Yesterday's End-222


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 222


Lucas smiled, seeing the emotions on the faces of his newly engaged friends.

Cindy was in Jeremy's arms, the siblings hugging each other with happiness.

Colton walked up to Lucas, his arms going around the older man.

"Their love continues, Dad. I feel your love's path." the young man smiled, Lucas winking at him, kissing the young man's cheek.

"I knew you would, my son." he smiled, Colton smiling, kissing his cheek.

"I'm ready, Dad." he said, Lucas smiling, everyone congratulating the newly engaged couples.

"We're both getting married, Jeremy!" Cindy said, Jessica smiling at her, she in Justin's arms.

"I can't believe it, Sis. She's so right for you!" Jeremy smiled, Bruno's arm going around the young man.

"And you've doubled the love, Bro! They're my new brothers." Cindy smiled, Zach and Bruno hugging her.

"Not quite. But almost."

Everyone's eyes turned to Lucas, Colton smiling beside him.

"I think we need more champagne." Lucas smiled, Jonathan and Enrique filling glasses again, walking around to everyone, everyone smiling at Lucas.

"You have the honors, Luke. You've already done so much for us." Zach said, Lucas smiling at him.

"A day of wonder and happiness for all my new friends. Culminating in a moment of joining love. That's all I've ever wanted from all of you. Since the first moments of my meeting all of you. I saw in each of your souls the answer to your dreams."

"From the first moment you met me, Luke?" Jessica said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Yes, Jessica. I felt in you and Justin your true souls. That friendship was all that thrived in both of you. Your hearts were destined for a greater love and happiness. Justin and his Lance. . .as well as myself and Josh. . .and you and your Cindy. The moment I met Cindy I saw the reality of your joined love. Forgive me for being devious and guiding you both together. Love shows to myself as a path, a vibrant colorful beam that shows between two people. Couples and trios of love all show their own singular light. I saw the same light in both of you. So that's why I asked you to Orion's anniversary party. I needed to get the light of your love shining."
Both women teared up, Lucas smiling at both with friendship and love.
"And us, Luke? You knew we were destined for each other?" Zach said, his blue eyes showing tears.

"I knew from the first moment that I met you in that supermarket here in Los Angeles that your heart needed a good cleaning, and then a path of love to walk onto. I sensed your deep emotions and your deep truths.  I was always destined to guide you to your heart's needs. Two others of emotional love needed to find that same path. The day Jeremy first came here I saw the same light around all three of you. It's as bright and love-filled as our other trios of love." Lucas said, Zach moving, the young man enveloping him, the actor crying against Lucas' chest, Bruno's and Jeremy's hands on his back.

"Thank you, Lucas! Thank you for their love!" he sobbed, Lucas smiling at the two young men behind the man he held.

"Love's light shines around all three of you now. It's only matched by all the other couples of love." Lucas said, Zach breaking his hold on him, Bruno's and Jeremy's arms going around him.

"You are love, Lucas. You are so amazing." Bruno said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'd like to propose a toast to our new couples of shining love. And I'd like you all to see the light of love I see." Lucas said, the young man's eyes softly glowing emerald green for a moment, everyone's eyes widening.

Around everyone there now softly glowed a colorful light.

Each was the same as the others' of their coupled love.

Gio's, Nick's and Gideon's were softly blue; Adam's, Usher's and Pierce's a vibrant aqua color.

Finn's and Skyler's was a soft yellow, Trish's and Andrew's matching theirs.

The fivesome of love were surrounded by a bright white light, Colton's young form the brightest of the five.

Chris and Piney's was a shade of soft baby blue, Harry and Alain's a bright robin's egg blue.

Zach, Bruno and Jeremy, as well as Jessica and Cindy, were beaming a bright white.

Josh, Justin, Lance and Lucas were not covered in any radiating beam.

"What do the colors mean, my love? And why don't we have any?" Lance said, staring into Lucas' emerald pools.

"The white ones mean a newness of love. The blues mean a committed couple of total love, just different paths of matured love." Lucas smiled, everyone staring at everyone.

"And Sky and myself?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at the couple.

"Yellow is Sky's favorite color as it is Trish's. You and Drew are their favorite beauties."

Finn and Andrew smiled widely, wrapping their arms around their soulmates.

"We should start calling them our little rubber duckies." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing.

"And why am I brighter than my loves?" Colton said, his foursome of love smiling at him.

"You are the center of their love, Colton. Your light shines the brightest because you give the most love." Lucas smiling at him, Enrique kissing the young man's lips.

"His love is our soul." he smiled, the other three kissing Colton.

"And why don't you and your soulmates show any color?" Finn said, a look of soft concern on his face.

Lucas smiled, staring around at everyone.

"I didn't want to overwhelm you with the brightness of our love and how it radiates through me. I'll give you a small sample. Join hands with me, my loves." Lucas said, his three soulmates smiling at him, the four joining hands.

"I'll just be quick." Lucas said, the patio suddenly shining with a brightness surrounding the four. It radiated different colors of blue, green then violet. And then the brightness was almost blinding white, everyone covering their eyes.

"My love is the greatest light of life. These three and my angels upstairs have all of it." Lucas smiled, everyone staring at him with awed wonder.

Lucas raised his glass again, everyone staring at him.

"You each show the light of your loving soulmates; the center of you, your love for each other. Tonight, five others now shine with the light of their new love. Let us toast the lights of love with them. Let's raise our glasses to their new love. To the light of love!" Lucas said, everyone toasting him, the lights surrounding them softly fading, everyone returning to their natural beauty.

"You're amazing, Lucas." Lance said, kissing his cheek.

"My love never stops giving. I think you all should turn around and see the new light in the darkness." Lucas said, Colton smiling at everyone.

Everyone turned around, staring at the dark backyard, its darkness now beginning to lighten, their eyes widening.

The lights they saw were coming from lit torches, the backyard and pool transformed into a vision of flowery beauty.

Large baskets of white and red roses were lining the pool, the marbled pathway to the pool lined with pink and red roses.

A covered archway stood at the pool's edge, white and red roses covering it.

In the center of the pool a floating platform stood, surrounded by baskets of blue and white flowers.

"I think our new love needs to be whole love." Colton said, everyone looking at him.

Lucas smiled, walking up to Cindy and Jessica; Jeremy, Zach and Bruno at their side.

"If the five of you will agree to my love's need, I think tonight you need to join completely. This is part of my wedding gift to you. I offer my home and my love to this moment of your hearts' need."

"You're. . .you're going to marry us?" Zach said, Lucas smiling at all five.

"I am ordained. I attached Sky's ball to her." Lucas said, Finn laughing, kissing his wife.

Jessica's eyes met Cindy's, their hands joined.

"I love you, Cindy. I want to marry you right now!" Jessica said, Cindy nodding her head.

"I need their complete love, Lucas. I need my Zac's and Bruno's true love." Jeremy said, the other two smiling, all three kissing.

"We don't have suits?" Bruno said, Colton smiling and walking up to the five.

"If you'll all follow me, I'll take care of that." the young man smiled, the five staring at him with surprise.

"Dad's nothing if not prepared." the young man smiled, all five looking at Lucas.

"Your light shone brightly within my heart. I've taken care of all your dreams." he said, the five tearing up.

"Couples need separating, this is your wedding day." he smiled, Trish and Skyler walking up to Jessica and Cindy.

"I'm sure my brother's well-prepared upstairs. Let's get you going to your happiness."

"Follow me, Justin and Jon, my three friends." Colton smiled, Zach, Bruno and Jeremy staring at Lucas.

"You'll join under your love momentarily. The love begins."

The five teared up, walking into the house with the other five, everyone's eyes meeting Lucas' now violet pools.

"I felt their true needs. Love when joined needs to be complete. Why not on the same day?" he smiled, Finn's hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"You are amazing, Luke!" he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Later, stallion. I'll show you what amazing is."

Finn laughed, everyone talking, Lucas smiling and voicing the coming love.


Justin smiled, taking in the vision of near naked beauty in front of him.

Zach stood in their bedroom, the man wearing only boxer briefs.

"Looking good, Zach. You've toned up more." Justin smiled, staring at the actor's chiseled chest.

"My men love me toned. I work out even more now. I want their eyes to always love me." he said, blushing at Justin's staring blue eyes.

"Their eyes see you with love, Zach. They'll always love that fine form." Justin smiled, the man walking into the bedroom closet, walking back out with a suit bag.

"Your attire for the evening. My Lucky surprises us all."
"You knew about this?" Zach said, Justin smiling, kissing the young man's cheek.

"No, but he told me that I was going to get a pleasant surprise tonight. I now see I have it." Justin smiled, scanning Zac's body again.

Zach blushed more, Justin smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Relax, my beauty. Been there, done that." he smiled, Zac's eyes meeting his blue.

The man's head lowered, then met his eyes again.

"I've never had the chance to say I'm sorry to you, Justin. For that night at Adam's. Your consent was taken away from you, I now realize that. I never meant to give you pain. I was lost in my own needs that night. I thought I could cover my own pain with owning you." Zach said, lowering his eyes again.

He felt Justin's hand on his shoulder, raising his head again, staring into two blue pools of friendship and love.

"I forgave you a long time ago, Zach. Just as I've forgiven Adam and everyone else that was there that night, your Bruno included. Lucas' love made me forgive you, as did my own soul. I've found total love, Zach. As have you. That makes up for the past and fills our hearts with happiness. I now see the total happiness in your beautiful blue eyes. I only ever wanted that for all of you. My Lucky's given all of us our happiness."
Zach smiled widely, nodding his head.

"I love them both so much, Jus! Oh God, how I love them!" Zach teared up, Justin's arms going around him, the man's head going to Justin's clothed chest.

"I know, Zach. We all saw that in the light of your glowing love." Justin smiled, the young man in his arms backing up, wiping his eyes.

"Here now, no tears. You're getting married tonight. Your men need to see your beaming happiness." Justin smiled, Zach smiling too.

"I so want to see their smiling love." he said, Justin smiling and opening the garment bag he was still carrying.

"Then let's get you dressed." he smiled, pulling out a white tuxedo, Zach staring at its beauty.

"How did he know? I always wanted to marry in white." Zach said, looking surprised, Justin smiling and kissing his cheek.

"My Lucky feels all souls of love. He did say dreams would be coming true tonight." Justin said, pulling out a dress shirt, a cummerbund and tie, socks and boxer briefs from the bag, setting them down on the bed behind Zach.

The cummerbund and tie were a soft blue and brown mix, Zach smiling.

"The colors of their eyes." he said, Justin smiling.

"Let's get you dressed. I'm sure they'll match in your white love."

Zach smiled, his fingers going to his boxer briefs, Justin smiling as the total vision of the young man's beauty came into view.

Zach' center was semi hard, the young man blushing, then smiling.

"As you said, Justin, been there done that." he said, Justin laughing.

"Yes, but eye candy's eye candy. My men will thank you later." he said, Zach laughing, the new pair of white boxer briefs covering his treasure.

Justin smiled, the man helping his friend put on the suit.

Justin smiled to himself, feeling his Lucas's giving love in the gift he'd just been given.


Everyone smiled, seated in white chairs around the pool's edge, smiling at the flowery beauty around them.

The torches burned bright, the backyard a vision of matrimonial love.

Lucas had talked with certain individuals, the night's beauty organized.

Beside the white covered arch at the pool, Adam, Usher and Nick were seated together on a small white platform, the three asked by Lucas to provide the wedding songs.

All three had volunteered with loving happiness, Lucas kissing each on the lips.

Lucas had walked over to the pool cabana, returning shortly with Hawaiian shirts and flowery Hawaiian dresses for everyone.

Everyone had smiled, accepting his fashion gifts, each taking turns changing in the pool cabanas.

Lucas had walked into the house, other needs waiting for him.

Everyone now sat around the pool's edge, couples quietly talking, taking in all the beautiful surroundings.

Everyone had been given flowering wreaths to hang around their necks, all wearing Lucas' flowery beauty with love.

Adam's eyes were trained on the patio doors, awaiting his cue.

He, Usher and Pierce all wore the same blue flowered Hawaiian shirts.

Lucas had paired all the couples up with matching outfits.

Colton and Jonathan walked out of the patio doors, smiling at everyone, the two wearing matching yellow flowered Hawaiian shirts.

Their three soulmates wore the same shirts, seated together by the arches.

Colton smiled, nodding at Adam.

Adam smiled, he and his friends rising from the white platform, their voices filling the quiet evening darkness.

The three sang a soulful rendition of My Eyes Adore You, everyone rising from their seats, looking towards the patio doors.

Rosa Sharon smiled, walking out of the house, the young girl dressed in a white flowered Hawaiian dress, throwing white and red rose petals before her.

Behind her walked Cindy, her brother's arm in hers, Jeremy smiling widely.

Cindy wore a slim white Victorian styled dress, a cluster of red and white roses in her hand, a small veil covering her face.

Jeremy wore a white tuxedo, a blue and brown layered cummerbund around his waist.

Everyone smiled, seeing their young happiness in their smiling faces, the two walking down the aisle to the pool's edge, the two kissing at the archway, a brother and sister showing their sibling love, both standing now on each side of the flowered archway.

Rosa Sharon smiled, skipping back up the aisle, everyone smiling at her youthful happiness, the three singers continuing to sing.

A few moments later Jessica walked out of the house, her arm in Justin's, the man smiling at everyone, Justin now wearing a Hawaiian shirt identical to Josh's and Lance's violet flowered ones.

Cindy's eyes were drawn to Jessica's beauty, the young woman wearing an identical dress to Cindy's, the same bouquet of flowers in her hands.

Cindy smiled, seeing her wearing the same blue flowered wristband as hers, both wearing diamond brooches on their left breasts, both lent to them by Trish and Skyler.

The tradition of something old, something borrowed, something blue upheld.

Lucas remembered every detail.

Justin guided the young woman down the aisle, kissing her on the lips as he guided her to Cindy, Justin smiling at both young women.

"I love you both, my friends." he smiled, stepping back on their side of the archway.

Cindy and Jessica smiling at each other, their hands going together.

"You look so beautiful, Cynthia." Jessica said, Cindy smiling at her.

"We are identical in our beauty. I love you." Cindy replied, Jessica smiling with love.

Adam and his friends finished their song, everyone still on their feet.

Enrique moved from his seat, walking up to Adam, Usher and Nick, all three smiling at him

A rich duo of voices filled the air, Adam and Enrique singing together.


Over and over

I look in your eyes

You're all I desire

You have captured me

I want to hold you

I want to be close to you

I never want to let you go


I wish that this night would never end

I need to know


Could I hold you for a life time?

Could I look into your eyes?

Could I have this night to share?

This night together
Could I hold you close beside me?

Could I hold you for all time?

Could I, could I

Could I have this kiss forever?

Could I, could I

Could I have this kiss forever?


And over and over and over


Jeremy's eyes moved up the aisle, staring at two visions of white masculine beauty.

In the center of his soulmates' beauty another vision of violet suited beauty walked, Lucas walking arm and arm with both Zach and Bruno.

Both were staring at Jeremy, Jeremy staring into two walking brown eyes and two beautiful blue eyes, his men matching in white tuxedos identical to his own.

Lucas smiled, guiding the two grooms down the aisle, Colton smiling and taking photographs, the young man having been photographing all the brides and grooms.

Colton smiled, taking a photograph of his sister walking in front of them.

Adam and Enrique continued to sing, Nick and Usher joining on the choruses.


I have dreamed of this night

Now you're here by my side

You are next to me

I want to hold you and touch you and taste you

And make you want no one but me


I wish that this kiss could never end

No no

Oh baby, please, could I


Could I hold you for a life time?

Could I look into your eyes?

Could I have this night to share?

This night together
Could I hold you close beside me?

Could I hold you for all time?

Could I, could I

Could I have this kiss forever?

Could I, could I

Could I have this kiss forever?

And ever


I don't want any nights to go by

Without you by my side

I just want all my days spent being next to you

To both of you

And baby

Oh by the way

Could I


Could I hold you for a lifetime?

Could I look into your eyes?

Could I have this night to share?

This night together
Could I hold you close beside me?

Could I hold you for all time?

Could I, could I

Could I have this kiss forever?

Could I, could I

Could I have this kiss forever?

And ever forever

Could I have this kiss forever?

And ever and ever



Could I have this kiss forever?

Both of you forever


(song credit: Could I Have This Kiss Forever - Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias)


Lucas walked the two young men to the flowered archway just as the music ended, the young man kissing both on the lips, then leaning forward and kissing Jeremy on the lips.

"I guide all love to its center." Lucas smiled, Jeremy's hands going into Bruno's and Zac's, the three men staring at each other with love.

Each wore a blue rose in their lapel, their cummerbunds and ties matching, a mixture of blue and brown.

Lucas stood under the archway's center, the two brides on his right side, the three grooms on his left.

"You all may be seated under their love." he smiled, everyone returning to their seats, Jonathan and Colton joining their three soulmates, Usher and Adam returning to Pierce's love, Nick to his trio's.

Lucas smiled around at everyone, the young man looking stunning in his violet-colored suit, his own engagement suit.

His three soulmates stared at him with love, the young man smiling his love to all three.

"The darkness gives way to the light of their love, its glow bathing all of us in its love. Welcome everyone to a night of joining love. Let us watch that love walk the path to its center. Would the couples of joined love follow me?" Lucas smiled, the young man turning, walking down the path across the pool towards the floating central platform.

The trio of love smiled, Jessica and Cindy following Lucas, the three young men following.

The moment the last of them walked onto the clear path to the pool's center, the flowery archway began to move, its flowers blowing on a sudden breeze, falling onto the pool's water, the archway suddenly gone, everyone staring with surprise at the couples now standing on the platform floating in the middle of the pool.

The pool was now covered with floating rings of blue and yellow flowers, the engaged couples staring with surprise.

"Your love blooms on the waters of time." Lucas smiled, now standing in the center of the platform, the female couple and trio of men standing now in front of him, everyone on the pool's edge hearing every one of Lucas' words.

"The time of complete love is at hand, the five of you joined under my love. My love is unending, it flows through you and all that surround us. We are joined in our love for each other, couples and combinations of love joined under their own love. Tonight, your love for each other needs to be sealed under your one singular love. Love is an emotion of togetherness, of need and want from individuals who once walked alone. Tonight, that loneliness ends for all of you. For in each of your soulmates you have found the second half of your soul. Or third, regarding our new threesome of love." Lucas smiled, the three men smiling at each other, lost in Lucas' loving words.

"Who'd like to start the lights of new love?" Lucas smiled, the three young men nodding towards Jessica and Cindy.

"Join your hands together in front of myself, Jessica and Cindy."

The two women moved, turning and facing each other, joining their hands together.

A book suddenly appeared between Lucas' hands, the young man smiling at both women.

"Marriage is a commitment of love between two lost souls. Love is the cement that binds that commitment together. You both need to speak your love to the other to bind the ties of life, love and happiness to each of you. You may go first, Cindy." Lucas smiled, Cindy smiling, her eyes meeting Jessica's blue pools.

"My life for so long has been a path of career, my brother's love and needs, and my own lost soul. That soul opened the moment I stared into your blue pools of love, Jessica. I've never known the feelings that you have given me. Love, need, want, desire, hope, happiness and life. You are my life, my love. Today I want to have you forever. Today I give my heart and my soul to you. I love you, Jessica. My loving Jessica. I will love you forever." Cindy said, Jessica's eyes filled with tears, Lucas' hand on her back, rubbing her gently.

"Love shines from your soul, Cynthia. You shall love her forever. Jessica? Speak from your soul." Lucas smiled, the young woman staring into Cindy's blue pools.

Jeremy smiled, seeing the love in their eyes for each other.

"I've been so lost, Cindy. Your love is the light of my soul. I never have felt like I have felt for the last few months. You walked into my life, healing my lost soul. My soul now is filled with your love. I searched my whole life for this feeling, for this beautiful radiating feeling that floods my soul. It's your love, Cindy. I need your love forever. Today I give you mine forever. I love you, now, and forever." Jessica said, Cindy beginning to cry, Lucas' hand on her back now, soothing her.

Justin felt Lance's and Josh's arms going around him, his blue pools filled with tears, feeling the love Jessica was showing Cindy.

"Words of love shared under your joined love. Love is forever for both of you. Please take these rings and say these words of love." Lucas said, two rings now laying on the bible Lucas held in his now joined hands.

The two women smiled, each picking up a diamond ring off the bible, a blue diamond gleaming in each.

"Do you, Jessica Biel, take Cynthia Carmichael as your loving soulmate, partner, and confidant for life? Will you love her forever, hold her in moments of love and hurt, shield her from life's pain, and walk with her on all paths of your joined happiness?"
Jessica smiled, staring into her soulmate's blue pools.

"Yes, I shall, forever." Jessica smiled, slipping the ring onto Cindy's finger.

Lucas smiled, Cindy's eyes never leaving Jessica's tearing, smiling face.

"Do you, Cynthia Carmichael, take Jessica Biel as your loving soulmate, partner, and confidant for life? Will you love her forever, hold her in moments of love and hurt, shield her from life's pain, and walk with her on all paths of your joined happiness?"

"Yes, I will, forever." Cindy smiled, her brother tearing up behind her.

She slipped the ring onto Jessica's finger, the two women smiling at each other, their hands joining together.

"By the powers of my own love, and God's, I now pronounce you partners in life and love. You may kiss your bride, angels of love. Let the light of your love blind them." Lucas smiled, the two women moving, their lips meeting.

The pool was blinded by a bright light, the two consumed by it, everyone shielding their eyes.

"Dad's love lights all lives." Rosa Sharon smiled, the light vanishing.

The two broke their kiss to loud applause, everyone smiling with awe at the two women.

They smiled at Lucas, both kissing his cheek, the young man softly blushing.

"Your love just joined, its light unbelievable. The path will shine always." he smiled, the two moving to the other three men on the platforms, hugs and kisses exchanged.


The couple moved to Lucas' right side, the young man smiling at the three remaining young men joined together.

"Love comes in many forms, in many combinations. The essence of every joining of it is the love within its center. Will the three white angels stand before me?" Lucas smiled, the three men moving and standing in front of Lucas.

"Please join hands, my young friends." Lucas said, the three moving and joining their hands together, creating a triangle of love.

"The dimensions of love can assume many forms. I stand within my own square of love, four hearts of joined love." Lucas said, his three soulmates smiling at him.

"Before me stands a triangle of love. No force of life or destiny can break the bond of love you are now creating. Would each of you speak the words of your soul to the other two? You may go first, Bruno." Lucas smiled, the young man stepping back from the three, everyone watching the three men staring at each other.

"I love both of you. My Zach, My Jeremy. I once walked a path of need, lust and callous disregard for what love was. I never knew what love was. Not until I looked upon two violet pools of showing love." Bruno said, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools of friendship and love.

"I was lost in the depravity of life's wrong path. Lucas guided me onto the real path of love. He made me face my own lesser qualities. And he made me face the truth within my soul. That I had loved you forever, my Zach. That I needed your love. He guided you to the same path, Zach. And he guided us both to another path. The path to our Jeremy's love. I love both of you, equally and totally. You both complete me. Now, and always. I will love both of you forever." Bruno said, his brown pools filled with tears, the man feeling a hand rubbing his back, Lucas now beside him.

"Truth shines from your soul, Bruno. Their love will glow from you forever. Zach?" Lucas smiled, staring into Zac's blue pools.

"I was even more lost than you, Bruno. I was on a path of self-destruction. Our friend Lucas made me face an even greater truth. The truth of my vindictive, hurtful soul. I hurt a lot of people, some now our friends, seated here today. He made me see my inner self. And among that hurtfulness he made me find my soul. And that soul was a soul lost with real love. I found that real love when you and I bared our souls to each other. And I found the truly real soul within me when I stared into your blue pools, Jeremy. I found the two thirds of my broken soul. I love both of you. I need your love so much! Today I promise you that I'll love both of you forever! Please love me forever! I need your love so much!" Zach said, the young man now crying, the other two joined with him showing tears running down their cheeks.

Zach felt a hand on his back, the touch calming his emotions.

"Love begins with truth, it ends when a soul is full. Bruno and Jeremy have filled your soul, Zach. Their love is yours forever." Lucas said, Zac's eyes meeting his violet.

"Finally we have Jeremy. Speak from your heart of love, my friend." Lucas smiled, the young man stepping back again.

Jeremy stared at the two men holding his hands.

"I love both of you. My life has been a path of pain, hurt, loss and emptiness. It took me forever to think out in my soul what that perhaps angel said that night I lay broken in that wet ditch after my accident. She said that life ahead would hold pain, but that there would be moments of happiness, and surprising love. This is the greatest moment of my life. Today I feel that my soul has finally come to life. It is filled with both of your unending love. That love moves my soul. I can't get enough of it. In your passion, your beauty, your touches and your smiles. I need both of you in my arms forever. I am yours forever, my loving angels. I love you, today and forever, and ever!" Jeremy smiled, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"I see the center of your love, my friends. His youthful beauty will stoke the fires of your heart. His new legs will dance for years in your arms." Lucas smiled, Jeremy smiling at him with happiness, Bruno and Zach smiling at him with love.

"Words of love, truth and honesty, shared under your joined love. Love is forever for all three of you. Please take these rings and say these joined words of love." Lucas said, three rings now laying on the bible Lucas held in his joined hands again.

The three young men smiled, seeing one had two blue diamonds, the other two a golden brown and blue diamond.

Zach picked up the all blue diamond ring, Jeremy and Bruno picking up the other two combined colored diamond rings.

"Do you, Bruno Mars, take these two young men, Zach Efron and Jeremy Carmichael as your loving soulmates, partners, and confidants for life? Will you love them forever, hold them in moments of love and hurt, shield them from life's pain, and walk with them on all paths of your joined happiness?"

"Oh yes, I shall! I will love both my blue-eyed loves forever!" Bruno smiled, Zach and Jeremy joining hands, slipping the all blue diamond ring onto Bruno's tanned finger.

"Do you, Zach Efron, take these two young men, Bruno Mars and Jeremy Carmichael as your loving soulmates, partners, and confidants for life? Will you love them forever, hold them in moments of love and hurt, shield them from life's pain, and walk with them on all paths of your joined happiness?"

"Yes, I will. A thousand times yes!" Zach beamed, the two men smiling at him, Jeremy and Bruno joining hands, slipping one of the brown and blue diamond rings on Zac's slender finger.

"And finally, do you, Jeremy Carmichael, take these two young men, Zach Efron and Bruno Mars as your loving soulmates, partners, and confidants for life? Will you love them forever, hold them in moments of love and hurt, shield them from life's pain, and walk with them on all paths of your joined happiness?"

Jeremy tearfully smiled at the two men holding his hands, a soft white glow suddenly appearing around him.

"Your magic flows on its path, Jeremy. Their love will make it and your love shine."
Jeremy smiled, staring into Bruno's brown pools and Zac's blue.

"Yes, I shall! Forever my love and magic is theirs." Jeremy said, Bruno and Zach smiling, joining hands, slipping the last golden and blue ring on Jeremy's slender finger.

"By the powers of my love, and God's unending love, on all magical paths of love, I now pronounce you a triad of love forever. You may kiss your soulmates. Be prepared for the light of their love." Lucas smiled, the three joining together, their lips meeting each other's.

The pool was lost in a beaming, intense white light, everyone shielding their eyes.

As quickly as it had come it was gone, three visions of masculine love standing in the platform's middle, a duet of feminine love joined beside them.

The night's sky suddenly filled with fireworks, everyone--including the newly married couples--looking upwards, bright stars and hearts filling the sky.

Everyone looked at the platform, suddenly realizing Lucas was gone from it.

"I give you Jessica and Cindy Carmichael-Biel and Zach, Bruno and Jeremy Carmichael-Efron-Mars. Their love will shine forever." Lucas' voice said, the man now standing behind everyone in front of the patio.

Everyone stood, the applause filling the backyard, the married couple and trio of love walking off the platform, enveloped in their friends' happiness.


Jessica smiled, feeling the man's arms around her.

"I'm so happy for you, Jess!" Justin cried, hugging her tightly, Lance smiling beside him.

Jessica smiled, kissing Justin on the lips.

"Now I know how true love feels. I feel you know that deeply." she smiled, Justin smiling widely.

"Yes, I really do. I love you, Jess. I only ever wanted this happiness for you." Justin said, his eyes filled with tears.

"We both have our happiness now, Jus. And our unending friendship." she said, Justin smiling, Lance's arm going around her, hugging her next.

Justin smiled, looking back behind him, Lucas still standing in front of the patio, smiling at him.

Everyone hugged and congratulated the couples, Josh the last to hug Jessica after hugging Cindy.

"I'm sure Lucas has a wedding feast and celebration ready." Josh smiled, looking towards Lucas, the man still in the same spot he'd been in since the fireworks.

"You haven't congratulated them, my love." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling towards him.

Josh sensed something was wrong, the man about to move, a hand going to his shoulder.

"He's alright, Papa. He just needs a moment." Colton said, Lucas moving from his spot, walking into the darkness of the backyard, heading for the gazebo.

"Is he alright, Colt?" Justin said, worry showing on his face, Lance's arm around him now.

"He's alright, my brother. His magic and love sometimes overwhelm him. I felt so much love in the magic surrounding us. He wanted to make it so special for all of them. I think he's just been overcome by the magic." Colton said, the young man feeling a hand going to his shoulder.

"It was all so beautiful. He made all our dreams come true. I sense you had a part in this as well." Zach said, Colton smiling at him, the young man hugging him.

"His love is ever-giving. I gave all he asked. The blue floating flower wreaths and flowery exploding archway were my contribution. I felt your love needed to bloom as well."

Zach smiled, hugging the young man again, his two new husbands hugging him as well.

Everyone smiled, hugging and kissing the newlyweds, the five surrounded by their giving love.

A few minutes later, Lucas walked out of the darkness, the young man now wearing an identical violet flowered Hawaiian shirt to his soulmates, everyone smiling at him.

"Congratulations, my friends. May your love's path continue forever." Lucas said, Zach moving, the young man in Lucas' strong muscular arms, Zach sobbing against his chest.

"Oh, thank you, Lucas! It was all so beautiful, so moving! I have their love forever!" he cried, Lucas smiling at Bruno and Jeremy, their hands going together on Zac's back.

"I love you, Zach. I'll always make my friends' dreams come true." Lucas smiled, Zach backing up, Lucas wiping the tears from his handsome face.

"Lose the tears, beautiful. I don't think Bruno and Jeremy need a baby to diaper." Lucas smiled, Zach laughing, his soulmates' arms around him now.

"Thank you, Lucas. For all this." Zach smiled, Lucas moving, hugging Bruno, then Jeremy, all showing him their thankful love.

Jessica and Cindy both hugged him next, the young man kissing each on the lips.

"Welcome to married life, my friends. And welcome to my family of love."
Everyone smiled, Josh's arm going around Lucas.

"You alright, my love?" he said, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him, Josh smiling more.

"I'm fine, my love. The love just overpowers me sometimes. So much new love can be overpowering." he smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"I think you just get off on making people cry, or wet themselves. Justin looks damp." Finn smirked.

Lucas smiled, Justin's arm going around Lucas' waist as well as Josh's.

"I'm always damp for his love." Justin smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Let's head to the patio for a wedding celebration. But first the waters of my love need to envelope someone."

Finn's eyes widened, the young man suddenly airborne, Lucas having moved, the Welshman flying towards the pool.

Everyone's eyes widened, Finn hitting the center of the pool, right where the platform had been, the pool now empty of everything except its water, and floating flower wreaths.

Finn came to the surface, his head going through one of the blue flowered wreaths, it now around his neck.

"I've collared him, Sky, you can lead your dog to his kennel."

Everyone burst into laughter, Skyler's the loudest.

Finn blushed, swimming to the pool's edge, Lucas moving, helping his friend out of the pool.

"I guess I deserved that." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing his wet cheek.

"Wet us with your love always, Finny. Don't ever change, my friend." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"So, who wants to lick me dry?" Finn grinned, Lucas laughing, his hand pressing against his chest, Finn landing in the pool again.

"I'll save you, Finny!" Alain screamed, diving into the pool, his black arms wrapping around the man, Finn's eyes widening when he felt himself become airborne, Alain gliding out of the pool, two large black wings extended behind him.

The two set down in front of Lucas, Lucas smiling at both.

Finn struggled out of Alain's embrace, the man's wings disappearing behind him.

"Thanks, Alain. But I didn't need saving."

"No, but you need licking dry even more." Alain smiled, licking his lips.

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing, smiling at the black man.

"Let's go upstairs. You can start on my ass."
Alain laughed, Finn smiling and hugging him.

"Thanks, my black angel." he said, Alain patting his back.

"I swear you two are into each other. Should I be worried?" Skyler smiled, Harry kissing her cheek.

"Nah, I don't think Finn could handle my Alain's love. He looks like a screamer."
Sky laughed, her arm going around her wet husband.

"Come on, my little rubber ducky. I'll lick you dry." she smiled, Finn smiling.

Everyone moved towards the patio, their eyes widening in surprise, seeing all the tables now covered in white linen, blue and yellow roses in their centers.

A buffet table was set up against one wall, more food ready.

"Welcome to another celebration of love." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling, the wedded couples heading to their head table.

Josh smiled, kissing his husband's lips.

"It's so beautiful, my love." Josh smiled, Lucas feeling his three soulmates around him.

"My love always is." he smiled, all four heading for their table.


Lucas smiled, hearing the music around, feeling the two arms wrapped around him, two hands resting on his backside.

Justin's head was against his chest, the two dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

"Someone's on a mission of love." Lucas smiled, feeling Justin's hands rubbing both of his ass cheeks.

"You know love fills me with need." Justin smiled, kissing Lucas' warm smooth chest through his Hawaiian shirt, his nose rubbing the stone against his chest.

"Hence my appointing you Zac's official dresser. I take it you got your eyes filled." Lucas smiled, Justin raising his head.

"He's as beautiful, if not more so, as he always was. But I didn't see him as more than that." Justin said, Lucas smiling, kissing his lips.

"You saw him as the friend he now is." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling, returning his head to Lucas' chest, squeezing his ass cheeks again.

"He apologized for the past, Lucky. I was surprised, and it felt so nice. Our friendship now can grow on its true path. I love him and love his happiness. He always deserved that."

Lucas smiled, slapping Justin's firm ass with his left hand.

"Just as I deserve the need he's built in you. I did that for myself." Lucas smiled, Justin raising his head again, their lips meeting again, Lucas feeling Justin's rising desires between them, the men dancing close.

Justin broke the kiss, his lips going to Lucas' earlobe.

"God, I need your love, Lucky. Love gets me going so bad!" he softly said, beginning to chew on Lucas' earlobe.

Lucas smiled, Justin suddenly feeling another weight against him, two arms wrapping around him from behind.

"I take it he's primed?" Lance smiled, the three men now dancing together, his and Lucas' lips meeting.

"He's beyond that, our monster of love." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling, his hand going to Justin's center.

"Yeah, he's about to have an accident. He's throbbing." Lance smiled, Lucas lightly laughing, Justin blushing between them.

"Let's go inside, guys. I need your love." Justin softly moaned, Lucas smiling, pulling back from Justin.

"I think your man needs some private love, Lancy." Lucas smiled, Josh's arms going around him from behind, Lance smiling at both.

"Come on, beautiful." Lance smiled, turning Justin in his arms, Justin smiling.

"I love you, babe. You're not a tease like him." Justin smiled, Lucas slapping Justin's ass.

"Get going, Timberlake. Tease him for me, Lancy." Lucas smiled, Lance winking at him.

The two men walked off the dance floor, heading into the house.

Lucas smiled, feeling Josh's arms going around him, the two beginning to dance together, other couples dancing around them.

"I haven't danced with you all night, my love." Josh smiled, his head going against Lucas' chest.

"Everyone wants a piece of me, my love." Lucas smiled, having danced with almost everyone.

"Should I be jealous?" Josh smiled, his hands now on Lucas' firm shorts-covered ass.

"Never, my love. You are the center of my soul." Lucas smiled, Josh raising his head, their lips meeting.

Josh's head went against Lucas' chest again, the men dancing slow, their love joined.

Lucas smiled, feeling his other loves' emotions upstairs.

He looked around the patio and backyard, seeing couples joined, love flowing.

The newlyweds were dancing, their love showing.

Lucas smiled, feeling the warmth of the man he held in his arms.

They continued dancing, their love flowing.

Twenty minutes later, Justin and Lance walked back out of the house, the two smiling at their soulmates.

Josh and Lucas were now seated with the fivesome of love, Colton in Lucas' lap.

"Where did you two disappear to?" Enrique smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"We went to check on the kids. They're all still sleeping."

"Yes, all my kids are contented." Lucas smiled, Justin winking at him.

Jessica and Cindy walked up to the table, Lucas smiling at both, Justin smiling as Jessica kissed his cheek.

"We should be leaving shortly, guys. It's been a magical night." Jessica smiled, Cindy's arm around her.

It was after midnight now, the evening mellowing down.

"I haven't danced with you yet, Jess." Lucas smiled, the woman smiling.

"I'd love that, Luke." she said, Colton smiling, rising from Lucas' lap.

"And I want to dance with Jeremy." Colton smiled, the three newlyweds having walked up behind Jessica and Cindy.

"Alright, Colt." the young man smiled, Zach and Bruno smiling.

"Let's all dance. Come on Zach." Justin smiled, taking the young man's hand, the two heading for the dance floor.

"Can I cover for him in a pinch, Bruno?" Lance smiled, Bruno smiling and extending a hand.

"Come on, Joshy." Enrique smiled, he and Josh joining everyone on the dance floor.

Jonathan smiled, rising from his seat, extending his hand to Cindy, the young woman letting him lead her to the floor.

Haras and Hemi smiled, the two Egyptians joining their soulmates.

The group danced, the music feeding their souls.

Just as the dance was ending, the sky filled with fireworks again, everyone looking up into the dark sky.

"Let the fireworks of your love begin." Lucas smiled, standing between the married couple and trio.

The five smiled at Lucas, everyone surrounding them.

"Your night of love just begins, my friends. Another wedding gift from myself." Lucas smiled, leaning in and kissing each on the lips, all five feeling his love.

"I've booked you all rooms at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel downtown tonight. I think your love needs only itself." Lucas smiled, the five tearing up.

"Oh, Lucas! Thank you so much!" Jessica said, Lucas smiling at all five again.

"Goodnight, my friends, and neighbors." Lucas smiled, all five hugging him again, everyone surrounding them diving into the group hug.

The five of marital love felt all their love, Lucas guiding them into the house and to the front door, the five leaving to hugs and kisses.

Everyone stood on the front steps, waving goodbye to all, having been throwing rice at all five.

Lucas had thought of everything.

"The night winds down." Adam said, Lucas smiling, his arm going around the singer.

"We have to just get wound up again." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"Let's head upstairs then, sexy." he said, blowing Lucas a kiss.

Lucas smiled, slapping the man's ass.

"Let's grope a little first. My ass needs your skilled hands on the dance floor." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling, the man guiding him back into the house.

Everyone smiled, following the two.

Justin smiled, looking at the two vehicles leaving their home.

You're good, Lucky.

Their love begins

And mine never stops.

He smiled, closing the door behind him.


End of Chapter 222

And so, our last five of love are united under Lucas' love.

Jessica and Cindy now married and moving into Lucas' neighborhood of love.

Zach, Bruno and Jeremy have united their souls as one.

Soon to be neighbors as well.


A new community begins.

Lucas its center.

And the path of his destiny looms on the horizon.

A few short weeks away.


What will happen then?
What is his path that he hasn't shown?


The love grows around Lucas.

Will it be enough for his magic?

Only time will tell.


Hugs, Angel.