Yesterday's End-225


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 225


Josh's blue pools went to his bed, Lucas sound asleep in its center.

Josh sat on the edge of the bed, his hand in Lucas'.

Justin and Lance stood behind him, Justin's hand on Josh's shoulder.

"He'll sleep for a while. We all felt his deep exhaustion." Lance said, the two men looking up at him, Lance's arm going around Justin's waist.

"I can't believe the magic of that man's soul. And his unending love. To create our children with our own joined love is one thing, but to create that child today from others' love. It's. . . so unbelievable." Justin said, staring down at the sleeping young man, his heart filled with his love for him.

"Yes, he's amazing. We've all felt his total love. I sense today he gave a great part of that love to give those three their happiness." Josh said, staring at his husband.

"He's going to be okay, Joshy. We all feel his unchanged love." Lance said, Josh nodding, rising from the bed, Justin's arms going around him, Lance's as well.

"I know he is, my loves. We all feel that unchanged love. We should let him sleep. I'm dying to take a look at that amazing child. The three looked so surprised. I'm sure they're deep within that infant's love now."
"As we are within Justy's and Joshy's." Lance smiled, the other two men smiling.

"What do you think about what Adam said, Josh? About Lucas being at his home this morning? Do you think Lucas actually. . .?" Justin said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Lucas is our soulmate. I trust him and his love. As he trusts us." Josh said, the other two men smiling.

"We four love each other with all our trusting souls." Justin said, the other two men smiling at him.

"I think it was more his magic than his physical love. I sense Lucas connected his magic in some way to those three, giving them the ability to achieve their dreams." Lance said, the other two nodding.

Josh smiled, leaning down and pulling the satin sheets more up Lucas' naked chest, the man naked underneath them.

Justin had dried the young man's wet body, after he and Finn had carried Lucas upstairs.

He'd remained unconscious, the three men changing from their wet clothes after making Lucas comfortable.

Finn had run over to Adam's, returning with dry clothes for the three men and Skyler carrying stuff over for the baby's immediate needs.

"He'll know you dried him, Jus, when he awakes. He'll feel your touching love." Josh had said, Justin smiling.

"He'll always feel my love in all its ways." the man had smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"We all feel your loving hands. And their unending horniness." Josh said, Lance laughing, Justin blushing, smiling with happiness.

"You three always do it for me. Asleep or not."

The three men now stood together, each leaning down and kissing Lucas' face.

"Sleep, my love. We await your returning beauty and smile." Josh said, the three smiling, walking out of the room.

A few moments after they'd closed the door, two violet pools opened.

Lucas smiled, sitting up slowly.*


The three walked out onto the patio, everyone's eyes turning towards them.

Three sets of blue and brown eyes met theirs, the three smiling at the joined family.

A small voice shattered the silence.

"New love, Dada!" Little Justy said, seated in Zac's lap.

Justin smiled at his son, looking towards the three men seated together.

Adam held a small bundle in his arms, the boy's face hidden by the warm blanket surrounding him.

"Yes, my son. New love of unbelievable reality." Justin said, the man smiling over at their sons.

Josh and Lance smiled as well, Joshy seated in Bruno's lap beside Zac.

The three men walked up to Usher and Pierce's table, the two men surrounding Adam.

Adam's blue pools looked upwards, the man's face covered in a wide, loving smile.

"He's so small. . .so beautiful." the singer said, gently rocking the bundle in his arms.

"May I?" Justin smiled, Adam smiling up at him, guiding the bundle into Justin's arms, the man and his soulmates smiling down at the small infant.

Justin moved the blanket, two small blue pools staring up at him, the baby softly smiling.

"He's been so calm, so gentle. He has my Pierce's calmness." Usher smiled, Pierce smiling at him.

"And he has your soft chocolate beauty, my Ush. And our Adam's blue sparkling pools." Pierce smiled, the three men taking in the infant in Justin's arms.

"He's a treasure, he is." Lance smiled, the three men seated at the table smiling widely.

Finn stood up, Josh's blue eyes meeting his blue.

"How's Luke, Josh?" he said, Josh seeing the love and caring in Finn's blue pools.

"He's sleeping. The magic, we sense, exhausted him." Josh said, Lance kissing his cheek.

"Or perhaps the love." he said, his green pools meeting Adam's blue.

"This has shocked all of us, Adam. How did this happen? What did you feel?" Lance said, the singer seated in front of him shaking his head in wonderment, Usher's arm around him, Pierce's hand in his.

"I don't know, Lance. I didn't sense anything until I fell in the pool. And then it felt so amazing." Adam said, Usher nodding his head.

"The water felt so laced with love. I felt it everywhere." Pierce said, looking awed.

"I felt even more." Adam said, Trish looking at the singer.

"What did you feel, Adam?" she said, Adam smiling towards her.

"He felt my truer love."

Everyone's eyes moved, Josh staring towards the patio doorway, the man moving.

His arms went around his husband, Lucas smiling at him, standing in the doorway.

"I thought you'd sleep for hours, my love. We all felt your deep exhaustion." Josh said, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips.

Josh felt all his love, their lips parting.

"Your love exhausts me always, my loves and my friends. The magic washes the tiredness away easily." the young man smiled, walking with his husband towards Justin and Lance.

Lucas smiled at the child in Justin's arms, his eyes going to the three at the table.

Adam, Pierce and Usher rose from their seats, Lucas smiling at Adam.

"The new mother should be relaxing. You just gave birth, Adam." Lucas smiled, the man tearing up, moving forward.

Lucas sighed softly, the young man wrapped in the singer's warmth and emotions.

"His love, Lucas! The beauty of his soul! I felt it within me the moment I hit the water!" the man cried, Lucas rubbing his back, Usher and Pierce showing tearful smiles.

"The love of your three souls drew him through the magic. He exists from within that love. I could give no greater gift to you three, to you the most, my Adam." Lucas said, the man parting from him, his soulmates' arms going around him.

"Your Adam, Lucas?" Pierce said, Lucas smiling at the three men.

"Adam has a greater claim to a part of my soul. Our love for our soulmates mirrors our own souls. I have—as I said earlier—named him my most trusted confidant. I name him as my dearest friend of destiny. For destiny, I will need his friendship greatly." Lucas said, Adam tearfully smiling at him.

"I give you everything, Lucas." Adam said, Lucas smiling at him.
"So you have, so you shall. For that friendship and love I had to give you your dreams." Lucas said, the man smiling at Justin, opening his arms.

Justin smiled, guiding the newborn child in his arms into Lucas'.

The moment the infant was in his arms the baby gurgled with happiness.

The young man smiled, staring down into two staring blue pools.

He alone saw something else, the young man smiling more.

"Welcome to our love, Noah Levine-Raymond-Welby." Lucas smiled, kissing the boy's forehead.

The three men standing before him all smiled, looking at each other.

"It's Noah Lucas, Luke." Adam said, Lucas smiling widely, staring into the baby's blue pools.

"Your new uncle is going to spoil you greatly, little Noah!" Lucas smiled widely, everyone smiling.
"This is so amazing, Luke." Finn said, his own son in his arms now.

"We have to get that youthful baseball team filled, Finny. Next up I have to get those Pine-Kirkpatrick boys coming." Lucas smiled, Chris raising his hands.

"I'm not letting you touch me or my Chris." he said, Lucas laughing, others joining him, Chris Pine smiling.

"I'm game for anything if my Chris gives me a son." he smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"You can breed that walrus yourself."

Chris blushed, his man kissing his lips, others laughing.

"Every day and in any way." he smiled, Chris smiling at him.

"Okay, Lucas. We want to know what the hell happened here today." Chris said, Lucas smiling, guiding the infant in his arms back into Adam's arms.

"Love happened, as did magic. And perhaps something more."

"Love, Daddy. We all felts Noah." Little Joshy said from Zac's arms, Lucas smiling, walking over to his son, picking him up into his arms, Zac smiling up at him.

Little Justy smiled up at his father from Bruno's lap, clapping his hands.

"Wots of love!" he grinned, Lucas smiling at both his sons, Joshy giggling in his arms.

"All the kids felt it, Luke. Even our own. They all looked so happy at that moment." Skyler said, little Diana in her arms cooing.

Lucas smiled, then sighed, Lance taking little Joshy from him, Justin picking up little Justy, Bruno smiling at his own soulmates, their arms going around him now.

Lucas looked towards the calm pool, the waters calm and unmoving.

"I didn't feel any of it, Dad. You surprised all of us." Colton said, Lucas smiling towards the young man.

"I still like to surprise, son." he said, smiling at everyone.

"How did the kids know?" Finn said, rocking little Julian on his lap.

Lucas smiled at all the parents, his violet pools filled with love.

"I helped all of them come into this world, Finny. Your twins, Trish's twins, and my own. They all have a part of my loving magical soul within them. Always." Lucas said, the young man sitting down beside Finn and Skyler, his soulmates and children joining him.

Finn's eyes widened in surprise, looking at Trish.

"Our. . .our children have magic?" he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Finn. A minute amount of my magical soul. They all needed it to transgress the path of life. I would have given all of my soul for that reality." he said, the four staring at him with tearful love.

"My children live because of you, Lucas." Andrew said, Lucas smiling at him.
"They live filled with their parents' love. And mine." he said, Trish smiling at her brother.

"And we'll love them and their favorite uncle forever." she said, Lucas smiling, his eyes meeting the three new parents.

"How did this happen, Lucas? How did our child create himself? This is so unbelievable." Pierce said, the infant now in his arms, his soulmates looking at him with love, all now staring at Lucas.

"Daddy's magic is love!" Little Joshy said, sitting in Lance's lap.

"Always, my son." Lucas said, looking around at everyone.

"The magic feels all that surrounds it." he said, looking into Adam's blue pools.

"He felt your dreams within your connection with myself, Adam. That's why it gave you that vision before. To show you that life sometimes gives us our greatest dreams. You have that now in the two of your soul, and the new addition to your love." Lucas said, the baby gurgling in Pierce's arms.

"We all have our greatest dreams." Usher said, Pierce and Adam smiling at him, Pierce's blue pools turning to Lucas' violet.

"I'm a doctor, Lucas. What just happened today is beyond impossible. A child can't be created from out of thin air. Or out of glowing waters." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're looking at this with your rational mind, Dr. Welby. You should be looking at it with your heart and soul." Lucas said, the young man rising from his seat, walking off the patio to the pool's edge, everyone watching him.

Lucas stared at the calm pool, everyone looking at each other.


Lucas turned around, looking at everyone.

His violet pools stared at the three new parents, Pierce's blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"I love these two, Lucas. And I've fallen in love with this child. I feel them within his eyes and beauty." Pierce said, Lucas smiling at him.

"He'll have your reasoning and stalwartness, Pierce. He is a combination of all three of you."

"Are you a part of him as well, Luke?" Adam said, Lucas staring at all three, the young man turning again towards the pool.

"Life sometimes comes with compromises, Adam. And sometimes with sacrifices." Lucas said, Adam rising from his seat, his soulmates rising as well, the three walking off the patio towards Lucas, Pierce guiding the child into Usher's arms.

Lucas' three soulmates watched all four, staring at Lucas.

Adam's hand went to Lucas' shoulder, the man turning and staring into his blue pools.

"What did you sacrifice, Lucas?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"That one day may be shown, Adam. For now, let's just say that my love is ever-giving. I love all three of you. As I now love little Noah, little Noah Lucas." Lucas smiled, staring at the child in Usher's arms.

"What did you do this morning, Luke? When Adam saw you in our bedroom, in the sunshine." Usher said, his two soulmates staring at Lucas.

"I crossed a line of decorum, my friends. To achieve life sometimes one must compromise."

Lucas' three soulmates rose from their seats, everyone staring at Lucas, his soulmates joining the four men.

"What compromise did you agree to, Lucky? And to whom?" Lance said, Lucas staring at his soulmates.

"I love you three, you are my life. I would never break the vow of our love." he said, his three soulmates smiling at him, each kissing his lips.

"We love and trust you, Lucky. Always." Josh said, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him.

"I love you three." he said, his eyes going back to Adam's staring blue.

"If you look at it in a destined way, love can formulate a greater truth." Lucas smiled, everyone looking confused.

Lucas sighed, looking back at the water again, then smiling.

He looked at the new parents staring at him, Lucas smiling.

"It's not what you think, my friends. I did not join with your desires this morning. The beauty of it was enticing and beautiful. I now see why Adam smiles so much." Lucas said, the three blushing.

"I thought I felt you within me, Lucas. As if you joined with all three of us." Adam said, Lucas staring at all three.

"You love is unbreakable, my three friends of love. No love could enter the sanctity of your one soul." he said, the three smiling.

"I did not have to physically join with you to create the child you now hold. He is not that deeply of my essence. He is the creation of your love. The love you three hold for each other, Adam's being the greater love. His love is the most intense, because it needs the most." Lucas said, Usher and Pierce smiling at each other, then looking at Adam.

"His love is intense, Lucas. We both become lost in it." Usher said, Adam smiling at both with love.

"On a path of desires, one can get lost in the greater beauty of it. And magic can slip in unnoticed, but felt nonetheless." Lucas said, Adam staring at him.

"It was your magic I felt?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"It was the magic's intent you felt. For it always intended to give you your dreams. As it gave me mine. As it has given all through my lineage. That magic, the deeper hidden magic within me is the magic of life. It can create all dreams and all life." Lucas said, everyone looking surprised.

"Are you saying, that. . .that you can. . .?"

"I'm not saying anything, my friends. I can only show what needs showing." Lucas smiled, walking up to Usher, his hand touching the baby's cheek in his arms.

"Little Noah needed to have life. His life now begins. And your love will grow as he grows." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling at the child in his husband's arms.

"He'll have our love, always. And we'll have his."

"This is just so amazing, Lucky." Justin said, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

"You haven't seen anything yet, my love." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Daddy loves." Little Joshy said, Lance guiding him into Lucas' arms, the man smiling at his son.

"Welcome to our love, Noah Lucas. Our sons and daughters will grow within his love, and he's just found the brothers and sisters he'll need to live life." Lucas smiled, the group walking back up onto the patio with smiles.

"So, we're just going to leave this at that?" Zac said, Lucas smiling at the young actor.

"My magic moves as it must, Zac. And it still has a few paths to walk." Lucas smiled, Jeremy's eyes meeting his.

"What path does our love follow, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at the young man and his two soulmates.

"Well, I think you should lose some shirts. The path to my Justin's desires runs right through his ogling eyes."

Zac laughed, Justin blushing.

"He's back." he said, Lucas kissing his lips.

"And you're mine later, beautiful." he smiled, Justin smiling.

Adam and his soulmates were surrounded by everyone, little Noah staring at all his surrounding new family.


Lucas sighed, two lips kissing his neck.

"Lower, beautiful." he smiled, Lance smiling, his fingers under Lucas' polo shirt.

The two were relaxing in lounge chairs, the patio and pool filled with their friends.

The night's darkness had fallen, everyone relaxing around the pool, good conversation flowing.

Adam and his soulmates had left an hour earlier, their first night together as a family beginning.

"We'll have to do some shopping for the newest member of our family." Justin smiled, laying with Josh on another lounger, the two snuggled together.

"Already done, my friends. Deliveries will arrive tomorrow morning at Adam's place. A new crib and accessories. Our little Noah needs a room of happiness." Lucas smiled, everyone looking at him with surprise.

"When and how did you do that?" Chris said, he and Piney sitting at a table by the pool with Joey and his wife.

All the kids were down for the night, all sleeping upstairs together, Briahna watching over them.

"I was well prepared for the newest arrival."
"How long have you known that he was coming, Luke?" Finn said, he and his bandmates seated together at another table.

Lucas smiled, looking out at the pool.

"I've known for some time, even before Adam's vision. The magic warns me of all life's surprises." he smiled.

"And what you need to do to make those surprises happen? We still don't fully understand what you did today." Piney said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love happens, Chris. A love for all souls." he said, Chris smiling at his soulmate, kissing Piney's lips.

"I'd stock up on more whipped cream, Piney. Your man's in the loving mood." Lucas said, Chris blushing, Joey laughing.

"You aren't ever going to live that down, Mr. Cool Whip." Joey laughed, Chris raising a finger.

"I'd watch the taunts, Mr. Honey Pot." Lucas smiled, looking at Joey.

The man blushed, Finn grinning.

"Oh, man! Busted! And so sticky!" he laughed, Lucas looking at him.

Finn blushed, raising his hands.
"I'll be good." he said, Lucas smiling.

"I was hoping you'd be spectacular, maybe even fantastic." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"Only in your dreams. And please for the love of God, don't tell them what you think my fetish is!" he said, Lucas laughing.

"I won't alert the dog catcher." he smiled, everyone laughing, Finn blushing.

"On that note, we should call it a night." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Darkness draws the fetishes of our souls. I may get no sleep tonight, again." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"I think those three staring at you will exhaust you, Lukey." Finn grinned, rising to his feet, helping his wife to hers.

"We'll grab the kids and head out." he smiled, everyone rising to their feet, all hugging the four, thanking them for the evening's meal and happiness.

Colton hugged all four at the front door, Lucas kissing the young man's cheek, slapping his ass.

"Try to keep the needs to a lower wattage tonight. Your love blinds my soul." Lucas smiled, Colton kissing his cheek.

"Can Dad borrow your sunglasses, Alain?" he grinned, Alain laughing.

"I need them myself, Colt. My Harry's love is blinding as well."

Harry smiled, everyone leaving the four at their front door.

Justin smiled, closing the door behind the last to leave, his arms wrapping around Josh's waist.

"Alone at last." he smiled, kissing Josh's neck.

"Don't get too amorous, HD. Your boys need tucking in and diapers changed for the night's sleep." Lucas smiled, walking towards the kitchen, Lance's arm around him.

Justin smiled, heading for the staircase, Josh attached to him.

Lance followed Lucas into the kitchen, the two quickly cleaning up the last of the night's dishes.

A half hour later they walked into their kids' bedroom, checking on the twins, both sound asleep and smiling.

"They had their fathers' love to send them to dreamland." Lance said after kissing each on the forehead.

"As we now have theirs. Let's go tackle the bigger kid. I'm sure he's got Josh cornered." Lucas smiled, Lance laughing.

The two walked across the hall, hearing the moaning before they opened the door.

"Cornered and trapped." Lance said, Lucas smiling, opening the door.

The two walked into the room, closing the door behind them.

"There you are! I'm on my second round!" Justin said, thrusting into Josh, the man in the middle of the bed, Justin on top of him.

Lance smiled, pulling off his shirt, Lucas smiling and walking up to the bed, slapping Justin's naked ass, his fingers then sinking into it, Justin moaning.

"And Josh has double filled you as well, our stuffed Oreo. You're leaking your creamy filling, Oreo." he smiled, Lance laughing, the man now nude, his center swaying in the room's coolness.

"Someone's got a taste for chocolate cookies all of a sudden." Justin grinned, Lucas lowering his eyes, the young man walking out of the bedroom onto the balcony, the door open.

The three men traded looks, Justin pulling out of Josh, the two men rising from their desires, walking with Lance through the balcony doors.

Lucas stood against the railing, staring down at the pool, the backyard's darkness lit only by its lights.

Justin's arms went around Lucas' clothed waist, the man kissing his neck.

"I'm sorry, Lucky. I didn't mean anything by that in regard to Usher and his soulmates." Justin said, Lucas turning and kissing his lips, Justin feeling his love.

"I know, my love. I'm just lost in my own thoughts." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"Let our love settle your thoughts." Justin smiled, Lance and Josh now at Lucas' sides.

"The boy never stops." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his lips, then Josh's.

"Just how we love him." Lucas said, his eyes going back to the pool below them.

"One hell of a day, my love." Josh said, Lucas nodding, his violet pools staring into his blue.

"The biggest. Of magic and love." Lucas said, the three smiling at him.

"We love you, Lucas. Whatever happened today doesn't change our love for you." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know, my love. I feel the total love in all your hearts. And my love hasn't changed for you three." he said, the three smiling at him with love.

"But the magic may have." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

The young man moved, staring out at the pool again.

"The magic's on its own path, my loves. I have no control of it anymore. I've accepted the paths it wants to walk. Just as it's accepted what I must do."

Lance's arms went around Lucas, Josh and Justin staring at him.

"What you must do is spread your love, Lucas. We three feel the center of it. We're fine with it and your magic guiding others to their happiness. That giving love makes us love you more."

Lucas turned, staring into Lance's green pools.

"I love you three. You are all I desire. The love and desires I saw this morning were beyond beautiful. And they mirrored our own in so many ways. But they weren't you three. I need only you."

Justin smiled, his fingers going to Lucas' cheek.

"And we need only you, our magical beauty." he said, Lance smirking.

"I think he's trying to lure you into his arms." he said, Lucas smiling at Lance, then scanning Justin's naked form.

"I swear the boy keeps getting more beautiful. And he's still growing." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling widely.

"That's due to the love smothering me. God, I love you three!" he said, Josh and Lance smiling at Lucas.

"I think you need to tame our HD, Lucky." Josh smiled, Lucas' lips meeting his.

"I need to love all three of you. Today's beauty has stoked mine." Lucas said, the three men smiling at him with love and desire.
"Me first, beautiful." Justin said, his voice edged with need.

"I think our young stallion needs a joined spear of love." Lucas smiled, Justin beaming.

"First one to catch me gets to enter first." he grinned, pushing all three men back.

Josh moved, chasing the man into the bedroom, Lucas smiling and pulling off his polo shirt.

"You go ahead, Lancy. I'll bring up the rear, and claim that rear for all of us." Lucas smiled, stroking Lance's long shaft, their lips meeting.

"Don't be long. Our HD's very turned on." Lance said, both men hearing Justin's loud gasp.

"And Beamy's planted the beam." Lucas said, Lance grinning, walking into the bedroom.

Lucas' eyes went back to the pool below him, staring at its calmness.

The waters may churn with the troubles of reality.

But my love will calm all hearts.

He smiled, looking back into the bedroom, hearing the sounds of desire.

Hold onto your socks, Timberlake.

My love needs you so much.

All three of you.

He smiled again, walking back into the bedroom, joining the three of his desires.


Usher smiled, walking into the bedroom, his hand in Pierce's.

Their eyes went to their bed, Adam sitting in its center cross-legged, wearing only boxer briefs.

Little Noah lay in front of him, the infant wrapped in a warm blanket.

Pierce smiled at the touching scene, taking in Adam's near naked beauty.

"Our babies both look so breathtakingly beautiful." Usher said, pulling off his sweater, his black muscular torso shining in the room's lamplight.

"As does our chocolate Adonis." Pierce said, wrapping his arms around Usher's naked chest, his fingers finding his abs.

Adam smiled towards them, both seeing the love and happiness in his blue pools.

"Come to bed, my loves. Our son needs our love." Adam said the two men smiling, Pierce's fingers going to Usher's waistband, his shorts hitting the floor, the man stepping out of them, now wearing only black bikini briefs.

Pierce smiled, his clothing leaving in moments, the two men climbing into the king-sized bed, one on each side of Adam and their son.

"Have you ever seen a more beautiful baby?" Adam said, Pierce smiling and kissing his lips.

"That you are, beautiful." he smiled when he broke the kiss, Adam smiling.

"I was referring to our son Noah."

"He has your eyes and Ush's chocolate beauty. He's beyond beautiful." Pierce said, leaning over and kissing Usher's lips in front of Adam.

"And he'll have your mannerisms and intellect, Pip. Lucas is never wrong." Adam said, Pierce smiling at both men.

"I'm a father. It's so unbelievable. I'm going to be there for him and all of you!" Pierce said, Usher and Adam smiling at him.
"We all will be there for him, Pip." Adam said, his blue eyes going to the infant sleeping in front of them.

"I think Lucas had it right, babe." Usher said, his arm going around Adam's tattooed back.

"What was that, babe?" Pierce said, Usher smiling at his second husband.

"You are the mother, Adam. We both see the nurturing love shining in your blue pools. Our son's going to have so much love from you. And I'm going to teach him sports and stuff, and Pierce is going to teach him about school and intelligent stuff. We're all going to be a part of his life. But we both saw the immediate connection you have with Noah. He really is part of you."
Adam teared up, leaning forward and kissing his son's forehead, the baby gurgling in his sleep.

"He's a part of all of us. I'm going to need your help always." Adam said, Pierce smiling, leaning forward and picking up the sleeping infant.

"Right now, he needs sleep, as do his new parents. Tomorrow brings our first day of paternal bliss." Pierce smiled, rising from the bed, gently guiding the baby into a makeshift crib they'd set up beside the bed, three chairs moved together, a mattress of pillows under the infant.

"We're definitely hitting the malls tomorrow. Our son needs a crib and daily necessities." Usher said, Pierce smiling and rejoining his husbands in their bed, Adam in their center, the man looking towards the makeshift crib.

"I don't know if I will sleep much. I have to be ready for all his needs." Adam said, Usher's lips now on Adam's neck.

"And what of our needs?" Pierce said, his hands now on Adam's warm smooth chest.

"I just gave birth, boys. Are you going to knock me up again right away?" Adam smiled, the other two laughing, their fingers finding Adam's armpits, the man giggling with laughter, Pierce's lips meeting his to silence him.

The doctor's body was on top of Adam's, Usher's hands moving across Adam's chest and Pierce's back, one hand slipping under Pierce's briefs.

The three stared into each other's eyes, Usher smiling.

"The new mother needs cleaning, Doctor. He just gave birth. His vagina may be in need of wetness." Usher smiled, his head moving, Adam feeling his briefs leave his body, then a tongue enter him.

Pierce had moved, the man removing the briefs, diving into Adam's heat.

Usher's lips met Adam's the two lost in the kiss, Adam lost in the love flowing through him.

They broke their kiss, staring into each other's eyes.

"We're all here together, my love. If one of us doesn't hear him, the others will. Right now, you need our love, and you need to sleep contented and filled." Usher smiled, his lips moving, Adam gasping when they wrapped around his rising shaft.

Adam felt Pierce's largeness filling him, the man's eyes making contact with his.

Their lips met, Adam lost in the love flowing through him.

And in his soul, he felt the waters of true love surrounding him.


The Next Morning


Usher smiled, opening the front door, six smiling faces greeting his wide smile.

"Unky Ush!" Little Joshy said in Lance's arms, his arms outstretched, the black man smiling, taking the child from Lance.

"Good morning, Joshy! How's my boy?!" he smiled, kissing the boy's cheek with a raspberry, the boy giggling.

"Me's good! Justy and me's wants to see Noah!" the boy grinned, little Justy clapping in Justin's arms, smiling at the black men.

"And Noah wants to see you two!" Usher smiled, Josh and Lucas both kissing his cheek, Justin and Lance following, Usher kissing Justy's cheek.

"My men are in the solarium. Noah's been up early. But he's happy." Usher smiled, Lucas kissing him on the lips now.

"As are his fathers. Happy, dried and filled." he smiled, Usher smiling, softly blushing.

"Trios are great, Luke. One to look after Noah, two to concentrate on other stuff." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"I love the other stuff. And I have a foursome." he winked, Usher laughing, guiding the group towards the solarium.

The group walked into the sunny solarium, Lucas smiling at the scene before him.

Adam sat in a rocker in front of the large glass windows, the sun beaming into the room, an infant asleep on his chest, his arms wrapped around his son.

Pierce smiled at everyone, the man beside Adam in another chair, sipping at a cup of coffee.

"The vision of your dreams, Adam." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"To the tee, Luke. From the sunshine in my eyes, to the beauty in my arms." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Pierce, take your son. Adam wants me in his arms." the young man smiled, Adam laughing, the baby moving in his arms, Pierce rising from his seat, taking Noah from Adam, the man rising to his feet, Pierce sitting down in the rocker with the baby.

Adam was in Lucas' arms immediately, hugging his friend.

"Good morning, Luke." he smiled, his lips meeting Lucas', everyone smiling at the men.

"For you indeed. I taste their love on your lips. Fatherhood agrees with all of you." he smiled, Adam smiling at his soulmates.

"Trios are great, Luke. One to be with our son, two to take care of other needs."

Everyone laughed, Adam and Pierce looking confused, Usher kissing both on the lips.

"Only you, my love. I said almost the same thing in the foyer."  he smiled, Adam smiling.

"You three really are in sync." Justin said, Usher smiling at him.

"I never sang that beautifully to warrant that band's high fame." he smiled, Justin laughing.
"But man, weren't they all hot?" Lucas said, smiling at his soulmates.

"Indeed, Luke. That young curly haired boy needed his ass reddened, but JC was a real dish." Usher said, licking his lips.

Josh laughed, Justin blushed, Usher smiling and kissing his cheek.

"You were a hottie too, Timberlake. The only rather plain one was the walrus."

Everyone laughed, Usher smiling at his friends.

"The coffee is freshly made. Who'd like some?" he smiled, everyone thanking him and saying yes, Usher heading towards the kitchen.

"We're glad you guys are here. We need a babysitter. Shopping we need to do." Adam said, Lucas smiling at him.

Adam smiled, looking at his son in his husband's arms in the rocker.

"Our son needs everything. He's going to want for nothing." Adam smiled, Lucas' arm going around him.

"We did the same for our twins. Life needs to begin with happiness." the young man said, Adam smiling at him.

Usher walked back into the room, carrying a tray with a coffee carafe and mugs, setting it down on the coffee table, making coffee for everyone.

"What did I miss?" Usher smiled, after everyone had their coffee, Adam smiling at him.

"I was trying to coax our friends into volunteering to babysit while we went shopping." Adam said, Lucas smiling at the singer.

"Now would I part you from your son on his first day in his new home, Mommy?" Lucas smiled, sipping at his coffee.

"Meaning what, Luke?" Usher said, the front doorbell ringing, Lucas smiling.

"Meaning I always look after the happiness. Follow me, my friends."

The three men traded looks, Pierce rising from the rocker, the four men in front of them smiling.

Lucas moved, everyone following him, Pierce carrying Noah.

They all walked to the front door, Lucas smiling again and opening it.

 The three husbands' eyes widened seeing two uniformed deliverymen smiling at Lucas.

"Couture Kids, we have a large delivery scheduled for this morning." one man smiled, Lucas nodding his head.

"You're right on time, Gentlemen. Please start bringing it in." Lucas smiled, Adam staring at Lucas with confusion, the young man smiling at him, his hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"Today's a day of family beginnings. Little Noah has to start his first day in his new home in style. I've taken care of everything. A welcoming gift from all his favorite uncles and his new brothers." Lucas smiled; Josh, Justin and Lance all smiling, the boys giggling in their arms.

The three new fathers looked shocked, staring at the deliverymen unloading the large van that had pulled up in front of their home.

"A new crib, clothing, baby furniture, as well as a rocking chair. You were right, Adam. He'll want for nothing." Justin said, the three fathers tearing up.

"Oh, guys! This is so surprising!" Usher said, Josh smiling and kissing his cheek.

"My Lucky's love always surprises." he smiled, Adam staring at Lucas.

"We. . . we don't know what to say." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Nothing needs voicing. I did the same to my other brothers and sisters of love. We'll all follow you. Lead the way to Noah's new room." the young man smiling, the two deliverymen again at the front door carrying a large wooden crib.

The three fathers smiled, seeing Noah's name etched in its wooden back, small angels flying around him.

"It's at the top of the stairs, guys." Usher smiled, the deliverymen smiling, following the black singer; Pierce, Noah and Adam following them.

"You did good, Lucky." Justin said, kissing his cheek, his hand on Lucas' backside.

"Later, HD. I'm game for round four later." Lucas smiled, Lance and Josh laughing, the four men walking up the staircase.

Within an hour Noah's new nursery was filled with new treasures, the three fathers marveling with wonder at all Lucas' purchases.

The room was transformed into a boy's happiness.

A rocker by the window, a new crib, change table and dresser.

A blue toy box with Noah's name on it, more angels surrounding it.

Stuffed animals surrounded him, Pierce smiling and gently lowering him into his new bed.

The baby gurgled and smiled, waving his arms, looking up at his three fathers.

Adam smiled, covering the boy with a light blanket, kissing his cheek.

"Most angels sleep on clouds. Welcome to Uncle Lucas' heaven, Noah Lucas." Adam said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Welcome to your fathers' happiness, Noah." he said, the three men smiling at him.

"Thank you, Lucas. This is so unbelievable." Pierce said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"My love always is." he smiled, his three soulmates smiling.

"Thank you, guys, as well." Usher smiled, the three men bowing, Lucas smiling at his husbands.

"Lucas was prepared as always. But our love is here as well." Justin said, Adam smiling, his arm going around him.

"It's so unbelievable, Justin. The paths we have walked together, the love we now have." he said, tears showing in his eyes, Justin smiling and kissing his cheek.

"And the friendship we now have. We're all here for you, guys. Babysitters are only a few doors away." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling and slapping his ass.

"Who wants to babysit Justin when we three go out one night?" he said, Usher laughing, Justin blushing.

"Well Adam and I have both taken care of him before, might as well let Pierce see what all the fuss is about." the black singer smiled, everyone laughing, Pierce smiling at Justin.

"How big do diapers go?" he said, Justin laughing, slapping his back.

"You don't ever want to have to clean that ass." Lucas said, everyone laughing more, Justin joining in.

Adam's fingers went to his lips, Noah now asleep, everyone beginning to quietly walk out of the room.

Joshy yawned, smiling at his father who held him.

"Me tires, Dada. Me sleeps with Noah." he said, Justy voicing the same request.

Lucas smiled, kissing both of his boys in Justin's and Lance's arms.
"Brothers for life. Let them dream together." he smiled, Justin and Lance nodding, guiding the two boys down into Noah's crib, both boys on each side of him.
Everyone smiled, watching the two boys wrap their arms around the smaller infant.

They both closed their eyes, smiling.

"Brothers indeed." Josh smiled, everyone smiling, quietly walking out of the room, Adam hitting the new intercom button as he closed the door.


The seven men relaxed in the living room, Usher refreshing their coffee, providing small pastries as well.

"I never thought I'd have this." Adam said, Pierce's arm around him, the two seated with Usher on a couch.

"Love guides all of us to our happiness. Fatherhood is now a part of that." Lucas smiled, seated in a wingchair, his three soulmates on a couch beside him.

"Thank you again, Lucas. For all you've given us. That beautiful expensive room upstairs, our own married happiness, and now little Noah." Pierce said, Lucas smiling at the doctor.

"I think we've just been guaranteed free prostate exams for life." he smiled at his husbands, all four laughing, Usher and Adam joining them, Pierce blushing.

"I didn't offer that." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know, my friend. We only need your friendship." he smiled, Pierce smiling at him.

"You all have that. Thank you, Lucas." he said, Lucas nodding, his usual reluctance gone.

"I was surprised we didn't have twins, Luke. You've doubled the love for all your friends." Usher smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Finn, Skyler and myself were always brothers and sisters, guys. Our love needed to triple. Another trinity of love." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Your family and heritage is laced with trinities, Luke." Adam said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, it is, Adam. And I am charged with creating a greater trinity." Lucas said, everyone looking at him.

"Another trinity, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Lance. A trinity of surprising truth. From it will come everything."

Adam nodded, the man looking out the front windows, taking in the quietness of the surrounding neighborhood.

"Thank you also for this gated community of love, Luke. I'm glad we didn't have to go out into the real world today. I'm glad my Noah is here protected from the world's searching eyes." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Our children will grow in our protective love. They'll have normal childhoods of love and happiness. They'll all be brothers and sisters of love." Lucas said, everyone smiling at him.

"We're all here for all of them, Lucky." Justin said, Lucas smiling.

"The kids just all gained a big brother.  Two, if you count Finny." he said, everyone chuckling, Justin smiling.

"Me and Finn will keep them happy with our gregarious fun." he smiled, Pierce smiling at him.

"I'll babysit tonight if you want, Justin." he winked, Justin laughing.

"Free prostate exam number one." he said, everyone laughing.

Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, walking up to the living room windows, looking out into the late morning sunshine.

"Three weeks, everyone. Three weeks until the changing of the world's truths." he said, Adam rising up from his seat, now standing beside Lucas.

"We'll all be there for you, Lucas. At that moment, we'll all stand behind your love." he said, Lucas smiling into his blue pools.

"Nearing that moment, you and I will have to have a discussion on truth, my friend. I will need your love to guide us all forward." the young man said, Adam nodding.

"I will follow you anywhere, Lucas. On the love you've given me, on the love I have for you." Adam said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Screw the prostate exam, I want a full checkup." he smiled, Adam laughing.
Everyone smiled, Lucas looking around at his friends and husbands.

"Our children are brothers of love. I see surrounding me my own brothers of love. I shall need all of your love going forward."

Everyone smiled, nodding and accepting his words.

Lucas smiled, turning and looking out into the morning sunshine again.

"The world's going to be amazed. Three weeks of surprises and three weeks of gaining hope."

Lucas smiled, his eyes changing to green, then blue, then violet.

Adam stood beside him, his blue eyes taking in the changing glows.


End of Chapter 225


And so, little Noah is welcomed into a new home of love.
Surrounded by Lucas' love.

And by his new brothers' love, little Justy and Joshy surrounding him.


Lucas has revealed that all the infants guided into life by his love have some of his magic as well.
His own sons showing the most.

Lucas' love and magic filters into their young lives.


Lucas seems calmed by the coming truths.

Three weeks of surprises ahead.

It seems Adam is now a part of that truth, Lucas claiming him as his confidant.


Where will that path lead him and Lucas?
What's to come ahead?

And what's awaiting all of the world at its end?


Read on, the path continues.


Hugs, Angel.