Yesterday's End-224


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 224


A Week Later


Alain smiled, the young man stretching his taut, black, muscular arms over his head, walking out through the patio doors.

He was alone in his new home with his soulmate, Harry asleep upstairs.

He stretched again, feeling the warmth of the morning's rising sun, its beams flooding across the patio and pool areas.

His black bikini-clad form walked across the patio, going down the steps towards the pool.

Their backyard was surrounded by high fences, secluded and private, the young man alone in his thoughts.

He scratched his smooth, muscular chest, walking to the pool's edge, sitting down on its marble warmth, the sun having warmed it.

His feet felt the coolness of the water, the young man looking over his shoulder and upwards towards the bedroom windows.

He smiled, knowing his Harry was asleep, wrapped in black satin sheets, Alain leaving him there with a kiss.

They'd made love for hours last night, Alain still feeling Harry's love still deep within him.

He smiled, remembering every beautiful moment, his soulmate in need of all of him as he himself needed him.

Your love echoes in my soul, my Azrael.

I have felt it since that first night on Embrace Island, so many years ago.

He smiled, moving his feet, feeling the water's surrounding freshness.

"The wetness of his love will fill no one's soul but yours."

Alain was on his feet in moments, scanning the backyard, turning back towards the patio.

He covered himself, staring into two blue pools staring back at him, mere feet from him.

A handsome man stood there, his face etched in a classic beauty.

"What are you doing here?" Alain said, his face showing guarded protection.

"I walk all paths of life and love, Jibrail." the man said, Alain hearing the softness and musicality of the man's voice.

The man smiled at him, his blue eyes scanning all of Alain's muscular beauty.

"My namesake has much to be thankful for." the man smiled, Alain staring into his icy blue pools.

"Is it now warranted that we should meet, Azrael?" Alain said, the man smiling at him.

"God's path we all follow, Jibrail. Some of us more hidden than others." the handsome man said, smiling at the black man.

"Colton has talked to me about his talks with you." Alain said, the man bending down and picking up a towel off a lounge chair, wrapping it around his muscular torso, the man standing before him still smiling.

"Angels lose their modesty when they walk long on the path of God. You have been in your human form too long, my angelic friend." Azrael smiled, Alain staring at him as he brought the towel more around his chest.

"I am on the path of God's design as well, my friend." Alain said, Azrael nodding.

"Yes, and a surprise at that. I assumed I was on God's singular path alone. He surprises even myself. You and Meresankh both surprised me." the man said, Alain staring at his muscular human form.

The man wore his Egyptian uniform, Alain taking in his olive-skinned beauty.

"Hemi and Haras told all of us of your beautiful self, Kavinus. I see easily why Alsarius was lost in your love." Alain said, the man's blue eyes lowering.

"I am lost without his love, Jibrail. I envy you the love God and Lucas have given you. Your Harry is giving in his beauty and love." the man said, Alain softly smiling.

"My own Azrael shines as his once beautiful self always did." Alain said, the man smiling at him.

"Yes, the lost mirrored son of Archer, Dathan and Lucas. Another hidden path of God's design." Azrael said, Alain staring at him.

"You seem well-learned in the paths of all of us." Alain said, the man staring at the masculine angel.

"I have walked many paths, Alain. But I was surprised by the hidden paths denied me. Lucas is nothing if not determined."
"Lucas' path surprised you?"

"No, his path I have created myself. But his changing needs have kept many busy. And the boy surprises even me." the handsome man said, his blue eyes looking towards the pool.
"Why are you here now? It is long since we've talked with each other." Alain said, the man smiling at him.

"Yes, my friend. Not since the dawning of God's uniting us under his wings." the angel said, Alain nodding.

"That moment is etched in my soul, Azrael. For we all chose our devotion that day."

The man nodded, bowing to the young black angel.

"We have much to discuss, Jibrail." the man smiled, Alain moving his hand, offering Azrael a seat, Alain sitting down on the lounge chair nearest him.

The man moved, sitting down on the chair across from Alain.

"What is going on, Azrael? What path has God sent you on?" Alain said, the man across from him smiling at him.

"I believe the same path you and Meresankh were asked to walk, my friend. The path of His devotion and needs." the man said, Alain nodding.

"I gave into His love eons ago. His anointment of my soul to his love, I always took as divine love." Alain said, Azrael nodding.
"As have I, Jibrail. And I have walked long in search of His needs." the man said, Alain nodding.

"As have I, Azrael. I believe we are all one of the chosen nine." Alain said, the man staring at him.

"As I sense you are, Jibrail. His love kept all of us hidden from each other. I sense He's formulated His own path for all of us." Azrael said, his blue eyes staring out at the calm water before them.

"Do you know who the other seven are?" Alain said, Azrael's eyes meeting his.

"No, Jibrail. But I sense Meresankh could be one. The other six I have not sensed or ascertained."
"Could Lucas be one?" Alain said, Azrael shaking his head in the negative.

"No, Jibrail. He shows none of our angelic soul or glow. I sense nothing within him."

"I sense everything, Azrael. His soul is love-filled. And his magic is unlike anything I have ever seen." Alain said, Azrael nodding.

"Yes, Jibrail. His love is as great as Alsarius' once was. And his magic is singular in its greatness. I sense God has guided him on a separate path as well." the angel said, Alain staring at him.

"I saw Alsarius, Kavinus. He came to Lucas' home, swimming out of his pool's depth. Lucas' love drew him out of his prison." Alain said, Azrael's eyes widening in surprise.

"That is impossible, Jibrail! Alsarius is lost behind the veil of evil's life. I haven't sensed him on any paths of life or magic. Even God cannot aid him." the man said, Alain staring at him.

"You don't know he is trapped within the treasure room? The room you all walked into that day long ago?"

Azrael looked surprised, staring out at the pool again.

"In that horrid room? We should never have walked into that evil. I followed him into hell. And I lost him there." Azrael said, Alain looking at him with compassion.

"Even angels can lose their souls. We all love." Alain said, Azrael's blue eyes meeting his brown.

"The waters of life and magic have hidden him from me. I would move heaven and earth to feel his love again. To see his beauty." the angel said, Alain seeing soft tears showing in his blue pools now.

Alain moved, the man sitting down beside Azrael on his lounge chair, his arm going around the uniformed man.

"His beauty matched Lucas'. And his father and grandfather. I see easily the depth of your love for him. And I saw his love for you. He is as lost as you are without your love." Alain said, Azrael's eyes meeting his brown.

"He is my life, Jibrail. I have given my soul to him. He still possesses it. Our souls are lost within the stone's magic. My now shown brother Hemidon saved both of us, but parted us from our love." the man said, staring at the water again.

"And you have walked this earth for almost a thousand years searching for him. For his love. I envy the love you both have. It is the love of eternity."

The man nodded, staring at Alain again.

"I sense the same love within you, Jibrail. My namesake's love echoes within yours.  You both have that love of eternity."
Alain smiled, Azrael smiling at him.

"He is my life as well, Azrael. We both have chosen our soulmates. They are of man and of love." Alain said, Azrael nodding.

"As we are. God gave us the choice, Jibrail. His hand guided us to our hearts."
Alain smiled, staring at the handsome man.

"I'm here today to seek your aid, Alain." the uniformed man said, Alain staring at him.

"What do you need help with, my long-forgotten friend?" Alain said, Azrael smiling at him.

"It is not I who need aid, nor the Bowman, Alain. It is Lucas."

Alain rose to his feet, staring at the man.

"Our Lucas is in danger?" Alain said, his black wings suddenly appearing, the towel falling from his torso.

Azrael rose from his seat, two large white wings now showing behind him.

"As beautiful as the last moment I saw you before His throne, Jibrail." Azrael said, Alain staring at the handsome man's changed beauty.

They were now both taller, a soft golden glow surrounding them, Azrael now in a short white wrap, his smooth muscular chest shown.

"As are you, Azrael. God chose all of us for our beauty." Alain said, Azrael smiling, walking forward, the two angels embracing.

"I remember the moment of love between us, Jibrail. I always knew our souls were not destined for each other." Azrael said, Jibrail smiling, the angel's head moving, their lips meeting, both feeling their forgotten love and friendship.

"But the moment was worth the love, Azrael. I still have your love in my soul." the black angel said, Azrael smiling at him.

"We could have given each other an eternal love, Jibrail."
"We both know that was never in the cards, Azzy." the black angel said, Azrael smiling at him.

"I know, Jib. But our friendship and love always was."
The two angels smiled at each other, backing up and staring.

Their wings disappeared, the two returning to their human beauty.

"Does he know, Alain?" Azrael said, Alain smiling.

"My Azrael knows all of my soul, Azrael. I have opened it to his love. He loves me for myself, faults and all."

Azrael smiled, his hand going to the black man's shoulder.

"I envy him your love. And my Alsarius knew all of my heart as well. He would welcome you as a friend, both of you."

Alain smiled, staring into the angel's blue eyes.

"What do you need of me, my friend? Colton spoke to me of your destined path. And what both of you must do."

The angel nodded, staring at the black man.

"Lucas needs your help, Jibrail."

Alain nodded, his hand going to his lost friend's shoulder.

"Tell me what I must do. And I will give all for his love."

The angel smiled, the two angels sitting down again, Azrael talking quietly to Alain.


Harry stretched his muscular arms over his head, walking out into the sunshine.

He spotted his Alain swimming in the pool, the young man's smile increasing.

"You sought the wetness without my love. And you let me sleep in." Harry said, smiling at his soulmate, Alain's smile matching his.

The black man swam through the water, Harry sitting down on the pool's marbled edge, taking in his black beauty's wetness.

He saw Alain was wearing sunglasses, the day's sun still cresting the day's center.

Alain swam between Harry's hairy muscular legs, Harry bending down, their lips meeting, their love filling each other's soul.

Alain parted from the kiss, smiling at his man, his muscular arms on Harry's knees.

"Your love is the wetness I shall drink of forever. And my angel needed his beauty sleep." Alain smiled, Harry smiling at him with love.

"You are the angel here, my love. My black, passionate angel. Last night was amazing."
Alain smiled, kissing Harry's abdomen.

"I'm naked in the wetness, my love. You need to lose those swim trunks." Alain smiled, pulling his man forward, the two now falling into the wetness, Alain's arms wrapping around Harry's smoothness.

Their lips met again, Harry feeling Alain's hands pushing his swim trunks down, Harry feeling them leave his body.

The two broke their kiss, Alain nibbling on Harry's cheek.

"My angel is stoked this morning. I thought I tired you out last night." Harry smiled, feeling Alain's hands on his backside, fingers probing, their centers mashed together, both feeling the other's needs awakening.

"Your love stokes my soul, my Azrael. I shall always hunger for you."

Harry smiled, kissing his man's lips again, Alain nibbling on his, his tongue licking them.

"As I shall for you, my Jibrail." Harry smiled, Alain smiling widely.

Harry watched as the black man's form changed, two wet wings now showing behind him, his body enlarging.

"Your angel needs all of you, my Azrael." Alain said, Harry feeling the man pull him close, Harry feeling his body leaving the wetness of the pool's waters.

He felt himself floating, Alain flying out of the pool, his black wings flapping with grace and beauty.

Harry felt his angel's arms around him, the black angel guiding him gently down onto a large blanket, their bodies meeting as one.

Harry felt the coolness of the air, Alain's lips now on a voyage of wetness, the man licking every inch of Harry's smoothness.

"Oh, Alain!" Harry said, the man feeling the returned beauty of Alain's human self, the man on a mission of need.

For over half an hour they feasted on each other, Harry feeling the man's giving love, he giving as much back.

Both went to their heavens of desire, their needs cresting, their love flowing.

The two lay together, Alain on his back, Harry snuggled against his black nakedness.

"Love before breakfast. This must be heaven." Harry said, Alain smiling, staring at him through his black sunglasses.

The two kissed, their love showing.

"Lose the glasses, beautiful. I want to stare into your brown pools of love." Harry smiled, his hands going towards the sunglasses, Alain's hand stopping his.

"I love you, Azrael."
Harry smiled, nodding his head.

"I know, Jibrail. Forever we love each other."

Alain smiled, the black man raising to a sitting position, Harry rising with him, his arms going around his black smoothness.

Alain stared at the calm pool, Harry staring at him.

"Is something wrong, my love? Your needs were large this morning. But I sensed a great need within you." Harry said, Alain turning back to him.

"Azrael the angel was here this morning, my Azrael."

Harry stared at Alain, the young bodyguard sitting up more.

"Alright, Jibrail. What did he want?" Harry said, Alain staring into the young man's blue pools.

"I have bared my soul to you, my love. His love can never measure up to yours. You are my soul." Alain said, Harry smiling at him.

"I love you, Jibrail. And I trust you with my own soul." Harry said, Alain smiling at him.

"His beauty hasn't changed. An angel he always was. But you are a god."

Harry laughed, Alain smiling at him.

"You're the god of my soul, my beauty. What's going on, my love?" Harry said, his arms pulling the black man closer.

"Azrael asked something of myself, Harry. Something I sensed I was always destined to give." Alain said, looking towards the water.

"And what's that, my love?"

Alain turned back to Harry, the black man removing his dark sunglasses, Harry's eyes widening in surprise.

"My hidden magic, Azrael. The magic I always knew would have to be released." Alain said, Harry staring into two now emerald green eyes.


Justin stretched his arms, walking down the staircase, the man feeling the warmth within him.

He smiled, walking towards the kitchen, walking into the room's brightness.

Two emerald pools met his, the man smiling at his soulmate standing at the kitchen stove.

"You three let me sleep in." Justin smiled, walking up to his husband, wrapping his arms around him, the two kissing.

"You were the most wired last night. You needed the greater recharge." another voice said, Justin smiling towards Josh, the man at the table, feeding their sons.

"You three drained my batteries fully last night." Justin smiled, leaning over and kissing two other lips, Lucas standing at the counter, buttering toast.

"And we all stuck our chargers in the desired hole." Lucas smiled, licking Justin's lips, the man staring into two emerald pools.

"Your magic's on, Lucky. These batteries are now fully charged. Who wants to be electrocuted in the shower?" Justin grinned, Lance slapping his ass.

"You're too late, my beauty. Lucas fried us both earlier under his wetness." Lance smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"Aw, I missed the fun!" Justin pouted, Lucas' hand now on his backside.

"Play with your boys at the table, Justy's being a handful this morning. I'll take care of the big Justy later." Lucas smiled, his eyes now their vibrant violet.

Justin smiled, walking over to Josh, the two kissing, Justin sitting down at the table, picking up little Justy from his carrier, the boy squirming then calming down.

"The two awoke Lucky first thing this morning. They're bathed, fed with pancakes and contented. Although Justy's being antsy." Josh smiled, little Joshy sucking on a bottle in his arms.

Justin smiled, picking up another bottle, guiding it to the boy's lips in his arms.

Justy batted it away, his brow furrowing.

"Needs more." the boy said, grumbling.
"There's that Timberlake charm." Lucas smiled, wiping his hands on a dishcloth, walking over to the table, Justin smiling up at him, gently rocking the boy.

Lance chuckled, removing the last of the food from the frying pans.

"Daddy!" Little Justy said, smiling up at his father.

Lucas smiled, picking the boy up from his father's arms, gently snuggling him against his chest.

Lucas leaned down, whispering in the boy's ear, the boy's face changing into a wider smile.

"Me wants Dada!" he said, Lucas smiling and guiding the boy back into Justin's arms, the man smiling up at Lucas, then meeting his son's blue and violet eyes.

"Milk, Dada! Me's hungy!" the boy said, Justin guiding the bottle to the boy's mouth, the boy sucking hungrily.

"What did you say to him, my love? He's back to his happy self." Josh smiled, little Joshy giggling in his arms, continuing to suck.

Lucas smiled at both men, kissing each on the cheek, then his two boys' cheeks.

"I told him his Dada's love will run with him this morning. You both have a date with the backyard." Lucas smiled, returning to the counter, helping Lance bring the food over.

Justin smiled down at the boy in his arms, his eyes sparkling.
"We're going to run wild, my boys." he smiled, everyone smiling and sitting down to breakfast.

"They're growing so fast." Josh said, Lance handing him the platter of bacon and sausages.

"Their love will run free always." Lucas smiled, Justin staring at him.

"Why was your magic on, Lucky? Was it for the boys?" Justin said, Lance filling his plate with food, Justin smiling at him.

"No, Jus. My boys only need my love. The magic's on its own path." Lucas said, sipping at his cup of coffee.

"Where's it gone to now?" Lance said, smiling at Lucas.

"It's just taking in the changing paths. And focusing on what's to come."

"When do we leave for Kurucu's Haven, my love?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"In three weeks, my love. At the height of the new October moon." Lucas said, filling his plate with the platter Josh just handed him.

"That's close to the anniversary of the Belmont family, Luke." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"This all must end before the thirteenth. My family will be free before that day. I promised all of them." Lucas said, the three men sensing the man's calmness and love.

"How can you change that Trinity, Luke? You've already stated that it's the last one. That after that your family will be consumed by the evil." Lance said, Lucas looking at him, quietly eating.

"Evil will never touch my family's soul, Lance. I will see to that." Lucas said, the four quietly eating, the two boys quietly watching all four.

"Daddy's love fixes." Little Joshy said, Lucas smiling at the boy in Josh's arms, his bottle on the table now.

Josh lifted him, the boy belching loudly on his shoulder.

"And the Timberlake voice shows." Lucas smiled, Lance and Josh laughing, Justin blushing.

"We all have amazing voices. He sounds like Lance to me." Justin smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"Maybe our boys will be singing superstars like their fathers." he smiled, all four smiling.

"They'll be themselves. We'll all give them everything."

"Love, Daddy! Only needs your love!" Little Justy said, his bottle finished as well, the boy burping as Justin rubbed his back.

"Not as loud, but still singing the Timberlake symphony." Josh smiled, Justin smirking.

Lucas smiled, his mind on other things.

The four men finished breakfast, their boys giggling throughout it.


Adam gasped, feeling the largeness filling him.

"Oh man, my loves! Your seeding me for sure!" Adam gasped, the two men above him smiling.

Pierce leaned forward, their lips meeting, Usher kissing Pierce's neck in front of him.

Both men were sunk deep within Adam's giving ass, the man moaning through Pierce's kiss.

"We got to make you pregnant, beautiful. Our son needs his new home." Usher smiled, thrusting again, Pierce matching his rhythm.

Adam laughed, moaning again as the two possessed him.

They'd risen early, Adam creating a warm, delicious breakfast while Usher and Pierce were lost in each other in the shower.

He'd carried the tray upstairs, gathering another one just as the two walked out of the bathroom wrapped in towels.

The two had smiled, the aromas filling the room.

"Our man's spoiling us." Usher smiled, climbing back into bed, he and Pierce both kissing Adam's warm lips, Pierce joining Usher.

Adam had placed the trays across their muscular beauty's centers, the two men diving into the warm food, Adam joining them.

They'd filled up on Adam's cuisine, the man filling cups with coffee, all three snuggling together once Adam had removed the trays.

The man was in the center of them, feeling both their naked warmth wrapped around him.

"That was heaven, my love." Pierce said, kissing Adam's cheek.

"Only the best for my men." Adam smiled, Usher kissing his other cheek.

"Then take those clothes off, beautiful. You're the best for us." Usher said, Adam smiling.

"It's after ten, my loves. We need to clean this place up after last night's gathering of love." Adam smiled, the man wearing a t-shirt and black slim fit jeans.

"I know what I want to clean." Pierce smiled, his hand going under Adam's t-shirt.

"He does look dirty." Usher smiled, Adam smiling and slapping his men's naked chests.

"I took a shower before you two." he said, Usher smiling at him.

"But ours was more love-filled. You were by yourself." Pierce said, kissing his neck now.

"I had your love in my souls, babes. Plus last night's filling needs. I'm still full." Adam smiled, Usher's eyes meeting Pierce's.
"Tomorrow's the big day, my loves. Might as well fill all our souls with our love. That'll help the coming beauty of our son." Usher said, Pierce laughing.

"It's our individual essences that's needed. It doesn't have to be mixed together by us three." the doctor said, all three laughing.

"But that's the fun part." Usher said, the man's hand moving, tossing the towel that covered him to the floor.

The other two took in the long black hard shaft staring back at them.

"The coloring of his skin. He's going to be an Usher junior." Adam said, Pierce's hand now on Usher's shaft.

"And he'll be warm." Pierce smiled, Adam kissing his neck.

"Okay, you two. We need to get cracking." Adam said, the two other handsome men sighing, Pierce moving back, releasing Usher's hardness, the organ slapping against his ridged abdomen.

Adam smiled, moving from their center, climbing across the bed, both staring at his jean-clothed ass.

"You heard him, Ush. Our Noah said to get cracking." Pierce grinned, his hands moving to Adam's ass, pulling on the jeans, Adam stopping.
Usher moved as well, the two grabbing onto the Maroon 5 singer.

"We don't have time, guys!" Adam said, Pierce's hands already opening Adam's jeans, Usher pulling them off in one movement, Pierce pulling on the man's boxer briefs.

Usher was now on top of Adam, the man on his back now, their lips meeting.

Adam gasped when he felt Pierce's mouth on his shaft, its length expanding.

Usher broke the kiss, his hands moving Adam's t-shirt off his body, the man now naked, then gasping.
Pierce had dove into his ass, his lips sending Adam into heaven.

"Oh, what the hell! I need my men!" Adam gasped, the man diving onto Usher's largeness, the organ filling his mouth.
Here now it was an hour later, Adam now possessed by both.

He felt their joined warmth filling him, sliding in and out, both trembling with need.

Pierce's lips were on Adam's neck, his head turned towards the window, Usher's lips on Adam's left nipple.

The man stared at the sunshine coming into the room, its beams glowing.

His blue eyes sparkled, then softly glowed, the sunshine beginning to glow, a form suddenly congealing in its brightness.

Adam gasped staring into two blue pools, a handsome man standing in the sunshine.

He felt his own soul tremble, then he felt a warmth around his hard center, and a wetness.

Adam gasped, exploding at the same moment his two soulmates crested their desires.

All three gasped, collapsing together, Adam's eyes moving back to the sunshine.

The window was empty, the sun only its usual brightness.

"I. . .I thought I saw. . .and felt his. . .?" Adam softly said, two lips meeting his, the man feeling the joined warmth leave him.

He felt two sets of arms going around him.

"Sorry, my love. We were intense. You okay?" Pierce said, he had kissed Adam, Usher's lips now meeting his.

The two broke their kiss, the three joined together.

"I'm okay, my loves. And that was amazing. I'm so full." Adam said, Pierce smiling.

"Then let's feast, Ush. An early lunch." Pierce smiled, Adam gasping when he felt two sets of lips on his center, devouring the leaking love.
"God, leave some for the test!" he gasped, the two licking him laughing, rejoining their husband.

Adam smiled, both kissing him.

"That was amazing, my loves. Who drained me just before you both exploded?" Adam said, Usher and Pierce's eyes meeting.

"We were both going for broke, my love. It must have been the sweat wrapped around your center." Pierce said, Adam staring at him, looking towards the window.

"Yes, I guess it was that. Thank you, my loves. I'm seeded. My essence will be more powerful."
The three smiled, then laughed.

"Our boy will be here in no time." Usher smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"We all need a shower again." Pierce smiled, the two other men staring at his sweaty, hairy, muscular chest.

"Dibs on cleaning you two. I'm going to scrub hard." Adam smiled, the other two men smiling, rising from the bed, helping Adam gain his feet.

Pierce's fingers went to Adam's slick chest, bringing the essence to his lips, tasting it.

"Sweaty and creamy. I'm licking that clean before the wetness hits it." the doctor smiled, Adam smiling and slapping his smooth ass.
"You boys head in, I'm just going to make up the bed." Adam smiled, Pierce pouting.

"It's okay, I'll still be sweaty and tasty." Adam smiled, Usher smiling, guiding Pierce back into the bathroom.
Adam stared after them, looking around the room.

He felt the coolness hitting his sweaty form, a sensation radiating from his center.

"Was that really you, Lucas?" he said, the room silent and sunny.

"What does this mean?" he said, the man sighing, walking towards the bathroom.

He felt an answer fill his mind, a new voice of love entering his soul.
Adam smiled, heading for his soulmates.


A Few Hours Later


Lucas smiled, walking out onto the patio, looking out into the backyard.

His three soulmates were running around the backyard slowly, two little missiles of love following them.

Justy and Joshy were walking fast, their fathers surrounding them, the two chasing Justin, the man grinning back at them.

Justin wasn't watching where he was going, the man running into a small tree in the backyard, falling backwards.

His two sons were on top of him immediately, both laughing loudly, Josh and Lance falling down beside them.

"Dada falls! He runs into tree!" Joshy laughed, Justin kissing his forehead, the boy slapping his chest.

Little Justy was trying to tickle his Dada's armpit, Justin laughing.

"Go for his weakness, Justy!" Josh laughed, the man hitting Justin's other armpit with his fingers, Justin laughing louder.

The boys screamed with happiness, Lance smiling at all four, his hands on his man's waist.

"Dada loves his boys. All five." Lance smiled, looking towards Lucas, the man walking across the backyard.

"That he does." Lucas smiled, climbing on top of Lance.

Justy and Joshy smiled, climbing off Justin and on top of Lance and Lucas.

"Day fun, Daddy!" Justy smiled, Lucas smiling and kissing his chin.

"All my boys are happy. That's always the best fun." he said, the five boys smiling, little Joshy yawning, snuggling more on top of Lance's chest.

Justy then yawned, Josh and Justin smiling.

"We finally tired them out. I didn't think it was possible. They're both unending." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"My boys will always run wild. Hence my happiness." he smiled, Justin winking at him.

"You still owe me some happiness, Lucky." he smiled, Lance and Josh laughing.

"How goes the preparations, Luke?" Lance smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Dinner's stewing, the place is clean. We only await the coming love." he smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"Oh, I'm sure the love's been coming all day." Justin smirked. Josh smiling.

"The neighborhood's filled with love. From that comes passion." Lucas said, more to himself, Lance smiling at him.

"Your love unites all love." he said, Lucas smiling, their lips meeting.

"My magic is my love. I think they'll all see that." Lucas said, Josh smiling, looking at his sons.

"Your love has sent our boys into dreamland." he smiled, the two boys now sound asleep on top of Lucas' and Lance's chests.

"We'll put them in their crib." Lance said, Josh smiling and standing up, picking up Justy from Lucas' chest.

"I'll follow you, Lance. I think our Justin needs our Lucas' love. His happiness was poking me in my back." Josh grinned, the three men laughing, Justin blushing.

"We have two hours. Then it's our first official neighborhood dinner party. Bring on the love." Lucas smiled, Justin moving, climbing on top of Lucas' laying form, the man smiling up at him.

"I know where I'm spending the next two hours." Justin smiled, his lips meeting Lucas'.

Lance and Josh smiled, their sleeping sons in their arms.

"Enjoy the fun, our boys." Lance smiled, the two men walking towards the patio.

Justin broke the kiss, his blue eyes staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"You're wearing too much, beautiful." Justin smiled with lust, his fingers under Lucas' t-shirt, going for his nipple.

"And you're too dry, sexy." Lucas said, the man moving with a burst of speed, Justin feeling himself rise in Lucas' arms.

"Don't you dare, Lucky!" Justin screamed, Lucas laughing, running towards the pool.

Josh and Lance turned back from the patio, seeing the two men dive into the pool, sinking downwards.

Josh smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"He'll be wet for hours. Just how Lucky loves him." Lance smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"And I love you on a bed of love." Josh smiled, his hand going to Lance's ass.

"Let's put the boys in their bed, then have our dreams in ours." Lance smiled, the two walking into the house.

In the pool, Justin was nude in minutes, his Lucky going on a path of consuming need.


Lucas smiled, opening the front door, the man suddenly wrapped in two arms of warmth, two lips meeting his.

Usher and Pierce smiled, both standing behind Adam.

The two broke their kiss, Lucas smiling at Adam.

"Is that a rocket in your pocket, or did you bring a microphone? Are you singing for your supper?" he smiled, Adam smiling widely.

"That microphone sings only one way." Adam smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"And you hit the high notes with love behind you. And in you."
All four laughed, Usher and Pierce both hugging Lucas, Adam staring at the young man.

"You're nearly the last ones, guys. I felt your flowing love the most all day. I'm surprised you could climb out of bed." Lucas smiled, the three blushing, Lucas kissing each on the cheek.

"Married love. It's damn near fantastic!" he smiled, all three smiling with love.

"Isn't that the truth!" Pierce said, the four smiling, walking through the house, walking out onto the patio, not before dropping off their offered trays of dessert.

"You're late, guys." Josh smiled, walking up to the three, hugging each, everyone waving or smiling at the new arrivals.

"We were detained." Usher said, Josh smiling, breaking his hold on the black man, slapping his ass behind him.

"I'm sure it takes forever to get Adam into those skin-tight jeans. I didn't know he was Jewish?"

Everyone laughed, Adam blushing, Pierce kissing his lips.

"The Menorah of our hearts. His light fills our hearts." Usher said, Adam smiling at both with love, gagging heard in front of them.

"Ignore the Whale and Ape." Lucas smiled, Finn and Chris smiling at him, their soulmates seated with them at a patio table.

"What would you like to drink, guys?" Colton smiled, Jonathan's arm around him.

"A glass of wine for me, Colt. Pierce and Ush would love a beer." Adam smiled, Lucas' arm going around the singer.

"Sure thing, guys." the two young men smiled, going back into the house, Hemi, Haras and Enrique smiling after them.

The front doorbell rang, Jonathan yelling from the kitchen that he'd get it.

"Everyone's here, Luke." Trish said, Lucas smiling at him, guiding Adam and his soulmates to his table, the four sitting down beside Justin and Lance, Josh sitting down again, too.

"Their love needed mine." Lucas smiled, fixing the blanket on Joshy's carrier, the boys seated on the table in front of them.

Everyone looked towards the patio doorway a few moments later, five smiling faces walking out of the house, followed by Jonathan and Colton with a tray of drinks each.

"The newlyweds are back!"  Trish smiled, everyone rising from their seats, the five returning newlyweds smiling widely.

"We missed the love." Jessica said, Justin hugging her tightly, Cindy smiling beside her.

Adam, Piney and Finn were all hugging the other three men beside them, everyone surrounding them, hugs continuing.

The last to hug the five was Lucas, all five feeling his love.

Zach was in tears, Lucas' lips meeting his, calming the man instantly.

"My love is always here for you. And I feel your increased love." the young man smiled, Bruno smiling at him.

"Embrace Island was heaven, guys." he smiled, Jeremy and Zach bronzed deeply, Bruno's color even darker.

"I'm sure it was. How many cabanas did you five destroy?" Finn laughed, the five blushing.

"They're all fine. Although yours still showed a lot of hair floating around." Jeremy said, everyone laughing, Finn blushing.

Lucas laughed, his arm going around Jeremy.

"It's always the quiet ones! That's awesome!" he laughed, Jeremy beaming.

"Life is awesome, Luke." he beamed, his husbands smiling at him.

The five sat down, filling their friends in on their happiness and honeymoon, Lucas smiling, the front buzzer going off again.

"I'll get it." he smiled, walking back into the house, everyone smiling after him.

Lucas opened the front door, two smiling faces meeting his.

"Hello, boys. You're the last of the love." he smiled, Harry and Alain hugging him.

Lucas smiled into Alain's sunglass-covered eyes, the black man smiling at him.

Harry wore sunglasses as well, Lucas closing the door behind them.

"Everyone's here, including the newlyweds. The love is complete again." Lucas smiled, the two smiling at him, following Lucas through the house.

Everyone smiled at the three when they walked out into the sunshine, Harry removing his sunglasses, his blue pools filled with happiness.

"Welcome back, newlyweds!" he said, he and Alain hugging the five when they rose from their seats, everyone smiling at them.

Everyone went to their seats, Lucas smiling and cuddling against his Josh.

"We should start the barbecues, boys. We're feeding a crew tonight." Justin said, he and Josh heading for the barbecues.

"I want my steak thick and meaty." Finn said, Alain smiling at him.

"I've got a rare one for you, sexy." he said, Finn blushing, staring at his sunglass-covered face.

"I think that meat's been chewed to the bone." he said, everyone bursting into laughter, Alain's the loudest.

Finn realized what he'd said, blushing deeper.

Alain smiled, leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"There's always meat there, sexy. For my Harry and you." he grinned, Finn blushing, but softly smiling.

"That meal's Harry's alone. It's probably covered in angel feathers."

Alain laughed, Harry smiling and kissing his husband.

"It's covered in something alright." he smiled, Alain smiling at him.

Lucas smiled at both, the young man sipping on a glass of wine.

Colton and Jonathan walked around with drinks for everyone, taking orders for the new arrivals, bringing theirs also.

The two returned to the other three of their love, snuggling together on a settee.

"Did you and Harry go drinking today, Alain? It's late in the day for sunglasses. Bloodshot eyes?" Chris smiled, then laughed.

Alain's sunglass-covered eyes met Harry's, the young man smiling at him with love.

"I think they need to see, my love. Their love is ours." he said, Alain nodding, looking towards Lucas.

"I already know, Alain. His love carries far." the young man said, everyone looking confused.

Alain sighed, slowly removing his sunglasses, just as Josh and Justin returned to the patio.

Everyone's eyes widened in surprise, staring into Alain's new green eyes.


"You knew?" Alain said, staring at Lucas.

"Yes, Alain. I felt his returning love. I take it he allayed your fears?" Lucas said, Alain nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. He spoke words of love and truth to myself. As he has for Colton." the black man said, Colton staring at him.

"You spoke to him?" he said, looking surprised.

"Not with your gift, Colton. He thought it best to visit me in a greater form." Alain said, everyone looking confused.

"You. . .saw God?" Finn said, looking shocked.

"No, Finny. Alain saw an old friend." Lucas said, the two men staring at each other.

"You know all of it, don't you?" Alain said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know of your past, with him. I don't know what the two of you discussed. But I do feel the calmness of your soul. I love you, Alain. That is all I want from you. Calmness and love." Lucas said.

Josh sat down beside him, his arm going around Lucas.

"Who are you talking about, my love?" he said, Lucas smiling at him, then around at everyone.

"The evasive--ever hidden from me--angel Azrael visited Alain this morning. They took in their friendship and remembered beauty." he said, Alain smiling at him.

"You saw that angel?" Chris said, looking awed.

"Yes, Chris. I saw the angel Azrael." Alain said, Harry's hand going into his.

"You too, Harry?" Finn said, Harry shaking his head no.

"No, it was early this morning, before I awoke. I sensed Azrael wanted to speak to my angel alone."

Alain stared at Lucas, the young man still smiling at him.

"You watched us, Luke? You heard our truths?" Alain said, Lucas sighing.

"No, Alain. I only felt the increasing love, and the increasing magic. I sensed he would return to you."

"Return to him? You've met him before, Alain? I thought angels walked their own path." Hemi said, Alain looking towards the Egyptian.

"I saw the beauty of his Egyptian soul, Hemi. He showed himself to me as Kavinus." he said, the two Egyptians rising to their feet, staring at the black man.

"You saw Kavinus?"

Alain sighed, rising from his seat, looking at both men.

"I saw him, and felt Alsarius' love. It was deeply entrenched within my old friend's soul. We both showed each other our true selves. The beings we once were, and always loved. He was always my angelic friend."

Lucas rose from his seat, walking up to the black man.

His hand went to Alain's shoulder, his violet pools meeting Harry's blue.

"My son's love hasn't changed for you, Jibrail. The past is just that. The past. Two angels found their love again, their souls given over to the men they love completely."

Alain smiled, staring at Harry.

"My Azrael has my total love. The angelic Azrael will always have my friendship and love."

Lucas smiled, kissing the black man's cheek.

"You both walked the paths to happiness, Alain. Their human souls are yours. As your angelic ones are theirs."

Alain smiled, Chris staring at the black man.

"You mean. . .you and. . .angels are capable of. . .?" he stuttered, Piney kissing his cheek.
"Love is love, Chris. No matter the reality of thine own true self." Lucas said, Piney smiling at him.

"I love a whale, Luke. Love is love." Piney said, Chris blushing, looking at Alain.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything lewd." he said, Alain nodding his head.

"It's alright, Chris. Azrael the angel and myself were once in love. That love was never destined to be true. God guided us both onto our own paths to that true love. I now have it in my Harry's love. As he once had it in Alsarius'."

Hemi and Haras walked up to the black man.
"Their love was true, Alain. We see the same in you and Harry."

Alain smiled, nodding his head.

"Azrael never lost his love for his Alsarius. I saw it deeply in his eyes." Alain said, Lucas looking at him.

"As he saw Harry's in yours."

Alain nodded, Harry's hand going in his below him.

"He came to me with a request, Lucas." Alain said, Lucas nodding.

"I've always felt your and Harry's protective love, Alain. I'll abide by what Azrael feels I need more." Lucas said, Josh staring at his husband, Justin and Lance watching him as well.

"You only need love, Daddy!" a small voice spoke, Lucas smiling towards his sons, little Justy smiling at him.

"Yes, my son. Daddy only needs love. And he has it." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Alain's green pools.

Lucas' hand went to the young man's face, his fingers touching both green pools, they instantly changing to their usual vibrant brown.

Alain stepped back in surprise, Harry on his feet, his arm around him.

"I felt your magic, Lucas!" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"And I felt his. You can keep it hidden, my friend. I will welcome its intrusion when needed. We all walk our paths."

"What's going on, Luke?" Justin said, staring at him.

Lucas sighed, looking at Alain.

"Azrael is solidifying all paths. He's talked to Colton in private on what he needs him to do. He's now given Alain a greater magic as well. He wants me to walk the path of his destiny. He just hasn't realized that I walk all paths. Hidden or not."

"What's going on, Luke?" Lance said, echoing Justin's concern, Josh quietly staring at his soulmate.

"Love, Lance. Hidden, moving, giving love. I think I may even surprise him. As I will surprise others."

Two blue pools met Lucas' violet, the young man smiling.

"The angel Azrael has been guiding paths through history. He even thinks he's guided my own path. He just doesn't realize that there's something else going on here. That someone else may be guiding the greater path."

"God, Lucas?" Harry said, Lucas smiling at his son.

"God guides us with His love. I'm guiding with more."

"Can't you tell us what's going to happen soon, Luke?" Chris said, everyone staring at the young man.

"Happiness comes in surprises, Chris. Just think of how surprised Piney was last night when you covered him in whipped cream and devoured his love."

Chris blushed deeply, Piney blushing as well, staring at Lucas.

"You. . .you knew we. . .?" Chris stuttered, his face reddening.

"It was only one bowl, Luke." Piney said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You have a tight, smaller ass, Piney. Your Chris loves it."

Everyone laughed, the two blushing, Lucas leaning down and kissing each on the cheek.

"I'll tell you of all their desires if you need me too. Fetishes run all around the neighborhood."

Everyone looked surprised, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

"Treat love as it happens. All souls benefit from its needs." he smiled, his violet pools meeting Adam's blue.

"What time does the happiness begin for you three tomorrow?" he said, the three men looking surprised.

"You know, Luke?" Usher said, Lucas smiling at him.

Everyone looked at the three husbands, Adam smiling.

"We're going in for our first fertility tests tomorrow. We're going to create our son." Adam said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your love will create that child of love. Tomorrow's only the beginning." he smiled, Adam rising from his seat.

"I. . .I saw you this morning, Lucas." he said, Usher and Pierce looking up at their husband.

"You saw my love, Adam. I had to be at that moment. I didn't intrude on the love." Lucas said.

"I thought I felt. . .?" Adam said, Lucas walking up to him.

"I name you my confidante, Adam. In you I find a deep love and resolve. In you I entrust a greater destiny." Lucas said, leaning forward and kissing his lips.

The man felt Lucas' deep love.

The two parted, Usher and Pierce now at his sides.

"I would sacrifice life, love and happiness for all three of you. For any of you." Lucas said, looking around, everyone staring at him with love.

"Cancel the appointment, my friends. I walk a greater path. You must as well, Adam." Lucas said, everyone looking confused, the three husbands more so.

"What do you mean cancel it, Luke?" Usher said, Lucas smiling at him.

His violet pools looked towards the pool, a soft smile crossing his face.

"For love, all is possible." he said, turning back to the three.

"Follow me, my friends. He awaits." Lucas said, the young man moving, everyone's eyes following him.

Everyone rose from their seats; Adam, Usher and Pierce following the young man towards the pool.


Lucas stopped at the pool's edge, staring into the clear blue water in front of him.

Three men stood behind him, all staring at Lucas.

"My love is the waterfall of destiny. My magic is the wetness of life." he said, the young man turning around, facing all three.

Everyone else stood at the patio's edge, staring at the four.

Lucas' violet pools me the three of his soul, all three staring at him with love, his eyes then lowering.

"Daddy's love gives." Little Justy said, held in Josh's arms.

"Daddy's magic makes love." Little Joshy smiled, clapping his hands together.

Lucas raised his eyes, smiling towards his sons.

His eyes then went to the three standing before him.

"I have been given the greatest gift of my life. The love of my children. Of my soulmates and of all of you. I am a being of complete love now. And that love and magic is forever giving." Lucas said, his violet pools now showing an emerald hue.

"I have perhaps crossed a line of decency, but I had to taste the love." he said, Adam staring at him with surprise.

"You. . .you really were there!" he said, Usher and Pierce looking confused.

"Where, my love?" Pierce said, his and Usher's arms going around Adam.

"This morning, when we were deep within our love. I saw Lucas in the sunlight streaming through the window. It was as if he were an angel."

"I was, Adam. I was your angel." Lucas said, everyone looking surprised.
All three husbands stared at Lucas, the young man's emerald eyes now glowing.

His face showed a deep smile of total love, his hands moving forward.

"Prepare for the truer love. I ask your forgiveness. I only want you to have the truer love." he said, the three men's eyes widening, all three becoming airborne.

The three hit the pool with a large splash, disappearing under its now bubbling greenness.

"Walk into life, walk into their love." Lucas said.
The patio suddenly sounded with a thunderous boom, then a white light of flashing brightness.

It lasted only a moment. Three wet men breaking the surface of the again calm blue waters of the pool.

Usher's and Pierce's arms were wrapped around Adam, the man's back to everyone who now had joined Lucas beside the pool's edge.

"What's going on, Luke?" Finn said, staring at his young friend, Lucas softly smiling.

"Love, Finn. Their new love." Lucas said, the young man moving forward, diving into the pool.

The moment he hit the water, the bright light shone again under the water.

Adam gasped, the man turning, a moving, crying form now in his arms.

Usher and Pierce were crying as well, all three staring down into Adam's arms.

A small naked child was moving in his arms, two blue pools staring up at the three men.

"He's our son!" Adam cried, everyone staring at the three men and small child in shock.

Josh's eyes went around the pool's calm waters.

"Luke? Lucky, where are you?" he said, everyone beginning to scan the pool, no sign of Lucas.

"I am within the love."

Everyone moved to the three men, Lucas now behind Adam, swimming in the water, smiling at the child in his arms.

"My love walks all paths. Welcome to our love, Noah." he said, the man falling backwards, disappearing under the water.

Justin and Lance dove into the water, Josh handing little Joshy to Bruno, little Justy now in Zach's arms.

Josh dove in as well, swimming to the three men just as Justin and Lance brought Lucas to the surface, the young man wrapped in their arms, Justin guiding him into Josh's, Lucas' head going against his chest.

"He's exhausted. Whatever he's done has knocked him out." Justin said, Lance kissing his cheek.

"He used his magic deeply." Lance said, another voice breaking the silence.

"He used his love more." Adam said, his son now in Pierce's arms, Usher's arm around both.

The baby in Pierce's arm cried loudly, two small infants clapping on the pool's edge.

"We has our brudder's love. Welcome home, Noah!" the two said together, four other infants suddenly laughing behind them.

Trish, Andrew, Skyler and Finn all stared at their infants, all the babies wearing smiles of happiness.

Everyone's eyes were on Lucas, the young man sound asleep in Josh's wet arms.


End of Chapter 124


How about that?

Lucas somehow has created the child of Adam's, Usher's and Pierce's love.

Or is that too weird?


Another prophesized child enters the world.

Through Lucas' wet love.

Adam's, Usher's and Pierce's dreams have come true.

It seems our Lucas walks all paths of love.


The angel Azrael seems to be walking his own path as well.

And his and Jibrail's lost love now has revealed itself.

Harry seems still deeply in love with his angel.

And the angelic Azrael is still evading Lucas' path.


The path continues again.
Sorry for the lack of chapters lately.

I hope to breathe more life into this saga.

The winter lays ahead, always more time to write in the coldness of life.


Hugs, Angel.