only Finn, Skyler, Trish and Andrew at the tables.

"We're ready for your love, Lucky." Justin smiled, Lucas walking out of the house, everyone staring at him.

The man was carrying a large tray, a cloth covering its rectangular shape, another black bag clasped in Lucas' right hand.

"I'll take that, Lucky." Lance smiled, taking the tray from him, setting it onto the table in front of Trish and Andrew, the man smiling at both.

"For later. No peeking." he smiled, walking back to Lucas and his soulmates.

Lucas smiled around at everyone standing in front of him.

"Hello, my friends of new and gathered love." he said, the group smiling at him.

"We've been here all afternoon and evening, Luke. You don't have to greet us again." Adam smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm greeting your new combined love, my friends. The combining of your love with mine. Today you are all my family. Brothers and sisters of love." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him, some showing tears.

"Lose the tears. The only one who needs to bawl at the end of this is Chris." he said, Chris' eyes widening in surprise.

"You heard that from way in there?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I feel and sense all your love, my family. Today I have a surprise for all of you." he said, his hands folding in front of him, the black bag still in his hands.

"We have your love, Lucas. We don't need anything more." Alain said, Lucas smiling at the black man.

"You have your Harry's love, Alain. As do all have their soulmates' love. My love is just a part of all of you now. And I'd like that love close. I'd like to reveal my surprise, and then the second surprise of their love can be revealed."

Everyone looked confused, Josh and his soulmates staring at Lucas with confusion as well.

Lucas smiled at them, kissing each on the cheek.

"Others can surprise us with their love as well." he smiled, his eyes looking at everyone standing in front of him.

"As you've all experienced yourselves today, and over the last week or so, the media is swarming all around us. This place will always be a sanctuary for all of you. I know you've experienced the press' need last week, Adam, Nick and Zac, and your soulmates." he said, Adam nodding.

"Yes, Luke. The last week since the interview has been demanding. They're following us everywhere. But our love is strong enough to weather their needs." Adam said, his soulmates' arms going around him.

"We love each other, Luke. That will get us through anything." Gio said, Nick's and Gideon's arms around him.

"Damn right!" Bruno said, Jeremy and Zac surrounding him.

"Your love is indeed strong enough to survive all the world's needs, as is my own. And I have more to weather than all of you." he said, Josh's arm going around him, Justin and Lance close.

"We're all here for you, Luke. As we know your love is here for us." Adam said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'd like it even closer my friends." he smiled, the young man sighing.

"As you noticed when you arrived here today, Clive and his security forces are keeping the paparazzi back at the end of the street. There's a very good reason for that." Lucas said, Usher nodding.

"I was surprised by that, Luke. Lately they've been right at your front gate." he said, everyone else nodding.

"No longer shall they have access to anything, or anyone on this street. I've seen to that myself." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at Justin and Lance.

"And how have your managed that, Luke? The press is relentless in their wants." Chris said, staring at his friend.

"I came up with a wonderful idea. The availability helped, plus some astute neighbors in need of a change." Lucas said, everyone looking confused.

"Meaning what, Luke?" Piney said, Lucas smiling at him.

"While you've been enjoying our company here, a construction crew has been working at the end of the street. They're building a wall around the whole street." Lucas smiled, everyone looking surprised.

"Your neighbors agreed to that?" Harry said, Lucas smiling towards Trish and Finn, the two staring at him with surprise.

"I'm asking them now?" Lucas said, staring at his bandmates.

"We're not the only neighbors, Luke." Trish said, staring at her brother.

"For now, we are. But the night's young." Lucas smiled, the young man opening the bag in his hand.

His eyes went around the couples and groups staring at him, the young man smiling.

"I'm creating a new community of love, my friends. I've purchased the eight remaining homes on this street. Five were already up for sale, the other three owners were accommodating when I talked it over with them." Lucas smiled, everyone looking shocked.

Finn stood up, staring at his friend with shock.

"You bought the whole freaking street!?" he said, the young man smiling around at everyone.

"Welcome to Orion's Way, everyone. My community of love." Lucas smiled, the young man pulling out eight gift wrapped small boxes, setting one down on the table by

the covered tray.

He smiled at everyone's shocked faces, the young man moving forward; Josh, Justin and Lance smiling at everyone's surprised faces.

He handed Colton, Adam, Gideon, Harry, Chris, Jessica, and Zac each one of the wrapped boxes.

"Welcome to my community of love, my friends. In those boxes are the documents to each of your new homes within this new gated community." Lucas said, tears now showing in his violet pools.

"Lucas, you can't be serious!" Chris said, shock showing on his face, Lucas smiling at him.

"I love all of you, my family. I need your love close."

"Oh, Dad!" Colton cried, the young man in his arms, his four husbands tearing up, seeing the young man's emotions.

"Your new home is right next door, my son. Your love I needed closest." Lucas said, everyone seeing the tears now showing in Lucas' violet pools.

Finn and his bandmates rose from their seats, joining everyone else.

"This is unbelievable, Luke!" Adam said, his eyes full of tears, Lucas smiling at him, breaking his embrace with Colton.

"I know some of you have your own homes, but these places you now have as well. You can use them for winter homes or whatever. I'd just love you all close." Lucas said, Adam's hand going to his shoulder.

"I'd love to live near you, Luke. I think our other home just went up for sale." Adam smiled, Usher and Pierce smiling.

"I think you need to see your new homes first before you decide that." Lucas smiled, Adam kissing his lips.

"I'd love to see it." Adam smiled, the wrapped box still in his hand.

"The keys, deeds, and insurance forms are all those gifts, my family."

"How did you put all this together, Luke?" Finn said, his face still showing wonder.

"It only took a few weeks, with my loves' help." Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around him.

"Welcome to the neighborhood, everyone. Let's go see your new love nests." Justin smiled, everyone smiling.

Chris walked up to Lucas, his hand going to his shoulder.

"I can't believe this, Luke. That you'd think of me living here." the man said, his eyes showing glistening tears, Piney's showing wetness as well.

"Well worth the effort, my crying whale." Lucas smiled, Chris sobbing, pulling the man into his arms.

"There be whales here, captain!" Chris said, in a Scotty accent, everyone laughing.

The two broke their embrace, Lucas smiling at Chris as he wiped his eyes.

"The box on the table is for Joey. I think N*Sync needs to be close again." Lucas smiled, Chris smiling widely.

"He's going to be blown away!" he grinned, Lucas smiling.

"I don't need to see any blow holes, thanks."

Chris laughed, slapping Lucas' shoulder.

Trish smiled, kissing her brother's cheek.

Lucas smiled, whispering in his sister's ear, the young woman smiling.

"Sky and I will watch the kids, guys. Show our friends our new neighborhood of love." she smiled, everyone smiling, Lucas suddenly surrounded by everyone, he and his soulmates hugged by everyone.


An hour later, darkness had descended on the neighborhood, Lucas and his friends returning to his home, walking out onto the lit patio, Lucas' arm around Chris, the man showing deep emotion.

"Our whale was a little overcome." Lucas smiled at his sister, kissing Chris' cheek, Piney's arm around Chris now.

"He was overcome by the beauty of our new home." Piney said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It was so beautiful. It's so Piney and myself!" Chris said, wiping his tears, smiling at Lucas.

Trish and Skyler smiled, seeing the smiles on all the returning couples and groups of happiness.

"Our place is awesome!" Colton said, Jonathan's arm around him.

"So is ours." Adam said, his eyes looking at Lucas.

"I saw the sunroom from my vision in that house, Lucas. That is going to be the home of our new son." Adam said, his eyes showing tears.

"It's going to be a neighborhood of running children and happiness. Orion's center of love."

Finn smiled, walking up to his wife, seeing bottles of champagne and glasses on the table before them, the covered tray still sitting there beside Joey's gift wrapped box.

"I take it everyone fell in love with their new places?" Trish smiled, Andrew's arms going around her, he had gone with his friends to their new places.

"Everyone was amazed. Jessica and Cindy are our new neighbors on our left side." Andrew smiled, Jessica smiling in Cindy's arms.

"The house is so quaint, so us." she said, Cindy kissing her cheek.

"There's a sunroom for breakfast eating and a round marble pool. It's so beautiful." Cindy smiled, looking at Lucas.

"I hope I met all your dreams?" he smiled, everyone smiling at him with love.

"Our house is perfect, Luke." Zac smiled, his blue eyes showing tears, Bruno and Jeremy surrounding him.

"Thanks, Lucas. I love our little corner nook and our home in the corner lot." Alain said, Harry smiling at his cousin.

"You can all change them to whatever you want them to be. I welcome you all to the neighborhood with love." Lucas smiled, walking up to the table, his hand going to the covered tray, removing the cover.

Everyone smiled, seeing the large cake before them, the words on its surface making them smile.


     Welcome Families of Love


                                                                 Orion's Way

                                                         A Community of Love


"Let's have a toast to our new community of love." Finn smiled, opening a couple of the champagne bottles, filling glasses, everyone surrounding the table, picking up glasses.

"I'd like to propose the first toast." Adam said, Lucas smiling at him, nodding.

Everyone smiled, raising their glasses of champagne, smiling at Lucas.

"Thank you, Lucas. For giving us a neighborhood of love and happiness. I'll speak for everyone, feeling their own happiness. We all love you, Lucas. For all you've done for all of us, for joining all our love. You've given us a sanctuary of love under your love. Thank you, Lucas, from the bottom of our hearts. You've got one happy bunch of new neighbors. Here's to your love, Lucas!" Adam said, tears showing in his blue pools, Lucas smiling and bowing to everyone, everyone toasting him.

"Welcome to our neighborhood of love. So many pools of showing beauty. I'll have Clive install a complete security camera system. Justin needs some hard porn to watch." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing, Justin blushing, Lance's arm around him.

"Let's dive into that cake and have fun." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling and handing him a cake knife.

Lucas smiled, cutting into the cake.

Everyone sat around, the conversation all about the new neighborhood and all their new homes.

Twenty minutes later, Lucas hung up his cellphone, having been talking into it for a few minutes, the young man smiling at everyone.

"I think I'm deaf in one ear. Joey was a little emotional and loud." he smiled, Chris smiling at him.

Chris had asked Lucas to call Joey right away to give him the news.

"Joey's love has always been gargantuan." Chris smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"He's flying in on Friday. He wants to see our new community of love." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"N*Sync together always. You're making all our dreams come true." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're my husband. Your happiness is my happiness."
Finn smirked, looking at Justin and Lance.

"Your happiness has really expanded." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his friend.
"So what clued you into Lucas' showing surprise, Finn?" Chris said, Lucas smiling at Finn.

"When you were giving your speech for Alain and Harry being themselves, you called them our friends, brothers and neighbors first." Finn smiled, everyone now realizing what Lucas had let slip.

"Very good, Finny. I had hoped no one would pick up on that slip. Who said blondes are stupid?" Lucas smiled, Finn raising a finger.

"Thanks, Joshy's biatch."

Everyone laughed, smiling at the Welshman's intellect.

"So, what's the next surprise someone's going to show?" Finn smiled, Colton smiling and rising from his seat, sitting down in Lucas' lap, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"Relax, Finny. Go with the flow." Colton said, snuggling in Lucas' arms.

"Love grows as my love sows." Lucas smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"I'm so happy, Dad. You've done so much for me and Rosy. A new family, new happiness and a new home." Colton smiled, his soulmates smiling at him.

"I love you, Colt. I'll always make sure your life is filled with love and happiness." Lucas smiled, everyone seeing the deep love the two young men had for each other.

"I feel the flowing love, Dad. Your love's amazing." Colton smiled, the young man smiling and kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Return to your happiness, my son. Let's get the hidden love going." Lucas smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"My magic and love is ready for them." he smiled, returning to his soulmates, sitting down between Hemi and Haras.

Everyone looked confused by the young man's words, Lucas smiling at everyone, his eyes meeting two sets of blue pools.

"You have the floor, my friends. Add to the love." Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting two blue pools of smiling happiness.

Jessica rose from her seat, smiling down at Cindy seated beside her.

"Follow me, my love." she said, extending her hand, Cindy staring up at her, slowly taking Jessica's hand, the woman pulling her out of her seat, the two walking to the end of the patio, Jessica smiling at the young woman joined with her.

Zac rose from his seat at another table, smiling down at the two of his love.

"Please follow me, my loves." he smiled, Bruno and Jeremy looking at each other, the two young men rising to their feet, their hands joining with Zac's, the young actor guiding them to the end of the patio, standing beside Jessica and Cindy.

Jessica smiled at Zac, the young man smiling back at her.

"You can start, Jessica. Let's join hands my loves." Zac said, Bruno and Jeremy joining hands with each other, Jessica's hands joining with Cindy's.

"Today Lucas has given us a home of love, my love. He's so giving in his love, and his loving advice." Jessica said, Cindy staring into her blue eyes.

"His heart knows no end. And he's a good listener to all of our friendship." Zac said, staring at his two boyfriends.

"I called Lucas last week, my love. I had a lot to get off my soul." Jessica said, Cindy staring at her with surprise, and sudden worry.

"I called him as well, my own soul needing its truth." Zac said, his two soulmates squeezing his hands, looking surprised as well.

"What's wrong, my love?" Jeremy said, Zac smiling at him.

"Are you alright, Jess?" Cindy said, Jessica smiling at her.

"I'm beyond alright." Jessica said, Zac smiling at her.

"As am I, my loves. I'm in love with both of you. Completely and totally." Zac said, Jessica smiling at their showing smiles.

"And I love you beyond life, Cindy. I need your love always." she said, staring at the young woman.

"And I love both of you with all my soul, my Bruno, my Jer." Zac said, the young man's hand going into his shorts' pocket.

Jessica smiled, her other hand opening in front of Cindy, the young woman's eyes widening.

"I love you, Cindy. You've become a large part of my heart so quickly. I need your love always. Will you. . .will you marry me?" Jessica said, a silver diamond ring laying in her open palm.

"I love you, my loves. Will you join with my love forever? Will you both commit your love and lives to mine? Will you both marry me?" Zac said, two rings now showing in his open outstretched palm.

Cindy moved, her arms wrapping around Jessica's sleek form.

Jeremy and Bruno moved, their arms wrapping around Zac.

"Yes, Jessica. I love you through to my soul. You are a part of me. Yes, I'll marry you and love you forever!" Cindy said, Jessica and she both showing tears, their lips meeting.

"Yes, my love. I'll marry you and Bruno. Your love has awoken my soul." Jeremy cried, Bruno smiling at him and Zac.
"I'll marry both of you. I need your love always!" Bruno cried, the three men kissing each other.

The patio exploded with clapping and applause, a lot of faces showing happiness and wonder.

Justin teared up, Lance's arm going around him, feeling his happiness for Jessica.

Josh's arms went around Lucas' seated form, kissing his lips.

"You're amazing, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Their love had to grow. Love shines forever. It will shine brighter tonight." he smiled, the young man rising to his feet, everyone else rising as well.

The newly engaged couples were now surrounded by everyone.


End of Chapter 221


And so, Lucas returns to Los Angeles.

And a new neighborhood of love unites.


I thought that was a nice surprise.

Lucas joining all his family and friends on one street.

All them surrounded by his love.

A private community of gathering love.


And Lucas' love has guided five more to their joining love forever.

Cindy and Jessica now engaged.

Zac, Bruno and Jeremy joining as well.

Lucas' love sows its seeds.


Sorry for the delay in this chapter, it's been a busy August.

Hopefully I'll settle back into a better routine shortly.


On we go on Lucas' path of love.

Magic is coming, love following.


Hugs, Angel.